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Monday, February 16, 2009

ep8 Brainstorming Bonanzle show notes - Goals for 2009

If your new here, these show notes are the chat archive from episode 8 of Brainstorming Bonanzle, an online radio show which you can listen to right here.

I like to think of these show notes as evolving directory of the movers and shakers on Bonanzle, what they're experts in, and what they're talking about.

Scroll the conversation as it surrounds the companion audio podcast. While to the untrained eye, this can look like gibberish, if you know what you looking for, it's extremely relevant content to the subject at had.

These notes serve several purposes:

  • They make an excellent ongoing reference library of the brainstorming content we cover on the show.
  • The links entered by the people in the chat, provide even further usefullness as you learn who is an expert in what, and what lines of products and services they specialize in.
  • The SEO juice is tremendous due to the thousands of keywords entered with every set of show notes, which match up perfectly with the conversation in each episode. Search engines love it when you send the to the information you say your going to send them to!
  • Taken in or out of context, they can be pretty damn funny!

Each episode can be listened to in the player right here on this site, or found at
By the way, if you visit us at that link, please consider following and rating the show. Thanks

This week, goals for 2009

[7:56:13 PM] auctionwally is logged into the chat

[7:56:13 PM] BrightestBlessings is logged into the chat

[7:56:13 PM] KimsKorner is logged into the chat

[7:56:13 PM] antiques_r_great is logged into the chat

[7:56:13 PM] attheboutique is logged into the chat

[7:56:13 PM] doxiluv is logged into the chat

[7:56:13 PM] ShesMrsWright is logged into the chat

[7:56:13 PM] oldsaltsailor is logged into the chat

[7:56:13 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee is logged into the chat

[7:56:13 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat

[7:56:13 PM] momof2birds is logged into the chat

[7:56:13 PM] NewRiverOne is logged into the chat

[7:56:22 PM attheboutique> Mitzi!!!!! Come hold my hand!!!!!!!!! lol

[7:56:24 PM auctionwally> Wow!

[7:56:26 PM momof2birds> this is exciting, hi everybody

[7:56:27 PM] GildedELegance is logged into the chat

[7:56:27 PM vintagegoodness> hehe dont worry

[7:56:31 PM vintagegoodness> you will do a great job!!

[7:56:32 PM] Sinfuldreams is logged into the chat

[7:56:37 PM] oldsaltsailor has left the chat

[7:56:39 PM auctionwally> LoL

[7:56:49 PM] Renagade is logged into the chat

[7:57:14 PM Renagade> hello everyone

[7:57:17 PM vintagegoodness> i’ll pop back in a bit later, have a great show! :)

[7:57:17 PM] reejr123 is logged into the chat

[7:57:21 PM attheboutique> Hey Ren!!

[7:57:22 PM NewRiverOne> Hi Bonanzlers!

[7:57:22 PM ShesMrsWright> Hello all!!

[7:57:29 PM GildedELegance> Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

[7:57:30 PM attheboutique> Hey Everyone!!!

[7:57:31 PM BrightestBlessings> Hey Renagade!

[7:57:33 PM] auctionwally is on the call

[7:57:37 PM] The recording has started.

[7:57:45 PM Renagade> Hi Mitzi better pop back in

[7:57:50 PM reejr123> Hi

[7:57:56 PM BrightestBlessings> Hey!

[7:58:03 PM] oldsaltsailor is logged into the chat

[7:58:03 PM] ebay & Beyond is logged into the chat

[7:58:04 PM Renagade> BB…Got coffee?

[7:58:05 PM JohnZee4PetraZee> HEY Mitzi

[7:58:06 PM] Guest 16 is logged into the chat

[7:58:13 PM BrightestBlessings> fresh pot

[7:58:15 PM] Guest 17 is logged into the chat

[7:58:17 PM Renagade> LOL

[7:58:22 PM momof2birds> creful what you say, you’re being recorded by the FBI, lol

[7:58:50 PM momof2birds> big crowd

[7:59:22 PM] enngga is logged into the chat

[7:59:29 PM attheboutique> definitely miss her!

[7:59:33 PM enngga> hello everyone

[7:59:39 PM attheboutique> Heya enngga!

[7:59:51 PM attheboutique> Waving….. yep, sure will be

[8:00:01 PM attheboutique> yep sure can

[8:00:06 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[8:00:12 PM Renagade> true , true Mitz will be missed

[8:00:46 PM Renagade> Phaedra …dial your phone,,,say hello…

[8:00:49 PM attheboutique> lmbo, dialed wrong number

[8:00:51 PM KimsKorner> Hello

[8:01:04 PM ShesMrsWright> Hi Kim!

[8:01:06 PM] SharsBoutique is logged into the chat

[8:01:08 PM] oakIslandBoutique is logged into the chat

[8:01:09 PM momof2birds> hi Kim

[8:01:14 PM Renagade> LMAO

[8:01:16 PM doxiluv> hi kim and shasta

[8:01:22 PM] Guest 18 is logged into the chat

[8:01:25 PM ShesMrsWright> Hi Anita!

[8:01:27 PM] attheboutique is on the call

[8:01:29 PM KimsKorner> Hi Anita

[8:01:31 PM Guest 16> <–fromhawaii2you booth, didn’t know what I was doing

[8:01:35 PM Renagade> Hi Dave!

[8:01:37 PM doxiluv> i didn’t sign up under fun4all more comfortable with doxi, lol

[8:01:45 PM Renagade> Clap clap clap

[8:01:48 PM NewRiverOne> Hi Phaedra!

[8:01:56 PM attheboutique> Hey Shars!!!! The branding queen

[8:01:57 PM BrightestBlessings> Hi Hawaii! Glad you could make it!

[8:02:04 PM GildedELegance> Clapping hands

[8:02:05 PM SharsBoutique> Hi all!

[8:02:06 PM attheboutique> Hawaii hey!!!

[8:02:13 PM ShesMrsWright> Hi Shar!

[8:02:15 PM momof2birds> cool

[8:02:17 PM doxiluv> Hello all!

[8:02:20 PM Guest 18> hi everyone GourmetGrinds here!

[8:02:21 PM Guest 16> <—Kat

[8:02:23 PM] Guest 19 is logged into the chat

[8:02:29 PM] Guest 20 is logged into the chat

[8:02:35 PM SharsBoutique> My kids are happy tonight! Got more treats!

[8:02:36 PM] bleumoonsattic is logged into the chat

[8:03:03 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[8:03:06 PM] Henrietta is logged into the chat

[8:03:11 PM] BHWM is logged into the chat

[8:03:14 PM] sistahqueen is logged into the chat

[8:03:15 PM JohnZee4PetraZee> hey salt

[8:03:19 PM] ebay & Beyond has left the chat

[8:03:19 PM] ebay & Beyond is logged into the chat

[8:03:22 PM attheboutique> Wow!! Full house!!!

[8:03:27 PM] Guest 19 has left the chat

[8:03:28 PM KimsKorner> Yep

[8:03:29 PM] ebay & Beyond has left the chat

[8:03:30 PM] Guest 21 is logged into the chat

[8:03:41 PM] ebay & Beyond is logged into the chat

[8:03:41 PM ShesMrsWright> I am glad they are happy Shar! Mine are happy I have been baking for 2 days that mean 2 days of taste testing for them… lol

[8:03:49 PM momof2birds> SRO here tonight

[8:03:50 PM sistahqueen> wow…so many of us tonite!!

[8:04:05 PM oakIslandBoutique> Evening everyone!

[8:04:13 PM KimsKorner> its getting bigger and bigger every week :)

[8:04:16 PM BrightestBlessings> Hey!

[8:04:19 PM Renagade> Hello!

[8:04:20 PM momof2birds> hey oakIsland

[8:04:28 PM NewRiverOne> How many people does this chat room hold? Kinda bursting already! :)

[8:04:28 PM reejr123> Does anyone know the difference between a terrorist and a Barbie collector?

[8:04:35 PM BHWM> Hello all!

[8:04:39 PM SharsBoutique> Need a bigger chat box!

[8:04:49 PM BrightestBlessings> Hi BHWM!

[8:05:10 PM JohnZee4PetraZee> hey Kim

[8:05:11 PM oakIslandBoutique> Hey momof2birds

[8:05:24 PM momof2birds> hey reejr…barbie collector is stylin’

[8:05:36 PM reejr123> You can negotiate with a terrorist

[8:05:39 PM KimsKorner> Hey there

[8:05:44 PM momof2birds> heeheehee

[8:05:45 PM ebay & Beyond> It will hold 1000

[8:06:04 PM NewRiverOne> Ok, so we can squeeze some more in here LOL!

[8:06:13 PM Renagade> How many review you listings from time to time, review them

[8:06:15 PM ebay & Beyond> Lots more!

[8:06:46 PM] Henrietta is on the call

[8:06:48 PM momof2birds> I do renegade

[8:06:52 PM NewRiverOne> I do Ren, not often, why?

[8:06:57 PM oakIslandBoutique> I review my listings often

[8:07:04 PM] bleumoonsattic has left the chat

[8:07:05 PM attheboutique> I do, Ren. Very important!

[8:07:06 PM SharsBoutique> Pictures are everything! They’ve got to be good. The picture sells the item in most cases.

[8:07:16 PM GildedELegance> I do Ren

[8:07:26 PM Henrietta> hello everybody

[8:07:28 PM Renagade> I just unfiormed my records listings so they all look alike

[8:07:29 PM momof2birds> I really need a better camera

[8:07:33 PM] Guest 22 is logged into the chat

[8:07:36 PM GildedELegance> I have to get a new camera

[8:07:36 PM Guest 22> (c)

[8:07:41 PM ebay & Beyond> Welcome Henrietta

[8:07:42 PM] Guest 21 has left the chat

[8:07:46 PM ShesMrsWright> My immediate goal is to work on better pics of the treats in my booth

[8:07:46 PM attheboutique> Hello Henrietta!!!

[8:07:54 PM sistahqueen> I check my listings often….and yes the pics are so important …

[8:07:56 PM GildedELegance> I was in your booth today Ren, it looks GREAT!!!

[8:08:05 PM KimsKorner> I think your pictures are great Shasta

[8:08:05 PM Renagade> Thank you

[8:08:09 PM ebay & Beyond> January 17th

[8:08:09 PM] Guest 23 is logged into the chat

[8:08:14 PM Renagade> 24

[8:08:17 PM NewRiverOne> I need to prettify mine. I haven’t done any html.

[8:08:22 PM momof2birds> I better check ren’s booth out

[8:08:25 PM JohnZee4PetraZee> 4th sta 24

[8:08:26 PM Renagade> 17th

[8:08:37 PM ebay & Beyond> January 24th

[8:08:42 PM] Guest 24 is logged into the chat

[8:08:44 PM JohnZee4PetraZee> 17th is 3rd sat

[8:08:44 PM Guest 16> I’ve noticed many pictures are dark and very cluttered backgrounds, it is nice to see clear, bright ones

[8:08:46 PM Renagade> so it will be the 24th

[8:08:47 PM Guest 22> (P) (l) loved it

[8:08:51 PM ShesMrsWright> I want to get a more consistent background and better sizing marker in each photo..

[8:08:57 PM sistahqueen> So many of the pics on the Bonz need to be cropped…

[8:09:04 PM] oshunspirit is logged into the chat

[8:09:09 PM KimsKorner> I need to work on my pictures

[8:09:15 PM Guest 22> (p)

[8:09:18 PM attheboutique> Oshun!!! Hey!!!

[8:09:19 PM GildedELegance> Hi Oshun

[8:09:27 PM] oshunspirit has left the chat

[8:09:27 PM] oshunspirit is logged into the chat

[8:09:28 PM Henrietta> 4th sat is 24th

[8:09:32 PM attheboutique> Cracking Wally’s password, new goal for 09

[8:09:36 PM KimsKorner> I think I have them all cropped and clear but some look like I needed a V-8 when I took them lol

[8:09:39 PM Renagade> LOL

[8:09:39 PM] Guest 18 has left the chat

[8:09:41 PM momof2birds> yeah, I haven’t been cropping

[8:09:51 PM ShesMrsWright> lol @ Kim

[8:09:52 PM] joestreasures is logged into the chat

[8:09:58 PM sistahqueen> ok guest 22…you got the cheat list for icons??

[8:10:03 PM attheboutique> Jaunuary 24th live auction in Wally’s Booth on Bonanzle!!

[8:10:06 PM Renagade> I crop before uploading..

[8:10:07 PM Guest 22> (P) Cropping

[8:10:15 PM Henrietta> where?

[8:10:17 PM sistahqueen> lol@kim

[8:10:19 PM KimsKorner> lol

[8:10:20 PM ebay & Beyond> What time Walt

[8:10:24 PM Renagade> in his booth

[8:10:37 PM BrightestBlessings> at one o’clock

[8:10:41 PM attheboutique>

[8:10:50 PM GildedELegance> Does everyone here use Photobucket?

[8:10:52 PM attheboutique> January 24th , 1 pm

[8:10:54 PM Renagade> cool!

[8:11:00 PM Guest 22> (Z) lol

[8:11:01 PM Henrietta> yes

[8:11:04 PM SharsBoutique> yes

[8:11:07 PM ebay & Beyond> Talkshoe can handle 250 callers at one time according to Dave

[8:11:09 PM sistahqueen> now that is kool Wally…

[8:11:14 PM KimsKorner> 1pm eastern?pacific?

[8:11:28 PM Guest 16> I use photobucket, but didn’t know how to transfer pictures from there for listings

[8:11:33 PM BrightestBlessings> eastern time

[8:11:34 PM Henrietta> bonanzle is pst

[8:11:42 PM attheboutique> I believe it would be eastern time, Wally’s time

[8:11:56 PM GildedELegance> Has anyone ever tried Infraview……

[8:11:57 PM] Guest 22 has left the chat

[8:11:59 PM Henrietta> set a separate category

[8:12:10 PM momof2birds> waht is that?

[8:12:18 PM Renagade> price too high….so it cant sell

[8:12:21 PM sistahqueen> I used PB over there…Now I just post the pics from my putor

[8:12:38 PM GildedELegance> it is a picture hosting site

[8:12:42 PM NewRiverOne> I just upload them directly too.

[8:12:46 PM momof2birds> is there supposed to be sound now

[8:12:54 PM BrightestBlessings> yes

[8:12:58 PM attheboutique> January 24th 1pm eastern live auction

[8:13:02 PM Guest 16> me too sistahqueen, but would love to be able to use my photobucket pictures, I have 1000’s on photobucket

[8:13:03 PM ebay & Beyond> Yes there should be sound

[8:13:05 PM ShesMrsWright> Yeah if you do that Wally you could run the risk of someone trying to buy it at that price before the auction maybe better to price HIGH

[8:13:13 PM Renagade> thanks Phaedra

[8:13:39 PM KimsKorner>

[8:13:42 PM ebay & Beyond> Walt, what Talkshoe client are you using?

[8:13:44 PM ShesMrsWright>

[8:13:49 PM enngga> Thanks how Walt gets his kicks HA!

[8:14:17 PM JohnZee4PetraZee>

[8:14:23 PM momof2birds> ahh, got it now

[8:14:35 PM attheboutique> Goal for 2009? Online Bonanzle?

[8:14:43 PM BHWM>

[8:14:59 PM Henrietta> nonononono

[8:15:08 PM joestreasures>

[8:15:08 PM BrightestBlessings> yes yes yes

[8:15:11 PM ShesMrsWright> Expand Waggin Tails & Wet Noses product line & better stage photos… (MY goals)

[8:15:13 PM sistahqueen>

[8:15:15 PM Henrietta> no

[8:15:18 PM GildedELegance>

[8:15:18 PM SharsBoutique>

[8:15:18 PM Renagade> goal get all of the vinyl records, etc listed

[8:15:23 PM BrightestBlessings> YSSSSSS

[8:15:29 PM attheboutique> Yessssssssssss!!!!!

[8:15:45 PM Renagade> LOL

[8:15:51 PM ebay & Beyond> And Henrietta will kiss him and turn him into a prince

[8:15:58 PM Renagade> Yea Henrietta

[8:15:58 PM JohnZee4PetraZee> or cook him

[8:16:00 PM enngga>

[8:16:00 PM sistahqueen> My one BIG goal is to list,list,list!!!

[8:16:01 PM attheboutique> ohhhh, Dave, lol

[8:16:09 PM attheboutique> go, sistah!!!!

[8:16:10 PM NewRiverOne> LOL Ren

[8:16:21 PM Renagade> She dont sleep…

[8:16:32 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[8:16:35 PM sistahqueen> My house is running over with inventory

[8:16:41 PM Guest 16>

[8:16:41 PM enngga>

[8:17:08 PM oakIslandBoutique> My house is also running over with goodies..

[8:17:12 PM sistahqueen> go Henrietta!!!!

[8:17:13 PM Guest 20>

[8:17:16 PM] Katskloset is logged into the chat

[8:17:18 PM momof2birds> take better pictures, learn more technical stuff

[8:17:30 PM doxiluv> Shasta: I have always wanted to have an online pet shop, it has been a dream, and I wanted to call it the Dachshund Depot, lol

[8:17:36 PM doxiluv> So, I guess I am jealous, lol

[8:17:37 PM Guest 23>

[8:17:55 PM sistahqueen> Learn to blog….Goal #2

[8:18:00 PM momof2birds> to sell supplies, doxi?

[8:18:16 PM ebay & Beyond> Blogging is easy sista

[8:18:28 PM ShesMrsWright> Aww my dream is a doggie bakery.. I was a shop somewhere that people can bring their babies to shop for treats.. :)

[8:18:29 PM momof2birds> taking time to blog is hard

[8:18:30 PM ebay & Beyond> Even I can do it

[8:18:43 PM ebay & Beyond> making time to blog is hard

[8:18:48 PM sistahqueen>

[8:18:56 PM NewRiverOne> Yup, no time.

[8:19:02 PM Renagade> LOL Dave…love your articles

[8:19:06 PM momof2birds> I get mixed up with all the ID’s and passwords, even with the 5 stores I’m in

[8:19:10 PM doxiluv> i love the doggie “treat bar” at Pet Smart, kind of like a doggy salad bar, lol

[8:19:11 PM ebay & Beyond> Thanks Ren

[8:19:15 PM] Guest 25 is logged into the chat

[8:19:15 PM attheboutique> agreed, Dave, I find it goes well with my morning coffee. I jot little notes in a word document as I go through my day

[8:19:17 PM BrightestBlessings>

[8:19:32 PM sistahqueen> I don’t have a clue what to talk about in a blog

[8:19:37 PM] Guest 26 is logged into the chat

[8:19:43 PM ebay & Beyond> Phedra, I just have the coffee and start typing

[8:19:48 PM KimsKorner>

[8:19:53 PM momof2birds> sposed to talk up your sale items

[8:19:54 PM antiques_r_great>

[8:19:56 PM attheboutique> lol, Dave, whatever works!

[8:19:58 PM Renagade> all need to check out Brightestblessings blogs…AWESOME stuff!

[8:20:06 PM enngga> My goal for 2009 is trying to find time to get everything done.

[8:20:13 PM JohnZee4PetraZee> Dave my fingers don’t work until the coffee kicks in

[8:20:37 PM NewRiverOne> I just hit 205 items in my booth! I want to sell them all.

[8:20:39 PM BrightestBlessings> Thanks Renagade!

[8:20:41 PM ebay & Beyond> Jzee, Same here, usually takes the second cup to get started

[8:20:48 PM doxiluv> A bakery would be awesome, Shasta!

[8:20:50 PM Katskloset> if you already have a googlebase feed from eBay - I can help you get the Bonanzle one up in ADDITION instead of replacing

[8:20:52 PM JohnZee4PetraZee> morelike the 3rd

[8:20:52 PM sistahqueen> I do need to get my feeds up…

[8:20:54 PM Renagade> I will try to blog least once a week

[8:21:12 PM attheboutique> Need help with google base? Contact Henrietta,

[8:21:12 PM Renagade> Craigslist is great

[8:21:15 PM BrightestBlessings> I still do it every 30 days in 4 different cities

[8:21:18 PM NewRiverOne> Love CL

[8:21:18 PM] Guest 27 is logged into the chat

[8:21:29 PM Guest 26> Don’t miss my insane WallyBucks giveaway….I’m boosting the economy!!

[8:21:34 PM BrightestBlessings> Walmart Classified works well too

[8:21:38 PM doxiluv> You would have to make some tasty low calorie treats. They gave Otis one at the U of M and he spit it out, lol. Not enough flavor in those diet ones

[8:21:38 PM ShesMrsWright> I think so.. I have been to one in the south a few years ago and LOVED it but nothing like that in my area.. That is my long term goal!

[8:21:43 PM Renagade> Hi wallh

[8:22:16 PM Guest 26> hey Renegade

[8:22:28 PM attheboutique> Craigslist, Pick a different big city each time, list an item

[8:22:53 PM NewRiverOne> Yep, LA, NY, SF

[8:23:01 PM momof2birds> Great idea!

[8:23:04 PM] Guest 24 has left the chat

[8:23:06 PM KimsKorner> I have started using CL to promote my booth

[8:23:08 PM Renagade> Spread them out…

[8:23:21 PM JohnZee4PetraZee> success

[8:23:25 PM Guest 16> I’m in Hawaii, I’d see your listing in Craig’slist Honolulu…..LOL

[8:23:34 PM sistahqueen> be better than them

[8:23:46 PM reejr123>

[8:23:48 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[8:24:16 PM attheboutique>

[8:24:40 PM JohnZee4PetraZee> spell that

[8:24:45 PM NewRiverOne> I got an offer from something I listed on kijiji months ago.

[8:24:46 PM Guest 26> I sold $17,280 on Craig’s list last year!!

[8:24:55 PM momof2birds> Wow!

[8:24:57 PM] Katskloset has left the chat

[8:25:01 PM] Katskloset is logged into the chat

[8:25:04 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL Love it!

[8:25:08 PM Renagade> I have used that too …some questions…

[8:25:43 PM attheboutique> ask away :)

[8:25:43 PM Renagade> got some questions off of the listings on Kijiji

[8:25:50 PM attheboutique> oh, okay, lol

[8:25:53 PM attheboutique> I did too

[8:26:00 PM attheboutique> Positivity!!!!

[8:26:07 PM BrightestBlessings> Keep Positive!

[8:26:10 PM Guest 26> My book “Why people believe liars” was a big hit!!

[8:26:30 PM Renagade> Any other besides craiglist, wallyworld …

[8:26:48 PM Renagade> Google for me too

[8:26:53 PM doxiluv> What do you sell on Craigs list? Or do you use it to bring business to your Bonanzle?

[8:26:54 PM NewRiverOne> There’s

[8:26:57 PM BrightestBlessings> me too! Loved it

[8:27:07 PM attheboutique> use it to bring business to your booth

[8:27:29 PM Renagade> walmart has classifieds

[8:27:30 PM doxiluv> I have soooo much to learn, lol

[8:27:39 PM momof2birds> Amen!

[8:28:00 PM NewRiverOne> Walmart classifieds

[8:28:02 PM Renagade> YES!! they are!!

[8:28:04 PM NewRiverOne>

[8:28:21 PM BrightestBlessings> YES they are! YOU are so right! Thank You!

[8:28:26 PM Guest 26> I’m to old to learn anything else……..I am forced to teach. ;)

[8:28:30 PM Guest 16> YES!!!!!!!!!

[8:28:35 PM attheboutique> Bonanzle uploads to oodle for us

[8:28:40 PM] sistahqueen has left the chat

[8:28:41 PM] oakIslandBoutique has left the chat

[8:28:41 PM] GildedELegance has left the chat

[8:28:55 PM attheboutique> I have shipped to Henrietta, she is very correct

[8:28:56 PM Guest 16> We are part of the US here in Hawaii

[8:28:58 PM momof2birds> automatically??

[8:29:01 PM] Guest 28 is logged into the chat

[8:29:09 PM attheboutique> yes, momof2birds

[8:29:12 PM NewRiverOne> Yes mom

[8:29:15 PM Renagade> true,,,but my items are not on Walmart oodle

[8:29:17 PM momof2birds> great

[8:29:25 PM Guest 27> soo…. oodle is the same as walmart (know nothing about any of this…)

[8:29:42 PM Renagade> no catergory there for them :(

[8:29:53 PM momof2birds> my question too

[8:29:55 PM Guest 27> that’s a question… is oodle the same thing as walmart?

[8:30:10 PM] sistahqueen is logged into the chat

[8:30:31 PM Guest 16> I do almost all of my buying online and I live in Hawaii too

[8:30:31 PM Renagade> oodle is what walmart uses for their listings

[8:30:37 PM] oakIslandBoutique is logged into the chat

[8:30:37 PM sistahqueen> dang …got kicked

[8:30:49 PM Guest 27> ahhh… thanks renegade

[8:30:51 PM] GildedELegance is logged into the chat

[8:30:52 PM oakIslandBoutique> I was kicked also

[8:31:02 PM] Guest 26 has left the chat

[8:31:03 PM] Guest 28 has left the chat

[8:31:06 PM NewRiverOne> Not the same as, but it’s owned and run by walmart.

[8:31:31 PM Renagade> BUT the catergories are less in numbers than oodle covers..

[8:31:35 PM Guest 27> wow. walmart owns a lot

[8:31:46 PM] Guest 29 is logged into the chat

[8:31:51 PM NewRiverOne> Owns my husband… he works for them LOL!

[8:31:54 PM momof2birds> largest store in the world

[8:31:58 PM sistahqueen> so true…customer service is key

[8:31:58 PM Guest 27> that’s funny!

[8:32:07 PM NewRiverOne> :)

[8:32:16 PM Renagade> Phaedra Henrietta blog link…

[8:32:31 PM momof2birds> assuming has happened to me when selling by a buyer

[8:32:31 PM attheboutique> “The greatest stumbling block to communication is the belief that it has already been achieved”

[8:32:55 PM sistahqueen> good one atthe b

[8:33:00 PM momof2birds> I like to treat buyers like friends

[8:33:05 PM SharsBoutique> Always let the customer know when an item ships. Always keep in touch with the customer.

[8:33:33 PM ShesMrsWright> I am bad about sending messages to customers when their items ship.. :(

[8:33:43 PM ShesMrsWright> I need to work on that…

[8:33:48 PM momof2birds> its so important!

[8:33:59 PM KimsKorner> me too Shasta

[8:34:20 PM KimsKorner> I know Paypal notifies but I should

[8:34:25 PM ShesMrsWright> I try to ship ASAP and make the mistake and rely on PP

[8:34:30 PM sistahqueen> I’m taking notes

[8:34:38 PM Renagade> the trick in listings is to put enough info in them about the ITEM and some about the policies of your booth..

[8:34:40 PM ShesMrsWright> Me too sista.. lol

[8:34:42 PM BHWM> ShesMrsWright, you sent me one through google checkout

[8:34:45 PM SharsBoutique> You do ship fast Shasta and my kids luv it!

[8:35:01 PM oakIslandBoutique> I use Paypal shipping and enter my buyers email so they get an email from Paypal when the shipping labels are created.

[8:35:07 PM momof2birds> it impresses people

[8:35:13 PM ShesMrsWright> Yeah I try to do that with Google checkout.. I love that I can do that.. :)

[8:35:19 PM antiques_r_great> Okay everyone post your ad’s on and with your links.Lets drive traffic in so that we all succeed!

[8:35:27 PM attheboutique> I love those extra touches from a seller!

[8:35:37 PM SharsBoutique> I think customers like the personal touch.

[8:35:44 PM momof2birds> absolutely

[8:35:45 PM] Guest 29 has left the chat

[8:35:47 PM GildedELegance> like Ms. Shar’s

[8:35:50 PM attheboutique> Soooo, who is next on phone duty??? :)

[8:36:02 PM joestreasures> How would you set up a craigslist ad without it getting pulled, to promote your booth and Bonanzle?

[8:36:03 PM SharsBoutique> Thanks Gilded.

[8:36:06 PM Renagade> Im on dial up!

[8:36:12 PM Guest 27> uh… is craigslist complicated to get in with?

[8:36:13 PM attheboutique> exactly, Gilded! And yours too, I will always remember that!

[8:36:27 PM attheboutique> not complicated at all

[8:36:30 PM Guest 27> and… is craigslist affiliated with walmart?

[8:36:31 PM antiques_r_great> No craigslist is as easy as Bonanzle

[8:36:38 PM momof2birds> a little unpredictable

[8:36:45 PM Guest 27> easy as bonanzle… very good!

[8:36:52 PM NewRiverOne> Joe, they don’t mind links to Bonanzle. Just not to auctions, like ebay.

[8:37:01 PM antiques_r_great> not sure I know Ebay owes stock in it

[8:37:08 PM doxiluv> I think Craig’s would be fine with ads as long as in the right category, then it wouldn’t be pulled

[8:37:11 PM attheboutique> google has a “ship” button

[8:37:13 PM Guest 25> I Must be contacting buyers too much! LOL. Message when I will ship, message when I ship. AutumnLeaves

[8:37:29 PM Henrietta> if you use GC they will notify your buyer you have shipped

[8:37:46 PM Guest 27> autumn leaves.. i would rather get contacted too much as a buyer than not enough :)

[8:37:54 PM sistahqueen> I let buyer know when I recieve payment,then another when I ship

[8:37:56 PM attheboutique> agreed, guest 27

[8:37:56 PM] Guest 30 is logged into the chat

[8:38:15 PM Guest 27> phaedra you have a lovely voice!

[8:38:15 PM momof2birds> right

[8:38:27 PM SharsBoutique> Remember how it feels when someone else sends you a message.

[8:38:27 PM attheboutique> awww, thank you! am blushing here

[8:38:28 PM Guest 25> Well, nobody has told me, stop contacting me, yet

[8:38:34 PM Henrietta> with GC no need to notify payment received

[8:38:54 PM Guest 27> and thanks for doing that gift basket for my m.i.l.!!!

[8:39:05 PM BrightestBlessings> NO it has been changed! Check it out!

[8:39:18 PM Renagade> I have my own letter I send…with my banner on it

[8:39:18 PM sistahqueen> The packing ship is ugly…

[8:39:25 PM attheboutique> bvaughn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are guest 27!!! You are welcome!! Thank you for coming!!!!!!!!!!!!1

[8:39:25 PM BrightestBlessings> It already has been !!!!!

[8:39:35 PM Guest 27> :)

[8:39:42 PM Guest 27> got the whole family here listening in…

[8:39:49 PM] MikeEOC1 is logged into the chat

[8:39:54 PM attheboutique> oh my, now I feel on the spot, lol

[8:40:07 PM BrightestBlessings> The packing slip has been changed and you can put in a message to the buyer!!!!!!!!

[8:40:15 PM Guest 27> that

[8:40:16 PM] Guest 31 is logged into the chat

[8:40:18 PM auctionwally> Foo foo I know as having 3 daughters, I know foo foo

[8:40:20 PM Guest 27> that’s great brightest

[8:40:26 PM Renagade> LOL

[8:40:30 PM Guest 27> i was going to ask how to spell foo foo

[8:40:32 PM attheboutique> and you can change the defaults on where it coming from too

[8:40:39 PM sistahqueen> fu fu… foo…………

[8:40:45 PM oakIslandBoutique> I don’t do foo foo.. LOL

[8:40:47 PM momof2birds> yes, hand write too

[8:40:57 PM Guest 27> i wish our printer could print in color so we could print the fancy schmancy bonanzle in green…

[8:41:10 PM Guest 27> i agree about the hand written note

[8:41:12 PM Guest 25> Great that we can alter who it is coming from as I have been several people in 1 day! AutumnLeaves

[8:41:17 PM Guest 27> i don’t do it as much as i should -

[8:41:37 PM momof2birds> I enjoy writing a note

[8:41:48 PM Guest 27> i enjoy receiving a written note ;)

[8:41:55 PM momof2birds> see???

[8:41:57 PM sistahqueen>

[8:42:01 PM Renagade> I add a handwritten note to the letter

[8:42:29 PM Guest 27> okay, so even if the handwriting isn’t very pretty it’s okay?

[8:42:32 PM momof2birds> I’ve never had to receive a return

[8:42:43 PM momof2birds> yes 27

[8:42:44 PM attheboutique> Yes, bvaughn, Mine isn’t, lol

[8:42:49 PM sistahqueen> I use lots of rubber stamps

[8:42:50 PM] MikeEOC1 has left the chat

[8:42:55 PM NewRiverOne> Wow, mom! You must be doing something right!

[8:43:03 PM Guest 27> okay, okay, i’ll take more time in packing next time… :)

[8:43:08 PM attheboutique> guest 27 is bvaughn on Bonanzle :) one of my fav people!

[8:43:17 PM momof2birds> love to please, lots of communication

[8:43:22 PM oakIslandBoutique> If I did a hand written note, I’d get a neg for sloppiness

[8:43:30 PM Renagade> Welcome bvaughn

[8:43:31 PM attheboutique> lol, oak

[8:43:32 PM Guest 27> okay, so now I’M blushing…

[8:43:35 PM] GourmetGrinds is logged into the chat

[8:43:36 PM sistahqueen>

[8:43:36 PM Guest 27> thanks all

[8:43:47 PM Guest 27> sistahqueen i love your purple haze list!

[8:43:53 PM attheboutique> So, who else has goals for 2009 to share????

[8:43:54 PM GourmetGrinds> whew! I’m back, lost the net for a few

[8:44:00 PM attheboutique> welcome back!

[8:44:04 PM attheboutique> Now, call in!! lol

[8:44:06 PM GourmetGrinds> ty!

[8:44:07 PM sistahqueen> Thank you 27!

[8:44:32 PM GourmetGrinds> Me?? call in?? no way!

[8:44:44 PM attheboutique> lol

[8:45:09 PM Guest 27> :)

[8:45:09 PM GildedELegance> My goal is to bring BUYERS to Bonanzle……we need buyers

[8:45:12 PM oakIslandBoutique> My goal for 2009 is to continue to be motivated to list. I lost that motivation when the other place changed…

[8:45:16 PM attheboutique> so do I just randomly pick someone from the list? “evil spa lady laugh”, you all goaded me into it the first time, lol

[8:45:24 PM Renagade> The trick is to get them to come BACK!

[8:45:41 PM attheboutique> expand on that gilded, what are your first steps to do so?

[8:45:46 PM Guest 27> okay, i liked somebody’s idea of listing at least 7 items per week - i’m going to try to do that

[8:45:55 PM attheboutique> awesome, bvaughn!

[8:46:05 PM enngga> Get Dave he will talk

[8:46:06 PM GildedELegance> The universities in my state

[8:46:13 PM momof2birds> 7 per week, huh?

[8:46:32 PM Guest 27> i’ve heard you all saying that more listings will draw more buyers… i think that’s true.

[8:46:33 PM JohnZee4PetraZee> i SHOOT FOR 20-25

[8:46:36 PM attheboutique> marketing to the university students and faculty?

[8:46:39 PM Guest 27> at least 7

[8:46:42 PM GildedELegance> Yes

[8:46:43 PM KimsKorner> I need to get back on top of listing more frequently

[8:46:49 PM Guest 16> My goal has been to list 10 items a day and I’m doing it

[8:46:56 PM attheboutique> It seems listing is number one goal here

[8:46:58 PM KimsKorner> sorry been trying to listen and on phone

[8:47:00 PM Guest 16> But I have 1000’s to list

[8:47:04 PM Guest 27> 10 items a day is very motivated… that’s great

[8:47:09 PM momof2birds> I don’t have 10 to list every day

[8:47:14 PM Guest 27> 7 per week is more realistic for me.

[8:47:43 PM Guest 27> okay… on the edge of my seat waiting to hear phaedra’s response…

[8:47:59 PM momof2birds> I just have stuff left over from my feebay store

[8:48:01 PM Guest 16> I had completely quit selling on that other site before I found bonanzle, so I had NOTHING listed to import, so starting all the way over here

[8:48:03 PM oakIslandBoutique> I have 1000’s to list also

[8:48:15 PM JohnZee4PetraZee> So do I. One step at a time

[8:48:40 PM Henrietta> Find Henrietta at and at my website shared with several other shops,

[8:48:41 PM Renagade> You need to think it out before typing,,,

[8:48:48 PM KimsKorner> yep so true

[8:48:51 PM NewRiverOne> Smart, Phaedra. I do the same

[8:48:55 PM Guest 16> My mantra is “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”

[8:49:01 PM auctionwally> Brilliant

[8:49:08 PM Guest 27> yes - amen!

[8:49:28 PM Guest 27> very mature… very professional…

[8:49:37 PM] ANightOwl is logged into the chat

[8:49:46 PM Henrietta> You can read my opinionated thoughts on my blog Red Ink Diary

[8:49:53 PM sistahqueen> we do it the same

[8:50:13 PM ebay & Beyond> Canned responses are the fear of most buyers

[8:50:16 PM GourmetGrinds> sorry i must leave, my husband just ran off the road!! Bad weather

[8:50:18 PM NewRiverOne> I wait a couple of days so I don’t go completely ballistic on the guy! LOL

[8:50:19 PM Guest 27> i’d be interested in a nice professional blank form to follow and reword for my use…

[8:50:22 PM GourmetGrinds> someone fill me in later

[8:50:25 PM] GourmetGrinds has left the chat

[8:50:26 PM Henrietta> Me too Guest 16 but it really was easy to do on Bonanzle

[8:50:38 PM ebay & Beyond> Hope all is OK Gourmet

[8:50:52 PM NewRiverOne> Oh no Gourmet, hope he’s alright!

[8:51:01 PM KimsKorner> LOL sounds like me only I am just 5 foot

[8:51:30 PM NewRiverOne> I’m five foot nuthin too! :)

[8:51:45 PM auctionwally> Don’t feed the Trolls.

[8:51:45 PM Guest 16> Yes, it is easy on Bonanzle, I love it

[8:51:47 PM] ebay & Beyond is on the call

[8:52:04 PM Renagade> be careful Grinds! Hope hes ok

[8:52:13 PM Guest 27> okay, i’ll be endeavoring to use that next week with a brunch i have scheduled… :)

[8:52:44 PM Renagade> about time Dave!

[8:52:55 PM] Guest 32 is logged into the chat

[8:52:59 PM momof2birds> hi Dave

[8:53:10 PM ebay & Beyond> HI Mom

[8:53:29 PM ebay & Beyond> Naw, just a reminder

[8:53:39 PM] Henrietta has left the chat

[8:53:40 PM] Henrietta is logged into the chat

[8:53:57 PM] The Savvy Seller is logged into the chat

[8:54:07 PM Henrietta> Hate the way Talkshoe dumps you off

[8:54:14 PM Renagade> Not all the time Pheadra …some people just use them to see them better

[8:54:21 PM enngga> .

[8:54:46 PM momof2birds> yeah, Phaedra!

[8:55:17 PM momof2birds> way to go!

[8:55:22 PM Henrietta> good grief!

[8:56:01 PM momof2birds> as a nurse, I always felt, the crustier the patient, the sweeter I would be to them

[8:56:05 PM] doxiluv has left the chat

[8:56:06 PM] Guest 25 has left the chat

[8:56:26 PM Renagade> you can tell anyone anything if you say it with a smile on your face and a song in your voice

[8:56:48 PM Guest 27> renagade… i admire people who can do that with sincerity :)

[8:56:50 PM] Guest 33 is logged into the chat

[8:56:52 PM NewRiverOne> Yes! It just kills them :)

[8:56:56 PM] ANightOwl has left the chat

[8:57:39 PM Guest 27> and actually the customer service thing… it’s a great idea.. goes along with “find everything but the ordinary”….

[8:57:40 PM GildedELegance> You are so right Ren.

[8:57:51 PM] Guest 34 is logged into the chat

[8:58:10 PM Renagade> A good wife is one who learns this early… :)

[8:58:16 PM attheboutique> lol

[8:58:27 PM] ANightOwl is logged into the chat

[8:58:28 PM Renagade> Just apply it to your business!

[8:58:29 PM momof2birds> ooh, not funny, ren!

[8:58:33 PM Guest 27> my return policy has always been no refunds or exchanges, all sales final… but i am seriously thinking about changing that for bonanzle

[8:58:38 PM oakIslandBoutique> lol

[8:58:44 PM Guest 27> a soft answer turneth away wrath…

[8:58:57 PM Renagade> true!

[8:58:59 PM attheboutique> redirecting the client

[8:59:18 PM attheboutique>

[8:59:19 PM] Guest 35 is logged into the chat

[8:59:28 PM Renagade> cool!

[8:59:39 PM attheboutique>

[8:59:49 PM Renagade> great blog!

[8:59:57 PM momof2birds> I tried a newsletter once on feebay but no one ever subscribed

[8:59:59 PM Renagade> must read!

[9:00:28 PM auctionwally> These chat room show notes will be posted at

[9:00:37 PM] Guest 33 has left the chat

[9:00:54 PM attheboutique> Dave’s Bonanzle booth, advertising offered :)

[9:01:09 PM Henrietta> make it later!

[9:01:12 PM Guest 27> any chance someone would volunteer to post a link to a nice customer return / thank you / professional client redirect letter…?

[9:01:38 PM attheboutique> I would suggest googling it, lol

[9:01:45 PM Guest 27> okay, good idea.

[9:01:48 PM Henrietta> @guest 27 ??

[9:01:53 PM Guest 27> bvaughnfamily

[9:01:58 PM Renagade> Just say it from the heart…Type you can do it

[9:02:16 PM Guest 27> that i CAN do… my fingers & mouth work much more quickly than my brain… :)

[9:02:23 PM attheboutique> exactly, bvaughn, all of your communications with me have been pleasant and a day brightening experience :)

[9:02:39 PM Guest 27> blushing again… going in the kitchen pantry to hide

[9:02:51 PM NewRiverOne> :)

[9:02:55 PM] Guest 23 has left the chat

[9:02:57 PM] jamie2258 is logged into the chat

[9:03:03 PM Renagade> LOL..under the table is a good place to hide!

[9:03:08 PM attheboutique> lol

[9:03:34 PM Renagade> TEASE! Dave…

[9:04:13 PM oakIslandBoutique> I’ll need to share the hiding places with my dogs. They like under the table.. LOL

[9:04:18 PM Henrietta> just add a note on your packing slip “TY for shopping with …. I hope you are happy with your … and look forward to seeing you in my booth again”

[9:04:39 PM Renagade> Awesome show!! Hated to leave so early

[9:04:39 PM momof2birds> very professional yet friendly

[9:04:51 PM ebay & Beyond>

[9:04:57 PM Guest 27> ok… thanks for the tips.. i’ll put it together to implement next week… towards the end of the week

[9:05:05 PM BrightestBlessings> A great show!

[9:05:06 PM attheboutique> Saturday mornings

[9:05:12 PM attheboutique> yes it was!! awesome!!

[9:05:25 PM ebay & Beyond>

[9:05:47 PM sistahqueen> super show tonight…So glad to see so many in chat…

[9:06:04 PM momof2birds> yes, so much good info

[9:06:06 PM Henrietta> good luck Phaedra

[9:06:15 PM attheboutique> thanks, Henrietta!

[9:06:17 PM Guest 34> It’s is a great way to spend Monday night. You can learn so much

[9:06:22 PM Renagade> Links to here, ebayandbeyond, auctionwally show and agents of revenue on my blog with player to catch the pas

[9:06:27 PM attheboutique>

[9:06:32 PM BrightestBlessings> Bonanzle Mark!

[9:06:35 PM attheboutique> link to advertising on Dave’s site

[9:06:50 PM antiques_r_great>

[9:06:52 PM] DudeAndChick is logged into the chat

[9:07:03 PM attheboutique> January 24th, Bonanzle Mark on Dave’s show!! Mark your calenders!!

[9:07:04 PM] DudeAndChick has left the chat

[9:07:18 PM BrightestBlessings> Already have! hehehe

[9:07:36 PM attheboutique> heheh, have him followed on talk shoe :) am ready for that one!

[9:07:45 PM Renagade> Boy the 24th is a BIG day!

[9:07:47 PM] DudeAndChick is logged into the chat

[9:08:02 PM attheboutique> Please remember to rate the Brainstorming Bonanzle show!

[9:08:13 PM attheboutique> and click the “follow” button :)

[9:08:18 PM NewRiverOne> Where do we rate the show?

[9:08:21 PM Guest 27> sign up to do that?

[9:08:31 PM BrightestBlessings> yes

[9:08:32 PM] Guest 31 has left the chat

[9:08:35 PM attheboutique> on the page where you clicked join, you will see it

[9:08:41 PM NewRiverOne> ok

[9:08:54 PM SharsBoutique> Great show! Finally, something I do know how to do!

[9:09:03 PM Renagade> LOL

[9:09:03 PM attheboutique> you have to sign up, then login in, you can follow the shows, and they will be on your “My Talkshoe” board

[9:09:09 PM attheboutique> I mean page

[9:09:13 PM attheboutique> lol

[9:09:53 PM] jamie2258 has left the chat

[9:09:58 PM antiques_r_great>

[9:10:03 PM] NewRiverOne has left the chat

[9:10:03 PM] NewRiverOne is logged into the chat

[9:10:18 PM Henrietta> but boardies need to type something every once in a while or get dumped for inactivity

[9:10:25 PM attheboutique> Shar is the queen of branding her business, take a look

[9:10:47 PM oakIslandBoutique> Oh, that’s why we get dumped…

[9:10:50 PM attheboutique> Post your booth links, blog links, lens links :)

[9:10:57 PM momof2birds> Ohhhhhh

[9:11:04 PM attheboutique> Thanks for the tip Henrietta, I was not aware of that

[9:11:08 PM enngga> .

[9:11:12 PM Renagade> Auction and Mark on ebayandbeyond BOTH on the 24th! COOL!

[9:11:13 PM oakIslandBoutique> .

[9:11:18 PM sistahqueen> I

[9:11:22 PM KimsKorner> my blog, bit of everything on it

[9:11:24 PM sistahqueen>

[9:11:34 PM GildedELegance> That will be informative!!!!

[9:11:36 PM attheboutique> Very awesome day to look forward to, January 24th

[9:11:44 PM Guest 35> .

[9:11:52 PM DudeAndChick>

[9:11:56 PM momof2birds> I have sooo much to check ut tomorrow!

[9:12:02 PM BrightestBlessings>

[9:12:19 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[9:12:28 PM NewRiverOne> That’s why I got dumped? Well! So there!

[9:12:28 PM attheboutique>

[9:12:30 PM DudeAndChick> not much there yet, very new to blogging, but I plan on adding more :)

[9:12:37 PM Renagade> Love it if yall read my blog about the shows here and Bonanzle of course!

[9:12:48 PM attheboutique>

[9:12:58 PM] jamie2258 is logged into the chat

[9:13:04 PM BrightestBlessings>

[9:13:08 PM momof2birds>

[9:13:19 PM attheboutique>

[9:13:29 PM JohnZee4PetraZee>

[9:13:34 PM reejr123>

[9:13:43 PM KimsKorner> &

[9:13:56 PM attheboutique> Scott Pooler’s latest blog, good read

[9:14:18 PM] SharsBoutique has left the chat

[9:14:19 PM] oshunspirit has left the chat

[9:14:23 PM BrightestBlessings> Excellent read! Well worth the time to read and think on!

[9:14:32 PM Renagade> yes it is!

[9:14:45 PM Katskloset>

[9:14:49 PM attheboutique> The auction Wally show!! Tomorrow night!!

[9:14:58 PM] Guest 36 is logged into the chat

[9:14:59 PM Guest 16>

[9:15:28 PM NewRiverOne> Google Checkout is great!

[9:15:32 PM attheboutique> opps, that was the old link, lol

[9:15:34 PM] The Savvy Seller has left the chat

[9:15:37 PM Guest 34>

[9:15:41 PM attheboutique> The auction wally show!!

[9:15:44 PM DudeAndChick> great blogs! lots to read now :)

[9:15:47 PM sistahqueen> if you still want to uses MO over there….include a pic asking they contact you for info…the e-bots won’t pick up any text…

[9:15:52 PM antiques_r_great> Don’t forget to get those ads in on & . Lets drive business in like crazy!

[9:16:04 PM KimsKorner> I think its best to use every form of payment forms you can

[9:16:05 PM Guest 16>

[9:16:26 PM NewRiverOne> Agreed, Kim.

[9:16:32 PM ShesMrsWright>

[9:17:04 PM Renagade> Clearing out my non music related items from my booth… come and make an offer…accept MO too!

[9:17:05 PM GildedELegance> Agree with you Kim

[9:17:09 PM Guest 35> .

[9:17:11 PM attheboutique> Auction Wally BlogSpot, Appraisals, on blogspot

[9:17:25 PM KimsKorner> I have RME but not too many people have used it, but some have

[9:17:42 PM attheboutique> Auction Wally’s website

[9:18:37 PM attheboutique> wow, this man just has too many links for me to keep up with, lol.

[9:18:41 PM Renagade> Cant think of anything eBay can do to recoup now…

[9:18:53 PM attheboutique>

[9:18:58 PM KimsKorner> I agree Ren

[9:19:00 PM] momof2birds has left the chat

[9:19:07 PM] Katskloset has left the chat

[9:19:12 PM Renagade> Love THAT one Phaedra

[9:19:17 PM KimsKorner> I do use the auctions there once in a while but overall I wont go back in any major way

[9:19:20 PM enngga> Walt called it he wants them to split the selling in half at ebay. one half store one half auction

[9:19:21 PM] The Savvy Seller is logged into the chat

[9:19:29 PM attheboutique> Me too, great info, always on target

[9:19:37 PM oakIslandBoutique> agree, eBay will have to do a lot of changes to get me back

[9:19:58 PM attheboutique> Remember to use the digg and stumbleupon on each others links, increase the exposure :)

[9:20:00 PM KimsKorner> they wont ever get me to use them as my main home again.

[9:20:04 PM] momof2birds is logged into the chat

[9:20:05 PM] GourmetGrinds is logged into the chat

[9:20:13 PM KimsKorner> I can’t ever put any kind of trust or faith in them again

[9:20:17 PM NewRiverOne> Me either.

[9:20:26 PM oakIslandBoutique> no, trust is gone

[9:20:29 PM sistahqueen> They have to do something really special to get my 700 items back….Right now I have one item listed

[9:20:46 PM Henrietta> is stumble worth the effort, traffic is in serious decline

[9:20:47 PM momof2birds> same here

[9:20:51 PM KimsKorner> I like Bonanzle where I feel the owners actually care

[9:21:02 PM Guest 27> yes, a real community

[9:21:02 PM momof2birds> yup

[9:21:08 PM oakIslandBoutique> I haven’t listed a thing over therE since May

[9:21:22 PM The Savvy Seller> Thanks, Dave!

[9:21:22 PM attheboutique> Very true, Kim, we have to choose the venue that fits us and our individual businesses!

[9:21:23 PM Guest 35> .

[9:21:28 PM Henrietta> me neither

[9:21:29 PM attheboutique> Thanks, Dave!!!

[9:21:31 PM KimsKorner> ouch

[9:21:32 PM Renagade> To me that is the MAIN selling point of Bonanzle…owners who CARE!

[9:21:36 PM] ebay & Beyond has hung up

[9:21:42 PM Guest 34> I did well on ebay as the rest of you, different name, but would not leave Bonanzle now

[9:21:44 PM GourmetGrinds> back, sorry about that folks!

[9:21:56 PM attheboutique> Wow, on commercial Break, lol

[9:21:56 PM NewRiverOne> Is hubby ok grinds?

[9:22:02 PM ebay & Beyond> Thank you Phedra

[9:22:10 PM Renagade> Everything OK Grinds??

[9:22:10 PM momof2birds> I leave the wxpensive items for eBay

[9:22:12 PM GourmetGrinds> Yes he is! Thank god

[9:22:13 PM KimsKorner> assume hubby is okay

[9:22:16 PM Henrietta> oak island = phil?

[9:22:23 PM GourmetGrinds> his phone was almost dead so he called me to make all the calls!

[9:22:25 PM NewRiverOne> That’s good!

[9:22:30 PM oakIslandBoutique> How hubby???

[9:22:30 PM GildedELegance> That is good news Grinds

[9:22:32 PM KimsKorner> thats good news

[9:22:32 PM GourmetGrinds> he drives the mail from here to vegas nightly

[9:22:33 PM momof2birds> thank goodness grings

[9:22:33 PM Renagade> Hugs from me Grinds

[9:22:39 PM attheboutique> Welcome Dave, I always enjoy listening to your insights

[9:22:50 PM GourmetGrinds> no chains required, but i am sure he is putting them on now while waiting for the tow truck!

[9:22:51 PM oakIslandBoutique> yes, phil

[9:22:51 PM attheboutique> awesome news, Grinds

[9:22:52 PM ebay & Beyond> Our prayers were answered Grinds

[9:23:04 PM] sistahqueen has left the chat

[9:23:09 PM Renagade> That song stuck in my head all week!

[9:23:13 PM GourmetGrinds> ty all for caring!

[9:23:16 PM Henrietta> HI long time no see!

[9:23:17 PM attheboutique> lmbo, Ren!

[9:23:21 PM GourmetGrinds> i just hate being stuck here with no auto!

[9:23:23 PM Guest 35> .

[9:23:32 PM GourmetGrinds> or i would have headed out to see him!

[9:23:35 PM Renagade> want it from Karaoke!

[9:23:35 PM attheboutique> Hey there guest 35!!

[9:23:46 PM Henrietta> T howmanyhorses from concerned sellers

[9:23:46 PM oakIslandBoutique> Hi, it has been a little while

[9:23:48 PM] Sinfuldreams has left the chat

[9:24:01 PM Renagade> get me a karaoke version of it!

[9:24:02 PM DudeAndChick> I didn’t hear what happened to your hubby , but still glad to know he’s okay :)

[9:24:03 PM enngga> .

[9:24:11 PM Guest 35> hello @attheboutique

[9:24:17 PM GourmetGrinds> he drives semi and ran off the road cuz of bad weather!

[9:24:24 PM attheboutique> <———– Phaedra

[9:24:25 PM Henrietta> hi enngga

[9:24:26 PM oakIslandBoutique> yep, I knew that

[9:24:33 PM DudeAndChick> Oh my! Thank goodness he is okay!

[9:24:34 PM Guest 27> very glad he’s ok

[9:24:34 PM GourmetGrinds> so what did i miss on this show?

[9:24:39 PM GourmetGrinds> yes, thank god!

[9:24:40 PM momof2birds> we had horrible fog here today

[9:24:44 PM NewRiverOne> I was without a car for a year and a half. Hated it!! I know how you feel grinds!

[9:24:47 PM BHWM> Glad he’s ok grinds!

[9:24:48 PM Renagade> OHHH..a Semi…God bless him!

[9:25:09 PM attheboutique> BHWM, where is my champagne??? :)

[9:25:14 PM GourmetGrinds> this is 3rd accident in a year, none our fault, both our autos totaled, but this was the company truck!

[9:25:18 PM Renagade> snort some lavender

[9:25:22 PM] Curt Yanko is logged into the chat

[9:25:30 PM attheboutique> lmbo, Ren! works everytime!

[9:25:39 PM DudeAndChick> LOL! Renegade

[9:25:45 PM BHWM> I droped it and it broke on the way here. Sorry

[9:25:46 PM Renagade> it comes in threes…the streak is over

[9:26:01 PM GourmetGrinds> well hope its over!

[9:26:07 PM attheboutique> awwww, BHWM, is okay you are here!

[9:26:12 PM Renagade> it is…trust me

[9:26:15 PM DudeAndChick> yes that’s true, bad things always happen in threes, you’re good for awhile now!

[9:26:26 PM GourmetGrinds> can i hold you to that renagade?

[9:26:52 PM Renagade> yes ..just come to me if any more happen!

[9:26:52 PM momof2birds> yeah, hold his feet to the fire!

[9:26:55 PM Henrietta> podsafe music network

[9:27:01 PM GourmetGrinds> ok! its a deal

[9:27:07 PM attheboutique> Is this it?

[9:27:08 PM ebay & Beyond>

[9:27:18 PM attheboutique> lol, jinx Dave!

[9:27:53 PM Renagade> Grat minds think alike…but so do the crazy ones!

[9:27:59 PM GourmetGrinds> lol

[9:28:01 PM attheboutique> lol, definitely

[9:28:03 PM ebay & Beyond> ebay just announced category changes happening in Janaury

[9:28:04 PM GildedELegance> LOL

[9:28:25 PM ebay & Beyond> LOL Phedra

[9:28:42 PM attheboutique> :)

[9:29:08 PM] enngga has left the chat

[9:29:11 PM ebay & Beyond> Yeah, old man old fingers

[9:29:12 PM KimsKorner> lol

[9:29:16 PM attheboutique> lol

[9:29:18 PM NewRiverOne> lol

[9:29:20 PM Guest 35> hehe

[9:29:23 PM oakIslandBoutique> LOL

[9:29:32 PM] Guest 32 has left the chat

[9:29:41 PM Guest 34> so much great information, and just for listening

[9:29:45 PM Guest 27> i’m sure phaedra has some nice lotion for those old man fingers…

[9:29:50 PM ebay & Beyond> Gets longer every week Walt

[9:29:52 PM Guest 27> get ‘em typing faster… :)

[9:29:52 PM attheboutique> sure do!! lol

[9:30:07 PM attheboutique> some MSM lotion, loosen up those joints

[9:30:16 PM attheboutique> :)

[9:30:17 PM ebay & Beyond> I bet she does, I will check her Bonanzle

[9:30:22 PM KimsKorner> lol

[9:30:30 PM Renagade> yes MSM works good

[9:30:37 PM DudeAndChick> lol

[9:30:54 PM attheboutique> Resident Spa Lady at your service :)

[9:31:02 PM] youngtly is logged into the chat

[9:31:10 PM KimsKorner> what is MSM?

[9:31:33 PM attheboutique> I find the RSS feeds I need to optimize also on Bonanzle, they are there for our use, KimsCorner has a great post on a list of places to put them

[9:31:39 PM Renagade> a good supplement for joints

[9:31:45 PM NewRiverOne> my sore muscles?

[9:32:03 PM KimsKorner> not my original list was just trying to get everyone doing the rss feeds, it really increases traffic

[9:32:11 PM ShesMrsWright> I am not feeling well I gotta run.. Have a great night everyone!

[9:32:15 PM attheboutique> MSM (Methylsufonylmethane)

[9:32:19 PM KimsKorner> night Shasta

[9:32:24 PM] ShesMrsWright has left the chat

[9:32:25 PM momof2birds> take care Mrs.

[9:32:26 PM] Guest 20 has left the chat

[9:32:33 PM Guest 27> Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM, or dimethylsulfone) is an organosulfur compound with the formula (CH3)2SO2. This colourless solid features the sulfone fun

[9:32:39 PM] ANightOwl has left the chat

[9:32:40 PM Renagade> thanks…could nt think how to spellthat!

[9:32:42 PM NewRiverOne> Feel better Mrs. W

[9:32:43 PM DudeAndChick> feel better soon MrsWright

[9:32:44 PM attheboutique> ohhhhh, nice one bvaughn

[9:32:52 PM Guest 27> wikipedia

[9:32:53 PM] Guest 36 has left the chat

[9:32:55 PM attheboutique> lol

[9:33:01 PM] Guest 37 is logged into the chat

[9:33:04 PM Renagade> copy paste copy paste

[9:33:07 PM attheboutique> it really is wonderful for the joints

[9:33:13 PM Guest 35> anyone send their products to Microsoft’s Live Product Search?

[9:33:21 PM Guest 27> and is considered relatively inert chemically. It occurs naturally in some primitive plants and is present in small amounts in many foods and beverage

[9:33:26 PM momof2birds> no

[9:33:28 PM attheboutique> They were not taking new ones, when I tried, guest 35

[9:33:45 PM NewRiverOne> I thought they stopped accepting listings?

[9:33:47 PM KimsKorner> interesting…

[9:33:49 PM Renagade> no…but getting traffic from them!

[9:33:55 PM Guest 27> is that like google data base?

[9:34:00 PM attheboutique> submitted to the search

[9:34:10 PM Guest 35> I knew that Live Search cashback was not taking new retailers

[9:34:14 PM] Guest 37 has left the chat

[9:34:20 PM attheboutique> submit to the search engines

[9:34:28 PM Renagade> that must be why phaedra

[9:34:32 PM KimsKorner> how do you keep up?

[9:34:48 PM Renagade> with what?

[9:34:56 PM oakIslandBoutique> good blog too!!

[9:35:04 PM KimsKorner> with checking everything 7 days a week

[9:35:11 PM BrightestBlessings> Excellent Blog!

[9:35:34 PM] Curt Yanko has left the chat

[9:35:40 PM attheboutique> Henrietta’s blog, always an awesome read

[9:35:48 PM KimsKorner> between blogs, and all the sites I belong too I could not keep up. I misheard thought she meant checks every place she is a member of lol

[9:36:20 PM attheboutique> Wow, Henrietta is a busy woman

[9:36:28 PM momof2birds> really

[9:36:49 PM Renagade> Does this 24/7

[9:37:48 PM] BHWM has left the chat

[9:37:49 PM GildedELegance> Henrietta, where did you buy your Superwomen cape?

[9:37:49 PM oakIslandBoutique> low fee for sure

[9:37:54 PM auctionwally>
To see some of the most beautiful buttons you’ve ever seen

[9:37:56 PM Renagade> LOL

[9:38:00 PM attheboutique> lol, Gilded, I want to know too!!

[9:38:10 PM Guest 35> .

[9:38:39 PM momof2birds>

[9:38:40 PM GildedELegance> I need one really BAD

[9:38:55 PM momof2birds> a button?

[9:39:12 PM attheboutique> Wow, the Japanese bowls are beautiful Wally

[9:39:15 PM Henrietta> bittons as you have on clothes

[9:39:48 PM Henrietta> where did I buy my crutches?

[9:39:52 PM KimsKorner> I hate reserves lol

[9:39:53 PM BrightestBlessings> Very Beautiful! Looked today.

[9:39:56 PM attheboutique> lol, Henrietta

[9:40:33 PM attheboutique> January 24th, 1pm live auction in auctionwally’s booth, see you there!! :) Gonna be exciting!

[9:40:52 PM momof2birds> I will try to be there

[9:41:28 PM KimsKorner> I want to know what the seller wants as far as low price. Not bid and bid and try to get to it :)

[9:41:29 PM Guest 16>

[9:41:44 PM Henrietta> YUM! DH just brought poki home

[9:41:47 PM oakIslandBoutique> I have no idea where I will be on the 24th..

[9:41:53 PM attheboutique> Auction Wally Show, tomorrow night

[9:42:11 PM NewRiverOne> poki?

[9:42:21 PM Guest 27> i was wondering too

[9:42:24 PM Henrietta> raw fish, brain food

[9:42:31 PM NewRiverOne> oh. ewwwwwwww

[9:42:36 PM KimsKorner> me too I was going to ask too lol

[9:42:39 PM Henrietta> nom nom nom

[9:42:40 PM Guest 27> i’m so uncultured…

[9:42:46 PM Renagade> sushi?

[9:42:48 PM attheboutique> okay that is it, now I know there is absolutely nothing Henrietta doesn’t know! lol

[9:42:48 PM Guest 27> fish for me is fish sticks w/ketchup

[9:42:58 PM oakIslandBoutique> oysters

[9:43:02 PM KimsKorner> lol

[9:43:11 PM NewRiverOne> shrimp, scallops, lobster.

[9:43:11 PM] Guest 34 has left the chat

[9:43:17 PM DudeAndChick> ew!

[9:43:18 PM NewRiverOne> cooked

[9:43:23 PM momof2birds> that’s the ticket

[9:43:26 PM Guest 35> has to swim like a fish or I won’t eat it!

[9:43:26 PM] Katskloset is logged into the chat

[9:43:28 PM Guest 27> ok… i can do shrimp. definitely cooked!

[9:43:54 PM oldsaltsailor> Boil that shrimp in beer

[9:43:59 PM Guest 27> but you all can have all that cultured stuff… :) i promise - you can have my share :)

[9:44:11 PM Renagade> now ya talkin

[9:44:17 PM NewRiverOne> yea!

[9:44:17 PM DudeAndChick> Yum!

[9:44:20 PM] DudeTrippingOnAcid is logged into the chat

[9:44:21 PM] Katskloset has left the chat

[9:44:29 PM KimsKorner> I agree 27 lol

[9:44:39 PM Guest 27> :)

[9:45:00 PM attheboutique> follow and rate please :)

[9:45:01 PM Guest 16> <—wants to go to Henrietta’s house for poki

[9:45:04 PM Renagade> raw oysters…hot sauce saltines and beer!

[9:45:13 PM momof2birds> yuck

[9:45:20 PM attheboutique> digg it, stumbleupon, or link in your blog or facebook, etc

[9:45:21 PM Guest 16> Henrietta I’m in Kaneohe, are you close?

[9:45:26 PM Henrietta> it is made from tuna and is very good, with sesame oil chopped onion, a little hot pepper

[9:45:29 PM Renagade> yum!

[9:45:29 PM DudeAndChick> to each his/her own! lol

[9:45:39 PM] OnTopOfJunkMountain is logged into the chat

[9:45:41 PM Henrietta> Big Island mo bettah

[9:45:42 PM Guest 27> amen dude & chick!!!!

[9:45:44 PM DudeTrippingOnAcid> I’ll write it in a bathroom stall

[9:46:02 PM DudeTrippingOnAcid> with a sharpie

[9:46:09 PM KimsKorner> lol

[9:46:10 PM Renagade> now i know what you are talking about Henrietta

[9:46:19 PM] NewRiverOne has left the chat

[9:46:24 PM Renagade> LOL Dude!

[9:46:30 PM DudeTrippingOnAcid> Im actualy tripping right now. Its coming on.

[9:46:40 PM DudeAndChick> Oh no another :Dude” lmbo!

[9:46:44 PM] NewRiverOne is logged into the chat

[9:46:47 PM Renagade> ROFLMAO

[9:46:48 PM] Guest 38 is logged into the chat

[9:46:49 PM Henrietta> and sometimes we have Sheep

[9:46:52 PM attheboutique> I don’t bite either, lol

[9:47:05 PM Guest 35> .

[9:47:37 PM Renagade> Speak up..DH is working some music here from a customer!

[9:47:37 PM Guest 16> ahh, love the Big Island, but haven’t been there in awhile


[9:47:58 PM Henrietta> oops, sorry

[9:47:58 PM GildedELegance> Phaedra has done an exceptional job……….we are gonna KEEP HER!!!!!!!!

[9:47:59 PM] youngtly has left the chat

[9:48:04 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL Henrietta!

[9:48:11 PM] youngtly is logged into the chat

[9:48:13 PM oakIslandBoutique> LOL

[9:48:35 PM DudeTrippingOnAcid> If I have something you havent seen, it doesnt matter how small it is?

[9:48:37 PM DudeTrippingOnAcid> really?

[9:49:34 PM attheboutique> lmbo

[9:49:35 PM GildedELegance> Thanks Henrietta for all information. I am going to make good us of it…..

[9:49:46 PM attheboutique> Thanks, Gilded!!!

[9:49:56 PM] antiques_r_great has left the chat

[9:49:58 PM Henrietta> more than welcome gilded

[9:50:06 PM auctionwally> make your links clickable because that blog, is keyword rich

[9:50:13 PM] BHWM is logged into the chat

[9:50:36 PM] antiques_r_great is logged into the chat

[9:50:51 PM Guest 35> wedding invitations site

[9:50:52 PM Guest 16> Thanks all of you, this has been great, the tips are invaluable

[9:51:00 PM momof2birds> Thanks y’all for a terrific time (I AM from Tennessee, y’know!)

[9:51:14 PM Renagade> Have a new catergory in booth…Music services

[9:51:18 PM DudeTrippingOnAcid> Yes it does. It has a life of its own

[9:51:23 PM Henrietta> guest 16 are you on Bonanzle?

[9:51:34 PM Renagade> Cool Mom..Alabama here!

[9:51:44 PM momof2birds> too cool!

[9:51:49 PM attheboutique> Louisiana here

[9:51:50 PM Guest 16>

[9:51:57 PM Henrietta> two from Hawaii me and guest 16

[9:52:10 PM momof2birds> let’s join hands and sing!

[9:52:11 PM Guest 16> That is me, on Bonanzle

[9:52:20 PM antiques_r_great>

[9:52:23 PM oakIslandBoutique> NC here

[9:52:24 PM Guest 16> I have two booths and hubby just opened a booth the other night

[9:52:25 PM Henrietta> ah OK I had you confused with HawaiiBound

[9:52:29 PM attheboutique> no way, do not want me to sing! lol

[9:52:31 PM Renagade> Id like to teach the world to sing!

[9:52:48 PM ebay & Beyond> Don’t worry be happy

[9:52:52 PM momof2birds> don’t need to teach me, but my husband…

[9:53:02 PM DudeAndChick> Can you believe the member count now! 17857 users. AMAZING!

[9:53:05 PM antiques_r_great> we need a Bonanzle song

[9:53:11 PM KimsKorner> thats stuck now lol

[9:53:12 PM BHWM> Little grass shack

[9:53:23 PM momof2birds> Nite all!

[9:53:28 PM attheboutique> Nite!!

[9:53:29 PM NewRiverOne> nite mom1

[9:53:32 PM Renagade> Backmail stuff here!

[9:53:33 PM antiques_r_great> lets hear it!

[9:53:33 PM KimsKorner> night mom

[9:53:34 PM Guest 16> here is the other me on Bonanzle

[9:53:38 PM oakIslandBoutique> I have two Bonanzle booths also

[9:53:38 PM oldsaltsailor> Night ya’all time to leave

[9:53:39 PM Guest 16>

[9:53:44 PM] oldsaltsailor has left the chat

[9:53:45 PM] momof2birds has left the chat

[9:53:51 PM BrightestBlessings> Good Night momof2

[9:53:53 PM Guest 27> how about a bonanzle song contest thing…?

[9:53:54 PM ebay & Beyond> Theme to the Bonanza TV show

[9:54:00 PM KimsKorner> lol

[9:54:01 PM antiques_r_great> hey i think your on to something there Wally

[9:54:03 PM Renagade> LOL

[9:54:06 PM ebay & Beyond> Rawhide

[9:54:14 PM oakIslandBoutique> nite, mom

[9:54:15 PM BrightestBlessings> Good Night oldsailor

[9:54:22 PM DudeAndChick> oh that’s off Fievel goes west

[9:54:25 PM Renagade> We DO have a dance!…the Bonanzle Boogie!

[9:54:28 PM] The Savvy Seller has left the chat

[9:54:36 PM GourmetGrinds> wow, people are telling their ages!!!

[9:54:37 PM ebay & Beyond> too different shows and 2 different themes

[9:54:38 PM] Guest 39 is logged into the chat

[9:54:44 PM] The Savvy Seller is logged into the chat

[9:54:49 PM Guest 35> .

[9:54:55 PM KimsKorner> lol lol

[9:55:01 PM NewRiverOne> Yea, grinds, they’re obviously all kids! LOL

[9:55:02 PM antiques_r_great> Wally your incharge of the Bonanzle song

[9:55:03 PM Guest 16>

[9:55:09 PM] reejr123 has left the chat

[9:55:12 PM] Guest 38 has left the chat

[9:55:25 PM DudeAndChick> have kids :)

[9:55:26 PM Guest 16> That is hubby, he JUST joined

[9:55:33 PM NewRiverOne> :)

[9:55:35 PM auctionwally> lol be careful what you wish for!

[9:55:47 PM Renagade> LOL

[9:56:00 PM antiques_r_great> I dont see the follow button

[9:56:24 PM oakIslandBoutique> I know you by another name.. LOL

[9:56:26 PM Renagade> Right hand side

[9:56:48 PM attheboutique> over to the right

[9:56:48 PM Guest 35> is there a link to rss optimization for Bonanzle?

[9:57:04 PM] The Savvy Seller has left the chat

[9:57:12 PM] youngtly has left the chat

[9:57:18 PM attheboutique> be consistent across venues and the internet

[9:57:28 PM NewRiverOne> True.

[9:57:36 PM Renagade> Very Important!

[9:57:38 PM DudeTrippingOnAcid> the letters are moving

[9:57:43 PM Guest 27> i agree…

[9:57:43 PM DudeAndChick> yes and be careful,don’t be like me and pick a name with an & sign in it 0_o

[9:57:44 PM] The Savvy Seller is logged into the chat

[9:57:45 PM KimsKorner> I just changed my book id and moved all books to match kimskorner id

[9:58:00 PM DudeAndChick> It’s a big pain!

[9:58:02 PM attheboutique> I am always attheboutique

[9:58:36 PM attheboutique> there is that word again, “branding” :)

[9:58:37 PM Renagade> I AM the RenAgade…not renEgade….

[9:59:05 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL Renagade! hehehe LOL

[9:59:09 PM Guest 27> i was wondering about that…

[9:59:10 PM GildedELegance> Everyone nned to learn to spell Renagade!!!!!

[9:59:15 PM attheboutique> ever googled your id? you may be surprised

[9:59:20 PM GourmetGrinds> I used GourmetGrindsCoffee on ebay and other sites, and i will never change it!

[9:59:27 PM Renagade> I got a couple of Tattoos…Am I “Branded”??

[9:59:36 PM DudeAndChick> lol

[9:59:36 PM GildedELegance> LOL

[9:59:37 PM GourmetGrinds> I also purchased a domain name so no matter where I am, I will be found!

[9:59:39 PM BrightestBlessings> Me too

[9:59:41 PM DudeTrippingOnAcid> 400 micrograms is a lot of lsd

[9:59:56 PM oakIslandBoutique> I used a different ID on eBay

[9:59:59 PM attheboutique> thanks Henrietta!!

[10:00:01 PM KimsKorner> I picked something too common I google it and come up with all kinds of KimsKorners

[10:00:03 PM Renagade> Too much Acid boy!

[10:00:08 PM ebay & Beyond> great show gang!

[10:00:13 PM attheboutique> <————blusing

[10:00:14 PM NewRiverOne> I had a buying and selling id. This is always my selling id.

[10:00:16 PM attheboutique> blushing even

[10:00:21 PM DudeAndChick> wonderful tips & links!

[10:00:33 PM Renagade> I KNEW we have WAY to much in common BB

[10:00:46 PM The Savvy Seller> Great show! Thanks much!

[10:00:46 PM Guest 16> Mahalo! Thanks!

[10:00:49 PM attheboutique> AuctionWally show tomorrow night!!

[10:01:06 PM BHWM> Thanks for another great show!

[10:01:08 PM NewRiverOne> Great show!

[10:01:13 PM attheboutique>

[10:01:28 PM oakIslandBoutique> post it also on the boards at Bonanzle

[10:01:28 PM GildedELegance> Good Night Everyone !!!!!!!!!!

[10:01:34 PM] ebay & Beyond has left the chat

[10:01:41 PM GourmetGrinds> Great show, at least what i got to listen to!

[10:01:42 PM Renagade> Thanks a million! Can we hear the song again?

[10:01:49 PM Guest 27> :) good night…

[10:01:50 PM NewRiverOne> lol

[10:01:52 PM antiques_r_great>

[10:01:54 PM attheboutique> lol, Ren!!

[10:02:00 PM antiques_r_great> great show

[10:02:01 PM DudeAndChick> Night everyone

[10:02:07 PM NewRiverOne> ‘Night

[10:02:08 PM attheboutique> Thanks everyone!!!!!!!

[10:02:09 PM GourmetGrinds>

[10:02:11 PM BrightestBlessings>

[10:02:12 PM KimsKorner> lol

[10:02:20 PM OnTopOfJunkMountain> I’m on top of junk mountain

[10:02:22 PM KimsKorner> Night all

[10:02:23 PM OnTopOfJunkMountain> goodnight

[10:02:25 PM GourmetGrinds> nite all!

[10:02:28 PM Renagade> Man mans trash is another mans treasure…

[10:02:33 PM NewRiverOne>

[10:02:39 PM DudeTrippingOnAcid> lol

[10:02:42 PM BHWM> Night everyone!

[10:02:43 PM] attheboutique has hung up

[10:02:44 PM BrightestBlessings> Great Job! Another Great Show!

[10:02:45 PM] BHWM has left the chat

[10:02:46 PM] Guest 16 has left the chat

[10:02:47 PM antiques_r_great>

[10:02:48 PM oakIslandBoutique> Tee, good to hear your voice!!

[10:02:48 PM Renagade> Loved IT!

[10:02:49 PM] DudeTrippingOnAcid has left the chat

[10:02:50 PM] GourmetGrinds has left the chat

[10:02:51 PM attheboutique> Loved it!!!

[10:02:56 PM] antiques_r_great has left the chat

[10:02:58 PM Renagade> Thanks!

[10:03:11 PM] NewRiverOne has left the chat

[10:03:12 PM Guest 17>

[10:03:13 PM] jamie2258 has left the chat

[10:03:18 PM] Guest 17 has left the chat

[10:03:22 PM] The Savvy Seller has left the chat

[10:03:23 PM] GildedELegance has left the chat

[10:03:34 PM BrightestBlessings> Great Job Boss Lady! hehehe

[10:03:35 PM attheboutique> I had a wonderful time everyone, thank you for your support!

[10:03:45 PM Guest 27> great tunes… got to hear it to the end… :)

[10:03:46 PM attheboutique> BB!!!! Stop that!!! lol Thanks!!

[10:04:00 PM Renagade> Phaedra,,,your booth is safe!

[10:04:01 PM attheboutique> Wally, thank you sooo much for thinking of me!!

[10:04:10 PM KimsKorner> LOL

[10:04:15 PM attheboutique> Whew, Ren!! Good to hear!!

[10:04:23 PM attheboutique> :)

[10:04:26 PM Renagade> LOL

[10:04:42 PM attheboutique> My phone battery was dying, had to hang up, lol

[10:04:57 PM] The recording has ended.

[10:04:59 PM Renagade> LOL

[10:05:04 PM] OnTopOfJunkMountain has left the chat

[10:05:10 PM] Guest 27 has left the chat

[10:05:11 PM Renagade> Charge it up next week!

[10:05:11 PM] joestreasures has left the chat

[10:05:25 PM] Guest 35 has left the chat

[10:05:26 PM attheboutique> I sure will, lol. Will have to give it the 24 hour charge, lol

[10:05:33 PM Henrietta> you need vonnage

[10:05:36 PM auctionwally> Hey Dede! Hey Susan

[10:05:45 PM] Henrietta has hung up

[10:06:08 PM attheboutique> I need a spa pampering!

[10:06:15 PM Henrietta> then all US calls are free and you can use your walkabout house phone

[10:06:32 PM BrightestBlessings> Hey Auction Wally!

[10:06:33 PM attheboutique> all my calls are free, was on cordless phone, have teen age daughter

[10:06:38 PM Henrietta> Phaedra check twitter pls

[10:06:40 PM BrightestBlessings> Great show!

[10:06:52 PM auctionwally> Phedra you may want to look into Skype too.

[10:06:59 PM attheboutique> On my way, Henrietta

[10:07:10 PM auctionwally> Thanks so much Dede, how are you?

[10:07:23 PM KimsKorner> Okay got to run. Great show Wally & Pheadra

[10:07:33 PM oakIslandBoutique> We have magicJack

[10:07:34 PM auctionwally> Hey, Kim TY

[10:07:51 PM BrightestBlessings> Great!

[10:07:58 PM attheboutique> Thanks, Kim!

[10:08:01 PM] KimsKorner has left the chat

[10:08:07 PM] auctionwally has hung up

[10:08:16 PM] DudeAndChick has left the chat

[10:08:19 PM Henrietta> Aloha!

[10:08:25 PM BrightestBlessings> Good Night All! See you next week!

[10:08:29 PM] Henrietta has left the chat

[10:08:31 PM auctionwally> Night

[10:08:37 PM] BrightestBlessings has left the chat

[10:08:58 PM auctionwally> Did anyone notice that the technical side of the show worked better this week?

[10:09:09 PM] Guest 39 has left the chat

[10:09:10 PM attheboutique> It really did, very smooth, no hiccups

[10:09:27 PM] Renagade has left the chat

[10:09:30 PM auctionwally> I think it’s because, I called in on a phone rather than me using skyp, less for my PC and ISP to do

[10:09:45 PM] oakIslandBoutique has left the chat

[10:09:46 PM auctionwally> Skype I mean

[10:10:33 PM attheboutique> It went flawlessly

[10:10:44 PM attheboutique> I have to get a handsfree for my phone

[10:11:08 PM auctionwally> I have a handset but w/ an ear and mic piece

Thanks everyone good night.

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