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Monday, February 16, 2009

ep4 Brainstorming Bonanzle show notes -The tools you use

If your new here, these show notes are the chat archive from episode 4 of Brainstorming Bonanzle, an online radio show which you can listen to right here.

I like to think of these show notes as evolving directory of the movers and shakers on Bonanzle, what they're experts in, and what they're talking about.

Scroll the conversation as it surrounds the companion audio podcast. While to the untrained eye, this can look like gibberish, if you know what you looking for, it's extremely relevant content to the subject at had.

These notes serve several purposes:

  • They make an excellent ongoing reference library of the brainstorming content we cover on the show.
  • The links entered by the people in the chat, provide even further usefullness as you learn who is an expert in what, and what lines of products and services they specialize in.
  • The SEO juice is tremendous due to the thousands of keywords entered with every set of show notes, which match up perfectly with the conversation in each episode. Search engines love it when you send the to the information you say your going to send them to!
  • Taken in or out of context, they can be pretty damn funny!

Each episode can be listened to in the player right here on this site, or found at
By the way, if you visit us at that link, please consider following and rating the show. Thanks

[7:56:35 PM] auctionwally is logged into the chat

[7:56:35 PM] jules43035 is logged into the chat

[7:56:35 PM] attheboutique is logged into the chat

[7:56:35 PM] sistahqueen is logged into the chat

[7:56:35 PM] Guest 4 is logged into the chat

[7:56:35 PM] tree411 is logged into the chat

[7:56:35 PM] nightgirl is logged into the chat

[7:56:35 PM] ANightOwl is logged into the chat

[7:56:35 PM] BrightestBlessings is logged into the chat

[7:56:35 PM] youngtly is logged into the chat

[7:56:37 PM] <attheboutique> yes, you

[7:56:45 PM] <attheboutique> Hey there is the man of the hour

[7:56:47 PM] <Guest 4> first time here, was afraid i wouldn't have time to do the sign up. ibbysjewels

[7:56:54 PM] <nightgirl> aww come on, its my first time

[7:56:55 PM] <attheboutique> Heya ibbys!!

[7:57:04 PM] Renagade is logged into the chat

[7:57:12 PM] <nightgirl> hey ibby

[7:57:18 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hi ibby!

[7:57:19 PM] <tree411> welcome ibbysjewels

[7:57:23 PM] <Renagade> Whew!! I made it!

[7:57:23 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hey nightgirl!

[7:57:27 PM] <nightgirl> ohh, i can push enter

[7:57:33 PM] <nightgirl> het dede

[7:57:38 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Renagade you made it!

[7:57:41 PM] <Guest 4> hey all

[7:57:42 PM] <nightgirl> hey duh

[7:58:03 PM] <attheboutique> Hey all!!

[7:58:06 PM] auctionwally is on the call

[7:58:10 PM] The recording has started.

[7:58:23 PM] <tree411> hi Renegade..Were you napping like me?

[7:58:30 PM] Xantos is logged into the chat

[7:58:31 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat

[7:58:32 PM] <Renagade> Had a phone a friend soing some looking/shopping on bonanzle now!

[7:58:42 PM] <nightgirl> i can hear!

[7:58:44 PM] <auctionwally> Hello everyone how are you?

[7:58:48 PM] <attheboutique> yahhhhhhh

[7:58:53 PM] <attheboutique> Hey Wally!!!

[7:58:54 PM] <nightgirl> good!

[7:58:55 PM] <ANightOwl> Hi Wally!

[7:59:00 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hey Wally!

[7:59:01 PM] <Renagade> Just promoting!

[7:59:01 PM] <vintagegoodness> i'm here!

[7:59:04 PM] <vintagegoodness> callin now

[7:59:04 PM] <tree411> hi Wally. Doing great here.

[7:59:08 PM] <Renagade> Hey Wally!

[7:59:10 PM] <attheboutique> hey Mitzi!!

[7:59:13 PM] <jules43035> yah

[7:59:14 PM] vintagegoodness is on the call

[7:59:21 PM] <attheboutique> Great!

[7:59:25 PM] enngga is logged into the chat

[7:59:29 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hey Mitzi!

[7:59:32 PM] <Renagade> Hi!

[7:59:35 PM] <vintagegoodness> hi everyone :)

[7:59:37 PM] <enngga> Hello Everyone

[7:59:59 PM] <attheboutique> hey

[8:00:07 PM] <tree411> hi to everyone coming in.

[8:01:17 PM] <sistahqueen> I never got around to listening to last weeks show.....grrrrr

[8:01:20 PM] Guest 5 is logged into the chat

[8:01:23 PM] ebay & Beyond is logged into the chat

[8:01:37 PM] <ebay & Beyond> I am

[8:01:38 PM] <attheboutique> Heya Dave!

[8:01:39 PM] PetraZee411 is logged into the chat

[8:02:03 PM] <vintagegoodness> hooray!

[8:02:07 PM] <ebay & Beyond> CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

[8:02:11 PM] <sistahqueen> yeah!!!!

[8:02:11 PM] <Xantos> where is the talkshoe 100 list? link plz

[8:02:12 PM] <attheboutique> Applauseeeeeee

[8:02:15 PM] <vintagegoodness> we squeaked in at #95

[8:02:15 PM] <vintagegoodness> ;)

[8:02:16 PM] <BrightestBlessings> yeah!!!!

[8:02:16 PM] <Renagade> Yes!!! congrats!! to both!

[8:02:16 PM] <ebay & Beyond> TY

[8:02:19 PM] <nightgirl> Way cool

[8:02:25 PM] <PetraZee411> what I miss? what I miss?

[8:02:31 PM] <Xantos> everything

[8:02:35 PM] <sistahqueen> woo hoo

[8:02:36 PM] <nightgirl> hehehe

[8:02:42 PM] <Renagade> LOL

[8:02:58 PM] <Guest 5> hillbily is here

[8:03:05 PM] <attheboutique>

[8:03:06 PM] <nightgirl> yeehaw hillbilly

[8:03:09 PM] <attheboutique> link to rankings

[8:03:13 PM] <PetraZee411> Thank you wally

[8:03:14 PM] <Renagade> Hey hilliblly!

[8:03:24 PM] <Xantos> thanks attheboutique

[8:03:26 PM] <PetraZee411> Byzzzz! Xantos

[8:03:32 PM] <attheboutique> welcome

[8:03:36 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Hello to everyone!

[8:03:36 PM] <sistahqueen> thanks for the link

[8:03:39 PM] <PetraZee411> Hillbilly?

[8:03:40 PM] <Guest 5> hey renangade

[8:03:45 PM] <Xantos> byzzz?

[8:03:46 PM] <Renagade> Hey Dave!

[8:03:55 PM] <Renagade> Hey you made it!

[8:04:00 PM] <attheboutique> kewl

[8:04:13 PM] <PetraZee411> Nyah nyah!

[8:04:17 PM] <nightgirl> Dave=ebay & beyond?

[8:04:22 PM] Pieper is logged into the chat

[8:04:23 PM] <attheboutique> yes,

[8:04:27 PM] <attheboutique> heya pieper

[8:04:31 PM] <nightgirl> hey dave

[8:04:36 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hey Pieper!

[8:04:42 PM] <nightgirl> pieper!

[8:04:43 PM] <Renagade> Guest 5 introduce yourself!

[8:04:43 PM] <attheboutique> I have listened to his show too, good info

[8:04:43 PM] <Pieper> Hi, I found you!

[8:04:58 PM] <PetraZee411> howdy everyone!

[8:05:00 PM] <Renagade> Hi pieper

[8:05:02 PM] <BrightestBlessings> You did good Pieper!

[8:05:03 PM] <tree411> hi Pieper

[8:05:20 PM] <attheboutique> sounds awesome

[8:05:24 PM] <jules43035> sounds great!

[8:05:25 PM] <tree411> hi PetraZee

[8:05:51 PM] <PetraZee411> hey renangade, tree411

[8:06:07 PM] <Renagade> Hey petra

[8:06:08 PM] <attheboutique> ready, just start listing them?

[8:06:13 PM] <nightgirl> I follow @theboutique & BrightestBlessings around heheh for my tools

[8:06:17 PM] <Xantos> attheboutique, where did you go to find the top 100? is there a link somewhere on the talkshoe website or what?

[8:06:21 PM] <attheboutique> lol, night

[8:06:31 PM] <attheboutique> I pulled it out of Wally's post on Bonanzle

[8:06:39 PM] <Xantos> o oh

[8:06:41 PM] <attheboutique> I am a member of the ning, and there is a Bonanzle group too

[8:06:41 PM] <Xantos> ok

[8:06:43 PM] <vintagegoodness>

[8:06:43 PM] <Renagade> Brightest has a good blog..

[8:06:44 PM] <auctionwally>

[8:06:53 PM] <Guest 5> so is mark or bill here.

[8:06:58 PM] <Renagade> and ning is great!

[8:07:09 PM] <attheboutique> Wally's thread on Bonanzle for link to rankings

[8:07:32 PM] <nightgirl> biil & mark need to stay where they're at and work on our surprise!

[8:07:39 PM] <BrightestBlessings> ning networks are wonderful to network use three of them

[8:07:48 PM] <tree411> hee hee nightgirl

[8:08:00 PM] <Pieper> yeah, especially since they've been playing in the forums all day

[8:08:04 PM] <Pieper> naugty boys

[8:08:08 PM] <attheboutique> so, that is what I kept hearing behind me, it was nightgirl, lol

[8:08:20 PM] <attheboutique> lol, wally

[8:08:25 PM] <Guest 5> lol @nightgirl.

[8:08:33 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Yea, she is slick that nightgirl.

[8:08:52 PM] <BrightestBlessings> get your widgets on ning networks

[8:08:53 PM] <auctionwally>

[8:09:10 PM] <attheboutique> and add your rss to that page too from Bonanzle

[8:09:15 PM] <Renagade>

[8:09:37 PM] <PetraZee411> Friends?

[8:09:41 PM] Guest 6 is logged into the chat

[8:09:45 PM] <auctionwally> Don't forget the chat will be cut and pasted as show notes at So use get your links out there in the chat and if you mi

[8:09:51 PM] <youngtly> All ning networks are currently in maintenance - investigating an issue

[8:10:05 PM] <Renagade> noted that!

[8:10:10 PM] <Xantos> are we talking about social networks or what?

[8:10:18 PM] <vintagegoodness>

[8:10:19 PM] <BrightestBlessings> post your coupon codes on them too.

[8:10:28 PM] <Xantos> ok thanks

[8:10:32 PM] <nightgirl> ning link= We're taking a short break...

[8:10:32 PM] <attheboutique> we are talking about different sites or tools that we use to promote or network

[8:10:34 PM] <Renagade> networking and promoting

[8:11:09 PM] <sistahqueen> good tip to include coupon code

[8:11:13 PM] <PetraZee411> Whoa! Lost here

[8:11:31 PM] <nightgirl> is it better to link ning with like booths? or broad Bonanzle booths?

[8:11:32 PM] Guest 7 is logged into the chat

[8:11:39 PM] <vintagegoodness> looks like ning is down at the moment

[8:11:40 PM] <attheboutique> broad

[8:11:43 PM] <vintagegoodness> what are the odds? lol

[8:11:44 PM] <BrightestBlessings> you can drop your coupon code in your "deals"

[8:12:18 PM] bkwrm40 is logged into the chat

[8:12:26 PM] <Renagade> yes what are the pros and cons of the two

[8:12:41 PM] tfmurphhk is logged into the chat

[8:12:49 PM] <BrightestBlessings> I do to!

[8:13:12 PM] <Renagade> whew! Iam on bogger

[8:13:24 PM] <nightgirl> blogger here

[8:13:28 PM] <Pieper> blogger is blogspot from Google?

[8:13:29 PM] <vintagegoodness> me too i love blogger :)

[8:13:29 PM] <Xantos>

[8:13:32 PM] <vintagegoodness> yep

[8:13:33 PM] <PetraZee411> I'm interested in starting a blog, also interested in anything I can do to promote my booth

[8:13:36 PM] <tfmurphhk> I'm on Wordpress with several blogs

[8:13:43 PM] <Renagade> like how easy it is to add things to.

[8:13:48 PM] <vintagegoodness> blogs are a great way to promote your booth PetraZee

[8:13:49 PM] <ANightOwl> I like Wordpress

[8:13:52 PM] <bkwrm40> wordpress here too

[8:13:56 PM] <nightgirl> petra , blogger is google and easy

[8:14:15 PM] <PetraZee411> What do you guys talk about on your blog and what do you say to avoid blatant self promotion

[8:14:31 PM] <nightgirl> petra, use your google accout to set up blogger

[8:14:39 PM] <attheboutique> On my lens, I share free recipes and information on skin care. Things you can do at home to pamper yourself

[8:14:40 PM] <vintagegoodness> nothing wrong with blatant self promotion petra! lol

[8:14:40 PM] <PetraZee411> 10-4

[8:14:44 PM] <enngga> Talk about what you no

[8:14:48 PM] <enngga> know

[8:14:55 PM] <vintagegoodness> just include some interesting and useful content too

[8:15:04 PM] <PetraZee411> Mitzi...YOU self promote a booth or site? NO!

[8:15:10 PM] <Renagade> I promote others on Bonanzle as well as Brighest Blessings ...she promotes others too

[8:15:12 PM] <vintagegoodness> indeed

[8:15:14 PM] <tfmurphhk> .ORG for me

[8:15:18 PM] <vintagegoodness>

[8:15:23 PM] <vintagegoodness>

[8:15:29 PM] <Xantos> blogspot and blogger same thing?

[8:15:36 PM] <vintagegoodness> yes Xantos

[8:15:40 PM] <PetraZee411> That anwsers that question...

[8:15:44 PM] <nightgirl> on my blog, i talk about Bonanzle and my booth and how I don't need eB anymore

[8:15:55 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Wordpress has a large learning curve

[8:15:57 PM] <PetraZee411> IN other words, anything goes?

[8:16:02 PM] <tfmurphhk>

[8:16:03 PM] <vintagegoodness> yep!

[8:16:13 PM] <attheboutique> It is your blog, you speak, lol

[8:16:18 PM] <PetraZee411> Mitzi I like the tone you use on your blog

[8:16:18 PM] <ANightOwl> I guess I'm geeky :-)

[8:16:25 PM] <vintagegoodness> awww thanks Petra :)

[8:16:34 PM] <enngga> Savvy Seller has had free classes on how to use word press

[8:16:38 PM] <PetraZee411> No really, I admire your style

[8:16:38 PM] <tfmurphhk> Guess I'm geeky too

[8:16:51 PM] <ANightOwl>

[8:17:00 PM] <attheboutique>

[8:17:33 PM] <PetraZee411> I don't neeed comlicated, simple is fine with me

[8:17:37 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Once I got used to it, it was OK, but you are right about the inability to monetize

[8:17:48 PM] <PetraZee411> monetize?

[8:17:49 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Simple works for me too.

[8:17:52 PM] <Renagade> then you want blogger or squidoo

[8:18:10 PM] <tfmurphhk> I think the keyword here is .. "to each his(her) own..."

[8:18:10 PM] <sistahqueen> i need SUPER

[8:18:11 PM] <PetraZee411> What does Squidoo do?

[8:18:18 PM] vinewood is logged into the chat

[8:18:19 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Petra, you can't sell ads on your Wordpress free blog

[8:18:25 PM] vinewood has left the chat

[8:18:25 PM] vinewood is logged into the chat

[8:18:29 PM] <Pieper> Can I do cat things on Squidoo?

[8:18:45 PM] <Pieper> or does it have to be e-commerce stuff

[8:18:50 PM] <PetraZee411> But you can talk about your B booth can't you?

[8:19:01 PM] <Renagade> squidoo is where you can promote your items...booth...or what ever you what!

[8:19:10 PM] Guest 7 has left the chat

[8:19:11 PM] <PetraZee411> thanks

[8:19:15 PM] <attheboutique> on squidoo you can, you add "modules" text modules, and type all you want, add your rss feed too

[8:19:16 PM] <tfmurphhk> You don't have to pay for either.. both are free, just a matter of who hosts it.

[8:19:34 PM] vinewood has left the chat

[8:19:35 PM] <Renagade> thanks tom!

[8:19:38 PM] <PetraZee411> SO Google is cool

[8:20:00 PM] Henrietta is logged into the chat

[8:20:08 PM] <PetraZee411> Hey Henrietta

[8:20:09 PM] lizziel is logged into the chat

[8:20:32 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hey Henrietta!

[8:20:48 PM] <BrightestBlessings> right

[8:20:50 PM] Henrietta is on the call

[8:20:59 PM] <Renagade> true!

[8:21:07 PM] <Xantos> google is your friend

[8:21:27 PM] <vintagegoodness> hehe Xantos true that

[8:21:30 PM] <Henrietta> hi guys, somebody needs to mute me

[8:21:35 PM] <Renagade> how important is pinging your blog?

[8:21:37 PM] Guest 5 has left the chat

[8:21:38 PM] <Henrietta> baa!

[8:21:41 PM] <tfmurphhk> It's only a nightmare... the first time

[8:21:46 PM] <Renagade> LOL

[8:21:48 PM] <Pieper> Yes, godaddy does! Especially for newbies

[8:21:49 PM] <PetraZee411> OK, what is pinging?

[8:21:53 PM] oshunspirit is logged into the chat

[8:22:02 PM] <attheboutique> Heya Oshun

[8:22:03 PM] oshunspirit has left the chat

[8:22:03 PM] oshunspirit is logged into the chat

[8:22:08 PM] oshunspirit has left the chat

[8:22:08 PM] oshunspirit is logged into the chat

[8:22:14 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hey Oshun!

[8:22:22 PM] <Pieper> Oshun...don't hurt yourself coming in.

[8:22:23 PM] oshunspirit has left the chat

[8:22:24 PM] <Xantos> lol

[8:22:28 PM] oshunspirit is logged into the chat

[8:22:32 PM] <Henrietta> talkshoe dumps you off

[8:22:32 PM] <attheboutique> somebody block that dorr

[8:22:34 PM] <attheboutique> door

[8:22:36 PM] <lizziel> make up your mind oshun

[8:22:39 PM] <Renagade> in or out oshun!! its too cold to hold the door open!

[8:22:39 PM] <Pieper> Jeez,she's falling off her shoes or something

[8:22:42 PM] <PetraZee411> What dloes pining mean?

[8:22:49 PM] <PetraZee411> pinging

[8:22:54 PM] <Xantos> ill put my chair in front of the door and just stand up for the rest of this

[8:23:04 PM] <attheboutique> lol, Xantos, good job

[8:23:08 PM] <Renagade> LOL

[8:23:31 PM] <Renagade> How about pinging Wally?

[8:23:40 PM] <Renagade> Important or not?

[8:23:42 PM] <nightgirl> she only tripped in

[8:23:43 PM] Guest 8 is logged into the chat

[8:23:50 PM] <PetraZee411> what the heck is it?

[8:23:54 PM] <auctionwally> I'll ask about pinging Sue

[8:23:54 PM] <jules43035> amen

[8:23:56 PM] <Xantos> what is pinging?

[8:24:02 PM] <Renagade> thanks!

[8:24:03 PM] <Xantos> ok

[8:24:04 PM] <PetraZee411> Good point Henrietta

[8:24:45 PM] Guest 6 has left the chat

[8:24:50 PM] <PetraZee411> Let's expand on this..what's the balance between conversation and promoting your booth. ANy thoughts?

[8:24:56 PM] <Renagade> humanizes you...they realize there is a real person there ...selling the items

[8:25:31 PM] <PetraZee411> Pinging ponging...

[8:25:42 PM] <PetraZee411> Are we talking radar here?

[8:26:00 PM] tfmurphhk has left the chat

[8:26:00 PM] tfmurphhk is logged into the chat

[8:26:17 PM] <enngga> Personalize or information Blog. then you can put widgets of your web site on the side ,then if they want to look they can

[8:26:21 PM] <Renagade> it is telling the search engines you have added to it...

[8:26:27 PM] tfmurphhk has left the chat

[8:26:33 PM] oshunspirit has left the chat

[8:26:41 PM] <PetraZee411> Howe's that done?

[8:26:49 PM] <nightgirl> I think blooger is good as it is a part of google where I have google base, checkout, analytics, got to be good to have all for better networking?

[8:27:01 PM] <nightgirl> blooger=blogger

[8:27:01 PM] <Renagade> Wally said he will address it...

[8:27:05 PM] <Pieper> What are Widgets?

[8:27:21 PM] <PetraZee411> Help! I am not a geek!

[8:27:25 PM] <lizziel> It's like getting the fidgets

[8:27:31 PM] <Pieper> Me either lizziel

[8:27:35 PM] <Renagade> LOL

[8:27:50 PM] <nightgirl> widgets are small item shows you can add to your blog to show samples of your products and link to booth

[8:28:01 PM] Guest 9 is logged into the chat

[8:28:02 PM] <Pieper> okay...

[8:28:03 PM] <lizziel> thanks nightgirl

[8:28:13 PM] <PetraZee411> You mean like a thumbprint?

[8:28:17 PM] <enngga> Widgets are like little boxes you can put on your blog that contains information

[8:28:21 PM] <nightgirl> BrightestBlessings made my widget THANKS DeDe

[8:28:23 PM] <Pieper> Renegades gonna help me....right Rene?

[8:28:28 PM] <enngga> oH TO SLOW

[8:28:29 PM] <lizziel> it's the dumb cuke face

[8:28:30 PM] <PetraZee411> Finally

[8:28:35 PM] <Xantos> ouch

[8:28:47 PM] <attheboutique> heya Lizzie

[8:28:50 PM] <Renagade> sure!

[8:28:51 PM] <vintagegoodness> yes i am clueless about it

[8:28:52 PM] <BrightestBlessings> If you need a widget let me know and I will make you one.

[8:28:53 PM] <lizziel> hi

[8:28:57 PM] oshunspirit is logged into the chat

[8:29:02 PM] <attheboutique> Brightest made mine too

[8:29:03 PM] <nightgirl> yea dede

[8:29:05 PM] <Pieper> thank you BB...

[8:29:05 PM] <Guest 9> pinging?

[8:29:18 PM] <Renagade> I use ping goat

[8:29:20 PM] <lizziel> how nice

[8:29:28 PM] <attheboutique> I agree that offering real content, certainly helps to bring traffic to your blog or lens

[8:29:29 PM] <ANightOwl> Pinging lets you know the content has been updated

[8:29:32 PM] <auctionwally> ping goat

[8:29:33 PM] <Renagade> she made mine too!!!

[8:29:42 PM] <Renagade> yep

[8:29:54 PM] <nightgirl> does blogs pink on their own?

[8:29:58 PM] <sistahqueen> can I bum a widget in the future?

[8:30:02 PM] <nightgirl> pink=ping

[8:30:04 PM] <PetraZee411> Ah! SO anytime you add content to your sit the lille Google Bots go to work & see it?

[8:30:14 PM] <Xantos> dont talk about anything too interesting over the next 5 mins ill be back!!

[8:30:19 PM] <Guest 9> most sites you can ping

[8:30:20 PM] <Pieper> only if they are embarrassed nightgirl

[8:30:32 PM] <auctionwally> Don't forget the chat will be cut and pasted as show notes at So use get your links out there in the chat and if you mi

[8:30:33 PM] <BrightestBlessings> It is the same feed of your booth

[8:30:34 PM] <nightgirl> dang dede, u get around merry meeting!

[8:31:01 PM] tfmurphhk is logged into the chat

[8:31:12 PM] <nightgirl> hehehe pieper

[8:31:22 PM] <attheboutique>

[8:31:28 PM] <Renagade>

[8:31:30 PM] <BrightestBlessings> very popular site!

[8:31:33 PM] <PetraZee411> well...I'm completely lost

[8:31:34 PM] <Guest 9> get ready for a plug

[8:31:45 PM] <BrightestBlessings> your widget on that site had over 1200 hits.

[8:31:50 PM] <auctionwally>

[8:31:53 PM] <nightgirl> phaedra, get me a link for ping goat

[8:32:09 PM] <attheboutique> ??

[8:32:12 PM] <attheboutique> yes, ma'am

[8:32:13 PM] <ANightOwl> That's a different definition for ping...

[8:32:16 PM] <nightgirl> ty

[8:32:17 PM] Vintagejunkiebev is logged into the chat

[8:32:19 PM] <enngga> Alos it brings spiders to your site

[8:32:21 PM] DudeAndChick is logged into the chat

[8:32:23 PM] <PetraZee411> So, it is kinda like promotion radar

[8:32:28 PM] <nightgirl> ur fast

[8:32:40 PM] <auctionwally> Don't forget the chat will be cut and pasted as show notes at So use get your links out there in the chat and if you mi

[8:32:42 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hey Dude and Chick!

[8:32:43 PM] <Renagade> squidoo has a ping site too!

[8:32:53 PM] <nightgirl> does my blogger ping on it's own?

[8:33:05 PM] <DudeAndChick> Hi! I almost missed it!

[8:33:16 PM] <nightgirl> Het Chick!

[8:33:18 PM] <attheboutique> Hey!

[8:33:21 PM] <BrightestBlessings> better late than never

[8:33:28 PM] <Pieper> Dude and chick -- you can catch everything that has gone over my newbie head

[8:33:29 PM] jules43035 has left the chat

[8:33:29 PM] <Vintagejunkiebev> Hi, I made it...

[8:33:32 PM] <Guest 9> how do you know any of this works or helps?

[8:33:36 PM] <DudeAndChick> lol :) I just made another sale too YAY!

[8:33:38 PM] <nightgirl> hey bev

[8:33:44 PM] <Renagade> great for squidoo lenses!

[8:33:45 PM] <attheboutique> ohhhhh!!! I better behave

[8:33:46 PM] <Xantos> yay im back you can talk about interesting stuff now

[8:33:49 PM] <PetraZee411> Opps! i JUST ADMITTED TO BEING A NON GEEK

[8:34:00 PM] <auctionwally> Don't forget the chat will be cut and pasted as show notes at So use get your links out there in the chat and if you mi

[8:34:01 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Yes, ma'am

[8:34:27 PM] <vintagegoodness> guest 9 if you have google analytics you can see where your traffic is coming from so you can tell what marketing efforts are working for you

[8:34:44 PM] <attheboutique> versus,

[8:34:48 PM] <BrightestBlessings>

[8:34:59 PM] <Pieper>

[8:35:04 PM] <DudeAndChick>

[8:35:08 PM] <BrightestBlessings> not entertaining?

[8:35:09 PM] <Vintagejunkiebev>

[8:35:18 PM] <Renagade>

[8:35:24 PM] <Xantos>

[8:35:37 PM] <Renagade>

[8:35:39 PM] <bkwrm40>

[8:35:41 PM] <PetraZee411> You never sleep, do you Wally?

[8:35:46 PM] <BrightestBlessings>

[8:35:50 PM] <Xantos> your kidding?

[8:35:59 PM] <ANightOwl>

[8:36:07 PM] <PetraZee411> That's how it works!

[8:36:12 PM] <Renagade> let us entertain you!

[8:36:18 PM] <tfmurphhk> Don't forget the Bonanzle Network at

[8:36:19 PM] <attheboutique> ohhhh, hiding behind Brightest

[8:36:31 PM] jules43035 is logged into the chat

[8:36:37 PM] <Xantos> is my show on TalkShoe

[8:36:38 PM] <Renagade> I posted it earier for you Tom!

[8:36:45 PM] <Xantos>

[8:36:46 PM] <nightgirl> Anightowl, I like u, ur have great & useful & knowledgeablr posts! Thank you

[8:36:50 PM] Guest 10 is logged into the chat

[8:36:50 PM] <Vintagejunkiebev> Thanks Brightestblessings

[8:36:51 PM] <attheboutique>

[8:36:53 PM] enngga has left the chat

[8:36:54 PM] <Xantos>

[8:37:01 PM] <attheboutique>

[8:37:03 PM] <PetraZee411> mostly prayer

[8:37:05 PM] <sistahqueen>

[8:37:08 PM] <Xantos>

[8:37:12 PM] <tfmurphhk> Sorry Renegade, I've been dropping in and out.. unintentionally

[8:37:14 PM] <ANightOwl> Thanks :-) back at ya NIghtgirl :-)

[8:37:16 PM] <nightgirl> u knew I was gonna ask for a link Pheadra

[8:37:24 PM] <Renagade> Now the feeling!

[8:37:25 PM] <attheboutique> yeah, I learned something

[8:37:40 PM] <attheboutique>

[8:37:53 PM] <attheboutique>

[8:37:54 PM] <PetraZee411> Boy! Speaking of feeling like I'm behind the cuirve?

[8:37:59 PM] <PetraZee411> curve

[8:38:00 PM] <nightgirl> i use everyplaceisell too

[8:38:01 PM] <Renagade>

[8:38:01 PM] <attheboutique> Very awesome!!!

[8:38:13 PM] <PetraZee411> You guys are wayyyyy too fast

[8:38:19 PM] <attheboutique> and to some of the more specific ones too, and you can set it up to redo every 30 days

[8:38:25 PM] <Renagade> Hey!!! I am on Twitter!!! Whoo hoo!

[8:38:27 PM] <nightgirl> phaedra=FAST!

[8:38:35 PM] <attheboutique> zoom zoom zoom, lol

[8:38:37 PM] <Guest 4>

[8:38:41 PM] <nightgirl> hehehe

[8:38:47 PM] <BrightestBlessings> me too twitt twitt

[8:38:51 PM] <PetraZee411> Not over and over, just feeling technically lost

[8:38:56 PM] <Renagade> LOL

[8:39:05 PM] <attheboutique> it will insert your booth url to all major search engines

[8:39:18 PM] <nightgirl> cool

[8:39:30 PM] <Henrietta> another social network

[8:39:31 PM] <attheboutique> I really don't much about that one, but I know about selfpromotion

[8:39:34 PM] <nightgirl> twitter link please

[8:39:41 PM] <attheboutique> and the

[8:39:42 PM] <Renagade> too many sites...too little time!

[8:39:52 PM] <BrightestBlessings>

[8:39:53 PM] <nightgirl> dang phaedra

[8:39:54 PM] _Nadia_ is logged into the chat

[8:39:55 PM] <ebay & Beyond> It's associated with Inkfrog

[8:39:59 PM] <Renagade> come on Pheadra!

[8:40:10 PM] <attheboutique> yep, it is really coming up in google search too

[8:40:12 PM] <Xantos> My Podcast:

[8:40:13 PM] <Henrietta> updated so it is current

[8:40:16 PM] <attheboutique> okay, where am I going, renegade??? lol

[8:40:17 PM] <nightgirl> go phae go

[8:40:21 PM] <Guest 4> thanks bb

[8:40:22 PM] <Renagade> oops! Sorry Phaedra

[8:40:29 PM] enngga is logged into the chat

[8:40:38 PM] <BrightestBlessings> to the phone Phaedra

[8:40:41 PM] <enngga> I got kicked off ha !

[8:40:43 PM] <BrightestBlessings> go girl

[8:40:47 PM] <Renagade> good place...getting hits from it

[8:40:59 PM] <Henrietta> whatever you choose to do it is important to keep doing it, be consistent

[8:41:00 PM] <_Nadia_> Hello everybody

[8:41:06 PM] <ebay & Beyond> is a brand new site

[8:41:10 PM] <nightgirl> hey nadia

[8:41:12 PM] <attheboutique> update it,keep it fresh

[8:41:20 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hey Nadia!

[8:41:20 PM] <jules43035> what if you test prices?

[8:41:24 PM] <Renagade> true Henrietta

[8:41:27 PM] Guest 9 has left the chat

[8:41:29 PM] <Pieper> Hi Nadia

[8:41:30 PM] <ebay & Beyond>

[8:41:44 PM] <lizziel> thanks dave

[8:41:52 PM] <Henrietta> make a reason for peeps to get into the habit of going

[8:41:57 PM] <Renagade> Just heard about netspray...what is it about?

[8:41:58 PM] <sistahqueen> I'm at EveryPlace I Sell....and retailmenot....

[8:41:59 PM] <ebay & Beyond> My pleasure

[8:42:07 PM] <vintagegoodness>

[8:42:42 PM] Guest 11 is logged into the chat

[8:42:49 PM] attheboutique is on the call

[8:43:08 PM] <Renagade> What kind of items on there?

[8:43:14 PM] <lizziel> ha

[8:43:18 PM] <nightgirl> yea phaedra is on the call

[8:43:22 PM] <BrightestBlessings> We are here for you Phaedra!

[8:43:31 PM] Xantos is on the call

[8:43:35 PM] <Renagade> Go girlfriend go!!

[8:43:39 PM] <attheboutique> Yes Ma'am Ms. B I listen well

[8:43:42 PM] <nightgirl> talk to me girl

[8:43:48 PM] <BrightestBlessings> most times. hehehe

[8:43:48 PM] <Vintagejunkiebev> I can't hear anything..LOL

[8:43:55 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Netspray is a site that let's you place your items up for free and offer a commission to people that put the widget with your item on it on their site

[8:43:58 PM] <Guest 11> what about vintage jewelry?

[8:43:58 PM] <lizziel> yes...shhh

[8:44:08 PM] <vintagegoodness> you can get a listing on The Vintage List for $15

[8:44:18 PM] <vintagegoodness> yep vintage jewelry Guest 11

[8:44:23 PM] <Guest 11> ok

[8:44:27 PM] <Xantos>

[8:44:28 PM] <vintagegoodness> vintage anything! hehe

[8:44:31 PM] <sistahqueen> I am also at

[8:44:32 PM] <Vintagejunkiebev> Why can't I hear anything?

[8:44:35 PM] Xantos has hung up

[8:44:35 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Check your speakers, the audio is working fine

[8:44:39 PM] <nightgirl> junkiebev, look to the right there is volume here

[8:44:46 PM] <lizziel> selling hallucigans

[8:44:53 PM] <Renagade> LOL

[8:44:55 PM] <nightgirl> or maybe your puter setting

[8:44:56 PM] <BrightestBlessings> LOL

[8:45:13 PM] <BrightestBlessings> He and Mark hanging together today?

[8:45:26 PM] <Renagade> Duh!

[8:45:37 PM] <Guest 11> yuck

[8:45:54 PM] <Guest 11> last thing I want is a smelly book

[8:46:08 PM] <nightgirl> vintagebev,click on the speaker in your toolbar, on bottom right, check to see if muted or turned down

[8:46:12 PM] <Renagade> LOL

[8:46:35 PM] <PetraZee411> Give us your blog link Phaedra

[8:46:43 PM] DudeAndChick has left the chat

[8:46:44 PM] Henrietta has left the chat

[8:46:44 PM] tree411 has left the chat

[8:46:46 PM] Guest 10 has left the chat

[8:46:51 PM] <nightgirl> good lightbulb rings from phaedra

[8:46:54 PM] <vintagegoodness> uh oh

[8:47:01 PM] <vintagegoodness> chat screwing up?

[8:47:02 PM] BHWM is logged into the chat

[8:47:12 PM] <lizziel> vintage bev click on the braile link

[8:47:13 PM] Guest 11 has left the chat

[8:47:16 PM] <ebay & Beyond> No Mitzi seems to be working fine

[8:47:20 PM] <Renagade> not here Mitzi!

[8:47:26 PM] <vintagegoodness> people dropping out i thought maybe something was wrong

[8:47:30 PM] <Renagade> working good

[8:47:32 PM] <PetraZee411> You mena like general tips?

[8:47:37 PM] <sistahqueen> avid cat is a directory site

[8:47:39 PM] <vintagegoodness> drop drop drop like 4 people, weird

[8:47:49 PM] tree411 is logged into the chat

[8:47:51 PM] <Renagade> noted!

[8:47:53 PM] <vintagegoodness> yah general tips, people look for information

[8:48:05 PM] <vintagegoodness> you give good info they will come back and you can market to them later

[8:48:13 PM] <Pieper> Do you have to blog every day?

[8:48:21 PM] <vintagegoodness> nah pieper

[8:48:25 PM] <ebay & Beyond> No, but regularly is good

[8:48:26 PM] <PetraZee411> SO the world is wide open for my content

[8:48:30 PM] <Renagade> no ...

[8:48:31 PM] <vintagegoodness> its good to do it regularly tho

[8:48:39 PM] <lizziel> I'm sure you ahev the time pieper..

[8:48:40 PM] <vintagegoodness> exactly petra!

[8:48:42 PM] <Pieper> yes, regular works for me...LOL

[8:48:46 PM] <Pieper> Oh, sure lizzie...

[8:48:47 PM] <BrightestBlessings> I try to do both of them everyday

[8:48:52 PM] <vintagegoodness> short frequent posts are as good as long posts spread out

[8:48:54 PM] <Renagade> yes what ever you what to write about and share

[8:48:58 PM] <PetraZee411> But it doesn't have to be a manuscript, true?

[8:49:02 PM] <ebay & Beyond> But should be more than like once a week

[8:49:03 PM] <ANightOwl> I was told to do it 3 times a week. I have been VERY VERY bad! Avg once a week :-(

[8:49:15 PM] _Nadia_ has left the chat

[8:49:17 PM] <vintagegoodness> no, people have short attention span on the internet

[8:49:19 PM] <vintagegoodness> lol

[8:49:24 PM] <ebay & Beyond> 250 words is good average

[8:49:25 PM] <Pieper> good point...I can talk ... of course, you don't know that...LOL

[8:49:25 PM] <PetraZee411> 10-4

[8:49:31 PM] <Renagade> me too owl...but time is short for me!

[8:49:35 PM] Guest 12 is logged into the chat

[8:49:39 PM] <PetraZee411> You may be LOL but I think that's true

[8:49:48 PM] <tfmurphhk> Manuscripts are NOT good on Blogs... too short an attention span for most folks

[8:49:52 PM] <vintagegoodness> that's why its funny ;)

[8:50:05 PM] <PetraZee411> Is the world ready for my chocolate chip cookies recipe?

[8:50:07 PM] Henrietta is logged into the chat

[8:50:09 PM] Guest 8 has left the chat

[8:50:10 PM] <vintagegoodness> photos are good on a blog too

[8:50:13 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Henrietta says talkshoe is dumping listeners

[8:50:16 PM] <lizziel> very true tfmurphhk

[8:50:20 PM] <vintagegoodness> ahhh ok dave

[8:50:21 PM] <ANightOwl> I've written 3 posts:

[8:50:27 PM] <Henrietta> puff puff I am back

[8:50:31 PM] <vintagegoodness> i thought something weird was going on

[8:50:32 PM] <Xantos>

[8:50:33 PM] <PetraZee411> You can embed pics intoa blog? You mean like something you offer on the B?


[8:50:35 PM] <auctionwally> There are over 600 antiques appraisals & articles at NO Sign-UP required

[8:50:45 PM] Ikeles is logged into the chat

[8:50:45 PM] <ANightOwl> I put pics in mine

[8:50:46 PM] Guest 12 has left the chat

[8:50:47 PM] <vintagegoodness> yep petra very easy to add photos

[8:50:48 PM] <Renagade> Have troube getting photos in...unless it is on my puter

[8:50:49 PM] DudeAndChick is logged into the chat

[8:50:52 PM] Vintagejunkiebev has left the chat

[8:51:05 PM] <PetraZee411> Can yo give us your link again ANightOwl?

[8:51:23 PM] <ANightOwl> I use wordpress - pics are easy to add, resize, etc.

[8:51:34 PM] <Xantos> My Website I Work Very Hard On:

[8:51:35 PM] <PetraZee411> How bout BlogSpot

[8:51:39 PM] <Renagade> Shell has so many good tips!

[8:51:43 PM] <PetraZee411> 30 daYS!

[8:51:46 PM] <vintagegoodness> yes easy on Blogspot too

[8:51:55 PM] <Xantos> hey Ikles!

[8:51:57 PM] <Henrietta> pics are very easy on blogspot

[8:52:02 PM] <PetraZee411> Thanks Mitsi

[8:52:07 PM] <vintagegoodness> no problem :)

[8:52:18 PM] <lizziel> 30 days is not much in a span of your lifetime

[8:52:25 PM] <nightgirl> she talkin bout selfpromotion?

[8:52:29 PM] <PetraZee411> Sorry guys, I gotta go. Kepp cool

[8:52:38 PM] <auctionwally>

[8:52:46 PM] PetraZee411 has left the chat

[8:52:47 PM] <Renagade> see ya!

[8:52:48 PM] <vintagegoodness> bye Petra

[8:52:48 PM] <Henrietta> I am ambivalent about plumdrop too

[8:52:49 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Thanks for coming Petra

[8:53:06 PM] <Henrietta> facebook for sellers

[8:53:19 PM] <lizziel> Isn't Plum drop the ad I get in the mail each week???

[8:53:24 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Plumdrop is where sellers of all venues meet, chat, socialize, promote, and share helpful tips on growing their online businesses.

[8:53:29 PM] <Henrietta> cutsy woo

[8:53:33 PM] <Xantos>

[8:53:37 PM] <Renagade> where is a good place to reach the buyers verus sellers?? kaboodle?

[8:53:53 PM] <auctionwally>

[8:53:57 PM] <ANightOwl> LOL Henrietta :-)

[8:54:04 PM] <Henrietta> total strangers become 'friends'

[8:54:08 PM] <Renagade> thanks!

[8:54:09 PM] Frolicnymph is logged into the chat

[8:54:12 PM] <nightgirl>

[8:54:30 PM] Frolicnymph has left the chat

[8:54:35 PM] <Henrietta> ask to borrow a quarter, are they friends

[8:54:38 PM] Frolicnymph is logged into the chat

[8:54:39 PM] <DudeAndChick> that retailmenot sounds really interesting! good way to get our coupons out there!

[8:55:29 PM] <auctionwally> Don't forget the chat will be cut and pasted as show notes at So use get your links out there.

[8:55:30 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Craigslists is great! Loads of hits from there!

[8:55:44 PM] <Renagade> Loads!

[8:55:45 PM] <Henrietta> everyone with a website needs to have a customer loyalty program, working on mine now

[8:55:51 PM] <nightgirl> Bonanzle has set up for coupons.

[8:55:55 PM] <Guest 4> kiddie bath time gotta go will be back. ibbysjewels

[8:56:01 PM] <Frolicnymph> Whew! Finally made it..nee a tour guide or a new brain..Hi everyone..

[8:56:02 PM] <Henrietta> agree on craigslist

[8:56:09 PM] <BrightestBlessings> I have had hits from plumdrop

[8:56:13 PM] <vintagegoodness> hi frolic!

[8:56:17 PM] <lizziel> I get a lot of spam from CraigsList

[8:56:18 PM] Guest 4 has left the chat

[8:56:23 PM] <DudeAndChick> hi frolic! bye ibbysjewels

[8:56:24 PM] SharsBoutique is logged into the chat

[8:56:27 PM] <nightgirl> yep, craigslist

[8:56:40 PM] <bkwrm40> I have hits from plumdrop too.

[8:56:45 PM] <ANightOwl> Google reader is Cool!

[8:56:46 PM] <nightgirl> most of my hits are from google

[8:57:03 PM] <Xantos> google is your friend

[8:57:13 PM] <attheboutique> I have hits from all search engines, google, yahoo, msn

[8:57:19 PM] <lizziel> How do you get google reader?

[8:57:23 PM] <Xantos>

[8:57:29 PM] <ANightOwl> Google widget

[8:57:51 PM] <BrightestBlessings> LOL

[8:57:53 PM] <lizziel> thanks

[8:58:00 PM] <enngga> I know I

[8:58:11 PM] <enngga> am waiting for them to start an auction ha !

[8:58:35 PM] <Henrietta> paypal stores is useless never had a hit in 5+ years

[8:58:48 PM] <attheboutique>

[8:58:53 PM] <Pieper> The only result I got from Google Alerts was from Martha Stewart

[8:58:55 PM] <lizziel> What is a RRs feeds?

[8:59:11 PM] <auctionwally> rrs

[8:59:12 PM] <Pieper> I didn't need Google to do that for me...LOL

[8:59:15 PM] <attheboutique> RSS feeds

[8:59:16 PM] <Renagade> crap pieper!

[8:59:16 PM] <ANightOwl> Craigslist is fantastic for product sourcing!

[8:59:17 PM] <Xantos> lol

[8:59:18 PM] <auctionwally> rss

[8:59:18 PM] <Henrietta> enngga they will be like ebay or worse

[8:59:19 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Had a few hits from

[8:59:30 PM] <Renagade> me too BB

[8:59:31 PM] <Xantos> RSS = Really Simple Syndicat?

[8:59:34 PM] <attheboutique> me too brightest, I got a banner ad there too

[8:59:56 PM] <BrightestBlessings> I have seen it more than once. Looks great!

[9:00:08 PM] <attheboutique> thanks! very cheap too

[9:00:17 PM] <Xantos> RSS is also your friend most of the time

[9:00:19 PM] <lizziel> cool, thanks

[9:00:23 PM] <Xantos> unless it calls u names

[9:00:43 PM] <Renagade> OK..I need another "coffee"

[9:00:55 PM] <BrightestBlessings> me too hehehe

[9:01:10 PM] <lizziel> whiskey works for me

[9:01:25 PM] <BrightestBlessings> "coffee" is wonderful

[9:01:36 PM] <attheboutique> Love my coffee!!!

[9:01:38 PM] <tree411> coffee is life.

[9:01:46 PM] <DudeAndChick> MMM coffee is good

[9:01:52 PM] <BrightestBlessings> no life without coffee

[9:01:53 PM] <Renagade> Coffee is done!!

[9:01:59 PM] <BrightestBlessings> LOVE the widgets

[9:02:06 PM] <lizziel> Ok I'm out of the loop here

[9:02:16 PM] <Renagade> Love the widgets!

[9:02:17 PM] <Pieper> you can join my loop lizzie

[9:02:24 PM] <lizziel> smile

[9:02:32 PM] <DudeAndChick> I don't have a loop lizzie I just tag along lol

[9:02:33 PM] <Pieper> so you won't be alone

[9:02:45 PM] <Renagade> what think Irish!

[9:02:46 PM] <Pieper> see, now we are three

[9:02:52 PM] <Pieper> lot's to learn

[9:03:14 PM] <DudeAndChick> that's for sure Pieper

[9:03:35 PM] <Xantos> cool

[9:03:37 PM] <Pieper> oh cool

[9:03:42 PM] <Henrietta> i will bring larry

[9:03:52 PM] <Frolicnymph> I am with the other who know nothing..sounds russian to me. LOL!

[9:03:54 PM] <lizziel> Can someone email me more about RSS feed?

[9:03:54 PM] <Pieper> LOL....imaginary friend...

[9:03:55 PM] <Xantos> im going to bring all 30 of my fellow podcasting friends

[9:03:56 PM] <BrightestBlessings> I have lots of those friends

[9:03:59 PM] <Henrietta> he likes to chat BAA

[9:04:01 PM] <DudeAndChick> BYOF!! that's great I'll try to bring one if I can remember to bring myself

[9:04:03 PM] <lizziel> I don't get it

[9:04:11 PM] <vintagegoodness> lol henrietta

[9:04:28 PM] <Frolicnymph> Lizzie...lets have a RSS Happy Hur..

[9:04:33 PM] <Renagade> BB??? Come with me???

[9:04:41 PM] <BrightestBlessings> sure

[9:04:47 PM] <Henrietta> if you go listen week before last my sheep larry had an opinion

[9:04:51 PM] <attheboutique> hey Renegade, I was gonna ask her

[9:04:55 PM] <Frolicnymph> Happy hour to talk RSS..

[9:04:56 PM] <ANightOwl> I have to leave :-( I have a class that starts in 25 minutes.

[9:05:03 PM] <Renagade> LOL...nah nah

[9:05:05 PM] <attheboutique> ohh, night nightowl

[9:05:08 PM] <nightgirl>
see ya nightowl

[9:05:09 PM] <lizziel> later nightowl

[9:05:09 PM] <BrightestBlessings> and then I bring I'll as Phaedra

[9:05:10 PM] Ikeles has left the chat

[9:05:11 PM] jules43035 has left the chat

[9:05:18 PM] <Henrietta> see ya owl!

[9:05:19 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Gotta run gang! Great show and Walt I will hook up with you soon!

[9:05:20 PM] <ANightOwl> Bye :-)

[9:05:21 PM] <DudeAndChick> have a good class Anightowl!

[9:05:22 PM] <attheboutique> lol, Brightest, you are popular

[9:05:29 PM] <attheboutique> Night Dave

[9:05:31 PM] <vintagegoodness> night!

[9:05:40 PM] ANightOwl has left the chat

[9:05:41 PM] ebay & Beyond has left the chat

[9:05:41 PM] <BrightestBlessings> sometimes

[9:05:42 PM] <youngtly> lizziel try

[9:05:43 PM] <auctionwally>

[9:05:45 PM] <Renagade> Love Dave!! good for lots of info!

[9:05:50 PM] <Frolicnymph> I arrive and everyone leaves?

[9:06:01 PM] <vintagegoodness>

[9:06:03 PM] <auctionwally>

[9:06:05 PM] <BrightestBlessings> nope just here

[9:06:07 PM] <vintagegoodness> that is ebay and beyond

[9:06:12 PM] <Xantos>

[9:06:20 PM] <Renagade> sat morning???

[9:06:49 PM] <auctionwally> Thanks Dave

[9:07:10 PM] <nightgirl> and making soap

[9:07:10 PM] <lizziel> thanks youngtly

[9:07:14 PM] <Renagade> ROFL

[9:07:18 PM] <nightgirl> good soap

[9:07:27 PM] <nightgirl> i got some

[9:07:28 PM] <Frolicnymph> Hi BB!

[9:07:28 PM] <DudeAndChick> yummy soap

[9:07:37 PM] <auctionwally>

[9:07:45 PM] <DudeAndChick> I'm heading over to buy some dirt soap tonight for my hubby's stocking :)

[9:07:53 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hey Frolicnymph!

[9:08:04 PM] <Henrietta> sat 10am est

[9:08:21 PM] <Renagade> Thought so..

[9:08:24 PM] <BrightestBlessings> LOL

[9:08:25 PM] <Henrietta> ebay and beyond

[9:08:32 PM] <Renagade> daves show

[9:08:34 PM] <Frolicnymph> I need to have a RSS Happy hour...cause I know nothing..

[9:08:39 PM] <DudeAndChick> WooHoo! my hubby will love it!

[9:08:47 PM] <BrightestBlessings> makes them smell manly hehehe

[9:09:00 PM] <DudeAndChick> Lol! Brightest

[9:09:01 PM] <lizziel> I'm need some dirtsoap for a friend

[9:09:05 PM] <auctionwally> Hey there Dede ;))

[9:09:08 PM] <nightgirl> hehehe

[9:09:10 PM] <Renagade> ROFL

[9:09:21 PM] <auctionwally> Hey Sue :)

[9:09:30 PM] <Henrietta> he has rss feeds

[9:09:31 PM] <Renagade> Hey walt!

[9:09:32 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hey Wally!

[9:09:34 PM] <nightgirl> she digs holes in peeps yards at night! I seen her!

[9:09:42 PM] <lizziel> glad I'm not alone Frolic

[9:09:45 PM] TatorsNana is logged into the chat

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[9:09:50 PM] TatorsNana is logged into the chat

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[9:09:53 PM] <Renagade> ROFLMBO now!

[9:09:54 PM] <Xantos> high fives everyone in the room for no reason in particular

[9:09:57 PM] <Frolicnymph> LOL! Lizzie..

[9:10:03 PM] <DudeAndChick> heehee nightgirl!

[9:10:09 PM] <enngga> High Five back

[9:10:10 PM] <Henrietta> finally

[9:10:15 PM] <DudeAndChick> Oh that's awesome! PSU!

[9:10:16 PM] <tree411> Whoo Hooo....

[9:10:17 PM] <Frolicnymph> WooHoo!!

[9:10:19 PM] <vintagegoodness> high five indeed!

[9:10:25 PM] <DudeAndChick> YES!

[9:10:28 PM] <Renagade> Yes!!!

[9:10:29 PM] TatorsNana is logged into the chat

[9:10:34 PM] <lizziel> Blujay doesn't impress me

[9:10:39 PM] <nightgirl> 5 Xantos

[9:10:39 PM] <auctionwally> Don't forget next week is bring a friend week

[9:10:48 PM] <BrightestBlessings> A wonderful day yesterday this show came in the top 100 and then we were put on PSU grand entrance entering at #7

[9:10:51 PM] <Renagade> we will beat the jay!!

[9:10:53 PM] <nightgirl> YESSSSSS! PSU

[9:10:58 PM] <Henrietta> mark says they are getting 100k listing days

[9:11:10 PM] <enngga> Put up your url's

[9:11:15 PM] <Frolicnymph> Do other Bonanzlers count as friends?

[9:11:19 PM] <Renagade> party!!

[9:11:20 PM] <DudeAndChick> That is great! I have had 2 random buyers this week too, so something is working!

[9:11:24 PM] <Xantos> my show is probably in the top 1000

[9:11:31 PM] <nightgirl> this afternoon 466,974

[9:11:35 PM] <Henrietta> and the site just rolls along on our big new servers

[9:11:44 PM] vintagegoodness has left the chat

[9:11:45 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat

[9:11:48 PM] <attheboutique> yes it does, Henrietta!!

[9:11:52 PM] <Renagade> I have had new random buyers too!! one from Japan!

[9:11:57 PM] <DudeAndChick> yes, the site is very fast now!

[9:12:01 PM] <Henrietta> oh oh we lost mitzi

[9:12:05 PM] <DudeAndChick> That's great Renegade!

[9:12:06 PM] <vintagegoodness> i'm back

[9:12:09 PM] <Frolicnymph> Goodness..bouncing around?

[9:12:13 PM] <vintagegoodness> chat froze up on me

[9:12:17 PM] <vintagegoodness> had to re-login

[9:12:21 PM] <vintagegoodness> :(

[9:12:26 PM] <Henrietta> i had to reboot

[9:12:30 PM] <vintagegoodness> maybe we are pushing the chat room limit?

[9:12:32 PM] <Renagade> shes doing the bonanzle boogie!

[9:12:34 PM] <enngga> But we are having glitches of buyers are getting stuck and can not check out

[9:12:35 PM] <nightgirl> PSU is how I found Bonanzle

[9:12:36 PM] <vintagegoodness> lol

[9:12:41 PM] Guest 13 is logged into the chat

[9:12:45 PM] <Frolicnymph> Ren..LOL!

[9:12:49 PM] <attheboutique> PSU is how I found Bonanzle too

[9:13:00 PM] <nightgirl> Bobbi showed me the way

[9:13:01 PM] <Frolicnymph> Uh Ro! Guest 13?

[9:13:04 PM] <DudeAndChick> I found Bonanzle through an ebay forum lol

[9:13:19 PM] <vintagegoodness> lol Dude

[9:13:30 PM] <nightgirl> that was prolly Jamiro on ebay forum! heheh

[9:13:43 PM] <attheboutique> flying low below the radar, lol

[9:13:50 PM] <DudeAndChick> It might have been, I can't remember that was in August

[9:13:51 PM] <nightgirl> gettin pink smackdown

[9:14:00 PM] <Renagade> the community and the fact the owners are on site and active is the key to Bonanzles success

[9:14:04 PM] <Frolicnymph> Jamiro = trouble. :)

[9:14:06 PM] <nightgirl> yep below the radar

[9:14:13 PM] <Renagade> true!

[9:14:18 PM] <attheboutique> on Bonanzle we have the "green slap" don't we brightest??

[9:14:20 PM] <nightgirl> good trouble

[9:14:33 PM] <DudeAndChick> Bonanzle really does have an awesome community!

[9:14:35 PM] <Renagade> true wally!

[9:15:03 PM] <Frolicnymph> Green slap...sounds like fun..

[9:15:11 PM] bkwrm40 has left the chat

[9:15:12 PM] Pieper has left the chat

[9:15:13 PM] BrightestBlessings has left the chat

[9:15:13 PM] lizziel has left the chat

[9:15:16 PM] <attheboutique> lol

[9:15:20 PM] <Henrietta> yeah me too for ebay and it is intact

[9:15:21 PM] <nightgirl> ebay is done

[9:15:24 PM] SharsBoutique has left the chat

[9:15:43 PM] <Henrietta> my feedback

[9:15:47 PM] <Renagade> People you really need to check out some of the things Wally handles...beautiful!

[9:15:48 PM] <nightgirl> doing it to themselves

[9:15:51 PM] <DudeAndChick> What's the "green slap"?

[9:16:11 PM] <Renagade> Somebody green slap me!

[9:16:13 PM] <nightgirl> greenslap=is painless

[9:16:16 PM] <Frolicnymph> Onward thru the fog and bumped into Bonanzle.. Best fog I ever went thru.

[9:16:39 PM] bkwrm40 is logged into the chat

[9:16:39 PM] <DudeAndChick> lol nightgirl

[9:16:42 PM] <nightgirl> painless way to tell posters to get a grip

[9:16:51 PM] bkwrm40 has left the chat

[9:16:59 PM] <Frolicnymph> Ren...catch you later with the slap. can't do it here. Can't see you smile.

[9:17:10 PM] BrightestBlessings is logged into the chat

[9:17:24 PM] <Renagade> Choking on my drink laughing

[9:17:33 PM] <nightgirl> hey dede, left to go drinkin ?

[9:17:56 PM] <BrightestBlessings> no I got the boot, did ya have anything to do with that?

[9:18:12 PM] <Renagade> love the articles ...ALL of them!

[9:18:19 PM] <Frolicnymph> boot as painless as green slap?

[9:18:31 PM] <nightgirl> I like to tell new Bonanzle users to LIST List LIST, more products= better traffic

[9:18:36 PM] <Renagade> eBay is a good keyword to use

[9:18:43 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Phaedra you been telling stories?

[9:18:53 PM] <nightgirl> dede= working on that spell stuff

[9:19:11 PM] <nightgirl> I'm working on spell stuff

[9:19:17 PM] <Frolicnymph> Okay...I will start listing more NGirl.

[9:19:18 PM] <nightgirl> hehehe

[9:19:27 PM] <BrightestBlessings> come on over we will work together

[9:19:32 PM] <nightgirl> yep, LIST LIST LIST

[9:19:33 PM] <Henrietta> it is now contrary to TOS to transfer fb

[9:19:35 PM] <BrightestBlessings> me too

[9:19:40 PM] <DudeAndChick> we need to get more listed as well

[9:19:44 PM] <Renagade> We all stand on eBays corner from time to time....

[9:19:55 PM] <Henrietta> i will help too frolic

[9:20:22 PM] <Frolicnymph> Getting the Green Whip out to motivate some listing..

[9:20:31 PM] <attheboutique> I listed today!!

[9:20:38 PM] <attheboutique> no whip

[9:20:44 PM] <BrightestBlessings> ooohhhhh

[9:20:47 PM] <Renagade> ok ok got some more coming!!!

[9:20:54 PM] <DudeAndChick> EEEeeek

[9:20:56 PM] <Renagade> whip me beat me!

[9:20:59 PM] <Frolicnymph> No green whip for Boutique

[9:21:11 PM] <BrightestBlessings> love it

[9:21:18 PM] <nightgirl> i have 70 ready to update right now, just need to add pics!

[9:21:19 PM] <Henrietta> yoohoo unmute pls

[9:21:23 PM] <sistahqueen> I need a listing fairy....anybody selling one or got one for rent???

[9:21:28 PM] <DudeAndChick> I am interested in Google checkout as well. Not signed up yet because we weren't sure about it

[9:21:34 PM] <Renagade> Love it!

[9:21:37 PM] <BrightestBlessings> they put your money in your account within a couple of days you have to do nothing

[9:21:39 PM] <BHWM> Good to have choices for customers

[9:21:46 PM] <Henrietta> yoo nhoo

[9:21:49 PM] <Renagade> Fees are better

[9:21:51 PM] <nightgirl> Google checkout was easy to set up

[9:22:00 PM] <nightgirl> a littl

[9:22:02 PM] <BrightestBlessings> more Google 10 cents less per transaction plus

[9:22:06 PM] <Henrietta> 30% less

[9:22:11 PM] <nightgirl> money deposit every few days

[9:22:15 PM] <auctionwally> @sisatah if you find a listing fairy bring her here for "bring a friend show"

[9:22:17 PM] <Renagade> and love to offer choices to buyers

[9:22:21 PM] <Henrietta> 20c

[9:22:28 PM] <youngtly> I believe they are at 2%

[9:22:30 PM] <Frolicnymph> Maybe start a "I need the green whip" thread. Then all who are guilty of not listing can guilt each other into it. LOL!

[9:22:32 PM] <enngga> Its not like paypal you can not pay with money from your checking account it has to be credit card

[9:22:46 PM] <nightgirl> record of payments & deposits are recorded in google acct

[9:22:51 PM] <Henrietta> 1.9

[9:22:52 PM] <DudeAndChick> so it goes straight to your account instead of sitting in an online account?

[9:22:55 PM] <Renagade> good idea frolic!

[9:23:04 PM] <sistahqueen> lol@wally

[9:23:08 PM] <Renagade> easy to refund

[9:23:11 PM] <DudeAndChick> Oh, I like that

[9:23:14 PM] <Henrietta> muted

[9:23:25 PM] <Frolicnymph> I heard it can be some kind of Debit card for GC..

[9:23:58 PM] <Renagade> Anyone have a paypal card?

[9:24:17 PM] <nightgirl> heres a link to plug in Google Checkout buyer info, so you can print a label thru Paypal

[9:24:21 PM] <attheboutique> yes, I do

[9:24:35 PM] <DudeAndChick> We have a paypal debit card

[9:24:38 PM] <BHWM> use to, not anymore

[9:24:40 PM] <Renagade> good to have?

[9:24:48 PM] <Frolicnymph> Whoa Nelly! Guess I need to do something with all o those GC stuff i signed up for.

[9:24:50 PM] <auctionwally> I have a PayPal card Ren

[9:25:00 PM] Guest 14 is logged into the chat

[9:25:13 PM] <nightgirl> frolic-Google is good

[9:25:18 PM] <sistahqueen> debit card only but I use as credit card to get 1.5% back

[9:25:37 PM] <DudeAndChick> we do too sistahqueen

[9:25:42 PM] <Renagade> Thinking about getting one for shipping charges...its cheaper on the USPS site

[9:25:46 PM] Guest 15 is logged into the chat

[9:25:47 PM] <BrightestBlessings> so right

[9:25:54 PM] <Frolicnymph> Thanks NGirl!

[9:26:24 PM] <nightgirl> you can't print shipping label from google checkout, so use this link:

[9:26:33 PM] <sistahqueen> is cheaper to buy postage online

[9:26:39 PM] <nightgirl> really cool

[9:26:47 PM] <Renagade> I tend to let my booth and sales pay for its self

[9:26:48 PM] <nightgirl> yep sistah

[9:26:52 PM] <sistahqueen> from the USPS site

[9:26:53 PM] <Frolicnymph> One click for Buyers to pay?

[9:27:09 PM] <Renagade> google?..yes

[9:27:18 PM] <DudeAndChick> What kind of payments can you accept through Google? e-checks? credit cards? bank transfers?

[9:27:30 PM] <Renagade> all

[9:27:31 PM] <nightgirl> CC only i think

[9:27:37 PM] <Renagade> i think

[9:27:57 PM] <Renagade> Gotta check on that

[9:27:58 PM] <nightgirl> You can set your google CO to always validate & charge buyer

[9:28:11 PM] <Guest 14> yay, a sale!!!

[9:28:13 PM] <Frolicnymph> Darn Nightgirl..can I put you on a retainer.

[9:28:34 PM] <Renagade> LOL

[9:28:36 PM] <nightgirl> email me anytime frolic

[9:28:41 PM] <nightgirl> Bmail

[9:28:45 PM] <youngtly> Each time you charge a buyer, you'll be charged a low 2.0% and $0.20. However, if you're an AdWords advertiser and you've linked your Google Checkout

[9:28:55 PM] <Frolicnymph> Yay a sale! GC takes Debit cards.

[9:28:58 PM] <youngtly> you'll be eligible for free transaction processing

[9:29:13 PM] <nightgirl> phaedra=multitasker to the max

[9:29:17 PM] <Renagade> Is adwords worth it?

[9:29:26 PM] <Frolicnymph> Okay NGirl...Thanks.

[9:29:27 PM] <Henrietta> ifvery good point youngtly

[9:29:34 PM] <Guest 14> who is the seller?

[9:29:49 PM] <Guest 14> Who did not ship?

[9:30:24 PM] <sistahqueen> I got 25.00 adwords for free when I ordered from Vistaprint a couple months ago.....dang....never used them..

[9:30:26 PM] <Henrietta> i have found it a steep learning curve ad words

[9:30:28 PM] <nightgirl> I like GCO muchbetter than PP

[9:30:32 PM] <DudeAndChick> ya that is so strange! I think it would be nice to have it go straight to your account

[9:30:50 PM] <Frolicnymph> Bank debit card can be used to pay thru GC..

[9:31:04 PM] <Henrietta> books are much easier just copy print all neat

[9:31:09 PM] <Renagade> It goes to my bank account on google!

[9:31:28 PM] <Henrietta> electronic shipping discount

[9:31:31 PM] <nightgirl> yep 5 days! for PP

[9:31:41 PM] <Henrietta> do it mitzi

[9:32:08 PM] <vintagegoodness> hehe ok henrietta

[9:32:13 PM] <vintagegoodness> because you said so ;)

[9:32:14 PM] <Renagade> offering more options for buying has to be good!

[9:32:17 PM] <TatorsNana> I have that link frolic. Don't worry about copying it now

[9:32:19 PM] <nightgirl> get to work mitzi!

[9:32:24 PM] tfmurphhk has left the chat

[9:32:28 PM] <vintagegoodness> lol i know! i'm so behind

[9:32:35 PM] <BrightestBlessings> people are just programed to paypal

[9:32:44 PM] <Renagade> true!

[9:33:04 PM] oldsaltsailor is logged into the chat

[9:33:13 PM] <nightgirl> I'd like to spit paypal out for good

[9:33:20 PM] <BrightestBlessings> LOL

[9:33:22 PM] <nightgirl> like i did eb

[9:33:24 PM] <Renagade> I even offer paypal or google on local sales!

[9:33:28 PM] <DudeAndChick> True!

[9:33:33 PM] <sistahqueen> but we Bonanzlers are changing the programming --HA!!

[9:33:46 PM] ebay & Beyond is logged into the chat

[9:33:49 PM] <Renagade> Ha!

[9:33:55 PM] <nightgirl> yepp!!

[9:34:09 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Yes we are!

[9:34:22 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Until PayPal showed up at the first eBay Live

[9:34:28 PM] <nightgirl> eb gonna be sorry when we done!

[9:34:49 PM] <Renagade> I really think so nightgirl!

[9:34:53 PM] <sistahqueen> ya got dat rite!

[9:35:20 PM] <ebay & Beyond> eBay has forgot where it came from

[9:35:24 PM] <youngtly> Google payouts within 2 business days; Bank addnl 3 bus days to register payout in your bank acct Also watch for monthly payout limit

[9:35:40 PM] <Renagade> what all does eBay own?

[9:35:45 PM] <nightgirl> 500 monthly payout

[9:35:47 PM] <attheboutique> recap on sites to use: craigslist blogs, squidoo

[9:35:53 PM] <ebay & Beyond> About 25 companies

[9:36:04 PM] <Renagade> wow!

[9:36:05 PM] <tree411> I'll just be happy when so many of those lost sellers find us. I scan the boards and send messages to so many broke down selelrs..It is sad..

[9:36:08 PM] <nightgirl> unless you register SSN#

[9:36:27 PM] <sistahqueen> ebat did forget where they come from - but we know where they are going.....

[9:36:46 PM] <Renagade> not crazy about godaddys software...

[9:36:48 PM] <BrightestBlessings> LOL

[9:36:53 PM] <nightgirl> he doubble hockey sticks

[9:36:54 PM] <attheboutique> LOL

[9:37:08 PM] <Renagade> Getem girl!

[9:37:27 PM] <BHWM> Sounds like home

[9:37:36 PM] <Renagade> Rofl

[9:38:01 PM] <Renagade> link!

[9:38:19 PM] <attheboutique> i scared now, lol

[9:38:36 PM] <Renagade> LOL

[9:38:37 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Here is the link to all the eBay companies

[9:38:41 PM] <BrightestBlessings> someone growl at you?

[9:38:48 PM] <Xantos>

[9:38:53 PM] <Renagade> thanks dave!

[9:39:10 PM] <attheboutique> lol

[9:39:16 PM] <attheboutique> thanks, Dave

[9:39:21 PM] <oldsaltsailor> Auctiva will have a new website product after the first of the year

[9:39:23 PM] <ebay & Beyond> And that does not include which they just bought

[9:39:38 PM] <vintagegoodness> i heard that oldsaltsailor, that will be interesting to see what they come up with

[9:39:43 PM] <vintagegoodness> i like auctiva

[9:39:47 PM] <Renagade> kewl sailor!

[9:39:53 PM] Xantos has left the chat

[9:40:00 PM] <Renagade> like auctiva!

[9:40:04 PM] <oldsaltsailor> this one will be separate of ebay

[9:40:09 PM] <vintagegoodness> is the site i was talking about a second ago, they are owned by inkfrog i believe

[9:40:21 PM] <Renagade> even better!

[9:40:49 PM] <DudeAndChick> yes Auctiva has many useful items

[9:41:11 PM] <Renagade> I tried BISI ...Bonanzle is better least for my things

[9:41:15 PM] <oldsaltsailor> If you are a member of
Auctiva you can do a beta with them

[9:41:25 PM] <ebay & Beyond> And that list of companies does not include the companies that each of these companies on the list own like PayPal owns PayFlow

[9:41:41 PM] Guest 16 is logged into the chat

[9:41:47 PM] <enngga> Great Show Walt

[9:41:54 PM] enngga has left the chat

[9:41:58 PM] <sistahqueen> I like parts of Auctiva but it is a pain to get rid of

[9:42:02 PM] <DudeAndChick> Yes It was really informative & FUN!

[9:42:03 PM] <Renagade> wow...I think eBay owns the post office too!

[9:42:07 PM] <attheboutique> And next week is SOMEONE else call week!!! :)

[9:42:08 PM] <Frolicnymph> Uh Ro!! Guest # 16...

[9:42:13 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Glad I was able to catch the last part of the show

[9:42:19 PM] <Guest 14> hello

[9:42:27 PM] <Renagade> I have lots of imaginary ones!

[9:42:28 PM] <Guest 14> what did everyone think of the show?

[9:42:34 PM] <tree411> oh yeah..I forgot to

[9:42:38 PM] <Frolicnymph> And Hi Guest # 14.

[9:42:46 PM] <Renagade> the best one so far!

[9:42:47 PM] <Guest 14> Hello Frolicnymph

[9:42:55 PM] Guest 16 has left the chat

[9:42:57 PM] <BHWM> Once again, a great show. As ed Sullavan would say, reallyyyy good shoe

[9:42:58 PM] <DudeAndChick> It was a great show!

[9:42:59 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Very easy Walt

[9:43:01 PM] <nightgirl> Thanks Wally

[9:43:10 PM] <tree411> ty for the great show.

[9:43:11 PM] <Guest 15> great show thanks

[9:43:12 PM] <auctionwally> Don't forget the chat will be cut and pasted as show notes at So use get your links out there in the chat.

[9:43:13 PM] <DudeAndChick> Thank you!

[9:43:17 PM] <attheboutique> Thanks, Wally, Mitzi!!!

[9:43:29 PM] <nightgirl> gotta go LIST on Bonanzle

[9:43:31 PM] <Frolicnymph> Thanks Wally and Mitzi..always too short.

[9:43:33 PM] <sistahqueen> another great show....Thanks everybody for sharing so much info.....

[9:43:36 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Thanks again for everything Wally and Mitzi!

[9:43:40 PM] <youngtly> Great show, love the firehose education

[9:43:43 PM] <Frolicnymph> LOL! NGirl..

[9:43:52 PM] <ebay & Beyond> That's why I switched from Live365

[9:43:54 PM] <Guest 13> Thanks Wally,good show

[9:44:03 PM] <Guest 14> Have a great night. Thanks Mitzi and Auctionwally

[9:44:07 PM] <nightgirl> how do i log off?

[9:44:08 PM] <Renagade> My brian is overloaded...once again!

[9:44:09 PM] <ebay & Beyond> good night!

[9:44:13 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Again

[9:44:14 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Good Night All!

[9:44:18 PM] <attheboutique> Night alll!!!!

[9:44:21 PM] Guest 15 has left the chat

[9:44:25 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Bye Bye

[9:44:32 PM] <DudeAndChick> Night everyone, back to Bonanzle for my dirt soap :)

[9:44:33 PM] <Frolicnymph> No...Thank you! Wally you do inspire..

[9:44:34 PM] <BHWM> Good Night All

[9:44:38 PM] vintagegoodness has hung up

[9:44:39 PM] <Renagade> Thanks for keeping Walt Straight Mitzi!

[9:44:40 PM] attheboutique has hung up

[9:44:44 PM] BHWM has left the chat

[9:44:51 PM] <Renagade> Good night john Boy!

[9:45:00 PM] <Frolicnymph> LOL! We are Wally..

[9:45:01 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Now end call first

[9:45:03 PM] sistahqueen has left the chat

[9:45:04 PM] tree411 has left the chat

[9:45:05 PM] <Renagade> Dave?????

[9:45:12 PM] <attheboutique> Daveeeee

[9:45:14 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Yes

[9:45:23 PM] Henrietta has hung up

[9:45:24 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Not yet

[9:45:25 PM] vintagegoodness has left the chat

[9:45:36 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Yep

[9:45:39 PM] <attheboutique> well, be sure to let us know when you do, I went and voted last time

[9:45:48 PM] <ebay & Beyond>

[9:45:52 PM] <Guest 14> what is the subject for ebay and beyond?

[9:45:56 PM] oshunspirit has left the chat

[9:46:00 PM] <Guest 14> this sat

[9:46:03 PM] <Renagade> Darn! I have people coming notes?

[9:46:12 PM] attheboutique has left the chat

[9:46:23 PM] <Frolicnymph> Bye everyone. Thanks for the smiles, info. and sharing.

[9:46:27 PM] nightgirl has left the chat

[9:46:35 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Yes, and all shows are archived here

[9:46:45 PM] <Renagade> Thanks!

[9:46:50 PM] <Guest 14> sounds good thank you AW

[9:46:51 PM] Guest 13 has left the chat

[9:46:55 PM] <ebay & Beyond>

[9:47:13 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Yes

[9:47:18 PM] <youngtly> Next episode Dec 13 at 7 am is that EST???

[9:47:32 PM] <Guest 14> 7am EST????? Geez

[9:47:34 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Walt, you can end the call and still stay on the phone

[9:47:43 PM] <ebay & Beyond> 10 AM EST

[9:48:00 PM] <ebay & Beyond> 7 AM PST

[9:48:08 PM] <auctionwally> Don't forget the chat will be cut and pasted as show notes at So use get your links out there in the chat and if you mi

[9:48:09 PM] <Henrietta> 5am hawaii time

[9:48:17 PM] The recording has ended.

[9:48:22 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Night Walt

[9:48:28 PM] auctionwally has hung up

[9:48:29 PM] DudeAndChick has left the chat

[9:48:38 PM] <Renagade> Walt...say hi to all in MA for me!

[9:48:45 PM] youngtly has left the chat

[9:48:52 PM] BrightestBlessings has left the chat

[9:49:03 PM] <Frolicnymph> Wally Thanks for posting that...I always get lost!

[9:49:26 PM] twysp2andTy2 is logged into the chat

[9:49:27 PM] <TatorsNana> nite all. Good show.

[9:49:37 PM] twysp2andTy2 has left the chat

[9:49:38 PM] <ebay & Beyond> OK all, now I have to leave, really I do

[9:49:43 PM] twysp2andTy2 is logged into the chat

[9:49:47 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat

[9:49:53 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Poof!

[9:49:57 PM] ebay & Beyond has left the chat

[9:49:59 PM] <oldsaltsailor> nite everyone

[9:50:11 PM] oldsaltsailor has left the chat

[9:50:12 PM] <Renagade> Ya'll have a good night! Going to list a few new patches

[9:50:43 PM] TatorsNana has left the chat

[9:50:45 PM] Renagade has left the chat

[9:50:48 PM] Guest 14 has left the chat

[9:51:00 PM] Frolicnymph has left the chat

[9:51:15 PM] <auctionwally> Mitzi's cleaning up the joint?

[9:51:34 PM] twysp2andTy2 has left the chat

[9:51:39 PM] twysp2andTy2 is logged into the chat

[9:53:03 PM] <vintagegoodness> sweep sweep

[9:53:42 PM] <vintagegoodness> you still there walt?

[9:53:58 PM] The Call has ended.

[9:54:28 PM] <auctionwally> I am are you?

[9:54:52 PM] <vintagegoodness> ok hi

[9:55:04 PM] <vintagegoodness> just google chatted ya if you want to talk about the AW show

[9:55:14 PM] <auctionwally> quick phone call?

[9:55:23 PM] <vintagegoodness> sure

[9:55:33 PM] <auctionwally> call ya in 5

[9:55:34 PM] <vintagegoodness> i'm eating a burrito if you can excuse that i'm cool :)

[9:56:37 PM] <auctionwally> LOL

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