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Monday, February 16, 2009

ep7 Brainstorming Bonanzle show notes - predictions and resolutions for 2009

If your new here, these show notes are the chat archive from episode 1 of Brainstorming Bonanzle, an online radio show which you can listen to right here.

I like to think of these show notes as evolving directory of the movers and shakers on Bonanzle, what they're experts in, and what they're talking about.

Scroll the conversation as it surrounds the companion audio podcast. While to the untrained eye, this can look like gibberish, if you know what you looking for, it's extremely relevant content to the subject at had.

These notes serve several purposes:

  • They make an excellent ongoing reference library of the brainstorming content we cover on the show.
  • The links entered by the people in the chat, provide even further usefullness as you learn who is an expert in what, and what lines of products and services they specialize in.
  • The SEO juice is tremendous due to the thousands of keywords entered with every set of show notes, which match up perfectly with the conversation in each episode. Search engines love it when you send the to the information you say your going to send them to!
  • Taken in or out of context, they can be pretty damn funny!

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This is a show on predictions for online businesses in 2009

[7:52:19 PM] auctionwally is logged into the chat

[7:52:19 PM] ebay & Beyond is logged into the chat

[7:53:30 PM ebay & Beyond> Hi Walt

[7:55:12 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat

[7:55:18 PM vintagegoodness> hey party people!

[7:55:48 PM auctionwally> Hey you dang wild woman!

[7:55:55 PM vintagegoodness> hehe

[7:56:20 PM ebay & Beyond> Hi Mitzi

[7:56:22 PM auctionwally> Got your linky-dink ready?

[7:56:38 PM vintagegoodness> which one

[7:56:43 PM vintagegoodness> hey dave!

[7:56:47 PM auctionwally> Good answer

[7:56:48 PM auctionwally> :

[7:56:54 PM vintagegoodness> lol i’m serious

[7:57:07 PM auctionwally> Oh, I just meant in general

[7:57:17 PM vintagegoodness> then yes, of course i have it ready

[7:57:19 PM vintagegoodness> ;)

[7:57:23 PM] BrightestBlessings is logged into the chat

[7:57:51 PM auctionwally> Wow look at the room, sup? People find out I had Puppy stew for Christmas?

[7:58:01 PM] Guest 4 is logged into the chat

[7:58:31 PM ebay & Beyond> And you didn’t invite me?

[7:58:57 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[7:59:05 PM vintagegoodness> let me go tweet

[7:59:27 PM] auctionwally is on the call

[7:59:33 PM] The recording has started.

[7:59:54 PM auctionwally> Sorry Dave only enough for one

[8:00:12 PM ebay & Beyond> Must have been a small puppy

[8:00:14 PM] reejr123 is logged into the chat

[8:00:24 PM ebay & Beyond> LOL

[8:00:30 PM] Guest 5 is logged into the chat

[8:00:38 PM vintagegoodness> hey walt, sounding a little bottom of a tin can tonight

[8:00:42 PM] attheboutique is logged into the chat

[8:00:42 PM ebay & Beyond> Yeah, better clear that up

[8:00:56 PM] ibbysjewels is logged into the chat

[8:01:00 PM vintagegoodness> mmmm puppy stew

[8:01:25 PM Guest 5> I think I’m guest 5

[8:01:42 PM Guest 5> yep, I am

[8:02:23 PM vintagegoodness> hi guest 5!

[8:02:32 PM vintagegoodness> and everyone else ;)

[8:02:38 PM vintagegoodness> all got your predictions and resolutions ready?

[8:02:44 PM Guest 5> It’s me wallyh

[8:02:54 PM vintagegoodness> ???

[8:03:07 PM] ShesMrsWright is logged into the chat

[8:03:07 PM vintagegoodness>

[8:03:12 PM ebay & Beyond> Oh Oh linky dink

[8:03:19 PM BrightestBlessings>

[8:03:22 PM Guest 5> I was to lazy to join

[8:03:32 PM attheboutique> heya wallyh

[8:03:41 PM] Guest 6 is logged into the chat

[8:03:45 PM] ibbysjewels has left the chat

[8:03:45 PM] ibbysjewels is logged into the chat

[8:04:03 PM vintagegoodness> it’s a pretty fast sign up, and people can recognize you by your name which is helpful

[8:04:57 PM] Renagade is logged into the chat

[8:05:11 PM reejr123>

[8:05:18 PM] Guest 7 is logged into the chat

[8:05:21 PM Renagade> OK..I made it!

[8:05:33 PM ShesMrsWright>

[8:05:35 PM BrightestBlessings> Glad to see it!

[8:06:26 PM attheboutique> glad you did, Renegade

[8:06:31 PM attheboutique> :)

[8:06:33 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 is logged into the chat

[8:06:38 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 has left the chat

[8:06:38 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 is logged into the chat

[8:06:48 PM Renagade> ebatandbeyond has a good show too

[8:06:49 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 has left the chat

[8:06:49 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 is logged into the chat

[8:06:58 PM Renagade> Hey everyone!

[8:07:03 PM] Guest 8 is logged into the chat

[8:07:09 PM BrightestBlessings> Hey!

[8:07:14 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 has left the chat

[8:07:14 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 is logged into the chat

[8:07:15 PM BrightestBlessings>

[8:07:20 PM ShesMrsWright> Hello everyone!

[8:07:23 PM Renagade> Got Coffee?

[8:07:27 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 has left the chat

[8:07:27 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 is logged into the chat

[8:07:48 PM ebay & Beyond> Renagade, ebatandbeyond????

[8:07:52 PM ibbysjewels> Hi All

[8:07:53 PM attheboutique> I have digged quite a few, go give em some thumbs up

[8:08:09 PM attheboutique> heya ibby

[8:08:09 PM BrightestBlessings>

[8:08:11 PM Renagade> LOL…sorrry :)

[8:08:24 PM Renagade> eayandbeyond

[8:08:28 PM attheboutique> lol, we read typoese, lol

[8:08:30 PM Renagade> LOL

[8:08:34 PM ebay & Beyond> is the site for ebay & Beyond: Basics to Business every Saturday 10 AM ET

[8:08:38 PM Renagade> ebayandbeyond

[8:08:42 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 has left the chat

[8:08:42 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 is logged into the chat

[8:08:46 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 has left the chat

[8:08:46 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 is logged into the chat

[8:08:49 PM ibbysjewels> lots of guests. hey atb

[8:08:55 PM Renagade> I cannot read and type at the same time

[8:08:57 PM vintagegoodness> thats right ;)

[8:09:07 PM BrightestBlessings> no

[8:09:15 PM ebay & Beyond> Good here

[8:09:16 PM ShesMrsWright> No haven’t had any problems

[8:09:16 PM Guest 5>

[8:09:18 PM Renagade> nope

[8:09:18 PM ibbysjewels> why not ren?

[8:09:19 PM attheboutique> blog touching lightly on branding your business

[8:09:40 PM attheboutique> next time John gets in, hurry and lock the door :)

[8:09:52 PM Renagade> LOL

[8:09:58 PM attheboutique> hehehe

[8:10:00 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 has left the chat

[8:10:02 PM ebay & Beyond> Hey Walt, Mark Dorsey will be our guest on January 24th

[8:10:05 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 is logged into the chat

[8:10:14 PM Renagade> cool Dave!

[8:10:18 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 has left the chat

[8:10:18 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 is logged into the chat

[8:10:46 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 has left the chat

[8:10:46 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 is logged into the chat

[8:10:49 PM attheboutique> thanks for the info, Dave!

[8:10:55 PM] oldsaltsailor is logged into the chat

[8:10:57 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 has left the chat

[8:10:57 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 is logged into the chat

[8:11:05 PM vintagegoodness> awesome Dave, that will be one to get up early for!

[8:11:06 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 has left the chat

[8:11:06 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 is logged into the chat

[8:11:19 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 has left the chat

[8:11:20 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 is logged into the chat

[8:11:30 PM Guest 4> this is going to be annoying

[8:11:34 PM ebay & Beyond> No problem! Thanks for letting me post it!

[8:11:34 PM attheboutique> that sounds awesome, Wally. I do use igoogle home page with the blogs, news etc, that I follow

[8:11:43 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 has left the chat

[8:11:43 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 is logged into the chat

[8:12:19 PM vintagegoodness> i dont know

[8:12:22 PM] SecondHandRose is logged into the chat

[8:12:23 PM vintagegoodness> let me check twitter

[8:12:32 PM] SharsBoutique is logged into the chat

[8:13:16 PM vintagegoodness> no dice

[8:13:23 PM vintagegoodness> are you good now JohnZee?

[8:14:31 PM attheboutique> lol

[8:14:42 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 has left the chat

[8:14:42 PM] JohnZee4PetraZee411 is logged into the chat

[8:14:44 PM Guest 4> is this show about brainstorming for bonanzle or just about predictions?

[8:14:50 PM ShesMrsWright> I am trying to track down Kim’s Korner.. I forgot to pick her up…

[8:14:53 PM] ebay & Beyond is on the call

[8:15:05 PM Renagade> Both guest 4

[8:15:11 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> sorry bout that

[8:15:14 PM attheboutique> it is about brainstorming bonanzle, and everything that ties into that

[8:15:20 PM vintagegoodness> guest4 it is about bonanzle

[8:15:24 PM Renagade> Yea!!! John

[8:15:28 PM Guest 4> ty

[8:15:41 PM vintagegoodness> we will be doing those kind of predictions and resolutions, bonanzle and ecommerce

[8:15:42 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Geee… hate to try it again

[8:16:01 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> was locked out

[8:16:08 PM vintagegoodness> what’s up JZ?

[8:16:58 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> don’t know. Tried to log in, got sent to a DL window, which I had to do twice before I culd log in, then sign up data wasn’t accepted.

[8:17:02 PM vintagegoodness> and your own resolutions for your business

[8:17:12 PM vintagegoodness> hrm JZ very weird!

[8:17:20 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> yep

[8:17:21 PM vintagegoodness> you arent a new account, no reason it should be doing that

[8:17:26 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> true

[8:17:35 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Maybe Wally doesn’t like me anymore

[8:17:39 PM vintagegoodness> must be talkshoe glitch

[8:17:43 PM vintagegoodness> lol i doubt that

[8:17:43 PM attheboutique> <————-decided I will direct my business versus allowing it to direct me

[8:17:44 PM ShesMrsWright> I heard on the news the other day that they are predicting a good 2nd quarter for online & offline sales in 2009.

[8:17:51 PM Renagade> I think eBay is going to take alot more hits….lose more sellers

[8:18:11 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Had no audio. Nothing.

[8:18:21 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> back to the program Hola!

[8:18:23 PM oldsaltsailor> JohnZee did you try coming direct thru TalkShoe

[8:18:34 PM vintagegoodness> lol ShesMrsWright I just heard they are expecting all of 2009 to suck!

[8:18:36 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> hey Salt. Yep

[8:18:50 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Send me your email address Salt

[8:19:03 PM Guest 4> bonanzle great site but have many of the same issues other sites that have or are failing.

[8:19:10 PM vintagegoodness> ok i posted and it didnt show up

[8:19:21 PM vintagegoodness> hrm, delay!

[8:19:22 PM ShesMrsWright> I think it just depends on what analyst you listen to…

[8:19:24 PM oldsaltsailor> or

[8:19:33 PM] youngtly is logged into the chat

[8:19:35 PM vintagegoodness> talkshoe must be glitchy today

[8:19:38 PM Renagade> Bonanzles Success is directly due to Bill and crew…they are staying focused on their goal of keeping it simple

[8:19:38 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Thanks. Wanna talk

[8:19:52 PM ebay & Beyond> What problems do you feel are holding it back Guest 4

[8:19:58 PM Guest 4> do you need a web site to promote local business?

[8:20:14 PM attheboutique> you can use google to promote a local business

[8:20:22 PM Guest 4> exactly

[8:20:24 PM vintagegoodness> ok gonna log out and in

[8:20:28 PM vintagegoodness> be back

[8:20:41 PM attheboutique>

[8:20:46 PM] vintagegoodness has left the chat

[8:20:52 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> ..RAISING HAND<<

[8:21:03 PM Guest 4> they are catering to the opposite of what their mission statement of the unique is.

[8:21:10 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat

[8:21:14 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> I want to do auctions too.

[8:21:18 PM ebay & Beyond> JohnZee call in and talk

[8:21:26 PM attheboutique> but from Bonanzle I have shipped everywhere, even to Ireland, and other international

[8:21:30 PM vintagegoodness> ok, fingers crossed

[8:21:32 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> call in? I barely was able to LOG in

[8:21:34 PM Renagade> I dont see it that way Guest 4

[8:21:36 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[8:21:42 PM vintagegoodness> the number is at the bottom of the chat window

[8:21:44 PM vintagegoodness> very easy

[8:21:52 PM attheboutique> I think one on one customer service will be the new standard on online commerce

[8:22:04 PM attheboutique> it has certainly gained me more sales

[8:22:08 PM Renagade> me too

[8:22:11 PM attheboutique> and easier transactions

[8:22:13 PM vintagegoodness> i agree attheboutique

[8:22:21 PM] PetraZee411 is on the call

[8:22:22 PM vintagegoodness> especially for smaller sellers

[8:22:24 PM Guest 4> there are many many people who are looking for an eBay replacement and Bonanzle is in the unique position of taking advantage of that and they are not

[8:22:55 PM attheboutique> are you a registered seller on Bonanzle, guest 4?

[8:23:01 PM vintagegoodness> personalized customer service is the one thing smaller sellers can provide that larger sellers have trouble providing

[8:23:02 PM Renagade> Hows that?

[8:23:05 PM ibbysjewels> people just love that 1 on 1 service and not just online

[8:23:11 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> IM IN THE QUE

[8:23:18 PM Guest 4> both a seller and a buyer

[8:23:30 PM vintagegoodness> in the que on the phone JZ?

[8:23:31 PM Renagade> booth name?

[8:23:38 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> YEP

[8:23:43 PM attheboutique> so am I, lol, I can’t resist those bonanzas

[8:23:48 PM Guest 4> lol

[8:23:50 PM vintagegoodness> hrm i didnt know they had a que

[8:23:58 PM vintagegoodness> i thought we could have as many callers on the line as we wanted

[8:24:02 PM ebay & Beyond> They don’t

[8:24:07 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> OK I’m a watin

[8:24:12 PM ebay & Beyond> You can

[8:24:19 PM vintagegoodness> ok JZ hang in there!

[8:24:38 PM ebay & Beyond> Well you can have 250 callers and 1000 listening on the net

[8:24:48 PM vintagegoodness> so why is JZ in a que, Dave?

[8:24:50 PM Renagade>

[8:24:57 PM vintagegoodness> have you seen that before?

[8:25:23 PM Renagade> hes on the line..under petra

[8:25:28 PM Guest 4> several things…. trying to keep the sight too simple is working against them and us in some areas. Following eBays example for several things

[8:25:44 PM ebay & Beyond> Ahhh OK see him now

[8:25:53 PM ebay & Beyond> Walt just has to unmute him

[8:26:04 PM vintagegoodness> he isnt showing as on the phone on my screen

[8:26:06 PM Renagade> true

[8:26:14 PM vintagegoodness> but you have a number 1 next to your name dave, that’s new isnt it?

[8:26:21 PM vintagegoodness> oops now its gone

[8:26:21 PM Renagade> under Petrazee411

[8:26:22 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[8:26:22 PM Guest 4> when eBay has shown they don’t understand the market they are providing a venue for

[8:26:27 PM ebay & Beyond> No I requested to be in the que

[8:26:44 PM Renagade> love it!

[8:26:45 PM ebay & Beyond> And Walt migh not see him way down at the bottom

[8:26:57 PM vintagegoodness> i’m confused, don’t mind me, going to go get coffee maybe i will be better then

[8:27:14 PM attheboutique> am having wine instead of coffee tonight, lol

[8:27:15 PM Renagade> coffee coffee!

[8:27:29 PM Renagade> rummmmm

[8:27:30 PM ebay & Beyond> JZ hit the request to talk buttom at the top of the screen

[8:27:36 PM BrightestBlessings> coffee?

[8:27:53 PM ebay & Beyond> Walt unmute Petra

[8:28:01 PM ShesMrsWright>

[8:28:16 PM BrightestBlessings> Irish coffee

[8:28:23 PM Renagade> John is Petra

[8:28:40 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> awwwww…shoot

[8:28:57 PM Renagade> got some SC and JD coffee for christmas! Thought of you BB

[8:28:57 PM vintagegoodness> ahhhhhhhh

[8:29:02 PM vintagegoodness> yum

[8:29:09 PM BrightestBlessings> hhhehehe

[8:29:09 PM attheboutique> so what are your resolutions for your business for 2009, on bonanzle and off? Inquiring minds want to know, lol

[8:29:20 PM ebay & Beyond> You can unmute Petra on the bottom of the chat board

[8:29:33 PM vintagegoodness> yay john!

[8:29:39 PM vintagegoodness> hooray!

[8:29:40 PM attheboutique> yah, he is live, lol

[8:29:53 PM Renagade> I want to streamline my booth down to music and biker..and alittle Sci fi

[8:30:03 PM ebay & Beyond> Yah JZ

[8:30:09 PM vintagegoodness> yes niching down, that is a great resolution

[8:30:18 PM attheboutique> great focus

[8:30:26 PM ShesMrsWright> My goal for Waggin Tails & Wet Noses for 2009 is to continue to expand our product line

[8:30:44 PM Guest 4> could be dangerous to become to narrow in this economy

[8:31:01 PM Guest 4> right on

[8:31:03 PM Renagade> might even do a second venue…or a second booth…which would be better?

[8:31:04 PM vintagegoodness> another good one, don’t they call that the long tail approach ShesMrsWright?

[8:31:19 PM ibbysjewels> trying to diversify

[8:31:31 PM vintagegoodness> there is a great video from ColderIce about the ebay alternative venues, I highly recommend everyone watch it

[8:31:40 PM Guest 4> sales are like stocks have to diversify as much as possible

[8:31:45 PM vintagegoodness>

[8:31:45 PM Renagade> I have made many sales to non sellers!

[8:31:52 PM vintagegoodness> i posted it on my blog :)

[8:31:56 PM oldsaltsailor> Google base is bringing 90% of my buyers

[8:32:07 PM vintagegoodness> and then did a traffic comparison of the sites where you can sell vintage and antiques

[8:32:13 PM vintagegoodness> it has me thinking for sure

[8:32:34 PM] PetraZee411 has hung up

[8:32:35 PM Renagade> read blog..still have to watch video

[8:32:45 PM Guest 4> John & Wally if Bonanzle wants to attract more buyers they have to work on attracting the merch people are looking for online

[8:33:06 PM attheboutique> but they are learning, and buyers are googling for what they want, get your items uploaded to google base, promotion 101

[8:33:15 PM vintagegoodness> one of my predictions is that Bonanzle’s affiliate program will start bringing more buyer traffic

[8:33:36 PM Renagade> Not really Walt…most of my sales happen when I was offline

[8:33:41 PM ebay & Beyond> It took eBay 10 years to get the traction they have, for the 1st 5 years eBay did not advertise, it was all word of mouth

[8:33:50 PM] Guest 9 is logged into the chat

[8:34:01 PM attheboutique> well said, Dave

[8:34:06 PM Guest 4> google base works for more than just bonanzle. Ebay worked because it was a destination. How was that created? Nobody knows about the great…

[8:34:15 PM Guest 4> features of Bonanzle until the get there

[8:34:16 PM BrightestBlessings> very well said Dave!

[8:34:21 PM Guest 4> you have to get them their first

[8:34:34 PM vintagegoodness> right Guest 4 gotta get them to the site and looking around

[8:34:52 PM Renagade> It is up to YOU guest 4 to help drive the traffic

[8:35:12 PM attheboutique> exactly, and taking ownership of our business, decide your market, and target it, then get it. There are many tools on B that can be used, then off B

[8:35:16 PM attheboutique> is essential

[8:35:20 PM Renagade> Bonanzle is like having your own site within a big site

[8:35:21 PM Guest 4> yes and the cool things Bonanzle offer is not what brings buyers to the sight. Hopefully it would be what would let them keep users there

[8:35:42 PM attheboutique> very good point, get them there, the site keeps them there

[8:35:46 PM Renagade> exactly!

[8:36:00 PM Guest 4> So what gets them there?

[8:36:01 PM] ShesMrsWright has left the chat

[8:36:01 PM] ShesMrsWright is logged into the chat

[8:36:02 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Part of the problem is not knowing the potential Bonanzle offers

[8:36:09 PM Guest 4> I agree

[8:36:12 PM vintagegoodness> hopefully if there are enough sellers on the site that work on driving buyers, the buyer traffic will keep growing

[8:36:13 PM Renagade> YOU!

[8:36:14 PM] Guest 8 has left the chat

[8:36:17 PM oldsaltsailor> **

[8:36:19 PM attheboutique> you

[8:36:24 PM attheboutique> me

[8:36:26 PM attheboutique> him

[8:36:26 PM attheboutique> her

[8:36:27 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Perhaps you could expand Walt.

[8:36:34 PM Guest 4> But a lot of very serious online sellers are not taking bonanzle seriously because

[8:36:38 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> I’m off the phone

[8:36:58 PM vintagegoodness> guest4 because its new

[8:37:00 PM Renagade> all on Bonanzle driving traffic to Bonanzle helps the site as well as the sellers

[8:37:15 PM vintagegoodness> they dont think it is worth investing in yet

[8:37:31 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Ok…but I’ve been missing thte contacts

[8:37:31 PM Guest 4> Retail stats. Two out of 4 shoppers who come to a B&M and find nothing that interests them do not come back.

[8:37:32 PM vintagegoodness> that is part of the point of view of the ColderIce video

[8:37:47 PM Guest 4> No not because they are new

[8:37:57 PM vintagegoodness> why then?

[8:38:02 PM attheboutique> I wholesale :)

[8:38:17 PM attheboutique> shameless plug

[8:38:19 PM attheboutique> lmbo

[8:38:22 PM vintagegoodness> hehe

[8:38:31 PM attheboutique> well shucks, don’t need no body scrub or incense???

[8:38:49 PM Guest 4> Because they do not offer what serious sellers are looking for.

[8:38:58 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Can you guys list these forums that have all this info?

[8:38:58 PM vintagegoodness> the buyer traffic?

[8:39:03 PM attheboutique> define serious seller

[8:39:04 PM Renagade> Like what?

[8:39:16 PM vintagegoodness> not enough buyer traffic because it is a new site

[8:39:18 PM vintagegoodness> i mean

[8:39:23 PM Guest 4> no.

[8:39:32 PM vintagegoodness> what is missing then?

[8:40:00 PM Guest 4> Ebay did not have a huge audience in 1996 but they did have serious buyers and sellers who were making a lot of money at the very begining.

[8:40:03 PM attheboutique> please define “serious seller” in your context

[8:40:18 PM Guest 4> they built a platform that was meant to bring buyers an sellers together.

[8:40:33 PM Renagade> and Bonanzle is not?

[8:40:39 PM Guest 4> no

[8:40:42 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> OK…I want to diversify too. So far, I’ve been throwing mud against the wall to see what sticks.

[8:40:47 PM Guest 4> Bonanzle is trying to build a social platform

[8:40:56 PM Guest 4> Read bills personal blog

[8:40:58 PM vintagegoodness> its hard to compare early ebay with early bonanzle - there wasnt much else out there back then, and the auctions were a novelty thing

[8:41:04 PM vintagegoodness> it was exciting and new and fun

[8:41:06 PM Renagade> the realtime chat is bring seller in direct contact with Buyers

[8:41:15 PM attheboutique> Think it through, what you sell, and then where are the buyers, then target them

[8:41:20 PM ebay & Beyond> But social or community is what built ebay

[8:41:22 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> A good start

[8:41:35 PM Guest 4> no it is not.

[8:41:42 PM] Poppy0927 is logged into the chat

[8:42:03 PM ebay & Beyond> I agree to disagree with you Guest 4

[8:42:12 PM Guest 4> what built ebay was the ability for me on the east coast to buy or sell something I could not find here but was maybe in Alaska.

[8:42:33 PM] attheboutique is on the call

[8:42:48 PM vintagegoodness> right, but that’s not new or unique anymore, all ecommerce websites provide that now

[8:42:59 PM ShesMrsWright> I think Bonanzle is what it is. It is an ALTERNATIVE to Ebay… Not Ebay.. I have many people who don’t like ebay for whatever reason who love

[8:43:05 PM ShesMrsWright> to shop on Bonanzle

[8:43:38 PM attheboutique> it is your business, you choose your venue, and either make it work for you, or choose another

[8:43:42 PM Guest 4> No they don’t all provide that. They mostly all provide venues to sell stuff. There is a difference

[8:44:07 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> OK, we got Bonanzle, blogging, auction sites - the old 800 pound gorilla feebay, now SeeAuction. A good platform for experimentation

[8:44:23 PM vintagegoodness> i would too walt, i’m clueless!

[8:44:24 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[8:44:36 PM vintagegoodness> huh?

[8:44:50 PM auctionwally>

[8:44:54 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> audio is becoming intermittant

[8:44:58 PM Guest 4> I don’t disagree. I stated earlier that I think Bonanzle is a great site but they are not taking advantage of the fact that there are a lot of people

[8:44:59 PM vintagegoodness> sorry you cut out

[8:45:12 PM vintagegoodness> before that you cut out Walt

[8:45:13 PM Guest 4> leaving eBay who are looking for a new home

[8:45:16 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411>’s happened a lot’

[8:45:36 PM Renagade> Guest 4 ..Bill is open to suggestions…

[8:45:48 PM vintagegoodness> i think them importing eBay categories was them reaching out to ebay peeps

[8:46:31 PM Guest 4> Importing Ebay first tier catgories is their first major mistake

[8:46:47 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> That wold work, Walt

[8:46:48 PM] Guest 7 has left the chat

[8:46:51 PM Guest 4> Ebay does not understand the market which they have proven over and over

[8:47:01 PM vintagegoodness> think they won’t work? at least it is familiar to people

[8:47:27 PM Renagade> Not evey shopper opens the chat…some dont even know its there

[8:47:53 PM vintagegoodness> renagade it isn’t automatically at the top of every booth?

[8:47:54 PM Guest 4> actually I get several questions a week from people who do not understand the simplicity. Sometimes this make it harder

[8:48:00 PM Renagade> nope

[8:48:04 PM vintagegoodness> hrm i didn’t realize that

[8:48:12 PM BrightestBlessings> I have used the check out many,many times and have never had an issue. Both Google and Paypal.

[8:48:28 PM Renagade> me too BB

[8:48:50 PM vintagegoodness> glad to hear!

[8:49:03 PM BrightestBlessings> We are so programed to e-bay and paypal that nothing else will ever make sense?

[8:49:34 PM Renagade> not me…but the general public may be

[8:50:12 PM vintagegoodness> it did on eBay

[8:50:13 PM Guest 4> no but ebay was the training ground. IF you are going to bring somethings over from their but not others how are you doing anything but confusing ?

[8:50:37 PM BrightestBlessings> I have had no confusion.

[8:50:44 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> yeah, Walt, you WERE one of teh few. Most folks don’t understand this

[8:51:05 PM vintagegoodness> i think you are right phaedra, so here is the ultimate question - if you are going to have to drive the traffic, where do you want to drive it to?

[8:51:09 PM BrightestBlessings> Well said!

[8:51:18 PM vintagegoodness> a 3rd party venue? your own website? a combination?

[8:51:24 PM ShesMrsWright> I never sold on Ebay.. To me it was not user friendly.. I have always had to market my business myself. I treat my online sales no different then

[8:51:27 PM ShesMrsWright> my local sales

[8:51:30 PM Guest 4> so (brightblessings) if you sell pottery and a buyer comes to bonanzle how are they going to find you?

[8:51:42 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Yeah, but P that’s how folks have been trained

[8:51:51 PM] BangManWoof is logged into the chat

[8:51:53 PM] ibbysjewels has left the chat

[8:51:58 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> It’s what eBay wants them to do.

[8:52:27 PM Renagade> Even if you have an eBay store …you STILL have to puch your store

[8:52:35 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> puch?

[8:52:36 PM Renagade> puch

[8:52:43 PM Renagade> push

[8:52:47 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[8:52:48 PM Guest 4> exactly this is how they have been trained. do any of us expect our buyers to put as much time into learning a way to buy as we to sell?

[8:53:13 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> SO, how do we make it easy for folks to link from site to site?

[8:53:18 PM vintagegoodness> good point Guest4, it is a task to get buyers to learn and get comfortable with a new site

[8:53:35 PM] Guest 9 has left the chat

[8:53:36 PM Guest 4> and Bonazle is making that hard that is all I am saying.

[8:53:49 PM ShesMrsWright> You are working on the assumption Guest 4 that every buyer loved Ebay and that is not the case.. There are many who don’t care where they buy just the

[8:54:01 PM Guest 4> I want Bonanzle to work as much as any

[8:54:04 PM ShesMrsWright> price, the product, & the customer service.

[8:54:14 PM Renagade> true…but people buy ebay…buy amazon,,,buy samclubautcions even..each one os different

[8:54:21 PM] Guest 10 is logged into the chat

[8:54:46 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Well, I for one, worked very hard on my customer service and the result was great feedback and high DRS. I want to the same for Bonanzle

[8:54:58 PM Guest 4> I am not working on any assumption I am working on a proven track record. Do you think that the buyers who do not like Ebay are looking for other ven

[8:54:58 PM] Guest 10 has left the chat

[8:55:12 PM Renagade> yes

[8:55:19 PM ShesMrsWright> Yep! That is what brought be to Bonanzle…

[8:55:22 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Ok, Wally, this is getting off track

[8:55:24 PM ShesMrsWright> I came as a buyer!

[8:55:25 PM Guest 4> not in our categories

[8:55:31 PM ShesMrsWright> I stayed and became a seller..

[8:55:39 PM Renagade> sorry to here that

[8:55:46 PM Renagade> guest4

[8:56:06 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> OK, so we all have wailed. SO what do we do?

[8:56:08 PM vintagegoodness> what Walt is talking about is one of my resolutions - STAY POSITIVE

[8:56:18 PM ebay & Beyond> Some venues will not work for a certain niche of sellrs

[8:56:29 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> He needs some coffee Mitzi

[8:56:31 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[8:56:35 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> and a lemon square

[8:56:37 PM Renagade> I WILL see an increase in sales this year

[8:56:39 PM vintagegoodness> mmmmmmmm

[8:56:49 PM Guest 4> Help for Bonanzle to understand the market they are trying to succeed in instead of the just the technology

[8:57:07 PM Renagade> LOL

[8:57:10 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[8:57:13 PM vintagegoodness> send me some!

[8:57:13 PM] BangManWoof has left the chat

[8:57:14 PM] attheboutique has left the chat

[8:57:15 PM] oldsaltsailor has left the chat

[8:57:18 PM] Guest 11 is logged into the chat

[8:57:19 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> That explains a LOT walt

[8:57:23 PM vintagegoodness> hehe

[8:58:00 PM vintagegoodness> right, one one one customer service

[8:58:21 PM ShesMrsWright> Very important!! :)

[8:58:21 PM] attheboutique is logged into the chat

[8:58:26 PM] oldsaltsailor is logged into the chat

[8:58:27 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> For a great lemon square recipe, see Patra’s lemon squares at

[8:58:43 PM Renagade> I do follow up emails to my buyers if I dont hear from them

[8:59:18 PM] ibbysjewels is logged into the chat

[8:59:19 PM Guest 4> great to do…

[8:59:41 PM Guest 4> Dealer of What Wally?

[9:00:10 PM ShesMrsWright> I send all my customers emails thanking them for their purchase, letting them know when their purchase will ship, etc.

[9:00:23 PM Renagade> Me too

[9:00:27 PM BrightestBlessings> Same here.

[9:00:36 PM ibbysjewels> me too

[9:00:47 PM attheboutique> that small personal touch, will make me come back :)

[9:00:48 PM Guest 4> Wally my point exactly have you seen the categories on Bonanzle for Antiques?

[9:01:35 PM oldsaltsailor> What is the percentage of returning customers…Should be good

[9:01:46 PM] Guest 12 is logged into the chat

[9:01:50 PM Renagade> suggest to Bill you want more catagories…they ARE working on adding more

[9:01:55 PM Guest 4> peronally or in total on Bonanzle?

[9:01:59 PM attheboutique> jamiro said to tell you all, she agrees with everything I say, lol

[9:02:20 PM ibbysjewels> yeah right!

[9:02:21 PM Guest 4> lmao Atte. I find that hard to believe.

[9:02:23 PM attheboutique> hehehehe

[9:02:27 PM] Guest 12 has left the chat

[9:02:36 PM] ebay & Beyond has left the chat

[9:02:48 PM Guest 4> next your going to tell us Peter agrees with everthing too.

[9:02:55 PM attheboutique> roflmbo

[9:02:58 PM Renagade> LOL

[9:03:08 PM vintagegoodness> uh oh

[9:03:09 PM attheboutique> now we are both muted

[9:03:10 PM] SharsBoutique has left the chat

[9:03:10 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> I hear him

[9:03:11 PM attheboutique> lol

[9:03:15 PM attheboutique> now unmuted, lol

[9:03:16 PM Renagade> you just muted eveyone

[9:03:27 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> you mutant!

[9:03:30 PM vintagegoodness> walt mcbuttons

[9:03:32 PM Renagade> LOL

[9:03:36 PM ShesMrsWright> Sure blame it on the software… lol

[9:03:39 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[9:03:40 PM Renagade> ROFL

[9:03:48 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[9:03:49 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Step away from the MUTE button

[9:03:55 PM Renagade> ROFLMAO

[9:04:07 PM attheboutique> put your hands by your side, everything will be fine, lol

[9:04:12 PM Renagade> LOL

[9:04:21 PM Guest 4> What is your product line?

[9:04:33 PM Renagade> whos?

[9:04:37 PM Guest 4> the speaker

[9:04:53 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Dave, elaborate on your line please

[9:04:55 PM vintagegoodness> i’m not sure what all dave sells

[9:05:06 PM attheboutique> htttp://

[9:05:13 PM Guest 4> Wally what does Dave sell?

[9:05:27 PM attheboutique> he has a booth on bonanzle,

[9:06:01 PM auctionwally>

[9:06:14 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> WHAT DO YOU SELL DAVE?

[9:06:15 PM Renagade> products?

[9:06:16 PM attheboutique> is this it?

[9:06:32 PM Renagade> yes

[9:06:39 PM Guest 4> so should we all leave here and go check it out? lol

[9:06:48 PM attheboutique> jamiro replied: well you tell them I swear on a bag of dirt flavored soap…. or scented is it? LOL

[9:06:57 PM Guest 4> lol

[9:07:03 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Step away from the MUTE button Kolenda

[9:07:04 PM attheboutique> ummm, tabs work, lol

[9:07:04 PM Renagade> LOL

[9:07:09 PM Guest 4> okay not go ask peter

[9:07:25 PM Guest 4> now

[9:07:27 PM attheboutique> laughing too hard everytime you say that

[9:07:29 PM Guest 4> i meant

[9:07:32 PM] ebay & Beyond is logged into the chat

[9:07:41 PM] vintagegoodness has left the chat

[9:07:42 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat

[9:07:52 PM vintagegoodness> chat room froze up!

[9:07:58 PM vintagegoodness> grrrrrrrrrrrr

[9:08:01 PM attheboutique> get out the heat gun

[9:08:02 PM Renagade> Cant even get into Netspray

[9:08:08 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> we got some tech problems here

[9:08:12 PM vintagegoodness> seriously

[9:08:14 PM oldsaltsailor> *****

[9:08:25 PM Renagade> rummmm will thaw it out

[9:08:25 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> well said alt

[9:08:28 PM vintagegoodness> i think talkshoe is getting a bit taxed by all the traffic they have been getting lately!

[9:08:33 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Salt

[9:09:07 PM] ibbysjewels has left the chat

[9:09:10 PM Guest 4> Okay here it is my prediction….. 2009 Bonanzle will have to define the Market place they want to participate in or work on better way to present mer

[9:09:18 PM Renagade> To have a “homebase” of sorts

[9:09:19 PM Guest 4> chandise

[9:09:20 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> That’s what I want to use my blog for

[9:09:30 PM Renagade>

[9:09:49 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411>

[9:10:00 PM Guest 4> BINGO>>>>>>>> on the inventing the wheel

[9:10:02 PM Renagade> blog John

[9:10:06 PM attheboutique>

[9:10:32 PM Guest 4> because they can to it to advertise

[9:10:36 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411>

[9:10:48 PM Renagade> thanks!

[9:10:54 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Da!

[9:10:58 PM Guest 4> IT’s FREE advertising

[9:11:12 PM attheboutique>

[9:11:31 PM attheboutique>

[9:11:39 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Why do think AMazon wil lose market share, Dave?

[9:11:50 PM Guest 4> only in certain categories

[9:11:53 PM auctionwally> I predict that Meg Whitman will grow wings and attempt to lord over all ecommerce websites in 2009 for more notes at

[9:11:55 PM Renagade> I am not sure if eBay will ever recoup

[9:12:14 PM Renagade> ROFLMAO

[9:12:20 PM oldsaltsailor> Amazon is doing large amount of promos on the web.

[9:12:29 PM Guest 4> exactly why a sight with the super growth of Bonazle should be taking advantage of the market share

[9:12:32 PM ShesMrsWright>

[9:12:47 PM] ebay & Beyond has hung up

[9:12:52 PM Renagade> must be mobile

[9:12:56 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> No it isn’t. Audio is dropping out

[9:13:08 PM Guest 4> here too

[9:13:10 PM Guest 4> yes

[9:13:12 PM Poppy0927> yes

[9:13:15 PM oldsaltsailor> no

[9:13:17 PM] vintagegoodness is on the call

[9:13:20 PM vintagegoodness> yep

[9:13:22 PM youngtly> Its dropping

[9:13:22 PM ShesMrsWright> Yes it is dropping out

[9:13:24 PM Guest 4> yes it is dropping

[9:13:26 PM ebay & Beyond> Sorry phone died

[9:13:28 PM vintagegoodness> occassionally

[9:13:30 PM BrightestBlessings> yesdropping out

[9:13:35 PM Renagade> Great show! You all have to catch ebayandbeyond show

[9:13:46 PM] vintagegoodness has hung up

[9:13:47 PM Renagade> in and out and in and out

[9:13:49 PM] Guest 5 has left the chat

[9:13:51 PM ebay & Beyond> We are having SEVERE winds in our area which includes the home of Talkshoe

[9:14:02 PM vintagegoodness> sorry could hear on the phone and on the computer

[9:14:04 PM vintagegoodness> callin back in

[9:14:04 PM Renagade> oh…

[9:14:32 PM] vintagegoodness is on the call

[9:14:37 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Phaedra - what are some of the best seller forums to check out?

[9:14:57 PM vintagegoodness> ok i’m on, had to mute my computer sound though!

[9:15:12 PM Renagade> PSU john is a good one

[9:15:51 PM Renagade> Had a buyer from Japan with NO trouble

[9:16:04 PM auctionwally> It would likely help us all here if you would link to the the blog where the show notes will be which are:

And please

[9:16:16 PM Renagade> had one across town…had to hold their hand

[9:16:25 PM Guest 4> lol

[9:17:14 PM] Guest 6 has left the chat

[9:17:15 PM] ebay & Beyond has left the chat

[9:17:58 PM] Guest 13 is logged into the chat

[9:18:42 PM attheboutique> sitting in the corner now, lol

[9:18:47 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[9:18:53 PM Guest 4> That is what democracy is all about. The ability to flame anyone for anything. Bonanzle has no rules something many here stand behind/

[9:18:56 PM Renagade> feebay…the bay..the “other site” The darkside

[9:19:12 PM vintagegoodness> hahaha the darkside

[9:19:17 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Hey folks, if you email me with your best choice for Bonanzle forum sites to check out, I’ll make a list and post it next show

[9:19:39 PM vintagegoodness> i think there is a bonanzle forum on Ning now

[9:19:43 PM vintagegoodness> i havent looked it up yet

[9:19:52 PM Renagade> yep

[9:20:02 PM] Guest 14 is logged into the chat

[9:20:06 PM Guest 4> wouldn’t it be better to be able to become successful for some to be able to emilate successful sellers on Any site?

[9:20:11 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> DIdn’t for me either Mitzi

[9:20:25 PM oldsaltsailor> Bonanzle forum on PSU also

[9:20:33 PM attheboutique> can you clarify that, guest 4

[9:20:34 PM Guest 4> dead

[9:20:34 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> PSU?

[9:20:43 PM attheboutique>

[9:20:49 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> thx

[9:20:52 PM Renagade> powersellersunited

[9:20:52 PM attheboutique>

[9:20:55 PM] andotherstuff is logged into the chat

[9:20:58 PM Guest 4> Wally just said no one should be concerned with the top selling booths. I disagree

[9:21:00 PM] Guest 11 has left the chat

[9:21:02 PM Renagade>

[9:21:15 PM Guest 4> Success breeds success.

[9:21:27 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Repeat please.Lost audio

[9:21:33 PM attheboutique> direct link to 130 page bonanzle thread on PSU

[9:21:37 PM attheboutique>

[9:21:38 PM Renagade> Looking forward to that

[9:21:57 PM Renagade> BIGTIME

[9:22:01 PM Guest 4> yes and the powersellers unite board went from informative and

[9:22:02 PM] Guest 13 has left the chat

[9:22:22 PM oldsaltsailor> Mitsi say that one more time

[9:22:25 PM attheboutique> that is not what he said from what I heard, I heard, “the top seller on Bonanzle could be a powerseller on ebay, you never know”

[9:22:30 PM Guest 4> an open honest discussion about the site to the same thing the boards on Bonanzle did.

[9:22:54 PM Guest 4> Wally said we should not be worried about who the top selling booths are

[9:23:35 PM oldsaltsailor> Wally is correct

[9:23:37 PM Renagade> Major one!

[9:23:43 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Step away from the mi Walt!

[9:23:52 PM Guest 14> lol

[9:23:53 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Too much coffee

[9:23:57 PM attheboutique> Wally, what you drinking hun?

[9:23:57 PM vintagegoodness> walt says alien spacecraft servers are coming for Bonanzle

[9:23:58 PM Guest 4> There is more that make a seller successful than just what he is selling. Being able to see that could help many sellers thus buyers become successfu

[9:24:03 PM vintagegoodness> let it be noted ;)

[9:24:22 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Hey, Walt, you better identify which planet you from

[9:24:22 PM Renagade> I cant a stinking dial up!

[9:24:44 PM Renagade> no cell

[9:24:48 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> I know what’s going to happen…

[9:24:57 PM Guest 4> lol what?

[9:25:00 PM Renagade> very low tech here!

[9:25:01 PM BrightestBlessings> Don’t talk bad about the dial up Renagade, remember when you didn’t have it? hehehe

[9:25:05 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> We all will change and become much more successful

[9:25:19 PM Renagade> LOL..YEp!

[9:25:28 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> ANd Maybe Walt will share what kinda coffee he’s drinking.

[9:25:33 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[9:25:36 PM Renagade> I love my dial up..I do I do

[9:25:37 PM Guest 4> eBay is going to tumble and everyone smart enough to have joined bonanzle is going to become rich or at least fulfilled

[9:25:43 PM attheboutique> yeah, wanna know what Wally is drinking

[9:25:44 PM attheboutique> hehhehe

[9:25:52 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> chicken!

[9:25:55 PM Renagade> LOL

[9:26:02 PM Renagade> gotta have some!

[9:26:03 PM Guest 14> My prediction: 5,000,000 items by this time next year….conservatively

[9:26:04 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> buk-buk-buk

[9:26:12 PM andotherstuff> You’re a little wild tonight, Walt, aren’t you :)

[9:26:21 PM attheboutique> wow, quite a prediction

[9:26:27 PM Renagade> I am!!!

[9:26:29 PM Guest 4> which one?

[9:26:34 PM Renagade> really!

[9:26:37 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Ok, name the coffee!

[9:26:52 PM] Guest 15 is logged into the chat

[9:27:01 PM Guest 4> guest 14 much be mark or bill. lol

[9:27:03 PM Renagade> ROFL

[9:27:07 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> STaep away from the coffee Walt

[9:27:34 PM Renagade> Did Mark bring you Nog? Walt?

[9:27:40 PM Guest 4> Wally do you think Bonanzle is Viable for antiques?

[9:27:52 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> This live AND it’s Memorex Walt. We’ll see this hear forever

[9:28:12 PM Renagade> I think It will be with work Guest 4

[9:28:28 PM attheboutique>

[9:28:37 PM vintagegoodness>

[9:28:39 PM attheboutique>

[9:28:47 PM attheboutique>

[9:28:49 PM Renagade> How about my DH new site?

[9:28:51 PM vintagegoodness> did a post about traffic for ebay alternatives for antiques

[9:28:52 PM Guest 4> count on phadra

[9:29:02 PM attheboutique> Phaedra

[9:29:03 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Got some lemon squares for you Wally at

[9:29:05 PM attheboutique> :)

[9:29:27 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> I called…

[9:29:32 PM Guest 4> But does anyone besides Ren think bonanzle is currently viable for antiques?

[9:29:52 PM SecondHandRose> my booth

[9:29:53 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Mitzi, you got an echo

[9:29:55 PM attheboutique> I read that blog, Mitzi

[9:30:06 PM Guest 4> sore Phaedra..

[9:30:07 PM SecondHandRose>

[9:30:11 PM Renagade> It is a wide open marketplace…you can make it work big time!

[9:30:12 PM Guest 4> lol

[9:30:13 PM Guest 4> lol

[9:30:15 PM attheboutique> nah, not sore, lol

[9:30:15 PM SecondHandRose> well that’s something

[9:30:28 PM vintagegoodness> yah i hear that echo too JZ

[9:30:31 PM] Guest 15 has left the chat

[9:30:35 PM vintagegoodness> dunno what it is but it makes it hard to talk!!

[9:30:37 PM attheboutique> heard it on phone tooo

[9:30:41 PM vintagegoodness> double grrrrr lol

[9:30:43 PM Guest 14> I think Bonanzle is great for antiques. The platform is snappy and the green looks great with the vintage items :)

[9:30:45 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> what what echo echo?

[9:30:48 PM Poppy0927>

[9:30:53 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[9:30:58 PM SecondHandRose> hi Patty

[9:31:04 PM vintagegoodness> hehe green is nice for the antiques

[9:31:08 PM oldsaltsailor> Not the high end antiques

[9:31:15 PM SecondHandRose> green is a good color

[9:31:21 PM BrightestBlessings> hehehehehe

[9:31:22 PM Renagade> LOL

[9:31:23 PM Guest 4> Wally I understand this about price…. the point is the way Bonazle is set up

[9:31:24 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> One is the coffee you’re dfrinking

[9:31:28 PM SecondHandRose> color of money

[9:31:32 PM Poppy0927> Hi, lol!

[9:31:41 PM andotherstuff> Yeah, but I’m looking for full value. You’re absolutely right though, if I want to move something I know how.

[9:31:42 PM attheboutique> have to remember to move phone when he makes me laugh :)

[9:31:45 PM SecondHandRose> notice money has a lot of red on it now days

[9:31:49 PM Renagade> LOL

[9:32:01 PM vintagegoodness> i would think traffic for vintage/antiques on bonanzle is probably equal or near what and is getting

[9:32:01 PM Poppy0927>

[9:32:04 PM Guest 4> Wally your an auctioneer do you see less interests in auctions like eBay says?

[9:32:16 PM vintagegoodness> gets way more traffic than all three though, which i thought was really interesting

[9:32:25 PM SecondHandRose> good ??? guest 4

[9:33:02 PM Guest 4> (vintage) it is not. We sell antiques on tias and because people know to go there and it is easy to nagivate by category sales per visit is higher

[9:33:02 PM vintagegoodness> Guest4 I think the interests in auctions on eBay is still there for antiques, but people don’t bid most items up very high because they know

[9:33:08 PM vintagegoodness> eventually another one will show up

[9:33:20 PM vintagegoodness> there are so many sellers on ebay, no need to pay more than what you want to pay

[9:33:25 PM vintagegoodness> unless item is super super rare

[9:33:28 PM attheboutique> the point is choose the venue that works for you for the item you are selling

[9:33:49 PM Guest 4> and because ebay want to sell fixed price they are feeding the media and anyone else who will listen that auctions are dying.

[9:33:54 PM attheboutique> again, it comes back to owning, taking ownership of your own business, and making decisions on what is best for your business

[9:34:00 PM andotherstuff> auctions like you’re talking about was a fad

[9:34:22 PM Guest 4> a fad. lol

[9:34:25 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> WHat about SeeAuction?

[9:34:28 PM andotherstuff> but yes, items MEANT for auction, antiques/collectibles, is anything but a fad

[9:34:41 PM Guest 4> I still sell on eBay and our items still bring a premium

[9:34:55 PM andotherstuff> Guest4 … rare and collectible items?

[9:35:02 PM attheboutique> good for you! choosing the right venue for the item

[9:35:13 PM Guest 4> fear of loss

[9:35:14 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> It’s fun!

[9:35:17 PM Guest 4> fear of loss

[9:35:18 PM attheboutique> Not I says the spa lady

[9:35:19 PM Guest 14> you can touch the item

[9:35:20 PM Renagade> buyers set the price

[9:35:27 PM Guest 4> fear of loss

[9:35:35 PM Guest 4> competition

[9:35:39 PM Guest 14> free coffee

[9:35:41 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[9:35:43 PM attheboutique> that excitement

[9:35:47 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> you can’t predict the outcome

[9:35:50 PM reejr123> bargin

[9:35:54 PM Guest 4> hormones

[9:35:55 PM attheboutique> that I won’t let them out do me, or let someone else get it

[9:35:56 PM andotherstuff> the sale if you want it

[9:35:58 PM vintagegoodness> hehe hormones!

[9:36:01 PM attheboutique> it drives that overbuy

[9:36:14 PM Renagade> bingo

[9:36:19 PM Guest 4> that is fear of loss

[9:36:25 PM andotherstuff> Send me some Godey’s prints buddy!

[9:36:28 PM andotherstuff> :)

[9:36:33 PM Renagade> LOL

[9:36:34 PM vintagegoodness> ooo those prints went pretty high

[9:36:37 PM vintagegoodness> i was watchin

[9:36:39 PM vintagegoodness> ;)

[9:36:43 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> give us your site link Cliff

[9:36:45 PM Guest 4> wrong

[9:36:47 PM Guest 4> wrong

[9:36:48 PM Guest 4> wrong

[9:36:50 PM andotherstuff> yeah, I thought I’d steal them too, no steal!

[9:36:51 PM Guest 4> your auciton

[9:36:52 PM Guest 4> auction

[9:36:57 PM attheboutique> let it go

[9:36:58 PM attheboutique> lol

[9:37:00 PM Guest 4> reserves?

[9:37:07 PM Guest 4> christies

[9:37:20 PM Guest 4> I am not saying your auctions are wrong

[9:37:24 PM andotherstuff> the new one, which isn’t finished but I’ve been posting to is

[9:37:33 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> thx

[9:37:34 PM attheboutique> guest 4, how bout a link to your booth?

[9:37:42 PM Renagade> Wally does REAL auctions

[9:37:43 PM andotherstuff> the old one, which is an info site

[9:37:48 PM Renagade> no reserve

[9:37:50 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> How’s teh air up there #$?

[9:37:51 PM Guest 4> lol

[9:37:53 PM Guest 4> lol

[9:37:58 PM Guest 4> reserve

[9:38:24 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Wally, he’s getting his payoff, disrupting this group

[9:38:38 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> He’s hitting your button

[9:38:56 PM andotherstuff> Well, it helps Walt make his point anyway

[9:38:58 PM attheboutique> remaining anonymous is seriously degrading the validity

[9:39:09 PM vintagegoodness> its a good point, reserves are a point of contention with auction peeps, some like them, some don’t

[9:39:35 PM Guest 4> but how many dealers don’t go to an auction house that has a reserve

[9:39:46 PM attheboutique> I always prefer to put my name out there, and stand by my professionalism

[9:40:02 PM Guest 4> thank for the correction wally

[9:40:07 PM Renagade> I can only see a reserve if it is a lowball reasonable one

[9:40:20 PM andotherstuff> I personally don’t have a problem with reserves as a buyer, but I won’t go over my price.

[9:40:46 PM attheboutique> BB, where are you??????

[9:40:50 PM Guest 4> Wow….. I can’t beleive I am hearing this….

[9:40:58 PM Guest 4> wally.

[9:40:59 PM attheboutique> being tooooo quiet, I get worried, lol

[9:41:10 PM BrightestBlessings> sorry getting more coffee

[9:41:13 PM vintagegoodness> right cliff, and especially on eBay, people rarely go over what they want to pay because they know the item will get listed by someone else eventually

[9:41:34 PM attheboutique> hmmmmmmmm, share, lol

[9:41:36 PM andotherstuff> As an eBay buyer I love seeing reserve though because I know if cuts out a lot of competition

[9:41:41 PM BrightestBlessings> sure

[9:41:43 PM andotherstuff> definitely a turn-off to most eBayers

[9:41:44 PM vintagegoodness> so many sellers, no feeling of scarcity anymore on most items

[9:41:55 PM Guest 4> not on ebay lol

[9:42:05 PM Renagade> listening

[9:42:12 PM Guest 4> you mean low reserve?

[9:42:12 PM Renagade> true..

[9:42:19 PM Guest 4> wally?

[9:42:20 PM andotherstuff> True. eBay and the Internet opened up a worldwide market that brought us a more honest idea of scarcity

[9:42:27 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> I’ve been ripped for low prices tho when I start low

[9:42:28 PM vintagegoodness> exactly

[9:42:34 PM attheboutique> so again, let us reiterate, you choose your venue, you own your business, it is your decision what works for you :)

[9:42:36 PM Renagade> true true…

[9:42:37 PM vintagegoodness> what is scarce in your town isnt scarce online

[9:42:41 PM andotherstuff> Items that were rare at the local fair often turned out to be common

[9:42:50 PM andotherstuff> lol, same though Mitzi!

[9:43:00 PM Guest 4> yes and unfortunately most sellers of the “rare junk” are all looking for a place to sell.

[9:43:05 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> We talkin volume wally?

[9:43:09 PM vintagegoodness> so if you have a collectible that isnt truly rare, list it fixed or start it at the lowest price you are willing to sell it

[9:43:14 PM] attheboutique has hung up

[9:43:17 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> audio dropping out!!

[9:43:38 PM Renagade> Have you ever NOT sold at live aution becuase it wasnt bringing what it was worth Walt?

[9:43:41 PM] ibbysjewels is logged into the chat

[9:43:45 PM andotherstuff> Right. I’ve established a market for many items that I got sick of seeing go for bids too low

[9:43:58 PM Guest 4> On line selling of antiques and collectables suffer from the same thing x10 that co ops and B&M stores do.

[9:43:59 PM vintagegoodness> yah i got tired of giving things away for $10! lol

[9:44:24 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> I must be doing something that doesn’t work, then

[9:44:26 PM Renagade> I am coming to see you in action!

[9:44:30 PM attheboutique> I gotta go, sorry all, :(

[9:44:33 PM vintagegoodness> i only do that now if i only paid $1 or so for something

[9:44:35 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> bye

[9:44:45 PM vintagegoodness> bye phaedra!

[9:44:47 PM Renagade> I do!

[9:44:48 PM vintagegoodness> see you next week :)

[9:44:57 PM Guest 4> every supposed dealer things their grandmas pillows are stuffed with gold bricks instead of stinky feathers

[9:44:58 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Raly?

[9:45:01 PM BrightestBlessings> See ya in a bit Phaedra :)

[9:45:12 PM andotherstuff> Walt, your stuff are true rarities … you’re always going to get top $$ on auctions

[9:45:12 PM attheboutique> new years resolution, make use of the tools available to me, fine tune my booth at B, I now offer an email wholesale catalog,

[9:45:27 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> True

[9:45:30 PM vintagegoodness> i think you got your 2009 plan down phaedra, no worries there!

[9:45:33 PM attheboutique> okay done, thankies for listening to me! lol, and night all

[9:45:37 PM Renagade> Cool Pheadra

[9:45:38 PM Guest 4> If that was true then I would not be making so much money buying on eBay right now.

[9:45:49 PM Renagade> no

[9:45:55 PM attheboutique> BB, pass the duct tape, lmbo

[9:45:58 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Maybe the next show should be on making auctions work…

[9:46:02 PM vintagegoodness> buying for resale on other sites Guest4?

[9:46:17 PM] attheboutique has left the chat

[9:46:20 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> I for one, will check your site Walt

[9:46:29 PM andotherstuff> I do that too, Mitzi and #4 … I resell it right on eBay

[9:46:38 PM Renagade> Next time I am in Boston you have GOT to explain this to mey DH

[9:46:40 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> No ech now

[9:46:42 PM andotherstuff> You’ve just got to know your stuff better than most others and often be quick!

[9:46:44 PM Guest 4> WALLY when was the last time you put of a Queen Anne Arm chair of something of equal value on eBay with no reserve?

[9:46:55 PM ShesMrsWright>

[9:47:00 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Audio is dropping out still

[9:47:20 PM Guest 4> Buying for resale everwhere?

[9:47:35 PM Guest 4> buyinf for resale everywhere I mean

[9:47:49 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Give us your eBay site link Walt

[9:47:50 PM andotherstuff> What did those baseball bookends end up going for?

[9:47:59 PM Renagade> started 9.95

[9:48:11 PM andotherstuff> They were beautiful

[9:48:18 PM Renagade> good things too

[9:48:27 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> ALl I want to do is learn from you, Walt

[9:48:32 PM Renagade> I have been watching your things

[9:48:40 PM Guest 4> Wally do you put High end on eBay or recommend your clients to do so?

[9:48:58 PM andotherstuff> I used to play w/a reserve every so often if I’d have a low MB and retail BIN fee. Didn’t work too well.

[9:49:13 PM Guest 4> I mean high end antiques like thousands of dollars?

[9:49:35 PM Guest 4> Do you reccommend this to your clients?

[9:49:59 PM andotherstuff> Walt, any idea how much of your eBay traffic comes through your sites?

[9:50:19 PM andotherstuff> Or do you think you’re getting mostly natural traffic from the site itself?

[9:50:38 PM andotherstuff> Because obviously you’ve got a bit of a following

[9:50:52 PM Guest 4> I am not attacking you Wally I am asking if you think it is a good idea to send clients to sell on any online venue with no reserve

[9:51:00 PM oldsaltsailor> **

[9:51:09 PM Renagade> Guest 4 is an ebay seller who would like tips

[9:51:15 PM Guest 4> lol

[9:51:29 PM Guest 4> I don’t need tips for ebay…. I want everyone to help bonanzle

[9:51:54 PM] BrightestBlessings has left the chat

[9:52:04 PM Guest 4> Annie

[9:52:17 PM Renagade> Hi Annie

[9:52:21 PM Guest 4> HI

[9:52:24 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> OK, so what do you suggest on ho to sell in an auction, Walt, for those of us who had some bummer auctions? ALl I want to do is gain from yur experien

[9:52:32 PM Guest 4> So what good are online venues?

[9:52:53 PM Renagade> depends on what you sell

[9:52:55 PM Guest 4> Ebay made it possible for anyone to sell from their attics?

[9:53:06 PM Guest 4> Built their business

[9:53:09 PM Guest 4> on the premise

[9:53:21 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Bonanzle auction?

[9:53:37 PM Guest 4> needs one

[9:53:44 PM Renagade> they are debating it

[9:53:55 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> How?

[9:54:00 PM Guest 4> Wally ….. Price is not the sole factor of success

[9:54:09 PM Renagade> can you type that fast?

[9:54:15 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[9:54:21 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Done. Let me know when

[9:54:38 PM Guest 4> I asked if we could do that wally was told no

[9:54:49 PM Guest 4> Cannot Acution things in the booths

[9:55:02 PM vintagegoodness> you cant take bids, you can take offers?

[9:55:10 PM vintagegoodness> seems like you should be able to

[9:55:12 PM Guest 4> Both bill and Mark

[9:55:23 PM Guest 4> correct

[9:55:27 PM vintagegoodness> interesting

[9:55:28 PM Renagade> best offer can be like and offer….

[9:55:28 PM Guest 4> please do

[9:55:43 PM Guest 4> That was the question that I asked

[9:55:50 PM Poppy0927> Use the best offer feature to wheel & deal

[9:55:56 PM vintagegoodness> maybe because offers are typically to lower the price, not to raise it?

[9:56:00 PM Guest 4> They are techies and not marketeers

[9:56:04 PM Guest 4> marketers

[9:56:05 PM andotherstuff> I turned off my offer feature b/c I lowered prices … wondering if I can have them off for individual items, but turn the option on for …

[9:56:08 PM andotherstuff> …for multiple purchases

[9:56:10 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Bingo Mitzi

[9:56:18 PM Renagade> Annie you MUST remember…this is a NEW site…give it time…

[9:56:31 PM vintagegoodness> it would help bonanzle to have offers that raise the price! lol

[9:56:37 PM Guest 4> I am giving it time.

[9:57:05 PM andotherstuff> I still have the attitude of expecting nothing from Bonanzle, but feeling very confident there will be reward … soon

[9:57:09 PM Guest 4> Correct Wally and that was exactly what I was told. It did not follow into the philosophy of the site

[9:57:20 PM Renagade> I feel Bonanzle IS going to be a good venue for them

[9:57:33 PM vintagegoodness> right this year is going to be the big test

[9:57:34 PM Guest 4> Categories are set up following eBay

[9:58:30 PM Guest 4> Somebody with a voice that matters needs to present this to Bill & Mark

[9:58:31 PM auctionwally> No one has a resolution or a prediction to call in with?

[9:58:42 PM] ShesMrsWright has left the chat

[9:58:45 PM] ShesMrsWright is logged into the chat

[9:58:57 PM Renagade> Everyone Matters to Bill and Mark…TRUST me

[9:59:42 PM Renagade> Bonanzle is a Hy Breed

[9:59:49 PM Guest 4> I am not insulting bill and Mark. I am saying that because they are techies and not in the trade

[9:59:50 PM ShesMrsWright> Anyone else having audio issues? I have a HORRIBLE echo on my end..

[10:00:03 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> ditto

[10:00:04 PM Guest 4> they do not understand the antiques business

[10:00:05 PM Renagade> sometimes

[10:00:16 PM] ShesMrsWright has left the chat

[10:00:18 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> You obviousely don’tr live in California

[10:00:19 PM] Poppy0927 has left the chat

[10:00:30 PM] ShesMrsWright is logged into the chat

[10:00:32 PM Renagade> Then teach them…they are open

[10:00:42 PM Guest 4> Wally do you think that local buyers are as hard to get than non local?

[10:01:29 PM Renagade> Got my friends checking Bonanzle FIRST

[10:01:35 PM Guest 4> Renagade I understand that you beleive what you say. I have chapters that I could send to you for the converstations I have had with them.

[10:01:41 PM vintagegoodness> frozen?

[10:01:55 PM Renagade> word of mouth is the strongest ad going

[10:02:00 PM Guest 4> I agree

[10:02:04 PM Guest 4> it built ebay

[10:02:32 PM Renagade> Do so…my booth

[10:02:40 PM Renagade> door is always open

[10:02:49 PM] vintagegoodness has left the chat

[10:03:01 PM Renagade> I will try to help you

[10:03:10 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat

[10:03:24 PM andotherstuff> Umm, that’s kind of what we’re always doing, isn’t it?

[10:03:29 PM Renagade> fear never buids anything

[10:03:33 PM andotherstuff> Trying new ways to make money?

[10:03:48 PM Renagade> biulds

[10:03:57 PM Guest 4> Thanks Renagade, I appreciate your kindness. But I already know what works for our model.

[10:04:00 PM Renagade> builds

[10:04:14 PM andotherstuff> Well, time does cost money, but w/the import you can do as much or as little as you want

[10:04:20 PM Guest 4> correct

[10:04:35 PM Renagade> Well send me your link via my booth…

[10:04:42 PM Renagade> would love to see

[10:04:46 PM Guest 4> and putting time into a site that has not defined it’s market place could be a waste of a lot of time?

[10:05:26 PM andotherstuff> I’ve very slowly allotted more time towards Bonanzle as they proved themselves to me with sales

[10:05:27 PM Guest 4> Mitzy or wally do you think most of what is being sold on online venues is unique ?

[10:05:47 PM andotherstuff> Now I don’t have a great number of sales there, but more than I’ve seen anywhere else but eBay

[10:06:04 PM Guest 4> why?

[10:06:04 PM andotherstuff> Bonanzle = potential to me

[10:06:05 PM Renagade> me too

[10:06:14 PM Guest 4> BINGO

[10:06:19 PM Guest 4> Wally

[10:06:39 PM Guest 4> Because you want to buy for resale?

[10:06:49 PM Guest 4> lol

[10:06:53 PM Renagade> fighting my DH about that

[10:07:07 PM andotherstuff> Oh even in the old baseball card show days, I’d often make more before the customers came in the door

[10:07:28 PM Renagade> he wants to buy low…but gets mad If I sell low

[10:07:38 PM Guest 4> and many think their grandmothers pillows are stuffed with gold bricks

[10:07:50 PM andotherstuff> Value is only what someone is willing to pay

[10:07:55 PM andotherstuff> Value to me is what I can make

[10:07:57 PM Guest 4> Which is why auctions workd

[10:07:58 PM Renagade> true

[10:07:59 PM Guest 4> work

[10:08:09 PM Guest 4> there are no bad sales only bad buys

[10:08:17 PM Renagade> true cliff

[10:08:19 PM andotherstuff> Totally agree Guest4

[10:08:48 PM andotherstuff> I do what Mitzi does, everything goes at auction first, then…

[10:09:01 PM andotherstuff> …then I jack up the price as Fixed Price. With Best Offer usually.

[10:09:10 PM Guest 4> say again lost audio

[10:09:16 PM vintagegoodness> me too cliff

[10:09:27 PM Renagade> I did for a while…some things go straight to store

[10:09:29 PM Guest 14> buyers remorse at an auction site = not a fun experience

[10:09:30 PM vintagegoodness> mark it up and put it in the store Guest4

[10:09:36 PM andotherstuff> It’s about turning it over quick, but once it doesn’t move right away, you make your money on the long haul

[10:09:38 PM vintagegoodness> if it doesnt sell at auction

[10:10:02 PM Guest 4> YOu can’t put things on Bonazle are great

[10:10:25 PM Guest 14> ? #3

[10:10:30 PM Guest 14> i mean 4

[10:10:36 PM andotherstuff> As a buyer, I love sellers who put a Fixed Price on something first … that’s when I find steals

[10:10:44 PM Renagade> Anyone worry about set price being too low?? Like it is not good??

[10:10:51 PM Guest 4> Where exactly would I put a great piece of FOLK ART on Bonanzle?

[10:10:54 PM vintagegoodness> yes it is tricky

[10:11:00 PM andotherstuff> For auction Renegade? Never.

[10:11:03 PM Guest 4> Or a good piece of art glass?

[10:11:07 PM Guest 4> or pottery?

[10:11:08 PM Guest 14> right on the home page

[10:11:10 PM Renagade> set price

[10:11:10 PM vintagegoodness> i tend to price thinking of 1. what i paid and 2. what i’ve seen others sell for

[10:11:12 PM Guest 4> lol

[10:11:20 PM Guest 4> not the question

[10:11:26 PM andotherstuff> Like Mitzi, I always give an item a run at auction first

[10:11:34 PM Guest 4> where would you categorize it?

[10:11:49 PM Guest 14> what category did you use at ebay?

[10:11:59 PM Guest 4> Folk ARt

[10:12:08 PM Guest 14> Then use folk art at Bonanzle

[10:12:10 PM Renagade> art by artist

[10:12:16 PM Guest 4> not there

[10:12:21 PM Guest 14> custom booth category

[10:12:25 PM Guest 4> and it is not art by artist

[10:12:33 PM Guest 14> drop in the main category and then create your own

[10:12:35 PM Renagade> love the custom

[10:12:38 PM Guest 4> then you have to rely on search to be found

[10:12:45 PM Guest 4> makes no sense

[10:12:47 PM Guest 14> use good keywords in your ad

[10:12:53 PM Guest 14> optimize your listing

[10:13:00 PM Guest 4> yes but then you sill have to rely on search

[10:13:01 PM Renagade> thats when you need to promote

[10:13:09 PM Guest 4> makes it one step more difficult for buyers

[10:13:24 PM Renagade> promotion is a big key in Bonanzle

[10:13:44 PM Guest 4> I understand that it is big in the entire antique business

[10:13:56 PM vintagegoodness> right promotion is more important than ever

[10:14:00 PM Renagade> Bonanzle is a hybred…you have to promote some yourself

[10:14:05 PM Guest 4> but when I put things in the shop I don’t hide them in a closet and wait for my clients to ask it I happen to have them

[10:14:17 PM andotherstuff> Agree Renegade, you get out what you put in right now on Bonanzle

[10:14:33 PM Guest 14> right, you go out and advertise and promote

[10:14:49 PM Renagade> and you have many sellers out there…all promoting

[10:14:51 PM Guest 4> Wally are you finding a lot of antiques to buy for resale on Bonanzle?

[10:14:54 PM] vintagegoodness has hung up

[10:14:59 PM] Poppy0927 is logged into the chat

[10:15:05 PM vintagegoodness> my phone ran out of juice!

[10:15:16 PM andotherstuff> Give me back an hour of time … I’m working while listening!

[10:15:17 PM Guest 14> put my kids to bed and I will

[10:15:21 PM Guest 4> private

[10:15:25 PM Renagade> get me off dial up!

[10:15:30 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> NOW you offer bribes

[10:15:35 PM ShesMrsWright> Someone to get my hubby & dogs out of the house so you could actually hear me

[10:15:38 PM] vintagegoodness has left the chat

[10:15:44 PM Guest 4> open dilouge

[10:15:55 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat

[10:15:58 PM ShesMrsWright> My dog ate my phone

[10:16:03 PM Renagade> my cat did!~

[10:16:04 PM SecondHandRose> don’t really have any thing to add to the good advice

[10:16:10 PM vintagegoodness> now i can’t hear the audio

[10:16:11 PM Guest 4> serously

[10:16:12 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> My dog ate my audio

[10:16:17 PM] ibbysjewels has left the chat

[10:16:19 PM vintagegoodness> it says buffering please wait

[10:16:20 PM Guest 14> How about a free online appraisal

[10:16:22 PM Guest 4> open honest dialouge

[10:16:35 PM vintagegoodness> grrrrrrrrr

[10:16:43 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> I’ll take that

[10:16:50 PM SecondHandRose> lol

[10:16:54 PM Renagade> go for it!

[10:16:57 PM] vintagegoodness has left the chat

[10:16:59 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Hey…no fair

[10:17:07 PM ShesMrsWright> lmao

[10:17:17 PM Renagade> cant call!…no fair!!

[10:17:23 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat

[10:17:26 PM Guest 14> wow!

[10:17:36 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> dialing…dialing…

[10:17:46 PM Poppy0927> That’s a great deal, lol!

[10:17:47 PM vintagegoodness> ok what the h e double hockey sticks

[10:17:53 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> LOL

[10:17:57 PM ShesMrsWright> I would call my dogs have plenty to say.. lol

[10:18:02 PM vintagegoodness> why won’t the audio play for me?

[10:18:16 PM Poppy0927> I’m too shy, lol!

[10:18:23 PM Renagade> would have to get off line!!!

[10:18:25 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Play audio for me..apoligize to lint Eastwood

[10:18:36 PM vintagegoodness> my phone is dead, my computer is conspiring against me

[10:18:37 PM Guest 4> Promise to answers questions in an open discussion and I would love to call. Don’t need the appraisal but the second caller can have it

[10:18:48 PM andotherstuff> Walt, if I can ever get here on time at the start of your show, and get myself caught up by then, I promise I’ll call!

[10:19:00 PM Guest 4> no

[10:19:16 PM ShesMrsWright> Bwahahaha!

[10:19:17 PM Guest 4> I would like to have an honest discussion about what you think could be done to help bonanzle

[10:19:18 PM] vintagegoodness has left the chat

[10:19:21 PM Renagade> you wouldnt mute THAT!

[10:19:30 PM Guest 4> become a viable antiques market place

[10:19:35 PM] Guest 14 is on the call

[10:19:44 PM Renagade> got a call

[10:19:45 PM Guest 4> no

[10:20:02 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Shill call

[10:20:07 PM Guest 4> lol

[10:20:12 PM Renagade> LOL

[10:20:14 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat

[10:20:22 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> LOL

[10:20:23 PM Renagade> ROFLMAO

[10:20:27 PM Guest 4> lol

[10:20:31 PM ShesMrsWright> Hi Mark!!

[10:20:34 PM SecondHandRose> lol

[10:20:35 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Hey….stop kissing up Wally

[10:20:38 PM Guest 4> Hi mark

[10:20:42 PM auctionwally>

[10:20:45 PM Renagade> knew he was lurking!

[10:20:57 PM Poppy0927> Hi Mark!

[10:20:58 PM Renagade> Hi Mark!!

[10:21:14 PM Guest 4> set up

[10:21:15 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> LOL

[10:21:16 PM Renagade> LOL

[10:21:27 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Mark done caught him!

[10:21:55 PM Renagade> whats coming up next year mark?

[10:21:56 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Hey, Mark, why not make an appearance here?

[10:22:01 PM Guest 4> he dosent’t even need the appraisal

[10:22:03 PM Guest 4> lol

[10:22:21 PM Guest 4> What is Marks predictions?

[10:22:28 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Nail down a date!

[10:22:32 PM ShesMrsWright> That would be AWESOME!!

[10:22:39 PM Renagade> will you be committed the this nuthouse??

[10:23:11 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Instant? There are 15K users now

[10:23:20 PM Renagade> yes…Thanks a Million Mark! For all you have done!

[10:23:25 PM andotherstuff> Walked away a minute, but I can vouch to getting emails w/5 minute turnaround time at 2 am … more than once!

[10:23:34 PM andotherstuff> from Mark, that is

[10:23:44 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Appreciate your help Mark

[10:23:51 PM auctionwally> AFFILIATE PROGRAM!

[10:24:06 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Give him some coffee Walt

[10:24:10 PM Renagade> Yea! Affilate!

[10:24:15 PM ShesMrsWright> Mark has always gotten back to me so fast whenever I have had a question! :)

[10:24:25 PM vintagegoodness> hooray! i can hear, will got it playing through itunes for me

[10:24:38 PM vintagegoodness> i love tech savvy boyfriends :)

[10:24:40 PM vintagegoodness> and hi Mark

[10:24:42 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> I hear Markis working on a teleportation device

[10:24:46 PM andotherstuff> I think an aff. program is going to be step 2, best way to grow after the natural traffic is saturated. Excited for it!

[10:24:55 PM Renagade> give him a kiss VG

[10:25:02 PM Guest 4> lol

[10:25:03 PM vintagegoodness> i did!

[10:25:20 PM Renagade> give him MORE!! VG

[10:25:27 PM vintagegoodness> hehe maybe later

[10:25:37 PM Renagade> Mark. will it be open to all?

[10:25:41 PM vintagegoodness> can’t wait to see the details on that Mark

[10:25:47 PM andotherstuff> Mark, bribe them buyers … I really think a cut of the aff payouts should go to them

[10:25:48 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> That’s good for next month

[10:25:57 PM Renagade> or just Bonanzlers

[10:26:03 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> lol

[10:26:15 PM ShesMrsWright> lol

[10:26:16 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> put the coffee down wally

[10:26:17 PM Renagade> LOL

[10:26:39 PM ShesMrsWright> #6!!

[10:26:59 PM auctionwally> Go there sometime.

[10:27:08 PM Renagade> Alot of Blujay sellers are moving over to Bonanzle!

[10:27:31 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Hey Mark, what kinda car you drive?

[10:28:37 PM Renagade> Mark…are you guys expanding the catagories more?

[10:29:33 PM ShesMrsWright> Hey Mark! What do you guys mean by anything but the ordinary? Is that about items on the site or the way the site works?

[10:30:29 PM Renagade> yees

[10:30:32 PM Guest 4> yes

[10:31:07 PM Guest 4> Mark do you read Bill’s personal blog?

[10:31:16 PM] attheboutique is logged into the chat

[10:31:34 PM ShesMrsWright> Great idea Mark!

[10:31:53 PM Guest 4> Can we auction in Booths now?

[10:31:54 PM attheboutique> okay I heard Mark was here, I am back

[10:32:07 PM Guest 4> Can we auction is Booths now?

[10:32:21 PM Renagade> Hi!

[10:32:34 PM attheboutique> hey, did I miss all the good stuff??

[10:32:40 PM Guest 4> of course

[10:32:45 PM attheboutique> lol

[10:32:50 PM Guest 4> and the juicy dirt

[10:32:51 PM Renagade> What are Bonanzlemarks Resolutions for the site?

[10:33:05 PM ShesMrsWright> I love that feature!!


[10:33:09 PM attheboutique> well, durn, will be checking the recording

[10:33:11 PM ShesMrsWright> I use it!!

[10:33:18 PM ShesMrsWright> Yep.. :)

[10:33:41 PM attheboutique> my google chat link up is great, love it

[10:34:02 PM andotherstuff> I couldn’t get Google Chat set-up, but MSN is working for me

[10:34:08 PM attheboutique> bonanzle forums rock!

[10:34:28 PM] Guest 16 is logged into the chat

[10:34:44 PM Guest 4> Wally

[10:34:52 PM Renagade> I have to say…when you Mark are on the board…it excites the community

[10:35:22 PM Guest 4> Wally Ask mark if we can auction in the booths pretty please with sugar on top

[10:36:12 PM Guest 4> I mean pretty please with sugar on top to you for asking lol

[10:36:30 PM attheboutique> it has been done, guest 4

[10:36:49 PM Renagade> What are Marks Resolutions for 2009?

[10:37:15 PM] BrightestBlessings is logged into the chat

[10:37:24 PM attheboutique> welcome back, BB

[10:37:26 PM Renagade> an auction Bonanza

[10:37:35 PM] iBusinessLogic is logged into the chat

[10:37:37 PM Renagade> about time BB

[10:37:51 PM Renagade> Hi Scott

[10:38:01 PM attheboutique> heya Scott!

[10:38:09 PM iBusinessLogic> hey there

[10:38:16 PM andotherstuff> 52 Mantle’s on Bonanzle, can’t wait for that day to come!

[10:38:45 PM Renagade> Walts your guy to help you with this!

[10:38:48 PM attheboutique> exactly they are soooo low

[10:39:02 PM andotherstuff> Fantastic idea!

[10:39:23 PM ShesMrsWright> I love to pay my fees.. :)

[10:39:28 PM Renagade> I am a Paying Member!

[10:39:32 PM] Guest 17 is logged into the chat

[10:39:33 PM attheboutique> love my membership!

[10:39:34 PM Guest 4> Three weeks we are set up and can start it tomorrow

[10:39:52 PM andotherstuff> More on the auction idea, that’ll bring an entire new wave of buzz

[10:40:05 PM Renagade> Walt is the one to help you Mark work out the kinks

[10:40:07 PM iBusinessLogic> Hey Mark, you on the chat?

[10:40:15 PM andotherstuff> Hey Scott

[10:40:21 PM iBusinessLogic> Hi Cliff

[10:40:23 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Quick question Mark, is fee payment automatic? I ask cause I’m still waiting to pay my first one

[10:40:29 PM iBusinessLogic> Got your note, thanks

[10:40:38 PM andotherstuff> no problem, thank you

[10:40:47 PM SecondHandRose> Mark is guest14

[10:40:58 PM] KimsKorner is logged into the chat

[10:41:01 PM attheboutique> he is live on phone with Wally

[10:41:24 PM iBusinessLogic> Anyone know if they have discussed anything to do with Digital download sales on the B

[10:41:31 PM attheboutique> sounds like fun!!

[10:41:37 PM andotherstuff> I didn’t get here til after 9, but not since then, no

[10:41:41 PM SecondHandRose> don’t think so

[10:41:52 PM Guest 4> lol myth….

[10:42:05 PM attheboutique> hey!!

[10:42:13 PM KimsKorner> Shasta thanks for the message, u should have just called me lol

[10:42:48 PM] Guest 18 is logged into the chat

[10:42:55 PM Renagade> Hey Kim!

[10:42:59 PM ShesMrsWright> I left you messages everywhere

[10:43:06 PM ShesMrsWright> Dave is on a war path

[10:43:15 PM KimsKorner> hey Ren, I was so busy packaging I completely forgot lol

[10:43:16 PM] Guest 19 is logged into the chat

[10:43:34 PM andotherstuff> Packing in my future tonight, not looking forward to it

[10:43:47 PM] Guest 17 has left the chat

[10:43:49 PM ShesMrsWright> I have to bake! lmao

[10:44:02 PM] Guest 20 is logged into the chat

[10:44:16 PM andotherstuff> Walt’s about to get banned

[10:44:21 PM Renagade> you can invoice them?

[10:44:23 PM attheboutique> lmbo

[10:44:31 PM] Guest 21 is logged into the chat

[10:44:32 PM KimsKorner> lol

[10:44:39 PM] Guest 21 has left the chat

[10:44:46 PM Renagade> Send a bill?

[10:44:49 PM iBusinessLogic> Impossible to track

[10:45:01 PM Renagade> honestly

[10:45:07 PM attheboutique> I simply do a quick listing for them

[10:45:09 PM iBusinessLogic> Only cause animosity if Bonanzle tries to track it

[10:45:12 PM iBusinessLogic> Like eBay

[10:45:15 PM Renagade> I am a member!

[10:45:23 PM attheboutique> premier here too

[10:45:24 PM BrightestBlessings> there you go, membership. hehe

[10:45:29 PM ShesMrsWright> I love my membership!!

[10:45:42 PM] knkracing1 is logged into the chat

[10:45:47 PM Renagade> just basic now…hope to upgrade…

[10:45:49 PM] natali is logged into the chat

[10:45:56 PM iBusinessLogic> Wally - He wants to leave it be man…

[10:45:58 PM KimsKorner> Me too, I got my membership as a Christmas present from my friend :) lol

[10:46:04 PM] Guest 22 is logged into the chat

[10:46:09 PM attheboutique> lol, good for you Kim!

[10:46:12 PM Renagade> They do it on the bay too…

[10:46:15 PM ShesMrsWright> Look at all the people!! :)

[10:46:17 PM attheboutique> wow, chat room is full

[10:46:23 PM natali> heyy :)))

[10:46:25 PM] Guest 22 has left the chat

[10:46:32 PM attheboutique> heya natali

[10:46:35 PM iBusinessLogic> No one feels bad about screwing eBay out of a fee

[10:46:46 PM KimsKorner> lol

[10:47:05 PM attheboutique> I am grandfathered so I did the membership, had to give Bonanzle something, :)

[10:47:07 PM Renagade> Yes!

[10:47:08 PM iBusinessLogic> Splain it Lucy

[10:47:17 PM iBusinessLogic> Wow - way back in october

[10:47:20 PM Renagade> LOL scott

[10:47:27 PM iBusinessLogic> Anyone remember back that far?

[10:47:36 PM Renagade> Im grandfathered too…

[10:47:40 PM attheboutique> yep sure do, all of that lol

[10:47:58 PM KimsKorner> I wish I would have joined when people first told me about it I would have been grandfathered in lol

[10:48:03 PM Renagade> sqieked in….

[10:48:15 PM Renagade> squeeked

[10:48:18 PM andotherstuff> Me too

[10:48:20 PM KimsKorner> was kicking myself Halloween when I came and realized Bonanzle WAS different from everywhere else

[10:48:21 PM iBusinessLogic> Give a break for a yearly signup

[10:48:28 PM] lilyladys is logged into the chat

[10:48:38 PM iBusinessLogic> ie. sign up for 12 months - get one free

[10:48:39 PM attheboutique> heya lilyladys

[10:48:43 PM iBusinessLogic> or something

[10:48:49 PM attheboutique> yep, get a break for the yearly

[10:48:52 PM Renagade> Love the Google analyics

[10:48:55 PM iBusinessLogic> Thats a good option

[10:48:57 PM] Guest 24 is logged into the chat

[10:48:59 PM attheboutique> ohhh, love my star, lol

[10:49:03 PM iBusinessLogic> I want Amazon links gone

[10:49:05 PM Renagade> love my star!

[10:49:06 PM lilyladys> hey ya attheboutique

[10:49:12 PM andotherstuff> Amazon links?

[10:49:14 PM lilyladys> lol

[10:49:15 PM Renagade> sign up then!

[10:49:17 PM ShesMrsWright> Where is my BAA logo for my profile Mark??

[10:49:18 PM] Guest 24 has left the chat

[10:49:20 PM KimsKorner> I removed my amazon link when I got premier

[10:49:22 PM attheboutique> google analytics allows me to see where my promotion efforts are paying off

[10:49:24 PM iBusinessLogic> Yeah, wont effect you cliff

[10:49:31 PM Renagade> LOL Mrs wright!

[10:49:36 PM attheboutique> go to my bonanzle, then on top left click membership

[10:49:44 PM iBusinessLogic> Not a lot of your stuff on Amazon

[10:49:46 PM Guest 4> Bonanzle needs to start taking credit cards for payment

[10:49:51 PM] Guest 25 is logged into the chat

[10:49:57 PM Guest 4> for fees

[10:49:58 PM KimsKorner> LOL I wish I could hide myself from my kids lol

[10:50:04 PM Renagade> hes in the closet!

[10:50:06 PM lilyladys> we all love mark & bonanzle

[10:50:07 PM iBusinessLogic> Get some headphones Mark

[10:50:16 PM Guest 4> right with my folk art lol

[10:50:20 PM andotherstuff> Ah, I see, didn’t know what you guys meant

[10:50:24 PM] youngtly has left the chat

[10:50:26 PM attheboutique>

[10:50:29 PM ShesMrsWright>

[10:50:30 PM attheboutique> membership explained

[10:50:38 PM] Guest 19 has left the chat

[10:50:43 PM] memaws16 is logged into the chat

[10:50:45 PM KimsKorner>

[10:50:48 PM Renagade> It is a good deal Cliff

[10:50:49 PM iBusinessLogic> Links to AMazon reviews of similar products Cliff

[10:50:59 PM] Guest 26 is logged into the chat

[10:51:03 PM KimsKorner>

[10:51:07 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411>

[10:51:12 PM andotherstuff> I understand now

[10:51:13 PM Renagade> Mark….Resolutions for next year!???

[10:51:19 PM andotherstuff> Oh, I’m already a member

[10:51:21 PM iBusinessLogic> Time?

[10:51:25 PM iBusinessLogic> Whats that?

[10:51:33 PM Renagade> LOL

[10:51:41 PM SecondHandRose> Good Show Wally

[10:51:46 PM lilyladys>

[10:52:04 PM ShesMrsWright> Great show Wally!!!

[10:52:10 PM vintagegoodness>

[10:52:12 PM iBusinessLogic>

[10:52:13 PM Guest 26> ok california is here as guest

[10:52:17 PM SecondHandRose> Long but good

[10:52:18 PM Poppy0927> Great show Wally, lol!

[10:52:19 PM vintagegoodness>

[10:52:21 PM Renagade>

[10:52:22 PM memaws16> aw, I missed it!

[10:52:26 PM attheboutique> Great show!!!

[10:52:27 PM andotherstuff>

[10:52:29 PM Guest 20> Is Wally from Boston? First time listening.

[10:52:31 PM knkracing1>

[10:52:33 PM KimsKorner> I missed most of it Memaw

[10:52:34 PM vintagegoodness> hot collectibles for 2009 tomorrow night on auctionwally

[10:52:38 PM iBusinessLogic> New Hampshire

[10:52:40 PM ShesMrsWright> Wooohoo!!!

[10:52:42 PM memaws16> me 2

[10:52:43 PM iBusinessLogic> I think

[10:52:44 PM Renagade> cool!

[10:52:45 PM Guest 25> Lost my password

[10:52:50 PM iBusinessLogic> Wally, Mass/?

[10:52:52 PM attheboutique> lol,

[10:52:53 PM Guest 25> Bobbi85710

[10:52:56 PM iBusinessLogic> Or Hampshire

[10:53:02 PM attheboutique> heya Bobbi!!!

[10:53:07 PM Renagade> Thanks Mark!

[10:53:10 PM Guest 25> Hey girl

[10:53:11 PM Poppy0927> Happy New Year to you all!!!!!

[10:53:12 PM ShesMrsWright> Thanks Mark!!!

[10:53:13 PM lilyladys> thanks mark

[10:53:14 PM vintagegoodness> we will have the live chat tomorrow on the show too

[10:53:16 PM] Guest 14 has hung up

[10:53:18 PM iBusinessLogic> Bye Bye

[10:53:19 PM attheboutique> Thanks Mark!!

[10:53:21 PM] The recording has ended.

[10:53:22 PM KimsKorner> thanks Mark

[10:53:23 PM Guest 25> Thanks Mark

[10:53:24 PM vintagegoodness> thanks mark!!!

[10:53:25 PM Guest 20> Thanks Mark

[10:53:26 PM] Guest 4 has left the chat

[10:53:29 PM andotherstuff> Oh you guys are over on this platform for that show now too?

[10:53:30 PM iBusinessLogic> No Chat after?

[10:53:36 PM auctionwally> The Chat will stay open for a while.

[10:53:37 PM vintagegoodness> yep

[10:53:40 PM vintagegoodness> just moved here

[10:53:41 PM] Guest 27 is logged into the chat

[10:53:43 PM Renagade> Mark you rock! Thanks for showing up!

[10:53:44 PM attheboutique> Well, durn wish I had stuck around now

[10:53:46 PM vintagegoodness> let me get the link for you

[10:53:47 PM andotherstuff> Scott, I think he’s been on since 8!

[10:53:51 PM memaws16> I keep forgetting about it,

[10:53:52 PM auctionwally> Yes, the chat will stay open.

[10:53:54 PM SecondHandRose> Happy New Year!!!

[10:53:56 PM iBusinessLogic> Ahhh

[10:54:00 PM] Guest 16 has left the chat

[10:54:03 PM Guest 25> Happy New Year

[10:54:04 PM iBusinessLogic> 8 Wow

[10:54:09 PM memaws16> but football is on so,

[10:54:11 PM attheboutique> never know what will happen here, lol

[10:54:12 PM KimsKorner> I would forget my head if it were not attacjed

[10:54:15 PM] Guest 18 has left the chat

[10:54:17 PM KimsKorner> attached

[10:54:20 PM] natali has left the chat

[10:54:23 PM memaws16> Hi Kim,

[10:54:25 PM memaws16> hi Phaedra

[10:54:29 PM KimsKorner> Hi memaw

[10:54:30 PM Renagade> Walt your phone is still on…

[10:54:32 PM ShesMrsWright> To think I was about to leave before Mark called in.. lol

[10:54:33 PM] SecondHandRose has left the chat

[10:54:36 PM attheboutique> heya memaws :)

[10:54:39 PM vintagegoodness>

[10:54:42 PM Guest 25> Auctionwally how can I retrieve my signup? Bobbi85710

[10:54:46 PM] auctionwally has hung up

[10:54:52 PM Guest 25> Great

[10:54:53 PM auctionwally> I can’t believe how many people passed through the room tonight! Wow, Thanks so much!

[10:54:58 PM auctionwally> That would be skype!

[10:55:03 PM vintagegoodness> bobbi can you request your password to be emailed to you?

[10:55:04 PM] zanb3 is logged into the chat

[10:55:05 PM iBusinessLogic> Hmmm

[10:55:06 PM attheboutique> I think you can do the forgot user name or password Bobbi, on the talkshoe site

[10:55:09 PM iBusinessLogic> No one called in?

[10:55:11 PM Renagade> Mark? Are you still here?

[10:55:12 PM andotherstuff> Yeah, big time crowd, Walt, good for you!

[10:55:13 PM memaws16> I love live chat like this, I can’t believe I just got on for hte first time

[10:55:15 PM Guest 25> No link

[10:55:23 PM auctionwally> Yeah, thanks

[10:55:23 PM ShesMrsWright> I ran to Bonanzle and posted that Mark was here.. Everyone came running… :)

[10:55:31 PM] Guest 28 is logged into the chat

[10:55:32 PM memaws16> that’s where I saw it

[10:55:33 PM attheboutique> I called in earlier, so did John, and Dave

[10:55:34 PM vintagegoodness> hehehe i bet they did!

[10:55:35 PM Guest 25> I think I will resign next time

[10:55:38 PM KimsKorner> lol Shasta

[10:55:39 PM oldsaltsailor> Wally, More info tonight than my old head can absorb

[10:55:45 PM] fitzcharming is logged into the chat

[10:55:47 PM lilyladys> first time here for me too

[10:55:48 PM attheboutique> sure did, I saw your post and came back

[10:55:52 PM Renagade> Brain Fried!

[10:55:55 PM] knkracing1 has left the chat

[10:55:59 PM Guest 25> Me too

[10:56:01 PM attheboutique> Brain Full!!!

[10:56:02 PM attheboutique> lol

[10:56:03 PM memaws16> shoot, I missed it again too

[10:56:03 PM iBusinessLogic> Darn chat room will not scroll for me

[10:56:05 PM JohnZee4PetraZee411> Wow!

[10:56:16 PM Poppy0927> My first show tonight and it was great!

[10:56:22 PM zanb3> yikes, too late!

[10:56:33 PM Renagade> OK Resolutions anyone?

[10:56:34 PM iBusinessLogic> Time for bed here, gotta do some driving tomorrow

[10:56:35 PM auctionwally> AT Oldsailer, just throw most of it out, 99% is auctionblab! keep what you need and chuck the rest!

[10:56:36 PM auctionwally> lol

[10:56:41 PM ShesMrsWright> Wally so Mark is gonna do another interview?

[10:56:41 PM KimsKorner> Shasta, just got your message in my booth about missing show lol

[10:56:49 PM ShesMrsWright> lol

[10:56:50 PM andotherstuff> Have a good one, Scott

[10:57:01 PM Renagade> Be Safe Scott!

[10:57:06 PM auctionwally> Take care Scott, thanks for stopping in.

[10:57:07 PM andotherstuff> Let me know when you have some time, I have some questions

[10:57:08 PM] Guest 25 has left the chat

[10:57:10 PM iBusinessLogic> Taking my daughter to meet her 80 year old Great Uncle

[10:57:15 PM Poppy0927> Thanks Wally and everyone else for the great info.

[10:57:24 PM iBusinessLogic> She is 7

[10:57:24 PM] fitzcharming has left the chat

[10:57:26 PM andotherstuff> Oh wow, that should be fun

[10:57:27 PM vintagegoodness> uh oh we didnt give homework for next week

[10:57:28 PM Renagade> Have a good visit!

[10:57:40 PM andotherstuff> How’s that work, that’s be…your uncle?

[10:57:41 PM] Guest 27 has left the chat

[10:57:43 PM iBusinessLogic> First girl in the family in over a century

[10:57:53 PM Renagade> WOW!

[10:57:54 PM attheboutique> ummm, no homework is good, holiday week, lol

[10:57:58 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[10:58:03 PM iBusinessLogic> Yeah, my Uncle would be her great uncle

[10:58:06 PM vintagegoodness> ok we’ll wing it next week then :)

[10:58:15 PM attheboutique> cool :)

[10:58:19 PM Renagade> we have mostly girls…

[10:58:21 PM oldsaltsailor> Good night everyone..

[10:58:27 PM vintagegoodness> night!

[10:58:28 PM andotherstuff> Got you, never had any of them around myself as a kid, thus the question :)

[10:58:29 PM attheboutique> night!!!

[10:58:30 PM lilyladys> night sailor

[10:58:31 PM] oldsaltsailor has left the chat

[10:58:34 PM memaws16> I have so many questions, but I think I will talk one on one to Phaedra when she has time, and I am free to learn more about rss feeds

[10:58:43 PM iBusinessLogic> I know, I was isolated myself Cliff

[10:58:46 PM auctionwally> Someone asked earlier for a link to my no reserve period antiques auctions, here it is. Come eat my lunch!

[10:58:47 PM auctionwally>

[10:58:49 PM iBusinessLogic> Thus the trip

[10:58:51 PM attheboutique> anytime memaws, just a B mail away :)

[10:58:55 PM memaws16> stuff like that, need to add another store site to google base, and forgot how to do it,

[10:59:04 PM KimsKorner> I have been keeping so busy submitting rss feeds memaw

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