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Monday, February 16, 2009

ep6 Brainstorming Bonanzle show notes - Whaddya doin for fun?

If your new here, these show notes are the chat archive from episode 6 of Brainstorming Bonanzle, an online radio show which you can listen to right here.

I like to think of these show notes as evolving directory of the movers and shakers on Bonanzle, what they're experts in, and what they're talking about.

Scroll the conversation as it surrounds the companion audio podcast. While to the untrained eye, this can look like gibberish, if you know what you looking for, it's extremely relevant content to the subject at had.

These notes serve several purposes:

  • They make an excellent ongoing reference library of the brainstorming content we cover on the show.
  • The links entered by the people in the chat, provide even further usefullness as you learn who is an expert in what, and what lines of products and services they specialize in.
  • The SEO juice is tremendous due to the thousands of keywords entered with every set of show notes, which match up perfectly with the conversation in each episode. Search engines love it when you send the to the information you say your going to send them to!
  • Taken in or out of context, they can be pretty damn funny!

Each episode can be listened to in the player right here on this site, or found at
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[8:02:20 PM] auctionwally is logged into the chat

[8:02:29 PM] attheboutique is logged into the chat

[8:02:35 PM] ebay & Beyond is logged into the chat

[8:02:40 PM] ebay & Beyond has left the chat

[8:02:43 PM auctionwally> Hello Pheadra and Dave

[8:02:44 PM] ShesMrsWright is logged into the chat

[8:02:48 PM] GildedELegance is logged into the chat

[8:02:53 PM] ebay & Beyond is logged into the chat

[8:02:58 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat

[8:03:05 PM ebay & Beyond> Hi Walt

[8:03:11 PM vintagegoodness> hooray we are here!

[8:03:15 PM vintagegoodness> i was worried for a minute

[8:03:16 PM attheboutique> Hey Wally! :)

[8:03:21 PM] KimsKorner is logged into the chat

[8:03:22 PM auctionwally> Hello

[8:03:26 PM] auctionwally is on the call

[8:03:30 PM] The recording has started.

[8:03:30 PM] BrightestBlessings is logged into the chat

[8:03:35 PM attheboutique> we were worried too, lol, the thread on Bonanzle is “Wally!! Malfunction!!!”" lol

[8:03:35 PM] Renagade is logged into the chat

[8:03:39 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[8:03:55 PM attheboutique> We cannot be denied our Monday night fix lol

[8:03:58 PM Renagade> What the heck happened?

[8:03:59 PM] Guest 9 is logged into the chat

[8:04:11 PM] enngga is logged into the chat

[8:04:14 PM] ibbysjewels is logged into the chat

[8:04:16 PM] sistahqueen is logged into the chat

[8:04:25 PM Guest 9> Hello Everyone

[8:04:25 PM Renagade> I about had a heart attack!

[8:04:30 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[8:04:37 PM vintagegoodness> yes we heart TalkShoe

[8:04:39 PM ebay & Beyond> Great feature isn’t it

[8:05:08 PM vintagegoodness> i can call in after 9pm

[8:05:12 PM sistahqueen> finally found my way…hello all!

[8:05:18 PM attheboutique> Hey!!

[8:05:20 PM vintagegoodness> hi sistah!

[8:05:26 PM Renagade> Cool Mitzi

[8:05:28 PM BrightestBlessings> hey !

[8:05:34 PM vintagegoodness> yah i have cell phone bill issues this week :(

[8:05:45 PM attheboutique> lol, I can understand that Mitzi

[8:05:53 PM vintagegoodness> too much blabbin during the day ;)

[8:06:30 PM] ebay & Beyond is on the call

[8:06:30 PM attheboutique> 4 cell phones, two are for kids, who goes over our minutes???? Hubby!! lol

[8:06:37 PM vintagegoodness> hahahaha

[8:06:39 PM vintagegoodness> nice

[8:06:41 PM BrightestBlessings> hehehehe

[8:06:52 PM attheboutique> yep, put usage controls on his, lol

[8:07:07 PM vintagegoodness> brilliant!

[8:07:22 PM vintagegoodness> i am thinking of getting a land line

[8:07:27 PM] KimsKorner has left the chat

[8:07:50 PM vintagegoodness> my freelance project has me on the phone during the day more now

[8:07:52 PM] oldsaltsailor is logged into the chat

[8:07:56 PM] KimsKorner is logged into the chat

[8:07:57 PM vintagegoodness> so it might be worth paying for the land line

[8:08:04 PM attheboutique> we have that too, landline that is, for the teenage daughter

[8:08:19 PM] briann6 is logged into the chat

[8:08:27 PM vintagegoodness> i’ll be in chat room for the AuctionWally show too

[8:08:55 PM vintagegoodness> yep one sec

[8:09:04 PM attheboutique> <——- sick sick spa lady :(

[8:09:07 PM ShesMrsWright> Hello everyone!

[8:09:11 PM attheboutique> Hey!

[8:09:33 PM vintagegoodness>

[8:09:33 PM BrightestBlessings> Hey!

[8:09:34 PM] briann6 is on the call

[8:09:37 PM vintagegoodness> AuctionWally Show

[8:10:05 PM sistahqueen> I have an outbuilding full of my hubbys family pieces…I’ll try to check in on your show,Wally….

[8:10:24 PM vintagegoodness> sounds like it will be a helpful interview tomorrow night for sure

[8:10:30 PM] Renagade has left the chat

[8:10:53 PM Guest 9> Ummmm, Bonanzle!

[8:11:02 PM vintagegoodness> you can have fun online? i thought it was only for working

[8:11:04 PM] KimsKorner has left the chat

[8:11:04 PM] KimsKorner is logged into the chat

[8:11:07 PM attheboutique> ummm, entertainment online? thought that was only for work???

[8:11:08 PM] Guest 10 is logged into the chat

[8:11:10 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL OK

[8:11:13 PM attheboutique> jinx, Mitz!!! lol

[8:11:14 PM vintagegoodness> hahahaha see i’m not the only one!

[8:11:20 PM ebay & Beyond>

[8:11:35 PM enngga> pogo Game room to play Texas Holdem and Gin Rummy

[8:11:45 PM attheboutique> pogo

[8:11:51 PM Guest 9> Hi David

[8:11:53 PM BrightestBlessings> Hi David!

[8:11:59 PM vintagegoodness> oh i’ve been on there, think i played euchre there a few times ages ago

[8:12:01 PM attheboutique> Hey David!

[8:12:06 PM sistahqueen> My life is fairly dull…offline I play Scrabble on my PC and I visit my Mom to play with her…..

[8:12:18 PM attheboutique> play word whomp on pogo, keeps the brain working some, lol

[8:12:29 PM vintagegoodness> hrm i should try that!

[8:12:31 PM auctionwally> The AuctionWally Show tomorrow night at 8pm est is at

[8:12:47 PM ShesMrsWright> Who has time for fun?? I spend all my time on Bonanzle these days.. lol

[8:12:49 PM vintagegoodness> no snow here thank goodness! though it was 1 degree last night that kinda sucked

[8:12:58 PM sistahqueen> 18 inches of snow! oh my goodness!!!

[8:13:04 PM attheboutique> Honestly, I leave home for fun, My studio is here so am always surrounded by work

[8:13:13 PM] briann6 has left the chat

[8:13:22 PM auctionwally> Best fiction Detective noir Black Jack Justice is at

[8:13:36 PM auctionwally> Best fiction Detective noir Black Jack Justice is at

[8:13:40 PM vintagegoodness> ooo that sounds cool Dave

[8:13:40 PM] briann6 has hung up

[8:13:58 PM auctionwally> Best fiction Detective noir Black Jack Justice is at

[8:14:07 PM BrightestBlessings> Love to play Mahjong

[8:14:41 PM vintagegoodness> i just sold a Mahjong game from the 60’s last week

[8:14:42 PM sistahqueen> My mom is great at Mahjong….me,not so much…

[8:14:43 PM auctionwally>

[8:14:55 PM attheboutique>

[8:15:11 PM] KimsKorner has left the chat

[8:15:12 PM enngga> I like Mahjong too

[8:15:25 PM sistahqueen> Is hulu and pogo free sites??

[8:15:37 PM attheboutique>

[8:15:43 PM enngga> Pogo is free but only on certain games

[8:15:48 PM attheboutique>

[8:16:03 PM ebay & Beyond> and it is free

[8:16:05 PM vintagegoodness> don’t you love Walt’s New England accent

[8:16:11 PM] Renagade is logged into the chat

[8:16:13 PM vintagegoodness> theatah

[8:16:13 PM attheboutique> lol, yep sure do

[8:16:17 PM BrightestBlessings> it’s great

[8:16:26 PM sistahqueen> Cool…Free is a great price…

[8:16:35 PM vintagegoodness> free is best price! lol

[8:16:42 PM] KimsKorner is logged into the chat

[8:16:59 PM enngga> You know Wally likes those Wild Stuff

[8:17:02 PM KimsKorner> Testing

[8:17:11 PM KimsKorner> ahhh got my computer to work right :)

[8:17:14 PM Renagade> Man!! Had to redo…got jammed!

[8:17:17 PM vintagegoodness> yay kim!

[8:17:27 PM Guest 10> When does Wally have time to listen to anything but work?

[8:17:29 PM ebay & Beyond>

[8:17:42 PM ShesMrsWright> Yeah Kim you made it!! :)

[8:17:55 PM KimsKorner> Yep, had to update browser but I did it

[8:17:59 PM sistahqueen> wb kim

[8:18:00 PM vintagegoodness> and if you create a talkshoe account, you can follow your favorite shows

[8:18:04 PM KimsKorner> thanks

[8:18:08 PM vintagegoodness> they will show up right in your My Talkshoe

[8:18:10 PM Renagade> Hi Kim!

[8:18:17 PM KimsKorner> Hi Ren

[8:18:30 PM BrightestBlessings> Hey Kim!

[8:18:31 PM ebay & Beyond>

[8:18:35 PM auctionwally> Don’t forget the chat will be cut and pasted as show notes at So use get your links out there in the chat and if you mi

[8:18:41 PM attheboutique> Excelllent, Kim!

[8:18:41 PM enngga> Vintage you need to get you a magic jack

[8:18:43 PM KimsKorner> Hey BB

[8:18:47 PM KimsKorner> lol thanks

[8:18:52 PM sistahqueen> I didn’t know I had a My Talkshoe….

[8:19:19 PM attheboutique> computer is like a vehicle, Maintenance needed

[8:19:21 PM Renagade> Lot of traffic…bad weather…

[8:19:30 PM sistahqueen> lol @ wally

[8:19:40 PM ShesMrsWright> lol @ wally

[8:19:46 PM KimsKorner> I am always too busy on Bonanzle lately too do the maintenance my computer needs lol

[8:19:56 PM ShesMrsWright> Sounds like me Kim

[8:20:10 PM Renagade> I run mine PM at night

[8:20:12 PM auctionwally> Best free online radio

[8:21:04 PM Renagade> Woah…

[8:21:10 PM sistahqueen> pooh..@ Buy dot com

[8:21:11 PM vintagegoodness> yah that was a crazy story

[8:21:40 PM sistahqueen> Boooooo………..

[8:21:46 PM auctionwally> How many miles on your computer Phaedra?

[8:22:00 PM attheboutique> Lmbo, too many to count

[8:22:12 PM Guest 10> Great customer service @ buy dot com hey?

[8:22:22 PM BrightestBlessings> that’s it

[8:22:29 PM enngga> I am on my second computer for this year

[8:22:39 PM KimsKorner> They cannot leave a neg if its canceled after finished? hmmm I did not even know that

[8:22:45 PM attheboutique> actually, this comp is not that old yet, we have 4 here, and this laptop is the newest

[8:23:03 PM BrightestBlessings> that’s the way to do it

[8:23:05 PM sistahqueen> I have heard the same stories about Buy….

[8:23:07 PM ibbysjewels> i run 2 puters so i always have a spare

[8:23:08 PM auctionwally> enngga TY for the blog post mentions. It’s appreciated.

[8:23:23 PM Renagade> I found the BEST customer service at Musicians Friend …AWESOME!

[8:23:23 PM] phoenix2000 is logged into the chat

[8:24:11 PM attheboutique> I made two purchases recently, found my supplier on ebay, called them up, “Do you sell anywhere else? ever heard of Bonanzle? I want to buy what you

[8:24:15 PM Renagade> I blogged about my experance at

[8:24:16 PM sistahqueen> Negatives carry such heavy weight

[8:24:17 PM attheboutique> have but not on Ebay :)”

[8:24:26 PM] Guest 9 has left the chat

[8:25:16 PM sistahqueen> I hope the BIG boys never show up….

[8:25:44 PM vintagegoodness> bill rox

[8:25:56 PM Renagade> Maybe a seperate section for them

[8:26:00 PM vintagegoodness> something for them to think about

[8:26:12 PM ibbysjewels> their too busy to mess with us

[8:26:14 PM attheboutique> Seriously, Bonanzle’s platform would not work for the huge Diamond sellers at this point

[8:26:22 PM KimsKorner> I like that they actually listen to concerns its so much different then everywhere else

[8:26:28 PM ShesMrsWright> It is nice to know that they are thinking about it.. The boyz rock!!

[8:26:30 PM Renagade> true…

[8:27:07 PM enngga> What they are saying money talks

[8:27:13 PM enngga> saying

[8:27:13 PM KimsKorner> but I don’t know how you can keep the big guys out though.

[8:27:45 PM Renagade> We as sellers need to check out the newbies…see and make sure they are not dealing bootlegs, etc


[8:28:01 PM sistahqueen> I like the site as a place for the individual seller…

[8:28:22 PM KimsKorner> actually a fee for people selling like wholesale in massive volumes an extra fee would seem to make sense

[8:28:46 PM Renagade> I like it Kim

[8:28:54 PM ShesMrsWright> I think the boys just need to look at what Ebay did and then do the opposite..

[8:29:07 PM Renagade> Maybe a ceiling for number of items

[8:29:07 PM KimsKorner> lol

[8:29:11 Pmn vintagegoodness> what do you mean enngga, not joined?

[8:29:27 PM sistahqueen> Prayerfully the Bonz Boys will make a good decision…

[8:29:28 PM enngga> They have not joined and paying

[8:29:42 PM KimsKorner> I don’t know about a ceiling for number of items because there are a lot of mom and pop sellers that have massive amounts of items

[8:29:44 PM Renagade> We can now sell to the public…not just members

[8:29:45 PM attheboutique> you mean they have not upgraded to a membership?

[8:29:46 PM vintagegoodness> not upgraded to a paid account you mean?

[8:30:13 PM attheboutique> jinz again, Mitzi, lmbo

[8:30:17 PM Renagade> Kim …it can be a high number…

[8:30:19 PM attheboutique> jinx

[8:30:19 PM ShesMrsWright> I would like to know how many of us have upgraded to paying membership

[8:30:19 PM vintagegoodness> hehe great minds

[8:30:25 PM KimsKorner> My friend paid my membership as A Christmas gift :)

[8:30:31 PM vintagegoodness> i havent looked into what the paying membership gets you

[8:30:35 PM Renagade> thats awesome

[8:30:43 PM enngga> Yes .. and that helps support Bonanzle. then if they have the money coming in , would not have to think to much about power sellers to make money

[8:30:44 PM attheboutique> that is easy go to fellow bonanzlers, and click the membership filter and hit search

[8:30:56 PM Renagade> I am a paying member…love it!

[8:31:00 PM sistahqueen> I got membership

[8:31:04 PM vintagegoodness> what do you get with it?

[8:31:05 PM BrightestBlessings> there are 192 paid memberships

[8:31:07 PM auctionwally> The lady from this site is going to be onthe AuctionWally Show tomorrow night She is a furniture restoration expert

[8:31:28 PM Renagade> google analystics

[8:31:32 PM attheboutique> Mitzi, go to my bonanzle page, over on top left click membership, you read up on both of them

[8:31:33 PM Renagade> for one

[8:31:40 PM vintagegoodness> ok cool

[8:31:41 PM KimsKorner> I actually have not paid much attention to the google stats that came along with the membership but I need to look at that again

[8:31:49 PM sistahqueen> I have no idea what I get - other than personal satisfaction

[8:31:51 PM vintagegoodness> yah google stats are always helpful

[8:31:55 PM auctionwally>

[8:31:58 PM vintagegoodness> hahaha sistah that’s enough huh?

[8:32:10 PM ShesMrsWright> I really like analytics.. It has helped me figure out what promoting I am doing is working and what isn’t

[8:32:24 PM Renagade> true

[8:32:30 PM KimsKorner> I just keep promoting but I should pay more attention to which ones are working best

[8:32:32 PM auctionwally> Please bookmark or follow and tune into the AuctionWally Show as well, here’s the link

[8:32:47 PM auctionwally> Analytics rox

[8:33:14 PM KimsKorner> People don’t realize the site needs to build, in turn get more buyers, that does not happen if nobody wants to jump in and hang in.

[8:33:26 PM Renagade> I have learned so much from Analytics

[8:33:27 PM ShesMrsWright> That is right Kim

[8:33:28 PM KimsKorner> I see too many people willing to throw in the towel after a week with not much effort

[8:33:33 PM sistahqueen> so right Kim

[8:33:34 PM attheboutique> exactly! It is your business, where do you want it to go??

[8:33:45 PM BrightestBlessings> You have to promote YOUR business at least one hour everyday.

[8:33:48 PM attheboutique> figure that out, then take it there!

[8:34:30 PM KimsKorner> It has been a big issue shesmrswright and I have discussed almost every night recently. Sellers that set up with 10 items then complain within days

[8:34:32 PM auctionwally> Best online Karaeoke site! Get your Elvis on there. Free.

[8:34:42 PM ShesMrsWright> You will get out of promoting what you put into it.. If you don’t put much in you won’t get much out

[8:35:03 PM Renagade> MAN thanks Wally!! love Karaoke!

[8:35:04 PM KimsKorner> Wally you know any good sites playing Holiday music online right now that work well? I hunted and could not find one that worked well.

[8:35:17 PM BrightestBlessings> In my mind they don’t have to bother to join

[8:35:29 PM Renagade> amen BB

[8:35:32 PM KimsKorner> It is the people who run for the hills and feel the need to announce it that gets to me

[8:35:36 PM auctionwally> Go to and click on radio and enter any holiday song.

[8:36:04 PM KimsKorner> or the ones who say “I was making sales at such and such” If sales were so good there, then why were you looking to move lol

[8:36:09 PM attheboutique> My teenage daughter makes a scene and flounces out the door, as a professional seller, that is really not my forte :)

[8:36:12 PM vintagegoodness> i’m looking forward to 24 hours of a Christmas Story in a couple of days :D

[8:36:16 PM Renagade> That is way Bonanzle is doing so well

[8:36:20 PM KimsKorner> thank you Wally

[8:36:28 PM enngga> I hate the ones who takes a month to leave , like a child I am leaving, ok I am going ,Well I guess this is goodbye

[8:37:10 PM sistahqueen> It got hard to write a business plan,set goals,etc because the the Bay was busy making changing on a whim….I have high hope for the Bonz…

[8:37:11 PM attheboutique> That is what I love about Bonanzle, I am in control of MY business, cause it is my business.

[8:37:21 PM ShesMrsWright> enngga they are just wanting people to beg them to stay and I refuse to do that…

[8:37:25 PM Renagade> Does anyone think Auctions would be good for Bonanzle?

[8:37:39 PM attheboutique> That debated ending up in quarrels, lol

[8:37:49 PM ShesMrsWright> lol

[8:37:50 PM KimsKorner> I have complete faith in Bonanzle. Thats saying a lot from me, because I have not stood behind any site in 10 yrs besides E

[8:37:54 PM Renagade> yea I noted…

[8:38:18 PM auctionwally> Your listening to Dave White from

[8:38:21 PM KimsKorner> I love Auctions. But I am tossed up. I will just have faith in where the Boyz go with it

[8:39:03 PM enngga> I know how you atrted Dave Gallon of milk for a Dozen eggs

[8:39:05 PM Renagade> me too…it is their site…I will support their decision

[8:39:20 PM Renagade> LOL

[8:39:29 PM KimsKorner> exactly Ren

[8:39:30 PM auctionwally> Only some things work well at auctiom Kim. The situation, and the product has to be right for an auction.

[8:39:32 PM vintagegoodness> i think auctions are good for rare/vintage/antique/collectible items

[8:39:44 PM BrightestBlessings> yes they are

[8:39:55 PM GildedELegance> yes they are

[8:39:58 PM KimsKorner> Yep Wally. Thats why I love auctions, but am mixed on the subject of them being on Bonanzle. I will be happy either way I am sure

[8:40:03 PM enngga> Well we have Make and Offer

[8:40:05 PM sistahqueen> If I want to auction something ,I may put it on the Bay…but ALL my fixed price items will be on the Bonz….

[8:40:05 PM auctionwally> An auctions is for the item you want the quickest money for, usually when an item doesn’t have a set price, antique, collectible, rare item.

[8:40:06 PM] julianbell is logged into the chat

[8:40:06 PM vintagegoodness> or liquidations, where you just want to get rid of something no matter what! lol

[8:40:07 PM Renagade> true Mitzi…

[8:40:28 PM vintagegoodness> hehe ebay crack

[8:40:38 PM GildedELegance> auction crack ?????

[8:40:39 PM KimsKorner> I use eb still for some things I want on auction. One this last Sunday worked out well for me. A necklace I found at thrift store closed for 76.00 Yea

[8:40:39 PM vintagegoodness> i’m hooked lol

[8:40:41 PM sistahqueen> LOL….

[8:40:41 PM Renagade> snort!

[8:40:53 PM attheboutique> lol

[8:40:55 PM vintagegoodness> wow kim that’s great!

[8:41:00 PM vintagegoodness> got the link?

[8:41:02 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[8:41:20 PM KimsKorner> I put 99% of items on Bonanzle BUT I do sell books on Amazon, and I do a couple auctions on ebay here and there

[8:41:27 PM KimsKorner> I was thrilled vintage

[8:41:32 PM Renagade> True Dave

[8:41:41 PM BrightestBlessings> Yes we do

[8:41:42 PM vintagegoodness> thats what i got addicted to kim, that big score

[8:41:45 PM auctionwally> Auction crack would be old and crunchy

[8:41:48 PM vintagegoodness> always chasing it now

[8:41:50 PM KimsKorner> not handy lol

[8:41:52 PM BrightestBlessings> you are right shame on us if we don’t

[8:41:54 PM sistahqueen> It’s the change in policy at the bay…

[8:42:10 PM Renagade> I still “stand on the eBay corner” every once in a while

[8:42:14 PM BrightestBlessings> We control what we do no one else does

[8:42:15 PM attheboutique> exactly! I believe no site “does something to us” it is our business, and if we decide to stay on that site, then who’s responsibility is it?

[8:42:26 PM attheboutique> Ohhhh, BB, talking our language, lol

[8:42:33 PM auctionwally> Don’t forget folks if anyone want’s to call in the # is +1 724 444-7444 31369#

[8:42:49 PM attheboutique> I can’t call in, am sick

[8:42:49 PM Renagade> darn dial up!

[8:42:52 PM attheboutique> sorry :(

[8:42:57 PM] julianbell has left the chat

[8:42:58 PM BrightestBlessings> yes you are hehehe

[8:42:58 PM KimsKorner> I am trying to get a lot listed and be ready for right after Christmas

[8:43:09 PM KimsKorner> too shy here to call in lol

[8:43:14 PM Renagade> you cant spread it on the phone you nut!

[8:43:24 PM auctionwally> LOLOLO

[8:43:25 PM attheboutique> lmbo, Ren, I sound horrible

[8:43:31 PM sistahqueen> I had many money order customers….and they shut those buyers out…. that sucks.

[8:43:34 PM KimsKorner> lol

[8:43:37 PM enngga> Don’t forget to list your booths

[8:43:44 PM auctionwally> Are you afraid you’ll give me your cold Phaedra!

[8:43:49 PM Renagade> ok…you are forgiven

[8:43:50 PM BrightestBlessings> I did have a lot of money orders too

[8:44:07 PM KimsKorner> I just posted about this in Bonanzle forums exactly what your saying lol

[8:44:19 PM Renagade> I welcome Money orders!

[8:44:24 PM attheboutique> lmbo, you are all too much!!! I sound terrible, all stuffed, and throat stuff and stuff, got me eucalyptus going right here next to me, can finally br

[8:44:30 PM BrightestBlessings> I take money orders they spend

[8:44:48 PM KimsKorner> after Christmas shoppers, even right now shoppers. People are still buying for Birthdays or things they want

[8:44:51 PM vintagegoodness>

[8:44:53 PM Renagade> Anyone making changes next year??? Products?? etc?

[8:44:57 PM vintagegoodness> there’s my plan for 2009

[8:45:06 PM auctionwally> Don’t forget chat will be cut & pasted as show notes at So use get your links out here in the chat.Promote your booth!

[8:45:09 PM vintagegoodness> it’s novel length

[8:45:16 PM Renagade> Thaanks Mitzi!

[8:45:22 PM GildedELegance> I am Ren

[8:45:27 PM KimsKorner> I just plan on devoting time to getting more organized, listing more, and setting up a daily plan with times for promoting, listing etc.

[8:45:29 PM vintagegoodness> lol get a snack before you read it Renagade

[8:45:34 PM ShesMrsWright>

[8:45:34 PM BrightestBlessings>

[8:45:39 PM Renagade> LOL

[8:45:49 PM Renagade> I will bring coffee

[8:45:51 PM vintagegoodness> i did decide i am going to list my vintage costume jewelry on Bonanzle

[8:45:56 PM BrightestBlessings> It is a FUN site

[8:45:57 PM vintagegoodness> and cross list it on Etsy

[8:46:00 PM enngga>

[8:46:07 PM Renagade> cool!

[8:46:16 PM Guest 10>

[8:46:18 PM auctionwally> Dede I have a few things to show you, other GreenMan stuff.

[8:46:20 PM Renagade> Going to blog mine next week…

[8:46:21 PM vintagegoodness> yah i really want to get involved in the Bonanzle vintage community

[8:46:30 PM attheboutique> that is awesome, Mitzi

[8:46:31 PM vintagegoodness> tweet it Renagadge!

[8:46:37 PM BrightestBlessings> very kewl can’t wait

[8:46:37 PM vintagegoodness> Renagade sorry ;)

[8:46:44 PM Renagade> I will!

[8:46:46 PM enngga>

[8:46:50 PM KimsKorner>

[8:46:51 PM vintagegoodness> i just have to find the time to list it all, i have sooooo much

[8:47:00 PM KimsKorner> could not find my blog link there for a minute lol

[8:47:01 PM vintagegoodness> eeew JOB

[8:47:01 PM auctionwally> You may have to remind me.

[8:47:02 PM sistahqueen>

[8:47:08 PM enngga>

[8:47:08 PM attheboutique> I plan for 2009 to get my entire product line up on B, and to move in the wholesale arena

[8:47:19 PM Renagade> I am going to stream line booth…music, biker, sci fi

[8:47:25 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[8:47:26 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[8:47:27 PM phoenix2000>

[8:47:32 PM KimsKorner> my blog is such a mix of just being goofy and trying to be helpful lol

[8:47:33 PM ShesMrsWright>

[8:47:41 PM Renagade> all other stuff GOT TO GO!!

[8:47:59 PM ShesMrsWright> Yeah Kim knows my blog is a little helpful and a little goofy too

[8:48:18 PM sistahqueen> I plan to do some serious listing…My house is overflowing with inventory…

[8:48:19 PM Renagade> Come and help me out

[8:48:31 PM GildedELegance> Do you all think that antiques will sell on Bonanzle, i.e. antique frames?????

[8:48:37 PM KimsKorner> I can never pick one line of things to sell. My main booth is so me. I have so many interests, so theres no way I could ever sell just one product typ

[8:48:47 PM attheboutique>

[8:48:55 PM BrightestBlessings> someone is looking for antique frames on the boards now.

[8:48:56 PM Renagade> I do! Cant hurt Guilded

[8:49:07 PM attheboutique>

[8:49:08 PM sistahqueen>

[8:49:10 PM auctionwally> I think frames will sell if they are sold AS frames for artists to use.

[8:49:11 PM KimsKorner> I think antiques will sell. Especially if you upload to google base

[8:49:27 PM auctionwally> I don’t know if they’ll sell well as collectibles.

[8:49:34 PM GildedELegance> Thanks Brightest

[8:49:45 PM BrightestBlessings> no problem

[8:50:03 PM KimsKorner> I am one that thinks anything is worth a try. Give it our best shot the worst that can happen is it does not sell

[8:50:15 PM Renagade> true Kim

[8:50:31 PM sistahqueen>

[8:51:07 PM BrightestBlessings> I got my dining room set with 6 chairs and a china hutch solid wood for $600 Love live auctions

[8:51:15 PM Renagade> BHWM it today…THANKS!!!

[8:51:47 PM KimsKorner> or

[8:51:50 PM attheboutique> BB, hubby loves my BOS! He says the Dragon is gorgeous cause it also looks like an S for our last name

[8:51:54 PM sistahqueen> I live in the country…never been to an auction…

[8:51:58 PM Guest 10> Cool, hope you’re pleased! Thanks.

[8:52:13 PM BrightestBlessings> He is so sweet he is a keeper.

[8:52:21 PM Renagade> I am!!

[8:52:27 PM attheboutique> Yeah, gonna let him stick around a while :)

[8:52:28 PM KimsKorner> I have so much learning to do with antiques. I many times miss things because of lack of the knowledge

[8:52:28 PM] joestreasures is logged into the chat

[8:52:34 PM Guest 10> Sweet!!!

[8:52:41 PM enngga> I just go crazy at auction !!

[8:52:43 PM BrightestBlessings> Live auctions are loads of fun!

[8:52:59 PM Renagade> Yet to be to one..

[8:53:08 PM GildedELegance> It’s the auction crack.

[8:53:14 PM attheboutique> lol

[8:53:14 PM KimsKorner> I love live auctions and have not been to one in a long time. But I went to some with my mom a few years ago and could not believe the deals

[8:53:17 PM enngga> You have got to go if nothing but to watch

[8:53:33 PM Renagade> Might catch one of Wallys next time I am in Boston

[8:53:34 PM enngga> you can view everything before hand if you get there early

[8:53:44 PM sistahqueen> I love thrift stores…..I guess I should venture out to auctions too…

[8:54:08 PM KimsKorner> I am a thrift store queen. I still want to open one of my own, brick and mortar

[8:54:11 PM BrightestBlessings> the auctions are so much more fun that a thrift store

[8:54:11 PM Guest 10> If I bring money, can I go with you Wally?

[8:54:12 PM Renagade> Me too sistahqueen

[8:54:36 PM] Frolicnymph is logged into the chat

[8:54:44 PM attheboutique> Hey Frolic!

[8:55:01 PM Renagade> No Kim..a BNB is too restrictive…

[8:55:12 PM Renagade> Keeps you tied down

[8:55:15 PM KimsKorner> Anyone here go to storage unit auctions and purchase whole units? I have wanted to do that for some time but have not as of yet

[8:55:17 PM vintagegoodness> wow how fun would that be?!?!?

[8:55:17 PM Frolicnymph> Hay there! next time someone has to pick me up. i get lost everytime. :)

[8:55:27 PM sistahqueen> whoa…Dave

[8:55:37 PM auctionwally> Here’s an article I wrote on how to find great auctions:

[8:55:47 PM Renagade> Thanks

[8:55:48 PM attheboutique> lol, Frolic, glad you made it

[8:55:57 PM vintagegoodness> thrift stores are making me mad these days - pricing way too high!

[8:56:00 PM KimsKorner> I just love talking with customers and such Ren. Bonanzle is so perfect for me. I still do want brick and mortar store though in addition

[8:56:05 PM auctionwally> Hey Frolic! Thanks for coming by!

[8:56:07 PM vintagegoodness> and some are pulling the good stuff and putting it online instead

[8:56:10 PM Frolicnymph> Hi Bout and everyone. Come buy my storage unit.

[8:56:30 PM Renagade> LOL

[8:56:32 PM] Frolicnymph> Hi Wally. Great to see everyone again.

[8:56:34 PM auctionwally> Where are you?

[8:56:46 PM KimsKorner> very true vintage, but you have to keep your eyes pealed I worked at one less than a year ago and you would not believe the things that sneak by

[8:56:53 PM Frolicnymph> Texas next to my puter..

[8:57:03 PM KimsKorner> workers just dont know, you would not believe what workers in thrift stores throw away ughhhh its sad

[8:57:05 PM vintagegoodness> yep kim you gotta dig and look at EVERYTHING lol

[8:57:08 PM sistahqueen> The thrifts are big business these days…I like the lesser known thrifts…

[8:57:22 PM vintagegoodness> plugs her ears lalalala kim i don’t want to know!

[8:57:32 PM ShesMrsWright> I worked at a consignment shop… I got tons of stuff when I worked there because people dont know what they have half the time

[8:57:37 PM KimsKorner> lol

[8:57:47 PM Renagade> thats where the buys are

[8:57:48 PM Frolicnymph> I know people who volunteer to work at Thrift stores so they can pick thru the good stuff.

[8:57:52 PM vintagegoodness> yah small charity thrifts and consignments are great

[8:58:02 PM KimsKorner> They threw away ALL the vintage clothes at the one I worked at and most of the old books

[8:58:08 PM vintagegoodness> wha?!?!?

[8:58:09 PM sistahqueen> The GW outlet store is great if you don’t mind the digging around…

[8:58:11 PM KimsKorner> said they were outdated

[8:58:12 PM KimsKorner> lol

[8:58:14 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[8:58:16 PM enngga> I like the estate sales too !! they are fun

[8:58:21 PM auctionwally> I hope some of you will tune in tomorrow night for the AuctionWally Show here’s the link

[8:58:26 PM vintagegoodness> yah i hit the estate sales hard enngga

[8:58:41 PM vintagegoodness> and church sales - they have the lowest prices!

[8:58:50 PM KimsKorner> I love that I am in Florida, still plenty of yard sales and estate sales every weekend

[8:58:54 PM Renagade> we live along the longest yardsale route!

[8:58:59 PM Frolicnymph> Garage sales in little towns.

[8:59:04 PM enngga> This is true and you can haggle with them !!

[8:59:07 PM vintagegoodness> i’m coming to visit Renagade!

[8:59:27 PM auctionwally> Hey I would like to ask the room a favor, could you rate the Brainstorming Bonanzle show here OR on iTunes.

[8:59:28 PM KimsKorner> Rummage sales at churches, never miss the end of them a lot of times they do fill a bag for a dollar, bad part is you wind up filling your house

[8:59:39 PM vintagegoodness> yah kim here in Ohio it is the sale dead season, wont pick back up til April

[8:59:39 PM Renagade>

[8:59:43 PM KimsKorner> Ren you are so lucky!

[8:59:49 PM BrightestBlessings> Did here, but will also to ITunes

[8:59:52 PM vintagegoodness> hahahaha Kim yep thats the best

[8:59:58 PM Renagade> Love it!!!

[9:00:00 PM auctionwally> Is that the one in KY Renegade.

[9:00:16 PM Renagade> find all sorts of goodies!

[9:00:24 PM Renagade> yes it is..

[9:00:42 PM Renagade> goes from Gadsden Al to Ohio

[9:01:00 PM vintagegoodness> yah starts on the west side of Ohio, a couple hours from where I am in columbus

[9:01:09 PM vintagegoodness> we have one that goes west to east also

[9:01:13 PM Renagade> within 4 miles from house!

[9:01:13 PM KimsKorner> That reminds me how I hear so many say “I have nothing to sell”. People just don’t realize there is just about a buyer for everything.

[9:01:17 PM vintagegoodness> goes through columbus

[9:01:21 PM KimsKorner> the guides just reminded me of it lol

[9:01:45 PM Renagade> Anyone who whats to come by can stay with me!

[9:01:54 PM] Guest 10 has left the chat

[9:01:58 PM Frolicnymph> Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I have bought with emotions before. Bad idea for me. :)

[9:02:13 PM KimsKorner> Ren might have to take you up on that, ya got room for the whole family? lol

[9:02:44 PM vintagegoodness> thats an interesting idea Walt

[9:02:45 PM Renagade> LOL…got 2 acres,,,and a kennel pen!

[9:02:51 PM Frolicnymph> Renagade…Nana lives in WV and I want to go meet her some day. Can i stop by and see you too? Take me to GS?

[9:02:57 PM ShesMrsWright> Oh sure Kim you will got to Kentucky but not Indiana.. lol

[9:03:04 PM Renagade> Sure!

[9:03:19 PM KimsKorner> LOL but Shasta longest garage sale route!!!

[9:03:23 PM KimsKorner> lol

[9:03:23 PM Frolicnymph> I get the pen and fed 2 times a day.

[9:03:30 PM Renagade> I am in Alabama! Ft Payne!

[9:03:34 PM sistahqueen> Ren ..I am not far from that yard sale but have never gone…

[9:03:40 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[9:03:45 PM Renagade> LOL…OK Frolic

[9:03:47 PM ebay & Beyond> OK Mitzi, it’s after 9, get in here

[9:03:56 PM vintagegoodness> oh man i’m eating pizza lol

[9:04:01 PM ShesMrsWright> I see how it is… lol

[9:04:06 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[9:04:08 PM Renagade> swallow!

[9:04:13 PM vintagegoodness> one minute

[9:04:23 PM vintagegoodness> chew chew chew

[9:04:31 PM attheboutique> eating soup, listening and ready B boards

[9:04:33 PM Renagade> what kind of pizza?

[9:04:45 PM KimsKorner> Because nobody can know everything also

[9:04:46 PM vintagegoodness> its thin crust sicilian style frozen pizza

[9:04:50 PM vintagegoodness> its really yummy!

[9:05:09 PM vintagegoodness> my boyfriend made it

[9:05:11 PM BrightestBlessings> I don’t do reserve either

[9:05:13 PM vintagegoodness> makes it even better :)

[9:05:17 PM enngga> Well some times you go and know one wants to bid , thats when you walk away with the whole thing

[9:05:21 PM KimsKorner> I don’t like reserves

[9:05:24 PM KimsKorner> anywhere

[9:05:26 PM Frolicnymph> We have a great one here and they guy is great. He is a tough sale but he wants it gone.

[9:05:35 PM Renagade> gotta add more goodies! to pizza

[9:05:49 PM vintagegoodness> yah extra cheese and LOTS of garlic

[9:06:02 PM KimsKorner> they want to move it, they have so much they need to keep it moving

[9:06:14 PM Renagade> That is suppose to be the auctioneers job! SELL!

[9:06:29 PM Renagade> man Mitzi!! yummy!

[9:06:34 PM vintagegoodness> hehe sorry

[9:06:38 PM vintagegoodness> its really gross

[9:06:44 PM vintagegoodness> i’m choking it down

[9:06:46 PM KimsKorner> Heck stop talking pizza I am drooling

[9:06:46 PM vintagegoodness> to be polite

[9:06:54 PM Renagade> love garlic!

[9:07:06 PM vintagegoodness> me too, and its pretty good for you

[9:07:09 PM auctionwally> Civil War antiques, Canton China, Asian antiques from a New England Trust, all start at $9.95

[9:07:14 PM vintagegoodness> except your breath ;)

[9:07:35 PM Renagade> Love the Canton China!

[9:07:41 PM BrightestBlessings> are they on now Wally?

[9:07:47 PM Renagade> yep

[9:07:58 PM auctionwally> Yes,some of it, lot’s more coming soon.

[9:08:01 PM enngga> Renagade is that you bidding againist me

[9:08:01 PM Renagade> you got to see!

[9:08:02 PM] joestreasures has left the chat

[9:08:05 PM Frolicnymph> Renagade…let’s go see Wally.

[9:08:09 PM attheboutique> You guys, I really gotta go, feeling not so good. Have an awesome evening everyone!!!! :)

[9:08:18 PM vintagegoodness> awww feel better sweetie

[9:08:20 PM enngga> Fell better

[9:08:22 PM ShesMrsWright> Feel better~

[9:08:22 PM KimsKorner> feel better….

[9:08:23 PM Renagade> no…got too much stuf

[9:08:25 PM] attheboutique has left the chat

[9:08:39 PM Frolicnymph> Ohhhh…Night Bout. Hope you feel better..XO.

[9:08:42 PM BrightestBlessings> Get some rest!

[9:09:01 PM Renagade> OK..I go to Boston every year..

[9:09:05 PM KimsKorner> I have done real well with vintage costume jewerly. Seems the uglier I think it is the more it goes for lol

[9:09:10 PM Frolicnymph> Hi Kim. :)

[9:09:12 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[9:09:17 PM KimsKorner> Hi

[9:09:48 PM enngga> I bought a Humphrey Bogart 5 psc bedroom set, for 125.00

[9:09:54 PM sistahqueen> Hope you get better soon

[9:09:57 PM BrightestBlessings> You said we had to e-mail them to you.hehehe

[9:10:01 PM KimsKorner> For fun I mainly get stuck having fun on bonanzle forums :)

[9:10:25 PM Renagade> dont we all Kim

[9:10:29 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[9:10:36 PM enngga> I have already resold it silly

[9:10:39 PM auctionwally> Kim, you gotta get out hon!

[9:10:44 PM KimsKorner> I spent last night making up Bonanzle Christmas carols lol

[9:10:46 PM auctionwally> Just kidding:)

[9:10:49 PM enngga> 900.00 profit

[9:10:49 PM KimsKorner> I know I know lol

[9:10:52 PM] vintagegoodness is on the call

[9:11:23 PM Frolicnymph> Okay…going shopping with enngga.

[9:11:30 PM BrightestBlessings> me too

[9:11:47 PM KimsKorner> I do enjoy games on computer too though. Those hidden picture mystery games, but other than that its been Bonanzle everything it seems lately for me

[9:12:00 PM vintagegoodness> i see beanie babies ALL THE TIME at garage sales

[9:12:03 PM enngga> That was when I owned a attique shop, before I retired

[9:12:13 PM KimsKorner> I love Beanie Baby bears…

[9:12:35 PM Frolicnymph> Retired? And you are here why? You just love all of us? :)

[9:12:42 PM enngga> Now I stay with small stuff

[9:12:46 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[9:12:50 PM Frolicnymph> LOL!!!

[9:13:01 PM KimsKorner> lol

[9:13:09 PM Renagade> What do you all do besides selling etc for fun?

[9:13:12 PM KimsKorner> making me drool Mitzi

[9:13:17 PM vintagegoodness> hehe sorry

[9:13:29 PM auctionwally> Mitzi from

[9:13:36 PM ShesMrsWright> Talk to Kim on AIM about Bonanzle & Selling… lol

[9:13:41 PM Renagade> We Karaoke at my house

[9:13:44 PM enngga> Its a make up show for last week

[9:13:45 PM vintagegoodness> ahhh yah i have to catch that show

[9:13:53 PM KimsKorner> Talk to grandmascloset and shesmrswright on aim

[9:13:59 PM Frolicnymph> Me yoo. I never buy much of anything that I would not like to keep. cause I just may get stuck with it. Great Xmas gifts.

[9:14:20 PM vintagegoodness> haha i was shopping my inventory for gifts the other day!

[9:14:22 PM sistahqueen> I saw ads for the Bogart furniture on tv a few years ago…You got a super sweet deal and so did the person that bought from you

[9:14:23 PM KimsKorner> play hidden picture games, read Dean Koontz books. Blog

[9:14:39 PM auctionwally> I love Dean Koontz

[9:14:43 PM vintagegoodness> blogs, i relax by surfing those a lot

[9:14:44 PM Renagade> LOL..I did that too Mitzi!

[9:14:59 PM KimsKorner> Dean Koontz, Anne Rice & Richard Bach my favorites

[9:15:19 PM vintagegoodness> love Anne Rice!

[9:15:20 PM KimsKorner> Happy Holidays to you too

[9:15:22 PM ebay & Beyond>

[9:15:28 PM vintagegoodness> Richard Bach I read years and years ago

[9:15:34 PM BrightestBlessings> Enjoy your family!

[9:15:36 PM enngga> Bye Dave Talk Soon !

[9:15:37 PM Frolicnymph> I did buy some things at Bonanzle for some friends.

[9:15:38 PM ShesMrsWright> Happy Holidays!!

[9:15:45 PM BrightestBlessings> Happy Holidays!

[9:15:46 PM auctionwally> Richard Bachman you mean?

[9:15:52 PM Renagade> Happy Holidays…now matter how you celebrate!

[9:15:59 PM vintagegoodness> hehe there you go

[9:16:09 PM Frolicnymph> Bye Dave! Happy everyday.

[9:16:12 PM] ebay & Beyond has hung up

[9:16:15 PM ShesMrsWright> Bye Dave!

[9:16:16 PM Renagade> Thanks Dave!!

[9:16:16 PM KimsKorner> You know the one book I can’t believe I have not read yet, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, go figure. And I have 3 copies of it here lol

[9:16:17 PM BrightestBlessings> Thanks Dave!

[9:16:35 PM ebay & Beyond> Agents of Revenue

[9:16:42 PM Renagade> Got to read it Kim…good book

[9:16:45 PM KimsKorner> lol

[9:16:46 PM Frolicnymph> Mitzi…can’t shake it..Ate too much pizza.

[9:16:51 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[9:17:15 PM enngga> I can sing to myself ha !

[9:17:15 PM Renagade> Love Karaoke!!

[9:17:24 PM ebay & Beyond> Agents of Revenue 1:14 PM EST tomorrow

[9:17:26 PM KimsKorner> My family will hunt you down for showing me a karaoke site LOL

[9:17:41 PM Frolicnymph> My dogs won’t even let me howl with them.

[9:17:47 PM KimsKorner> lol

[9:17:50 PM ShesMrsWright> lol

[9:17:52 PM Renagade> we do it at home here! got a pro system

[9:17:56 PM KimsKorner> I can’t carry a tune, but sing all the time

[9:18:04 PM vintagegoodness> yah me singing in the car alone is about all you will get out of me

[9:18:24 PM sistahqueen> Kwanzaa?

[9:18:29 PM Renagade> after about six or seven…everyone is good!

[9:18:40 PM enngga> Marty Robins Yeah !!

[9:18:51 PM BrightestBlessings> yea

[9:18:52 PM sistahqueen> bye Dave…

[9:18:54 PM Renagade> Janis Joplin!

[9:19:01 PM KimsKorner> I wrote the down before. I have been hunting for somewhere I can find Christmas music easily

[9:19:20 PM vintagegoodness> i use Yahoo music

[9:19:21 PM Frolicnymph> LOL! I just dance in my car. I even sound so bad to myself. Self to myself….Shut up and just dance.

[9:19:30 PM ShesMrsWright> Kim you are on a Christmas music mission

[9:19:39 PM KimsKorner> yep

[9:19:44 PM auctionwally> MUSIC

[9:19:55 PM KimsKorner> you remember that while I was fighting with my lights Shasta? LOL

[9:20:06 PM ShesMrsWright> Yes.. lol

[9:20:27 PM KimsKorner> I am a big fan of free

[9:20:46 PM enngga> I like to play Hang man on google home page

[9:20:46 PM ShesMrsWright> I am a HUGE fan of free… lol

[9:20:47 PM KimsKorner> good music

[9:20:59 PM KimsKorner> I have a HUGE range of music I love

[9:21:05 PM] ibbysjewels has left the chat

[9:21:11 PM KimsKorner> They are timeless Wally!

[9:21:15 PM ShesMrsWright> My music taste depends on my mood

[9:21:47 PM auctionwally> Detective Noir Fiction

[9:21:52 PM Renagade> Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Enya, Clannaad, Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan

[9:22:02 PM auctionwally> Yeah Renegade!

[9:22:18 PM KimsKorner> Pink Floyd

[9:22:27 PM Renagade> music is very important

[9:22:28 PM Frolicnymph> Renagade…I am moving in with you.

[9:22:36 PM auctionwally>

[9:22:42 PM phoenix2000> I say the animals Tour in 1977.

[9:22:43 PM KimsKorner> I hope Ren has a big house for everyone lol

[9:22:44 PM sistahqueen> same here MrsW

[9:22:46 PM phoenix2000> saw

[9:22:53 PM auctionwally> I love Eric Burdon

[9:23:07 PM Renagade> LOL…come on in…

[9:23:17 PM Frolicnymph> Yes wally.. You are telling your age.

[9:23:23 PM auctionwally> LOL!

[9:23:27 PM KimsKorner> lol

[9:23:40 PM sistahqueen> enya and muddy waters…..? wow a lot of diversity

[9:23:40 PM Renagade> HEY! He is younger than me!

[9:23:58 PM vintagegoodness>

[9:24:05 PM vintagegoodness>

[9:24:29 PM Frolicnymph> Blues and Smooth Jazz. Have to dance to it every Sat. night. My date night with myself.

[9:24:39 PM Renagade> Janis Joplin, Sonny and Cher, deep purple, Kris Kristoferson

[9:24:54 PM Frolicnymph> Doo wop.

[9:25:09 PM KimsKorner> this was a great blog and amazing story!

[9:25:17 PM Frolicnymph> Yeap…moving in with Renagade.

[9:25:26 PM auctionwally> Yup. The great thing is that my 17 year old son, is into all the old music that I like too. Beatles, Stones, Guess Who, the Kinks

[9:25:38 PM Renagade> The big bopper, temptations, four seasons

[9:25:42 PM KimsKorner> One red paperclip is a reminder of how something so small and simple can build and build

[9:25:54 PM Renagade> the Doors

[9:25:59 PM auctionwally> Franke Vallie was my hero for 5 years Ren

[9:26:02 PM Frolicnymph> I remember that! I remember that everytime i buy something!!

[9:26:11 PM ebay & Beyond> PayPal is down

[9:26:24 PM Renagade> WOW!

[9:26:27 PM Frolicnymph> Just can’t remember where I put it.

[9:26:32 PM Renagade> Thanks Dave!

[9:26:57 PM ebay & Beyond> 50’s & 60’s lover here

[9:27:00 PM KimsKorner> yep I found out about that one around the same time I heard of one red paperclick

[9:27:56 PM Frolicnymph> LOL! Elvis is alive.

[9:27:59 PM Renagade> Ah the psychodelic age…. Jimi Hendrix

[9:28:29 PM] DudeAndChick is logged into the chat

[9:29:14 PM Renagade> How about a diet Dr Pepper shrit in a bottle?

[9:29:28 PM KimsKorner> LMAO

[9:29:35 PM Frolicnymph> Cousin It?

[9:29:51 PM KimsKorner> lol

[9:30:02 PM Renagade> You have GOT to meet my family then!

[9:30:14 PM ShesMrsWright> I think Wally should write about Kim’s BAA Survival Kit

[9:30:37 PM KimsKorner> ha ha ha lol

[9:30:46 PM Frolicnymph>

[9:30:57 PM ShesMrsWright> Come on! Bill bought on! That is way to cool…

[9:31:02 PM ShesMrsWright>

[9:31:23 PM Frolicnymph> Kims kit! LOL! It is great. Good Kim.

[9:31:28 PM vintagegoodness> eeeew Frolicnymph that is creepy!

[9:31:38 PM KimsKorner> LOL its really Shasta’s and mine

[9:31:53 PM KimsKorner> lol

[9:32:03 PM vintagegoodness> lol that’s cute kim

[9:32:06 PM auctionwally> Don’t forget the chat will be cut and pasted as show notes at So use get your links out there.

[9:32:18 PM KimsKorner> I am waiting to hear from Bill when his shows up

[9:32:30 PM BrightestBlessings> no

[9:32:36 PM Renagade> My daughters Sister in law WAS her hubbys mother in law before… so her hubbys ex is now her niece How weird is that!

[9:32:41 PM ebay & Beyond> Listening to Wally and watching the Bears and Packers freeze

[9:32:42 PM ShesMrsWright> Did you print the Bonanzle Dictionary to add to future kits?

[9:32:43 PM Frolicnymph> No doubt…Wally.

[9:32:54 PM KimsKorner> Yes I will be Shasta

[9:33:36 PM enngga> Hey do not for get to Advertise with ebayandbeyond Radio show !!

[9:33:55 PM KimsKorner> brb

[9:33:57 PM ebay & Beyond> enngga you are so kind!!!!!!

[9:34:15 PM enngga> I think Auction Wally site offers posting advertising on there too

[9:34:36 PM Renagade> I wish I had the time to keep up with cross selling sites…

[9:34:58 PM auctionwally>

[9:35:22 PM Frolicnymph> List it and they will come..

[9:35:26 PM sistahqueen> lost audio….chat posts are slow too….maybe my putor is tired…

[9:35:40 PM Renagade> I am on there…I just have to get more organized

[9:36:13 PM KimsKorner> I have never tried etsy

[9:36:23 PM KimsKorner> I thought it was all crafted type items honestly

[9:36:46 PM ShesMrsWright> I think Michie should put her purses there..

[9:37:02 PM] DudeAndChick has left the chat

[9:37:04 PM Renagade> I did too! I am NOT crafty …well not THAT kind of crafty! LOL

[9:37:05 PM KimsKorner> Might work well. I think she should still continue Bonanzle too though

[9:37:28 PM KimsKorner> It is what a lot of people think from what I have heard

[9:37:33 PM ShesMrsWright> Oh yeah she should stay on Bonanzle for sure!

[9:37:55 PM KimsKorner> I love Vintage, I had no idea

[9:38:17 PM Frolicnymph> We be fun nuts and Bonanzle will be HUGE. :)

[9:38:37 PM KimsKorner> see I thought it was all hand crafted items. Taught me something new

[9:38:44 PM auctionwally> Please don’t forget to tune into the AuctionWally Show tomorrow night at

[9:39:06 PM KimsKorner> I did not think about that either, supplies

[9:39:19 PM Frolicnymph> Thanks wally. Fun 2 nights in a row…Oh heart be still.

[9:39:47 PM vintagegoodness>

[9:39:52 PM KimsKorner> Now I have to have someone remind me tomorrow night so I don’t forget. I am always trying to remember too much at once lol

[9:39:53 PM vintagegoodness> etsy vintage street team blog

[9:39:57 PM Renagade> Everything but the ordinary…

[9:40:15 PM vintagegoodness>

[9:40:22 PM vintagegoodness>

[9:40:24 PM Frolicnymph> Kim…lets ride together. i always get lost.

[9:40:25 PM vintagegoodness> oops

[9:40:35 PM vintagegoodness>

[9:40:38 PM vintagegoodness> there lol

[9:40:40 PM KimsKorner> I have a lot of non unique on Bonanzle BUT I like to put low prices, plus like to think I am unique, or is that just I am crazy? I get those confused

[9:40:41 PM vintagegoodness> my etsy shops

[9:40:44 PM KimsKorner> lol

[9:41:29 PM Renagade> You got US!!!

[9:41:44 PM Frolicnymph> uh….still waiting Wally. No!! I want one! just one. Have enough lots of stuff.

[9:41:54 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[9:42:33 PM KimsKorner> I want to work on my listings badly to spruce them up on Bonanzle

[9:42:39 PM KimsKorner> another goal for 2009

[9:42:41 PM Frolicnymph> uniquely crazy kim.

[9:42:42 PM] myauctionsource is logged into the chat

[9:42:52 PM KimsKorner> I love the community on Bonanzle and everyone is there for each other

[9:42:55 PM Renagade> I love you! You Love me! we just one big family!

[9:43:00 PM KimsKorner> Thank you Frolic

[9:43:03 PM Frolicnymph> Hi Source.

[9:43:16 PM myauctionsource> hi, did I miss much?

[9:43:19 PM sistahqueen> lol @ ren

[9:43:46 PM Frolicnymph> I buy for people in my own community. Does that count?

[9:43:58 PM ShesMrsWright> It has been HUGE for me with my local customers.. It has allowed me to offer a wider variety of treats for my local customers then before

[9:44:02 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[9:44:09 PM ebay & Beyond> myauctionsource, nope just chatting about anything and everything tonite

[9:44:21 PM Renagade> Man! I drive everyone nuts with bonanzle! I gave the post office workers business cards!

[9:44:32 PM enngga> A lot of people Sale online because they do not want strange people showing up at their house

[9:44:34 PM Frolicnymph> About a zillion posts and Auction/Buying tips. Wally really likes us. :)

[9:44:36 PM sistahqueen> Nite everybody…..Thanks Wally,Dave,Mitzi and everyone….

[9:44:42 PM KimsKorner> I am not sure how best to market to local customers on Bonanzle. I mean I have pick up times, but there has to be a way to draw them more

[9:44:43 PM] sistahqueen has left the chat

[9:44:48 PM KimsKorner> I have not worked on it much though

[9:44:50 PM ebay & Beyond> nite sista

[9:45:01 PM Renagade> Gave out some to the cashiers

[9:45:06 PM Frolicnymph> Nite sista…

[9:45:22 PM BrightestBlessings> Night Sista

[9:45:26 PM KimsKorner> Ren me too, I think my family and friends are going nuts. They keep saying apply for a job with Bonanzle lol

[9:45:29 PM Frolicnymph> Source…caught up yet?

[9:45:29 PM Renagade> Has anyone done a pick up?

[9:45:36 PM myauctionsource> I like the look and feel of bonanzle but I’ve only had about 3/4 sales totaling about 14 items. Can’t wait to see it take off.

[9:45:39 PM ebay & Beyond> Walt, don’t throw stones

[9:45:50 PM ebay & Beyond> Breaks windows

[9:45:55 PM BrightestBlessings> Yes Renagade

[9:45:58 PM ShesMrsWright> lol

[9:46:05 PM Renagade> makes bumps on head

[9:46:21 PM Renagade> Did it go good? BB

[9:46:23 PM ShesMrsWright> Kim froze up.. :(

[9:46:38 PM BrightestBlessings> very good, quick and cash

[9:46:40 PM Frolicnymph> I will list some big items for pic up this spring. Will take me that long to dig it out.

[9:46:44 PM KimsKorner> test

[9:46:55 PM] oldsaltsailor has left the chat

[9:46:56 PM] oldsaltsailor is logged into the chat

[9:46:57 PM BrightestBlessings> passed test

[9:47:03 PM Renagade> testing one two three,,,

[9:47:12 PM KimsKorner> all caught up now but still can’t hear lol

[9:47:23 PM Frolicnymph> Sailor..flip flopping.

[9:47:24 PM ebay & Beyond> I play poker online

[9:47:29 PM Renagade> Can you Read me now?? LOL Kim

[9:48:09 PM oldsaltsailor> Next weeks topic Suggestion “Everyone bring a New Years Resolution”

[9:48:11 PM Renagade> Hubby is starting up a DJ/Karaoke biz…

[9:48:29 PM vintagegoodness> good idea oldsaltsailor!

[9:48:36 PM Renagade> keeping me busy there…but its fun!

[9:48:38 PM Frolicnymph> Lost!! Yes.. Do not do it on LOST night. Please!

[9:49:04 PM Renagade> What night is Lost on? what channel?

[9:49:14 PM Renagade> Hubby loves it

[9:49:31 PM vintagegoodness> next week - resolutions and predictions!

[9:49:35 PM enngga> Good Night All .. Be Safe ! Have a Great Christmas !

[9:49:41 PM] enngga has left the chat

[9:49:42 PM vintagegoodness> for ecommerce ;)

[9:49:52 PM Renagade> Night

[9:49:56 PM] KimsKorner has left the chat

[9:49:56 PM] KimsKorner is logged into the chat

[9:50:00 PM BrightestBlessings> Good night and Happy Holidays enngga!

[9:50:08 PM oldsaltsailor> Doing good wally

[9:50:11 PM Frolicnymph> Okay…I am going to practice a NY resolution. have to go test out my photo tent. Good night everyone! Fun once again as always.

[9:50:24 PM KimsKorner> Good night Frolic

[9:50:24 PM GildedELegance> Good Night All

[9:50:38 PM Frolicnymph> Wally…Cousin it will be by to see you. :)

[9:50:41 PM ShesMrsWright> Good Night Frolic

[9:50:41 PM Renagade> What night is lost on Frolic!

[9:50:44 PM KimsKorner> lol

[9:50:51 PM Frolicnymph> XO…

[9:50:55 PM] Frolicnymph has left the chat

[9:51:00 PM auctionwally> Walt on Video

[9:51:03 PM BrightestBlessings> Good Night!

[9:51:16 PM KimsKorner> Goodnight BB

[9:51:17 PM] GildedELegance has left the chat

[9:51:18 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[9:51:28 PM Renagade> Someone remind me to kick Frolics butt!

[9:51:32 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[9:52:01 PM Renagade> I need to know when Lost is on!

[9:52:25 PM Renagade> It keeps the DH busy!

[9:53:23 PM ebay & Beyond> Time to fill the stove, see you all tomorrow on Agents of Revenue right here at 1:14 PM EST

[9:53:24 PM] KimsKorner has left the chat

[9:53:33 PM Renagade> How can I call in when I am on a dumb ol dial up!

[9:53:33 PM] KimsKorner is logged into the chat

[9:53:35 PM ebay & Beyond> Good night all

[9:53:40 PM ShesMrsWright> No one wants to hear my rotten dogs barking & my hubby yelling at them… lol

[9:53:42 PM vintagegoodness> night!

[9:53:47 PM KimsKorner> lol

[9:53:47 PM Renagade> Night Dave!

[9:53:51 PM] ebay & Beyond has left the chat

[9:54:22 PM KimsKorner> my audio has been buffering for about 5 minutes or so will have to catch end of show on recording lol

[9:54:31 PM Renagade> LOL

[9:55:30 PM KimsKorner> well I am off to head back over to Bonanzle

[9:55:51 PM KimsKorner> see some of ya over there :) Thanks for a great show Wally!

[9:55:55 PM Renagade> K Kim…

[9:56:00 PM vintagegoodness> see ya kim!

[9:56:02 PM ShesMrsWright> Lost is on wednesday january 21st 8/7c

[9:56:09 PM] phoenix2000 has left the chat

[9:56:13 PM Renagade> Thanks!

[9:56:32 PM] oldsaltsailor has left the chat

[9:56:34 PM] KimsKorner has left the chat

[9:57:48 PM auctionwally> Don’t forget the chat will be cut and pasted as show notes at

[9:58:40 PM] oldsaltsailor is logged into the chat

[9:59:11 PM myauctionsource> doing good. first name John.

[9:59:23 PM Renagade> Hi John

[9:59:37 PM BrightestBlessings> Hi John! Glad to have you here!

[9:59:39 PM myauctionsource> I converse w/ both dave & colderICE

[9:59:40 PM ShesMrsWright> Hi! My name is Shasta.. :)

[9:59:42 PM auctionwally> So next weeks is New Year

[9:59:56 PM vintagegoodness>

[10:00:02 PM vintagegoodness> AuctionWally show link

[10:00:16 PM Renagade> I do too John..

[10:00:36 PM auctionwally> New Year’s Predictions and Resolutions.

[10:01:22 PM oldsaltsailor> o-yes-a-me-na-sai…Good Night

[10:01:27 PM vintagegoodness>

[10:01:27 PM] andotherstuff is logged into the chat

[10:01:33 PM] oldsaltsailor has left the chat

[10:01:34 PM vintagegoodness>

[10:01:39 PM vintagegoodness> cliff you are late!

[10:01:41 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[10:01:50 PM ShesMrsWright>

[10:01:50 PM Renagade> Sounds good guys! Another good show

[10:01:53 PM vintagegoodness> shasta is a pretty name

[10:01:54 PM BrightestBlessings> Thanks Mitzi !

[10:02:00 PM ShesMrsWright> Thank you!!

[10:02:02 PM auctionwally> Don’t forget the chat will be cut and pasted as show notes at

[10:02:04 PM andotherstuff> yup, been wrapping Christmas presents!

[10:02:05 PM BrightestBlessings> Thanks Auction Wally!

[10:02:14 PM Renagade>

[10:02:14 PM myauctionsource>

[10:02:18 PM andotherstuff> Shocked to see on twitter that it was still going on!

[10:02:20 PM vintagegoodness> cool cliff i’ll keep an eye on my mailbox :)

[10:02:21 PM BrightestBlessings> Have a wonderful Holiday and be safe!

[10:02:27 PM myauctionsource>

[10:02:34 PM Renagade> I NEED to be wrapping presents!

[10:02:39 PM myauctionsource>

[10:02:40 PM vintagegoodness> me too!

[10:02:44 PM andotherstuff> What’s up, Walt

[10:03:02 PM andotherstuff> Saw it, looks great … the Godey’s lot I’m watching

[10:03:25 PM ShesMrsWright> Great show guys… :) Bye..

[10:03:26 PM andotherstuff> Sounds great, sure thing

[10:03:30 PM] ShesMrsWright has left the chat

[10:03:31 PM vintagegoodness> see you next week!

[10:03:33 PM andotherstuff> Thanks for thinking of me :)

[10:03:41 PM BrightestBlessings> Bye Shasta!

[10:03:46 PM Renagade> Interesting stuff Cliff puts out!

[10:03:53 PM myauctionsource> where do you have that fire truck photo? I’ve been on our fire dept for 14yrs and collect some fire fighting memorbilia.

[10:03:55 PM andotherstuff> Thanks, Renegade

[10:04:02 PM vintagegoodness> cliff next week we are doing resolutions and predictions

[10:04:09 PM vintagegoodness> get a list together!

[10:04:22 PM myauctionsource>

[10:04:24 PM vintagegoodness> probably on ebay John

[10:04:25 PM Renagade> Happy bonanzling!

[10:04:27 PM andotherstuff> I’m sure I can come up w/some predictions, sure

[10:04:39 PM myauctionsource> nice to meet you auctionwally & vintagegoodness

[10:04:44 PM Renagade> LOL I bet Cliff

[10:04:45 PM vintagegoodness> you too!

[10:05:07 PM Renagade> OK That S@#$KS

[10:05:11 PM vintagegoodness> lol

[10:05:29 PM andotherstuff> Oh well, I’ll have to catch the replay later tonight

[10:05:33 PM Renagade> Has anyone ever kept one?

[10:05:34 PM] vintagegoodness has hung up

[10:05:36 PM BrightestBlessings> Happy Holiday!

[10:05:39 PM andotherstuff> Merry Christmas guys

[10:05:44 PM] The recording has ended.

[10:05:46 PM andotherstuff> Happy Holidays!

[10:05:50 PM vintagegoodness> happy holidays to everyone, get off your computers and go eat cookies!

[10:05:55 PM] myauctionsource has left the chat

[10:06:03 PM auctionwally> Cookies!

[10:06:04 PM] BrightestBlessings has left the chat

[10:06:05 PM Renagade> Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

[10:06:11 PM auctionwally> I want cookies!

[10:06:12 PM andotherstuff> Hah, got online because I had just one more thing I wanted to list tonight :)

[10:06:12 PM vintagegoodness> see you all next week (or tomorrow on the AuctionWally show!)

[10:06:25 PM andotherstuff> Is the AW show going to be on Talkshoe tomorrow?

[10:06:25 PM vintagegoodness> its always just one more thing cliff lol

[10:06:26 PM auctionwally> What are you going to list Cliff?

[10:06:28 PM Renagade> See ya!

[10:06:29 PM vintagegoodness> yep at 8pm

[10:06:36 PM] Renagade has left the chat

[10:06:39 PM vintagegoodness> chat room will be open

[10:06:43 PM andotherstuff> 1901 issue of Ladies’ Home Journal … complete with …

[10:06:43 PM vintagegoodness> come keep me company!

[10:07:00 PM andotherstuff> Full-page by Frank Lloyd Wright, very early FLW, w/architectural plans

[10:07:02 PM vintagegoodness> i cant call in because i have cell phone bill issues this week :(

[10:07:06 PM auctionwally> Yes, at 8pm. Hey Cliff, I have 2 neat interviews on the AWS tomorrow night.

[10:07:07 PM vintagegoodness> oooo neat!

[10:07:23 PM andotherstuff> Who have you got?

[10:07:35 PM andotherstuff> Yeah, it is pretty neat, thanks!

[10:07:57 PM andotherstuff> Not sure if I’ll get it up tonight or tomorrow night, but very soon

[10:08:14 PM andotherstuff> Going to have to start it high though, can’t trust eBay to treat it right

[10:08:19 PM auctionwally> Alexandria Reid a furniture restorer. Then Mike Kranz from A new site for antiques and collectibles auctions.

[10:08:35 PM andotherstuff> Ooh, the second one sounds interesting to me

[10:08:42 PM vintagegoodness> yah i cant wait to hear that one

[10:08:47 PM auctionwally> I’m really excited about the site. I think they really got it going on.

[10:08:50 PM andotherstuff> and I’m sure the first one will be good too! Just not totally up my alley

[10:08:57 PM andotherstuff> I’ll have to check out the site

[10:09:14 PM andotherstuff> Walt, did you get my email through the AW Network on that Parrish lady?

[10:09:21 PM auctionwally> I sent my father in law there and he’s sold stuff there already! I’m signed up, but haven’t listed anything yet.

[10:09:36 PM andotherstuff> I clicked over, it’s very clean looking

[10:09:40 PM auctionwally> Yes thanks, I’m going to give her an email.

[10:09:52 PM auctionwally> Yes, it’s clean AND stuff is actually selling.

[10:09:53 PM andotherstuff> Okay, just making sure

[10:10:02 PM andotherstuff> Selling is a good thing, yes!

[10:10:03 PM auctionwally> Yes thanks much for that.

[10:10:16 PM andotherstuff> Oh no problem, I’ll be curious to see if anything comes out of it

[10:10:26 PM vintagegoodness> ok guys i’ll talk to you tomorrow

[10:10:29 PM andotherstuff> Actually listed some more pics from the SF Examiner collection tonight

[10:10:30 PM vintagegoodness> have a good one!

[10:10:33 PM andotherstuff> Goodnight, Mitzi!

[10:10:41 PM auctionwally> Hey Cliff, please put a link here to your site, I use the chat for show notes at

[10:10:51 PM auctionwally> I’ll close out with the link to your site.

[10:10:58 PM andotherstuff> Okay, thanks, didn’t want to post it coming in so late, but since you asked ….

[10:10:59 PM vintagegoodness> walt dont forget to copy the notes this time ;)

[10:11:07 PM andotherstuff> is up and running!

[10:11:15 PM auctionwally> Right.

[10:11:44 PM andotherstuff> All righty, going to work on that magazine, talk to you guys later, have a great night!

[10:11:49 PM auctionwally> Got em. I’ll go over there and check it out myself. Good night guys!

[10:11:57 PM] andotherstuff has left the chat

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