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Monday, February 16, 2009

ep14 Brainstorming Bonanzle show notes Successful seller Renagade

If your new here, these show notes are the chat archive from episode 14 of Brainstorming Bonanzle, an online radio show which you can listen to right here.

I like to think of these show notes as evolving directory of the movers and shakers on Bonanzle, what they're experts in, and what they're talking about.

Scroll the conversation as it surrounds the companion audio podcast. While to the untrained eye, this can look like gibberish, if you know what you looking for, it's extremely relevant content to the subject at had.

These notes serve several purposes:

  • They make an excellent ongoing reference library of the brainstorming content we cover on the show.
  • The links entered by the people in the chat, provide even further usefullness as you learn who is an expert in what, and what lines of products and services they specialize in.
  • The SEO juice is tremendous due to the thousands of keywords entered with every set of show notes, which match up perfectly with the conversation in each episode. Search engines love it when you send the to the information you say your going to send them to!
  • Taken in or out of context, they can be pretty damn funny!

Each episode can be listened to in the player right here on this site, or found at
By the way, if you visit us at that link, please consider following and rating the show. Thanks

[8:00:20 PM]
auctionwally is logged into the chat
[8:00:20 PM] SunflowerBoutique is logged into the chat
[8:00:20 PM] jamie2258 is logged into the chat
[8:00:20 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat
[8:00:20 PM] oldsaltsailor is logged into the chat
[8:00:20 PM] attheboutique is logged into the chat
[8:00:20 PM] katbarton is logged into the chat
[8:00:20 PM] ebay & Beyond is logged into the chat
[8:00:20 PM] KimsKorner is logged into the chat
[8:00:20 PM] willy099 is logged into the chat
[8:00:20 PM] Steve1957 is logged into the chat
[8:00:20 PM] SimplyDishing is logged into the chat
[8:00:20 PM] Guest 5 is logged into the chat
[8:00:20 PM] Guest 7 is logged into the chat
[8:00:20 PM] Renagade is logged into the chat
[8:00:20 PM] Guest 8 is logged into the chat
[8:00:20 PM] bartonpw is logged into the chat
[8:00:21 PM] Trent_T is logged into the chat
[8:00:21 PM] Guest 10 is logged into the chat
[8:00:21 PM] Briwill68 is logged into the chat
[8:00:21 PM] Guest 11 is logged into the chat
[8:00:21 PM] enngga is logged into the chat
[8:00:21 PM] Guest 12 is logged into the chat
[8:00:21 PM] Guest 13 is logged into the chat
[8:00:21 PM] stubsinc is logged into the chat
[8:00:21 PM] Guest 14 is logged into the chat
[8:00:21 PM] Pieper is logged into the chat
[8:00:21 PM] Guest 15 is logged into the chat
[8:00:22 PM] lol
[8:00:25 PM] Well be getting in touch Steve...PROMISE!
[8:00:27 PM] ut oh Ren, you got a will freeze again
[8:00:30 PM] auctionwally is on the call
[8:00:34 PM] I had troubles last week
[8:00:34 PM] Guest 15 has left the chat
[8:00:34 PM] And the man of the hour has arrived
[8:00:34 PM] The recording has started.
[8:00:39 PM] BrightestBlessings is logged into the chat
[8:00:44 PM] LOL Pack em in!
[8:00:45 PM] does anyone know how many this room fits?
[8:00:47 PM] when your pc freezes up. set fire too it. that helps, or delete cookes.
[8:00:48 PM] Hiya Wally
[8:00:49 PM] LOL
[8:00:50 PM] listening
[8:00:52 PM] hey renagade this is that old steel cleaning janitor! how you doing
[8:00:56 PM] Hi Wally!
[8:01:00 PM] hey sandi! Got ur cookies will deliver soon.
[8:01:04 PM] Guest 16 is logged into the chat
[8:01:04 PM] I have no sound yet
[8:01:09 PM] ok sis
[8:01:10 PM] Rooms will hold 1000 people
[8:01:13 PM] there it is
[8:01:18 PM] igot sound
[8:01:20 PM] Guest 17 is logged into the chat
[8:01:20 PM] thx Dave
[8:01:21 PM] turn speaker on
[8:01:25 PM] I got it now
[8:01:26 PM] lol
[8:01:37 PM] turn speakers up lol
[8:01:40 PM] got sound here :)
[8:01:43 PM] Gotta go now... gotta call in..cant be on line and on phone...Sorry! Get those questions ready!
[8:01:44 PM] better behave, Ren, kids are watching and Debbie is too. lol
[8:01:48 PM] attheboutique is on the call
[8:01:50 PM] thanks bonazalemark for your help
[8:01:53 PM] Renagade has left the chat
[8:01:55 PM] bye Ren. GL
[8:02:08 PM] Hi Trent
[8:02:14 PM] reejr123 is logged into the chat
[8:02:15 PM] Guest 18 is logged into the chat
[8:02:15 PM] SharsBoutique is logged into the chat
[8:02:30 PM] yw
[8:02:30 PM] lol Kat yea!!!
[8:02:32 PM] Hi everyone!
[8:02:32 PM] i here no sound speakers are on was just listening to recording
[8:02:36 PM] get them susi
[8:02:37 PM] hey! cool!
[8:02:38 PM] Excellent promo! Kat!!
[8:02:40 PM] have<
[8:02:49 PM] Guest 18 has left the chat
[8:02:51 PM] Good Evening everyone!
[8:02:52 PM] great ad Kat
[8:02:55 PM] Hi everyone!
[8:02:56 PM] love it!
[8:02:57 PM] Renagade is on the call
[8:03:00 PM] Hello there Jamie girl!
[8:03:02 PM] DudeAndChick is logged into the chat
[8:03:04 PM] Willy try logging out and logging back in
[8:03:05 PM] EclecticAve is logged into the chat
[8:03:06 PM] hi jamie
[8:03:13 PM] do you see a streaming audio thing under guests willy?
[8:03:14 PM] lol Hi 13, who that be?
[8:03:17 PM] I have to click there to make it work
[8:03:19 PM] love Wally's voice in this promo
[8:03:21 PM] sexy ad
[8:03:25 PM] Briwill68 has left the chat
[8:03:26 PM] susi of course
[8:03:27 PM] lol, Trent :)
[8:03:30 PM] soft! Very nice
[8:03:30 PM] stephanie u got sound yet
[8:03:38 PM] http:/
[8:03:44 PM] Wow, a well tended show tonight. Bonanzle rocks!
[8:03:45 PM] Thank you Wally!
[8:03:53 PM] yes got sound. turn ur volume up
[8:04:01 PM] i got it
[8:04:03 PM] Hi susi
[8:04:03 PM] Thank you Phaedra
[8:04:07 PM] bobbi85710 is logged into the chat
[8:04:15 PM] sounds like you are in a box
[8:04:17 PM] lol
[8:04:17 PM] There is some STRANGE noise
[8:04:18 PM] sounded like drums for a minute there lol
[8:04:22 PM] good now, walt
[8:04:25 PM] garbled a bit
[8:04:28 PM] think i got it now here it is just buffering clicked trouble button and it opened media player
[8:04:29 PM] and trying to get out
[8:04:31 PM] go susie go!!!!!
[8:04:34 PM] sounds like you need oil in the engine
[8:04:35 PM] zanb3 is logged into the chat
[8:04:36 PM] drums big drums
[8:04:38 PM] bad feedback do'nt eat the Mic wally lol
[8:04:39 PM] sounds like wind, lol
[8:04:47 PM] better now
[8:04:50 PM] it's better now
[8:04:51 PM] It's in and out.
[8:04:52 PM] LOL
[8:04:56 PM] .
[8:04:58 PM] bobbi85710 has left the chat
[8:05:00 PM] EclecticAve has left the chat
[8:05:00 PM] bobbi85710 is logged into the chat
[8:05:03 PM] Tough to digest
[8:05:03 PM] sound is good now
[8:05:08 PM] Guest 7 has left the chat
[8:05:09 PM] Guest 16 has left the chat
[8:05:09 PM] back again
[8:05:11 PM] .
[8:05:15 PM] It is fine for the minuet
[8:05:18 PM] Sounds good
[8:05:18 PM] bobbi85710 has left the chat
[8:05:21 PM] bobbi85710 is logged into the chat
[8:05:21 PM] woohoooo
[8:05:26 PM] bobbi85710 has left the chat
[8:05:27 PM] good now,
[8:05:28 PM] bobbi85710 is logged into the chat
[8:05:38 PM] bobbi85710 has left the chat
[8:05:40 PM] bobbi85710 is logged into the chat
[8:05:49 PM] bobbi85710 has left the chat
[8:05:49 PM] bobbi85710 is logged into the chat
[8:05:54 PM] oh you got it already Wally?
[8:05:55 PM] bobbi85710 has left the chat
[8:06:16 PM] .
[8:06:30 PM] Awesome!
[8:06:38 PM] woot woot, right on!
[8:06:45 PM] bobbi85710 is logged into the chat
[8:06:54 PM] lol..I will stick with blogger
[8:06:58 PM] I could not get wordpress working right, I use blogger lol
[8:07:25 PM] Lol your dumb, and I'm a carpenter
[8:07:29 PM] attheboutique has hung up
[8:07:35 PM] LOL..Steve
[8:07:49 PM] I have missed every live auction
[8:08:03 PM] don't miss them! They are sooo fun!
[8:08:05 PM] I still haven't caught the live auctions!
[8:08:13 PM] :)
[8:08:32 PM] :)
[8:08:37 PM] Tools for Paul wally!
[8:08:52 PM] March 7...did he say what time?
[8:08:54 PM] attheboutique is on the call
[8:08:56 PM] time4more is logged into the chat
[8:08:56 PM] vintagegoodness has left the chat
[8:09:01 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat
[8:09:22 PM] 12 noon EST zan
[8:09:26 PM] .
[8:09:27 PM] oakIslandBoutique is logged into the chat
[8:09:27 PM] Guest 19 is logged into the chat
[8:09:34 PM] Thanks, kat!
[8:09:37 PM] thats preview, and then 1pm
[8:09:45 PM] okay back on call, :)
[8:09:45 PM] woohoo ghost is here
[8:09:47 PM] Oh, gotcha!
[8:09:54 PM] The Savvy Seller is logged into the chat
[8:09:56 PM] yep
[8:09:57 PM] Yeah! the ghost
[8:10:00 PM] Heya Marlene
[8:10:12 PM] Hi Marlene
[8:10:13 PM] ibbysjewels is logged into the chat
[8:10:14 PM] hi there!
[8:10:20 PM] .
[8:10:22 PM] Hey there savvy
[8:10:27 PM] Hi Marlene
[8:10:34 PM] Hello Marlene
[8:10:34 PM] Heyyyy Brightest
[8:10:41 PM] hey brightest susan's daughter
[8:10:42 PM] Hi Mark
[8:10:44 PM] Hey! :)
[8:10:51 PM] Hi all! :-)
[8:10:54 PM] Hi Susan's Daughter, glad you made it
[8:10:58 PM] Hi Brightess
[8:11:05 PM] hi all
[8:11:06 PM] whitch one of susan's daughter is here?
[8:11:07 PM] ty am gald too
[8:11:10 PM] Hi everyone, huge group here tonight!
[8:11:15 PM] this is Billie
[8:11:17 PM] I set up my booth this week and I have been adding items daily.
[8:11:19 PM] both are here, are they not Ren?
[8:11:22 PM] Which one is Mark and which one is ghost LOL?
[8:11:22 PM] sandi 27 hannahpitts2
[8:11:23 PM] I am opening a new homepage by the end of the month Can I link you Wally?
[8:11:25 PM] Evening everyone!
[8:11:30 PM] Susan's other daughter is here too for support!
[8:11:30 PM] my sis is on heretoo
[8:11:31 PM] Mark at stubs
[8:11:35 PM] Hello!
[8:11:38 PM] Congratulations to Wally for making the Top 100 on Small Business Trends Radio
[8:11:39 PM] .
[8:11:41 PM] lol Kat I am curious who is who too
[8:11:52 PM] excellent news, Dave!!!
[8:11:54 PM] Hi y'all glad to see ya
[8:11:59 PM] good looking booth Stubs
[8:12:02 PM] hey Dave - congratulations to you too
[8:12:02 PM] guest17 Hi
[8:12:02 PM] I think Mark is 12, not
[8:12:12 PM] That's awesome news!
[8:12:18 PM] whoo knows, He is ghost!
[8:12:19 PM] We finally got our booth up and running.
[8:12:22 PM] Nah, I think mark is 17 and mark is stubs
[8:12:23 PM] and Congrats to you Dave
[8:12:24 PM] OK, will be watching 12 heh
[8:12:25 PM] ghost is 17
[8:12:29 PM] excellent, Trent!!
[8:12:30 PM] so are all susans friends from the steel mill where she was our best friend:)
[8:12:31 PM]
[8:12:44 PM] Glad to have made the leap.
[8:12:47 PM]
[8:12:51 PM] Bead Bowl is logged into the chat
[8:13:03 PM] Make it clickable bvaugh
[8:13:06 PM] Hi Guest 14 thank's for beeing here 2
[8:13:07 PM] And to you to Marlene!
[8:13:16 PM] 19 add http://
[8:13:19 PM] turn speaker on Phaedra
[8:13:37 PM] wouldn't miss it for anything.
[8:13:41 PM] Hey Edi!
[8:13:43 PM] my link wasn't working reposting
[8:13:45 PM] thanks, Dave - we have good company on that list
[8:13:47 PM] Hello Edi!
[8:13:48 PM] me n'either
[8:13:54 PM] hello Brightest..
[8:13:55 PM] vintagegoodness has left the chat
[8:14:00 PM] Marlene that is the truth!
[8:14:00 PM] cool!
[8:14:08 PM] .
[8:14:17 PM] oh, okay, thanks....
[8:14:29 PM] the little one thinks he is talkin bout wall-e the movie lol
[8:14:29 PM] mo
[8:14:43 PM] Guest 10 has left the chat
[8:14:44 PM] hello Kat..
[8:14:47 PM] wallllleeeeee
[8:14:51 PM] lol
[8:15:02 PM] Construction Tools ... Native American Indian Jewelry
[8:15:18 PM] c'mon Phae
[8:15:19 PM] Yes, you should Phaedra!!
[8:15:20 PM] tell us!
[8:15:26 PM] hope she gets on soon.
[8:15:27 PM] hi 8
[8:15:29 PM] spill it
[8:15:30 PM] tell us!
[8:15:30 PM] pleeeeeez
[8:15:41 PM] LOL
[8:15:45 PM] tell us we come anyway!!
[8:15:53 PM] WOOT WOOT
[8:15:58 PM] yeeee haww
[8:15:59 PM] Mjgurl is logged into the chat
[8:16:00 PM] All right!!
[8:16:01 PM] woohoo
[8:16:03 PM] woo-hoo, great guest!
[8:16:05 PM]
[8:16:05 PM] Awesome!
[8:16:06 PM] awesome!
[8:16:06 PM] Wow, cool
[8:16:20 PM] kewl
[8:16:24 PM] Great!
[8:16:26 PM] SherAhnn is logged into the chat
[8:16:27 PM] social marketing for your business...sounds great
[8:16:29 PM] 'this will be really good
[8:16:31 PM] !!
[8:16:33 PM] Toys for the Boys, Big and Small
[8:16:38 PM] very cool!
[8:16:40 PM] John is the primo social marketer!!
[8:16:58 PM] Good Evening all
[8:17:05 PM] hi Sher
[8:17:09 PM] hello SherAhnn
[8:17:15 PM] woo hoo
[8:17:17 PM] Cool, Love sofy to
[8:17:18 PM] Sofyblu3e
[8:17:22 PM] Yay sofy!!
[8:17:25 PM] sofyblu2
[8:17:26 PM] yep
[8:17:27 PM] hiya
[8:17:29 PM] yeaaaa
[8:17:31 PM] hello Sher
[8:17:32 PM] hiya pieper!
[8:17:36 PM] OH, right on Pieper!!
[8:17:40 PM] great guests... !!!!
[8:17:49 PM] Hiya Pieper
[8:17:56 PM] lol
[8:17:58 PM] my hubby likes your booth steve
[8:17:58 PM] Great guest selections!
[8:18:00 PM] lol
[8:18:01 PM] catnip will be fine
[8:18:02 PM] .
[8:18:03 PM] Good evening everyone!
[8:18:08 PM]
[8:18:08 PM] LOL catnip :)
[8:18:09 PM] lol
[8:18:10 PM] $100,000.00 per????
[8:18:13 PM] sounds like you are astroturfing ;)
[8:18:15 PM] hey mjgurl
[8:18:17 PM] Sofy and Pieper did the first group advertising promo
[8:18:19 PM] hi Mj
[8:18:20 PM] lol catnip..
[8:18:30 PM] LOL..astro...stuffing..
[8:18:31 PM] astroturfing hahaha
[8:18:31 PM] I am astrosurfing
[8:18:35 PM] Yep!!
[8:18:41 PM] I have a sexy English accent, can I come on the show lol
[8:18:44 PM] They're worth it, though!! :D
[8:18:46 PM] love to astro what cha call it
[8:18:49 PM] All my guests get twice what I make per show!
[8:18:52 PM] now that kind of money would get me live on a phone lol
[8:18:53 PM] lol..steve
[8:18:59 PM] lol, Dave
[8:18:59 PM] 50,000.00 then
[8:19:03 PM] I have a german accent, can I come on the show? lol
[8:19:03 PM] lol
[8:19:10 PM] Go pieper & Sofy WoW
[8:19:15 PM] I speak french too
[8:19:16 PM] I missed last week...darn!
[8:19:16 PM] 13 guten abend
[8:19:20 PM] .
[8:19:23 PM] guten abend
[8:19:27 PM] I missed last week too
[8:19:32 PM] lol..english plz..for us blonds
[8:19:32 PM] We came back for more Wally.
[8:19:33 PM] me too Shars
[8:19:34 PM] wie gehts mein freund?
[8:19:44 PM] translate!
[8:19:52 PM] Ich habe gwohned im Berlin fur 17 jahr
[8:19:53 PM] Sehr gut..haha
[8:19:55 PM] how is my friend
[8:19:56 PM] I missed it too :(
[8:19:57 PM] we always do Wally
[8:20:00 PM] good show last week
[8:20:01 PM] good evening my friend how are you
[8:20:04 PM] ganz gut danke
[8:20:07 PM] I gotta listen to it, and look for the show notes
[8:20:09 PM] they are speaking german
[8:20:10 PM] Bonanzle users please add banners to Banner KO and Micro KO on
[8:20:10 PM] ich auch
[8:20:13 PM] Pieper, put in your links
[8:20:19 PM] Oh, good idea, Kim!
[8:20:22 PM] :)
[8:20:27 PM] guten tag
[8:20:28 PM] How do we do that Trent??
[8:20:31 PM] ty Trent!!!
[8:20:36 PM] guten tag
[8:20:40 PM] Yikes phone call :(
[8:20:42 PM] inept at this computer stuff
[8:20:50 PM] we can confuse everyone here 13, talk german
[8:20:54 PM] Vas ist das los?
[8:20:55 PM] Renegade rocks!
[8:20:57 PM] yay mommy
[8:21:02 PM] abend es ist abend..
[8:21:03 PM] Yeaaa Renegade
[8:21:04 PM] lol..
[8:21:04 PM] not everyone steve
[8:21:10 PM] Yeah! Ren
[8:21:13 PM] not right now, I like to hear susi talk
[8:21:19 PM] Click to the upload page and just load your banners and bonanzle booth address
[8:21:21 PM] go susie!!!!!
[8:21:25 PM] awe willy lol
[8:21:31 PM] I loved my time in Germany
[8:21:33 PM] kk, ty Trent
[8:21:34 PM] And she always help others also
[8:21:34 PM] 9 yeqars in german myself army brat ex USAF
[8:21:34 PM] das habe ich
[8:21:43 PM] Yeah Ren
[8:21:43 PM] cool, where were you?
[8:21:53 PM] german born american raised
[8:21:54 PM] Guest 8 is german also
[8:22:00 PM] cool
[8:22:17 PM] thats my momma
[8:22:20 PM] I live in Louisiana, was Born in England
[8:22:22 PM] ya.. Ich bin deutsche
[8:22:23 PM] I lived in Germany in the early 60's..
[8:22:27 PM] am in Louisiana
[8:22:30 PM] no she doesnt
[8:22:32 PM] lol
[8:22:36 PM] dacht ich mir lol ich bin auch deutsche
[8:22:39 PM] -
[8:22:41 PM] I lived in Berlin
[8:22:42 PM] Use the drop-down bar at the top to navigate to the Knockouts
[8:22:45 PM] I thought Wally said she had a high power telescope
[8:22:48 PM] Trent, I have an email for the site but not the website
[8:22:51 PM] LOL
[8:22:53 PM] born in the 60's LOL
[8:22:57 PM] Ready!
[8:22:58 PM] Westlake here
[8:22:59 PM] me too
[8:23:01 PM] Ready
[8:23:05 PM] .
[8:23:06 PM] Walt, for the blog?
[8:23:11 PM] SAARLAND
[8:23:14 PM] hey enngga
[8:23:27 PM] hey susan!
[8:23:29 PM] .
[8:23:30 PM] .
[8:23:30 PM] Hooray Renagade!!
[8:23:31 PM] also started a wikizine for Bonanzle Blogs at
[8:23:39 PM] Hey Susan!
[8:23:45 PM] when I lived in Berlin. I lived in Teil Platz
[8:23:45 PM] member of a couple of the nings and
[8:23:52 PM] Ludwigsburg, Schwabenlande
[8:24:02 PM] Hey Susan , you wereup early today on the forums.
[8:24:05 PM] What is a wikizine?
[8:24:12 PM] Bonanzle loves Susan!
[8:24:13 PM] heidleberg darmstat nurmberg
[8:24:16 PM] cool ... never been in either places, but heard of them
[8:24:39 PM] hey nonna lyssia says to you
[8:24:40 PM] thats a never ending job
[8:24:41 PM] Susan has more music than you can shake a stick at
[8:24:53 PM] questions for Susan, Renagade? post like this ???? question
[8:25:19 PM] What is Susan's favorite album?
[8:25:21 PM] she has some sci fi stuff
[8:25:34 PM] Trent your main website for the knockout software?
[8:25:47 PM] he put the link up wally
[8:25:48 PM] What is Susan's favorite album????????????
[8:25:49 PM] ???do you have a warehouse for all that stuff ?
[8:25:50 PM] Susan is a sucsess because she knows me. lol
[8:25:58 PM] ibbysjewels has left the chat
[8:25:59 PM] ????Did you have to marry him to get that??????
[8:26:00 PM] no she doesnt
[8:26:02 PM] Thanks, Walt
[8:26:11 PM] she stores it in her house
[8:26:12 PM] YW
[8:26:21 PM] guest 17 I don't know her very favorite, but the're many
[8:26:27 PM] ty
[8:26:34 PM] yes ther is ALOT
[8:26:42 PM] she didn't have to mention pushing my butt LMAO
[8:26:58 PM] moms drinkin i hear the lce lol
[8:27:03 PM] lol
[8:27:05 PM] that is susan for you
[8:27:07 PM] lol
[8:27:14 PM] .
[8:27:16 PM] she's not the only one drinking
[8:27:30 PM] OMG she drinks 13 lol
[8:27:33 PM] lol i wished i was lol
[8:27:39 PM] lol aren
[8:27:42 PM] hell yes she does
[8:27:47 PM] aren't we all??? lol
[8:27:48 PM] .
[8:28:00 PM] Ahhhhh, that is so nice, thank you
[8:28:04 PM] is 12 Steve?
[8:28:14 PM] as much as she works, she deserves a
[8:28:15 PM] am her child i know things
[8:28:17 PM] (_) this one's on me
[8:28:19 PM] .
[8:28:27 PM] the Boyz rock!
[8:28:27 PM] Yes
[8:28:27 PM] It shows their true interest in the product they provide
[8:28:28 PM] Frolicnymph is logged into the chat
[8:28:31 PM] lol 12 please tell
[8:28:31 PM] i know she does
[8:28:32 PM] lol..12
[8:28:50 PM] The boyz keep us informed on changes also
[8:29:14 PM] Guest 20 is logged into the chat
[8:29:21 PM] .
[8:29:24 PM] Susan started right off selling her item's almost like a pro!
[8:29:27 PM] yes she is
[8:29:28 PM] audio is breaking up bad here
[8:29:29 PM] Now, that's commitment
[8:29:34 PM] Is there sound? I am lost. :)
[8:29:35 PM] .
[8:29:40 PM] some one needs to get her dsl
[8:29:42 PM] lol...wally
[8:29:48 PM] I can't get it
[8:29:51 PM] LOL
[8:29:56 PM] is logged into the chat
[8:29:59 PM] will have too whip the mice on the wheel again
[8:30:05 PM] Hey John!!
[8:30:10 PM] i've driven through lick skillet!!!!
[8:30:10 PM] as soon as att gets it for her
[8:30:12 PM] hey John!!
[8:30:12 PM] she lives in the sticks, just like me
[8:30:14 PM] We were just talking about you
[8:30:15 PM] Rural areas dont have high speed
[8:30:16 PM] I was dragged kicking and screaming to 21st century
[8:30:18 PM] Lick Skillet!!
[8:30:20 PM] LOL
[8:30:20 PM] Guest 21 is logged into the chat
[8:30:26 PM] LOL
[8:30:27 PM] lol
[8:30:28 PM] .
[8:30:30 PM] is that near lineville, al?
[8:30:31 PM] lol
[8:30:31 PM] :)
[8:30:36 PM] do you use tin foil Ren??
[8:30:36 PM] 40% of US is still on dial up
[8:30:39 PM] Hey Phaedra
[8:30:42 PM] no
[8:30:43 PM] it's near dogtown
[8:30:48 PM] I live in the Sticks also
[8:30:50 PM] John is in the house
[8:30:51 PM] you know I spell it wrong
[8:30:53 PM] Hey John!
[8:30:55 PM] 40%? Wow...!
[8:30:57 PM] i know were fort wayne is. Lick skillet ........:|
[8:31:00 PM] lol, quite alright
[8:31:00 PM] Renegade you are doing good
[8:31:01 PM] I'm in sticks too. Have satellite
[8:31:03 PM] that's why I had to get hughes net
[8:31:11 PM] fort payne
[8:31:15 PM] fort payne willy
[8:31:18 PM] I love the name of that town!
[8:31:19 PM] Hey blessing
[8:31:23 PM] If you sell antique pottery or anything for that matter
[8:31:34 PM] payne cleaning ears
[8:31:36 PM] <
[8:31:50 PM] set up a google alert for "Where can I find authentic antique pottery"
[8:31:53 PM] Susan has some of everthing
[8:31:55 PM] I'm here there and everywhere, I was in a german chat room last night promoting Bonanzle
[8:31:56 PM] Set up alerts for your items
[8:32:09 PM] Let the buyers come to your inbox and go and find them
[8:32:17 PM] same here Steve, just all over the place lol
[8:32:17 PM] We're kind of in the sticks, just got dsl a year ago :)
[8:32:20 PM] I don't do chatrooms that much anymore
[8:32:22 PM] lol..yes...wallys got it
[8:32:26 PM] Smoke alarms
[8:32:29 PM] HUH? Google alert?
[8:32:33 PM] lol..Dave
[8:32:38 PM] Guest 21 has left the chat
[8:32:42 PM] On your google account frolic
[8:32:46 PM] I know you had fun with the RSS feeds list Kim
[8:32:47 PM] Google Alerts can be used to find buyers
[8:32:54 PM] Dude and Chick, I'm paying a lot for hughes net, I can't get dsl either
[8:32:57 PM] Ziggy Zool is logged into the chat
[8:32:58 PM] Thanks! Will look for it.
[8:33:00 PM] you set up alerts for certain words that you want to keep track of
[8:33:08 PM] I can't keep up with all the google alerts that come into my mail.
[8:33:17 PM] google alerts can keep you up with your competitors too
[8:33:25 PM] redefine your alerts Kat
[8:33:28 PM] yess Marlene
[8:33:29 PM] Hey Zig!!
[8:33:38 PM] .
[8:33:39 PM] Guest 22 is logged into the chat
[8:33:40 PM] Huh? Dave? redefine?
[8:33:42 PM] reejr123 has left the chat
[8:33:43 PM] Hey ZiggyZool!
[8:33:43 PM] How?
[8:33:50 PM] Kat tell me more about the google alerts tomorrow, will you? I don't have that
[8:33:50 PM] What kind of records?
[8:33:51 PM] hi ya I almost forgot..
[8:33:51 PM] .
[8:33:52 PM] I have ATT DSL seems to work fine, I am very limited in the little town I live in
[8:33:53 PM] the tag words?
[8:34:00 PM] Yes, like refining key words
[8:34:01 PM] oh..ok...sure guys
[8:34:07 PM] I have problems shipping records
[8:34:18 PM] I will email whoever needs the info
[8:34:21 PM] google alerts can be an excellent tool
[8:34:23 PM] How do you ship records?
[8:34:24 PM] ??? can you tell best way to ship records?
[8:34:26 PM] simplydishing, I posted like to Google Alerts
[8:34:27 PM] wonderful tool
[8:34:28 PM] how do you ship records
[8:34:34 PM] carefully
[8:34:36 PM] thx Kat
[8:34:40 PM] Guest 22 has left the chat
[8:34:44 PM] your welcome
[8:34:45 PM] LOL!
[8:34:45 PM] That's a good question, Sher.
[8:34:52 PM] .
[8:34:56 PM] got the questions, thanks~!
[8:35:05 PM] :) sorry 8, had to throw that in
[8:35:06 PM] Trent am lucky I even have googlebase, lol
[8:35:08 PM] I don't know how to Grade either
[8:35:16 PM] ours is Alltel dsl, its buggy but better than dial up
[8:35:25 PM] .
[8:35:27 PM] grade by the shape of the vinyle
[8:35:30 PM] Google Alerts is easier than google base. Trust me
[8:35:31 PM] .
[8:35:31 PM] do you dance while listening
[8:35:33 PM] googlenightmare for me lol
[8:35:39 PM] have a lot of old records but not in my booth
[8:35:40 PM] Guest 23 is logged into the chat
[8:35:41 PM] yea cuz mom is hard of hearin
[8:35:51 PM] willy099 has left the chat
[8:35:54 PM] ahh yess alerts are soo easy!
[8:36:01 PM] google alerts? set it and forget it
[8:36:04 PM] I never imagined how much goes into your record listings, dang
[8:36:07 PM] I'll check it out tomorrow
[8:36:10 PM] yep John
[8:36:12 PM] There used to be a site called "Good Rockin Tonight" but its gone now
[8:36:14 PM] alerts are really easy
[8:36:14 PM] Trent - maybe a podcast on alerts?
[8:36:22 PM] It told about record grading
[8:36:25 PM] u guys use twitter alerts too?
[8:36:28 PM] Guest 23 has left the chat
[8:36:29 PM] email me simply..I'll show you how, and frolic
[8:36:36 PM] nope
[8:36:41 PM] expand on that, John, not famaliar
[8:36:45 PM] nope, but will now john..sisn't know about them
[8:36:47 PM] Guest 24 is logged into the chat
[8:36:47 PM] will do Kat, thank you
[8:36:54 PM] Oh, my Marlene. I just know how to use it. LOL
[8:36:56 PM] didn't know twiiter had alerts
[8:36:57 PM] didn't know about them
[8:36:59 PM] Guest 25 is logged into the chat
[8:37:02 PM] alerts keeps me on top of everything
[8:37:09 PM] Don't know what twitter alerts are
[8:37:11 PM] don't think I have twitter alerts either
[8:37:15 PM]
[8:37:16 PM] Trent - you are tooooo modest
[8:37:17 PM] twitter alerts?
[8:37:20 PM] I use tweetdeck when it does not vanish on me lol
[8:37:20 PM] John, what is twitter alerts.
[8:37:21 PM] Guest 26 is logged into the chat
[8:37:25 PM] Guest 26 has left the chat
[8:37:29 PM] ty John
[8:37:34 PM] your turn
[8:37:40 PM] Tweetbeep does a alert for Twitter
[8:37:51 PM] I need Training
[8:37:58 PM] oh, ok, thank you, and thank you Phaedra
[8:38:04 PM] I need training too....and a little more time in each day
[8:38:15 PM] Marlene, jack of many trades, master of none.
[8:38:16 PM] .
[8:38:19 PM] 16 hour days! lol..yes pieper
[8:38:20 PM] Tune in March 16th, and John will tell you alllllll about social media :)
[8:38:28 PM] Pieper I keep saying I need at least 5 more hours added onto a day. 24 hours is not enough lol
[8:38:29 PM] yeh I need a 48 hr day
[8:38:30 PM] will do
[8:38:32 PM] bareva is logged into the chat
[8:38:40 PM] I'm with you KimsKorner
[8:38:50 PM] She said it, I didn't, but yep check back here on March 16th
[8:38:55 PM] John, I've been using Google Alert for my twitter alerts
[8:39:00 PM] me too I vote for 48 hours a day
[8:39:02 PM] hey John you know I've only been really tweeting a couple days now
[8:39:06 PM] How does she clean them??????
[8:39:12 PM] lol..8 funny, yes
[8:39:17 PM] I will
[8:39:22 PM] peanut butter
[8:39:29 PM] WELCOME to the world of twitter SimplyDishing
[8:39:32 PM] works
[8:39:37 PM] John put up your links for everyone, we announced the upcoming show earlier
[8:39:46 PM] They have always told me I'm in a twitter...LOL
[8:39:51 PM] .
[8:39:56 PM] How in the world do you use the peanut butter, and what brand?????
[8:39:58 PM] lol...its the lime pieper
[8:40:04 PM] Trent - me too!
[8:40:09 PM] only been on twitter about 2 weeks myself
[8:40:11 PM] doesn't matter brand, but get her answer
[8:40:13 PM] Pieper are a lime
[8:40:14 PM] are you'll talking about 33, 45, 78 rpm. which ones ?? All of them?
[8:40:14 PM] love it so far since I got tweetdeck
[8:40:15 PM] Got more record's from germany, Susan will get them all
[8:40:17 PM] works for me
[8:40:20 PM] yeah, limehead, and now I can really be in a twitter
[8:40:23 PM] favorite sentence, I just tweeted, lmbo
[8:40:45 PM] Have used chap good on CD also.
[8:40:47 PM] You need to go here, grow and learn!
[8:40:48 PM] simply - tweetdeck was a great thing to set up! Saves lots of time -
[8:40:53 PM] you pieper, you were second I bought from on bonz, and just great!
[8:40:54 PM] time4more has left the chat
[8:41:03 PM] i use google alerts for peanut butter recalls too!
[8:41:06 PM] Do you just rub the peanut butter on the record and wipe it off?????
[8:41:07 PM] the only vinyl i have less is Prince collection
[8:41:13 PM] thank you kat!
[8:41:15 PM] sam concept..the peanut butter
[8:41:16 PM] Cleosgreatdeals is logged into the chat
[8:41:18 PM] less = left
[8:41:20 PM] Guest 27 is logged into the chat
[8:41:21 PM] night all... family is hollering for the 'puter so got to go...
[8:41:21 PM] lol stub
[8:41:26 PM] Guest 19 has left the chat
[8:41:29 PM] goodnight
[8:41:30 PM] night 19
[8:41:30 PM] Going too plug a live Chat at "The Bonanzler's Network" Every Friday Evening 7pm Central Time, "Bill Harding could pop in"
[8:41:35 PM] peanut butter cleans old dolls also
[8:41:39 PM] night 19
[8:41:39 PM] welcome pieper
[8:41:44 PM] nite 19
[8:41:52 PM] really nice info sher
[8:41:55 PM] Guest 28 is logged into the chat
[8:42:09 PM] sher, doesn't peanut butter get bubble gum out of your hair also?
[8:42:10 PM] ty you, I will have to remember that
[8:42:12 PM] We're talking to Susan Leak from Music expert, DJ, record seller
[8:42:16 PM] yes
[8:42:18 PM] Cleosgreatdeals has left the chat
[8:42:20 PM] bubble gum
[8:42:22 PM] peanut butter KILLS, LMAO
[8:42:22 PM] not only is the sound of the cd's great, but the lables as well
[8:42:24 PM] take marks off of doll faces etc..vinyl dolls
[8:42:29 PM] oh I'm lost, lol
[8:42:33 PM] Ahh,.yes!
[8:42:36 PM] love that album
[8:42:40 PM] That's a killer album
[8:42:42 PM] lol
[8:42:43 PM] YES! Great album
[8:42:44 PM] Sound got cut off! What album?
[8:42:45 PM] no
[8:42:46 PM] Love that album!!
[8:42:51 PM] lol good pick susan.. that's ours too..
[8:43:02 PM] Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon
[8:43:03 PM] Dark Side of the Moon --
[8:43:06 PM] I saw Pink Floyd in Berlin Live. 1989
[8:43:06 PM] Pink Floyd dark side of the moon
[8:43:07 PM] Was Renegade a CB handle???
[8:43:09 PM] Thanks, wally!!
[8:43:11 PM] I didn't know that about vinyl dolls and the peanut butter. :)
[8:43:18 PM] good album
[8:43:21 PM] DudeAndChick has left the chat
[8:43:29 PM] Sidewinder is a CB handle. mine
[8:43:31 PM] wow steve 1957 hubby Scott went to that too...
[8:43:47 PM] LOL
[8:43:49 PM] time4more is logged into the chat
[8:43:52 PM] fast fingers
[8:43:53 PM] echo hearing that??
[8:44:03 PM] that's how she wins everything rofl
[8:44:06 PM] kat no echo here
[8:44:06 PM] Ziggy, I used too build the stages for groups on tour in Germany
[8:44:11 PM] Trent: I had a CB handle also - Sweet Potato
[8:44:14 PM] already saved..hehe
[8:44:17 PM] lol, simply
[8:44:17 PM] hmm...maybe my
[8:44:30 PM] LOL
[8:44:37 PM] -)
[8:44:37 PM] We needed someone just like Bubbles...and then we got her!
[8:44:39 PM] :)
[8:44:52 PM] woah I gotta tell Scott... he's busy working in the back room on new vinyl pinstripping.. lol
[8:45:03 PM] lol..ziggy
[8:45:03 PM] Guest 25 has left the chat
[8:45:07 PM] I buy bubble mailers by the 1000's will check it out
[8:45:21 PM] me too
[8:45:40 PM] .
[8:45:46 PM] Hey steve 1957 scott wants to know was you one of the brick carriers.. :D
[8:45:47 PM] Bead Bowl has left the chat
[8:45:53 PM] ..
[8:45:55 PM] Guest 28 has left the chat
[8:46:01 PM] she has got alot of people on here
[8:46:08 PM] Marlene, can you email me later or tomorrow,
[8:46:11 PM] Guest 29 is logged into the chat
[8:46:15 PM] write it down mom
[8:46:16 PM] ?? doesn't the plastic bubble wrap stick to the vinyl records?
[8:46:21 PM] I've worked with groups like Dire Sraits, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, most of the big groups
[8:46:26 PM] Cleosgreatdeals is logged into the chat
[8:46:32 PM] that is the only way she can spell
[8:46:34 PM] lol
[8:46:43 PM] Steve? really? when..i did too
[8:46:44 PM] carry bricks hell NO, I was the boss of the company lol
[8:46:56 PM] Brother's in Arms one of my fav lps ever STEVE
[8:47:09 PM] I knew john Illsely
[8:47:30 PM] My company did the German tours from 1981 too 1997
[8:47:36 PM] cool
[8:47:36 PM] I meant the styrofoam bricks in the wall at the gemany concert
[8:47:51 PM] LOL
[8:48:03 PM] @Steve1957 That's pretty cool.
[8:48:11 PM] quick text is the best
[8:48:17 PM] Guest 14 has left the chat
[8:48:19 PM] Cleosgreatdeals has left the chat
[8:48:21 PM] We built the stages and did the lights only, the art and background were done by others
[8:48:36 PM] ahhh i c
[8:48:39 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat
[8:48:45 PM] .
[8:48:50 PM] I can't get my remote to work right
[8:48:53 PM] Guest 30 is logged into the chat
[8:49:00 PM] ugh i am having so much trouble with the audio again today
[8:49:01 PM] The chat makes it almost like one on brick and morter store
[8:49:02 PM] More about this quick text?
[8:49:17 PM] Come see Trent :)
[8:49:20 PM] I let my customers shop or browse and then just jump in and help if needed
[8:49:25 PM] My younger brother was a sax player and did sesion music in the studios for dire straits
[8:49:30 PM] Go SUSAN !!!!!!
[8:49:32 PM] I am using yahoo msg for it maybe I need to try another msgr
[8:49:37 PM] way cool..
[8:50:00 PM] Sunflower do you remember to login to bonanzle on yahoo -
[8:50:01 PM] .
[8:50:01 PM] I am useing google sun, and not working all the time either
[8:50:05 PM] I have mine on AIM and Bill just popped into my booth last night
[8:50:24 PM] .
[8:50:30 PM] lol...wally
[8:50:31 PM] lol wally I agree
[8:50:39 PM] yahhoo msgr don't work right for remote
[8:50:42 PM] Set up a special account to do the Bonanzle twitter
[8:50:50 PM] wished I could spend more time on the pc lol
[8:50:51 PM] google talk works great
[8:51:00 PM] oh yeh Bonanza Addict Anonymous
[8:51:01 PM] LOL I work full time and run 9 selling stores and building a homepage wally!!!!!
[8:51:03 PM] mine is sporadic Phaedra
[8:51:05 PM] it does for me the only time i've had a problem is a couple of months back.
[8:51:22 PM] Sreve... how do you do it?
[8:51:24 PM] Great point Susan!
[8:51:36 PM] wow steve
[8:51:37 PM] I say Tweet an item every day or two.
[8:51:41 PM] very true John. Just got your RT
[8:51:42 PM] hey GO TO MY BOOTH
[8:51:43 PM] LOL, I am a work a holic 13
[8:51:44 PM] I can't tweet all 1100 items in a
[8:51:45 PM] LMAO
[8:52:07 PM] yes ..say something interesting on Twitter
[8:52:12 PM] Steve I work a lot as well, but I need some rest
[8:52:12 PM] homeautoplace is logged into the chat
[8:52:13 PM] .
[8:52:15 PM] I go to a different booth every day and tweet an item from their booth
[8:52:16 PM] Wally I have a question for you
[8:52:18 PM] give value, get value
[8:52:46 PM] spred the tweets
[8:52:46 PM] amen phaedra
[8:52:51 PM] good point phaedra
[8:52:52 PM] Guest 31 is logged into the chat
[8:52:56 PM] I have a new web site coming on line end of the month, can I link you? Wally
[8:52:57 PM] You can give good advice on Twitter
[8:53:07 PM] Cleosgreatdeals is logged into the chat
[8:53:12 PM] time4more has left the chat
[8:53:13 PM] time4more is logged into the chat
[8:53:19 PM] Steve link me
[8:53:20 PM] whaddya think
[8:53:24 PM] Sure Steve1957
[8:53:29 PM] Bill just started the twitter link
[8:53:31 PM] Guest 30 has left the chat
[8:53:32 PM] vintagegoodness has left the chat
[8:53:36 PM] Cleosgreatdeals has left the chat
[8:53:39 PM] I used the tweet link from Bonanzle. I love it. real neat
[8:53:42 PM] He explained it in his blog
[8:53:43 PM] Ok I will be in touch with you soon
[8:53:48 PM] Cleosgreatdeals is logged into the chat
[8:53:50 PM] ok
[8:53:58 PM] I think your right Phaedra
[8:54:07 PM] I will be linking 5 Bonanzle booths every month too
[8:54:13 PM] Good if not OVER USED
[8:54:15 PM] just don't over use Kim
[8:54:21 PM] ok
[8:54:22 PM] lol..Sherr
[8:54:32 PM] I came here through twitter
[8:54:39 PM] .
[8:54:44 PM] awesome guest 8
[8:54:47 PM] lol Kat ..we have to say that
[8:54:48 PM] .
[8:54:55 PM] Twitter ROCKS
[8:54:58 PM] I feel more computer inept every minute...LOL
[8:55:06 PM] Twitaholic
[8:55:08 PM] I never been on twitter, but I will check it out
[8:55:09 PM] Usse a DRAW phrase
[8:55:10 PM] lol
[8:55:19 PM] Twitter is too addictive. Like Wally said, the last thing we need is two addictions :)
[8:55:22 PM] Oh I know Kat. I only tweeted one thing LOL
[8:55:23 PM] join the crowd Pieper
[8:55:24 PM] lol...Phaedra
[8:55:29 PM] Pieper, join the club lol
[8:55:31 PM] Yes Wally ...peak their interest
[8:55:34 PM] a day!
[8:55:37 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat
[8:55:37 PM] those are excellent tips, Wally
[8:55:48 PM] TY
[8:55:49 PM] I've been called a twit, but I never thought I actually be one!
[8:55:59 PM] LOL
[8:56:02 PM] to!
[8:56:04 PM] ok i'm bouncin, can't get the audio to work, I'll catch up in the archives
[8:56:06 PM] lolpieper
[8:56:08 PM] I never get on twitter
[8:56:11 PM] I love Twitter. I usually just chat more than anything else though on it
[8:56:12 PM] Guest 32 is logged into the chat
[8:56:18 PM] Hi Mitzi
[8:56:28 PM] hey walt
[8:56:29 PM] My new web page will be found at Toys for Boys, Big and Small
[8:56:29 PM] Hey Mitzi!
[8:56:30 PM] Phaedra is an excellent source of info on Twitter
[8:56:31 PM] but looking at stats in google I saw I am getting traffic from twitter
[8:56:34 PM] yeah..Kim..but there is very good uses
[8:56:34 PM] A+++ on the Retweeting Value
[8:56:37 PM] can't get the audio to stay running
[8:56:41 PM] i'm giving up lol
[8:56:44 PM] Leave something for them to come back to
[8:56:53 PM] i'll finish listening to the archive
[8:56:56 PM] Guest 31 has left the chat
[8:57:00 PM] .
[8:57:04 PM] bareva has left the chat
[8:57:05 PM] Intice them with a comment ...then answer their questions
[8:57:18 PM] I need help actually figuring out what is being represented in Google Analytics
[8:57:27 PM] catch ya all tomorrow night!
[8:57:36 PM] Seeya Mitzi!
[8:57:37 PM] bye vintagegoodness :)
[8:57:39 PM] willy099 is logged into the chat
[8:57:47 PM] Susan is a Biker like us
[8:57:48 PM] g'nite Mitzi
[8:57:48 PM] Guest 32 has left the chat
[8:57:53 PM] Ren is in the forums all the time..helping people
[8:58:01 PM] Guest 24 has left the chat
[8:58:02 PM] Steve, don't even get me started. My boys and I do rockets, R/C cars and more
[8:58:04 PM] dave white on the auctionwally show :)
[8:58:05 PM] I have been working on titles all week!
[8:58:05 PM] pieper - I hear you - lots of info in the analytics if you know how to read the data
[8:58:07 PM] got bumped out :(
[8:58:15 PM] I also need help figuring out Google Analytics.
[8:58:16 PM] LOL
[8:58:19 PM] 8pm EST here on TalkShoe
[8:58:20 PM] lol..susan and I going on ride together!
[8:58:24 PM] Re: good title. So totally true in the Google era.
[8:58:24 PM] told ya
[8:58:25 PM] I need some help with that for sure...
[8:58:27 PM] ok now i'm really going ;)
[8:58:30 PM] yeaaaaa Bikers
[8:58:39 PM] .
[8:58:43 PM] yesss.bikers good people too! lol
[8:58:49 PM] vintagegoodness has left the chat
[8:58:53 PM] I started my booth only 3 weeks ago with R/C toys Trent. had fantastic results so far
[8:58:57 PM] Bikers are the best
[8:59:01 PM] Maybe we can post in Forum for help on Analytics...things to look for
[8:59:03 PM] :)
[8:59:15 PM] what ya got 13?
[8:59:21 PM] What is the keyword finder that you are talking about?
[8:59:26 PM] My wife will kill me. :)
[8:59:29 PM] adwords
[8:59:30 PM] Susan, do you use Keywords in your titles?
[8:59:33 PM] The Google Keywords help is in our Information Both
[8:59:34 PM] lol..Trent
[8:59:40 PM] I got coins from all over the world
[8:59:50 PM] bike...13
[8:59:53 PM] yeah, google keyword is one of the best
[8:59:55 PM] lol..
[9:00:06 PM] Great guest..hate to leave. THanks renegade!
[9:00:06 PM] .
[9:00:09 PM] I ride a Honda Davidson 600
[9:00:11 PM] Guest 5 has left the chat
[9:00:15 PM] cool
[9:00:18 PM] Do you have a link to google keyword?
[9:00:21 PM] Information Booth has directions for Google tools
[9:00:30 PM] 99 softail
[9:00:32 PM] Tomorrow night Dave White from eBayandBeyond - mashing up your brick & mortar w/ online presence
[9:00:33 PM] oh, thanks Sher...
[9:00:34 PM] It's a Honda Schadow 600 with HD Saddlebag's lol
[9:00:36 PM] built
[9:00:37 PM] can't seem to get any fb
[9:00:46 PM] is a bike
[9:00:48 PM] I do'nt think feedback is a big issue on Bonanzle though
[9:00:50 PM] thats what counts
[9:01:05 PM] what do you ride katbarton
[9:01:13 PM] 99 softail
[9:01:18 PM] it states which feedback is from ebay anyways, they can see like on mine only a small amount is from ebay
[9:01:23 PM] harely
[9:01:29 PM] I don't bother looking at feedback either
[9:01:33 PM] Google AdWords: Keyword Tool
[9:01:34 PM] Wally's job is too easy with Susan and Phaedra making good points. :)
[9:01:46 PM] it is important
[9:01:53 PM] hubby rides a softail classic 95
[9:02:04 PM] transparency is key
[9:02:17 PM] if you had a store would you not want people to talk about it on the street
[9:02:27 PM] I think it is important to click on the feedback and see the actual Bonanzle feedback
[9:02:41 PM] KimsKorner: agree!
[9:02:45 PM] Gotta go. I'll catch ya next week.
[9:02:49 PM] Thank you for the link to google keywords.
[9:02:55 PM] Cya later shars
[9:03:01 PM] too Susan
[9:03:02 PM] Buh bye Shars
[9:03:07 PM] by shars
[9:03:07 PM] you snooze you lose
[9:03:08 PM] Great job Susan!
[9:03:16 PM] SharsBoutique has left the chat
[9:03:27 PM]
Mike_Wesely follow this man on Twitter he gave a seminar on twitter using today. I think he has another one tomorrow afternoon
[9:03:28 PM] thats what is so good about the fast response on booth chat or quick text
[9:03:58 PM] Anyone with link to info on the quick text?
[9:03:58 PM] thanks ennga
[9:04:06 PM] and you can have an Auction in your booth
[9:04:07 PM] Susan really cares about her client's
[9:04:09 PM] The best feature on bonanzle is the feature
[9:04:18 PM]!
[9:04:33 PM] Guest 27 has left the chat
[9:04:34 PM] Ziggy Zool has left the chat
[9:04:37 PM] feature yes, but what are the benefit?
[9:04:46 PM] link Trent? you have to sign up..thats the only way to see I think
[9:04:50 PM] I also post in the forum for Others to check Bills blog
[9:05:08 PM] audio keeps fading in and out more than usual tonight.. grrr
[9:05:12 PM] The benefit is one on one with customer Phaedra
[9:05:17 PM] Maybe I'm misunderstanding. Thought it was a special tool
[9:05:23 PM] personal attention
[9:05:26 PM] yes
[9:05:38 PM] Ziggy Zool is logged into the chat
[9:05:40 PM] taking notes :)
[9:05:41 PM] It is..hold on, let me look in info for you
[9:05:51 PM] trent..brb
[9:05:55 PM] thanks
[9:05:57 PM] Trent you go to Bonanzlers and look up the name and then click quick text under their name
[9:05:58 PM] Gotta run, so nice to hear you all....will catch the archives.
[9:06:04 PM] Is the three-foot rule like the five -minute rule for food that falls on the floor?
[9:06:10 PM] Thanks Bobbi!!
[9:06:10 PM] bobbi85710 has left the chat
[9:06:12 PM] by bobbi
[9:06:16 PM] Thanks Bobbi!
[9:06:19 PM] that was a mandatory thing in a thrift store I worked at 3 foot rule, greet and speak with anyone within 3 feet
[9:06:20 PM] bye bobbi
[9:06:21 PM] lol, Pieper
[9:06:25 PM] Guest 33 is logged into the chat
[9:06:31 PM] sorry I would have said Hi but didn't see ya
[9:06:40 PM] no food stay onour florr for 5 minutes
[9:06:51 PM] I was in a local chat room last night and they asked me what I do, so I mentioned Bonanzle and brought 4 people in to look at the site
[9:06:51 PM] we got dog and cat
[9:06:52 PM] I got stoped for speeding today. I gave the cop my card with my booth address on it, he gave me a ticket, fair exchange lol
[9:06:56 PM] simply.. does it pop up on my screen. Or do I need a program for it? We just opened our store. sorry
[9:06:57 PM] Try that Trent...might help, not surte
[9:07:01 PM] lol
[9:07:02 PM] $$$$
[9:07:02 PM] store=booth
[9:07:07 PM] Guest 12 has left the chat
[9:07:11 PM] thanks, kat
[9:07:12 PM] LOL Steve
[9:07:20 PM] lol steve
[9:07:22 PM] yes at the top before everything
[9:07:23 PM] Welcome...hope it is right place
[9:07:32 PM] like the 3 foot rule, that's great!
[9:07:33 PM] .
[9:07:40 PM] U are learning alot tonight aint we Trent?
[9:07:41 PM] she has great skin care! lol..
[9:07:42 PM] when they answer you it will pop up Trent
[9:07:49 PM] .
[9:07:57 PM] I just say " I sell on Bonanzle"..then they ask.."Whats that?"
[9:07:58 PM] it's like your 'elevator speech'
[9:08:07 PM] yes, Marlene!
[9:08:17 PM] John, gotta learn. Gotta learn!
[9:08:26 PM] Guest 34 is logged into the chat
[9:08:31 PM] I have stuff going up everywhere in this town
[9:08:35 PM] Learn to earn is my motto man
[9:08:48 PM] Absolutely!
[9:08:49 PM] don't care bout three foot..I'll stop
[9:08:59 PM] Guest 34 has left the chat
[9:09:00 PM] I schedule time to learn and grow
[9:09:01 PM] I sent my ex boss my link he went to someone elses bonanzle LOL
[9:09:05 PM] lol
[9:09:06 PM] Me too kat
[9:09:09 PM] Guest 13 has left the chat
[9:09:14 PM] My sales training comes from selling myself, in Constuction it's important to sell peoples dreams. and make them come true
[9:09:25 PM] Talk to everyone in stores, etc
[9:09:30 PM] lol..but still good rule..specially in post office
[9:09:33 PM] Exactly, wally, so true!
[9:09:55 PM] anyone want to call in and ask question
[9:09:59 PM] just met a guy at Subway that is about to start listing stuff for us
[9:10:00 PM] Wally great point! I had an ex boss who had money growing out his yahooie but dressed like a ragged homeless guy- on purpose
[9:10:12 PM] Simply, I know about the real time chat. Just need to learn about getting it to pop up when they drop in with questions.
[9:10:18 PM] nope, had my call in again
[9:10:21 PM] the intenet sale % is only 2% conversion from visit to site too sale
[9:10:23 PM] he was making my sandwich just tonight!
[9:10:25 PM] I play games on to a person in australia last night...told them about bonanzle
[9:10:36 PM] cool sher
[9:10:37 PM] that's the premise of the millionaire next door
[9:10:50 PM] I have friends in romania and sweden signed up
[9:10:51 PM] oldsaltsailor has left the chat
[9:10:59 PM] and their friends
[9:11:00 PM] Trent the quick text is for someone not in your booth but wants to contact you
[9:11:00 PM] Trent check your settings in your personal info page, theres a box there to check to be notified when someone comes into your booth
[9:11:01 PM] I put my booth link in profiles wherever I go
[9:11:13 PM] Sher, I play on Pogo too!
[9:11:20 PM] What is your handle there?
[9:11:27 PM] Ohh Kool Pieper
[9:11:28 PM] Kat - I have a friend who used to live in Transylvania, Romania!
[9:11:32 PM] i pogo so does old lady
[9:11:39 PM] Pieper!!!!! you do!!! me too I've been addicted to POGO since they started. same name there
[9:11:41 PM] mine is the same as here SherAhnn
[9:11:46 PM] I love Pogo
[9:11:49 PM] Ziggy! Thanks so much! That's got to be what I was looking for.
[9:11:53 PM] Wow Marlene..yeah, mY GF somewhere there! lol
[9:11:55 PM] Mine is pieper335
[9:11:56 PM] I try to keep that name visable on all sites
[9:12:06 PM] You're very welcome trent glad to help
[9:12:11 PM] brb guys
[9:12:15 PM] I put my link in groups I join on ning
[9:12:17 PM] Guest 36 is logged into the chat
[9:12:30 PM] ooh pieper I'm adding you to friends list that okay?
[9:12:33 PM] woohoo
[9:12:36 PM] Sofy is having a Bonanzle right now in both booths!
[9:12:42 PM] got kicked offline
[9:12:45 PM] Pieper: I will put you in my friends list
[9:12:48 PM] .
[9:12:50 PM] .
[9:12:51 PM] you on face book pieper??
[9:12:53 PM] Sure ziggy, that would be great!@
[9:13:07 PM] right
[9:13:09 PM] here
[9:13:11 PM] .
[9:13:16 PM] Guest 37 is logged into the chat
[9:13:19 PM] You guys are so darned organized at Brainstorming Bonanzle!
[9:13:23 PM] OH, time management..I need that!
[9:13:24 PM] oh yeah? Time mgmt I need
[9:13:27 PM] no face book yet kat
[9:13:31 PM] time management is my BIGGEST problem
[9:13:33 PM] oh good, the one who wants more hours added to our days! lol...pieper
[9:13:39 PM] me too, Kim
[9:13:39 PM] Time Management - I'm wrapping items to ship as listening
[9:13:40 PM] i lost my place
[9:13:43 PM] wow I need that topic too.
[9:13:48 PM] lol I do'nt have TIME to manage ME
[9:13:54 PM] get on, there is over 100 on my page
[9:13:55 PM] i was 12 now am 37
[9:13:55 PM] potty break, no stay and listen to my promo :)
[9:13:56 PM] lol
[9:13:58 PM] Pieper, we're all be tuned in for that one!
[9:14:01 PM] lol
[9:14:03 PM] lol
[9:14:09 PM] I'm listening Phae
[9:14:24 PM] :)
[9:14:28 PM] tree411 is on the call
[9:14:29 PM] great lotions, and need that gallon soon phaedra
[9:14:32 PM] I am listening lol
[9:14:35 PM] :)
[9:14:42 PM] John, there just aren't enough hours in the day, man!
[9:14:43 PM] hard to label, Kat! lol
[9:14:48 PM] lol..
[9:14:49 PM] I hate I missed so much of the show
[9:14:50 PM] ooohhh makes me want a coco butter massage
[9:14:55 PM] nice pause for the cause :)
[9:14:56 PM] use black marker!
[9:15:00 PM] Ziggy, already marked that option. Good deal
[9:15:06 PM] I know, I just stretched my day to 27 hours so I can keep up
[9:15:21 PM] Trent what is your name
[9:15:32 PM] oh wow ty Wally
[9:15:34 PM] google calendar, lol, shared between me and Wally, that is how we keep up
[9:15:36 PM] Guest 38 is logged into the chat
[9:15:38 PM] Cool Beans! glad it worked... what's your booth name I'll go in your booth you can see how it works
[9:15:43 PM] tree411 is logged into the chat
[9:15:44 PM] I want 48 hours and no less lol
[9:16:01 PM] gotit
[9:16:02 PM] Sorry, MidwestBallCaps
[9:16:05 PM] gosh, were do you get wally to make a commerce at?
[9:16:18 PM] you bid John
[9:16:22 PM] :)
[9:16:23 PM] bid on it at his live auction
[9:16:24 PM] SOFYBLU2 and SOFY'SCHOICE HAVING BONANZAS RIGHT NOW! Stop on by (and no she doesn't pay me to do this...LOL)
[9:16:24 PM] yeah..I made it in..Hi everyone.
[9:16:30 PM] tree!
[9:16:31 PM] Not sure if my last msg went through. works too (no booths necessary when you're being mentioned in commercials)
[9:16:37 PM] lol..pieper
[9:16:44 PM] Very nice, SimplyDishing! :)
[9:16:46 PM] hey tree 411
[9:16:46 PM] hey tree!! did you want to be unmuted?
[9:16:47 PM] OK...shhh don't tell anyone
[9:16:57 PM] lmbo, oh yeah a secret
[9:17:18 PM] no mute is Ok..It is the only way I can get it. ty for asking.
[9:17:20 PM] SherAhnn has left the chat
[9:17:22 PM] http// Scott is listening not logged in..
[9:17:32 PM] I want a wally commercial, LMBO
[9:17:41 PM] Hey tree411!
[9:17:43 PM] Trent are you in your booth?
[9:17:48 PM] WOW..Packed house
[9:17:50 PM] SherAhnn is logged into the chat
[9:17:54 PM] live auction first of every month :)
[9:18:00 PM] fist saturday I should say
[9:18:01 PM] Somebody tell Wally he doesn't need the "booths" in the url :)
[9:18:04 PM] Yes, replied
[9:18:06 PM] I will
[9:18:07 PM] WhoooHooo ZiggyZool!! :)
[9:18:11 PM] Ziggy!!!
[9:18:14 PM] Ziggy : I got disconnected
[9:18:15 PM] :D
[9:18:16 PM] But nothing popped on my screen to let me know
[9:18:22 PM] look at the top
[9:18:25 PM] you go ziggi zool
[9:18:30 PM] Steps back scratching baldness.
[9:18:35 PM] I love Wally! don't you? Thanks Walt
[9:18:37 PM] SharsBoutique is logged into the chat
[9:18:39 PM] Ziggy : what is your name on Pogo?
[9:18:40 PM] no green window?
[9:18:42 PM] ok, remind me for the next auction of ads. I will get mine dangit
[9:18:43 PM] Ooops! That was John's baldness
[9:18:49 PM] Guest 29 has left the chat
[9:18:50 PM] rkorsberg is logged into the chat
[9:18:51 PM] homeautoplace has left the chat
[9:18:53 PM] ziggyzool_
[9:18:55 PM] you got it John
[9:19:24 PM] loosing audio, and out
[9:19:26 PM] .
[9:19:35 PM] he's so sweet
[9:19:36 PM] You're the best Wally!
[9:19:37 PM] Ziggy's got a great booth!
[9:19:37 PM] thanks can put me on friends list
[9:19:38 PM] Trent I am NOT bald, just folic challenged
[9:19:47 PM] thank you 38
[9:19:48 PM] lol..John!
[9:19:54 PM] Wally is the best
[9:20:00 PM] I'm balding and proud of it.
[9:20:05 PM] thanks Sher
[9:20:06 PM] Sounded great, wally!
[9:20:12 PM] Frolicnymph has left the chat
[9:20:14 PM] I like
[9:20:17 PM] Wally did an awesome job on mine
[9:20:17 PM] I want more!
[9:20:19 PM] We might get together on Promoo's and build them into my new website too Wally
[9:20:21 PM] Scott says Thanks Wally
[9:20:25 PM] uh oh, look out John, lol
[9:20:27 PM] Our big heads don't have room for the folics to grow. LOL
[9:20:28 PM] too simply!
[9:20:39 PM] lol..Phae
[9:20:49 PM] Ernie's girl Susan.
[9:20:54 PM] My hubby here, shhh...he bald too
[9:20:56 PM] its past my moms bed time lol
[9:21:02 PM] ll
[9:21:19 PM] I have to Plug this also, It is a free service that I started.
[9:21:22 PM] what is Dave's booth (ebayandbeyond)
[9:21:37 PM] it's past my bedtime, but I'm listening
[9:21:38 PM] The Information Booth
[9:21:40 PM] Dinner time, hubby was great to make chili, I'll catch the rest later, thanks Wally and everyone!
[9:21:41 PM] not sure,..were did he go?
[9:21:50 PM] bye Jamie
[9:21:56 PM] bye kat
[9:22:02 PM] Thanks Jamie!
[9:22:09 PM] jamie enjoy the chilli
[9:22:11 PM] Thanks to you too!
[9:22:12 PM] thanks
[9:22:15 PM] That's one of Bonanzle's calling cards: the sellers are more passionate about their product than other marketplaces.
[9:22:22 PM] lol thanks 36
[9:22:34 PM] sweet dreams ttyl
[9:22:39 PM] jamie2258 has left the chat
[9:22:40 PM] You have to research before you start selling just anything
[9:22:49 PM] TRENT go into account info and scroll down. Make sure receive text messages is checked.
[9:23:10 PM] It is but do I need IM client for it to work?
[9:23:18 PM] homeautoplace is logged into the chat
[9:23:20 PM] My hub is at
[9:23:25 PM] My main web site has links to Bonanzle Booths
[9:23:28 PM] no
[9:23:38 PM] not for quick text
[9:23:49 PM] I offered a link share for bonanzle sellers and set up a list
[9:23:56 PM] Maybe I have my puter to secure for it to work right
[9:23:59 PM] all of my stuff is there links and ramblings
[9:24:18 PM] my main web site is
[9:24:22 PM] Okay guys, our upcoming line up
[9:24:33 PM] you have to have IM link for chat in the booth to show up on IM
[9:24:36 PM] see the list of Bonanzle booths
[9:24:37 PM] March 2nd, Sofy
[9:24:51 PM] March 16th John Lawson of
[9:25:06 PM] March 30th Pieper
[9:25:28 PM] spot on Ren, it is YOUR business
[9:25:31 PM] good Phaedra...I can be clean out of town by then
[9:25:46 PM] lol
[9:25:47 PM] but you also have to sell what buyers are buying, right?
[9:25:48 PM] nooooo
[9:25:49 PM] lol..pieper
[9:25:50 PM] Thanks for the help guys!
[9:25:53 PM] I am a JOAT = Jill of all
[9:26:09 PM] Great show here, Walt and Bonanzler's
[9:26:10 PM] oakIslandBoutique has left the chat
[9:26:16 PM] Thanks Trent
[9:26:29 PM] SunflowerBoutique has left the chat
[9:26:35 PM] :)
[9:26:48 PM] Thanks Trent!
[9:26:49 PM] ty Trent
[9:26:58 PM] SharsBoutique has left the chat
[9:26:59 PM] I have researched my dropshippers 100% Thats the key
[9:27:13 PM] everyone make sure to get your links in, the show chat is archived
[9:27:14 PM] if you use a dropshipper you should always have at least one of the item in your possession in case they run out of product
[9:27:23 PM] DANG I just got an AIM
[9:27:26 PM] very good point, Marlene
[9:27:36 PM] Told them I was on talkshoe
[9:27:48 PM] I can't make aim work with Bonanzle to get messages
[9:28:05 PM] Kim : send Mark a message
[9:28:14 PM] He will try to fix it
[9:28:15 PM] I checked what was said a little back in this chat. I have it on to receive messages, but still wont sign in right
[9:28:17 PM] oakIslandBoutique is logged into the chat
[9:28:18 PM] google talk works great, got it on my blackbery, cut the attachment to the computer
[9:28:26 PM] got twitter on there too, am addicted
[9:28:26 PM] Aim is flakey sometimes
[9:28:30 PM] Great Point Savvy!!!
[9:28:30 PM] I did a while ago Sher, he said they were still working on some of them
[9:28:31 PM] I does not happen if you have a dropshipper that will hold so many of the items for you. you have to have a good relationship with your dropshipper
[9:29:04 PM] Yes he fixed mine again last night
[9:29:06 PM] Have to run! Everyone have a good night! :)
[9:29:07 PM] The AIM and MSN tend to go online and offline... when you mail Mark he gets them restarted, which usually makes them work again for awhile
[9:29:13 PM] Trent_T has left the chat
[9:29:14 PM] 'night Trent
[9:29:17 PM] good night trent
[9:29:18 PM] Good Night Trent.
[9:29:21 PM] G'nite Trent
[9:29:29 PM] oh I will message him again then, maybe thats why it worked for a little while then not again lol
[9:29:56 PM] night Trent
[9:29:57 PM] Tell you what Kim, how about I just restart them now lol
[9:29:57 PM] that is strange I have had no trouble with google doing that
[9:30:07 PM] if I log out, it will log me back in though, lol
[9:30:14 PM] lol thanks :)
[9:30:27 PM] appreciate it!
[9:30:28 PM] lol is that you Mark? sneaky ninja
[9:30:44 PM] Sneaky ninja...LOL
[9:30:45 PM] Not exactly...
[9:30:47 PM] now thats some service LOL :)
[9:31:01 PM] ahhhh its the Ghost???
[9:31:03 PM] Ya Mark, mine does same..little help this way to. TY
[9:31:06 PM] ok is Bill here or Alex ?
[9:31:15 PM] the "would you like fries with that" technique
[9:31:17 PM] or is it maybe Birthday Boy Alex
[9:31:20 PM] lol..Sher...they won't tell
[9:31:58 PM] Anyone buying a Remote Control Toy from me, gets free Batteries, Anyone buying Jewelry gets a free gift Box and free shipping.
[9:31:59 PM] No, I'm just a harmless ghost. OK, chat is restarted. Looks to be online now.
[9:32:06 PM] upselling like items, are you doing it?
[9:32:09 PM] enngga has left the chat
[9:32:11 PM] Renegade did that for me with some dragon patches
[9:32:12 PM] the little Leprechauns are here
[9:32:17 PM] LOL
[9:32:18 PM] oldsaltsailor is logged into the chat
[9:32:28 PM] Guest 39 is logged into the chat
[9:32:52 PM] they come in when St. Patricks day is near
[9:32:53 PM] crud its gotta be aim - I get this message still However, your IM program is telling our chatbot that your chat status is 'Offline.' yadda yadda
[9:33:02 PM] Thanks mr Ghost
[9:33:12 PM] great point, Renagade!
[9:33:22 PM] Steve Do you have remote contolled Bikes?
[9:33:25 PM] Kim do you have bonanzle listed in your buddy list?
[9:33:26 PM] The Category Showcase for jewelry looks great.
[9:33:33 PM] Me!
[9:33:34 PM] yep
[9:33:35 PM] Yes 36
[9:33:42 PM] Guys like dangly earrings? :)
[9:33:50 PM] lol...pieper
[9:33:54 PM] does it show in buddy list ?
[9:33:55 PM] cool, I will look at your booth
[9:33:56 PM] me too... Pieper...
[9:34:01 PM] guest 38 you rule
[9:34:21 PM] yep, and it shows as signed on and me logged in but aim shows Bonanzle me as offline for some reason
[9:34:35 PM] .
[9:34:40 PM] I even have remote controlled ride on cars for 3 year olds in my booth
[9:34:52 PM] lol..steve!
[9:34:55 PM] lol
[9:34:58 PM] Coffeee wally!
[9:34:59 PM] C-4 Electronics and Hobbies booth
[9:35:01 PM] hey, thanks wally :)
[9:35:02 PM] over 200 items and still adding
[9:35:07 PM] I saw that car Steve...that was neat!
[9:35:14 PM] Kool Steve
[9:35:23 PM] .
[9:35:30 PM] I'm thinking about that way he can ride in the
[9:35:37 PM] I now have 6 ride on cars pieper
[9:35:40 PM] yesss like my gallon she making
[9:35:53 PM] I'll check those out Steve...
[9:35:58 PM] steve booth blows mine away
[9:35:59 PM] Guest 20 has left the chat
[9:36:01 PM] Guest 36 has left the chat
[9:36:03 PM] thats good up sell phaedra
[9:36:05 PM] it's been awhile since I've been there
[9:36:06 PM] Guest 39 has left the chat
[9:36:11 PM] She does a lot of samples.
[9:36:14 PM] Willy what is your POGO handle?
[9:36:20 PM] thanks willy.
[9:36:45 PM] SunflowerBoutique is logged into the chat
[9:37:00 PM] Guest 40 is logged into the chat
[9:37:23 PM] Oh, Phaedra...bring your sales book with you tomorrow...we are so dry here...and handle paper which wicks out all remaining moisture!
[9:37:28 PM] trying to run too many windows open
[9:37:40 PM] got you Pieper, lol
[9:37:45 PM] New Non Stick Fry Pans Eco Friendly a must have for safe cooking
[9:38:31 PM] It's called suggestion selling
[9:38:32 PM] Ooops - gotta run. Great show! Great info! Thanks and good night to all!
[9:38:41 PM] Night Marlene!
[9:38:42 PM] The Savvy Seller has left the chat
[9:38:43 PM] bye Marlenee
[9:38:44 PM] Bye Savvy!
[9:38:45 PM] Thanks for coming
[9:38:51 PM] Night Savvy
[9:39:10 PM] Multi Tasking is easy, I have two pc's on line and 4 hands lol
[9:39:16 PM] SherAhnn has left the chat
[9:39:17 PM] SherAhnn is logged into the chat
[9:39:20 PM] lol..steve
[9:39:24 PM] I keep getting kicked offline, now I think I'm 38 or so
[9:39:31 PM] nope 40
[9:39:33 PM] dang ..I had to log in again
[9:39:44 PM] lol
[9:39:48 PM] LOL Steve...yeah, I have six hands and two heads when the kitty "helps" me...
[9:39:49 PM] am goin to go. first tim i tued in it was great night. love my mom
[9:39:52 PM] lol..Mark, you were 12...getting old now
[9:40:06 PM] That is awesome, 37!!
[9:40:11 PM] LOL a Kitty with claws
[9:40:20 PM] Think of suggestion selling as extra money in your pocket
[9:40:37 PM] Pieper: I was mentioning earlier about our LOGOS ..people recognize us by our LOGOS also.
[9:40:40 PM] hey 38 whatcha think of that avatar at the top of the chat windwo
[9:40:46 PM] willy099 has left the chat
[9:40:58 PM] Guest 37 has left the chat
[9:41:07 PM] I love the new Brainstorming Bonanzle logo!
[9:41:08 PM] 17: Love it, made me chuckle when I saw it.
[9:41:10 PM] do you use tin url's on your business card????
[9:41:15 PM] .
[9:41:18 PM] yes
[9:41:19 PM] If you are shy.. ask some outgoing person to help
[9:41:20 PM] tiny*
[9:41:48 PM] lol..cute the avatar
[9:41:49 PM] Though the version on the main page looks a little pixelated, like it got resized by some inefficient algorithm.
[9:41:52 PM] I have people that are VERY personable and they market MY products
[9:41:57 PM] If you read my profile. read the "Our Mission Statement."
[9:42:11 PM] oh yeah that's too pushy, wally lol!
[9:42:16 PM] I have 3 booths on my business card so I almost have to use tiny url's
[9:42:25 PM] lol
[9:42:26 PM] $50?!? Dude, I aint got a job man,
[9:42:42 PM] lol..John..see just went down
[9:43:01 PM] Wally: we do that with pillows. We sell them separate but they can look at others to co-ordinate
[9:43:02 PM] Wow Steve, those are some of the crispest pictures I've ever seen. Did you take any of them? :)
[9:43:12 PM] we tell them to look at other pillows
[9:43:13 PM] LMAO
[9:43:18 PM] lol
[9:43:31 PM] upselling as a service to client
[9:43:35 PM] willy099 is logged into the chat
[9:43:48 PM] hi Willy...welcome back
[9:43:49 PM] Guest 41 is logged into the chat
[9:43:50 PM] darn keep getting bumped
[9:43:51 PM] oakIslandBoutique has left the chat
[9:43:53 PM] and practice makes perfect :)
[9:43:58 PM] me too
[9:43:59 PM] thnx sher
[9:44:03 PM] Sunflower, I bought business cards that are double sided, they fold in half. works great for a large amout of info on them
[9:44:16 PM] OK sold
[9:44:18 PM] pieper pogo is wiilly099
[9:44:19 PM] John said he ate a $5 footlong tonight,lol
[9:44:22 PM] I don't mind at all if someone shows me something else I might want...sometimes that thing might be on page 40 and I found something I wanted on page3
[9:44:32 PM] oh, thanks Willy
[9:44:34 PM] I do mine double sided, may have to to folding
[9:44:57 PM] google is evening the odds
[9:44:58 PM] omg Guestt 33..did you see my footlong on the forums? lol
[9:44:59 PM] it used to be willy099 but i lost the pw
[9:45:12 PM] I have the Bonanzle Logo on the front and info inside
[9:45:16 PM] no
[9:45:57 PM] willy - if it used to be willy099 but you lost what? And it's still willy099, how did you lose it...more importantly, WHAT did you lose? LOL :)
[9:46:01 PM] .
[9:46:07 PM] I give a gift with my sales..Its a letter opener or paper cutter and has my bonanzle card on one side and my main web site on other side.
[9:46:18 PM] good point pieper lol
[9:46:20 PM] pogo name lost password
[9:46:25 PM] bartonpw has left the chat
[9:46:28 PM] My customers love the paper cutters..they even use them for christmas wrap
[9:46:29 PM] oh, I see
[9:46:31 PM] lol..pieper
[9:46:37 PM] had to clear the fur from my eyes
[9:46:47 PM] lol pieper
[9:47:02 PM] it was that darned lime hat pieper
[9:47:04 PM] lol
[9:47:08 PM] willy: what is pogo name now ?
[9:47:10 PM] reejr123 is logged into the chat
[9:47:26 PM] wiilly099 note extra i
[9:47:27 PM] Sunflower = solomon valley books?
[9:47:37 PM] Tree411 I'm assuming your here to listen, right?
[9:47:38 PM] Cool Susan.
[9:47:46 PM] I know...Ziggy, it slipped...daggone it..gonna have to go get a new one...which means, woohoo...more of the big 'T'
[9:47:48 PM] Guest 42 is logged into the chat
[9:47:50 PM] bartonpw is logged into the chat
[9:47:57 PM] hi
[9:48:03 PM] oh, willy, now I seee (note the extra e):)
[9:48:03 PM] Guest 41 has left the chat
[9:48:05 PM] ok willy . you can put me on your friends list if you want
[9:48:06 PM] you're right, wally, it is tough to find specific 3P sellers on Amz
[9:48:06 PM] Hey guest 42
[9:48:12 PM] LOL I was just thinkin... need some more JOSE
[9:48:36 PM] ok thnx
[9:48:38 PM] When will you let Steve have a look at my Booth Susan. LOL I had a lady in my tool booth tell me she would not let her husband look in there lol
[9:48:44 PM] Guest 42 has left the chat
[9:48:50 PM] Guest 43 is logged into the chat
[9:48:58 PM] Guest 38 has left the chat
[9:49:38 PM] pieper is ur pogo pieper?
[9:49:48 PM] pieper335
[9:49:58 PM] I have an item in my booth that says "about us" also they dont have to go read the entire profile
[9:50:00 PM] LOL!
[9:50:07 PM] Use the tools!!
[9:50:15 PM] profile, more booth details
[9:50:16 PM] :) thought i remembered seeing a number on urs
[9:50:20 PM] Guest 33 has left the chat
[9:50:47 PM] Susan, I have to go...Phaedra, Wally, thank you so much!
[9:50:52 PM] Guest 44 is logged into the chat
[9:51:02 PM] Think Renagade for all kind's of stuff
[9:51:04 PM] Gotta go heckle Sofy
[9:51:06 PM] thanks, Pieper, great to have you here tonight!
[9:51:07 PM] byeee Pieper :(
[9:51:10 PM] lol, Pieper
[9:51:19 PM] bye pieper
[9:51:22 PM] get your twitter id's up here
[9:51:27 PM] Thanks Pieper!
[9:51:35 PM] C-4 electronics and hobbies
[9:51:41 PM] great to be here...see you next week
[9:51:50 PM] Are the toys illegal now? :)
[9:52:01 PM]
[9:52:20 PM] Pieper has left the chat
[9:52:29 PM] LOL
[9:52:34 PM] I think I'll be here lot's more from now on, this is a great show, and Susan just had a great amount of good tips!
[9:52:36 PM] roftlmao
[9:52:44 PM] another good show
[9:52:45 PM] Oh Wally that law is a PAIN
[9:52:48 PM] He is nutz, don't put that in your mouth Wally
[9:52:52 PM] That is excellent, guest 40 great to have you
[9:53:03 PM] oh yeah, like he said he drank the aromatherapy blend!
[9:53:16 PM] Zan - ((Huggs)) didn't realize it was you...
[9:53:23 PM] Yeh ..our moms supervised us then.
[9:53:25 PM] I'll check out all the booths, not just her's
[9:53:32 PM] good info Susan thank you
[9:53:35 PM] lol..Sher
[9:53:36 PM] I sell Toys for the Boys. safe, fun.
[9:53:40 PM] ((((Zig))))) :D Loved your and your DH's commercial spots!!
[9:53:41 PM] And we listened to parents
[9:53:43 PM] great info Susan!
[9:53:50 PM] and thank you attheboutiques
[9:53:55 PM] thanks Wally is excellent
[9:53:58 PM] Yess..we had no choice! Sher
[9:54:11 PM] love Wally
[9:54:14 PM] visit Susan's booth, and Brihgtest, I know you have her blog url :)
[9:54:17 PM] .
[9:54:18 PM] Which toy did you taste Wally? Just curious
[9:54:20 PM] So true...!
[9:54:21 PM] We got the "switch" if we ate a
[9:54:26 PM] sure do lol
[9:54:30 PM] lol..
[9:54:33 PM] Wonderful show love knowing what you sound like Ren/Susan
[9:54:34 PM] steve I got ran over my one of mine let the nice try it hit me at 45 mph
[9:54:42 PM] lol Sher
[9:54:43 PM] niece
[9:54:54 PM] started a wikizine for Bonanzle Blogs at
[9:54:57 PM] omg willy
[9:55:11 PM] Squidoo to name a few also started a group there for Bonanzle http://www.sq
[9:55:14 PM] Great job MOM! LOve you ! Keep up the good work. Makes me want to get my booth up & running.
[9:55:15 PM] Susan you should put your Squidoo in here too
[9:55:21 PM] Susan mentioned rantsravens to me
[9:55:23 PM] new booth coming
[9:55:29 PM] really great show...learning lots! :)
[9:55:30 PM] all the places you can find Susan, Renagade
[9:55:31 PM] left a good bruise didnt notice til everyone quit laughing
[9:55:46 PM] 3>
[9:55:48 PM] glad you came homeautoplace!
[9:55:56 PM] Ziggi Zool ... she will I know.... she told me she would
[9:56:06 PM] Thanks so much!
[9:56:08 PM] Guest 11 has left the chat
[9:56:10 PM] reejr123 has left the chat
[9:56:15 PM] I was told not to put bubble wrap directly next to items
[9:56:26 PM] >3
[9:56:32 PM] ????????????WHAAT IF VINYL STILL SEALED??????
[9:56:34 PM] Tomorrow night Auction Wally show with Dave of EbayandBeyond:Basics to business
[9:56:41 PM] I will what guest 40???
[9:56:42 PM] media mail for records
[9:56:58 PM] I put cardboard on both sides first
[9:56:59 PM] and tape it
[9:57:01 PM] the heat Wally
[9:57:04 PM] oakIslandBoutique is logged into the chat
[9:57:19 PM] John, don't you have some shows going on tomorrow?
[9:57:21 PM] Renagade gets here shipping supplies at
[9:57:24 PM] ?????what if vinly sealed?????
[9:57:33 PM] sorry about the strange kid is messing around
[9:57:35 PM] spell check
[9:57:41 PM] lol
[9:57:49 PM] no worries, homeautoplace, lol, it happens
[9:58:21 PM] zanb3 has left the chat
[9:58:25 PM] ????so if sealed, is their concern about the record hitting edges during delivery??????
[9:58:41 PM] Guest 8 has left the chat
[9:58:49 PM] Big Bands! :)
[9:58:54 PM] zanb3 is logged into the chat
[9:58:59 PM] cool brightess
[9:59:01 PM] now we got insider info!!
[9:59:09 PM] ooo I have lots of Big Bands records
[9:59:19 PM] links!!!
[9:59:32 PM] booth, twitter, upcoming podcasts, blogs, get them in here
[9:59:38 PM] Yeah, I got Richard Brewer Hay on Tomorrow
[9:59:42 PM] lol...embarrassed (spelled right?) She's trying to see if see can make a heart show up in here <3
[9:59:46 PM] link it up, John
[9:59:50 PM] He is the blogger for eBay
[9:59:53 PM] Guest 44 has left the chat
[9:59:55 PM] C-4 Electronics and hobbies
[10:00:03 PM] Susan is the helpfulest.
[10:00:06 PM] this has been a great show! I am very happy I made it
[10:00:12 PM] More like didnt forget it lol
[10:00:15 PM] time4more has left the chat
[10:00:49 PM] Guest 40 has left the chat
[10:00:53 PM] Interview with Scott Sumner of Web Wholesaler Magazine tomorrow tomorrow 10 AM EST
[10:00:58 PM] Guest 45 is logged into the chat
[10:01:06 PM] Yeah! lots of great people coming on this show!
[10:01:07 PM] GREAT SHOW!!!
[10:01:12 PM] Guest 46 is logged into the chat
[10:01:14 PM] No one pays attention too what I say lol
[10:01:15 PM] you guys did FANTASTIC
[10:01:19 PM] yeeeeeehaaaa
[10:01:21 PM] My brain is overloaded with
[10:01:21 PM] Guest 46 has left the chat
[10:01:28 PM] It wont hold any more
[10:01:31 PM] Yes, tune to John tomorrow, Dave on Mondays, Wally tomorrow night! Grow and learn!
[10:01:32 PM] The show notes will now be posted at
[10:01:35 PM] This is a great show
[10:01:54 PM] You guys are the best!! Thanks for being here!!
[10:02:09 PM] Not me!
[10:02:13 PM] LOL!!
[10:02:15 PM] what song would wally sing
[10:02:18 PM] lol..
[10:02:22 PM] oh lordy!
[10:02:25 PM] junk to treasure for Wally
[10:02:26 PM] I can carry a tune, but need a bushel basket to do it with
[10:02:31 PM] Guest 47 is logged into the chat
[10:02:33 PM] think it would sell
[10:02:35 PM] lol..Dave
[10:02:42 PM] Thanks Susan always positive comments
[10:02:43 PM] Everyone you are great, tons of good stuff shared tonight!!!
[10:02:46 PM] A super show!
[10:02:49 PM] I keep getting booted
[10:02:51 PM] Thank you Ren!
[10:02:54 PM] Thanks Susan. So much info, it was fantastic
[10:02:59 PM] thank you everyone, I love Monday's
[10:03:00 PM] zanb3 has left the chat
[10:03:03 PM] yeah dave!
[10:03:16 PM] Thanks John!
[10:03:20 PM] bookmarked Phae
[10:03:21 PM] Thanks Wally
[10:03:26 PM] this is really a great show
[10:03:29 PM] Great job Wally, now learn that you don't need the "/booths" in the url of booths :)
[10:03:31 PM] sofy on next week ????
[10:03:32 PM] good nite everyone
[10:03:37 PM] Thank you Wally, and Phaedra, and Susan!
[10:03:38 PM] oldsaltsailor has left the chat
[10:03:41 PM] SunflowerBoutique has left the chat
[10:03:43 PM] night sun
[10:04:02 PM] Thanks Phaedra
[10:04:15 PM] Trent_T is logged into the chat
[10:04:18 PM] Marsha Collier on ebay & Beyond: Basics to Business 2/23 1-3 PM ET
[10:04:49 PM] homeautoplace has left the chat
[10:04:54 PM] willy099 has left the chat
[10:04:56 PM] Thank you Wally and Susan!!! Great Show whoot whoot
[10:04:59 PM] thx Phae and Wally
[10:05:13 PM] Marsha Collier on ebay & Beyond: Basics to Business 2/23 1-3 PM ET
[10:05:33 PM] Goodnight Wally! Another great show... Thanks Susan!
[10:05:34 PM] Steve does your booth name have those spaces in it ?
[10:05:35 PM] Guest 17 has left the chat
[10:05:48 PM] Thanks for giving us a great show , loved it
[10:05:50 PM] Just in time to wish everyone good night again.
[10:05:55 PM] That was great. I am glad I joined this evening.
[10:05:56 PM] Ziggy Zool has left the chat
[10:06:05 PM] Hope I don't fall off the wagon
[10:06:08 PM] me 2 Steve
[10:06:09 PM] excellent, Susan was great!! be sure to stop by her booth, and let her know you enjoyed it!!
[10:06:16 PM] We will catch you Kat!
[10:06:24 PM] Superb job as always, hosts. I'll try to stop by again soon.
[10:06:25 PM] sorry wally, had to say that! Wonderful add!
[10:06:29 PM] Thanks Dave
[10:06:36 PM] they are _ between the words
[10:06:41 PM] it is a great ad, Kat, very intersting!
[10:06:42 PM] this was great, first time I stayed all the way through
[10:06:52 PM] Thanks all..see you next week
[10:06:53 PM] I love it! Need a pic of a wagon now
[10:06:58 PM] Guest 48 is logged into the chat
[10:07:02 PM] Ooops
[10:07:05 PM] lol
[10:07:06 PM] You did great Job Wally
[10:07:07 PM] SherAhnn has left the chat
[10:07:13 PM] TY
[10:07:15 PM] oh yeah, a great gypsy wagon
[10:07:16 PM] this is my first time here, but I will be back for sure
[10:07:19 PM] oops? lol..I love it
[10:07:21 PM] I'm having fun with these.
[10:07:22 PM] thanks for the hype wally
[10:07:25 PM] BrightestBlessings has left the chat
[10:07:29 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat
[10:07:31 PM] Thanks, guest 47!!
[10:07:32 PM] cool, your doing great
[10:07:41 PM] Thanks for stopping by John
[10:07:55 PM] Guest 43 has left the chat
[10:07:58 PM] man, still no audio for me
[10:08:02 PM] i am cursed
[10:08:05 PM] any time u on, i am listening
[10:08:13 PM] 47 got kicked offline a few times, but made it back as 36, 40 and 47
[10:08:21 PM] Great show Phad,Wally, Ren
[10:08:25 PM] looks like you all are still goin tho!
[10:08:32 PM] the first one was 13\
[10:08:47 PM] Thank you Wally and Phaedra and Susan, was a great show as always!
[10:08:49 PM] even chat is lagging
[10:08:52 PM] heck yeah, wouldn't miss it til the end
[10:08:59 PM] Good Night all. Thanks everyone. Happy Selling. Do'nt forget Live Chat at Friday evenings 7pm Central Tome, everyone welcome
[10:09:04 PM] You can find this band at
[10:09:17 PM] the chat only moves if i type something
[10:09:18 PM] See ya tomorrow night
[10:09:19 PM] good night everyone.
[10:09:36 PM] grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[10:09:38 PM] Trent_T has left the chat
[10:09:40 PM] They have not logged on since the end of December Wally, I just book marked it and play over ad over
[10:09:46 PM] lol
[10:09:48 PM] Wally I will be in touch about linking you and using some of the promo's on my web site.
[10:09:51 PM] Renagade has hung up
[10:09:53 PM] .
[10:09:58 PM] tree411 has hung up
[10:10:00 PM] good nite everyone..
[10:10:04 PM] .
[10:10:06 PM] .
[10:10:11 PM] .
[10:10:12 PM] attheboutique has hung up
[10:10:17 PM] sigh
[10:10:19 PM] Guest 48 has left the chat
[10:10:21 PM] Everyone have a wonderful evening :)
[10:10:23 PM] Call tomorrow Wally...gotta run
[10:10:29 PM] ok it was worth a shot, see everyone tomorrow
[10:10:33 PM] Guest 45 has left the chat
[10:10:37 PM] .
[10:10:38 PM] Night Phaedra
[10:10:39 PM] The recording has ended.
[10:10:44 PM] vintagegoodness has left the chat
[10:10:46 PM] same to you attheboutique

[10:10:48 PM] Night Kat
[10:10:54 PM] Night guys!
[10:11:01 PM] night kat
[10:11:03 PM] KimsKorner has left the chat
[10:11:08 PM] :)
[10:11:12 PM] night 47
[10:11:14 PM] See you all tomorrow night!
[10:11:17 PM] bartonpw has left the chat
[10:11:44 PM] Steve1957 has left the chat
[10:11:46 PM] have a great night all
[10:11:58 PM] ebay & Beyond has left the chat
[10:12:01 PM] Mjgurl has left the chat
[10:12:03 PM] g'nite everyone.
[10:12:21 PM] good night
[10:12:22 PM] SimplyDishing has left the chat
[10:12:36 PM] zanb3 is logged into the chat
[10:12:45 PM] auctionwally has hung up
[10:12:47 PM] The Call has ended.
[10:13:08 PM] zanb3 has left the chat
[10:13:32 PM] This entire chat scroll will be posted soon as show notes at
[10:13:57 PM] has left the chat
[10:13:59 PM] oakIslandBoutique has left the chat
[10:14:12 PM] tree411 has left the chat
[10:15:12 PM] Will this show be archived so you can listen to it later?
[10:15:26 PM] okay, am out :) Great show Wally! Susan was excellent!
[10:15:29 PM] yes stubs it will be
[10:15:44 PM] right here on talkshoe you can listen to any episode or download it
[10:15:54 PM] Guest 47 has left the chat
[10:15:59 PM] katbarton has left the chat
[10:16:04 PM] Thanks you.
[10:16:12 PM] welcome :)
[10:17:48 PM] attheboutique has left the chat


Renagade said...

First of all, SO glad to see this on Blogspot!
Second, I want to thank Auctionwally and Pheadra of attheboutique for inviting me to speak on this show. It was a honor to do it.
Thrid, I Apologize for not being able to be in chat and on phone at the same time, on a sorry Dial up, LOL But it was a hoot to read the comments and thank everyone for tuning in. I was very pleased to see that some of my Family and "Real world" friends made it as well. They will help get the word out to buyers!
If ANYONE has a question that they wished was answered better, or any further questions, please feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to help.
Thanks again...Everyone! And hope you all tune in to this show again! It only gets better everyweek!
Susan aka Renagade

Renagade said...

PS...Just for the record...I was drinking Pepsi MAX Only during the show.
BUT did have a shot of Tequila afterwards! LOL Boy did I need it!