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Monday, February 16, 2009

ep12 Brainstorming Bonanzle show notes - Value added first approach

If your new here, these show notes are the chat archive from episode 12 of Brainstorming Bonanzle, an online radio show which you can listen to right here.

I like to think of these show notes as evolving directory of the movers and shakers on Bonanzle, what they're experts in, and what they're talking about.

Scroll the conversation as it surrounds the companion audio podcast. While to the untrained eye, this can look like gibberish, if you know what you looking for, it's extremely relevant content to the subject at had.

These notes serve several purposes:

  • They make an excellent ongoing reference library of the brainstorming content we cover on the show.
  • The links entered by the people in the chat, provide even further usefullness as you learn who is an expert in what, and what lines of products and services they specialize in.
  • The SEO juice is tremendous due to the thousands of keywords entered with every set of show notes, which match up perfectly with the conversation in each episode. Search engines love it when you send the to the information you say your going to send them to!
  • Taken in or out of context, they can be pretty damn funny!

Each episode can be listened to in the player right here on this site, or found at
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[7:58:43 PM] auctionwally is logged into the chat

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[7:59:12 PM attheboutique> and there is the man of the hour, Auction Wally

[7:59:16 PM SunflowerBoutique> I remember when I went from a 300 to 1200 baud modem…wooooohooo smokin

[7:59:59 PM] auctionwally is on the call

[8:00:05 PM] The recording has started.

[8:00:07 PM SunflowerBoutique> hello Wally

[8:00:09 PM] SimplyDishing is logged into the chat

[8:00:14 PM] enngga is logged into the chat

[8:00:34 PM SimplyDishing> hi everyone

[8:00:35 PM] attheboutique is on the call

[8:00:36 PM SunflowerBoutique> we have audio

[8:00:37 PM Renagade> The old modem went half bad..could get on but not good.. got a whole 52kbps WOW! LOL

[8:00:49 PM] reejr123 is logged into the chat

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[8:01:03 PM SimplyDishing> hi Wally

[8:01:06 PM] GildedELegance is logged into the chat

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[8:01:21 PM] enngga is logged into the chat

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[8:01:35 PM] ebay & Beyond is logged into the chat

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[8:02:52 PM ebay & Beyond> OMG she blindsided ME!

[8:02:55 PM attheboutique> 10 AM to Noon EST Saturday’s and seen live via at

[8:02:59 PM SimplyDishing> lol

[8:03:25 PM ebay & Beyond> She tricked me!

[8:03:32 PM SimplyDishing> rofl

[8:03:46 PM ebay & Beyond> I will get even with Phedra!

[8:03:59 PM SimplyDishing> sounds good

[8:04:10 PM attheboutique> “evil spa lady laugh”

[8:04:44 PM] ibbysjewels is logged into the chat

[8:05:04 PM] Tom Murphy is logged into the chat

[8:05:09 PM] enngga has left the chat

[8:05:13 PM ebay & Beyond> Woot Woot!

[8:05:18 PM Renagade> Dave you deserve it BIG time!

[8:05:19 PM SimplyDishing> yea

[8:05:37 PM] enngga is logged into the chat

[8:05:45 PM attheboutique> Tomorrow night Auction Wally interviews Terry Kovel!!!! at 8pm EST

[8:05:45 PM ebay & Beyond> Awww shucks Renagade,,,,,,

[8:06:05 PM] Tom Murphy has left the chat

[8:06:08 PM] Tom Murphy is logged into the chat

[8:06:23 PM] BHWM is logged into the chat

[8:06:23 PM] Guest 8 is logged into the chat

[8:06:28 PM attheboutique>

[8:06:30 PM] enngga has left the chat

[8:06:38 PM] Tom Murphy is on the call

[8:06:41 PM] enngga is logged into the chat

[8:06:50 PM] kayceestudios is logged into the chat

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[8:06:54 PM attheboutique> Link to Wally’s article on How to use Kovel’s guide!!

[8:06:56 PM] enngga is logged into the chat

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[8:07:14 PM] enngga is logged into the chat

[8:07:16 PM SunflowerBoutique> lol

[8:07:17 PM attheboutique>

[8:07:22 PM] EclecticAve is logged into the chat

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[8:07:25 PM attheboutique> Wally’s article on Bonanzle

[8:07:30 PM] enngga is logged into the chat

[8:07:38 PM ebay & Beyond> Winner of Best eBay Alternative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

[8:07:41 PM Renagade> Good article!

[8:07:41 PM attheboutique> Excellent support!!!!

[8:07:41 PM SunflowerBoutique> trampoline

[8:07:52 PM] enngga has left the chat

[8:08:07 PM] enngga is logged into the chat

[8:08:07 PM] katbarton is logged into the chat

[8:08:11 PM attheboutique> Wally’s auction rocked!

[8:08:14 PM SimplyDishing> fun, fun, fun

[8:08:21 PM katbarton> Hi guys.. I made it

[8:08:32 PM Renagade> Hi Kat

[8:08:39 PM SunflowerBoutique> about time

[8:08:40 PM katbarton> Hi Ren

[8:08:41 PM attheboutique> Heya Kat

[8:08:46 PM katbarton> lol…I got lost

[8:08:54 PM SimplyDishing> hey Kat

[8:09:01 PM katbarton> hello all!

[8:09:08 PM attheboutique>

[8:09:23 PM ebay & Beyond> Here is the link to the press release about Bonanzle beating the competition hands down!

[8:09:30 PM attheboutique> The auction was a huge success

[8:09:33 PM ebay & Beyond>

[8:09:36 PM attheboutique> Great write up Dave!

[8:09:39 PM] Guest 9 is logged into the chat

[8:09:42 PM] Guest 8 has left the chat

[8:09:45 PM SimplyDishing> woohoo

[8:09:51 PM ebay & Beyond> February 7th!!!!!

[8:09:55 PM attheboutique> Feb 7 Wally’s second live auction, Saturday

[8:09:56 PM katbarton> the 7th?

[8:10:00 PM attheboutique> The 7th

[8:10:02 PM BrightestBlessings> The third?

[8:10:19 PM] Guest 10 is logged into the chat

[8:10:22 PM katbarton> Wally is tired

[8:10:31 PM katbarton> It’s the 7th right Phae?

[8:10:52 PM ebay & Beyond> Great Bonanzle prize package on my Saturday show!

[8:10:57 PM katbarton> the 3rd is Kovel interview

[8:11:01 PM EclecticAve> I’d be there alone :)

[8:11:02 PM attheboutique> Dave EbayandBeyond:Basics to Business, Anniversary party, 10 am,

[8:11:09 PM] Guest 10 has left the chat

[8:11:10 PM EclecticAve> LOL

[8:11:12 PM attheboutique> I will be there

[8:11:13 PM katbarton> lol..eclectic

[8:11:20 PM Renagade> they have a different calender in Boston!

[8:11:27 PM katbarton> I will be there too! have taxes!

[8:11:30 PM EclecticAve> LOL Ren

[8:11:35 PM katbarton> lol,…Ren

[8:11:57 PM Tom Murphy> I’m not wanting the mike… sorry

[8:12:14 PM ebay & Beyond> Tell all your non Bonanzler friends to listen and or view the ebay & Beyond program Saturday! Great Bonanzle prize package!

[8:12:15 PM attheboutique> Okay Tom

[8:12:26 PM] DudeAndChick is logged into the chat

[8:12:47 PM Renagade> you need to add to this show Tom,,, you could help us out show much!

[8:13:48 PM] Noel’s Nook is logged into the chat

[8:14:14 PM] enngga has left the chat

[8:14:22 PM] enngga is logged into the chat

[8:14:40 PM attheboutique> value added first = trust based marketing

[8:15:47 PM Guest 9> I look at the profiles.

[8:16:00 PM Renagade> Think about it…you then to think of a seller that has helped you, that you have seen around, when it comes time to shop

[8:16:27 PM] ibbysjewels has left the chat

[8:16:32 PM attheboutique> Call in 1 724 444 7444 let me know you want to remain muted

[8:16:45 PM] Tom Murphy has hung up

[8:17:09 PM Renagade> NOW you tell me! Since a got a new modem..

[8:18:13 PM] Guest 11 is logged into the chat

[8:18:13 PM katbarton> not…hard to do internet…working on it

[8:18:16 PM Renagade> Filling out the booth details, and profiles is important!

[8:18:17 PM attheboutique> Lol Ren

[8:18:42 PM attheboutique> Bonanzle value added tools, profile, more booth details, booth chat

[8:18:53 PM katbarton> What should be on profile?

[8:18:54 PM] SherAhnn is logged into the chat

[8:19:07 PM] Guest 11 has left the chat

[8:19:40 PM SherAhnn> wow I finally go here

[8:19:47 PM katbarton> hi SherAnn

[8:19:53 PM SherAhnn> *got here

[8:19:57 PM katbarton> :)

[8:20:11 PM Guest 9> In general, I think that the less anonymous the profile makes a seller, the better. So having other websites and blogs are good…

[8:20:35 PM Guest 9> But even having a good story abuot who you are helps give buyers confidence I’d say.

[8:21:01 PM Renagade> true Guest 9

[8:21:10 PM] cleothinksgreen has left the chat

[8:21:11 PM] BHWM has left the chat

[8:21:13 PM attheboutique> Now we know what it is, how to do it?

[8:21:14 PM SherAhnn> Yes we even have an item in our booth that says about us. So buyers don’t have to go to profile.

[8:21:37 PM Guest 9> That’s creative.

[8:22:06 PM] Guest 12 is logged into the chat

[8:22:14 PM] Noel’s Nook has left the chat

[8:22:14 PM] SunflowerBoutique has left the chat

[8:22:14 PM] Bead Bowl has left the chat

[8:22:14 PM] BrightestBlessings has left the chat

[8:22:15 PM attheboutique> Creative use of the tools avialable, excellent!

[8:22:25 PM SherAhnn> It shows all our certificates including our listing inn Who’s Who for 2000 Millenium Edition.

[8:22:51 PM] Bead Bowl is logged into the chat

[8:22:58 PM] BrightestBlessings is logged into the chat

[8:23:01 PM attheboutique> anyone with thoughts, comments, examples of what you are doing to add value first, give us a call in

[8:23:02 PM] BHWM is logged into the chat

[8:23:13 PM] Noel’s Nook is logged into the chat

[8:23:33 PM katbarton> ???does history and background add value+????

[8:23:44 PM attheboutique> got it, Kat

[8:23:50 PM katbarton> ty

[8:23:52 PM SherAhnn> I have also done many link shares. I have a list of Bonanzle booths on my regular web site.

[8:24:34 PM reejr123> Offer the buyer extra time to make payment. Some need to wait until payday.

[8:24:34 PM SherAhnn> The title says; If you don’t find what you want here, please check out these other bonanzle stores.

[8:25:11 PM SherAhnn> reejr123 I also started the layaway program back in October and gave instructions to other sellers.

[8:25:41 PM SherAhnn> With this economy people need a way to make payments without interest.

[8:25:53 PM attheboutique> 400,000 mentions of auction wally, all due to value added

[8:25:57 PM attheboutique> Wow!

[8:26:16 PM Renagade> I think all of us here that has a blog has mentioned Auctionwally

[8:26:29 PM attheboutique> yes, definitely have, Renegade

[8:26:34 PM SherAhnn> Old days..I sure know about that!

[8:27:05 PM SherAhnn> I have often said that Customer Service has disappeared.

[8:27:13 PM Renagade> The old phrase…one hand washes the other…

[8:27:45 PM] Guest 13 is logged into the chat

[8:28:09 PM attheboutique> any other questions?

[8:28:10 PM katbarton> Chat gives us customer service back

[8:28:30 PM attheboutique> transparency on Bonanzle allows us to provide it, quickly, smoothly and openly

[8:29:45 PM SherAhnn> Gift Certificates are also a good selling tool

[8:30:12 PM BrightestBlessings> Or sends samples to get you hooked on her products.

[8:30:22 PM attheboutique> yes, BB, evil plan!

[8:30:57 PM SherAhnn> Yes Wally I have instructions in my Instruction Booth

[8:30:58 PM Guest 9> Great example Phaedra. It seems like whenever a buyer is helped, they remember it and eventually come back to be a sale or referral.

[8:31:09 PM attheboutique> Yes, they do, guest 9

[8:31:26 PM kayceestudios> I design digital scrapbooking kits, I give away freebies with every order and I design the Bonanzle holiday graphics

[8:31:31 PM Guest 9> And Bonanzle provides a uniquely good opportunity to help…

[8:31:36 PM SherAhnn> I set up an Information Booth for Tips and Tricks for sellers.

[8:31:38 PM] The Savvy Seller is logged into the chat

[8:31:44 PM] Guest 14 is logged into the chat

[8:32:11 PM SherAhnn> the addy is

[8:32:17 PM SherAhnn> for Informaion

[8:32:20 PM kayceestudios> I also have started a Bonanzle Basics article area on the TMT News Network to help provide info to sellers

[8:32:31 PM Guest 12> Do you thing the forums add value of any kind?

[8:32:49 PM Guest 12> think?

[8:32:52 PM SherAhnn> Yes, lets help sellers in any venue we can.

[8:32:54 PM katbarton> on phone brb

[8:33:00 PM kayceestudios> I think the forums CAN add value, not all of them do, but some are very helpful

[8:33:09 PM katbarton> watching chat

[8:33:11 PM attheboutique> got it, guest 12, in my thoughts, if used correctly

[8:33:34 PM kayceestudios> simplydishing

[8:33:44 PM Renagade> I started a thread on helping buyers finding the music they are looking for…and many of the music dealers are joining in.

[8:33:57 PM attheboutique> That is excellent Ren

[8:33:59 PM SherAhnn> In my About Us item in the booth it also lists all my experience in the past, groups I belong to, charities I support, etc.

[8:34:03 PM Guest 9> With the new categories, there are forums that can help sellers be helpful experts in a given area.

[8:34:25 PM attheboutique> Guest 9, that is an excellent point, as those are new for us.

[8:34:46 PM SimplyDishing> ty Wally

[8:35:03 PM SherAhnn> I wrote a Review on E-bay about Crochet and how to instructions.

[8:35:18 PM Renagade> Going to get more involved in them guest 9 …the music one for sure!

[8:35:24 PM kayceestudios> I also wrote Digital Scrapbooking guides for eBay as well

[8:35:36 PM GildedELegance> When do you sleep Sher?

[8:35:49 PM Guest 9> Never saw those on eBay… guides may be a good addition to the category pages…

[8:35:51 PM SherAhnn> I answer all questions for someone who wants to learn crochet or knitting..Since a lot of my items are hand made.

[8:35:54 PM The Savvy Seller> buyers want to have a sense of confidence & security when they buy online so maybe your profile can fill that need also

[8:36:02 PM The Savvy Seller> .

[8:36:24 PM Renagade> How many sellers has helped a customer find a product that you didnt have?

[8:36:26 PM SimplyDishing> very true Phae

[8:36:38 PM Guest 12> shouldn’t the profile be a way to state a mission?

[8:36:59 PM] The Savvy Seller has left the chat

[8:36:59 PM SimplyDishing> I know enough people to get the customer what they are looking for

[8:37:01 PM enngga> I have I

[8:37:11 PM] The Savvy Seller is logged into the chat

[8:37:11 PM SherAhnn> I don’t sleep..I have 3 booths on bonanzle and my main web site and I do web site maintenance for others from about 2 AM to 6 AM when sites not busy

[8:37:33 PM SimplyDishing> and you are smart Phae. You know your business

[8:37:47 PM Guest 9> And she’s extremely well spoken in the forums! :)

[8:37:49 PM Renagade> ok Sher,,,you can help me sometime! LOL

[8:38:16 PM attheboutique> Okay, blushing over here, lol. Bonanzle has a wonderful community of intelligent people

[8:38:20 PM Guest 12> too bad all of the regulars are not so well spoken

[8:38:38 PM SherAhnn> I love the interaction on bonanzle with the forums, booth chat, email and quick text. Easy to contact people.

[8:38:38 PM Renagade> Review others profiles…and tweek yours as needed….

[8:38:44 PM attheboutique> Not a resume, but information well written as it applies to your business

[8:38:55 PM attheboutique> yet, personable

[8:39:12 PM] SunflowerBoutique is logged into the chat

[8:39:25 PM SherAhnn> Yes personable but with interesting facts.

[8:39:42 PM Renagade> You have to know when to be over the top proffessional and when to be freindly

[8:40:20 PM SherAhnn> Yeh Renagade, You dont want to be too boreing…lol

[8:40:30 PM SunflowerBoutique> my profile sux

[8:40:36 PM Guest 9> hahha

[8:40:39 PM attheboutique> Make it engaging

[8:40:47 PM attheboutique> My profile needs work, definitely

[8:40:55 PM SherAhnn> I try to joke on the forums to let others know that I am open and friendly

[8:41:06 PM SimplyDishing> I think mine does too

[8:41:07 PM attheboutique> to me it is always a work in progress

[8:41:14 PM katbarton> still here

[8:41:24 PM SherAhnn> ahhh Sun..I am sure you can say some good things about yourself

[8:41:25 PM Guest 9> It’s hard to find the right mix of being concise and being substantive.

[8:41:56 PM Renagade> A good profile, booth details, are never done…you can always improve it… Same with a homepage, myspace page, blog…

[8:42:03 PM] Guest 14 has left the chat

[8:42:12 PM Guest 9> How long do you think is too long for a profile?

[8:42:14 PM Guest 12> unfortunately we are getting a reputation outside of BZ for the boards and it is not all good.

[8:42:28 PM] cleothinksgreen is logged into the chat

[8:42:30 PM attheboutique> One to two paragraphs, beyond that I will lose interest

[8:42:34 PM SunflowerBoutique> yeah, I have a rough draft I am working on

[8:42:42 PM Renagade> you change, your goals change…and the profile wchanges with them..

[8:42:54 PM SherAhnn> Well keeping the forum Positive is a responsibility for all as well

[8:42:58 PM SimplyDishing> luv what you did Wally

[8:43:13 PM Guest 9> So maybe two profile paragraphs, then a link to the booth details, where a couple more paragraphs about the booth itself..?

[8:43:16 PM attheboutique> Would love to hear tips on what is in my profile

[8:43:23 PM SimplyDishing> very true Renegade

[8:43:28 PM attheboutique> That is a great idea guest 9

[8:43:42 PM attheboutique> KISS

[8:43:58 PM Guest 9> heheh

[8:44:08 PM SherAhnn> As you gain experience you can add that also like how long you have been on bonanzle

[8:44:16 PM attheboutique> anyone ready to call in? GUEST 9, gonna out you lol

[8:44:39 PM Guest 12> he’s already outed lol

[8:44:39 PM Renagade> Short sweet but enough to make them feel good about buying from you

[8:44:42 PM Guest 7> Hi its Oshun, just getting up to speed y Q is: more info in profile or more booth info? I keep my profile short my more info is just that: Information

[8:44:58 PM Renagade> gettem Girl…come on guest 9

[8:45:08 PM Guest 9> Wat

[8:45:11 PM attheboutique> Heya Oshun = guest 7

[8:45:17 PM] vintagegoodness has left the chat

[8:45:17 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat

[8:45:22 PM Guest 7> heya all

[8:45:22 PM SherAhnn> Also I did a Google seach under my name SherAhnn. It picks up all the sites that I am involved in

[8:45:26 PM Guest 9> What’d I do? Just a helpful chatter… ;)

[8:45:33 PM attheboutique> ;)

[8:45:34 PM Renagade> Hey Oshun

[8:45:41 PM SherAhnn> some buyers will Google you

[8:45:46 PM attheboutique> Keep it coming guest 9

[8:45:52 PM SherAhnn> Hi Oshun

[8:45:53 PM SimplyDishing> Oshun got my items today. Luv those sample, thx

[8:46:12 PM Renagade> Guest 9….you have alot more to add than you can type…call in

[8:46:13 PM SunflowerBoutique> I almost clicked close booth last night after my Bonanza

[8:46:14 PM SimplyDishing> Will be back for the real ones, lol

[8:46:27 PM Guest 12> come on Mark givem a call

[8:46:52 PM SherAhnn> Wally you just said Copyright ?

[8:47:08 PM Guest 12> hey watch the cats

[8:47:12 PM Tom Murphy> Kick the Cat???

[8:47:21 PM attheboutique> LOl, okay being PC here, kick the Wall!

[8:47:23 PM SherAhnn> If anyone needs information on design copyrights they can contact me.

[8:47:32 PM Renagade> no no dont kick the cat!

[8:47:48 PM Guest 12> copyright is automatic on pulblished text and pictures

[8:48:07 PM SherAhnn> You can also file a design copyright

[8:48:17 PM SherAhnn> I have some items Trade Marked also

[8:48:44 PM Guest 12> First thing I disagree with att for the first time tonight

[8:49:54 PM attheboutique> What would be that be, guest 12?

[8:50:01 PM SherAhnn> ooops sorry

[8:50:10 PM BrightestBlessings> write

[8:50:15 PM attheboutique> good grammar but not good copy write

[8:50:17 PM Guest 12> about the snarky comments being made having value

[8:50:33 PM SherAhnn> yes Wally

[8:50:42 PM Guest 12> copy = advertising

[8:51:00 PM BrightestBlessings> lol

[8:51:14 PM attheboutique> but they will happen, we cannot control others only ourselves, and you just never know

[8:51:30 PM attheboutique> would love to see them not happen definitely :)

[8:51:33 PM Guest 12> they are affecting the site in a negative way

[8:51:49 PM Renagade> Big time guest 12

[8:51:54 PM attheboutique> I was not discussing them in that context, 12

[8:52:04 PM SherAhnn> we also have some help page on how to insert symbols such as the copyright symbol and the tm symbol

[8:52:30 PM Guest 12> I understand that but I was pointing out if we are going to say that the forums have a way of adding value

[8:52:57 PM Guest 9> There will never be a community of tens of thousands of people where snarky comments aren’t made.

[8:53:02 PM SimplyDishing> Sher I need to find out how to put the registered trademark in the descriptions

[8:53:10 PM Guest 12> then we are directing people to a forum that is starting to get a reputation for being less than we may want

[8:53:12 PM Guest 9> I think Phaedra has it right — extract value if it’s there, ignore if not.

[8:53:14 PM Renagade> much better

[8:53:34 PM SherAhnn> ok Simply contact me after the show

[8:53:51 PM SunflowerBoutique> i do the same thing

[8:54:07 PM Guest 12> There are few if any forums that don’t post guidelines for users

[8:54:25 PM Guest 12> Guest “9″ lol

[8:54:36 PM SimplyDishing> will do. Ty so much!

[8:54:40 PM Guest 7> OOps, not paying attention…I’m glad you enjoyed them SimplyDishing!

[8:54:42 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[8:54:49 PM] oakIslandBoutique is logged into the chat

[8:55:04 PM Guest 12> How do you add value for buyers through the forums

[8:55:07 PM SherAhnn> You are always welcome to any help I can give.

[8:55:13 PM] Tom Murphy has left the chat

[8:55:13 PM] Tom Murphy is logged into the chat

[8:55:21 PM Guest 12> that’s and UNDERSTATEMENT

[8:55:26 PM attheboutique> Many that I have helped, have come to me for skin care help

[8:55:27 PM Guest 12> yes

[8:55:29 PM Renagade> True, and Bonanzle has given alot of freedom and some sellers have been keeping then good BUT many use it just as a rah rah section and fun…

[8:55:31 PM] Tom Murphy has left the chat

[8:55:38 PM] Tom Murphy is logged into the chat

[8:55:52 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[8:55:54 PM SherAhnn> Hi Tom

[8:56:04 PM Guest 12> I have even seen it referred to now as the starving baboon troops on PSU

[8:56:23 PM Renagade> ouch!

[8:56:29 PM SunflowerBoutique> lol

[8:56:37 PM attheboutique>

[8:56:38 PM Guest 12> repeat please wally

[8:56:44 PM Guest 12> your going in and out

[8:56:45 PM SherAhnn> How many buyers check the PSU site?

[8:56:59 PM Guest 12> does it matter?

[8:57:07 PM SimplyDishing> not any more

[8:57:08 PM attheboutique> If it is a toxic area for you stay away from it

[8:57:19 PM Renagade> I get alot of hits from PSU…so some many be coming from there

[8:57:26 PM Guest 12> you can’t keep customers away from it

[8:57:37 PM attheboutique> is Wally breaking up to you?

[8:57:40 PM Guest 12> we get a lot of hits from there too

[8:57:42 PM BrightestBlessings> yes

[8:57:42 PM Guest 9> Yes

[8:57:43 PM EclecticAve> yes

[8:57:43 PM Guest 12> yes

[8:57:46 PM DudeAndChick> yes

[8:57:49 PM SunflowerBoutique> your breaking up

[8:57:53 PM oakIslandBoutique> yep

[8:57:58 PM SherAhnn> I would like a forum for just jokes and fun stuff.

[8:57:59 PM Renagade> you are breaking up

[8:58:01 PM GildedELegance> yes

[8:58:05 PM Guest 12> yes

[8:58:05 PM ebay & Beyond> yes

[8:58:05 PM Tom Murphy> Phaedra is fine… Wally is broken up

[8:58:07 PM BrightestBlessings> yes

[8:58:08 PM] tree411 is logged into the chat

[8:58:08 PM EclecticAve> yes ty

[8:58:09 PM SunflowerBoutique> yes

[8:58:10 PM kayceestudios> Yes, there’s so many forums full of fluff and make no sense to sales, it really is a waste of time

[8:58:11 PM SimplyDishing> yes

[8:58:12 PM GildedELegance> yes

[8:58:13 PM oakIslandBoutique> much better

[8:58:15 PM Tom Murphy> Much Better

[8:58:19 PM DudeAndChick> Yes!

[8:58:19 PM SherAhnn> We do need these from time to time to relieve stress.

[8:58:39 PM BrightestBlessings> Not on the forums

[8:59:18 PM Guest 12> Here is the single most important question…..Is Bonanzle a social community or a place provided to conduct business?

[8:59:23 PM oakIslandBoutique> Amen!

[8:59:26 PM SherAhnn> Good Idea Wally

[8:59:26 PM kayceestudios> Its both

[8:59:36 PM kayceestudios> need to separate them

[8:59:39 PM SimplyDishing> good suggestion Wally

[8:59:40 PM SherAhnn> Guest It is Both

[8:59:41 PM SunflowerBoutique> too many

[8:59:42 PM Guest 12> It does not

[8:59:54 PM Renagade> If Bonanzle was to set up a playtime section would it be used?

[8:59:55 PM] tree411 has left the chat

[8:59:56 PM] tree411 is logged into the chat

[8:59:56 PM DudeAndChick> I agree, there should definitely be separate forums for business and pleasure

[9:00:05 PM] Bead Bowl has left the chat

[9:00:16 PM SherAhnn> We are advertised as the friendly site

[9:00:19 PM Tom Murphy> There is a tremendous amount of sharing being done on TBN=The Bonanzle Network on ning.. and thankfully, at least now, not much fluff

[9:00:20 PM] Bead Bowl is logged into the chat

[9:00:25 PM] tree411 is on the call

[9:00:34 PM SimplyDishing> woohooo

[9:00:45 PM Guest 12> The forums on BZ are terrible

[9:00:46 PM kayceestudios> You can be friendly with separate forums

[9:00:54 PM Guest 12> you can’t keep track of post you have read

[9:01:02 PM SherAhnn> Yes separate forums

[9:01:03 PM Renagade> I hate to try to find a good thread and have to wade though a bunch of “fun” threads to get to the meat

[9:01:03 PM Guest 12> you can’t follow a post

[9:01:13 PM Guest 12> there are no rules

[9:01:18 PM kayceestudios> you can’t even track the ones you have posted to very easily either

[9:01:28 PM SherAhnn> thats also why I set up the Information Booth to save some of those HELP posts.

[9:01:29 PM Guest 12> you thoughts GUEST 9?

[9:01:42 PM] Renagade has left the chat

[9:01:44 PM] Guest 9 has left the chat

[9:01:45 PM] Guest 15 is logged into the chat

[9:01:46 PM SunflowerBoutique> sure can’t posts are buried as fast as you can post them

[9:01:50 PM attheboutique> Bookmark the ones you want to keep for now, till changes are made

[9:01:50 PM attheboutique> .

[9:01:54 PM SherAhnn> anyone who wants a post added to the Information Booth please contact me.

[9:02:04 PM SimplyDishing> @sun they are quickly

[9:02:07 PM attheboutique> .

[9:02:14 PM Tom Murphy> The Bonanzle Network - TBN -

[9:02:21 PM Guest 12> do forums need guidelines to be affective?

[9:02:27 PM attheboutique>

[9:02:40 PM oakIslandBoutique> not much

[9:02:40 PM SherAhnn> I have tried to save the help posts in that booth.

[9:02:58 PM SherAhnn>

[9:03:00 PM Guest 12> is it only the last post that comes up in Google?

[9:03:06 PM attheboutique> tree411 are you on call to comment? or to be able to hear??

[9:03:27 PM] Renagade is logged into the chat

[9:03:34 PM] Guest 16 is logged into the chat

[9:03:38 PM Tom Murphy> The CATS again Wally!!

[9:03:40 PM Guest 12> does anyone know?

[9:03:44 PM SimplyDishing> no they all show up

[9:03:49 PM Tom Murphy> Leave them alone!

[9:03:55 PM attheboutique> LOL, Tom

[9:04:01 PM cleothinksgreen>

[9:04:06 PM] tree411 has left the chat

[9:04:08 PM Guest 12> evolve what? the boards? or the rules?

[9:04:15 PM SunflowerBoutique> yup

[9:04:32 PM Guest 12> evolve what?

[9:04:33 PM BrightestBlessings>

[9:04:34 PM oakIslandBoutique> I skip the games

[9:04:35 PM SimplyDishing> you did good Wally

[9:04:44 PM SherAhnn> Still saying the help posts are saved in the Information booth

[9:04:54 PM] DudeAndChick has left the chat

[9:04:55 PM] reejr123 has left the chat

[9:04:55 PM katbarton>

[9:05:05 PM kayceestudios> great toxicity blog BTW

[9:05:08 PM SherAhnn> I try to send a link to that booth when people have questions

[9:05:26 PM BrightestBlessings>

[9:05:26 PM Guest 12> breaking yp

[9:05:28 PM Guest 12> up

[9:05:29 PM katbarton>

[9:05:39 PM SherAhnn> or my main booth

[9:05:41 PM oakIslandBoutique> miss your answer

[9:05:50 PM] Guest 15 has left the chat

[9:05:51 PM katbarton>

[9:06:04 PM Guest 12> ATT that is great for sellers but how do you direct buyers?

[9:06:07 PM SherAhnn> I try to ignore the nasty posts and hope they go away

[9:06:31 PM Tom Murphy>

[9:06:38 PM SherAhnn> dont comment and they will soon go down

[9:06:49 PM Renagade> http:// tom

[9:06:50 PM Guest 16> Or tag them away.

[9:07:03 PM SunflowerBoutique> then you feel less may be more on the boards?

[9:07:05 PM attheboutique>

[9:07:13 PM Guest 12> It is already affecting us as sellers and the sight as a whole. Does anyone think it would be helpful to contact BZ as a group to voice our concerns

[9:07:15 PM] tree411 is logged into the chat

[9:07:16 PM Renagade>

[9:07:23 PM EclecticAve>

[9:07:29 PM katbarton>

[9:07:36 PM GildedELegance>

[9:07:37 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[9:07:37 PM tree411> yeah…i made it in

[9:07:41 PM SherAhnn> Maybe we need a chat room for just general chit chat and rants and jokes etc.

[9:07:43 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[9:07:47 PM katbarton>

[9:07:48 PM tree411> hi everyone

[9:07:51 PM attheboutique> I think the boards need separation as Wally pointed out, Mark and Bill are highly intelligent they will work it out

[9:07:57 PM Bead Bowl>

[9:08:00 PM attheboutique> patience

[9:08:03 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[9:08:07 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[9:08:19 PM SimplyDishing> the forums have changed

[9:08:22 PM Tom Murphy> Sorry, should be

[9:08:36 PM EclecticAve>

[9:08:39 PM BrightestBlessings>

[9:08:39 PM ebay & Beyond> Oh no! Not another learning experience

[9:08:40 PM Guest 12> lol

[9:08:41 PM attheboutique>

[9:08:43 PM Renagade> I think they have made the first step already Att

[9:08:45 PM kayceestudios>

[9:08:51 PM attheboutique> LOL, Dave

[9:08:54 PM Guest 12> Ok can we take a poll?

[9:08:56 PM attheboutique> I agree, Ren

[9:08:57 PM] DudeAndChick is logged into the chat

[9:08:59 PM katbarton>

[9:09:02 PM ebay & Beyond> Jocularity!

[9:09:09 PM Renagade> ROFL Dave!

[9:09:15 PM Guest 12> Is Bonanzle a social site or a site provided to conduct business?

[9:09:19 PM attheboutique> so back to Value added, where else would you use it?

[9:09:21 PM SunflowerBoutique> like the amazon boards…lol

[9:09:23 PM katbarton>

[9:09:25 PM SherAhnn> Hi Dude

[9:09:28 PM Guest 16> Why the “or”?

[9:09:35 PM] reejr123 is logged into the chat

[9:09:37 PM Guest 16> I think the point is that it’s AND.

[9:09:44 PM Renagade> Quit the BIG words Dave! ..I hate to think!

[9:09:45 PM EclecticAve>

[9:09:47 PM kayceestudios> AMEN

[9:09:50 PM DudeAndChick> Hi SherAhnn

[9:09:51 PM SimplyDishing> amen Wally

[9:09:51 PM attheboutique> Where else, what else can we do or are you doing to add value first

[9:09:57 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[9:10:00 PM Guest 12> so the main boards would be the ones upfront and the social boards would be where?

[9:10:07 PM ebay & Beyond> Sorry Renagade! Promise no more!

[9:10:12 PM Guest 12> one link away?

[9:10:15 PM SunflowerBoutique> hidden from buyers?

[9:10:33 PM Guest 12> it is the same group of people causing trouble from the start

[9:10:41 PM Guest 12> that has not evolved

[9:10:42 PM auctionwally> I see you Tree, I’m going to take your call.

[9:10:51 PM ebay & Beyond> Oh Oh, Mark and Bill’s heads are swelling now! LMBO

[9:11:12 PM Guest 12> so how do we turn a negative to a positive?

[9:11:18 PM Renagade> Heck, there already is a Fun and Games section, yet we still see word games etc in general

[9:11:19 PM SherAhnn> I bet Bill and Mark were up all night last night with new users

[9:11:27 PM oakIslandBoutique> LOL

[9:11:28 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[9:11:36 PM SunflowerBoutique> I tend to agree with you somewhat guest 12

[9:11:57 PM Guest 12> Hi Mark

[9:12:02 PM Renagade> Hey Cindy!!!

[9:12:46 PM Guest 12> any ideas?

[9:12:49 PM Tom Murphy> you might want to mention TalkShoe Pro Wally.. Free and easy

[9:13:03 PM ebay & Beyond> Hi Cindy!

[9:13:04 PM attheboutique> Thanks for the tips, Cindy

[9:13:07 PM Guest 12> hi cindy

[9:13:10 PM SunflowerBoutique> hello Cindy

[9:13:18 PM BrightestBlessings> Hi Cindy!

[9:13:20 PM Bead Bowl> Hi Cindy

[9:13:27 PM Renagade> Its Ernies Mom!

[9:13:28 PM oakIslandBoutique> Hello Cindy!!

[9:13:31 PM ebay & Beyond> Oh sure Walt!

[9:13:32 PM Guest 16> HEhehe.

[9:14:01 PM attheboutique>

[9:14:15 PM Renagade>

[9:14:17 PM ebay & Beyond> I know where Plover is!

[9:14:30 PM Renagade> oh oh great minds think alike!

[9:14:34 PM BrightestBlessings>

[9:14:41 PM attheboutique> food for thought “value” in this context, the value consumers perceive to themselves.

[9:14:44 PM Guest 12> buyers are more educated now just as sellers are. Lots of buyers investigate what a sight is about before they use it.

[9:14:47 PM SherAhnn> Speaking of vintage and retro..I would like better categories for them

[9:15:05 PM attheboutique> Ernie is having fun!!

[9:15:06 PM Renagade> super Blog Brighest Blessings… MUST READ!

[9:15:06 PM SherAhnn> maybe on the style of TIAS

[9:15:15 PM Guest 12> I agree

[9:15:23 PM Renagade> Hug my Ernie for me!

[9:15:25 PM Bead Bowl> Hi Ernie!

[9:15:38 PM attheboutique> Value-added Services: services that enhance a basic product

[9:15:41 PM ebay & Beyond> That is great Cindy

[9:15:42 PM SherAhnn> If the Boyz look at TIAS categories they can get some ideas

[9:16:01 PM Renagade> Have a pic of Ernie on my frig…he is a doll!

[9:16:05 PM Guest 12> One of the only things that Bonanzle is doing wrong is the same thing a lot of start ups do. Using eBays main categories but BZ is not going further

[9:16:07 PM Guest 12> with them

[9:16:15 PM attheboutique> Thanks for sharing, Cindy!!

[9:16:34 PM SherAhnn> Yes guest 12 ..I have asked and asked that GLASS be separated

[9:16:43 PM The Savvy Seller> Mark Dorsey is going to be my podcast guest on March 3 at 4pm EST. You’re welcome to listen/join in the chat room and ask questions if that helps

[9:16:50 PM Guest 12> I have asked for it since AUGUST

[9:16:52 PM Guest 16> Guest 12: I think I finally have a guess at your identity :)

[9:16:53 PM attheboutique> Link, Link , Link

[9:16:57 PM SherAhnn> It surely has enough different items to have its own category

[9:17:06 PM] Noel’s Nook has left the chat

[9:17:07 PM SimplyDishing> Post it Savvy please

[9:17:11 PM Renagade> Really need to expand some of the Catogories …records, books, etc…

[9:17:14 PM SherAhnn> Instead of being buried in POTTERY..!!!

[9:17:19 PM Guest 12> lol okay 3 tries

[9:17:20 PM attheboutique> Mark your calenders, Mark Dorsey on the Savvy Seller, On March 3 at 4 pm Est!!!!

[9:17:24 PM Guest 16> 1. Lisa

[9:17:27 PM Tom Murphy> Bill of Bonanzle is a member of TBN - The Bonanzle Network. He is ofte on the chats there…

[9:17:28 PM Guest 16> 2. Lisa

[9:17:36 PM Guest 12> lol wrong sex

[9:17:38 PM The Savvy Seller> - Mark Dorsey

[9:17:41 PM attheboutique>

[9:17:44 PM SherAhnn> Who is going to browse down the categories to Potter to find the Glass category?

[9:17:48 PM Guest 12> but close

[9:17:51 PM SunflowerBoutique> got that right, I sold my living room furniture to have more room

[9:18:05 PM Guest 16> Close but wrong sex? I might not be that close… :)

[9:18:15 PM Guest 12> lol m you are too funny

[9:18:38 PM katbarton>

[9:18:43 PM Guest 16> I’m racking my brain…

[9:18:45 PM Tom Murphy> audio gone??

[9:18:51 PM BrightestBlessings> no

[9:18:54 PM Guest 12> got any fat momma jokes?

[9:18:55 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[9:18:55 PM SimplyDishing> no

[9:19:00 PM katbarton>

[9:19:07 PM Guest 16> No way…! YOu??

[9:19:08 PM Guest 12> no

[9:19:09 PM BrightestBlessings> NO

[9:19:10 PM SherAhnn> I just did a trade today with another seller.

[9:19:14 PM ebay & Beyond> Nope I still have it

[9:19:14 PM Renagade> They are here…most of mine are sign up and buy the same day…

[9:19:15 PM SimplyDishing> no

[9:19:17 PM] Tom Murphy has left the chat

[9:19:18 PM DudeAndChick> no we have sound

[9:19:19 PM katbarton>

[9:19:21 PM SherAhnn> That is another way to sell.

[9:19:34 PM katbarton>

[9:19:36 PM Guest 12> pleas do share

[9:19:36 PM Guest 16> Guest 12: LOL.

[9:19:37 PM SherAhnn> Barter or Trade is in my booth

[9:19:41 PM Guest 12> lol

[9:19:53 PM Guest 16> Well I’m glad you stopped by.

[9:19:54 PM katbarton>

[9:19:59 PM Guest 12> u2

[9:20:29 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[9:20:43 PM Bead Bowl> Yes it is

[9:20:49 PM SimplyDishing> yes it’s cool

[9:20:53 PM Renagade> They are setting it up Cindy

[9:21:03 PM BrightestBlessings> They are

[9:21:12 PM Guest 12> so no. 16 is the new hand picked list showing as pics on home page going to be weighted by membership?

[9:21:18 PM SunflowerBoutique> yea I have posted on a few

[9:21:21 PM oakIslandBoutique> .

[9:21:30 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[9:21:31 PM BrightestBlessings> go down close to the bottom and you will see the threads

[9:21:32 PM Bead Bowl> Each category has a forum.

[9:21:56 PM Guest 12> Yes but those forums are harder to get to and getting less exposure

[9:22:06 PM Guest 7> Thats a great place to spaek to buyers!

[9:22:09 PM Renagade> They need to get them more to the front or bigger…you can miss the links for the new forums..

[9:22:10 PM] Tom Murphy is logged into the chat

[9:22:15 PM] Tom Murphy has left the chat

[9:22:42 PM Guest 7> Should take some of the pressure off the promotion forum

[9:22:46 PM Renagade> BUT!!!! how do we make sure they the new forums dont become like the others…????

[9:22:48 PM Guest 12> the buyers won’t find those forums first because of the way the main forum is set up

[9:22:52 PM EclecticAve> yes, there is

[9:23:02 PM Guest 12> some guidelines would be helpful

[9:23:08 PM] Tom Murphy is logged into the chat

[9:23:29 PM ebay & Beyond> OK Mark, watch your fingers!

[9:23:33 PM Tom Murphy> Back!

[9:23:46 PM SherAhnn> Some forums have moderaters that can remove a post

[9:23:54 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[9:24:00 PM SunflowerBoutique> lol

[9:24:00 PM] Guest 16 has left the chat

[9:24:01 PM oakIslandBoutique> Thanks Cindy!

[9:24:07 PM Guest 12> yes but BZ is promoting the ebay way of doing it. self policing

[9:24:10 PM Renagade> I have seen moderaters RUIN a site!

[9:24:13 PM attheboutique> Thanks for joining in, Cindy

[9:24:14 PM SimplyDishing> it’s on the Buy page Wally

[9:24:15 PM kayceestudios> moderators would be a good idea

[9:24:25 PM Renagade> NO mods!

[9:24:28 PM SunflowerBoutique> no moderators

[9:24:30 PM Guest 7> most members are not in the forums, so most promotion there is to other sellers. These category promotions should speak to buyers

[9:24:41 PM SherAhnn> well I dont like forum Police

[9:25:09 PM ebay & Beyond> And you will deliver the items

[9:25:10 PM Renagade> ROFL!!

[9:25:11 PM Tom Murphy> Two United Tickets on the way Wally, with a Hotel Voucher for the Peninsula Hotel

[9:25:13 PM kayceestudios> its not necessarily police, just keeping topics on focus of the subject at hand

[9:25:14 PM Guest 12> you mean the self policing or guidelins?

[9:25:18 PM SunflowerBoutique> common sense in the forums

[9:25:21 PM Guest 12> sheAhnn?

[9:25:29 PM SimplyDishing> awww Wally

[9:25:34 PM Tom Murphy> Could not afford First Class Wally, but you will be in Business Class

[9:25:48 PM] Guest 17 is logged into the chat

[9:25:49 PM] Guest 7 has left the chat

[9:25:53 PM Guest 12> sherAnn?

[9:25:59 PM SherAhnn> I mean anyone coming in and Policing the forums

[9:26:00 PM Tom Murphy> hey, don’t damage the merchandise

[9:26:04 PM Tom Murphy> stop shaking them!

[9:26:10 PM Guest 17> Ah this damn thing freezes every 15 mins.

[9:26:19 PM ebay & Beyond> Stop looking at the chat board Walt

[9:26:22 PM SherAhnn> Telling people that they cant post there, etc

[9:26:23 PM Guest 17> I blame IE7.

[9:26:25 PM Tom Murphy> Send your folks to TBN Wally

[9:26:31 PM Renagade> Ignore the BS…respond to the relevant….and the forums will be good

[9:26:35 PM Guest 12> you mean the ability for a group to get together and send a topic to arguments?

[9:26:38 PM Tom Murphy>

[9:26:44 PM EclecticAve> Tom is in HK? Can e swing by the Philippines and say hi to my family?

[9:26:47 PM SherAhnn> Right Renagade

[9:26:57 PM SherAhnn> Ignore and it will go

[9:27:02 PM Tom Murphy> Sure, Manila?

[9:27:10 PM EclecticAve> yes, Tom!

[9:27:13 PM ebay & Beyond> Can’t make technology work, just play with it!

[9:27:17 PM Guest 17> I’ve missed your last 5 mins of arguments Guest 12, but am listening.

[9:27:18 PM Guest 12> I have seen a lot of good questions sent to quarrels because a certain group did not like it

[9:27:19 PM attheboutique> Bonanzlers Network, Marketing Chat every Friday Night

[9:27:19 PM attheboutique> ,

[9:27:20 PM attheboutique> ,

[9:27:24 PM Tom Murphy> enroute

[9:27:28 PM Guest 12> lol 17

[9:27:30 PM ebay & Beyond> Sure, let me be the fool

[9:27:32 PM EclecticAve> LOL!

[9:27:33 PM SunflowerBoutique> they are being sent to quarrels guest 12

[9:27:37 PM SherAhnn> No you can tag posts thats ok

[9:27:39 PM Guest 12> I know

[9:27:42 PM The Savvy Seller> no Dave you’re the pioneer LOL

[9:27:55 PM SherAhnn> but coming down on a poster for their post is childish

[9:27:56 PM attheboutique> 10 AM to Noon EST Saturday’s and seen live via at

[9:27:58 PM SunflowerBoutique> I agree with you on that

[9:27:59 PM Guest 12> I have gotten emails asking me to tag topics to send them there

[9:28:00 PM Renagade> Amen Savvy

[9:28:22 PM Guest 12> no audio

[9:28:30 PM Guest 17> I’ve got audio.

[9:28:31 PM The Savvy Seller> Dave - we’re all right behind you ….:-)

[9:28:34 PM Guest 12> back

[9:29:09 PM Renagade> Guest 12…only YOU can decide itf you need to do that

[9:29:10 PM] Noel’s Nook is logged into the chat

[9:29:11 PM Tom Murphy> “I have gotten emails asking me to tag topics to send them there” - Where Guest12

[9:29:21 PM SimplyDishing> very true Phae, we know too well, lol

[9:29:32 PM Guest 12> that is my point. It is a concerted effort by a group.

[9:29:42 PM Renagade> quarrels Tom… in the forums

[9:29:44 PM SherAhnn> Yes..I sold some shade pulls and then explained to the buyer different ways to install them

[9:29:48 PM Bead Bowl> Outstanding reading

[9:29:56 PM The Savvy Seller> love your blogs attheboutique -

[9:29:59 PM Guest 12> of self appointed police

[9:30:03 PM SherAhnn> I also give washing instructions on all fashion items

[9:30:15 PM ebay & Beyond> Sorry had to step away for a minute

[9:30:19 PM Guest 12> that are running amok

[9:30:35 PM SimplyDishing> that’s nice of you Sher

[9:30:41 PM SherAhnn> Yes Guest 12

[9:30:43 PM tree411> I can hear and see..Whoopie.

[9:30:44 PM Tom Murphy> Bonanzlers Network, Marketing Chat every Friday Night

[9:30:47 PM Guest 12> beating a dead horse?

[9:30:52 PM SunflowerBoutique> I am getting traffic off twitter I have noticed

[9:31:21 PM BrightestBlessings> Tom what time and time zone?

[9:31:22 PM GildedELegance> That’s great Sun

[9:31:24 PM ebay & Beyond> Just posted a new blog

[9:31:26 PM Renagade> Would you recommend more than one blog?

[9:31:28 PM SherAhnn> keywords and meta tags have also changed over the years

[9:31:40 PM Guest 12> auctionbytes is doing a questionaire on social tools and whether we feel they help

[9:31:48 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[9:31:54 PM Guest 12> anyone here fill it out?

[9:32:12 PM SherAhnn> Yes I love auctionbytes that where I head of bonanzle

[9:32:15 PM auctionwally>

[9:32:21 PM BrightestBlessings> ?????Tom what time and time zone on the market chat Friday?

[9:32:31 PM SunflowerBoutique> I feel it helps

[9:32:40 PM Tom Murphy> Bonanzlers Network, Marketing Chat every Friday Night 7:00 PM Central Time

[9:32:46 PM Renagade> out a Tweet dummy…how do you all do the RT ??

[9:32:50 PM Guest 12> it would be interesting if in fact the social tools are helpful to sellers in on line marketing

[9:32:54 PM BrightestBlessings> Thank you Tom!

[9:33:07 PM oakIslandBoutique> two shows

[9:33:08 PM The Savvy Seller> I filled out the auctionbytes questionnaire = did you?

[9:33:09 PM SherAhnn> Yes on the welcome posts there are a lot of spam messages

[9:33:11 PM attheboutique> download TweetDeck ,you can then easily retweet

[9:33:15 PM Guest 12> yes I did

[9:33:18 PM attheboutique> I did fill it out

[9:33:21 PM SunflowerBoutique> easiest wat is to use tweetdeck

[9:33:21 PM Guest 17> There have been whole funded sites (like iList) built around the idea that social media can help sell items.

[9:33:27 PM SherAhnn> I just welcome the booth banner no plugs

[9:33:29 PM SunflowerBoutique> way*

[9:33:30 PM Tom Murphy> The Marketing Chat is also Archived each week - starting last week

[9:33:46 PM Renagade> tweet deck work on web?

[9:33:58 PM Tom Murphy> Marketing Chat Archive is at:

[9:34:12 PM Guest 17> I think Wally has it right. Social media can help sell items, if you provide useful information rather than promotional spam.

[9:34:14 PM attheboutique> go to, at bottom of page click on API, and look for tweetdeck, download, much easier to use

[9:34:17 PM Tom Murphy> Marketing Chat Archive is at: and the password is bonanzle

[9:34:18 PM Guest 12> what is twitter?

[9:34:22 PM attheboutique>

[9:34:26 PM Renagade> or is it phone based?

[9:34:27 PM The Savvy Seller> Renegade - just copy and paste what you’re retweeting - put RT then the @name of the person who originally posted in front

[9:34:29 PM SunflowerBoutique> I have had to block several of the people who constantly post on twitter

[9:34:34 PM Bead Bowl> Excellent source of information

[9:34:40 PM SherAhnn> Also when you join all these groups you have to spend time on them. Not everyone has that much time

[9:34:42 PM Tom Murphy>

[9:34:43 PM Guest 12> what is twitter?

[9:34:46 PM Renagade>

[9:34:55 PM Guest 17>

[9:35:14 PM SimplyDishing> Savvy is RT retweet?

[9:35:15 PM The Savvy Seller> use to find people to follow

[9:35:18 PM Bead Bowl>

[9:35:19 PM SherAhnn> Spending time on this show tonight when I should be

[9:35:23 PM Tom Murphy> it’s Tweeted Wally… get it right, not that Mass/RI accent

[9:35:27 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[9:35:35 PM] ebay & Beyond is on the call

[9:35:35 PM The Savvy Seller> RT = retweet

[9:35:51 PM Guest 12> rephrase…. how are you using tuitter to help your buisness?

[9:35:53 PM attheboutique> How to NOT build your Twitter community

[9:36:02 PM Bead Bowl> Thanks savvy that saves characters

[9:36:03 PM SimplyDishing> thx thought that was what you were talking about. New to twitter

[9:36:22 PM attheboutique> Top 10 reasons I will not follow you back

[9:36:23 PM The Savvy Seller> use twitter to develop relationships

[9:36:31 PM Renagade> You can jump on twitter…post one or two things…read a few and get off in minutes or you can stay on for HOURS!

[9:36:36 PM attheboutique> Exactly, Savvy

[9:36:42 PM Tom Murphy>

[9:37:00 PM BrightestBlessings> Thanks Tom

[9:37:04 PM Guest 12> so it is like a live chat board?

[9:37:10 PM Guest 12> board is lagging

[9:37:11 PM The Savvy Seller> I also have a podcast coming up on how to use twitter (& facebook) for business

[9:37:12 PM attheboutique> sms text gone viral

[9:37:13 PM Renagade> LOL Tom…love Walts accent…makes me homesick!

[9:37:29 PM SherAhnn> Positive breeds Positive…Negative breeds negative

[9:37:32 PM SunflowerBoutique> it is like IM’ing with 1000’s of people at one time

[9:37:36 PM Bead Bowl> lol Phaedra

[9:37:43 PM Guest 17> 12: It’s supposed to be halfway between chat and forums.

[9:38:09 PM Guest 6> in order for people to see your tweet, do you need followers or does everyone see?

[9:38:10 PM The Savvy Seller> there’s lots of valuable information that people share there too - you can learn tons

[9:38:13 PM SunflowerBoutique> I heard 1 out of 10

[9:38:17 PM SimplyDishing> Phae is there a print out of this chat?

[9:38:22 PM oakIslandBoutique> .

[9:38:27 PM Renagade> steroids! walt its on Steroids!

[9:38:41 PM enngga> Gosh I had better quit advertising AuctionWally Show , I might get him or me in trouble

[9:38:42 PM The Savvy Seller> @colderICE is awesome - great info from him

[9:38:47 PM Guest 12> ok

[9:39:03 PM] Guest 12 has left the chat

[9:39:12 PM attheboutique> only those that follow you see

[9:39:13 PM attheboutique> yes Simply, chat is always put on

[9:39:14 PM attheboutique> .

[9:39:17 PM Renagade> LOVE the morning papers! John gives such cool links

[9:39:19 PM attheboutique> Show Notes,

[9:39:27 PM] Guest 19 is logged into the chat

[9:39:34 PM SimplyDishing> thx. lots of great links in here

[9:39:51 PM attheboutique> Wally will post link on Bonanzle thread when notes are up too

[9:39:53 PM Renagade>

[9:40:08 PM Tom Murphy> Wally, what is your Ning URL?

[9:40:08 PM SherAhnn> You can also give Press Releases other places

[9:40:12 PM Guest 19> so you recommend using twitter

[9:40:24 PM attheboutique> UPcoming show on twitter and facebook for your business

[9:40:43 PM Guest 17> 19: It can be a time sink. I think there’s a fine line between addiction and using it well.

[9:40:49 PM Guest 19> GUEST 19 + Old GUEST 12 lol

[9:40:58 PM BrightestBlessings>

[9:41:05 PM The Savvy Seller> thanks Phaedra!

[9:41:08 PM Guest 19> i mean

[9:41:18 PM Renagade> beat me to it BB!

[9:41:18 PM attheboutique> :)

[9:41:20 PM Tom Murphy> duh, I should have guessed.. thanks BrightestBlessings

[9:41:26 PM attheboutique> Thanks, Brightest!

[9:41:30 PM attheboutique> Finger lock up

[9:41:31 PM The Savvy Seller> guest 17 - I think I’ve crossed that line! LOL! I’m addicted -

[9:41:33 PM BrightestBlessings> No problem

[9:41:38 PM SherAhnn> Yes Guest 17…you almost need an advertising dept to do all the different groups

[9:41:42 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[9:41:47 PM Guest 17> It’s a slippery slope! :)

[9:42:02 PM] Guest 20 is logged into the chat

[9:42:09 PM Guest 19> what does everyone reccommend as the single most thing to do for added value?

[9:42:13 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[9:42:13 PM attheboutique> Tomorrow Night Auction wally interviews Terry Kovel!! 8 pm EST

[9:42:25 PM Bead Bowl> Can’t wait for the Twitter show!

[9:42:28 PM katbarton>

[9:42:35 PM Guest 20> to add value, you must first define VALUE (in the eyes of the beholder)

[9:42:44 PM SherAhnn> Contact your old customers if you have them and tell them to come to bonanzle

[9:42:44 PM attheboutique>

[9:42:49 PM Renagade> Keeps you on track as far as KISS! thats Twitter

[9:42:58 PM SunflowerBoutique> why is a retweet considered a compliment?

[9:42:58 PM Guest 17> Being followed… sounds kinda creepy…

[9:43:05 PM Guest 19> in respect to what the “HOST” have been discussing here

[9:43:13 PM attheboutique> “value” in this context, the value consumers perceive to themselves.

[9:43:14 PM Guest 20> lol G17

[9:43:24 PM] Bead Bowl has left the chat

[9:43:32 PM Guest 19> what is everyone finding to be the single most productive?

[9:43:33 PM attheboutique> Because you thought their content good enough to share

[9:43:47 PM Guest 19> lol G17

[9:43:51 PM SunflowerBoutique> ahhh…duh

[9:43:56 PM SherAhnn> I also think a contact button should be more prevelent on sites

[9:43:57 PM] Bead Bowl is logged into the chat

[9:44:05 PM SherAhnn> Instead of a small little link

[9:44:11 PM Tom Murphy> Also Twhirl Wally

[9:44:27 PM Tom Murphy>

[9:44:29 PM SimplyDishing> tweet tweet lol

[9:44:31 PM Guest 19> no opinions ATT?

[9:44:33 PM SunflowerBoutique> thats all I use now and I have been on twitter less than a week now

[9:44:43 PM Guest 19> Wally?

[9:45:00 PM attheboutique>

[9:45:12 PM Guest 20> this is all pretty new to me

[9:45:14 PM Guest 20> :-P

[9:45:18 PM Guest 19> so you think twiter is the best for added value?

[9:45:40 PM Guest 20> I’m too easily distracted for a lot of the SMS instant update application breeds

[9:45:46 PM SunflowerBoutique> no it is just adding more value

[9:46:01 PM ebay & Beyond> That’s where I was confused too

[9:46:08 PM Guest 19> what is anyone finding as the most successful for themselves?

[9:46:29 PM Renagade> LOL…

[9:46:32 PM SimplyDishing> cream of the crop

[9:46:34 PM SunflowerBoutique> lol

[9:46:35 PM SherAhnn> I follow Phaedra on the bonanzle boards

[9:46:38 PM Guest 19> We use a 10k mailing list. Our clients are not internet savvy

[9:47:04 PM auctionwally> I see you Dave, I’ll be right with you.

[9:47:05 PM SunflowerBoutique> I have blocked several of the post constantly people

[9:47:06 PM SherAhnn> good point Guest 19

[9:47:13 PM ebay & Beyond> Guest 19 do you have much success with mailing lists?

[9:47:16 PM Guest 19> yes

[9:47:17 PM Tom Murphy> your twitter address Phaedra?

[9:47:19 PM tree411> PSU auction count 1,084,935

[9:47:27 PM Renagade> I have found so many good articles…and made some good record collectors conections

[9:47:27 PM SherAhnn> There are still people that are computer challenged

[9:47:29 PM ebay & Beyond> No big deal Walt, just hangin out

[9:47:30 PM Guest 19> I clients are very focused and don’t have time to play games

[9:47:39 PM Guest 19> our clients I mean

[9:47:52 PM Guest 17> Louisana! That’s Phae’s accent…! :) Was driving me nuts not being able to guess…

[9:47:53 PM The Savvy Seller> I had some bonanzle users follow me & I checked out their booths and bought some things

[9:47:58 PM Guest 19> Our list is broken down into groups

[9:48:01 PM attheboutique>

[9:48:02 PM] Guest 20 has left the chat

[9:48:27 PM attheboutique> LOL, 17, yes, South Louisiana

[9:48:28 PM attheboutique> .

[9:48:28 PM The Savvy Seller> I think it can work that way for othera

[9:48:38 PM Guest 19> We ask every single person we deal with on line regardless of where they find us if they would like to be contacted

[9:48:40 PM] jamie2258 is logged into the chat

[9:48:44 PM Guest 17> It’s fun to hear real voices.

[9:48:55 PM attheboutique> :)

[9:49:08 PM SherAhnn> Hi Dave

[9:49:09 PM Guest 19> you would be surprised at how many people want someone to do the work for them.

[9:49:10 PM SimplyDishing> hi Dave!

[9:49:16 PM SunflowerBoutique> hello Dave

[9:49:17 PM The Savvy Seller> guest 19 - that’s smart!

[9:49:21 PM Renagade> Love Dave!!

[9:49:22 PM The Savvy Seller> hi dave!

[9:49:25 PM Guest 19> Maly’s

[9:49:29 PM oakIslandBoutique> Hello Dave!

[9:49:29 PM DudeAndChick> Good idea #19, you just ask them if they want to be added to your mailing list then?

[9:49:40 PM SimplyDishing> more coming

[9:49:49 PM katbarton> sheesh…that was long call, sorry guys…been watching chat

[9:49:57 PM katbarton> ugh~

[9:49:57 PM SunflowerBoutique> I hope not

[9:49:58 PM SherAhnn> Oh the ground hog…booooooo

[9:50:00 PM Renagade> could get out of there you know!

[9:50:09 PM katbarton> lol..

[9:50:10 PM The Savvy Seller> welcome back kat!

[9:50:15 PM katbarton> hiya

[9:50:17 PM oakIslandBoutique> LOL

[9:50:26 PM attheboutique> This Saturday, EbayandBeyond:Basics to Business Anniversay show, prizes, surprises! 10am EST

[9:50:32 PM SherAhnn> thats a tounge twister

[9:50:40 PM tree411> Home for sale in WI on Bonanzle.

[9:50:44 PM katbarton> Had the earpice for this in one side, and phone on the other

[9:51:00 PM SherAhnn> omg Kat

[9:51:09 PM katbarton> lol..multitasking

[9:51:09 PM The Savvy Seller> Dave’s blog post

[9:51:17 PM Renagade> LOL Kat! Sound like me!

[9:51:21 PM] tree411 has hung up

[9:51:28 PM SherAhnn> oh yeh we all know multi-tasking

[9:51:33 PM attheboutique> live via at

[9:51:34 PM The Savvy Seller> where in WI?

[9:51:36 PM katbarton> ya..1st time…was quite interesting

[9:51:41 PM katbarton> :)

[9:51:42 PM attheboutique> .

[9:51:42 PM attheboutique> .

[9:51:57 PM SimplyDishing> woohoo

[9:51:59 PM Renagade> Hey..I have a Harley Patch for sale GUAM

[9:52:00 PM SherAhnn> I voted ! yeaa

[9:52:03 PM oakIslandBoutique> .

[9:52:04 PM katbarton> woot!

[9:52:09 PM katbarton> lol..Ren

[9:52:14 PM katbarton> I have chaps

[9:52:17 PM oakIslandBoutique> WooHoo Bonanzle!!

[9:52:21 PM jamie2258> Hi everyone.

[9:52:23 PM attheboutique> Savvy = Marlene??

[9:52:23 PM attheboutique> .

[9:52:24 PM Guest 17> Woohoo Bonanzle!

[9:52:25 PM katbarton> prolly won’t need them there~

[9:52:25 PM attheboutique> I voted :)

[9:52:26 PM jamie2258> I’m having computer problems

[9:52:30 PM katbarton> I voted

[9:52:35 PM katbarton> hi Jamie

[9:52:38 PM jamie2258> has the show started? I can’t hear anything tonight.

[9:52:39 PM Renagade> AWESOME!! Go Bonanzle!

[9:52:41 PM Renagade> Hi Jamie

[9:52:52 PM katbarton> yes Phae

[9:53:03 PM auctionwally> Hi Dede, thanks so much for all your comments!

[9:53:11 PM Guest 17> jaimie: it can take a couple seconds to start.

[9:53:12 PM The Savvy Seller> yes, savvy = marlene

[9:53:17 PM jamie2258> ok thanks

[9:53:22 PM BrightestBlessings> Love those pics! :)

[9:53:23 PM katbarton> lol..Marlene

[9:53:24 PM attheboutique>

[9:53:29 PM Guest 17> It didn’t work for me at all in Firefox, I switched to IE7 now it works but it’s been freezing every half hour or so.

[9:53:36 PM attheboutique>

[9:53:43 PM attheboutique> Thanks, Marlene :)

[9:53:55 PM Renagade> gotcha on my desktop Dave!

[9:54:03 PM auctionwally> Listen to Daves’ anniversary show at

[9:54:08 PM jamie2258> Yes, I’m having trouble w/ATT and IE8, all I have is Firefox, may try to reboot again.

[9:54:09 PM The Savvy Seller> you are fast Phaedra!! Fastest fingers in the south LOL

[9:54:17 PM] cleothinksgreen has left the chat

[9:54:22 PM attheboutique> LOL, they just seem to lock up sometimes

[9:54:24 PM SherAhnn> Is bonanzle now 1 yr old ?

[9:54:28 PM SimplyDishing> VIP>

[9:54:37 PM] Noel’s Nook has left the chat

[9:54:38 PM SimplyDishing> VIP’s

[9:54:40 PM] SunflowerBoutique has left the chat

[9:54:41 PM] Bead Bowl has left the chat

[9:54:43 PM attheboutique> The domain name is 1 year old, site is not

[9:54:58 PM Guest 19> how do you find a particular sellers booth now on BZ?

[9:54:59 PM SherAhnn> ty

[9:55:05 PM DudeAndChick> ,

[9:55:20 PM attheboutique>

[9:55:21 PM GildedELegance> .

[9:55:22 PM GildedELegance> .

[9:55:29 PM SimplyDishing> send some to GA!!!

[9:55:29 PM] tree411 has left the chat

[9:55:40 PM Guest 17> 19:

[9:55:42 PM attheboutique> Guest 19 just type user id in top box and click find, any page

[9:55:45 PM SherAhnn> Come shovel at my house too

[9:55:49 PM Guest 17> You can search for portions of a name.

[9:55:50 PM DudeAndChick> We have PLENTY here too :)

[9:55:51 PM SimplyDishing> haven’t seen snow in years

[9:55:58 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[9:56:00 PM Renagade> The way I find them Guest 19 is go to people and search there..

[9:56:14 PM] cleothinksgreen is logged into the chat

[9:56:15 PM The Savvy Seller> Simpy - wish I could say the same!

[9:56:23 PM attheboutique> No snow here, humid and rainy

[9:56:45 PM Guest 19> ty

[9:56:55 PM BrightestBlessings> You can now put in the name in the find box and it will show up with a light bulb and link to booth. :)

[9:56:58 PM SimplyDishing> sounds good Dave

[9:57:12 PM Guest 19> ty

[9:57:14 PM Renagade> Cool! BB…

[9:57:19 PM SherAhnn> Wally are you sill connected with Smart Collecctor?

[9:57:21 PM oakIslandBoutique> See ya Dave!

[9:57:22 PM GildedELegance> Thank you Dave!!!!

[9:57:24 PM SimplyDishing> bye Dave

[9:57:29 PM] ebay & Beyond has hung up

[9:57:32 PM katbarton> Bye Dave

[9:57:33 PM Renagade> Dave.. Happy Anniversary!

[9:57:36 PM DudeAndChick> bye!

[9:57:38 PM BrightestBlessings> Thanks Dave!

[9:57:45 PM Guest 19> so nobody else has a favorite adding value recommendation?

[9:57:50 PM] oldsaltsailor has left the chat

[9:57:52 PM enngga> Bye Guy Great Show

[9:57:54 PM] enngga has left the chat

[9:58:00 PM katbarton> Thanks guys…I have to download this one now…missed a lot, sorry Wally

[9:58:01 PM SimplyDishing> great show Wally

[9:58:08 PM Tom Murphy> :-)

[9:58:08 PM The Savvy Seller> Thanks Wally & Phaedra!! Great show!!

[9:58:20 PM EclecticAve>

[9:58:22 PM katbarton> Thank you Phaedra..I agree

[9:58:24 PM Guest 19> lol

[9:58:30 PM EclecticAve> Another great show

[9:58:31 PM SherAhnn> Very good show

[9:58:35 PM Guest 19> ty

[9:58:37 PM DudeAndChick>

[9:58:41 PM katbarton>

[9:58:46 PM jamie2258> I’ll pick up the show later when computer is fixed. Night :)

[9:58:51 PM SimplyDishing> Phae we luv ya. Good to hear your business ideas

[9:58:55 PM katbarton>

[9:59:01 PM EclecticAve>

[9:59:10 PM katbarton>

[9:59:11 PM BrightestBlessings> Night jamie!

[9:59:18 PM Guest 19> Does everyone here think that online forums of one type or another is more productive than traditional?

[9:59:22 PM] jamie2258 has left the chat

[9:59:23 PM ebay & Beyond>

[9:59:30 PM katbarton>

[9:59:31 PM The Savvy Seller> you give alot on twitter too, Phaedra

[9:59:37 PM BrightestBlessings>

[9:59:41 PM] BHWM has left the chat

[9:59:52 PM katbarton>

[10:00:03 PM Renagade> blog, twitter, profile, booth details, answer emails, comment on forums and other blog intelegently

[10:00:04 PM GildedELegance>

[10:00:06 PM katbarton>

[10:00:12 PM katbarton> Congrats Phaedra

[10:00:14 PM BrightestBlessings>

[10:00:17 PM attheboutique> Thankies!!

[10:00:18 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[10:00:19 PM ebay & Beyond> Good Job Walt!

[10:00:22 PM Renagade> cant spell tonite!

[10:00:29 PM katbarton>

[10:00:30 PM The Savvy Seller> twitter and blogs can also drive traffic and build your brand too

[10:00:32 PM SimplyDishing> kat is that a finished website or are they still adding?

[10:00:32 PM attheboutique>

[10:00:36 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[10:00:41 PM Guest 19> can’t spell here without spell check any night lol

[10:00:49 PM EclecticAve> Congratulations Phaedra!

[10:00:50 PM katbarton> which one simply dishing?

[10:00:51 PM BrightestBlessings>

[10:00:56 PM attheboutique> Marlene can you put up link time date to mark interview again?

[10:00:59 PM SimplyDishing> 109

[10:01:02 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[10:01:13 PM attheboutique>

[10:01:17 PM katbarton> as far as I know it is finished…you can talk to Jamiro

[10:01:23 PM katbarton> She started it

[10:01:24 PM The Savvy Seller> Mark Dorsey Mar 3 @ 4pm

[10:01:27 PM katbarton> :)

[10:01:28 PM Guest 19> started what?

[10:01:30 PM SimplyDishing> it’s beautiful

[10:01:37 PM katbarton> Its awesome~

[10:01:38 PM SimplyDishing> classy

[10:01:46 PM Renagade>

[10:01:47 PM attheboutique>

[10:01:49 PM katbarton> the 109 front street guest 19

[10:01:53 PM attheboutique> Thanks, Marlene!

[10:01:54 PM katbarton> yes bery classy

[10:01:56 PM attheboutique> We will all be there :)

[10:01:57 PM Guest 19> ty

[10:02:11 PM katbarton> lol….bery,,..sheesh,,that was classy

[10:02:16 PM katbarton> very classy

[10:02:39 PM attheboutique> EP48 - The AuctionWally Show - w Terry Kovel Time: 02/03/2009 08:00 PM EST

[10:02:40 PM The Savvy Seller> have your questions ready! that was 4pm EST

[10:02:42 PM katbarton>

[10:02:52 PM katbarton> that one guest 19

[10:02:57 PM Guest 19> ty

[10:03:02 PM katbarton> I am on the mezzanine

[10:03:08 PM katbarton> and 3rd floor

[10:03:13 PM attheboutique> What’s it worth??

[10:03:31 PM SherAhnn> do we have a place to put up guides like on ebay?

[10:03:55 PM attheboutique> show notes

[10:03:56 PM GildedELegance> Thanks Wally and Phaedra

[10:04:03 PM Renagade> someone tell Jamiro she needs to add some good records! LOL I am available!

[10:04:10 PM BrightestBlessings> You could do that in the new forums by catagories

[10:04:11 PM Guest 17> Wally’s gettin hoarse from talkin 2 hours! :)

[10:04:14 PM attheboutique> You guys Rock!!! Thanks for sharing all the good tips!!

[10:04:29 PM Guest 19> is 109 front street by invitation only?

[10:04:36 PM] The Savvy Seller has left the chat

[10:04:37 PM] The Savvy Seller is logged into the chat

[10:04:38 PM GildedELegance> Good Night Everyone! See you tomorrow night!

[10:04:45 PM Guest 17> Night, Gilded!

[10:04:51 PM katbarton> I think need to talk to jamiroelectra

[10:04:52 PM attheboutique> Feb 7 Live Auction, with audio, hear a real live auctioneer call the bids!

[10:04:57 PM Renagade> Hi Gilded!…bye Gilded!

[10:05:01 PM BrightestBlessings> Good Night Gilded! :)

[10:05:02 PM katbarton> Nitght gilded

[10:05:04 PM attheboutique> Night Gilded

[10:05:11 PM SherAhnn> Amen Wally…online auctions in booths

[10:05:13 PM katbarton> hi, bye.. :)

[10:05:40 PM EclecticAve> Wally, just want to let you know that my books arrived and am happy that one them has a great Philippines section with lots of pics from the 1900.TYVM

[10:05:45 PM katbarton> lol..Ren, just saw that

[10:05:55 PM Tom Murphy>

[10:06:06 PM Renagade> mean it Kat!

[10:06:09 PM GildedELegance> Nite Nite. Be Safe all of you……

[10:06:10 PM] GildedELegance has left the chat

[10:06:18 PM EclecticAve> night B!

[10:06:21 PM attheboutique>

[10:06:28 PM katbarton> Talk to her Ren…not sure what her plan is

[10:06:33 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[10:06:41 PM EclecticAve>

[10:06:57 PM EclecticAve>

[10:07:05 PM Renagade> will do…

[10:07:26 PM attheboutique> And remember from tonight, add value first :)

[10:07:36 PM katbarton>

[10:07:46 PM Renagade> not on a dial up..LOL

[10:07:49 PM Guest 17> Great discussion all, enjoyed listening to it.

[10:07:55 PM katbarton> There is jamiros booth

[10:07:57 PM attheboutique> Thank you, guest 17

[10:08:03 PM Renagade> I got her in my favs…thanks Kat

[10:08:04 PM SimplyDishing> ty for this show. Very informative.

[10:08:07 PM Guest 19> night m L

[10:08:10 PM katbarton> Cool, kk

[10:08:12 PM attheboutique> Great to have you here!!!

[10:08:15 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[10:08:19 PM] ebay & Beyond has left the chat

[10:08:36 PM BrightestBlessings> You have received a shout from Walt!

[10:08:41 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[10:08:45 PM katbarton>

[10:08:48 PM SherAhnn> Thanks Wally

[10:08:49 PM The Savvy Seller> hope to see you all on twitter too

[10:08:54 PM Tom Murphy> We’ll be there Wally.. thanks.

[10:08:55 PM SimplyDishing> g’nite everyone

[10:08:56 PM katbarton> Thank you wally~

[10:08:57 PM attheboutique> Good night everyone, thank you soooo much for coming!!!!

[10:09:00 PM The Savvy Seller> thanks again -

[10:09:02 PM DudeAndChick> Great show! Thanks

[10:09:04 PM Guest 19> night

[10:09:05 PM katbarton> Good night everyone

[10:09:13 PM SherAhnn> byeeeee

[10:09:14 PM oakIslandBoutique> Goodnight Wally! Another great show..

[10:09:15 PM cleothinksgreen> thanks Wally, enjoyed the show :)

[10:09:16 PM Guest 17> Can’t believe I was listening for two hours… :)

[10:09:18 PM katbarton> thank you Phaedra and wally

[10:09:20 PM] SherAhnn has left the chat

[10:09:21 PM Guest 19> lol

[10:09:23 PM Renagade> OH!! Play my song! LALALA

[10:09:26 PM attheboutique> :)

[10:09:27 PM Guest 19> me eitther

[10:09:29 PM katbarton> bye guys got to get the kids in bed

[10:09:35 PM vintagegoodness> great show as always!

[10:09:37 PM BrightestBlessings> Good Night all! Be warm and safe! :)

[10:09:39 PM katbarton> lol..Ren…love it..

[10:09:40 PM] kayceestudios has left the chat

[10:09:44 PM Renagade> bye Kat!

[10:09:46 PM] The Savvy Seller has left the chat

[10:09:48 PM Guest 19> so 17 have an answer to my question about the home page?

[10:09:50 PM katbarton> Night Phaedra

[10:09:53 PM] Tom Murphy has left the chat

[10:09:55 PM attheboutique> Night, Kat

[10:09:58 PM katbarton> Bye to Jamiro

[10:09:59 PM Renagade> got to get me a copy of it!

[10:10:05 PM Renagade> will do

[10:10:13 PM vintagegoodness> hope to see you all at the Kovel interview at 8pm tomorrow night!

[10:10:14 PM] katbarton has left the chat

[10:10:15 PM Guest 17> Don’t think I saw a Q.

[10:10:16 PM Renagade> sing it!

[10:10:24 PM attheboutique> Will be there, Mitzi!!

[10:10:33 PM vintagegoodness> yay!!

[10:10:37 PM Guest 19> does the new picked list showing up on home page

[10:10:42 PM] BrightestBlessings has left the chat

[10:10:46 PM Guest 19> being weighted by membership?

[10:10:50 PM auctionwally> Ren check your inbox soon. I’ll send you an MP3 file.

[10:10:59 PM] Guest 6 has left the chat

[10:11:10 PM Renagade> man you ARE a doll!! XOX!

[10:11:17 PM auctionwally> LOL

[10:11:18 PM attheboutique> check the blog link, bottom of any page on Bonanzle, will answer that for you I think guest 19

[10:11:20 PM SimplyDishing> wouldn’t miss it

[10:11:21 PM Guest 17> Oh, it’s in the blog. The featured (big) pics will be preferential toward subscribers, so yes.

[10:11:39 PM auctionwally> It will come via YOUSENDIT. a large file share app.

[10:11:43 PM] cleothinksgreen has left the chat

[10:11:45 PM Guest 19> so it will weight for the hand picked lists by membership

[10:11:46 PM Guest 17> Also, the pics that swap in will still probably use the same logic that is used now…

[10:11:47 PM] The recording has ended.

[10:11:54 PM SimplyDishing> send to me too Wally

[10:11:59 PM Renagade> ok thanks a million!

[10:12:02 PM EclecticAve> Night all!

[10:12:03 PM Guest 19> ty

[10:12:09 PM] attheboutique has hung up

[10:12:16 PM Guest 19> I was referring to the new way that was announced

[10:12:23 PM attheboutique> Great show, you guys are always awesome!

[10:12:38 PM] EclecticAve has left the chat

[10:12:44 PM Guest 17> 19: Probably not, but within an HPL, it will be weighted toward subscribers. The HPLs will be chosen by ones that we think will best draw folks in.

[10:12:45 PM auctionwally> OK, I’m not sure I the email addresses for all of you,other than your Bonz contact. could you send it to and I’ll send that out.

[10:13:06 PM Renagade> got cha..

[10:13:07 PM] auctionwally has hung up

[10:13:08 PM] The Call has ended.

[10:13:15 PM SimplyDishing> will mail you

[10:13:23 PM Guest 19> ok you lost me lol

[10:13:25 PM Guest 17> Does that make sense at all? :)

[10:13:28 PM Guest 19> no

[10:13:29 PM] Guest 13 has left the chat

[10:13:34 PM Guest 17> Did you email me on the site about this?

[10:13:39 PM Guest 19> not yet

[10:13:42 PM Guest 19> but I can

[10:13:51 PM SimplyDishing> thx Wally great show but then again they always are.

[10:13:55 PM Guest 17> Do that with your specific Qs and I’ll try to answer em.

[10:14:03 PM Guest 19> ok will do night all

[10:14:09 PM auctionwally> OH, thanks so much SD!

[10:14:14 PM SimplyDishing> and Phae what a great touch!!

[10:14:24 PM auctionwally> Guest 17 and 19 are you guys with Talkshoe?

[10:14:24 PM] DudeAndChick has left the chat

[10:14:31 PM attheboutique> Thanks, Simply!

[10:14:40 PM auctionwally> TY Phaedra!

[10:14:43 PM Guest 17> I signed up for Talkshoe but didn’t bother loggin in today to avoid being a distraction.

[10:14:50 PM auctionwally> Great job.

[10:14:59 PM attheboutique> Wally, always welcome :)

[10:15:01 PM Guest 17> (sort of)

[10:15:15 PM Renagade> night all ..Walt you rock as always! and Phaedra…you keep him on the line!

[10:15:19 PM auctionwally> 17, no I meant, were you with them as in working for them. I was trying to trakc your chat and it looked like it.

[10:15:25 PM attheboutique> LOL, Ren

[10:15:29 PM Guest 19> busted

[10:15:31 PM Guest 19> lol

[10:15:37 PM auctionwally> Thanks Ren!

[10:15:43 PM attheboutique> Yep, busted, but doesn’t work for Talkshoe, works for……………..

[10:15:49 PM Guest 17> No not exactly… I’m with the Nanzle. This is Bill…

[10:15:56 PM auctionwally> LOL

[10:16:02 PM SimplyDishing> lmao

[10:16:03 PM Guest 17> AKA Guest 9 and Guest .. was I 12?

[10:16:04 PM Guest 19> well i was close thought for sure it was mark

[10:16:13 PM Renagade> Mitzi…I guess Phaedra had a good mentor

[10:16:16 PM attheboutique> Thanks for popping in, Bill

[10:16:24 PM auctionwally> Well,,.. I could tell you had gainful employment! 17. lets put it that way!

[10:16:26 PM attheboutique> I sure did, listening to Mitzi helped a ton!

[10:16:41 PM Guest 17> Hahha.

[10:17:03 PM Guest 19> thanks for the help bill

[10:17:04 PM Guest 17> Would have called in, but I like listening more than talking sometimes.

[10:17:07 PM Guest 19> always interesting

[10:17:18 PM Renagade> Bill thanks for all the improvements and congrats on the success…

[10:17:20 PM auctionwally> No problem. Happy you stopped by.

[10:17:32 PM Guest 19> so final hint …… got an oodle filter yet?

[10:17:43 PM Guest 19> LISA

[10:17:45 PM Guest 17> Damnit, I guessed Lisa already.

[10:17:51 PM Guest 19> lisa’s business partner

[10:17:52 PM Guest 17> That was my first and second guess!

[10:17:57 PM Guest 19> Jon

[10:17:59 PM auctionwally> Me? Oodle filter?

[10:18:02 PM attheboutique> oh, my interview with John Lawson of will be on site on Wed, I believe

[10:18:16 PM Guest 17> Ahh…

[10:18:18 PM auctionwally> You mean like a pop filter? For the mic?

[10:18:21 PM Guest 19> I told you you were close

[10:18:31 PM Guest 17> Well you both have similar sentiments.

[10:18:33 PM attheboutique> Wally 19 is talking to Bill (17)

[10:18:36 PM Guest 17> What’s your PSU identity?

[10:18:41 PM Guest 19> no wally we need a filter to keep 10k items listed on Bonanzle from going to wal mart

[10:18:59 PM Guest 19> so do about 50 other dealers we are workig with

[10:19:19 PM auctionwally> I usually spout vulgarities when I talk about Walmart, so, comment.

[10:19:34 PM Guest 19> well everything you list on BZ goes to wal mart

[10:19:39 PM Guest 17> I thought with the mamma reference you’d be Ken.

[10:19:49 PM auctionwally> ?

[10:19:56 PM Guest 19> I can’t sell things to clients if they find out they were in the Wally world classifieds

[10:20:18 PM auctionwally> How does it go to WM?

[10:20:21 PM Guest 19> all of your items are being sent automatically to oodle which submits them to wal mart

[10:20:22 PM Guest 17> Oodle syndicates to a variety of sources, including Walmart and various newspaper classifieds.

[10:20:35 PM Guest 17> You can’t tell Oodle where to syndicate and where not to.

[10:20:47 PM auctionwally> Oh, I see no problem with that.

[10:20:58 PM Guest 17> 19: Are you on PSU?

[10:21:11 PM auctionwally> That wouldn’t phase me at all.

[10:21:12 PM Guest 19> but you told lisa a filter could be added to keep things from being sent to oodle any luck on that ?

[10:21:43 PM Guest 19> I don’t participate on powersellers but lisa might I will ask her

[10:21:48 PM Guest 17> Not as yet…

[10:21:52 PM attheboutique> Scott?

[10:21:55 PM auctionwally> Ren did you send me your email address yet?

[10:21:59 PM Guest 19> anytime soon?

[10:22:12 PM auctionwally> OH, man that PSU board get’s pretty damn crazy!

[10:22:28 PM auctionwally> Those can be some ANGRY people at times:)

[10:22:31 PM Guest 17> 19: You were previously Guest 7 or 9 (forget which I was), yes?

[10:22:37 PM Renagade> not yet..sorry…got fasinatated with the convesation

[10:22:38 PM Guest 19> As a rule we don’t use amy forums

[10:22:40 PM Guest 19> guest 4

[10:22:44 PM auctionwally> NP.

[10:22:59 PM Guest 17> OK, well I’m officially confused then. Nothing new there.

[10:23:01 PM Guest 19> I was the one that first asked for permission to do auctions in booths on BZ

[10:23:19 PM auctionwally> Yeah, best to stay above that fray.

[10:23:41 PM Guest 17> 19: Re Oodle filter, I honestly don’t know. I need to take a fresh look at my list and see what priorities are where right now.

[10:23:53 PM Renagade> Have a Good one guys! Love to all!

[10:23:57 PM Guest 17> The categories had been the big item, now that those are getting settled in, I’ll be recalibrating soon.

[10:24:00 PM Guest 17> Night Renagade!!

[10:24:01 PM attheboutique> Night Ren

[10:24:07 PM Guest 19> ok but just to let you know there are a lot of dealers waiting to list better things

[10:24:16 PM Guest 19> we have quite a large list

[10:24:20 PM Guest 19> that we do the work for

[10:24:31 PM Guest 17> Do you think they’ll actually sign up?

[10:24:32 PM SimplyDishing> sent you and email Walt

[10:24:41 PM Guest 19> they have already signed up with us

[10:24:52 PM auctionwally> Guys, I’ve gotta say good night, but I’ll leave the chat open for you to hang out in.

[10:24:53 PM Guest 17> I mean, I like Bonanzle pretty well and all, but it isn’t

[10:25:02 PM Guest 17> Night wally! Great job, as always!

[10:25:10 PM auctionwally> Don’t forget the chat morphs into shownotes at

[10:25:14 PM auctionwally> TY

[10:25:19 PM attheboutique> Night Wally! Thanks for everything! See you tomorrow night

[10:25:23 PM Guest 19> if you get it done we have the stuff to put on for several already

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