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Monday, February 16, 2009

ep13 Brainstorming Bonanzle show notes - Bonanzles' discussion boards, what to do?

If your new here, these show notes are the chat archive from episode 13 of Brainstorming Bonanzle, an online radio show which you can listen to right here.

I apologize for not having live links in the chat room again, this should be the last time this glitch happens, as I have moved the blog over to a platform that should be able to handle the content easier.

I like to think of these show notes as evolving directory of the movers and shakers on Bonanzle, what they're experts in, and what they're talking about.

Scroll the conversation as it surrounds the companion audio podcast. While to the untrained eye, this can look like gibberish, if you know what you looking for, it's extremely relevant content to the subject at had.

These notes serve several purposes:

  • They make an excellent ongoing reference library of the brainstorming content we cover on the show.
  • The links entered by the people in the chat, provide even further usefullness as you learn who is an expert in what, and what lines of products and services they specialize in.
  • The SEO juice is tremendous due to the thousands of keywords entered with every set of show notes, which match up perfectly with the conversation in each episode. Search engines love it when you send the to the information you say your going to send them to!
  • Taken in or out of context, they can be pretty damn funny!

Each episode can be listened to in the player right here on this site, or found at
By the way, if you visit us at that link, please consider following and rating the show. Thanks

[7:58:25 PM] auctionwally is logged into the chat

[7:58:25 PM] attheboutique is logged into the chat

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[7:58:25 PM] ktal is logged into the chat

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[7:58:26 PM] jules43035 is logged into the chat

[7:58:27 PM] Henrietta is logged into the chat

[7:58:30 PM ebay & Beyond> Hi Jules

[7:58:37 PM jules43035> hey all!

[7:58:45 PM stubsinc> Hi Dave

[7:58:52 PM] reejr123 is logged into the chat

[7:58:53 PM ebay & Beyond> Hi Jan!

[7:58:58 PM ebay & Beyond> Or Mark

[7:59:01 PM Henrietta> Hello everybuddy

[7:59:09 PM] Renagade is logged into the chat

[7:59:10 PM] Guest 6 has left the chat

[7:59:12 PM jmacksgirl> hey everyone

[7:59:19 PM ebay & Beyond> Hello dear Henrietta!

[7:59:20 PM stubsinc> Jan, Thank you again for the great gift.

[7:59:21 PM] Bead Bowl is logged into the chat

[7:59:26 PM katbarton> Hello Hen

[7:59:46 PM ebay & Beyond> Certainly my pleasure Jan!

[7:59:49 PM] auctionwally is on the call

[7:59:49 PM] BrightestBlessings is logged into the chat

[7:59:53 PM Henrietta> kat are you the WA kat?

[7:59:53 PM] The recording has started.

[8:00:22 PM Renagade> Hey BB got coffee?

[8:00:32 PM SimplyDishing> hi Wally

[8:00:39 PM attheboutique> I am coming Wally

[8:00:53 PM vintagegoodness> vintagegoodness may be on bonanzle sooner than later, if this ebay store thing doesn’t get worked out

[8:01:04 PM] Guest 8 is logged into the chat

[8:01:07 PM] attheboutique is on the call

[8:01:14 PM jules43035> I’ve watched your tweets Mitzi - bummer

[8:01:15 PM Renagade> We hope so Mitzi!

[8:01:22 PM] enngga is logged into the chat

[8:01:23 PM vintagegoodness> we shall see!

[8:01:27 PM Henrietta> and we will welcome you with love n hugs

[8:01:29 PM vintagegoodness> yah julie been a huge bummer

[8:01:33 PM] enngga has left the chat

[8:01:38 PM] jmacksgirl has left the chat

[8:01:38 PM] jmacksgirl is logged into the chat

[8:01:38 PM vintagegoodness> hence no lunch this week, only working!

[8:01:44 PM] enngga is logged into the chat

[8:01:47 PM] enngga has left the chat

[8:01:50 PM jules43035> even bigger BUMMER

[8:01:50 PM Renagade> you know you CAN do both if you want!

[8:01:52 PM] enngga is logged into the chat

[8:01:55 PM vintagegoodness> i know :(

[8:02:03 PM jules43035> :-(

[8:02:09 PM SimplyDishing> woohoo Phaedra

[8:02:09 PM katbarton> Yeah..sorry was grabbing dinner for kids..Hen

[8:02:13 PM vintagegoodness> yep renagade that may be what i’ll do

[8:02:25 PM katbarton> Kat=gypsytrading

[8:02:31 PM jules43035> hey Phaedra

[8:02:37 PM attheboutique> Hey Jules!

[8:02:37 PM Henrietta> fan went out today

[8:03:44 PM Guest 8> brightest!!!

[8:03:49 PM] GildedElegance is logged into the chat

[8:03:50 PM Guest 8> yeah, brightest!

[8:03:53 PM katbarton> heya Brightess

[8:03:53 PM Henrietta> Yayyyyyy!

[8:03:55 PM BrightestBlessings> Thank You

[8:03:56 PM jules43035> Hey Burnita

[8:03:56 PM Bead Bowl> Congrats Dede! Way to go!

[8:04:01 PM DudeAndChick> WOOHOO BB!

[8:04:03 PM GildedElegance> Hello Julie

[8:04:06 PM Renagade> go Dede!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

[8:04:18 PM GildedElegance> Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

[8:04:23 PM] ktal has left the chat

[8:04:30 PM jmacksgirl> well you go BB!

[8:04:32 PM BrightestBlessings> The very first AW BB show was the widgets.

[8:04:50 PM jules43035> very cool

[8:05:09 PM Renagade> She Made Mine! Came out great!

[8:05:12 PM] ktal is logged into the chat

[8:05:14 PM attheboutique>

[8:05:24 PM BrightestBlessings> Thank You!

[8:05:31 PM attheboutique> Thank you, Dede!!

[8:05:48 PM attheboutique>

[8:05:50 PM auctionwally> Don’t forget to post a link to your site here because they get posted in the show notes at

[8:06:19 PM Renagade> anyone who hasnt visited BrightestBlessings booth…boy are you missing a great booth!

[8:06:30 PM SimplyDishing>

[8:06:36 PM Bead Bowl>

[8:06:55 PM Guest 8>

[8:07:11 PM DudeAndChick>

[8:07:11 PM SimplyDishing>

[8:07:17 PM BrightestBlessings> http://

[8:07:22 PM katbarton>

[8:07:23 PM jules43035>

[8:07:23 PM Guest 7> lol

[8:07:25 PM katbarton> LOL…

[8:07:36 PM jules43035>

[8:07:41 PM Guest 8> guest 8 = bvaughnfamily :)

[8:07:46 PM BrightestBlessings>

[8:07:49 PM attheboutique> Hey bvaughn!!!

[8:08:00 PM Guest 8> hi phaedra, hi brightest, hi all :)

[8:08:06 PM attheboutique> Wally is awesome with these promos, show up for his auctions and get one for yourself! Love it

[8:08:08 PM katbarton> Hi Bvaugh, good to see you here

[8:08:09 PM BrightestBlessings> Hi there!

[8:08:15 PM Guest 8> you too kat!

[8:08:23 PM Renagade> Hi bvaughn!

[8:08:23 PM DudeAndChick> great promo ad Phaedra!

[8:08:31 PM attheboutique> Thanks! Wally did it :)

[8:08:38 PM jmacksgirl>

[8:08:43 PM Guest 8> cool… let’s all go get pampered :)

[8:08:45 PM Renagade> wonderful ad!

[8:08:56 PM] Guest 9 is logged into the chat

[8:09:06 PM] Guest 9 has left the chat

[8:09:09 PM attheboutique>

[8:09:24 PM] Ziggy Zool is logged into the chat

[8:09:28 PM jmacksgirl>

[8:09:41 PM Henrietta> Special cards for special people

[8:09:58 PM katbarton> natural progression

[8:09:58 PM stubsinc> .

[8:10:02 PM attheboutique> Only Henrietta’s cards are good enough for my clients! Love her booth!

[8:10:12 PM BrightestBlessings> Love those cards! Have to get more thank you cards.

[8:10:19 PM GildedElegance>

[8:10:26 PM] GildedElegance has left the chat

[8:10:27 PM enngga> .

[8:10:30 PM] sistahqueen is logged into the chat

[8:10:38 PM enngga> .

[8:10:39 PM Guest 7> promotion board is buried

[8:10:52 PM] GildedElegance is logged into the chat

[8:11:49 PM attheboutique>

[8:12:01 PM enngga> ..

[8:12:04 PM attheboutique> forum thread, very nice discussion, great opinions and ideas

[8:12:11 PM Henrietta> Every board is buried

[8:12:14 PM Guest 7> who has the finger on the pulse the group who complains or Bill & Mark?

[8:12:27 PM attheboutique> Bill and Mark

[8:12:28 PM sistahqueen> ..

[8:12:36 PM Henrietta> Mark

[8:12:44 PM katbarton> Thank you phaedra, took the words out of my mouth

[8:12:46 PM] Guest 10 is logged into the chat

[8:13:42 PM attheboutique> Brainstorming tonight, best ideas to make the board more useful for all of us

[8:13:45 PM sistahqueen> the Boyz are busy as you say,Wally and they do good…

[8:14:33 PM Renagade> In my opinion…it is simple…Promo is for BOOTH promos…

[8:14:38 PM Ziggy Zool> eclectible odds n ends

[8:14:44 PM katbarton> lol..Ren..

[8:14:55 PM BrightestBlessings> Hey Zig!

[8:15:09 PM Ziggy Zool> Hi BB nice to see you

[8:15:12 PM Renagade> General is for other things …you can promo you blog etc there

[8:15:20 PM katbarton> ????what I would like to see is if there is a post in the “wrong” area, that the snarkey comments dissapear

[8:15:41 PM Renagade> If everyone would just look at the titles…its simple!

[8:15:47 PM Guest 7> that would require monitors

[8:15:47 PM stubsinc> .

[8:15:58 PM BrightestBlessings> right

[8:16:01 PM ktal>

[8:16:06 PM katbarton> I agree Renegade, However, not everybodys is, and the rest of us have to deal with it

[8:16:11 PM Ziggy Zool> I agree kat, pm politely to let them know so they can remedy the mistake.

[8:16:16 PM attheboutique> so does Bonanzle need to move in that direction? Where it has been a free board up until now

[8:16:28 PM BrightestBlessings> No

[8:16:36 PM attheboutique> How to track threads?

[8:16:36 PM SimplyDishing> no

[8:16:39 PM katbarton> Yes, a nice queit off the boards point in the right direction

[8:16:43 PM Guest 7> Address the users who are snarky first

[8:16:44 PM Renagade> No mods! have horror stories about them!

[8:16:46 PM Ziggy Zool> NO NO NO please no monitors

[8:16:49 PM katbarton> no

[8:16:52 PM Guest 8> how about add a tag “promo” so that it can be directed to where it needs to go…

[8:16:57 PM BrightestBlessings> bookmark

[8:17:05 PM] Guest 11 is logged into the chat

[8:17:07 PM SimplyDishing> yes bookmark

[8:17:10 PM Ziggy Zool> that’s not a bad idea Guest

[8:17:21 PM jmacksgirl> the negative threads are what grinds my gears or the thinking of leaving or anyone selling anything ever, etc. those can go

[8:17:24 PM katbarton> I agree..????the snarkey comments need to go, and the problem is it goes to google

[8:17:32 PM katbarton> I book mark

[8:17:34 PM Guest 8> i tag the negative ones pretty quickly…

[8:17:37 PM] witchesbritches is logged into the chat

[8:18:02 PM sistahqueen>

[8:18:11 PM ebay & Beyond> It is proven that self policing does not work. It creates hostility. Moderators are in MHO a necessity

[8:18:19 PM Guest 7> so what is negative… the person who announces they are struggling or the users who post obnoxious replies?

[8:18:28 PM katbarton> obnoxious

[8:18:31 PM Henrietta> .

[8:18:34 PM Renagade> sometime too quick…

[8:18:39 PM ktal> Some are acting as monitors

[8:18:52 PM SimplyDishing> it creates negativity but the ones that were doing it now post in the right board

[8:19:09 PM BrightestBlessings> all the way back? LOL

[8:19:16 PM attheboutique> Wally had a very snarky visitor at his first auction

[8:19:19 PM katbarton> lol..thats true..but ignore

[8:19:33 PM Henrietta> if it is snarky bite your tongue and don’t feed the trolls

[8:19:34 PM jmacksgirl> if a seller is struggling and has questions is one thing but saying I think im leaving no one is buying is crazy IMHO, we all know the econ is bad

[8:19:34 PM Guest 7> so if you tag a thread as negative because the same users add negativity to the post then the originator suffers so Bonanzle suffers

[8:19:37 PM attheboutique> ignore, do not engage,

[8:19:38 PM BrightestBlessings> ignore and they go away

[8:19:43 PM jmacksgirl> not everyone is selling out each day

[8:19:50 PM katbarton> ?????????OK<>

[8:19:57 PM Henrietta> it will get buried PDQ

[8:20:04 PM katbarton> ???there are some that border on libel

[8:20:08 PM jmacksgirl> i do ignore them but alot of people dont and they tend to stay at the top of the thread

[8:20:10 PM Renagade> Everyone needs to remember….BUYERS read comments…THINK! Would you buy for you based on what you wrote?

[8:20:21 PM Ziggy Zool> I choose to ignore them because the one thing that they cant’ stand is to be ignored.

[8:20:24 PM jmacksgirl> exactly renagade!

[8:20:25 PM Guest 8> hmmm….. the thing about ignoring is that there are many that jump in and keep it going… and like you all have said… these things are searchable

[8:20:30 PM BrightestBlessings> Mom is always right!

[8:20:34 PM katbarton> ????don’t see me posting on those Ren..this goes to google

[8:20:39 PM katbarton> lol..DeDe

[8:20:41 PM Henrietta> Yes renegade, as a buyer whining sellers are a major turn OFF

[8:20:51 PM Guest 7> they feed on each other

[8:20:55 PM Guest 8> searchable on the net…so tagging gets them buried FASTER than ignoring… i only do that when it’s really mean…

[8:21:08 PM Guest 7> yes they move on to the next victim

[8:21:09 PM Guest 10> Do not feed the trolls!

[8:21:13 PM Guest 8> i agree whining sellers are a turn off

[8:21:15 PM katbarton> lol..10

[8:21:22 PM] Guest 12 is logged into the chat

[8:21:24 PM Ziggy Zool> that’s the whole point of the quarrels or now called drama, because those posts are not searchable and they don’t update on the home page.

[8:21:24 PM Guest 8> i can easily ignore whining sellers

[8:21:40 PM attheboutique> good point, Ziggy

[8:21:44 PM Renagade> I will NOT buy from some that post some over the top promos and “snarky” comments…

[8:22:06 PM attheboutique> professional discourse vs. personal attack

[8:22:10 PM Guest 7> should not we be helping users having trouble?

[8:22:25 PM witchesbritches> of course we should help users having trouble

[8:22:38 PM katbarton> but in a polite manner, and not on forum

[8:22:39 PM witchesbritches> just dont help them in a snarky way ;)

[8:22:40 PM] The Savvy Seller is logged into the chat

[8:22:41 PM Guest 8> yes.. professional discourse / constructive criticism is a GOOD thing.. welcome…

[8:22:43 PM DudeAndChick> Always try to put yourself in their shoes

[8:22:47 PM Renagade> Depends…you can ask for help without the whine…

[8:22:58 PM Guest 7> then how does tagging a thread as dramatic because the of the snarky comments that are constant help the OP

[8:23:08 PM katbarton> tone comes through in writing

[8:23:11 PM attheboutique> Contact the OP directly with help

[8:23:19 PM Henrietta> negativity

[8:23:25 PM Renagade> but boy can they be vicious!

[8:23:25 PM sistahqueen> ..,

[8:23:25 PM katbarton> thank you Phae, you said it better

[8:23:33 PM katbarton> lol..Ren, yes

[8:23:35 PM] Guest 13 is logged into the chat

[8:23:50 PM witchesbritches> yes they can just give them a bowl of wheaties and move on!

[8:23:58 PM Renagade> LOL

[8:24:01 PM attheboutique> How can we make good use of the Seller Workshop section of the boards?

[8:24:01 PM katbarton> lol..

[8:24:09 PM Ziggy Zool> lol britches!

[8:24:14 PM witchesbritches> ;)

[8:24:26 PM Henrietta> .

[8:24:29 PM katbarton> ???thats good one Phae, that is down too

[8:24:29 PM stubsinc> .

[8:24:55 PM katbarton> oh yeah..

[8:25:09 PM Ziggy Zool> I make constant use of it and when I’m helping newbies I send them there to read read read.

[8:25:11 PM katbarton> toxcicity

[8:25:12 PM attheboutique> I read a blog the other day, potential employers are searching for you online before considering hiring

[8:25:15 PM] ktal has left the chat

[8:25:17 PM Renagade> Seller workshop is for posting SEO, Bolgging etc tips and questions on selling ..

[8:25:31 PM GildedElegance> .

[8:25:42 PM ebay & Beyond> Constructive criticisim is great and helpful however there needs to be some EFFECTIVE way to control the constant complainers

[8:25:49 PM] SunflowerBoutique is logged into the chat

[8:26:11 PM Guest 7> what is a constant complainer?

[8:26:14 PM katbarton> I think everyone needs to read Phaedras blog, we should post on forum

[8:26:28 PM ebay & Beyond> Repeating the SAME thing over and over

[8:26:30 PM Renagade> Dave it needs to be taken up with the seller directly…NOT on the board

[8:26:31 PM BrightestBlessings> Very good blog!

[8:26:46 PM Guest 8> we reap what we sow…

[8:26:53 PM ebay & Beyond> I agree if it is a problem with a seller

[8:26:56 PM Guest 8> best to sow positive, healthy stuff

[8:26:57 PM SunflowerBoutique> hello everyone I made it here on my backup computer can’t hear anything…lol

[8:26:59 PM Guest 7> are you talking about the people are saying they are not selling or the ones constantly commenting on those posts?

[8:27:00 PM Renagade> taking it up on board tends to feed the problem

[8:27:06 PM katbarton> That is very trus guest 8

[8:27:37 PM katbarton> They watch the myspace, and facebook ALOT

[8:27:51 PM attheboutique> Employers are searching you on the internet

[8:27:56 PM katbarton> Heya Sun

[8:28:02 PM SunflowerBoutique> hello

[8:28:09 PM attheboutique> anyone with thoughts comments, suggestions, ideas on improvements, call in!

[8:28:10 PM sistahqueen> ….

[8:28:11 PM BrightestBlessings> Hey Sun!

[8:28:25 PM SunflowerBoutique> hello everyone

[8:28:28 PM witchesbritches> HEY! limbo rocks lol

[8:28:31 PM katbarton> ???whay do we have a game board??

[8:28:59 PM attheboutique> use the word association game for SEO

[8:29:03 PM attheboutique> keywords

[8:29:04 PM katbarton> wally

[8:29:05 PM attheboutique> wow

[8:29:11 PM attheboutique> good idea

[8:29:11 PM] GildedElegance has left the chat

[8:29:19 PM] Bead Bowl has left the chat

[8:29:21 PM Ziggy Zool> great idea wally

[8:29:31 PM] GildedElegance is logged into the chat

[8:29:31 PM] jmacksgirl has left the chat

[8:29:33 PM Guest 7> same thing with the hand picked lists

[8:29:37 PM Renagade> That would be alot better than what goes on now!

[8:29:41 PM katbarton> audio???

[8:29:46 PM attheboutique> social network and market place

[8:29:50 PM] Bead Bowl is logged into the chat

[8:29:52 PM SimplyDishing> fine

[8:29:54 PM DudeAndChick> That would be FUN!

[8:29:54 PM] GildedElegance has left the chat

[8:30:01 PM attheboutique> It would be challenging

[8:30:09 PM witchesbritches> Thats a great idea and sounds like a lot of fun!

[8:30:10 PM stubsinc> .

[8:30:11 PM katbarton> kk, its back

[8:30:21 PM] GildedElegance is logged into the chat

[8:30:24 PM Henrietta> I am going to call not to talk but so I can take program with me as I feed

[8:30:25 PM SunflowerBoutique> time to put together another computer tomorrow

[8:30:31 PM SimplyDishing> hi Marlene

[8:30:35 PM attheboutique> okay, Henrietta

[8:31:03 PM] GildedElegance has left the chat

[8:31:08 PM Guest 7> so what’s your idea on how to do it wally?

[8:31:18 PM] Henrietta is on the call

[8:31:19 PM Renagade> LOL Sun! I got speakers in my booth!

[8:31:29 PM] GildedElegance is logged into the chat

[8:31:30 PM] jules43035 has left the chat

[8:31:30 PM] jules43035 is logged into the chat

[8:31:33 PM attheboutique> use a keyword from someone’s booth, and a link to that booth, excellent SEO

[8:31:34 PM katbarton> how you do that Ren??

[8:31:54 PM SunflowerBoutique> I have speakers and plenty computer parts…lol

[8:32:04 PM Guest 8> is there a list of good keywords somewhere?

[8:32:08 PM Renagade> do what…the link? put http:// in front of your booth

[8:32:18 PM katbarton> the speakers ren

[8:32:24 PM SunflowerBoutique> lived and worked in silicon valley for 30 years

[8:32:24 PM attheboutique> as long as the word is used in the booth it will work

[8:32:25 PM Guest 7> google has a keyword advisor

[8:32:28 PM Ziggy Zool> wordtracker is excellent and free

[8:32:31 PM Renagade> copy mine but put your boothname

[8:32:40 PM attheboutique> it sure does, guest 7 great tool for listings

[8:32:51 PM katbarton> it, learn something new everyday..thank you guest 7

[8:32:51 PM SunflowerBoutique> I have audio now…barely

[8:32:56 PM Renagade> some for sale!

[8:33:07 PM katbarton> lol..thats what I thought you meant

[8:33:18 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[8:33:26 PM Guest 10> This is off topic from the forums, but here is my brainstorming idea.. I think they need to utilize the Bonanzle Youtube channel..

[8:33:41 PM DudeAndChick> lol Kat, I thought she meant she had speakers inher chat booth at first :)

[8:33:55 PM katbarton> lol…me too then realized what she meant

[8:33:59 PM katbarton> lol..wally

[8:34:11 PM attheboutique> So next idea???? Keep them coming

[8:34:13 PM katbarton> ????yes, we are here to sell…

[8:34:24 PM Renagade> there are many you tubes on Bonanzle you can find them at

[8:34:31 PM katbarton> thank you Ren

[8:34:32 PM Guest 7> are the people who constantly contribute to the game threads listen here tonight?

[8:34:48 PM Guest 7> listening here

[8:34:54 PM SunflowerBoutique> I don’t have time for playing games

[8:35:06 PM katbarton> not sure 7, I have stayed off the forums, because of the snarkeness

[8:35:09 PM SimplyDishing> only play limbo once in a while

[8:35:10 PM Renagade> needs to be used more!

[8:35:15 PM katbarton> I do not play…

[8:35:39 PM DudeAndChick> I played a few times but haven’t for a long time now. The keyword one sounds like fun though

[8:35:44 PM Renagade> everyone up to that challange???

[8:35:50 PM katbarton> Yes Dude

[8:35:51 PM attheboutique> up to the challenge????

[8:35:54 PM Renagade> Count me in!

[8:36:00 PM attheboutique> Excellent!!!

[8:36:09 PM katbarton> give a example Phaedra

[8:36:10 PM stubsinc> .

[8:36:14 PM EclecticAve> I’ll try Phaedra, sounds great

[8:36:14 PM Guest 7> another commercial lol

[8:36:16 PM attheboutique> a good article, Kat

[8:36:17 PM katbarton> I will do it…

[8:36:26 PM katbarton> ok…cool

[8:36:52 PM Guest 7> general, about bonanzle

[8:37:02 PM sistahqueen> .,;;I’ll be checking the Seller Workshop…I can use mucho help..

[8:37:04 PM Guest 7> workshop

[8:37:07 PM Guest 8> i see a lot of the promote your own booth threads coming up

[8:37:17 PM witchesbritches> I think they all come up except drama in the order in which the last post was posted top to bottom

[8:37:25 PM Ziggy Zool> everything except the promo/game boards and the drama boards come up

[8:37:25 PM Guest 7> not unless they are posted in another thread

[8:37:40 PM witchesbritches> the boards game comes up I’ve seen it

[8:37:43 PM Renagade> I think youre right Witches

[8:37:56 PM katbarton> ????not sure what your asking wally, I am very new to internet

[8:38:07 PM katbarton> this is learning exsperience for me

[8:38:10 PM witchesbritches> ok everyone go post something random on the forums in a random board so we can test this theory

[8:38:12 PM SimplyDishing> me either Kat

[8:38:13 PM Guest 7> all the boards come up except drama and promote

[8:38:16 PM Guest 8> i’m learning here too kat :)

[8:38:17 PM Ziggy Zool> oh that’s right bill decided to leave the games coming up.. sorry

[8:38:24 PM Renagade> THATS! why youre here Kat!

[8:38:30 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[8:38:39 PM BrightestBlessings> WTG Ziggy!

[8:38:39 PM katbarton> lol..u funny Ren

[8:38:50 PM attheboutique> There are different sections to the forum boards, from which of these sections will posts show up on the people page?

[8:38:53 PM] GildedElegance has left the chat

[8:38:55 PM Ziggy Zool> nice wally… you made us both smile

[8:38:58 PM SimplyDishing> yea Zig!!

[8:39:02 PM Renagade> Heck…thats why Im here!

[8:39:02 PM attheboutique> And from which will they not?

[8:39:10 PM attheboutique> Excellent, Ziggy!!! Nice promo!!!

[8:39:11 PM witchesbritches> go zigz!

[8:39:14 PM witchesbritches> :D

[8:39:14 PM Guest 7> the promote comes up on the rigght side I believe

[8:39:20 PM katbarton> how do you tell Phaedra??

[8:39:43 PM katbarton> Ziggy ! cool

[8:39:49 PM Renagade> Ziggy! Rocks! Go Masonic!

[8:39:54 PM] GildedElegance is logged into the chat

[8:39:58 PM Ziggy Zool> thanks phaedra and all … we all worked on it.

[8:40:05 PM] cleosgreatdeals is logged into the chat

[8:40:08 PM Ziggy Zool> Scott says’ thank you wally

[8:40:31 PM katbarton> I never see my post come up unless they are in the general

[8:41:17 PM Henrietta> .

[8:41:23 PM attheboutique> General, about Bonanzle, Seller Discussions, Introduce Yourself, Inspire simplicity, Buying and Selling Games, Bonanzle Action Club, Technology, Items

[8:41:24 PM Guest 8> i just checked… three are general and one is introduce yourself

[8:41:26 PM attheboutique> Wanted

[8:41:26 PM Guest 7> all posts except drama and games come up on the people page

[8:41:41 PM SimplyDishing> general for the 4 questions promo on the side

[8:42:04 PM] iBusinessLogic is logged into the chat

[8:42:05 PM stubsinc> .

[8:42:16 PM Guest 7> the latest discussions for each thread come up in the thread itself on the right side

[8:42:24 PM GildedElegance> .

[8:42:44 PM iBusinessLogic> Did anyone ask about the downtime today?

[8:42:53 PM katbarton> no Scott

[8:43:01 PM iBusinessLogic> hmmmm

[8:43:01 PM Guest 7> they are working on the new servers

[8:43:20 PM Ziggy Zool> no scott that was addressed in Bills Blog this morning. Server work going on this week

[8:43:27 PM BrightestBlessings> something about the servers and going to have to upgrade or add more memory to them

[8:43:42 PM Guest 8> yes!

[8:43:43 PM SunflowerBoutique> man I can’t believe I am sooo sick and I have to rebuild a computer…lol when it rains

[8:44:04 PM Guest 7> because the site is growing quickly, word is spreading and the threads are being followed outside of Bonanzle in other venues

[8:44:09 PM katbarton> simplicity

[8:44:09 PM Guest 8> sorry you’re under the weather sunflower :(

[8:44:32 PM] Renagade has left the chat

[8:44:34 PM katbarton> ????but will they work together Phaedra

[8:44:44 PM sistahqueen>

[8:45:05 PM attheboutique> Not always, Kat, nature of the beast

[8:45:12 PM BrightestBlessings> very important

[8:45:14 PM katbarton> ????it seems they the more that join, the more we have problems

[8:45:22 PM Guest 7> yep

[8:45:27 PM katbarton> So..answer?

[8:45:45 PM attheboutique> take it the context of an island of humanity, as the population increases, what happens?

[8:45:49 PM Guest 7> but the problem is not with the new users it is with the users

[8:45:54 PM SimplyDishing> the newbies are the most important

[8:45:55 PM attheboutique> the rules increase or chaos ensues

[8:45:55 PM katbarton> We have a great forum board…the issues is the nasty stuff..keeps me away, and promos getting buried

[8:46:14 PM SimplyDishing> agree #7

[8:46:28 PM katbarton> The newbies should come 1st, and some sort of teaching

[8:46:37 PM SunflowerBoutique> why bother with the promo board and certain others don’t have to?

[8:46:42 PM Guest 7> you don’t see a lot of other sites letting the venoumous responses to new users

[8:46:43 PM stubsinc> Where do you find all this information for the Newbies?

[8:46:45 PM] joestreasures is logged into the chat

[8:47:01 PM Guest 7> what is a newbie?

[8:47:08 PM katbarton> lol…

[8:47:09 PM attheboutique> you can search the boards, stubsinc

[8:47:13 PM witchesbritches> a new person

[8:47:18 PM attheboutique> me me me, I wanna be a newbie

[8:47:21 PM SimplyDishing> how old is a newbie?? lol

[8:47:25 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[8:47:34 PM katbarton> I am always new simply

[8:47:40 PM Guest 7> I understand that lol but are we talking about a sight that has been around long enough to have newbies?

[8:47:46 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[8:48:05 PM attheboutique> newbie in the sense of new to bonanzle just signed up, needs help getting started

[8:48:15 PM witchesbritches> Think of the site as a constant and any new member as a newbie?

[8:48:21 PM attheboutique> good point, guest 7, lol

[8:48:23 PM witchesbritches> what she said

[8:48:30 PM Ziggy Zool> fast fingers beat me again … LOL great answer Phaedra

[8:48:36 PM Guest 7> if I signed up to a sight that had only been around for 6 months and somebody referred to me a newbie that would be insulting

[8:48:38 PM iBusinessLogic> I am warm and fuzzy

[8:48:44 PM katbarton> what who said witches? lol..I learn everyday

[8:48:50 PM iBusinessLogic> well, warm sometimes

[8:48:51 PM katbarton> lol..scott your a pirate

[8:48:53 PM witchesbritches> what phaedra said

[8:48:56 PM attheboutique> how about instead of newbie, new to Bonanzle

[8:48:56 PM iBusinessLogic> and fuzzy sometimes

[8:48:58 PM katbarton> Ahh…

[8:49:01 PM SimplyDishing> they call themselves noobs

[8:49:10 PM iBusinessLogic> rarely warm and fuzzy at the same time

[8:49:11 PM katbarton> thats better said Phaedra

[8:49:12 PM Guest 7> only if they come from another site

[8:49:15 PM] Renagade is logged into the chat

[8:49:30 PM Guest 7> mainly ebay why bring eBay attitudes to Bonanzle?

[8:49:31 PM stubsinc> I did go into the boards today, but got lost, attheboutique. Is there a specific section the new user should go to first?

[8:49:38 PM katbarton> Guest 7, are you new like me new??really new??

[8:49:44 PM witchesbritches> the term newbie isnt a bad thing just a term that veteran members use when referring to new members

[8:49:49 PM SimplyDishing> I said today I was still a newb because I learn daily something at Bonanzle

[8:49:52 PM attheboutique> the about Bonanzle section, stubs, and seller discussion

[8:49:53 PM Renagade> What did I miss?? Got a phone call!

[8:49:59 PM Ziggy Zool> indroduce yourself or sellers workshops

[8:50:00 PM Guest 10> I still haven’t been able to catch an auction

[8:50:13 PM katbarton> newbies Ren..we deciding how we define it

[8:50:15 PM Guest 8> i consider myself a newbie… because i’m a slow learner…

[8:50:23 PM iBusinessLogic> Wally

[8:50:27 PM iBusinessLogic> Question

[8:50:28 PM stubsinc> Thank you attheboutique. I will check that out.

[8:50:29 PM attheboutique> start talking html in listings, I am a newbie then

[8:50:30 PM Henrietta> pedal pedal

[8:50:39 PM Guest 7> the term has conitations that are not warm & fuzzy

[8:50:41 PM katbarton> yessss phae…

[8:50:46 PM DudeAndChick> I’ve been on Bonanzle since August and still think I’m a newbie, lol! So much to learn

[8:50:47 PM attheboutique> ????????questions

[8:50:47 PM katbarton> skype

[8:50:50 PM attheboutique> or call in!

[8:51:03 PM iBusinessLogic> Do you think it is a good idea for individual unlicensed Booth owners to run an auction?

[8:51:04 PM Guest 8> thank you dude & chick! i feel better now :)

[8:51:08 PM witchesbritches> Um okay guest 7 but I never looked at it that way, sorry that it offends you

[8:51:15 PM Guest 7> It gives the user of the word a power that does not exsist

[8:51:23 PM iBusinessLogic> With the climate started in Pennsylvania

[8:51:24 PM Renagade> I mean it warm and fuzzy! Newbie is like a new born pup!

[8:51:31 PM DudeAndChick> your very welcome guest 8 ;)

[8:51:40 PM katbarton> Awww ren,.I prefer kitty thank you

[8:51:44 PM attheboutique> take the value, leave the rest

[8:51:49 PM Guest 7> witches I am not talking about me I am talking about how it is being used for new useres

[8:51:54 PM iBusinessLogic> Does Walt read the chat Phaedra?

[8:51:57 PM SimplyDishing> Wally the NEW people are not the problem

[8:51:57 PM Renagade> Scott,,,, personally…no I dont

[8:51:57 PM Guest 8> yup… eat the meat… spit out the bones :)

[8:51:58 PM Guest 7> users

[8:52:11 PM attheboutique> I read, and relay to him, Scott

[8:52:27 PM sistahqueen> ……

[8:52:29 PM katbarton> ?????I agree with simply, it is not the new is veterans…that are getting out of line

[8:52:33 PM iBusinessLogic> ok

[8:52:36 PM Guest 7> yep

[8:52:39 PM iBusinessLogic> its a monolog

[8:52:44 PM iBusinessLogic> I get it

[8:52:44 PM SimplyDishing> Amen Kat

[8:52:55 PM DudeAndChick> iBusinessLogic, I like your question as well, being in PA I haven’t tried any auction because I’m not sure if I really should

[8:52:55 PM katbarton> unfortunately

[8:53:02 PM katbarton> Has kept me away

[8:53:04 PM iBusinessLogic> Like Johnny Carson

[8:53:07 PM Henrietta> Scott valid point however an auctioneer licensed in one state is not necessarily licensed in another

[8:53:12 PM katbarton> not good results for my business

[8:53:16 PM iBusinessLogic> True

[8:53:30 PM katbarton> calling in

[8:53:35 PM iBusinessLogic> But an unlicesed auctionerr is unlicenced everywhere

[8:53:36 PM Guest 7> you don’t need to be licensed in every state

[8:53:41 PM Henrietta> No Henrietta you should not, not at this time

[8:53:45 PM jules43035> lol

[8:53:48 PM Renagade> The rules are really simple… Promote your site…help out where you can…and THINK before you type!

[8:54:02 PM DudeAndChick> *sigh we never get to have any fun, lol

[8:54:06 PM] katbarton is on the call

[8:54:10 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[8:54:12 PM Renagade> LOL

[8:54:19 PM Ziggy Zool> very good Ren

[8:54:23 PM Guest 7> the auctions could be run the same way they are at ebay but on the chat board in the both instead

[8:54:24 PM iBusinessLogic> Asking if you think it is ok for unlicensed auctioneer

[8:54:24 PM Henrietta> the fines are huge and the ‘enforcers’ are hot to trot

[8:54:31 PM iBusinessLogic> to call an auction in a booth

[8:54:41 PM katbarton> ?????Phaedra, I am on call in

[8:54:41 PM iBusinessLogic> or offer and auction in a booth

[8:54:42 PM Guest 7> depends on what state you live in

[8:54:56 PM Guest 7> some states do not require an auctioneer to be licensed

[8:55:00 PM iBusinessLogic> Gather the wits Walt

[8:55:14 PM DudeAndChick> Thanks for that info Henrietta

[8:55:15 PM Renagade> GOOO Kat!

[8:55:18 PM attheboutique> lol, Scott

[8:55:18 PM attheboutique> ..

[8:55:24 PM iBusinessLogic> I am unsure if it is OK

[8:55:34 PM katbarton> Good?? lol..don’t know yet Ren

[8:55:38 PM iBusinessLogic> Apparently Pennsylvania has to be educated

[8:55:39 PM katbarton> Don’t laugh at me

[8:55:46 PM Guest 10> An episode of Mythbusters?

[8:55:51 PM iBusinessLogic> Can you go and educate them ?

[8:55:53 PM Guest 8> yippee kat!

[8:56:02 PM iBusinessLogic> Here Kitty Kitty

[8:56:05 PM Renagade> LOL

[8:56:05 PM Renagade> ROFL!

[8:56:06 PM DudeAndChick> yes educate us! lol

[8:56:15 PM Guest 7> PA is a tough place to get a license compared to some other states

[8:56:16 PM SunflowerBoutique> hey kat

[8:56:16 PM] sistahqueen has left the chat

[8:56:29 PM attheboutique> send Wally to Pennsylvannia, to educate

[8:56:38 PM iBusinessLogic> I was snarked on the Bonanzle Forums

[8:56:44 PM Guest 7> right on KAT

[8:56:47 PM attheboutique> you handled it well, Scoot

[8:56:50 PM attheboutique> Scott even

[8:56:52 PM SimplyDishing> for real Scott?

[8:56:55 PM iBusinessLogic> By one particular member

[8:56:58 PM iBusinessLogic> yes

[8:56:59 PM jules43035> I’ve spent less time on the boards because of “attitudes”

[8:57:05 PM witchesbritches> I think we’ve all been snarked

[8:57:15 PM EclecticAve> me too Julie

[8:57:18 PM Renagade> I missed that Scott!

[8:57:30 PM Guest 7> buyers are stating that they are not coming back because they asked questions and were attacked

[8:57:33 PM attheboutique> I was attacked too, followed and attacked for a whole day, lol

[8:57:35 PM EclecticAve> I just welcome and th eother day, promoted..but that’s all lately

[8:57:37 PM iBusinessLogic> And another follows me about and “debunks” my business model with inaccurate information

[8:57:42 PM Renagade> hooror HORROR stories!

[8:57:51 PM jules43035> really???

[8:57:52 PM jules43035> not good!

[8:58:00 PM Guest 13> Yes Kat, I stayed off for about a month due to this behavior

[8:58:15 PM Guest 8> not policed… but self-monitored… ?

[8:58:16 PM iBusinessLogic> I havent been on the Bonanzle forums in weeks

[8:58:26 PM SimplyDishing> They are many people acting like we are the bay and expecting stuff, and also bringing the attitudes over

[8:58:27 PM stubsinc> .

[8:58:32 PM iBusinessLogic> Its not worth getting into a flame war

[8:58:38 PM attheboutique> no never is

[8:58:39 PM DudeAndChick> that’s horrible, I haven’t been on the boards much lately, it’s sad to hear that they’re getting so bad

[8:58:45 PM witchesbritches> anytime a group of people from all walks of life come together there is always going to be a select few that do not play well with others.

[8:58:52 PM Guest 7> no community can continue to grow and be productive with out rules

[8:58:53 PM iBusinessLogic> I wont go on eBay

[8:58:56 PM iBusinessLogic> forums

[8:58:56 PM Guest 8> true w.britches

[8:59:02 PM attheboutique> excellent, spot on Guest 7

[8:59:08 PM iBusinessLogic> Need certified Moderators

[8:59:14 PM Henrietta> it is called growing pains

[8:59:18 PM Guest 7> self monitoring is as bad as what is going on

[8:59:18 PM SimplyDishing> Well the rules are not being followed by the Veterans

[8:59:19 PM iBusinessLogic> unlike the pinks on eBay

[8:59:24 PM Guest 8> really?

[8:59:24 PM Henrietta> no mods

[8:59:30 PM Guest 8> self-monitoring is bad?

[8:59:31 PM SunflowerBoutique> bay forums are not worth going to

[8:59:33 PM iBusinessLogic> Pinks are bad

[8:59:40 PM iBusinessLogic> they dont know wanything

[8:59:41 PM Ziggy Zool> Amen Mz Britches and you as an adult learn to deal with it.

[8:59:47 PM witchesbritches> IF the site elects to use moderators they need to be unbias non-users

[8:59:49 PM Renagade> I like the fact we can tag thi\em as quarrelsome etc…

[8:59:53 PM iBusinessLogic> People are people

[8:59:54 PM Guest 7> Pinks are not moderators that have a vested interest in the community

[8:59:58 PM Renagade> Just wish they where just deleted

[8:59:59 PM Renagade> true, ture true to all

[8:59:59 PM iBusinessLogic> there will always be jerks

[9:00:01 PM Guest 8> i agree about the tagging!

[9:00:33 PM Guest 7> its a turnoff and hurting the site and the users

[9:00:44 PM Guest 8> i agree with renagade that we can tag them…

[9:01:10 PM Renagade> All here seem to want to make the forums good….

[9:01:19 PM Guest 7> yes self monitoring allows certain groups to decide what is posted and what is not and that is what is happening

[9:01:25 PM iBusinessLogic> And all the comments stay online forever

[9:01:38 PM iBusinessLogic> People can look up and see what you say

[9:01:44 PM Guest 13> As a newbie I was afraid to ask question on forums. I sat back to find safe members.

[9:01:49 PM iBusinessLogic> or said

[9:01:58 PM iBusinessLogic> Ask away

[9:02:00 PM attheboutique> Exactly, they are always there

[9:02:04 PM Renagade> Ignore the bad…post better ones and try to bury the bad snarky ones…

[9:02:07 PM SimplyDishing> no people are not abiding by the rules set down by the owner

[9:02:15 PM] masonictreasures is logged into the chat

[9:02:18 PM witchesbritches> its unfortunately easy for people to sit behind the safety of their computers and take shots at others

[9:02:19 PM iBusinessLogic> Kat - back away from the phone - you are loud

[9:02:38 PM SunflowerBoutique> I have also had my own B&M if someone got snarky with me I could boot them out

[9:02:39 PM Guest 7> Then shouldn’t there be a group that tags threads as helpful or something to counter balance?

[9:02:43 PM Renagade> Guest 13…I safe! LOL

[9:02:55 PM SimplyDishing> drama

[9:02:55 PM] Bead Bowl has left the chat

[9:03:11 PM] cheglomar has left the chat

[9:03:15 PM] SherAhnn is logged into the chat

[9:03:17 PM Henrietta> tag but do not respond to trolls

[9:03:18 PM Renagade> LOVE the name..DRAME BOARD!

[9:03:18 PM] Bead Bowl is logged into the chat

[9:03:21 PM Guest 8> i’ve tagged helpful & inspiring :)

[9:03:29 PM Guest 7> Sending questions of users who post a question or make a point as dramatic only helps the nay -sayers

[9:03:31 PM Ziggy Zool> Exactly Henrietta. We

[9:03:46 PM Renagade> Drama board

[9:03:50 PM Ziggy Zool> ‘re grown ups and can monitor ourself

[9:03:52 PM katbarton> lol..sorry scott…

[9:03:54 PM Guest 13> Ren I know I bought from you

[9:03:56 PM SimplyDishing> I’ve tagged

[9:03:59 PM SherAhnn> Hi All

[9:04:02 PM] iBusinessLogic is on the call

[9:04:06 PM SimplyDishing> hey Sher

[9:04:20 PM Guest 7> how does that help?

[9:04:25 PM iBusinessLogic> Sounds better in my earphones

[9:04:26 PM witchesbritches> I wish we coult type PEOPLE as dramatic and have them POOFeD to the drama section never to be let out

[9:04:27 PM Renagade> amen Zig!

[9:04:31 PM enngga> I do not see them either

[9:04:33 PM SimplyDishing> no

[9:04:34 PM SherAhnn> what about if you tag it Inspiring?

[9:04:35 PM Guest 10> How many times does it need to be tagged?

[9:04:45 PM witchesbritches> tag not type

[9:04:46 PM] GildedElegance has left the chat

[9:04:56 PM DudeAndChick> I’ve tagged as well, mostly when I find something hellpful

[9:04:57 PM Ziggy Zool> that’s a secret.

[9:05:05 PM BrightestBlessings> no

[9:05:06 PM Renagade> BUT!!! It can still be seen! If they come to the boards…the Buyers CAN get into the Drama Board

[9:05:09 PM Ziggy Zool> about how many times it has to be tagged

[9:05:10 PM Guest 8> there was one topic that i followed in drama because it was interesting to me… the topic about the front page discussion…

[9:05:17 PM DudeAndChick> LOL witches!

[9:05:19 PM iBusinessLogic> Do you get an email every time someone responds?

[9:05:24 PM Guest 7> yep and that thread is now gone

[9:05:33 PM Guest 7> no IB

[9:05:34 PM iBusinessLogic> once the chat becomes drama

[9:05:36 PM Guest 8> ibusiness… not any more :) they fixed that

[9:05:38 PM iBusinessLogic> I dont want emails

[9:05:57 PM Ziggy Zool> scott only if you check the box at the bottom that you want to be emailed

[9:05:58 PM SunflowerBoutique> witches I could think of a few…lol

[9:06:01 PM SherAhnn> Please explain other Tags

[9:06:13 PM witchesbritches> oh yeah sunflower, it would be a fantastic tool LOL

[9:06:15 PM Renagade> No longer Scott!

[9:06:17 PM iBusinessLogic> The tag system needs to be more like Wordpress

[9:06:25 PM Guest 7> So kat do you think it is right if you ask a question and are attacked that your thread goes to drama?

[9:06:49 PM SunflowerBoutique> no it’s not

[9:06:51 PM Guest 7> How does tagging as dramatic help? any thoughts?

[9:06:52 PM katbarton> not entierly

[9:06:55 PM SimplyDishing> what was the question 7

[9:06:57 PM iBusinessLogic> Yes, whould every thread be sent to drama, because one member is being a Jerk?

[9:07:01 PM iBusinessLogic> should

[9:07:04 PM Guest 10> New sellers are looking for immediate sales. They get angry and complain on the boards.

[9:07:06 PM Henrietta> yep stress, no excuse but fact

[9:07:11 PM SunflowerBoutique> exactly

[9:07:12 PM Guest 7> so ?

[9:07:21 PM Guest 7> everyone knows what that is about

[9:07:38 PM Guest 8> if there is a thread that even if it starts out helpful, and it degrades past whining to downright meanness i tag it to get it off the boards

[9:07:42 PM SimplyDishing> I think I know who you are 7

[9:07:45 PM] GildedElegance is logged into the chat

[9:07:45 PM iBusinessLogic> Join the ranks of the unemployed

[9:07:46 PM SherAhnn> Yes many posting on threads tonight about how slow Bonanzle is. If they would just read Bill’s blog they would understand.

[9:07:47 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[9:07:47 PM Henrietta> so tag em and then private message offering help

[9:07:50 PM iBusinessLogic> Be Happy

[9:07:50 PM SunflowerBoutique> I will not work for others either

[9:08:03 PM iBusinessLogic> I work for Clients

[9:08:05 PM attheboutique> excellent solution, Henrietta

[9:08:06 PM Guest 8> i have done my best to build Bonanzle… it is embarrassing to me when the discussions are as phaedra says toxic…

[9:08:09 PM Renagade> If the thread is a free for gets it out of the main section It does help guest 7

[9:08:29 PM Guest 7> but how does it help the OP?

[9:08:32 PM Renagade> we have not seen the worst of this yet Walt!

[9:08:39 PM witchesbritches> okay but hard times are no excuse to be a jerk and let your manners fall to the wayside

[9:08:40 PM jules43035> this is depressing…

[9:08:50 PM Henrietta> if it is toxic don’t get sucked in, you will get sick too

[9:08:53 PM Guest 7> it is teaching new users to be afraid to contribute

[9:08:56 PM] joestreasures has left the chat

[9:08:57 PM Guest 8> i agree w. britches!!!!

[9:08:59 PM Renagade> True Witches!

[9:09:11 PM Ziggy Zool> Amen

[9:09:19 PM iBusinessLogic> It will happen

[9:09:25 PM iBusinessLogic> learn from eBay

[9:09:27 PM witchesbritches> I always try to be funny and make people smile, that’s my way of trying to contribute positively

[9:09:33 PM iBusinessLogic> and do something about t now

[9:09:41 PM iBusinessLogic> limit access to the forums

[9:09:44 PM SunflowerBoutique> yup I agree witches

[9:09:47 PM witchesbritches> sometimes it ends badly but I try

[9:09:47 PM SherAhnn> If you can help a user or calm them down and change attitude to postive, then reply. If not pass it up.

[9:09:54 PM Guest 8> was it you w.britches that made the commment that you like to color outside the lines? i loved that comment!

[9:10:02 PM witchesbritches> yes that was me

[9:10:02 PM iBusinessLogic> three strikes and you get a time out

[9:10:08 PM Ziggy Zool> that was her…LOL

[9:10:09 PM attheboutique> I take the Ben approach, good on one side bad on the other, right now is still more good

[9:10:11 PM DudeAndChick> People need to rememeber that it’s OKAY to agree to disagree!

[9:10:13 PM Renagade> Maybe allowing the OP to delete the posting of others under their thread….might help… dont know if it can be done

[9:10:23 PM] masonictreasures has left the chat

[9:10:36 PM iBusinessLogic> We cant understand why you think you are a Ham Wally

[9:10:45 PM attheboutique> lol, Scott

[9:10:51 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[9:10:53 PM witchesbritches> On some user forums there is a feature that allows other members to rate each other with the star system (NOT DSRS)

[9:11:04 PM attheboutique> yellow cards

[9:11:07 PM Guest 11> Its Oshun, that is my greatest concern about toxicity issues, the ripple effect, the kids that come home from school to the aftermath. Truly.

[9:11:14 PM Renagade> Ham…Ham…Ham… with a Yankee sence of humor…dangerous combo!

[9:11:25 PM attheboutique> Hey Oshun = Guest 11

[9:11:26 PM SimplyDishing> can’t delete someone elses post

[9:11:32 PM witchesbritches> ugh yankee left I think

[9:11:44 PM iBusinessLogic> i wonder when he gets a chance to breathe (Southern fella here)

[9:11:50 PM iBusinessLogic>

[9:11:58 PM Guest 7> lol

[9:12:02 PM attheboutique> Southern Belle here

[9:12:06 PM GildedElegance>

[9:12:11 PM SherAhnn> I am a Ham

[9:12:11 PM iBusinessLogic> …..

[9:12:19 PM iBusinessLogic> Place your periods carefully

[9:12:21 PM attheboutique> I think I choked a little typing that

[9:12:30 PM Ziggy Zool> Good Point Wally I was thinking that earlier.

[9:12:32 PM attheboutique> LOL

[9:12:38 PM SherAhnn> It is difficult to understand the written word. Unless it has lol on it or other clues.

[9:12:40 PM DudeAndChick> sometimes it’s hard to get your point or tne across in forums, it’s not the same as your voice for sure!

[9:12:44 PM Renagade> I know…Dishing..BUT you CAN delete the thread…and start anew

[9:12:49 PM iBusinessLogic> I usually respond with facts

[9:12:53 PM Guest 7> so do we need a grow your skin thicker board?

[9:12:54 PM iBusinessLogic> never dive low

[9:12:58 PM Guest 8> i think men are better about not being offended than women… speaking from a woman’s perspective…

[9:12:59 PM katbarton> lol..Phaedra

[9:13:11 PM SunflowerBoutique> lol

[9:13:12 PM attheboutique> Exactly, just the facts, keep it professional

[9:13:21 PM iBusinessLogic> You will win fans by taking the high road

[9:13:25 PM DudeAndChick> I use lots of :) and lols, maybe too much heehee

[9:13:25 PM SherAhnn> I just posted one that I hoped others would not take as judgemental.

[9:13:40 PM Guest 8> true… about the high road… you all have good advice :)

[9:13:46 PM attheboutique> if there is a doubt, change it or don’t post it

[9:14:03 PM Guest 7> I find that if I have to worry about how it sounds it is going to get a bad response

[9:14:10 PM SherAhnn> Sometimes you have to go back and clairify if someone takes it wrong.

[9:14:14 PM attheboutique> spot on guest 7

[9:14:15 PM SunflowerBoutique> I got pretty offended the other night, but it’s all butter now…lol

[9:14:36 PM Ziggy Zool> lol butter sun

[9:14:37 PM] stubsinc has left the chat

[9:14:50 PM Renagade> As My Friend Says..”Put on your Big Girl Panties”

[9:14:53 PM Henrietta> defuse words, I am sorry you are feeling bad, what can I do to help you?

[9:14:56 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[9:14:57 PM Guest 7> there are no ramifications to being online. People say things to each other they would never get away with in person.

[9:15:03 PM attheboutique> I love that saying

[9:15:18 PM Guest 10> I hate the “I haven’t sold anything” people

[9:15:20 PM Ziggy Zool> :D

[9:15:30 PM attheboutique> excellent point, Henrietta

[9:15:31 PM jules43035> they need encouragement

[9:15:32 PM witchesbritches> true guest 7, like I said its too easy for people to hide and be rude

[9:15:33 PM iBusinessLogic> I got a comment like that on the Journal today

[9:15:37 PM Guest 7> but they are members and have the right to say it

[9:15:40 PM SimplyDishing> put them in drama

[9:15:43 PM SherAhnn> I would give them some tips for promotion.

[9:16:00 PM jules43035> no - give them encouragement - it’s not drama always

[9:16:04 PM Ziggy Zool> thats what I do sher

[9:16:19 PM Ziggy Zool> point out ways they can help themselves

[9:16:20 PM SimplyDishing> Sher some don’t want to promote

[9:16:26 PM Guest 7> so how does this positive group here help get rid of the negativity?

[9:16:27 PM SherAhnn> Yes..thats why I set up the Information Booth

[9:16:30 PM] oldsaltsailor has left the chat

[9:16:44 PM SimplyDishing> which is very kind of you!!

[9:16:51 PM witchesbritches> Most sellers that are genuine get good helpful responses, the rest end up in drama

[9:16:58 PM Renagade> booth link Sher!

[9:17:04 PM SimplyDishing> true witches

[9:17:10 PM Bead Bowl> so true

[9:17:13 PM SherAhnn> The Information Booth can give ideas and help topics and they dont have to look for the original post.

[9:17:29 PM Guest 7> you all don’t think there is a way to help the group that is causing the trouble see the errors of their ways?

[9:17:35 PM SherAhnn>

[9:17:46 PM SherAhnn> Information Booth

[9:17:54 PM Ziggy Zool> Scott got booted (masonic) so I’m going to do his…LOL now he has to listen from my computer

[9:17:55 PM iBusinessLogic> Me either

[9:18:03 PM SimplyDishing> group of who 7

[9:18:04 PM] Katskloset is logged into the chat

[9:18:06 PM BrightestBlessings> .

[9:18:25 PM Guest 7> the group that is constantly attacking

[9:18:31 PM Ziggy Zool>

[9:18:31 PM SherAhnn> The can save it and go back when they have time to read.

[9:18:57 PM Renagade> Some dont realize that Bonanzle is almost a hybrid They have to promote!

[9:18:57 PM SimplyDishing> the ones constantly posting promos in general or the ones saying something about it?

[9:19:09 PM Guest 11> I’ve been attacked 2x while responding to help in the last few days, so I’ve decided its not valued as much as other things I can do for the site.

[9:19:16 PM BrightestBlessings> Exactly

[9:19:32 PM SherAhnn> I try to put the Information Booth link on all Welcome posts

[9:19:35 PM Guest 10> What about lurkers that may be browsing the boards who haven’t signed up yet?

[9:19:40 PM SimplyDishing> wow didn’t know all this was going on

[9:19:41 PM Guest 7> That is because you are an educated professional savvy internet seller Phae. that does not help new users to the site

[9:19:41 PM] SunflowerBoutique has left the chat

[9:19:42 PM] katbarton has hung up

[9:20:17 PM attheboutique> Everytime I or anyone else makes a professional post, it does help someone new to the site

[9:20:19 PM katbarton> ok…back

[9:20:39 PM Renagade> Good job Kat!

[9:20:40 PM SimplyDishing> thx Kat

[9:20:42 PM Ziggy Zool> Amen Phaedra

[9:20:51 PM katbarton> Tags are one the right hand side

[9:20:52 PM katbarton> Thank you Ren

[9:20:52 PM Renagade> Amen Phaedra!

[9:20:56 PM katbarton> Thanks guys

[9:20:59 PM SherAhnn> Link again to Information Booth

[9:21:02 PM Guest 7> thanks kat for putting a voice to soo many frustrated users

[9:21:09 PM EclecticAve> Kat, you didn’t sound like a 10 yr old at all :)

[9:21:12 PM katbarton> Your welcome 7

[9:21:18 PM SimplyDishing> we’ve even got tattletales

[9:21:22 PM katbarton> LOL…No scott said I was loud

[9:21:30 PM katbarton> LOud 10 year old?

[9:21:32 PM SherAhnn> I will also take suggestions on what to add to this booth.

[9:21:54 PM iBusinessLogic> BAC people - respond to this:

[9:22:04 PM SherAhnn> Da

[9:22:11 PM iBusinessLogic>

[9:22:12 PM katbarton> Oh, SherAhnn,,,I wil contact you after the show, put your link up for me

[9:22:18 PM Guest 7> lol tattle tales? isn’t that really a self monitor?

[9:22:20 PM EclecticAve> Post in them and let us all comment on them

[9:22:28 PM SimplyDishing> when you tell a Veteran to post in promo, then the trouble starts

[9:22:45 PM EclecticAve> The positive ones I mean

[9:22:49 PM SherAhnn> my main link…

[9:22:58 PM katbarton> That is right simply

[9:23:14 PM katbarton> so I say nothing

[9:23:36 PM SherAhnn>

[9:23:46 PM Guest 7> when you tell a newbie who has posted in General that they have to post to promos that is when the trouble starts

[9:23:50 PM katbarton> Thank you SherAhnn

[9:24:03 PM Guest 7> Repeat the question wally

[9:24:04 PM katbarton> Was that me 7??

[9:24:11 PM Guest 7> no kat

[9:24:20 PM SherAhnn> I hate Forum Police

[9:24:26 PM iBusinessLogic> I think it is fine

[9:24:29 PM attheboutique> About Bonanzle Section, would be my thought on this one

[9:24:30 PM katbarton> OK, I know I was helping new person, and she got disgusted with me

[9:24:33 PM Guest 7> Your breaking up Wally please repeat

[9:24:33 PM SimplyDishing> no Wally

[9:24:37 PM Guest 8> yes it is!!! post in general in my opinion!!!! it’s about promoting bonanzle - in my opinion - put it in general!!!!!

[9:24:39 PM Henrietta> .

[9:24:53 PM jules43035> why can’t it be part of a sig?

[9:24:56 PM iBusinessLogic> Forums are about sharing communication - content

[9:25:02 PM iBusinessLogic> ideas

[9:25:06 PM SimplyDishing> oh wait let me define. It is ok to post your posts Wally

[9:25:06 PM iBusinessLogic> information

[9:25:15 PM iBusinessLogic> No way it should be that way

[9:25:23 PM Bead Bowl> General. Personal professional attributes are of value.

[9:25:25 PM iBusinessLogic> Unless you go in there and Spam

[9:25:31 PM Guest 7> Can someone please repeat wally’s question for me?

[9:25:43 PM Guest 7> no

[9:25:52 PM katbarton> lol..simply

[9:25:59 PM Guest 7> not if you are saying no one else can post promotions in general

[9:26:03 PM SherAhnn> It has always been an open forum. You can go to recent posts and read the ones you like and skip the ones you dont like.

[9:26:10 PM iBusinessLogic> He was asking is it ok to post a link in the general forum to your blog

[9:26:12 PM attheboutique> General, about Bonanzle, or Seller Discussions

[9:26:17 PM Ziggy Zool> Wally in my opinion what you’re talking about should be in the general or the about bonanzle if it’s got value other than posting about your booth onl

[9:26:18 PM Renagade> YES! THAT is where it NEEDS to be!

[9:26:25 PM iBusinessLogic> if you have just written about Bonanzle

[9:26:25 PM SimplyDishing> also your shows, and Scott’s show, and Dave’s show those are ok in General

[9:26:29 PM iBusinessLogic> or something related

[9:26:37 PM SimplyDishing> awww ty Wally

[9:26:38 PM SherAhnn> I think you can easily skip those if not interested in the Promotion.

[9:26:47 PM] SunflowerBoutique is logged into the chat

[9:26:54 PM katbarton> I agree with walt on this on…it is promoting bonanzle

[9:26:57 PM iBusinessLogic> Different from just posting your company name and url

[9:27:02 PM attheboutique> Another great promo, Go SimplyDishing!

[9:27:06 PM katbarton> Love this simply

[9:27:10 PM iBusinessLogic> and then moving to the next forum

[9:27:11 PM Renagade> No Gray…general Promote about off site that is Bonanzle related is General!

[9:27:12 PM Ziggy Zool> Nice Simply and Phaedra… Way to go

[9:27:14 PM iBusinessLogic> thats spam

[9:27:17 PM SunflowerBoutique> how much did I miss?

[9:27:18 PM SimplyDishing> lol ty Phaedra

[9:27:22 PM attheboutique>

[9:27:25 PM Guest 7> I don’t care were promos are posted but how is promoting a blog or something that also promotes your booth different than a pure promo post?

[9:27:26 PM iBusinessLogic> Man that music

[9:27:31 PM SimplyDishing> ty Ziggy yours was good too

[9:27:32 PM iBusinessLogic> Wally

[9:27:46 PM Ziggy Zool> ty

[9:27:51 PM SunflowerBoutique> that does it, I am going to go buy 2 new computers tomorrow

[9:27:55 PM attheboutique> lol

[9:27:59 PM katbarton> most of us have more than just us on the blog 7, that is how

[9:28:02 PM Renagade> LOL

[9:28:09 PM attheboutique> I have four in this house, one is always not working

[9:28:13 PM Renagade> Mine is lagging too!

[9:28:14 PM attheboutique> at least one

[9:28:22 PM katbarton> good lordy Phae

[9:28:24 PM Guest 7> it not your compouters it is talkshoe

[9:28:28 PM iBusinessLogic> is it me or are the commercials… welll

[9:28:35 PM attheboutique> calming

[9:28:36 PM SherAhnn> I often put the link to my main web site on some posts. This is to direct people to see the booth links that I have or the help items.

[9:28:38 PM iBusinessLogic> hard to listen to?

[9:28:39 PM SunflowerBoutique> my other one will not even boot up

[9:28:44 PM katbarton> Guest 7 did you get my comment?

[9:28:58 PM Guest 7> yes kat but that is splitting hairs

[9:29:07 PM SunflowerBoutique> haven’t checked the other 2

[9:29:09 PM katbarton> We also promote other sellers on our blogs

[9:29:19 PM katbarton> depends..I guess

[9:29:19 PM iBusinessLogic> Put the headphones back on

[9:29:26 PM Guest 13> Thanks Wally

[9:29:27 PM Guest 7> we all know that blogs are started as a way to promote ourselves. They have talked about in on this show

[9:29:28 PM SherAhnn> I have a list of Bonanzle booths on my main web site. I feel this is promoting Bonanzle.

[9:29:41 PM SherAhnn> ooops

[9:29:48 PM iBusinessLogic> Its all marketing

[9:29:51 PM SherAhnn>

[9:30:02 PM iBusinessLogic> Everything is Marketing

[9:30:10 PM iBusinessLogic> and Marketing is Everything

[9:30:13 PM katbarton> I fit brings the people to the site to buy and sell then it should be able to be done

[9:30:14 PM attheboutique> you are marketing being here

[9:30:14 PM SimplyDishing> I’ll be honest I liked the old board, but there was a handful that ruined it for everyone by posting promos every 20 minutes, and that was aggravating

[9:30:17 PM Renagade> No Guest 7…its my dial up…SSSKKK

[9:30:25 PM Guest 7> Like I said I don’t care where anyone promotes but lets not split hairs by saying it is okay for some but not for others because it appears you are

[9:30:31 PM Guest 7> helping others

[9:30:49 PM] Guest 14 is logged into the chat

[9:30:50 PM iBusinessLogic> Its Ok for some who do it with class

[9:30:51 PM Guest 13> Arrowearth also has a list of Bonanzle booths

[9:30:52 PM Renagade> yes you do..Thanks Sher!

[9:30:54 PM katbarton> huh?? LOL..guest 7 you lost me

[9:30:56 PM iBusinessLogic> and add value

[9:31:07 PM katbarton> I try to help others, not sure I always can

[9:31:12 PM iBusinessLogic> Not OK for others that just plug themselves

[9:31:18 PM Guest 7> I was talking about the lagg a lot of us were experiencing Ren

[9:31:24 PM SherAhnn> Some spam the welcome posts with ads…I don’t.

[9:31:28 PM Renagade> YES! it belongs in General…

[9:31:38 PM SunflowerBoutique> no the aren’t

[9:31:39 PM SherAhnn> Welcome posts should remain just friendly.

[9:32:03 PM BrightestBlessings> .

[9:32:04 PM Guest 7> but it is okay for users that are plugging others just really promote yourself?

[9:32:30 PM SimplyDishing> those are the same ones. They post in all the topics. They don’t feel they need to abide with the rules

[9:32:30 PM iBusinessLogic> Guest 7

[9:32:34 PM Renagade> OHHH!

[9:32:40 PM jules43035> arg

[9:32:54 PM iBusinessLogic> What is the problem?

[9:32:56 PM katbarton> about bonanzle is also good

[9:33:10 PM iBusinessLogic> Spreading the word and adding value

[9:33:17 PM iBusinessLogic> is a good thing

[9:33:22 PM SherAhnn> Who Set Rules ???…Discussion Groups are Guidelines.

[9:33:31 PM iBusinessLogic> Well let em snark away Wally

[9:33:36 PM SimplyDishing> Bill did

[9:33:49 PM katbarton> I am still not clear 7 on how your asking, I do not believe it should be in general if it is plug for self…if for others then yes

[9:33:49 PM katbarton> lol..sorry Walt

[9:33:53 PM iBusinessLogic> Snarks are Snarks

[9:33:54 PM Bead Bowl> lol

[9:33:54 PM SherAhnn> I didnt see any set Rules.

[9:34:07 PM iBusinessLogic> They are always swimming upstream

[9:34:10 PM SimplyDishing> Sorry that happened to you Walt

[9:34:14 PM SherAhnn> Just suggestions

[9:34:18 PM katbarton> that is true Scott

[9:34:25 PM Guest 8> i agree kat… promote for bonanzle… general… promote self put in promote your booth…

[9:34:37 PM Renagade> Articles written about Bonanzle needs to be posted in General… More important than “word games” (no offense) and pics of dogs etc…

[9:34:40 PM attheboutique> well said, Kat, guest 8

[9:34:44 PM Guest 11> If I promote my auction on plumdrop should I post that I did that in general? It will promote Bonanzle, but it feels wrong.

[9:34:48 PM SimplyDishing> in his blog about the Promo Board. They was also a post

[9:34:50 PM katbarton> I think it is pretty self explanatory, thats what I don’t get

[9:34:54 PM Guest 7> As I said I don’t care were anyone posts a promo thread. But it is not fair to be hypocritical

[9:35:02 PM Guest 8> wally is promoting bonanzle… brightest is promoting bonanzle… so many are promoting bonanzle

[9:35:08 PM katbarton> where others can not see that self explaation

[9:35:16 PM SimplyDishing> that is true 7

[9:35:18 PM katbarton> explanation

[9:35:27 PM iBusinessLogic> Its not hypocritical when there is a clear difference between the two

[9:35:44 PM Guest 7> wally just admitted that the point of what he was doing was promoting himself?

[9:35:53 PM katbarton> whoops Phaedra..

[9:36:07 PM SimplyDishing> yes Phaedra

[9:36:13 PM Guest 7> so where is the real difference?

[9:36:30 PM] Henrietta has left the chat

[9:36:34 PM SimplyDishing> and so they are promoting everywhere now and still in general

[9:36:54 PM katbarton> you have to read the blogs to see the difference

[9:36:54 PM] Bead Bowl has left the chat

[9:36:59 PM katbarton> I have not posted my blog, I have not got enough sellers on mine yet

[9:37:10 PM] Bead Bowl is logged into the chat

[9:37:15 PM katbarton> BOUNDARIES

[9:37:16 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[9:37:20 PM katbarton> lol

[9:37:28 PM SimplyDishing> Kat send me your addy for your blog pleeze

[9:37:29 PM iBusinessLogic> Louisiana coming through Sher

[9:37:38 PM katbarton> kk, hag on

[9:37:39 PM iBusinessLogic> hey Boudreaux

[9:37:42 PM Guest 7> if everyone agrees here that it is okay to post one kind of promo in the general threads it should be okay to promote any kind of promo there.

[9:37:45 PM katbarton> hang

[9:37:50 PM] Bead Bowl has left the chat

[9:38:05 PM katbarton>

[9:38:11 PM] Bead Bowl is logged into the chat

[9:38:14 PM SimplyDishing> ty

[9:38:16 PM Guest 8> i respectfully disagree guest 7

[9:38:26 PM katbarton> Now my squidoo has a plexi lens, so I have a lot of sellers on there

[9:38:27 PM iBusinessLogic> Guest 7

[9:38:34 PM iBusinessLogic> If you do not understand yet

[9:38:45 PM iBusinessLogic> I guess you just wont understand

[9:38:46 PM Renagade> need to Post your Blog…THATS how you will get sellers! on it if thats what you what..

[9:38:50 PM Guest 7> lots of people disagree Guest 8 that is why we are discussing it lol

[9:39:14 PM SunflowerBoutique> good nite everyone, I am too sick to follow tonight

[9:39:14 PM katbarton> post the BLOGG HERE?? lol..Re, or on forum

[9:39:15 PM] Henrietta is logged into the chat

[9:39:16 PM Renagade> Put the link up Kat!

[9:39:21 PM katbarton>

[9:39:27 PM iBusinessLogic> Some of us are discussing in as logged in individuals

[9:39:29 PM] SunflowerBoutique has left the chat

[9:39:46 PM BrightestBlessings> Hope you get to feeling better soon Sun! :)

[9:39:56 PM] Bead Bowl has left the chat

[9:39:56 PM iBusinessLogic> This tends to apply more weight

[9:39:58 PM Renagade> NO you Squidoo and your blog…HERE!

[9:40:24 PM] Bead Bowl is logged into the chat

[9:40:25 PM SherAhnn> I like to see the most recent posts no matter what they are.

[9:40:38 PM Henrietta> I hate talkshoe

[9:40:41 PM Renagade> Night Sun!

[9:40:43 PM SherAhnn> Then I can choose what I want to look at

[9:40:46 PM Guest 7> so do I lol

[9:41:00 PM katbarton> lol..hold on..

[9:41:24 PM DudeAndChick> lol Henrietta!

[9:41:24 PM Renagade> LOL Henrietta

[9:41:31 PM Renagade> chat is jammed…again!

[9:41:35 PM Guest 10> A lot of people post to be seen. If they are constantly on the boards, people will click.

[9:41:44 PM katbarton>

[9:41:47 PM SimplyDishing> I personally don’t want to read someone is naked, just to get people to open that up to go to their booth

[9:41:51 PM katbarton> there is squidoo

[9:42:00 PM katbarton> lol..simply

[9:42:04 PM Guest 8> yes, discussion is good!

[9:42:11 PM SherAhnn> lol Simply

[9:42:15 PM DudeAndChick> Me too, freezes my poor puter and blinks on and off lol

[9:42:18 PM EclecticAve> http:/

[9:42:25 PM SherAhnn> Yeh catchy titles in post that disguise it

[9:42:27 PM SimplyDishing> lol Dude

[9:42:31 PM Henrietta> got kicked out of my office DH is looking at bulls then dropped off TS while moving to the outdoor office, had to clear cache etc and missed a pile

[9:42:35 PM Guest 7> the point of posting as a guest would lend to the fact that those poster are obviously not self promoting by contributing here.

[9:42:38 PM Guest 8> oh, okay, discussing as guest 8 also known as bvaughnfamily. sorry… haven’t figured out the log in thing yet :)

[9:42:39 PM EclecticAve>

[9:42:45 PM katbarton> Yeah!! cool

[9:42:47 PM SimplyDishing> yea Ren!!

[9:42:55 PM Renagade> She is telling the truth Sher!

[9:42:56 PM SherAhnn> excellent Renegade

[9:43:10 PM SimplyDishing> hi Bvaugn

[9:43:14 PM Henrietta> next week?

[9:43:16 PM Renagade> ROFL…

[9:43:20 PM BrightestBlessings> Way to go Susan!

[9:43:22 PM Henrietta> ren?

[9:43:24 PM katbarton> lol…

[9:43:33 PM iBusinessLogic> ok

[9:43:39 PM] Bead Bowl has left the chat

[9:43:41 PM Ziggy Zool> Way to go Ren… Congratulations.

[9:43:44 PM SherAhnn> Ren is very professional and will live up to the task

[9:43:49 PM iBusinessLogic> I was listening

[9:43:58 PM Guest 8> hi simply … you’re quite a dish :)

[9:43:59 PM Guest 13> Go Ren

[9:44:00 PM iBusinessLogic> but will talk if you like

[9:44:11 PM SimplyDishing> lol ty

[9:44:13 PM Henrietta> Phaedra put the neck lock on her

[9:44:15 PM DudeAndChick> Go Ren!

[9:44:19 PM Renagade> Are you sure you guys are ready for this!

[9:44:27 PM] Guest 15 is logged into the chat

[9:44:33 PM Guest 8> yes, renagade, we’re ready!

[9:44:34 PM iBusinessLogic> I will have an announcement soon

[9:44:38 PM BrightestBlessings> We are ready! Are you? :)

[9:44:40 PM Guest 7> what do you sell renagade?

[9:44:41 PM iBusinessLogic> About Bonanzle-Webstores

[9:44:44 PM SherAhnn> Ready and exicted

[9:44:51 PM] Guest 15 has left the chat

[9:44:52 PM Henrietta> .

[9:44:53 PM Renagade> ROFL Henrietta!

[9:44:55 PM iBusinessLogic> But it is not ready yet

[9:45:02 PM SimplyDishing> woohoo Scott. is it good?

[9:45:07 PM Renagade> NO BB NO!!!

[9:45:12 PM iBusinessLogic> We are in testing

[9:45:22 PM SimplyDishing> cool

[9:45:24 PM BrightestBlessings> Oh yes you are.heheh

[9:45:26 PM Renagade> Records, Biker and Sci fi items

[9:45:29 PM attheboutique> Auction Wally, tomorrow night 8 pm Est Cliff!! He is on Bonanzle too,

[9:45:30 PM iBusinessLogic>

[9:45:32 PM] Bead Bowl is logged into the chat

[9:45:41 PM iBusinessLogic> by: ibusinesslogic

[9:45:45 PM BrightestBlessings> Hey Scott!

[9:45:57 PM attheboutique>

[9:45:59 PM SherAhnn> Hi Scott

[9:46:12 PM Guest 8> good night all… great show…

[9:46:21 PM] Guest 8 has left the chat

[9:46:23 PM Ziggy Zool> night

[9:46:25 PM attheboutique> Thanks guest8!!!

[9:46:26 PM SimplyDishing> gnite bvaugn

[9:46:34 PM SherAhnn> How about giving the Help Posts some time

[9:46:51 PM Renagade> No I am in shock!

[9:46:55 PM katbarton> good night bvaugh

[9:47:03 PM SherAhnn> Thats why I did the Information Booth to save some of the help posts.

[9:47:07 PM enngga> Night All !

[9:47:10 PM] enngga has left the chat

[9:47:14 PM attheboutique> I think the forum will be a wait and see situation, it happens, but all in all the good is still more good

[9:47:26 PM SimplyDishing> nite enngga

[9:47:30 PM Renagade>

[9:47:32 PM] oldsaltsailor is logged into the chat

[9:47:34 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[9:47:37 PM SherAhnn> for the information booth

[9:47:50 PM Guest 7> audio is breaking up

[9:48:02 PM SimplyDishing> nooooooo

[9:48:07 PM Guest 7> yessssssss

[9:48:12 PM attheboutique> Next Monday Night, right here on Brainstorming Bonanzle, Renagade shares her success on Bonanzle!! What worked for her what hasn’t, tune in!

[9:48:15 PM Renagade> Hi Scott!

[9:48:19 PM SherAhnn> no audio here

[9:48:28 PM Bead Bowl> no audio

[9:48:28 PM katbarton> you have to see both sides, and beable to moderate

[9:48:31 PM SimplyDishing> ok here

[9:48:37 PM Henrietta> if we have mods they need to be bonanzle employees

[9:48:43 PM] DudeAndChick has left the chat

[9:48:44 PM] DudeAndChick is logged into the chat

[9:48:51 PM attheboutique> definitely not a job I would take

[9:48:52 PM BrightestBlessings> .

[9:48:55 PM] Bead Bowl has left the chat

[9:48:56 PM Renagade> My Other site

[9:49:01 PM SimplyDishing> it’s only a handful of people

[9:49:07 PM SherAhnn> Please NO moderators

[9:49:11 PM katbarton> If emotions are involved, then you cannot be a vialble moderater

[9:49:20 PM Henrietta> tag and ignore

[9:49:21 PM] Bead Bowl is logged into the chat

[9:49:26 PM BrightestBlessings> no

[9:49:27 PM katbarton> I agree Phaedra

[9:49:28 PM attheboutique> exactly, Henrietta

[9:49:36 PM SimplyDishing> no

[9:49:37 PM Guest 7> eBay forums are censored to help Ebay. There is nothing wrong with protecting yoru business.

[9:49:39 PM SherAhnn> that leaves the decision up to the moderator and not the community

[9:49:48 PM Renagade> I am unemployed right now….. Henrietta…

[9:49:57 PM SimplyDishing> true

[9:50:05 PM SherAhnn> pooooh on Ebay forums

[9:50:06 PM Henrietta> if it bothers you stop reading, tag it, move on

[9:50:11 PM Guest 10> The tags on Bonanzle threads need to be clearer

[9:50:37 PM SimplyDishing> the rules on Bonanzle chat need to be clearer

[9:50:38 PM DudeAndChick> maybe it would help to be able to tag individual posts? that would probably be a pain though

[9:50:41 PM SherAhnn> I seldom tag a post

[9:50:46 PM Henrietta> no guns on Bonanzle forums

[9:50:52 PM katbarton> lol..Hen

[9:50:58 PM Guest 7> If the negativity hurts eBay is hurts its members

[9:51:22 PM Guest 7> same with Bonanzle

[9:51:37 PM SherAhnn> We can still try to keep it positive and COOL the negative

[9:51:45 PM Guest 7> yes we can

[9:51:46 PM Guest 10> craigslist is still a “user regulated” website.. if something is against the community, it gets flagged

[9:51:50 PM SherAhnn> Calm someone down

[9:52:03 PM DudeAndChick> good point guest 10!

[9:52:04 PM SherAhnn> Give them options for being frustrated

[9:52:05 PM katbarton> difuse

[9:52:14 PM Henrietta> If someone is not a good communicator say “I am sorry you are upset, what can I do to help you

[9:52:19 PM Guest 10> If a Bonanzle user gets flagged and their posts keep getting removed, they will stop

[9:52:21 PM SherAhnn> yes Kat

[9:52:22 PM] The Savvy Seller has left the chat

[9:52:26 PM katbarton> thank you Henrietta

[9:52:32 PM Guest 7> craiglist is not a social platform

[9:52:37 PM katbarton> well said it is about them not you

[9:52:57 PM attheboutique>

[9:53:02 PM iBusinessLogic>

[9:53:08 PM katbarton> lol..funny guys

[9:53:12 PM attheboutique> you are breaking up Scott

[9:53:24 PM Renagade> one more time!

[9:53:33 PM katbarton> lol..Ren

[9:53:37 PM attheboutique> lol

[9:53:37 PM SherAhnn> If the person is continually posting Rude comments and Negative, then maybe mark needs to look at their posts.

[9:53:48 PM Guest 10> I know craigslist is not a social platform, but it is moderated by the user

[9:53:53 PM Renagade>

[9:53:54 PM Guest 7> So I missed it. Was the consenus here that it was okay to promote a thread that was about something promoting Bonanzle and yourselfe but not

[9:53:57 PM katbarton> That is what needs to be done support

[9:53:59 PM Guest 7> pure promo threads

[9:54:29 PM Henrietta> tag it and he will when it gets to a sufficient volume of tags, that is how the system is set up

[9:54:31 PM DudeAndChick> those links aren’t working for me

[9:54:47 PM SherAhnn> Well we can difuse the normal ones..but I mean a spam of posts that are Rude should be sent to support

[9:54:53 PM] jules43035 has left the chat

[9:54:58 PM Renagade> true Henrietta

[9:55:04 PM katbarton> Thats what I meant Sher..I agree

[9:55:06 PM Henrietta> If you use the system then poor Mark has more time to spend on genuine emergencies

[9:55:13 PM ebay & Beyond> twibler

[9:55:20 PM Renagade> true!

[9:55:32 PM Guest 7> if everyone got together and reported the offensive users then Bonanzle would have to do something about if nothing else but to save himself wasted ti

[9:55:33 PM Guest 7> time

[9:55:34 PM Renagade> twibler???

[9:55:38 PM] cleosgreatdeals has left the chat

[9:55:44 PM SherAhnn> Yes..some do the email support with questions that can be answered by other sellers.

[9:55:45 PM iBusinessLogic> yes

[9:55:50 PM attheboutique> Mark and Bill can spend time on the back end seller experience, and bringing more buyers in. We can ignore the snarks and add value

[9:56:12 PM SherAhnn> Another reason for the Information Booth…Give Mark a break

[9:56:23 PM SherAhnn> Information Booth link again.

[9:56:32 PM Guest 7> REpeated…So I missed it. Was the consenus here that it was okay to promote a thread that was about something promoting Bonanzle and yourselfe but no

[9:56:40 PM attheboutique> I am usually around Bonanzle somewhere also, if I don’t see your post for help, feel free to contact me one on one

[9:56:45 PM SherAhnn>

[9:56:46 PM Henrietta> Mailed your fan Scott

[9:56:54 PM iBusinessLogic> great

[9:57:03 PM EclecticAve>

[9:57:06 PM] ebay & Beyond has left the chat

[9:57:08 PM DudeAndChick>

[9:57:09 PM iBusinessLogic> My Daughter will love it Henrietta

[9:57:19 PM Henrietta> got lucky didn’t you Wally

[9:57:28 PM attheboutique> Live Auction first Saturday of every month

[9:57:29 PM Renagade> Cant wait till I can sign up Scott…. Great service people Scott has!

[9:57:39 PM] Guest 12 has left the chat

[9:57:49 PM SherAhnn> Nothing is sold on the Information Booth..It is there simply to help others.

[9:57:57 PM iBusinessLogic> You can sign up now, but not at the reduced price Renegade

[9:58:01 PM Guest 7> well that will bring in the lurkers lol

[9:58:17 PM attheboutique> Renagade next weeks guest here on Brainstorming Bonanzle!!

[9:58:25 PM Renagade>

[9:58:26 PM Renagade> YES!!! Whoo hooo!!!

[9:58:35 PM katbarton>

[9:58:49 PM Renagade> the S word!

[9:58:50 PM GildedElegance>

[9:58:50 PM attheboutique> tomorrow night on Auction Wally show, Cliff Apertiti (sp) will be the guest!!

[9:58:54 PM katbarton>

[9:59:08 PM attheboutique>

[9:59:16 PM attheboutique>

[9:59:17 PM katbarton>

[9:59:22 PM attheboutique>

[9:59:24 PM vintagegoodness>

[9:59:24 PM Henrietta> I couldn’t believe how slender and athletic y’all are

[9:59:28 PM vintagegoodness> its hilarious!

[9:59:34 PM BrightestBlessings>

[9:59:38 PM DudeAndChick> oops my links were posted wrong guess they need to be posted separately

[9:59:41 PM katbarton> lol…I posted it on facebook..

[9:59:42 PM Bead Bowl>

[9:59:42 PM SherAhnn>

[9:59:43 PM Renagade> Had alot of work Cliff had tonite Twitter!

[9:59:44 PM DudeAndChick>

[9:59:44 PM GildedElegance> Good Night………Everyone!!!!

[9:59:45 PM vintagegoodness>

[9:59:46 PM] mdauctionasales has left the chat

[9:59:52 PM vintagegoodness>

[9:59:53 PM DudeAndChick>

[9:59:54 PM Renagade>

[9:59:55 PM katbarton> Thank you Walt and Phaedra

[10:00:05 PM vintagegoodness> great show as always!

[10:00:09 PM attheboutique> good night everyone, you rock!! Thanks for coming!! Kat thanks for calling in!!!

[10:00:10 PM iBusinessLogic>

[10:00:11 PM Henrietta> Aloha

[10:00:12 PM DudeAndChick> Great SHow!

[10:00:12 PM] Guest 10 has left the chat

[10:00:14 PM Bead Bowl> Thank you!

[10:00:15 PM EclecticAve> night all. thanks Wally and Phaedra.

[10:00:16 PM Renagade> I have GOT to get high speed!

[10:00:17 PM katbarton> Lots of info once again

[10:00:21 PM] oldsaltsailor has left the chat

[10:00:22 PM BrightestBlessings> Thanks Auction Wally and Phaedra! :)

[10:00:24 PM katbarton> lol..Re

[10:00:26 PM Henrietta> Thanks all

[10:00:30 PM iBusinessLogic>

[10:00:31 PM] Guest 13 has left the chat

[10:00:32 PM witchesbritches> see ya’ll on da flip side ;)

[10:00:33 PM SherAhnn> Thanks Walt..we will get it all figured out eventually

[10:00:35 PM katbarton> ight everyone

[10:00:36 PM iBusinessLogic> oops

[10:00:38 PM SimplyDishing> thx Wally and Phaedra

[10:00:41 PM Renagade> My Song!!! My Song!!

[10:00:47 PM] witchesbritches has left the chat

[10:00:49 PM] Bead Bowl has left the chat

[10:00:50 PM GildedElegance> Thanks Phaedra and Walt

[10:00:51 PM katbarton> Sher, I am dropping by your place for a few

[10:00:52 PM attheboutique> Don’t forget to tune in next week, Renagade will be sharing her Bonanzle success story, and how she did it!!

[10:00:53 PM] DudeAndChick has left the chat

[10:00:55 PM iBusinessLogic>

[10:00:57 PM] Henrietta has left the chat

[10:01:02 PM iBusinessLogic> Wally

[10:01:03 PM] GildedElegance has left the chat

[10:01:05 PM] SherAhnn has left the chat

[10:01:09 PM katbarton> Will be there Pahedra

[10:01:26 PM] Guest 14 has left the chat

[10:01:28 PM] Guest 7 has left the chat

[10:01:33 PM attheboutique> Excellent! I am sure we can all learn some good gems of info from this one!

[10:01:35 PM] Guest 16 is logged into the chat

[10:01:40 PM Renagade> LOL Can count on Kat!

[10:01:47 PM] katbarton has left the chat

[10:02:05 PM Ziggy Zool> Thanks and good night all. Walt a Big Thank YOU for running our ad. Much appreciated. That’s from both of us.

[10:02:18 PM attheboutique> It was great, Ziggy

[10:02:27 PM auctionwally> You can find this song and lots of great songs on

[10:02:34 PM Guest 16> Does anyone think there was an agrement in theory about the promotion question?

[10:02:38 PM Ziggy Zool> Thanks Phaedra

[10:02:45 PM Renagade> LOVED the Ad Zig! So you!

[10:02:49 PM attheboutique> Everyone, thanks for the input, the sharing it was great

[10:02:52 PM] Henrietta has hung up

[10:03:10 PM auctionwally> The song is called This is Junk by Brainpool.

[10:03:22 PM Ziggy Zool> thanks ren can’t wait to hear you give up your secrets next week

[10:03:23 PM] BrightestBlessings has left the chat

[10:03:26 PM attheboutique> there will always be a difference of opinions, anytime you put more than three people together

[10:03:33 PM Ziggy Zool> love it walt.

[10:03:35 PM] iBusinessLogic has left the chat

[10:03:42 PM Renagade> Yes…I think everyone here agreed promo articles etc in General…booth in Promo but no spamming

[10:03:44 PM] iBusinessLogic has hung up

[10:03:55 PM Guest 16> lol I understand that I was just asking if I missed the general feeling

[10:04:12 PM Ziggy Zool> night all

[10:04:17 PM Renagade> No secrets Zig! Just do my thing!

[10:04:20 PM attheboutique> http;//

[10:04:26 PM Ziggy Zool> LOL :D

[10:04:29 PM] attheboutique has hung up

[10:04:35 PM attheboutique>

[10:04:42 PM Renagade> oops

[10:04:54 PM attheboutique> yep, fasty fingers messed up, lol

[10:05:00 PM Renagade> there you go Phaedra!

[10:05:06 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[10:05:10 PM attheboutique> slip of the tongue, slip of the fingers tonight

[10:05:16 PM attheboutique> lol

[10:05:22 PM Renagade> LOL

[10:05:28 PM Ziggy Zool> you guys tickle me.

[10:05:47 PM attheboutique> lol, and hubby is well and alive, I promise

[10:05:58 PM Renagade> Love the Masonic music….

[10:06:09 PM] EclecticAve has left the chat

[10:06:11 PM Ziggy Zool> I just hope we never lose that about the boards or any part of Bonanzle the funness.. is that a word. LOl

[10:06:12 PM] The recording has ended.

[10:06:32 PM attheboutique> I am not sure Bonanzle is either, but we go with it

[10:06:35 PM Renagade> Amen Zig…

[10:06:37 PM auctionwally> I think I want to hear his voice sometime in the future Phae, just to make sure.

[10:06:39 PM SimplyDishing> I agree Ziggy

[10:06:47 PM attheboutique> lol, Wally. Can do

[10:06:55 PM] Katskloset has left the chat

[10:06:58 PM auctionwally> OK,

[10:07:06 PM SimplyDishing> More rules and it will go away

[10:07:19 PM Guest 16> NO ren I mean is it okay to post articles that promote bonanzle and your selfe but not straight up booth promos

[10:07:26 PM Ziggy Zool> I agree rules smules

[10:07:38 PM] auctionwally has hung up

[10:07:40 PM] The Call has ended.

[10:07:41 PM Renagade> true Dishing..thats why the older hands need to help out

[10:07:55 PM auctionwally> Phae did we hurt or help tonight?

[10:08:02 PM Renagade> True Guest16

[10:08:03 PM] Guest 11 has left the chat

[10:08:07 PM SimplyDishing> You know I wouldn’t mind auctions but they bump them 100 times

[10:08:31 PM Guest 16> well you gave some people a place to voice their opinions with out being attacked … that has to help/

[10:08:32 PM Renagade> You guys helped out alot!

[10:08:33 PM attheboutique> I am not sure at this point Wally, will have to digest

[10:08:53 PM Ziggy Zool> that I believe is what started all the commotion in the first place the over bumps.

[10:09:00 PM Renagade> No…watch and see what happens there…

[10:09:14 PM auctionwally> Yeah,it’s a tough cal.

[10:09:24 PM auctionwally> call

[10:09:32 PM Guest 16> Bonanzle is aware of what is going on and working on something to fix the issues of the snark

[10:09:42 PM auctionwally> I like to think that we helped. It was certainly our intention.

[10:09:45 PM Renagade> Walt this was a show that was needed…to bad the ones that needed to be here werent

[10:09:48 PM SimplyDishing> it did Ziggy but it was from a handful of people. And it is still the same ones

[10:10:09 PM Ziggy Zool> I think you helped walt

[10:10:18 PM Guest 16> it helped

[10:10:38 PM auctionwally> @Ren, you know, that’s ALWAYS the case with every seminar, tool or training, the ones that need it most, don’t show up.

[10:10:41 PM SimplyDishing> they feel they don’t have to listen to Bill and Mark, and no go to all the threads

[10:10:42 PM Renagade> But the ones that where here will take up the cause in the right way!

[10:10:43 PM attheboutique> I am thinking it helped to allow the discussion openly, to brainstorm on making it better

[10:10:55 PM Renagade> True Walt

[10:10:57 PM Ziggy Zool> simply you’re absolutely right and they probably will always be that way. some folks just never do “get it” but they are hurting themselves in the

[10:11:00 PM Ziggy Zool> long run

[10:11:01 PM Guest 16> if one user walks away from this show and takes any of the advise on how to handle the idiots it helped

[10:11:16 PM attheboutique> remember the challenge, ignore the snark, post to the value, and give it more value

[10:11:37 PM Renagade> Everywhere and always Phaedra

[10:11:42 PM auctionwally> Right, that’s the thing, even if the ones who need it most don’t come, the word get out there. And the show is growing every week.

[10:11:54 PM attheboutique> Spot on Waly

[10:11:56 PM attheboutique> Wally

[10:12:08 PM attheboutique> wow, me fingers are slipping as bad as me tongue tonight

[10:12:20 PM Guest 16> ok wally how do you feel about the promotion thing?

[10:12:23 PM Ziggy Zool> and who knows maybe they’ll come and listen after the show

[10:12:24 PM SimplyDishing> which idiots are we talking about? The ones promoting? or the ones correcting? or all?

[10:12:38 PM auctionwally> In what aspect guest 16?

[10:12:57 PM Guest 16> do you think it should be allowed in general were there are more users to see it?

[10:13:42 PM auctionwally> I think that something that promotes Bonanzle in general is a good thing, but some people get carried away and turn their promotion into spam

[10:13:43 PM Ziggy Zool> Personally I love the fact that the promotion boards have a link now to click on and be found by the buyers.

[10:13:52 PM SimplyDishing> I would not mind seeing Wally’s stuff in General. Or Daves, or Scotts

[10:13:58 PM Renagade> Promoting the site in general IE articles written or read yes…booth promo needs to be in Promotion section JMO

[10:14:00 PM Guest 16> Simply… I don’t have a problem with the self promoters. I can skip to threads and when new users get used to how it works they can too….What I hav

[10:14:26 PM Guest 16> have a problem with is the control a group of users is exerting over the boards

[10:14:34 PM Ziggy Zool> Walt you said it well.

[10:14:59 PM Renagade> I can see it too Guest 16….

[10:15:10 PM Ziggy Zool> I love seeing new articles that I may have missed on the internet referenced on the general boards

[10:15:12 PM attheboutique> guest 16 = guest 7 from earlier

[10:15:15 PM attheboutique> ?

[10:15:21 PM Guest 16> yes

[10:15:23 PM auctionwally> At the very LEAST by having the discussion no one can say we are closed minded or secret about things

[10:15:36 PM Ziggy Zool> agreed

[10:15:40 PM SimplyDishing> it’s not the new users though. They understand there is a promo board and that is where they go. It is the veterans doing this

[10:15:49 PM Renagade> Just do your thing and if you know in your heart its right…ignore the rest…

[10:15:54 PM SimplyDishing> true Wally

[10:15:56 PM attheboutique> Well said Wally, we stated many times, we can not exert control over those users or expect changes to forum board tonight

[10:16:08 PM attheboutique> but we can remain positive, add value and spread that

[10:16:12 PM auctionwally> When we see an issue that concerns us, we talk about it, not pretend that it doesn’t exits.

[10:16:15 PM auctionwally> exist.

[10:16:21 PM Guest 16> it is the veterans attacking anybody (not me) that they don’t agree with.

[10:16:44 PM attheboutique> professional discourse once again, not personal attack

[10:17:05 PM Guest 16> And it is hard to see a so called sseller attacking an opion of a new users who is a possible buyer.

[10:17:30 PM auctionwally> Guest16, it’s so hard sometimes to translate text, sometimes in an effort to be expedient a post will come off rude, but

[10:17:41 PM Guest 16> Like I said. Bonanzle is more than aware of the problem and is working on a solution.

[10:17:44 PM SimplyDishing> I have missed alot here lately because I have tried to stay away so am not sure what or who you are talking about

[10:18:02 PM auctionwally> in reality, you just wanted to answer fast, so maybe a one word answer can sound rude, but not be meant that way

[10:18:14 PM attheboutique> so the issue is in the hands of the people it needs to be in, guest 16

[10:18:39 PM Guest 16> I don’t think naming the offenders would be appropriate but if you go to the boards it is hard to miss simply.

[10:18:50 PM Ziggy Zool> well guys I hate to but I need to call it a night. Wally and Phaedra again wonderful topic and another great show.

[10:18:56 PM Renagade> True Walt! Sometimes I get in a hurry and come across short and blunt… we all do.

[10:19:02 PM SimplyDishing> I am sure I know some you are talking about

[10:19:09 PM attheboutique> Thanks for coming Ziggy!!!! Have a great night

[10:19:13 PM attheboutique> :)

[10:19:22 PM SimplyDishing> g’nite Ziggy

[10:19:23 PM Ziggy Zool> :) nite nite

[10:19:26 PM Guest 16> YOu guys like to new home page?

[10:19:37 PM SimplyDishing> yes

[10:19:43 PM] Ziggy Zool has left the chat

[10:19:47 PM attheboutique> I too must go for now, I hope all have a wonderful evening, and a productive day tomorrow!

[10:19:48 PM SimplyDishing> very classy looking

[10:20:05 PM auctionwally> Yes, I agree, I’m diggin it.

[10:20:06 PM Renagade> Well guys,,,,thanks for the invite! I am still in shock! Hope I can add value to this great show….

[10:20:21 PM attheboutique> you will Ren, will talk with you tomorrow :)

[10:20:25 PM SimplyDishing> g’nite Phaedra. Think of you everytime I’m in Cleopatra’s milk lol

[10:20:38 PM attheboutique> lol, Simply!!! Enjoy it, you deserve it!!

[10:20:44 PM Guest 16> I think it is an improvement but it is getting a lot of flack on the boards. Shame because I think it helps even if all the kinks are not worked out

[10:20:46 PM Renagade> Truly Phaedra…cant wait to chat with you!

[10:20:48 PM auctionwally> Are you kidding me Ren? I’m hoping I still have a job after we have you on, they may want you instead!

[10:20:55 PM SimplyDishing> ty sweetie. Have a good evening

[10:21:11 PM Guest 16> Phae do you like the new home page change?

[10:21:20 PM attheboutique> Good night everyone!

[10:21:22 PM] attheboutique has left the chat

[10:21:25 PM Guest 16> lol

[10:21:26 PM Renagade> ROFL..Walt You Are Da Man!!! Now look! I am all redfaced!

[10:21:29 PM SimplyDishing> gnite Renegade

[10:21:48 PM auctionwally> I’m sure it will be a lot of fun!

[10:22:13 PM Guest 16> so do the note of this show include the text or just the audio wally?

[10:22:18 PM SimplyDishing> 16 like they said here earlier, you can’t please them all

[10:22:21 PM Renagade> night ya’ll….Walt we will have a blast…I can be fun you know! LOL

[10:22:41 PM] Renagade has left the chat

[10:22:51 PM auctionwally> The show notes include the full chat, with clicable links exactly as you see it here, and the audio.

[10:23:04 PM Guest 16> thats good

[10:23:15 PM Guest 16> night all good luck in you endeavors.

[10:23:24 PM auctionwally> The show notes are VERY rich google juice.

[10:23:33 PM Guest 16> lol that’s even better

[10:23:52 PM Guest 16> but don’t let that get out because then the name calling here will start lol

[10:23:59 PM SimplyDishing> same to you. Got to go myself. Thank you Wally. You’re a doll. G;nite everyone

[10:24:08 PM auctionwally> Yeah, because the conversation is so relevant to the links and the content discussed.

[10:24:20 PM Guest 16> ?

[10:24:36 PM] vintagegoodness has left the chat

[10:24:40 PM auctionwally> Hey Mitzi, didn’t even get a chance to say hi yet. Hi

[10:24:42 PM auctionwally> lol

[10:24:59 PM] SimplyDishing has left the chat

[10:25:28 PM Guest 16> was that humor or serious wally?

[10:25:49 PM] reejr123 has left the chat

[10:25:51 PM auctionwally> 16 the show notes are becoming kind of an evolving directory of Bonanzlers and their expertise.

[10:25:59 PM Guest 16> got it.

[10:26:15 PM auctionwally> If you mean the hi to Mitzi, I was serious, but she just left.

[10:26:16 PM Guest 16> keep up the good work

[10:26:20 PM Guest 16> lol

[10:26:34 PM Guest 16> no I was refering to the google thing

[10:26:44 PM Guest 16> nite

[10:26:46 PM auctionwally> Oh, ok, check this ou.

[10:26:56 PM Guest 16> what is that?

[10:27:43 PM Guest 16> We have closed the joint Wally isn’t this were one of us is supposed make a pass or something? ROFL

[10:27:53 PM auctionwally> No it’s ok, but the notes are becoming kind of a phenomenon themselves, and if you read them than can be babble or entertaining.

[10:28:03 PM auctionwally> ROFL.

[10:28:07 PM Guest 16> lol

[10:28:12 PM] Guest 16 has left the chat

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