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Monday, April 13, 2009

ep21 Brainstorming Bonanzle with Mark Dorsey Chief Raconteur of Bonanzle

Monday, April 13, 2009

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[8:04:08 PM Pieper> oh, heck, I thought I could put my logo righton his chest!

[8:04:13 PM Steve1957> I wear xxl too lol

[8:04:14 PM ebay & Beyond> Omar the tent maker makes both John's and my clothes

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[8:04:18 PM katbarton> tatto..pieper

[8:04:30 PM katbarton> lol..Dave

[8:04:30 PM booksbelow>

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[8:04:40 PM TxSTar>

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[8:04:52 PM Ziggy Zool>

[8:05:05 PM motorheadbooks>

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[8:05:17 PM Renagade> Naw..Dave...Just nice hunk of men and John!

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[8:05:30 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[8:05:31 PM masonictreasures>

[8:05:42 PM Pieper> I agree Ren

[8:05:49 PM HereUntilSold> Firefox Crashed, I hope IE does better

[8:05:51 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[8:05:56 PM SharsBoutique>

[8:05:59 PM attheboutique>

[8:06:03 PM ibbysjewels> me too. love the big boys

[8:06:18 PM attheboutique> we are going to support Brest Cancer Research, and would love your help towards the 100 dollars

[8:06:19 PM masonictreasures> save the ta tas

[8:06:23 PM EclecticAve>

[8:06:26 PM attheboutique> will mention you in the blog there

[8:06:36 PM Renagade> LOL The Ta tas!

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[8:06:47 PM katbarton> sorry phone call, what did I miss

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[8:07:00 PM Pieper> You missed colderice's chest

[8:07:02 PM stubsinc>

[8:07:09 PM Pieper> /

[8:07:10 PM katbarton> no got his chest

[8:07:14 PM attheboutique>

[8:07:18 PM katbarton> after that

[8:07:23 PM attheboutique> Rent the Chest to Save the Breast

[8:07:27 PM katbarton> lol

[8:07:31 PM TxSTar> lol

[8:07:34 PM Pieper> LOL

[8:07:36 PM Renagade> Taking donations to sponser a Brainstrom Bonanzle Shirt on John!

[8:07:37 PM SunflowerBoutique> I think I have my being booted fixed's hopeing

[8:07:37 PM bvaughnfamily> love it ... great slogan :)

[8:07:41 PM katbarton> I'll rent his money hanging round

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[8:07:47 PM attheboutique> Mobile is cancelled combined with Wichita

[8:07:51 PM katbarton> SEATTLE IS ON

[8:08:04 PM Pieper> I'm in Ren if you're serious

[8:08:13 PM katbarton> I need confirmations for hotel before I sign contract?????

[8:08:22 PM katbarton> By Friday

[8:08:39 PM Pieper> I think you guys should do a utube video

[8:08:41 PM Renagade> Go to the Brainstorm dontate button set up!

[8:08:50 PM Pieper> okay, will do

[8:08:52 PM Ziggy Zool> we lost sound

[8:09:03 PM katbarton> We are going to try a uStream video for Seattle

[8:09:05 PM ebay & Beyond> Sound still fine here

[8:09:11 PM Pieper> I donated a baby quilt

[8:09:16 PM SharsBoutique> The BonanzleUp Wichita get together is coming up on May 23rd. Please go to our original post for the most current updates to our schedule: http://www.

[8:09:16 PM Renagade> I still got sound

[8:09:18 PM Pieper> handmade embroidered

[8:09:20 PM katbarton> roseville pottery

[8:09:24 PM katbarton> I did

[8:09:42 PM Steve1957> I donated a business planner

[8:09:58 PM Pieper> Steve, I thought you said you donated a business partner!

[8:09:59 PM SunflowerBoutique> another link Shar

[8:10:14 PM katbarton> LOL..she did

[8:10:14 PM Renagade> ROFL Piper!

[8:10:20 PM katbarton> cool..yep

[8:10:22 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[8:10:23 PM Steve1957> I did pieper lol

[8:10:25 PM Pieper> Wow, Phaedra! What a sweetheart she is

[8:10:30 PM katbarton> My hubby watching and feeding kids now

[8:10:32 PM ebay & Beyond> Kewl!

[8:10:35 PM Renagade> Whoo Hoo Raven!!

[8:10:36 PM Pieper> Sounds great!

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[8:10:45 PM katbarton> LOve her Name

[8:10:47 PM Pieper> My son would fix peanut butter and jelly

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[8:10:58 PM katbarton> lol..pieper..mine would do same

[8:11:02 PM] SherAhnn is logged into the chat

[8:11:04 PM attheboutique> lol, she really is a good cook

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[8:11:12 PM bvaughnfamily> steve's planner:

[8:11:19 PM SherAhnn> I knew it I jinx myself

[8:11:26 PM Renagade> That is grandbaby middle name Raven Liberty Raven

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[8:11:39 PM attheboutique>

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[8:11:46 PM Pieper> .

[8:11:48 PM katbarton> way cool Ren

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[8:11:57 PM bvaughnfamily> pieper's baby blanket:

[8:12:07 PM bvaughnfamily> is that okay to put those in there... should i put the rest or no?

[8:12:15 PM Renagade> She my "Freebird"

[8:12:16 PM SharsBoutique> The BonanzleUp Wichita on May 23rd. Please go to our original post for current updates:

[8:12:22 PM attheboutique>

[8:12:26 PM Pieper> Oh, thanks bvaughn - there's a lavender one similar in my booth too

[8:12:27 PM attheboutique> Auctions real live auctions

[8:12:34 PM Pieper> shameless plug .. LOL

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[8:12:53 PM ebay & Beyond> WOW!!!!!!

[8:12:56 PM katbarton> wow

[8:13:02 PM Renagade> THATS the way to do it Pieper!

[8:13:06 PM ebay & Beyond> I'll be bidding on that

[8:13:08 PM attheboutique> wow, I bought on of those paid much more than that!!!

[8:13:12 PM katbarton> mine!

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[8:13:16 PM bvaughnfamily> phaedra's consultation:

[8:13:17 PM SherAhnn> whoo hooo

[8:13:36 PM Pieper> Wally, that's wonderful!

[8:13:38 PM Steve1957>

[8:13:58 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[8:13:59 PM ebay & Beyond> I paid $100 for mine

[8:14:00 PM masonictreasures> it out in the mail

[8:14:02 PM bvaughnfamily>

[8:14:05 PM Renagade> I wish I knew he did that!! Just paid alot more!

[8:14:11 PM] jamie2258 is logged into the chat

[8:14:14 PM attheboutique> Link to his booth????

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[8:14:21 PM SherAhnn> have ann outside banner paid 125.00 for it

[8:14:24 PM] Luzianalade is logged into the chat

[8:14:24 PM Renagade> PLEASE!

[8:14:27 PM Pieper> .

[8:14:29 PM attheboutique>

[8:14:32 PM attheboutique> that is one

[8:14:34 PM bvaughnfamily>

[8:14:37 PM Steve1957>

[8:14:37 PM Renagade> TY

[8:14:46 PM Ziggy Zool>

[8:14:49 PM attheboutique>

[8:14:57 PM bvaughnfamily>

[8:14:57 PM masonictreasures> do banners too

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[8:15:06 PM Ziggy Zool> oh shoot fast fingers phae beat me

[8:15:08 PM bvaughnfamily> keep going... stop...?

[8:15:09 PM attheboutique>

[8:15:12 PM Renagade>

[8:15:12 PM Steve1957>

[8:15:16 PM attheboutique> Wally's live auctions in Orange Mas

[8:15:17 PM Pieper> .

[8:15:21 PM auctionwally>

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[8:15:34 PM Steve1957>

[8:15:43 PM masonictreasures> 18 x 24 sign size

[8:15:45 PM Renagade> Mansoc...You do Car Signs???

[8:15:51 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[8:15:52 PM] mommyto3 is logged into the chat

[8:15:53 PM masonictreasures> yes

[8:15:56 PM Steve1957>

[8:16:04 PM attheboutique> May 27 & 28 Autograph and Memorabilia,

[8:16:07 PM bvaughnfamily> gypsy's roseville pottery -

[8:16:12 PM SherAhnn> yeh I like the magnetic signs also

[8:16:16 PM Renagade> cool! Will be needing one soon!

[8:16:25 PM katbarton> ty why Bvaughn :)

[8:16:27 PM masonictreasures> stop by the booth

[8:16:28 PM ibbysjewels>

[8:16:30 PM SunflowerBoutique> oh no Grateful Dead items....I might go

[8:16:34 PM attheboutique> Will be bidding on that ad space and get my banner

[8:16:36 PM Pieper> did he say Larry Byrd's baseball?

[8:16:41 PM bvaughnfamily>

[8:16:46 PM jamie2258> Hi everyone.

[8:16:51 PM katbarton> hi Jamie

[8:16:52 PM SharsBoutique>

[8:16:57 PM masonictreasures> got dead bears all colors

[8:17:01 PM bvaughnfamily>

[8:17:04 PM jamie2258> hi kat

[8:17:11 PM jinx_stuff> hello everyone

[8:17:17 PM Pieper> .

[8:17:19 PM Renagade> COOL! I NEED some sales peeps!! Gotta save for Walts Auction!

[8:17:20 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[8:17:23 PM SherAhnn> masonic I got polar bears and coca cola

[8:17:27 PM attheboutique> Help us help a good cause, donate towards the chest to save the breast for Brainstorming Bonanzle,

[8:17:28 PM Renagade> HI Jinx!!!!!

[8:17:32 PM attheboutique> just hit the donate button

[8:17:33 PM masonictreasures> cool

[8:17:41 PM Guest 14>

[8:17:44 PM bvaughnfamily>

[8:17:49 PM katbarton> nice masonic

[8:17:54 PM masonictreasures> they go great with dead bears

[8:18:02 PM attheboutique> treasures, Brainstorming Bonanzle advertiser and supporter!

[8:18:03 PM Renagade> I am SO Glad to see Jinx here!

[8:18:16 PM SherAhnn> I still have my old Jobs Daughters pin

[8:18:17 PM attheboutique>

[8:18:20 PM jinx_stuff> ty not sure how this all works

[8:18:21 PM attheboutique> okay that is better

[8:18:27 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> That Music is Bad .

[8:18:35 PM Pieper> cool ad Ziggy

[8:18:36 PM Guest 14>

[8:18:44 PM Renagade> You are doing fine..can you hear it???

[8:18:44 PM Pieper> wait until you hear Manilow in mine...LOL

[8:18:55 PM katbarton> lol

[8:18:58 PM attheboutique>, another supporter and advertiser of Brainstorming!

[8:19:04 PM attheboutique> Hey there arrow!!!!

[8:19:07 PM attheboutique> thanks for coming

[8:19:08 PM SherAhnn> Pieper the manilow commercials ???

[8:19:13 PM] TheFuzzyLobster is logged into the chat

[8:19:21 PM jinx_stuff> yes - is there video or just chat

[8:19:31 PM] bartonpw is logged into the chat

[8:19:36 PM TheFuzzyLobster> Hi Everyone!

[8:19:39 PM attheboutique> and yet another supporter, let's support them :)

[8:19:40 PM katbarton> hi furr ball

[8:19:41 PM Renagade> No just audio and chat...

[8:19:42 PM Ziggy Zool>

[8:19:44 PM attheboutique> Hey Fuzzy

[8:19:46 PM katbarton> ey Ren, Paul is here

[8:19:52 PM Pieper> .

[8:19:54 PM TheFuzzyLobster> :) Kat...

[8:19:56 PM attheboutique> Hey there Paul

[8:19:57 PM auctionwally> .

[8:19:59 PM Steve1957> .

[8:20:01 PM jinx_stuff> ok then I am good thank you

[8:20:02 PM TheFuzzyLobster> Hi Phaedra :)

[8:20:10 PM Renagade> Here Fuzzy fuzzy!! Whistle Whistle!

[8:20:12 PM Ziggy Zool>

[8:20:14 PM attheboutique> Okay Pieper, I am convinced, I need some book marks!

[8:20:19 PM Pieper> thanks wally, that was great!

[8:20:20 PM katbarton> lol..

[8:20:22 PM bartonpw> Howdy hi

[8:20:25 PM TheFuzzyLobster> oh Ren :)

[8:20:27 PM TheFuzzyLobster> Hi

[8:20:29 PM attheboutique> DEDE!!!!!

[8:20:31 PM Ziggy Zool> thanks wally

[8:20:32 PM attheboutique> woohooooo

[8:20:48 PM katbarton> she calling my hubby Fuzzy, he on twitter, and is a furrball

[8:20:49 PM TheFuzzyLobster> go Brightest!1

[8:20:50 PM Renagade> HI Fzzy Lobster

[8:21:07 PM attheboutique> a supporter and one that works tirelessly for us here on Brainstorming and Auction Wally show

[8:21:11 PM Pieper> he's cute kat...saw he is following me...

[8:21:16 PM Pieper> on the blog that is

[8:21:17 PM TheFuzzyLobster> Beltane is coming up... go see Brightest Blessings' items!

[8:21:21 PM attheboutique> Dede, when did you do that????

[8:21:25 PM Guest 14> @atthetheboutique I lost my login

[8:21:26 PM attheboutique> :)

[8:21:29 PM katbarton> yes..ain't he cute? he has a booth with a car in it

[8:21:31 PM attheboutique> sorry, arrow

[8:21:35 PM Renagade> LOVE Dede!!!

[8:21:43 PM attheboutique> I think there is a link to recover passwords

[8:21:46 PM Pieper> whole car? I'll have to look for it

[8:21:47 PM attheboutique> maybe?

[8:21:48 PM attheboutique> lol

[8:21:49 PM bvaughnfamily> better music )

[8:21:52 PM bvaughnfamily> :)

[8:21:54 PM TheFuzzyLobster> nice buffer music... your suggestion Ren?

[8:22:13 PM Renagade> Born to be WILD!!!

[8:22:14 PM katbarton>

[8:22:15 PM Guest 14> I will try later TX

[8:22:19 PM Ziggy Zool> Yea!!!! Dede

[8:22:27 PM katbarton> Ha Ha..go look at his car

[8:22:30 PM bvaughnfamily> i love that song renegade... :)

[8:22:35 PM Renagade> Well trained!

[8:22:39 PM katbarton> yes, a whole car,

[8:22:43 PM katbarton> he is Ren

[8:22:45 PM TheFuzzyLobster> LOL! Phaedra...nice system :)

[8:22:49 PM] Luzianalade has left the chat

[8:22:52 PM Steve1957> .

[8:22:55 PM attheboutique> works for me :)

[8:22:57 PM] Guest 15 is logged into the chat

[8:23:07 PM Pieper> .

[8:23:19 PM Renagade> .

[8:23:29 PM] witchesbritches is logged into the chat

[8:23:30 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[8:23:36 PM Pieper> .

[8:23:37 PM TheFuzzyLobster> hi Witches!

[8:23:40 PM] mommyto3 has left the chat

[8:23:42 PM witchesbritches> Hi Rose!

[8:23:48 PM masonictreasures> .

[8:23:50 PM Pieper> witches!

[8:23:55 PM TheFuzzyLobster> still laughing from the other night :)

[8:24:06 PM witchesbritches> ;)

[8:24:07 PM Pieper> and fuzzy

[8:24:12 PM Pieper> missed you in greetings

[8:24:13 PM Pieper> sorry

[8:24:14 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[8:24:17 PM Renagade> .

[8:24:18 PM] bartonpw has left the chat

[8:24:18 PM TheFuzzyLobster> hi Pieper

[8:24:19 PM witchesbritches> hey Pieper!

[8:24:20 PM] Woadieland is logged into the chat

[8:24:24 PM witchesbritches> I just got here

[8:24:32 PM] bartonpw is logged into the chat

[8:24:36 PM attheboutique> Tuesday Nights at 8 pm EST, tomorrow night Tammy Confedel (sp)

[8:24:43 PM Ziggy Zool> ((Britches))

[8:24:44 PM TheFuzzyLobster> yes.. great site Wally!

[8:24:47 PM Pieper> I know, witches...saw you come in...

[8:24:51 PM witchesbritches> hey Zigz :D

[8:24:57 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[8:25:00 PM TheFuzzyLobster> acosa and tv

[8:25:01 PM Renagade> Cool!!

[8:25:11 PM attheboutique> Title: ep59 - The AuctionWally Show -
Time: 04/14/2009 08:00 PM EDT

[8:25:16 PM Ziggy Zool> laughter is the very best medicine

[8:25:18 PM] Luzianalade is logged into the chat

[8:25:21 PM attheboutique>

[8:25:24 PM katbarton> ya ya Zig.,..

[8:25:30 PM] Katskloset is logged into the chat

[8:25:31 PM Ziggy Zool> :D

[8:25:32 PM stubsinc> .

[8:25:34 PM bvaughnfamily> amen to the laughter = medicine...

[8:25:36 PM katbarton> hey Kats~

[8:25:38 PM attheboutique> Hey there Kats!

[8:25:45 PM witchesbritches> that is a scary smiley LOL

[8:25:46 PM katbarton> ha beat ya

[8:25:51 PM attheboutique> lol

[8:25:52 PM Ziggy Zool>

[8:25:53 PM Katskloset> sorry I'm so late - I've been watching the page for 3 hours and then missed it

[8:25:54 PM Katskloset> hi

[8:25:57 PM Pieper> and how not to be depressed if you don't find the glass you want

[8:26:01 PM attheboutique> lol, no worries

[8:26:04 PM Ziggy Zool>

[8:26:05 PM Renagade> KATS! Hello!

[8:26:08 PM SherAhnn> don't need to find things, have a house full of them

[8:26:14 PM TheFuzzyLobster> and good articles on the site too Wally

[8:26:15 PM Katskloset> late as usual, LOL

[8:26:30 PM jamie2258> .

[8:26:32 PM attheboutique> Everything about Auction Wally

[8:26:36 PM Pieper>

[8:26:47 PM attheboutique> All show notes are pasted here

[8:26:50 PM Pieper>

[8:26:51 PM Woadieland> Pieper - that's the show I need. LOL

[8:26:53 PM SunflowerBoutique> Britches is a top Bonanzle seller now!!!

[8:27:01 PM Pieper> LO woadieland

[8:27:09 PM TheFuzzyLobster> yeah Britches!! way to go!

[8:27:10 PM SherAhnn>

[8:27:11 PM Renagade>

[8:27:14 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles>

[8:27:16 PM witchesbritches> LOL for 5 minutes Sunflower HAHA

[8:27:17 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[8:27:25 PM witchesbritches> Thanks Rose!! ;)

[8:27:27 PM Steve1957> Hi Katskloset

[8:27:28 PM Pieper> What happened witches?

[8:27:29 PM Guest 14>

[8:27:35 PM Katskloset> hi steve

[8:27:42 PM Pieper> I miss everything when I'm too busy to check the forums

[8:27:44 PM witchesbritches> I had so many people at my bonanza last night that others couldnt get in my booth

[8:27:45 PM kenoticket>

[8:27:47 PM SherAhnn> also

[8:27:48 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[8:27:55 PM motorheadbooks>

[8:27:56 PM mistycreekwest>

[8:27:59 PM Pieper> wonderful! Wow...

[8:28:00 PM Katskloset> is twitter giving others problems?

[8:28:03 PM witchesbritches> 778 visits yesterday WOOT

[8:28:05 PM TheFuzzyLobster> wow...seriously? good for you Witches

[8:28:06 PM Katskloset> I'm really having trouble with it

[8:28:07 PM Guest 15> is there no audio?

[8:28:11 PM witchesbritches> Thanks!

[8:28:13 PM Katskloset> way to go

[8:28:14 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[8:28:15 PM Katskloset> congrats

[8:28:17 PM TheFuzzyLobster> 778! yah!

[8:28:25 PM witchesbritches>

[8:28:26 PM Katskloset> try refreshing page

[8:28:29 PM Katskloset> F5

[8:28:30 PM Ziggy Zool> good question for Mark... How many people can fit in one booth at a time

[8:28:31 PM TheFuzzyLobster> have audio

[8:28:36 PM SharsBoutique> I hear you.

[8:28:37 PM SherAhnn> I have audio

[8:28:40 PM] Guest 15 has left the chat

[8:28:43 PM Ziggy Zool> me to now

[8:28:45 PM] attheboutique has left the chat

[8:28:46 PM] attheboutique is logged into the chat

[8:28:50 PM witchesbritches> yeah I'd LOVE to know that too Zigz

[8:28:52 PM Woadieland>

[8:28:54 PM masonictreasures>

[8:28:55 PM Renagade> .

[8:28:56 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[8:28:57 PM attheboutique> sorry chat froze, ahd to re log in

[8:28:58 PM] W Washington state is on the call

[8:29:03 PM TheFuzzyLobster> yes, that was a good Tweet Wally

[8:29:08 PM Pieper> .

[8:29:13 PM witchesbritches> man I wish my laptop had BETTER SPEAKERS

[8:29:15 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> I read that Walt. Some was Funny

[8:29:16 PM] Guest 16 is logged into the chat

[8:29:21 PM Steve1957> you got your bucket ready Kathy lol

[8:29:22 PM SherAhnn>

[8:29:35 PM SharsBoutique> Trying Pro tonight...good luck so far. :)

[8:29:36 PM Katskloset> And with Wally's help - what it means to YOUR business

[8:29:37 PM] attheboutique has left the chat

[8:29:39 PM] attheboutique is logged into the chat

[8:29:41 PM Katskloset> how to use them

[8:29:42 PM Katskloset> thank you Wally

[8:29:44 PM Renagade> The River..The Ranch>> and the Bay! GOOD show!

[8:29:47 PM attheboutique> Kats, link?

[8:29:52 PM katbarton> great show Ren

[8:29:54 PM TheFuzzyLobster> you can get an amplifier that can be plugged into ur headphone jack Witches to make it louder

[8:29:55 PM Katskloset>

[8:29:57 PM Woadieland> Kat - we need to make Wally the featured caller Wednesday night cause eh's the only one who got the show name right on the first try

[8:30:04 PM Katskloset> AMEN

[8:30:07 PM Katskloset> done

[8:30:17 PM Katskloset> Phaedra - the Bonanzle Brainstomer!

[8:30:19 PM attheboutique> there it is, The River The Ranch and The Bay

[8:30:20 PM Pieper> .

[8:30:22 PM Ziggy Zool> question for mark Phae: how many people can fit in one booth at a time

[8:30:24 PM TheFuzzyLobster> very good show... am working my way through the podcasts

[8:30:31 PM Katskloset> We Will have your list to ask you about? LOL

[8:30:43 PM katbarton> if your member you can add to your talkshoe page Phaedra

[8:30:45 PM Renagade> .

[8:30:47 PM Pieper> How many did it show Phaedra when you relogged in

[8:30:48 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[8:30:50 PM oakIslandBoutique> no lag here

[8:30:55 PM katbarton> yeah..Ren keeps pushing me too

[8:30:57 PM Pieper> yep

[8:30:59 PM Steve1957> no lag here,

[8:31:03 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[8:31:11 PM attheboutique> Ready for it, Kats

[8:31:18 PM Renagade> .

[8:31:19 PM Pieper> he's at bottom

[8:31:21 PM Steve1957> on pro with nothing else open

[8:31:24 PM SunflowerBoutique> I must have my confuser fixed, I haven't been dropped once tonight...yeah!!!

[8:31:31 PM katbarton> washington is on

[8:31:38 PM Pieper> my confuser never works right sun

[8:31:41 PM] Henrietta is logged into the chat

[8:31:43 PM Renagade> at the bottom...sneaking in...

[8:31:49 PM katbarton> lol..Ren

[8:31:52 PM Guest 14>

[8:31:54 PM attheboutique> shows 44 participants

[8:31:58 PM Katskloset> the page now shows 45 participants

[8:31:59 PM katbarton> wow

[8:32:02 PM Henrietta> Sorry I am late, this darn daylight savings

[8:32:03 PM Katskloset> WooHoo

[8:32:07 PM Katskloset> excellent numbers

[8:32:11 PM katbarton> hey hen

[8:32:12 PM Ziggy Zool> still working

[8:32:14 PM Katskloset> Wally AMEN AMEN AMEN

[8:32:15 PM] SofysChoice is logged into the chat

[8:32:23 PM Renagade> Hi Henrietta! JUST in time!

[8:32:28 PM Henrietta> ustream?

[8:32:30 PM SherAhnn> Sofy !!! Hi

[8:32:31 PM attheboutique> Just in time Henrietta

[8:32:33 PM katbarton> does ustream cost????

[8:32:34 PM Renagade> no

[8:32:36 PM attheboutique> I will not do video

[8:32:38 PM katbarton> we can help

[8:32:41 PM Katskloset> if you want no ads it isn't

[8:32:44 PM Katskloset> but with ads is free

[8:32:45 PM SofysChoice> Hi Sher

[8:32:46 PM Pieper> Am I blocking mark being able to get in?

[8:32:48 PM katbarton> so do ustream

[8:32:49 PM Henrietta> for what Ren?

[8:32:51 PM Katskloset> no

[8:32:52 PM attheboutique> Mark can you, try *6

[8:32:55 PM booksbelow> phaedra you can wear a mask

[8:32:56 PM Katskloset> Wally just couldn't see him

[8:33:02 PM Guest 14> Bad keep getting knocked off

[8:33:04 PM Katskloset> and if Wally can't see him - he can't unmute

[8:33:06 PM Renagade> No Ustream

[8:33:07 PM Guest 10> I could call back in

[8:33:19 PM Katskloset> *6

[8:33:20 PM masonictreasures> .

[8:33:25 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[8:33:26 PM attheboutique> Mark, please try *6

[8:33:28 PM Katskloset> but only works after you unmute them to begin with

[8:33:30 PM Katskloset> he can try it

[8:33:32 PM Renagade> DAVE?????? KATS????

[8:33:38 PM Katskloset> but if he is SET to mute it won't work

[8:33:39 PM] bvaughnfamily has left the chat

[8:33:41 PM] auctionwally has left the chat

[8:33:44 PM] auctionwally is logged into the chat

[8:33:49 PM katbarton> he might not be in chat

[8:33:52 PM] bartonpw has left the chat

[8:33:54 PM] bartonpw is logged into the chat

[8:33:57 PM Katskloset> But that is only if you are unmuted and mute yourself

[8:33:58 PM Renagade> He is not in chat.....

[8:34:06 PM Katskloset> But Wally has to be in chat to unmute his phone

[8:34:08 PM Pieper> wahoo

[8:34:09 PM Pieper> hi Mark

[8:34:11 PM Katskloset> all set now

[8:34:12 PM jamie2258> he looks like he can talk

[8:34:13 PM Ziggy Zool> he looks unmuted now

[8:34:15 PM katbarton> there he is

[8:34:16 PM Henrietta> yes he is YAAYYYYYYY

[8:34:17 PM attheboutique> Got it, Mark is live with us

[8:34:19 PM mistycreekwest> :)

[8:34:21 PM SunflowerBoutique> hello Mark

[8:34:22 PM SharsBoutique> Welcome!

[8:34:26 PM Renagade> Hello Mark!

[8:34:27 PM booksbelow> hi mark

[8:34:29 PM oakIslandBoutique> hey Mark!

[8:34:30 PM jamie2258> :)

[8:34:32 PM witchesbritches> WOOT!

[8:34:33 PM attheboutique> Mark Dorsery, chief Raconteur of Bonanzle

[8:34:34 PM] Luzianalade has left the chat

[8:34:36 PM Henrietta> the COOL DUDE

[8:34:38 PM SherAhnn> The MAN is here

[8:34:39 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[8:34:41 PM Pieper> we're super

[8:34:42 PM] bvaughnfamily is logged into the chat

[8:34:45 PM] ktal is on the call

[8:34:47 PM stubsinc> Hi Mark!!!

[8:34:49 PM Renagade> I bet! LOL

[8:34:50 PM katbarton> Hey Mark...waving!!

[8:34:52 PM Henrietta> All the Mark Dorsey groupies ROFL

[8:34:58 PM katbarton> rofl..Hen

[8:35:01 PM nightgirl2> BonanzleMarkaZoid in da house!

[8:35:06 PM Pieper> LOL Henrietta

[8:35:09 PM HereUntilSold> <<<< src="" name="graphics20" alt=":)" width="15" align="bottom" border="0" height="15">

[8:35:15 PM Ziggy Zool> Cyber Ninja has arrived

[8:35:19 PM bvaughnfamily> i got frozen, then knocked out... that's a first...

[8:35:22 PM Henrietta> I am and Proud of it

[8:35:25 PM katbarton> lol

[8:35:27 PM SunflowerBoutique> lol

[8:35:29 PM attheboutique> lol

[8:35:32 PM Renagade> LOL...are you SURE????

[8:35:39 PM SherAhnn> search engine ???

[8:35:43 PM Pieper> be careful what you ask for, Mark

[8:35:54 PM katbarton> yeah

[8:35:55 PM Ziggy Zool> it's all his fault.. that we have so many

[8:35:57 PM Renagade> ROFL Pieper!

[8:36:04 PM SharsBoutique> Wallyh is sooooo funny!

[8:36:09 PM attheboutique> I have a feeling we will be seeing a pic of Mark with hair soon

[8:36:13 PM masonictreasures> .

[8:36:18 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[8:36:20 PM SharsBoutique> lol

[8:36:21 PM nightgirl2> Becareful! Mark can read your emails! hehehe

[8:36:22 PM Renagade> AFRO!!!

[8:36:24 PM Pieper> That's why I told Mark to be careful what he asked know that Wally

[8:36:29 PM attheboutique> lol

[8:36:31 PM SherAhnn> he can have my banana head

[8:36:33 PM nightgirl2> afro!

[8:36:37 PM katbarton> lol

[8:36:45 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> He will having him looking like snuffy smith

[8:36:50 PM Guest 14> Welcome Mark

[8:36:52 PM Renagade> Mullet!

[8:36:57 PM nightgirl2> give him the lime pieper!

[8:36:59 PM Pieper> mohawk

[8:37:00 PM katbarton> oh god

[8:37:05 PM Renagade> ROFL

[8:37:07 PM SofysChoice> mohawk

[8:37:08 PM Pieper> he'd look perfect in a lime

[8:37:10 PM attheboutique> Link Farms, Spam Farms, a site with just links, no value

[8:37:16 PM Pieper> lime and black are so nice together

[8:37:18 PM booksbelow> ??? Can we please have some way to import pics in batch mode and not have to zoom out later

[8:37:23 PM nightgirl2> a big round lime

[8:37:25 PM katbarton> don't do it...hard to get off them...sheesh..

[8:37:33 PM Ziggy Zool> lol pie

[8:37:34 PM TheFuzzyLobster> yes Wally! is very annoying

[8:37:36 PM attheboutique> Are these a good place to market your booth? of does it just help page owner

[8:37:37 PM SherAhnn> what about link refferal ?

[8:37:39 PM Steve1957> I boted someone of my site for link farming he other day

[8:37:41 PM masonictreasures> pieper donate your lime

[8:37:42 PM Renagade> Hi Roger!

[8:37:45 PM] Guest 17 is logged into the chat

[8:37:50 PM booksbelow> ??? Takes me forever, and many of us already have pics the way we want them.

[8:37:55 PM Pieper> sharing would be more fun masonic

[8:38:03 PM masonictreasures> cool

[8:38:07 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[8:38:10 PM katbarton> I had a hard time with linkrefferal sher..that was a problem..but don;t need it anyway

[8:38:13 PM attheboutique> What does Mark think of these?

[8:38:15 PM Henrietta> Phaedra it can get you blacklisted

[8:38:30 PM Renagade> I agree On the pics Booksbelow

[8:38:32 PM Henrietta> If you spot one report them to support

[8:38:34 PM attheboutique> Excellent point, Henrietta

[8:38:36 PM SharsBoutique> ??????????When are we going to be able to delete pics??????????

[8:38:37 PM auctionwally> .

[8:38:43 PM SherAhnn> got an email from about linknin

[8:38:46 PM Renagade> Mark is breaking up

[8:38:51 PM ibbysjewels> static

[8:38:53 PM Henrietta> Can delete now Shar

[8:38:55 PM bvaughnfamily> yes, shars, i'd like to delete pics from my pics too :)

[8:38:59 PM TheFuzzyLobster> my sound is messed up for Mark... anyone else's?

[8:39:03 PM Pieper> I guess I don't understand what link farms are

[8:39:04 PM oakIslandBoutique> Mark is fading in and out

[8:39:06 PM attheboutique> getting better I think

[8:39:08 PM katbarton> yeah, breaking up a bit

[8:39:10 PM SharsBoutique> How? I have hundreds in My Pictures.

[8:39:11 PM bvaughnfamily> how henrietta?

[8:39:13 PM ibbysjewels> yes

[8:39:15 PM Pieper> yes, fuzzy

[8:39:17 PM SherAhnn> yes mark is garbled

[8:39:18 PM witchesbritches> yeah mine too Rose

[8:39:25 PM witchesbritches> <~~ no idea what link farm is!!

[8:39:27 PM katbarton> pictures from a link farm Hen?

[8:39:31 PM SunflowerBoutique> Mark is breaking up

[8:39:33 PM attheboutique> Instead, blog, attributes, google base and attributes

[8:39:36 PM nightgirl2> He's a robot, remember? Maybe he's short circuiting!

[8:39:42 PM katbarton> I did not do pics, joined and un joined within hours..

[8:39:45 PM Pieper> LOL nightgirl

[8:40:19 PM Pieper> .

[8:40:21 PM SofysChoice> Link Farm?? Link referral?? WetePaint???

[8:40:22 PM SofysChoice> .

[8:40:26 PM attheboutique> What efforts are really helping?

[8:40:28 PM SunflowerBoutique> I joined but was never really active then unjoined

[8:40:30 PM nightgirl2> Google Base works for me!

[8:40:32 PM Pieper> sofy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[8:40:35 PM] Guest 10 is on the call

[8:40:40 PM Pieper> Hugs, girlfriend

[8:40:42 PM attheboutique> Link farm, a site with no content but just links

[8:40:44 PM Ziggy Zool> hey sofy

[8:40:51 PM Pieper> yes, he's garbled

[8:40:54 PM] Mike Leuszler is logged into the chat

[8:40:58 PM SherAhnn> I have an instruction group onn The Handcrafters Cottage ning site

[8:40:59 PM Pieper> guest 10

[8:41:01 PM nightgirl2> hey sofy

[8:41:04 PM Renagade> Guest 10

[8:41:07 PM witchesbritches> he sounds a little like a goldfish lol

[8:41:09 PM Pieper> faint

[8:41:11 PM] W Washington state has hung up

[8:41:14 PM Pieper> little goldfish

[8:41:21 PM katbarton> quieter..

[8:41:23 PM SofysChoice> Hi Pie!

[8:41:24 PM witchesbritches> HHAHAHA

[8:41:26 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[8:41:28 PM Pieper> he's not active

[8:41:29 PM TheFuzzyLobster> yes, just like a goldfish.. LOL... good one

[8:41:33 PM katbarton> rut roh...

[8:41:34 PM Renagade> Nope!

[8:41:36 PM Pieper> yes

[8:41:38 PM SherAhnn> Mark in lost land

[8:41:40 PM SofysChoice> hey Zig..

[8:41:43 PM Guest 16> guest 10

[8:41:45 PM bvaughnfamily> great sound!

[8:41:47 PM TheFuzzyLobster> yes!

[8:41:49 PM katbarton> got it yeah

[8:41:50 PM Renagade> There you are!

[8:41:52 PM SunflowerBoutique> got ya

[8:42:00 PM bvaughnfamily> so... mark is a 10 ... :) ?

[8:42:02 PM booksbelow> Sounds like a sprint commercial

[8:42:05 PM masonictreasures> .

[8:42:09 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[8:42:11 PM SofysChoice> nightgirl! :)

[8:42:16 PM attheboutique> twitter and craigslist users are converting

[8:42:17 PM auctionwally> .

[8:42:19 PM Renagade> Yep he is a 10 for sure!

[8:42:21 PM katbarton> lol..bvaughn

[8:42:23 PM SherAhnn> plumdrop

[8:42:24 PM Pieper> no question mark bvaughn...definitely

[8:42:26 PM attheboutique> excellent info

[8:42:28 PM auctionwally> lol

[8:42:30 PM] AtlantaBIRT is logged into the chat

[8:42:33 PM attheboutique> google base google base google google google!!!!

[8:42:37 PM attheboutique> lol

[8:42:40 PM] Guest 18 is logged into the chat

[8:42:53 PM nightgirl2> I can hear him good now!

[8:42:55 PM bvaughnfamily> hubby's college textbooks are selling from google :)

[8:42:57 PM SherAhnn> I like the new inventory attributes

[8:42:58 PM Henrietta> Well darn, doesn't work now

[8:43:00 PM katbarton> I had 463, hits from google on Saturday alone

[8:43:05 PM Renagade> Google LOVES Bonz!! Work on the attributes!!!

[8:43:07 PM SofysChoice> .

[8:43:08 PM Steve1957> 778 hits last week on the BonanzleNoSpinZone just from google

[8:43:10 PM Pieper> sounds like next door

[8:43:12 PM katbarton> still working on attributes..we need call

[8:43:13 PM TheFuzzyLobster> wow Kat! nice!

[8:43:15 PM attheboutique>

[8:43:17 PM nightgirl2> Google works for me!

[8:43:19 PM masonictreasures> 10 by 10

[8:43:21 PM attheboutique> lol, okay Katb

[8:43:32 PM Ziggy Zool> much better

[8:43:37 PM katbarton> yeah way cool

[8:43:39 PM katbarton> :)

[8:43:40 PM katbarton> chat lag now??

[8:43:42 PM SherAhnn> had inventory numbers on all my products and now can get it into order with inventory attributes

[8:43:44 PM nightgirl2> I wish attributes were a little simplier!

[8:43:46 PM attheboutique> google is hitting and crawling the forums

[8:43:47 PM Renagade> .

[8:43:49 PM SharsBoutique> Lots of hits.

[8:43:51 PM Ziggy Zool> true

[8:43:53 PM attheboutique> showing up in google alerts

[8:43:59 PM Pieper> yes, I get several blogs a day from Google alert

[8:44:03 PM katbarton> always on the forums..come up all the time..hmmm

[8:44:06 PM SherAhnn> wish you could do more than one color on attributes

[8:44:07 PM Ziggy Zool> craigslist has been very good

[8:44:17 PM TheFuzzyLobster> me too Phaedra.... wait until Wendsday :)

[8:44:20 PM masonictreasures> google is great

[8:44:22 PM katbarton> you can sher..I did

[8:44:24 PM] AtlantaBIRT has left the chat

[8:44:27 PM Annapplebonanza> About 50 google alerts a day

[8:44:29 PM Renagade> What you say in the Bonanzle Forum...Goggle Gets it!!

[8:44:31 PM attheboutique> ohhh, I am in trouble now, lol

[8:44:33 PM Henrietta> I can never find ANYTHING on the forums

[8:44:34 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> Yep the forum is like twitter ! Runs fast

[8:44:37 PM SherAhnn> I dont get twitter at all

[8:44:45 PM SherAhnn> to short of posts and too personal

[8:44:46 PM stubsinc> Where do you find this list of traffic

[8:44:49 PM nightgirl2> yep Sher I do a few colors too

[8:44:57 PM attheboutique> google analytics is where I get my info from

[8:44:59 PM SofysChoice> you can't do more than one color in attributes???

[8:45:02 PM Pieper> .

[8:45:04 PM witchesbritches> <~~ afraid of craigslist!! too many weirdos!

[8:45:07 PM attheboutique> send your items to craigslist

[8:45:11 PM auctionwally> .

[8:45:13 PM katbarton> yes sofy

[8:45:19 PM masonictreasures> thats no joke!

[8:45:23 PM Henrietta> Used to be able to delete I guess before they went to Amazonaws

[8:45:25 PM SherAhnn> nightgirl ? on attributes several colors ?

[8:45:27 PM Renagade> You cannot do more that one of ANYHING in attributes

[8:45:30 PM katbarton> mine has not worked on craigs list, have to do seperatly

[8:45:32 PM] Guest 19 is logged into the chat

[8:45:38 PM mistycreekwest> Henrietta - I have forums on RSS feed - I tag anything I might want to go back to and delete the rest (at least I can find it later

[8:45:42 PM nightgirl2> yep

[8:45:44 PM SherAhnn> like black and white

[8:45:48 PM SherAhnn> or green and blue

[8:45:51 PM nightgirl2> at least 2-3

[8:45:53 PM Steve1957> some weirdos and tolls are now coming into Bonanzle too

[8:45:58 PM masonictreasures> mine gets kick off craigslist

[8:46:00 PM Steve1957> trolls

[8:46:06 PM TheFuzzyLobster> tes Steve, unfortunately

[8:46:08 PM katbarton> yep..I have gold, and red, on quite a few, sher

[8:46:16 PM attheboutique> books, can't have twitter open right now, will get on that question asap after show :)

[8:46:18 PM Ziggy Zool> lol steeve was just getting ready to ask

[8:46:24 PM Pieper> .

[8:46:27 PM Renagade> Do NOT Feed the trolls!

[8:46:33 PM Henrietta> Pick big cities not necessarily the one close to you, I put in if you would like to see more like this blah blah

[8:46:35 PM katbarton> lol..REN

[8:46:38 PM SherAhnn> do you put them separate or as gold & red ?

[8:46:52 PM Steve1957> My jewelry booth is closed down because of a troll

[8:46:55 PM SofysChoice> .

[8:46:57 PM nightgirl2> separate

[8:47:05 PM katbarton> do color:_red then do color:_blue

[8:47:07 PM TheFuzzyLobster> :( Steve

[8:47:09 PM katbarton> like that

[8:47:11 PM witchesbritches> thats cuz we ROCK!

[8:47:14 PM nightgirl2> yep

[8:47:17 PM bvaughnfamily> steve... i hope that's just very temporary... your jewelry is beautiful!

[8:47:19 PM Pieper> .

[8:47:21 PM Henrietta> Misty Doesn't RSS on forums DROWN you?

[8:47:23 PM Ziggy Zool> Very Good Point Mark

[8:47:25 PM TheFuzzyLobster> we learned value content from you Wally :)

[8:47:27 PM attheboutique> quality of Bonanzle tweets has been much better

[8:47:31 PM Guest 19> Congrats on being one of yesterdays' top sellers, witches (saw you on the BOP) :)

[8:47:48 PM Pieper> .

[8:47:54 PM SherAhnn> thought you could do only one color or it deletes the previous

[8:47:56 PM katbarton> .

[8:47:58 PM masonictreasures> .

[8:48:01 PM attheboutique> Value content always builds better relationships

[8:48:17 PM mistycreekwest> Henrietta - some days yes :) One morning about 1200! It has cut down since the promo limits were implemented. I don't read them all, wish I could

[8:48:19 PM Renagade> If you use the Forums...ADD VALUE!!!

[8:48:21 PM TheFuzzyLobster> I agree Phaedra.. who wants to see spam all the time

[8:48:31 PM witchesbritches> thanks Guest19!!

[8:48:36 PM SherAhnn> I have things that are a combination of colors like black & white

[8:48:39 PM Steve1957> It's a person who I have had dealings with on and Myspace in the past

[8:48:41 PM auctionwally> .

[8:48:43 PM SofysChoice> .

[8:48:45 PM TheFuzzyLobster> I learn do much with the stuff that you guys post and blog

[8:48:47 PM katbarton> I agree Renagade, always put in value

[8:48:49 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[8:48:51 PM Pieper> .

[8:48:57 PM masonictreasures> .

[8:49:00 PM oakIslandBoutique> ..

[8:49:02 PM Renagade> Love the way we can tweet now!

[8:49:04 PM] Guest 18 has left the chat

[8:49:07 PM nightgirl2>

[8:49:10 PM booksbelow> too much incestual promotion on forums instead of promotion outside of bonanzle

[8:49:11 PM attheboutique> back to topic here, using twitter and craigslist to market our business and provide value

[8:49:13 PM Pieper> .

[8:49:20 PM SherAhnn> Mark : thats why I started the Information booth

[8:49:31 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[8:49:37 PM SherAhnn> Keeping help posts all together

[8:49:40 PM nightgirl2> we're good poeple!

[8:49:42 PM Pieper> .

[8:49:44 PM katbarton> lol..Phaedra..sorry

[8:49:51 PM nightgirl2> who can't spell!

[8:49:55 PM SunflowerBoutique> I seen that

[8:50:02 PM attheboutique> trolls schmolls let it go, lol

[8:50:06 PM attheboutique> no worries, Katb

[8:50:09 PM] is logged into the chat

[8:50:12 PM katbarton> yep yep

[8:50:15 PM katbarton> lol

[8:50:17 PM katbarton> hey John

[8:50:20 PM Renagade> Hi John!!

[8:50:29 PM] has left the chat

[8:50:33 PM TheFuzzyLobster> hi John :)

[8:50:34 PM] is logged into the chat

[8:50:37 PM] has left the chat

[8:50:41 PM] is logged into the chat

[8:50:44 PM] has left the chat

[8:50:46 PM Pieper> Don't mention trolls...Wally might give Mark a troll haircut

[8:50:49 PM] is logged into the chat

[8:50:53 PM Renagade> The sexy billboard is here!

[8:50:54 PM] has left the chat

[8:50:56 PM] is logged into the chat

[8:50:59 PM] has left the chat

[8:51:02 PM TheFuzzyLobster> we scared him ....

[8:51:05 PM] is logged into the chat

[8:51:07 PM] has left the chat

[8:51:09 PM nightgirl2> judy/blue penney is the Google Base Queen!

[8:51:12 PM] is logged into the chat

[8:51:15 PM witchesbritches> LOL@Pieper

[8:51:17 PM] has left the chat

[8:51:19 PM SherAhnn> Ice having trouble?

[8:51:21 PM Pieper> Yeah, move over and let the chesty one in

[8:51:23 PM booksbelow> I twitter one thing with a relevant tag line every day and get a lot of hits.

[8:51:24 PM] is logged into the chat

[8:51:27 PM Guest 14> hey John welcome

[8:51:29 PM] has left the chat

[8:51:31 PM katbarton> lLMBO....he need to get on another server

[8:51:35 PM] is logged into the chat

[8:51:37 PM Guest 19> Judy/blue is the queen of everything.

[8:51:39 PM] has left the chat

[8:51:41 PM ebay & Beyond> Shame on you all for scaring John

[8:51:43 PM] is logged into the chat

[8:51:48 PM] has left the chat

[8:51:50 PM Henrietta> Call me a quitter but I really gave up on the forums, not enough hours in a day and very hard to search

[8:51:52 PM] is logged into the chat

[8:51:54 PM] has left the chat

[8:51:57 PM] is logged into the chat

[8:52:00 PM Steve1957> John needs supper glue tonight

[8:52:04 PM] has left the chat

[8:52:06 PM] is logged into the chat

[8:52:09 PM Renagade> Come on over here Big Guy!!

[8:52:13 PM] has left the chat

[8:52:15 PM Guest 16> sexy billboard??? who??

[8:52:17 PM Pieper> Colderice

[8:52:19 PM Renagade> colderICE

[8:52:20 PM SharsBoutique> judy/blue is very helpful to so many Bonanzlers!

[8:52:22 PM Guest 16> glasses?

[8:52:24 PM katbarton> Dave...was you we know it

[8:52:27 PM Pieper> He's selling space on his chest for breast cancer

[8:52:28 PM Henrietta> He is going to strip for Breast Cancer WOO HOO

[8:52:30 PM katbarton> you there now John???

[8:52:32 PM TheFuzzyLobster> I agree Henrietta... but sometimes I find some really good info there

[8:52:35 PM SherAhnn> Help posts are bookmarked in the Information booth and any suggesstions are welcome

[8:52:36 PM attheboutique> 6 server upgrades since September on Bonanzle

[8:52:38 PM SunflowerBoutique> what do expect from another Kansan?

[8:52:39 PM nightgirl2> I save to favorites

[8:52:41 PM bvaughnfamily> 'night all ...

[8:52:43 PM HereUntilSold> I think John saw me and ran.

[8:52:46 PM TheFuzzyLobster> I always see July's name and responses

[8:52:47 PM] bvaughnfamily has left the chat

[8:52:50 PM SherAhnn> Yes

[8:52:53 PM] is logged into the chat

[8:52:56 PM TheFuzzyLobster> Judy.. sorry not July

[8:52:58 PM attheboutique> bookmark the threads and can always go back to them

[8:52:59 PM HereUntilSold> Pssstt John, its me again

[8:53:02 PM katbarton> someone dm him on twitter, have him get on another server'

[8:53:05 PM Renagade> Come on in Sexy Billboard!

[8:53:07 PM nightgirl2> we love server upgrades!

[8:53:10 PM booksbelow> and you're the interface?

[8:53:11 PM TheFuzzyLobster> Hi Sun... think I missed you, sorry

[8:53:13 PM Pieper> LOL renagade

[8:53:15 PM] is on the call

[8:53:17 PM booksbelow> ???picture cropping??

[8:53:20 PM SofysChoice> .

[8:53:24 PM stubsinc> Hi John

[8:53:25 PM SunflowerBoutique> hello Fuzzy

[8:53:28 PM SherAhnn> Search engine ???

[8:53:30 PM SunflowerBoutique> hello John

[8:53:33 PM Pieper> Hi John

[8:53:36 PM TheFuzzyLobster> You on to stay this time John ;)

[8:53:38 PM> man this chat feature is not acting nice

[8:53:41 PM masonictreasures> .

[8:53:47 PM auctionwally> .

[8:53:49 PM Guest 16> SEARCH

[8:53:52 PM Pieper> It's working better than usual, John

[8:53:53 PM katbarton> hey scare you??

[8:53:56 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> Yeah we have a Full House

[8:53:59 PM SunflowerBoutique> sure isn't it is really jumpy

[8:54:12 PM SharsBoutique> .

[8:54:22 PM Pieper> I hope he never loses that Vision either

[8:54:27 PM Guest 16> Search????? when is it going to be fixed right?

[8:54:38 PM Pieper> LOL

[8:54:41 PM SofysChoice> downloaded the talkshoe pro .. seems to work better

[8:54:47 PM> I am trying to keep this working :-)

[8:54:50 PM SunflowerBoutique> lol

[8:54:52 PM Pieper> be careful there bub

[8:54:54 PM nightgirl2> and cute too!

[8:54:57 PM witchesbritches> ROFL

[8:54:59 PM SharsBoutique> careful

[8:55:02 PM TheFuzzyLobster> LOL!

[8:55:04 PM Henrietta> he is WAAAY to young

[8:55:07 PM Guest 16> YES

[8:55:10 PM Guest 16> BOTH

[8:55:12 PM katbarton> lol

[8:55:15 PM Woadieland> he played Pa Cartwright's newborn - LOL

[8:55:17 PM nightgirl2> hehehe

[8:55:19 PM SherAhnn> Site Search Engine

[8:55:21 PM> I am on pro and I am hating the new view...I am too confused?!?

[8:55:24 PM SharsBoutique> ?????????deleting pics????????????????

[8:55:26 PM Pieper> LOL

[8:55:28 PM witchesbritches> <~~ wants to know how many people it takes to make a booth full?

[8:55:37 PM attheboutique> I despise the chat view on pro, can't keep up

[8:55:39 PM katbarton> Dorsey Floral

[8:55:41 PM katbarton> .

[8:55:44 PM Renagade> Some good ti\hings have come from the young one!

[8:55:50 PM masonictreasures> .

[8:55:52 PM SofysChoice> what new view?? LOL looks the same to me

[8:55:55 PM Pieper> ColderICE - how many were in the room when you came in?

[8:55:57 PM auctionwally> .

[8:56:16 PM nightgirl2> search is getting better

[8:56:20 PM> I dunno, I could have it wrong. my view is going left to right and not up and down

[8:56:28 PM SharsBoutique> I'm using Pro tonight and everything looks the same to me. :)

[8:56:30 PM SherAhnn> need more definate search words

[8:56:37 PM attheboutique> mine did too, John, and could not figure out how to change it

[8:56:42 PM TheFuzzyLobster> it's messed up then,.... mine is up down and going okay for now

[8:56:44 PM Renagade> WHAT???? JOHN???

[8:56:47 PM Pieper> I just counted ... 48

[8:56:48 PM Woadieland> I count 47 not including Wally

[8:56:54 PM HereUntilSold> turn your monitor on its side John

[8:56:58 PM Steve1957> 49 logged on now

[8:57:01 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles>

[8:57:04 PM oakIslandBoutique> I'm on pro also and looks the same to me also.

[8:57:06 PM SharsBoutique> lol

[8:57:08 PM katbarton>

[8:57:11 PM Pieper> oh, I counted Wally...

[8:57:13 PM> LMAO, yeah turn on side

[8:57:15 PM Pieper> but I guess he's got to be here - :)

[8:57:24 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[8:57:35 PM Renagade> USE KEYWORDS into the Title!

[8:57:37 PM TheFuzzyLobster> love the front page lists.....

[8:57:40 PM booksbelow> ???Not to press the issue :-) but why do you insist on auto cropping pictures, can you at least allow the choice of having them fully zoomed out ???

[8:57:54 PM katbarton> .

[8:57:56 PM SherAhnn> Ren that dont work on the site search

[8:57:59 PM] kayceestudios is logged into the chat

[8:58:03 PM attheboutique> The pictures have to be uniform to make the page work

[8:58:05 PM SofysChoice>

[8:58:08 PM masonictreasures> what about bizzy?

[8:58:09 PM Renagade> ???GOOD QUESTION???

[8:58:12 PM Pieper> .

[8:58:14 PM attheboutique> viewer can click to enlarge once they are on item view

[8:58:17 PM SharsBoutique> pictures sell your product

[8:58:18 PM masonictreasures> .

[8:58:20 PM booksbelow> I spend endless hours putting my picture back the way they should be

[8:58:23 PM Guest 16> I fully zoomed out

[8:58:25 PM TheFuzzyLobster> very true Wally re:pics

[8:58:28 PM katbarton> ????????why do pictures disapear once in while...poof?????

[8:58:30 PM Pieper> .

[8:58:34 PM Henrietta> You have to crop every time you upload. I have many things i would like to put in lists and the pix are AWFUL

[8:58:38 PM Renagade> BUT the thumbnails look tacky!

[8:58:40 PM Guest 10> <----have a look

[8:58:43 PM SofysChoice>

[8:58:59 PM nightgirl2> Take pics farther away, then bonanzle crop them, Works for me

[8:59:16 PM SherAhnn> Aim is doing changes now so my IM does not work

[8:59:18 PM SofysChoice> Rarely have to crop

[8:59:21 PM witchesbritches>

[8:59:23 PM masonictreasures> i miss bizzy

[8:59:25 PM attheboutique> connect to Google talk, and always get booth chat messages

[8:59:28 PM Guest 16> Mine works fine too zooming out

[8:59:30 PM SharsBoutique> Love the talk.

[8:59:33 PM SunflowerBoutique> got it

[8:59:35 PM SherAhnn> I keep re-setting but no GO

[8:59:38 PM katbarton> lol..masonic

[8:59:40 PM witchesbritches> I cant get my booth to link up with my YIM

[8:59:47 PM Renagade> What bookbelow is saying ,,,Already have good pics...What them in AS IS!

[8:59:53 PM booksbelow> I realize you can import certain size pics, but I list on other books sites and pics different sizes

[8:59:55 PM SofysChoice>

[8:59:58 PM attheboutique> I tried yahoo too, did not work, works very well with google talk

[9:00:01 PM SunflowerBoutique> Britches use google talk

[9:00:04 PM katbarton> I do not always get my chat on the google talk Phaedra...weird

[9:00:06 PM jamie2258>

[9:00:13 PM witchesbritches> ok sunflower, remind me tomorrow I'll forget LOL

[9:00:15 PM SherAhnn> They are doing a lot of updates and new things with AIM

[9:00:20 PM SunflowerBoutique> lol

[9:00:22 PM attheboutique> you have to click on Bonanzle contact, and type login

[9:00:29 PM> hmmm, i got a screen shot coming up

[9:00:35 PM SherAhnn> did that many times

[9:00:44 PM masonictreasures>

[9:00:50 PM SherAhnn> still no IM

[9:00:53 PM jinx_stuff> ???? why do they listings change???? I have edited listings with large bold titles and save it then a couple of days later it goes back to unedited

[9:00:55 PM Guest 10>

[9:01:06 PM stubsinc> ???????Can anybody do an auction in the chat area of their booths???????

[9:01:16 PM masonictreasures> yes

[9:01:18 PM witchesbritches> yes stubs they can

[9:01:21 PM Ziggy Zool>

[9:01:22 PM Renagade> Yes Stubs

[9:01:26 PM attheboutique> go to the BOP, and see info on pics

[9:01:32 PM> This is how my Talkshoe PRO chat looks

[9:01:45 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[9:01:48 PM booksbelow> ???? picture cropping ???

[9:01:50 PM katbarton> lol John...good one

[9:01:53 PM TheFuzzyLobster> stubs, Wally has some good info on that and has discussed this in past shows

[9:01:55 PM Guest 19> It's on the next up list... and getting a decent number of votes.

[9:01:57 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[9:02:01 PM Guest 19> It'll be in soon.

[9:02:03 PM] Guest 20 is logged into the chat

[9:02:08 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:02:11 PM nightgirl2> my gallery is overweight!

[9:02:18 PM Ziggy Zool> hey 19

[9:02:21 PM stubsinc> Thanks everyone

[9:02:24 PM TheFuzzyLobster> LOL! John... have an interesting computer

[9:02:28 PM booksbelow> thank you wally!


[9:02:34 PM] Pieper has left the chat

[9:02:45 PM Renagade> yes!

[9:02:57 PM Henrietta> zzz

[9:03:00 PM booksbelow> can we have option with full zoom out

[9:03:02 PM Guest 16> all you have to do is use the zoom out

[9:03:05 PM auctionwally> .

[9:03:12 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:03:15 PM oakIslandBoutique> That is an ugly chat box, John!!

[9:03:18 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[9:03:21 PM SofysChoice> .

[9:03:23 PM katbarton> .

[9:03:25 PM attheboutique> There is an image cropper on B to use, zoom in or out

[9:03:28 PM katbarton> way ugly

[9:03:30 PM Guest 19> You can zoom out and get the full image shown.

[9:03:33 PM Renagade> True...but the thumbnail is bad

[9:03:36 PM> Yeah, leave it to me to have the odd arse screen view

[9:03:38 PM Guest 19> Exactly.

[9:03:40 PM katbarton> lol

[9:03:42 PM booksbelow> yeah but looks crappy in thumbnail, and takes forever to zoom them out

[9:03:46 PM] Pieper is logged into the chat

[9:03:49 PM Henrietta> That is awful John

[9:03:52 PM SherAhnn> tall item always have white space beside them

[9:03:55 PM witchesbritches> it should default to be fully zoomed OUT

[9:03:58 PM TheFuzzyLobster> it's all the stormy weather in GA

[9:03:59 PM Renagade> I agree Roger

[9:04:03 PM Guest 20> granny7x here for the first time

[9:04:10 PM TheFuzzyLobster> Hi Granny

[9:04:13 PM attheboutique> That is how mine looks too John

[9:04:16 PM witchesbritches> Hi GranZ!

[9:04:18 PM SharsBoutique> welcome granny!

[9:04:20 PM Pieper> It is cold out there...just got kicked out - 51 when I relogged in

[9:04:23 PM Annapplebonanza> Hi granny

[9:04:26 PM Katskloset> looks like mine - is there a new one?

[9:04:27 PM SherAhnn> Hi Granny

[9:04:30 PM Pieper> Hi Granny

[9:04:33 PM Guest 19>

[9:04:35 PM booksbelow> default zoomed out, yes!

[9:04:37 PM attheboutique> Hey Granny, Welcome to the BB show!!!

[9:04:40 PM Guest 20> this is awesome

[9:04:43 PM TheFuzzyLobster> must be the Pro site you two...

[9:04:46 PM HereUntilSold> Man that looks rough, kick your computer on the side 3 times hard

[9:04:48 PM Henrietta> You use the image cropper to adjust your thumbnail but when a buyer clicks to zoom it comes up in its entirety

[9:04:50 PM Guest 19> There is no perfect answer, but each seller can decide what they want.

[9:04:53 PM auctionwally> .

[9:04:56 PM Guest 16> YES!!!!!

[9:04:59 PM booksbelow> they will still be same uniform size, just be able to see whole item

[9:05:01 PM Renagade> To the Larger sellers BOTH are important

[9:05:04 PM Katskloset> AACKKK are you a computer Tech IRL?

[9:05:21 PM Guest 20> thanks you guys

[9:05:24 PM SofysChoice> .

[9:05:27 PM Pieper> .

[9:05:29 PM] leas1locker is logged into the chat

[9:05:34 PM Katskloset> isn't that a song . . . . .

[9:05:36 PM Renagade> NO!!!!!!!

[9:05:38 PM witchesbritches> WOOT! I miss bizzy

[9:05:42 PM SherAhnn> Positive Attitude

[9:05:45 PM masonictreasures> for vinyl graphics and signs

[9:05:48 PM Renagade> ARGHHHH

[9:05:50 PM SofysChoice> I LOVED BIZZY!!!!!!!

[9:05:53 PM] Guest 11 has left the chat

[9:05:59 PM> I just don't get it, how does this happen to me

[9:06:02 PM Pieper> oh, right...super bowl

[9:06:04 PM Katskloset> ?

[9:06:06 PM Katskloset> what did we do now?

[9:06:09 PM Pieper> wouldn't that be wonderful?

[9:06:12 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[9:06:15 PM Guest 16> bizzy was a joke. TOOOOO many serious people in the forums

[9:06:18 PM masonictreasures> yae where is bizzy?

[9:06:20 PM Guest 19> Bizzy is like religion and politics :) Reasonable people see things different ways.. lol

[9:06:23 PM attheboutique> John, when I did pro it looked the same

[9:06:26 PM Renagade> John You is SPECIAL!

[9:06:28 PM Katskloset> I'm here now looks just like that

[9:06:31 PM Katskloset> except with colors!

[9:06:34 PM> but you know what...I am actually starting to LIKE it

[9:06:37 PM> OMG

[9:06:39 PM attheboutique> cart before the horse

[9:06:42 PM Ziggy Zool> I miss bizzy

[9:06:44 PM attheboutique> scary, John

[9:06:48 PM Renagade> ROFL

[9:06:51 PM Katskloset> John you is PITA

[9:06:54 PM Katskloset> :)

[9:06:57 PM> I am now starting to get it

[9:07:00 PM Pieper> .

[9:07:03 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:07:06 PM TheFuzzyLobster> Mark's got it right

[9:07:09 PM Katskloset> you'll like that you can see who is talking TO who

[9:07:11 PM katbarton> .

[9:07:14 PM katbarton> way step at time

[9:07:16 PM Steve1957> drink a beer John it gets better lol

[9:07:20 PM> Yeah, I was born a PITA

[9:07:22 PM masonictreasures> bizzy bizzy

[9:07:25 PM nightgirl2> Right on, Mark!

[9:07:28 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[9:07:31 PM HereUntilSold> I hope it isn't contaigous John

[9:07:34 PM Katskloset> we called my daughter that for years till she figured it out

[9:07:37 PM attheboutique> John, you missed it. We were chatting up your Breast Cancer charity auction :)

[9:07:39 PM Katskloset> "Our little PITA"

[9:07:42 PM Henrietta> My biggest beef when (as a buyer) you change view ( high to low or low to high)you revert to default items per page Can that be fixed with cookie ????

[9:07:45 PM Katskloset> she thougth it was short for Princess ;)

[9:07:48 PM masonictreasures> somebody could hack the superbowl

[9:07:51 PM TheFuzzyLobster> saw the tweets on that today Phaedra, looked good

[9:07:54 PM Guest 14> I miss bizzy too. Fun is nice!!!

[9:08:05 PM Guest 19> Guest 16: What's yr Bonanzle identity?

[9:08:16 PM Renagade> Fun YES Bizzy ...NO!

[9:08:19 PM Katskloset> so Twitter is fine for all ya'll ? It HATES me today

[9:08:22 PM> Aw mad I missed it, but I got more info, cause I need some input on this thing now

[9:08:26 PM SherAhnn> Keep Integrity

[9:08:29 PM TheFuzzyLobster> hairball can work sometimes... :)

[9:08:33 PM Katskloset> TweetDeck is useless

[9:08:36 PM Pieper> .

[9:08:40 PM attheboutique> Remember, Brainstorming is vieing for o ne of those shirt days, hit the donate button and help up us out,

[9:08:43 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:08:47 PM katbarton> Kat?? you don't like tweet deck?

[9:08:50 PM attheboutique>

[9:08:56 PM Katskloset> LOVE it but it is killing me today

[9:09:00 PM> REALLY?!? OMG, thank you guys!

[9:09:03 PM SherAhnn> I dont want bells and whistles just a good search engine

[9:09:06 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[9:09:08 PM Katskloset> will NOT update but once every two hours or so

[9:09:12 PM attheboutique> also, seperately, we have 4 Bonanzlers working to get a Bonanzle shirt paid for too

[9:09:14 PM attheboutique> woot woot!!!

[9:09:17 PM HereUntilSold> Hey John, Do you still have one of those $1oo shirts available?

[9:09:27 PM katbarton> ?????????????Define difference between simplicity and much fun?? :)

[9:09:30 PM SofysChoice> We are vibrant aren't we ! LOL :)

[9:09:32 PM Pieper> .

[9:09:36 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:09:38 PM nightgirl2> They don't sleep! That'a how!

[9:09:42 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[9:09:49 PM SherAhnn> Right Wally... like aol..dont need 20 ways to close a file

[9:09:52 PM Henrietta> SherAhn what is wrong with the search? I have no trouble finding stuff to buy

[9:09:55 PM Renagade> No flash...No Bells...No Whistle!

[9:10:00 PM> I have 5 major shirt slots left ... ONLY 5 left!

[9:10:03 PM katbarton> lol..wally

[9:10:07 PM] Peggy Duncan is logged into the chat

[9:10:23 PM> So 3 of them sold this morning on Dave's show

[9:10:27 PM Pieper> I don't either Henrietta

[9:10:30 PM Renagade> One is for Brainstorming! Save it John!

[9:10:33 PM SherAhnn> cant to a detailed search Henrietta like beaded comes up with beads not beaded items

[9:10:36 PM mistycreekwest> Absolutely right, Wally

[9:10:38 PM] witchesbritches has left the chat

[9:10:43 PM] witchesbritches is logged into the chat

[9:10:50 PM] attheboutique has left the chat

[9:10:54 PM] attheboutique is logged into the chat

[9:10:58 PM Katskloset> I"D BUY 10 and become a distributor

[9:11:02 PM HereUntilSold> 100 each right?

[9:11:06 PM> And of course 1 of them was dave saying DONT wear his shirt, LMAO

[9:11:09 PM katbarton> When you need the money on that phaedra? ??? For shirt???

[9:11:12 PM Ziggy Zool>

[9:11:15 PM Ziggy Zool>

[9:11:18 PM Renagade> yes Kat!

[9:11:20 PM masonictreasures> amen

[9:11:23 PM witchesbritches> dang it got booted :(

[9:11:27 PM SherAhnn> I searched crocheted...NOT crochet and got tons of crochet instructions and supplies

[9:11:30 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[9:11:33 PM SherAhnn> wanted finished crocheted items not supplies

[9:11:35 PM Steve1957> .

[9:11:39 PM Pieper> glad you got back witches

[9:11:42 PM> $100 for each day out of the 7

[9:11:45 PM witchesbritches> TY

[9:11:48 PM Renagade> You get that from Google too Sher...

[9:11:51 PM SherAhnn> went through 50 pages if instructions before I found a crocheted item

[9:11:54 PM] Guest 21 is logged into the chat

[9:11:59 PM] EclecticAve has left the chat

[9:12:04 PM HereUntilSold> Reserve me one, I will send payment tomorrow.

[9:12:08 PM SofysChoice> .

[9:12:10 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[9:12:14 PM Pieper> .

[9:12:17 PM witchesbritches> AMEN PHAEDRA!

[9:12:20 PM SherAhnn> did not seach "crochet" searched the word "crocheted"

[9:12:24 PM> Send email to

[9:12:33 PM katbarton> Amen

[9:12:40 PM Pieper> .

[9:12:46 PM HereUntilSold> I just need 1 day .

[9:12:49 PM attheboutique> We have two coming John, sending paypal later today

[9:12:57 PM SherAhnn> same with "beaded" not "beads"

[9:13:00 PM attheboutique> sorry lost chat, had to come back again

[9:13:05 PM katbarton> when you want money phaedra?????

[9:13:08 PM Henrietta> try hand crochet

[9:13:12 PM Pieper> .

[9:13:15 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:13:37 PM SherAhnn> some items are listed as crocheted shawl or crocheted doily

[9:13:40 PM Henrietta> all searches have quirks and I am not sure how many can conjugate verbs

[9:13:44 PM> Please send emails to and then I will have to send Paypal PP account will NOT allow sends without requests

[9:13:46 PM] attheboutique has left the chat

[9:13:51 PM] attheboutique is logged into the chat

[9:13:58 PM SherAhnn> cant get those

[9:14:01 PM Guest 19> Phaedra: Shipping price is on packing slip... you wanted it in a diff order?

[9:14:04 PM attheboutique> okay who is pushign the spa lady out??

[9:14:07 PM Woadieland> while I"m learning the "new" method - I'm NOT listing

[9:14:10 PM katbarton> lol...

[9:14:13 PM> Plus we have to keep these donations seperate, THANKS GUYS

[9:14:16 PM Annapplebonanza> But, many of their clients are young and learn quick, their target market.

[9:14:19 PM Katskloset> yup

[9:14:22 PM Guest 10> Nacho man #19?

[9:14:25 PM Guest 14> Amen Wally

[9:14:28 PM attheboutique> I want the actual shipping paid to show on packign slip, not original amount before combined discounts

[9:14:31 PM Pieper> oh, Phaedra...we didn't recognize you in your goggles and lab coat

[9:14:34 PM Renagade> Actual Shipping cost,,,,

[9:14:46 PM Katskloset> WALLY - that is the exact point!

[9:14:50 PM SofysChoice> lol

[9:14:52 PM Katskloset> excellent

[9:14:56 PM Henrietta> 2000+ hand crochet. 800+ machine crochet

[9:14:59 PM SharsBoutique> lol Pieper

[9:15:12 PM Pieper> Don't you think she'd look cute dressed like that?

[9:15:19 PM SherAhnn> simplicity is fine if you can find items..but my customers use seach and get crazy stuff

[9:15:29 PM Guest 19> Does the actual shipping paid show on the offer itself? Is that even known by Bonanzle?

[9:15:33 PM TheFuzzyLobster> yes, Wally... in NH too, antiques folks are kicking and screaming from the B & M

[9:15:36 PM witchesbritches>

[9:15:39 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:15:42 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[9:15:46 PM Henrietta> MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[9:15:49 PM SherAhnn> I searched Disney and got ZZtop albums

[9:15:52 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> John want to talk

[9:15:55 PM Katskloset> girls, girls

[9:15:58 PM Pieper> it's those goggles and lab caot

[9:16:01 PM Pieper> coat

[9:16:04 PM Pieper> .

[9:16:07 PM HereUntilSold> I just emailed you John, send a paypal request to me and I will send payment tomorrow. Thanks

[9:16:11 PM SherAhnn> Duhhhhh

[9:16:14 PM katbarton> piper...quit that

[9:16:17 PM Pieper> lol

[9:16:20 PM auctionwally> .

[9:16:23 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:16:28 PM> Henriette said I was gonna strip! NOT!!!

[9:16:33 PM Pieper> awesome tools available

[9:16:36 PM katbarton> ty Ren...

[9:16:39 PM Pieper> Oh, JOhn...come on...

[9:16:43 PM Pieper> us older girls need a treat

[9:16:48 PM] attheboutique has left the chat

[9:16:54 PM] attheboutique is logged into the chat

[9:17:00 PM katbarton> lol..piper

[9:17:02 PM Pieper> :)

[9:17:06 PM auctionwally> .

[9:17:09 PM kenoticket> can we set the amount of items in our booth to 100 permanently. many buyers don't go past the first page.

[9:17:12 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:17:15 PM katbarton> looky you kicked her out again

[9:17:18 PM> I will send you a Pp request later this evening, THANK YOU!

[9:17:21 PM Pieper> .

[9:17:25 PM] oldsaltsailor has left the chat

[9:17:31 PM attheboutique> back, yet again!

[9:17:34 PM masonictreasures> whoo hoo

[9:17:38 PM Katskloset> we just want the AB shot, man

[9:17:41 PM Katskloset> be nice

[9:17:44 PM Pieper> LOL kats

[9:17:47 PM booksbelow> is twitter driving traffic next best after google?

[9:17:50 PM attheboutique> John, I need to pay for two, can I use google checkout?

[9:17:57 PM Renagade> THREE foot rule!

[9:18:00 PM nightgirl2> yep! Google Base!

[9:18:04 PM Pieper> oh, goody...a break....

[9:18:12 PM SherAhnn> Yeh my customers come in but dont stay

[9:18:16 PM TheFuzzyLobster> LOL Ren! where do you hang out ... :)

[9:18:19 PM attheboutique> If you do nothing else, do google base

[9:18:21 PM katbarton> ?????HEY SPA LADY<>

[9:18:26 PM katbarton> lol

[9:18:29 PM attheboutique> Now!!! gypsy lady@! lol

[9:18:32 PM Pieper> step away from that bathroom family...

[9:18:35 PM nightgirl2> word of Big Mouth!

[9:18:38 PM katbarton> now??

[9:18:41 PM TheFuzzyLobster>

[9:18:45 PM motorheadbooks>

[9:18:47 PM Renagade> I need a another Drink...

[9:18:51 PM Guest 14> http://www, Earth Friendly People Friendly

[9:18:54 PM katbarton> sheesh...hmm cover me till I go to bank

[9:18:57 PM witchesbritches>

[9:19:00 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[9:19:04 PM Renagade> Thanks for the answer Mark!

[9:19:07 PM auctionwally> .

[9:19:10 PM> Yeah, GYPSIES

[9:19:13 PM katbarton> :)

[9:19:17 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:19:20 PM katbarton> Just hope I never fall off the wagon

[9:19:23 PM booksbelow> Thanks for your time, Mark. Know how busy you are.

[9:19:26 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[9:19:30 PM Henrietta> Too early here I would DUI feeding sheep

[9:19:33 PM] attheboutique has left the chat

[9:19:38 PM] attheboutique is logged into the chat

[9:19:45 PM TheFuzzyLobster> Nice booth Kat!'

[9:19:49 PM katbarton> ty fuzzy

[9:19:51 PM attheboutique>

[9:19:55 PM SherAhnn> I think I am on IGNORE but that is not

[9:19:58 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> Thank You Mark very Informative

[9:20:00 PM Guest 20> is that is?? what now??

[9:20:03 PM SofysChoice>

[9:20:08 PM attheboutique>

[9:20:10 PM Guest 20> I;m new here

[9:20:14 PM] Guest 19 has left the chat

[9:20:19 PM attheboutique> Welcome guest 20

[9:20:23 PM Guest 10> This chat room is so entertaining!!!

[9:20:25 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:20:28 PM] Guest 22 is logged into the chat

[9:20:34 PM auctionwally> .

[9:20:37 PM Katskloset> half the fun

[9:20:40 PM katbarton> lol..kats

[9:20:42 PM] Woadieland has left the chat

[9:20:49 PM Guest 20>

[9:20:51 PM attheboutique> Yes, when it is not jammed up on me, or Pieper is not pushing me out! lol

[9:20:56 PM TheFuzzyLobster> Am already working with Phaerda on consultation... recommend her!

[9:20:58 PM attheboutique> Thank you so much, Rose!

[9:21:01 PM SofysChoice> Hi Bill! :)

[9:21:05 PM Guest 20> hi at the boutique its me granny

[9:21:08 PM katbarton> she is wonderful! goooo girl!

[9:21:12 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles>

[9:21:14 PM Guest 20> granny 7x that is

[9:21:17 PM Pieper> .

[9:21:21 PM Guest 14> http://www.bonanzle/booths/Time-4-More

[9:21:23 PM Guest 21> Why come to bonanzle? too much time having to promote their site, that's not simple, too much drama there.

[9:21:28 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:21:30 PM TheFuzzyLobster> I should say Bonanzle consultation she does BOTH spa and Bonanzle consults :)

[9:21:33 PM Henrietta> SherAhn just searched eBay for crocheted title only, first 5, 4 do not have crocheted in title but crochet go figgah

[9:21:37 PM> Yeah BABY!!!

[9:21:41 PM Renagade> The Sexy Billboard!!!

[9:21:44 PM Katskloset> Chest for SALE

[9:21:48 PM Renagade> Pamper ME!!

[9:21:51 PM attheboutique> Picture this! John, large and in charge "Pamper Me" on front of shirt

[9:21:55 PM katbarton> I want a tattoo on his chest how much that cost??? LOL

[9:22:05 PM Pieper> utube video utube video utube video

[9:22:09 PM> Yeah...pamper me baby

[9:22:14 PM TheFuzzyLobster> it's a community guest 21... a lot of cross promo from other vendors

[9:22:19 PM SherAhnn> ok Henrietta how would you find them then?

[9:22:23 PM katbarton> ROFL...

[9:22:26 PM SherAhnn> I dont want to search the craft category cause items are in other categories

[9:22:29 PM] kenoticket has left the chat

[9:22:36 PM TheFuzzyLobster> KAT! :)

[9:22:39 PM Henrietta> I think he is pretty private about his chest generally

[9:22:42 PM attheboutique>

[9:22:46 PM katbarton> :)

[9:22:50 PM TheFuzzyLobster> how private can he be... is auctioning off...

[9:22:53 PM Pieper> .

[9:22:57 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> he said no bodys is seeing his fat

[9:23:00 PM katbarton> lol

[9:23:04 PM Renagade> .

[9:23:07 PM TheFuzzyLobster> lol

[9:23:10 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:23:14 PM TheFuzzyLobster> details!!

[9:23:17 PM SofysChoice> lol

[9:23:24 PM Pieper> Maybe he would like a lime-headed kitty

[9:23:30 PM attheboutique> starts Monday April 27th on Ebay, Auction for a t-shirt for your logo, John wears during Pesa/Ecmta

[9:23:45 PM Henrietta> @SherAhn I just made 3 searches 2 on Bonz on on eBay, hand crochet works for items

[9:23:53 PM TheFuzzyLobster> I've love to see John in your avitar.. that would be funny

[9:23:58 PM SofysChoice> Get the hormones under control Pieper

[9:24:02 PM Henrietta> so does machine crochet

[9:24:09 PM attheboutique> colderICE awards coming

[9:24:17 PM Pieper> Well, don't you think the limehead would look good on a tee shirt?

[9:24:27 PM witchesbritches> hmm

[9:24:31 PM TheFuzzyLobster> nice John! Thank you for doing this!

[9:24:36 PM katbarton> excellent

[9:24:43 PM Guest 20> I dont understan why the shirt is being auctioned on ebay

[9:24:47 PM SofysChoice> Nope sofyblu2 would be better

[9:24:58 PM Pieper> one on the back, one on the front

[9:25:02 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[9:25:06 PM] kenoticket is logged into the chat

[9:25:12 PM Renagade> got the Juice to do it!

[9:25:23 PM TheFuzzyLobster> John has eBay site

[9:25:27 PM Guest 22> I'm not sure if that's legal?

[9:25:31 PM] ibbysjewels has left the chat

[9:25:37 PM TheFuzzyLobster> that's why... long time seller

[9:25:44 PM SherAhnn> Charity Auctions ??/

[9:26:02 PM Pieper> John....I don't think so!

[9:26:27 PM Ziggy Zool> /

[9:26:30 PM booksbelow> Can you sell a message on the back also?

[9:26:33 PM katbarton> rofl..oh sheesh

[9:26:37 PM Pieper> .

[9:26:42 PM Renagade> ???? Could you not use the Donate Button on BrainstormBonanzle or put one on Bonanzle up???

[9:26:46 PM jinx_stuff> think it should be a comp between EBAY AND bonanzle --- 2 shirts

[9:26:50 PM HereUntilSold> Thanks Mark

[9:26:53 PM SofysChoice> .

[9:26:57 PM Pieper> awesome idea

[9:27:00 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:27:04 PM TheFuzzyLobster> auction off the shirt

[9:27:07 PM Katskloset> wally, you are GOOOD

[9:27:11 PM Renagade> AUTOGRAPH

[9:27:14 PM Henrietta> Auction shirt at Bonanzle Up for st Jude John

[9:27:18 PM katbarton> ewww yeah!

[9:27:21 PM TheFuzzyLobster> good idea Henrietta

[9:27:24 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[9:27:28 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:27:31 PM Renagade> All Autograph on the Back of shirt

[9:27:35 PM Katskloset> I think you should auction the Bonanzle shirt on that 'other' place, LOL

[9:27:39 PM katbarton> ya ya...way cool..

[9:27:42 PM masonictreasures> ta ta cool

[9:27:46 PM TheFuzzyLobster> nice Phaedra!!

[9:27:50 PM TheFuzzyLobster> and Wally!

[9:27:54 PM Henrietta> @ colderICE Auction shirt at Bonanzle Up for st Jude John

[9:27:59 PM SherAhnn> Aren't there rules for Charity Auctions that you have to prove that the proceeds go to the Charity ?

[9:28:03 PM TheFuzzyLobster> can do site like St Jude charity auction

[9:28:07 PM katbarton> ????????OK, I have a antique or collectible to John.??????

[9:28:11 PM Katskloset> only on the other place, I think

[9:28:15 PM TheFuzzyLobster> me too Wally

[9:28:22 PM masonictreasures> reauction at wallys

[9:28:26 PM booksbelow> I will donate item for auction, wally.

[9:28:29 PM Renagade> John CAN Prove it Sher

[9:28:33 PM attheboutique> John is all registered up and approved just as I am with St. Judes

[9:28:36 PM] ibbysjewels is logged into the chat

[9:28:42 PM SherAhnn> You have to have some kind of contract with the specific Charity

[9:28:47 PM katbarton> me too mee too!!

[9:28:51 PM Pieper> I will donate an item as well

[9:28:55 PM Renagade> He Has the contract]

[9:28:58 PM> Awesome IDEA guys, thank

[9:29:02 PM auctionwally> .

[9:29:06 PM] Guest 6 has left the chat

[9:29:13 PM TheFuzzyLobster> and have an item still for st jude's Phaedra... need to get sent to Bobbi

[9:29:17 PM Katskloset> I'll give a DANCING DNA set

[9:29:20 PM Henrietta> John you better blog where you want donations?

[9:29:24 PM SherAhnn> ohh Ok.. I am registered with some Rescue Org.

[9:29:28 PM attheboutique>

[9:29:31 PM Pieper> .

[9:29:35 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:29:38 PM SherAhnn> So that proceeds go to them

[9:29:44 PM Steve1957> John I will ghive your top spot on my web page too help promote the upcoming auction

[9:29:48 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[9:29:52 PM Katskloset> Cure it for our next generation

[9:29:56 PM attheboutique> Yes, all proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research

[9:29:59 PM Katskloset> my granddaughter is 3

[9:30:03 PM> Yeah, thank you STEVE!

[9:30:06 PM masonictreasures> save the ta tas

[9:30:11 PM> Thanks Henrietta

[9:30:15 PM Renagade> to Cabinfever...she does something like that

[9:30:18 PM Katskloset> or the Facebook Group

[9:30:22 PM Katskloset> Feel your Boobies

[9:30:26 PM> And if I missed any chats, I am sorry

[9:30:29 PM SofysChoice> .

[9:30:33 PM SherAhnn> masonic: :)

[9:30:37 PM Katskloset> that's the Breast Cancer Group on Facebook

[9:30:41 PM TheFuzzyLobster> pay it forward

[9:30:45 PM attheboutique> I did a page for John's cause on the wet paint site he created for Bonanzle too

[9:30:49 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[9:30:53 PM booksbelow> are you going to disconnect phone again, john?

[9:30:57 PM Pieper> So, Phaedra, will you post about this so we know what's going on - when the auction is, etc.?

[9:31:01 PM Renagade> Kats...just spit my drink!

[9:31:05 PM SherAhnn> Yes Ren I do the National Dachund Rescue

[9:31:11 PM Ziggy Zool> men get breast cancer too

[9:31:15 PM Pieper> even in goggles and lab coat - she's cute

[9:31:19 PM stubsinc> :)

[9:31:23 PM TheFuzzyLobster> Phaedra rocks!!

[9:31:27 PM SherAhnn> and the Colo Dauchund Rescue group

[9:31:31 PM attheboutique> I sure will,

[9:31:34 PM Henrietta> the auction is on eBay?

[9:31:37 PM HereUntilSold> You should try for $5000 john, I really think you could do it.

[9:31:42 PM Renagade> Cool!!

[9:31:46 PM witchesbritches> nifty!!

[9:31:50 PM Pieper> it's our pleasure

[9:31:55 PM Katskloset> and will end on Bonanzle I think?

[9:32:01 PM Ziggy Zool> it's all about giving back

[9:32:05 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> Henrietta starts on ebay finishes on Bonanzle

[9:32:10 PM TheFuzzyLobster> night John

[9:32:13 PM Pieper> .

[9:32:17 PM Renagade> Cabin..she has a book she sells for charity

[9:32:22 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:32:25 PM Steve1957> it's Team work

[9:32:28 PM Katskloset> It's actually a 'cause' on Facebook

[9:32:32 PM katbarton> night John, thank you

[9:32:35 PM Henrietta> I am so confoozed

[9:32:40 PM Guest 21> Sounds like folks on here want to turn something good, colder is doing into a promotion for bonanzle, that is just degrading.

[9:32:43 PM Katskloset> and my FAVORITE cure Breast Cancer shirt?

[9:32:47 PM Henrietta> we say eBay all the tyime

[9:32:50 PM Renagade> O-bay-e-bay

[9:32:54 PM Katskloset> on a toddler age girl, "Cure Breast Cancer before I get Boobies"

[9:32:58 PM SherAhnn> I dont need to contact all set up to do it.

[9:33:02 PM> Thank YOU all. I will be reviewing the chat for all your comment later

[9:33:05 PM] childlikeempress has left the chat

[9:33:12 PM Katskloset> we all lov you John

[9:33:17 PM Renagade> Luv to ya big guy!

[9:33:20 PM attheboutique>

[9:33:23 PM attheboutique> There it is, I think

[9:33:28 PM> once they post up cause all the left to right is making me dizzy, LMAO

[9:33:32 PM Pieper> Guest 21 - you don't know anything about us apparently - couldn't be further from the truth

[9:33:35 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[9:33:39 PM Pieper> .

[9:33:44 PM Renagade> Good excuse John

[9:33:47 PM> Phaedra please send me the link when you guys post it

[9:33:51 PM attheboutique> Excellent Bonanzlers want to support the cause for Breast Cancer

[9:33:54 PM TheFuzzyLobster> THANK YOU PIEPER! Was going to say something, but didn't want to start anything

[9:33:59 PM booksbelow> guest 21 - promotion is how to raise more money!

[9:34:03 PM attheboutique> sure will, John

[9:34:06 PM Steve1957> John gives so much, time too give some back.

[9:34:11 PM] leas1locker has left the chat

[9:34:18 PM Pieper> LOL fuzzy...I don't usually, but really!

[9:34:22 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:34:25 PM Guest 21> your making jokes about breast cancer that is sick

[9:34:30 PM attheboutique> Take a look there too , John

[9:34:33 PM Renagade> C?????an Walt do an Auction for Bonanzle items for the cause?????

[9:34:37 PM TheFuzzyLobster> I know.. I know...

[9:34:41 PM SherAhnn> Bashing Ebay is nnot good Integrity

[9:34:44 PM witchesbritches> wow!

[9:34:48 PM Katskloset> I think the 'other place' is ajoke on how eBay won't allow us to use the name of any other

[9:34:52 PM masonictreasures> thats right wally bonanzle rules!

[9:34:56 PM nightgirl2> ebay will kill itself!

[9:35:00 PM Katskloset> so we joke by calling eBay 'the other place' when we are here

[9:35:03 PM masonictreasures> ebay is dieing

[9:35:07 PM Henrietta> Bay washed as in brain washed

[9:35:17 PM Katskloset> time will tell . . . . .

[9:35:21 PM SofysChoice> So id Mark is still here??? :)

[9:35:25 PM attheboutique> Is citychic in chat this evening?

[9:35:29 PM Katskloset> he is on phone

[9:35:33 PM Katskloset> I think

[9:35:37 PM TheFuzzyLobster> very true Wally... networking is just that...

[9:35:41 PM attheboutique> yes, Mark is still on line, getting back to it in just a bit

[9:35:45 PM Pieper> No, I guess she didn't make it

[9:35:48 PM Guest 10> yes still here

[9:35:52 PM Ziggy Zool> very good wally

[9:35:56 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:36:00 PM Pieper> Mark is Guest 10

[9:36:04 PM SherAhnn> Lets show people that Bonanzle is above bashing other sites

[9:36:08 PM booksbelow> wally waxing philosophical

[9:36:11 PM> Thanks MARK, he is da man

[9:36:14 PM SharsBoutique> Haven't seen citychic.

[9:36:18 PM witchesbritches> I would still like to know what the max capacity for a booth is please

[9:36:23 PM Renagade> good!

[9:36:26 PM masonictreasures> thats right

[9:36:31 PM SherAhnn> Stay Professional

[9:36:35 PM Pieper> There are 51 here witches, last count

[9:36:38 PM Renagade> OHHHHHH

[9:36:42 PM Ziggy Zool> ditto witches britches

[9:36:45 PM Katskloset> mark, you REALLY shouldn't have said that

[9:36:50 PM Pieper> so, at least 51

[9:36:53 PM Katskloset> uh - oh

[9:36:58 PM witchesbritches> for the bonanzle booth Pieper

[9:37:02 PM TheFuzzyLobster> :) BB Pieper!

[9:37:06 PM attheboutique> got it witches!

[9:37:09 PM Guest 20> withches I'm so sorry I missed your bonanza last night

[9:37:12 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> Great Show Walt and Phaedra

[9:37:18 PM witchesbritches> thanks Phaedra

[9:37:21 PM attheboutique> Thank you, enngga

[9:37:26 PM booksbelow> ???Have things eased up for you now with three on the team????

[9:37:29 PM] katbarton has left the chat

[9:37:35 PM] Peggy Duncan has left the chat

[9:37:44 PM witchesbritches> people got locked out of my bonanza last night

[9:37:47 PM Guest 21> Bonanzle has spent a year bashing ebay on every blog, why stop now.

[9:37:51 PM witchesbritches> they couldnt get in

[9:37:55 PM nightgirl2> did he say "so vanilla?"

[9:37:58 PM witchesbritches> OY!

[9:38:03 PM Guest 20> yes he did

[9:38:06 PM] katbarton is logged into the chat

[9:38:14 PM attheboutique> yes, he did, ohhhh I can dig deeper on that comment

[9:38:18 PM Renagade> ????What is the one thing that PO's Mark off???

[9:38:21 PM] has hung up

[9:38:27 PM HereUntilSold> is donahoe guset 21?

[9:38:31 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[9:38:36 PM Guest 20> what does that mean

[9:38:40 PM katbarton> lol...

[9:38:43 PM Pieper> Pictures of him with glasses and a mustache?

[9:38:48 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:38:52 PM kenoticket> lol

[9:38:55 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[9:39:01 PM Henrietta> Guest 21 that would be hard, Bonanzle launched in September

[9:39:04 PM SherAhnn> I think negative comments PO's Mark the most

[9:39:09 PM HereUntilSold> diggin had 32 in their booth last week

[9:39:12 PM Renagade> I would think so...

[9:39:16 PM Pieper> Never...sometimes we go to sleep though

[9:39:20 PM Henrietta> I AM THE eBAY BASHER on redINKDiary and I am NOT Bonanzle

[9:39:25 PM nightgirl2> Guest21 ~ we love Bonanzle, so scoot on outta here!

[9:39:28 PM SherAhnn> Sometimes we dont show in the chat list.

[9:39:32 PM Guest 21> Thought it was two years old

[9:39:35 PM Guest 14> @ guest 21 Generalization. Some have bashed a lot some not at all....

[9:39:39 PM masonictreasures> you go night girl

[9:39:42 PM katbarton> ??????????????I GOT HARD ONE??????????? Can we have press at Seattle meet up?????

[9:39:47 PM HereUntilSold> now thats mean

[9:39:51 PM Renagade> nightgirllllll

[9:39:54 PM witchesbritches> if guest 21 had any b**** they'd come in here without a mask on!

[9:40:00 PM katbarton> :)

[9:40:03 PM attheboutique> no, we are not where we came from, guest 21 may stay

[9:40:07 PM SherAhnn> But we are in there and chatting

[9:40:10 PM Guest 20> what happened

[9:40:14 PM> Henrietta has made a new carrier out of whip arse on eBay, LOL

[9:40:19 PM] Annapplebonanza has left the chat

[9:40:25 PM TheFuzzyLobster> wrong site. do your homework before you come to cause trouble 21

[9:40:30 PM attheboutique> witches, others, please we do not bash

[9:40:35 PM HereUntilSold> gust 21 should be allowed to speak

[9:40:38 PM Renagade> witches....

[9:40:41 PM Renagade> Fuzzy...

[9:40:45 PM Henrietta> witches lets not discriminate 21 my be of the non testosterone gender

[9:40:51 PM attheboutique> May we please continue? :)

[9:40:54 PM witchesbritches> LOL!!

[9:40:59 PM Pieper> Unregistered guests can't ask questions unless they register

[9:41:02 PM Henrietta> Wanna speak, sign in with ID

[9:41:06 PM katbarton> ????????????????PHAEDRA???? GOT MY QUESTION???? LOOK UP

[9:41:11 PM Guest 21> home work done look it up its two years old this past Jan.

[9:41:19 PM attheboutique> We do not take questions from unregistered guest

[9:41:22 PM nightgirl2> You guys are way too nice!

[9:41:30 PM witchesbritches> thats what Im sayin

[9:41:33 PM Steve1957> When I offer top spot for John on my site, that means his ebay auction will be promoted, not anything too do with Bonanzle.

[9:41:36 PM booksbelow> The chats are great, allows the evolution of things like your auctions

[9:41:42 PM Renagade> Kat...Call the Press...get them there....

[9:41:45 PM Pieper> Kat - you need to do a utube video for us

[9:41:50 PM TheFuzzyLobster> premium rocks Wally!

[9:41:53 PM TheFuzzyLobster> there are a lot of extras with Premium

[9:41:56 PM katbarton> lol..Ren..I want phaedra to ask him

[9:42:02 PM katbarton> We are going too

[9:42:05 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:42:11 PM attheboutique> we will have video from Seattle Up, I have to, I am representing BB show :)

[9:42:14 PM Pieper> .

[9:42:19 PM Renagade> good deal...a press release is needed too

[9:42:23 PM katbarton> ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

[9:42:27 PM auctionwally> .

[9:42:31 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:42:35 PM attheboutique> I got the question, Katb, just give me time here, lol

[9:42:39 PM SharsBoutique> Happy to be a Premier member! :)

[9:42:43 PM Renagade> .

[9:42:47 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[9:42:52 PM Pieper> oh, cool, Phae

[9:42:56 PM katbarton> lol..kk

[9:43:00 PM oakIslandBoutique> ..

[9:43:04 PM Guest 22> Phae: Take a look at the packing slip when the show is over. :)

[9:43:08 PM nightgirl2> mark is wingin it!

[9:43:12 PM Renagade> Good deal on the Packing slip!

[9:43:17 PM Guest 20> hes doing pretty good too

[9:43:21 PM> Press, we need press, LOL OK great idea

[9:43:25 PM Renagade> Thanks!

[9:43:29 PM masonictreasures> for all your graphics

[9:43:46 PM masonictreasures> how about the today show?

[9:43:54 PM katbarton> lol..John, I gonna call em anyway...tell him that Phaedra

[9:43:58 PM Pieper> .

[9:44:02 PM Guest 10> Phaedra explains it sooooo much better ;)

[9:44:07 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:44:13 PM booksbelow> I think the best feature of either top tier is the ability to order your items how you want in your booth

[9:44:18 PM Pieper> I like that too booksbelow

[9:44:23 PM mistycreekwest> LOVE GA!

[9:44:27 PM katbarton> it is preetyy..ohhh awww

[9:44:33 PM] SofysChoice has left the chat

[9:44:43 PM nightgirl2> Phaedra is always prepared!

[9:44:48 PM Renagade> Yes..I am STILL working on that! Got it half done

[9:44:53 PM] Guest 14 has left the chat

[9:45:01 PM Steve1957> Mark!!!!! You need too put Phaedra on the pay roll lol

[9:45:06 PM Guest 20> shes a genius

[9:45:08 PM attheboutique> lol, Mark

[9:45:14 PM Pieper> Yes, that helped a lot Wally

[9:45:18 PM Guest 20> yeah he should

[9:45:21 PM attheboutique> no thank you, I prefer to be an independent

[9:45:26 PM attheboutique> :)

[9:45:30 PM Guest 20> she saved his

[9:45:33 PM masonictreasures> ooohhh got one

[9:45:38 PM attheboutique> lol

[9:45:43 PM Pieper> Bet he'd let you wear those goggles though

[9:45:46 PM] Guest 23 is logged into the chat

[9:45:53 PM HereUntilSold> <<<>

[9:45:58 PM stubsinc> .

[9:46:01 PM] Katskloset has left the chat

[9:46:07 PM Renagade> .

[9:46:14 PM Pieper> .

[9:46:18 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:46:22 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[9:46:26 PM Pieper> I sold one of my items from being featured there

[9:46:31 PM> Phaedra is a work-a-holic, she has to be to keep up with Walt

[9:46:35 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[9:46:39 PM Pieper> second day it was on there

[9:46:44 PM ibbysjewels> .

[9:46:48 PM Renagade> Shame shame

[9:46:52 PM Pieper> .

[9:46:56 PM SherAhnn> Sme here phaedra.. had one in travel

[9:47:00 PM Renagade> .

[9:47:04 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:47:09 PM Henrietta> .

[9:47:13 PM SherAhnn> cause that didnt have much

[9:47:18 PM Guest 20> how do you get to talk

[9:47:23 PM Renagade> sound losing it

[9:47:29 PM Guest 16> call in

[9:47:36 PM Renagade> Must be regestered

[9:47:41 PM Guest 20> wow I;m a genius...oh okay

[9:47:45 PM SharsBoutique> Seller's Picks - love it!

[9:47:55 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[9:47:59 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:48:03 PM Pieper> .

[9:48:08 PM Guest 21> It is sort of funny you guys built the site for Bonanzle and now they are going to stick it to you in premium fess.

[9:48:12 PM SherAhnn> seems like the new items show up first in seach and the older items get buried

[9:48:17 PM auctionwally> .

[9:48:21 PM SharsBoutique> Lots of extras!

[9:48:26 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:48:30 PM Pieper> Which makes it easier to do hand-picked lists too...look for premier items on the left!

[9:48:34 PM Renagade> Audio fading in and out for me

[9:48:39 PM Guest 20> more people in here than any other

[9:48:43 PM Renagade> /

[9:48:48 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[9:48:53 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:48:56 PM mistycreekwest> The memberships are completely optional and the costs are very reasonable.

[9:49:02 PM Henrietta> depends on how you specify your search sherAhn

[9:49:06 PM Guest 20> i lost sound for a minute at one point

[9:49:10 PM HereUntilSold> Sticking is not so bad, I got REEMED at eBay.

[9:49:15 PM SherAhnn> I like to put the "under-dog" in hand picked list and give them some exposure.

[9:49:19 PM Pieper> .

[9:49:23 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[9:49:28 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:49:32 PM Henrietta> You are buying additional seller tools with your 'membership'

[9:49:37 PM katbarton> until sold

[9:49:41 PM Renagade> .

[9:49:46 PM Guest 16> I like Oshun's soaps

[9:49:50 PM Pieper> Yes, SherAhnn, but some premier items or plus items are nice too -- especially for the front page

[9:49:54 PM Renagade> True Henrietta

[9:49:59 PM jamie2258> .

[9:50:03 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[9:50:07 PM witchesbritches>

[9:50:12 PM Pieper> .

[9:50:16 PM Renagade> .

[9:50:21 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:50:25 PM Ziggy Zool> very cool phae

[9:50:37 PM SherAhnn> I still love the Inventory List much easier to track my items

[9:50:59 PM Pieper> .

[9:51:03 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:51:08 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[9:51:12 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[9:51:17 PM Steve1957> .

[9:51:21 PM witchesbritches> sweet, I'm off to buy a premier membership and eat dinner! WOOT! Nite all!

[9:51:25 PM Henrietta> I like to mix from high dollar to very low, my choices have to have good pix and clean listings

[9:51:30 PM attheboutique> agreed, SherAnn, I can now know which oil warmers I have listed and which I need to list

[9:51:35 PM Pieper>

[9:51:39 PM Ziggy Zool> nite britches

[9:51:44 PM attheboutique> and which to reorder

[9:51:49 PM] witchesbritches has left the chat

[9:51:57 PM Henrietta> I used to email sellers but got so much hostility I don't anymore

[9:52:02 PM Pieper> Me, too, Henrietta - I just love doing those lists - you get to see so many neat things

[9:52:07 PM] has left the chat

[9:52:13 PM SherAhnn> Yes my items are tagged in my shop with item numbers and much easir to pull now when sold.

[9:52:19 PM Renagade> I get peeps from Craiglist...Google...Twitter...My Blog...My EMAILS

[9:52:24 PM attheboutique> Guest 16, Oshun has excellent soaps, I have used some :)

[9:52:30 PM Guest 20> I have to go the grandkids tonight and got to get them to bed.this was awesome...

[9:52:39 PM mistycreekwest>

[9:52:43 PM Henrietta> I shall have to follow your example Sher Ahnn SIGH

[9:52:48 PM SherAhnn> Belt Buckle Blue = Buc-107

[9:52:53 PM attheboutique> Thank you, guest 20, have an excellent evening!

[9:52:58 PM Pieper> .

[9:53:03 PM Renagade> Join us again Guest 20

[9:53:07 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:53:12 PM SherAhnn> Belt Buckle Red - Buc -106

[9:53:17 PM katbarton> night guest 20

[9:53:21 PM SherAhnn> etc etc

[9:53:34 PM Guest 20> thank you ,, you too...its me granny 7x...i feel unknown #20

[9:53:41 PM Pieper> Goodnight Mark - thanks for coming by!

[9:53:46 PM Guest 17> goodnight Grannyx7

[9:53:50 PM katbarton> hey granny...night

[9:53:54 PM Ziggy Zool> night granny

[9:53:58 PM Pieper> night Granny

[9:54:04 PM katbarton> GET MY QUESTION~!~~~

[9:54:08 PM SherAhnn> Yeaaaaaaa

[9:54:13 PM Renagade> Sorry Granny!!! Hugs!

[9:54:18 PM Guest 20> kisses and hugs...thats ikay just kiddin

[9:54:22 PM Henrietta>

[9:54:26 PM] SofysChoice is logged into the chat

[9:54:36 PM Guest 22> Er, actually I think only premiere's see the tracking info?

[9:54:41 PM SherAhnn> Got My star

[9:54:45 PM] Guest 20 has left the chat

[9:54:54 PM Henrietta>

[9:54:59 PM Renagade> true guest 22

[9:55:04 PM SharsBoutique> Q&A session (via remote) w/Mark at BonanzleUp Wichita! Thanks Mark!

[9:55:07 PM Guest 21> ebay lives on and will never die

[9:55:11 PM Henrietta> Cool SherAhnn! Congrats

[9:55:17 PM Guest 17> lol

[9:55:22 PM HereUntilSold> Thanks for showing up Mark, Have a good night.

[9:55:26 PM TheFuzzyLobster> Have The Stranger do a write up.

[9:55:29 PM SherAhnn> Who is the body guard...wallyh's monster ?

[9:55:36 PM masonictreasures> meow

[9:55:39 PM katbarton> LMAO....u funny, ok got it, talking to tim

[9:55:45 PM SofysChoice> Bizzy the Bodyguard!

[9:55:48 PM attheboutique> Thank you Mark!!!!

[9:55:52 PM jamie2258> Good night everyone, going to eat dinner. Thank you :)

[9:55:56 PM katbarton> is it kittys???

[9:56:00 PM attheboutique> lots of info!!!

[9:56:04 PM Pieper> Our time flew by!

[9:56:08 PM Renagade> Awesome!

[9:56:14 PM masonictreasures> bizzy bizzy

[9:56:18 PM SherAhnn> :)

[9:56:22 PM katbarton> Thank you Mark

[9:56:26 PM Ziggy Zool> thanks Mark

[9:56:32 PM Guest 23> Thanks Mark

[9:56:37 PM TheFuzzyLobster> night witches

[9:56:41 PM booksbelow> Thanks Mark, Wally, Phaedra, great show!

[9:56:45 PM katbarton> t Phaedra

[9:56:49 PM Steve1957> thanks Mark

[9:56:53 PM Pieper> We love you guys too

[9:56:57 PM TheFuzzyLobster> Thanks Mark!

[9:57:01 PM oakIslandBoutique> Thanks Mark!!

[9:57:05 PM Henrietta> I guess you know Bonanzle has arrives when we get out very own trolls

[9:57:09 PM Guest 22> Thanks mark!

[9:57:15 PM masonictreasures> got one!

[9:57:19 PM Ziggy Zool> lol got me star

[9:57:23 PM katbarton> lol..Hen

[9:57:27 PM SherAhnn> Thanks mark we love the Boyz

[9:57:31 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[9:57:35 PM] Guest 10 has hung up

[9:57:41 PM Renagade> I LOVE me star!!!

[9:57:46 PM mistycreekwest> Great presentation, Mark

[9:57:52 PM Pieper> LOL Henrietta

[9:57:56 PM SofysChoice> If I would quit getting shoved out into the street!

[9:58:00 PM stubsinc> Thanks Mark!!

[9:58:05 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[9:58:09 PM katbarton> gotta love the trolls

[9:58:13 PM masonictreasures> today show

[9:58:17 PM ibbysjewels> i got one

[9:58:20 PM Guest 21> thanks everyone for your kindness, ebay rules and bonanzle drools.

[9:58:24 PM Henrietta> Thanks Mark! Wally & Phaedra

[9:58:28 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[9:58:46 PM] Steve1957 has left the chat

[9:58:53 PM Guest 22> What a sweetie.

[9:58:58 PM Renagade> colderICE????

[9:59:02 PM Pieper> we shouldn't feed the trolls

[9:59:06 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[9:59:10 PM attheboutique>

[9:59:14 PM Renagade> Bodyguard?

[9:59:18 PM Pieper> at all

[9:59:22 PM auctionwally> .

[9:59:27 PM masonictreasures> .

[9:59:33 PM Ziggy Zool>

[9:59:37 PM Guest 17> lol you sound bitter guest 21

[9:59:41 PM stubsinc>

[9:59:45 PM Renagade> Thanks a million Mark...for everything! :)

[9:59:49 PM katbarton> Thank you Phaedra and

[9:59:53 PM Guest 23> Phaedra & Wally Great as usual.....

[9:59:57 PM HereUntilSold> Goodnight Guest 21, Drop by and visit us at , you will be welcomed.

[10:00:02 PM TheFuzzyLobster>

[10:00:06 PM katbarton> LMBO

[10:00:10 PM Pieper> Over 50 people

[10:00:17 PM SharsBoutique> Didn't get booted off once tonight! :)

[10:00:21 PM jinx_stuff> thank you all

[10:00:25 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[10:00:29 PM Henrietta> post a link guest 21 we might buy from you that would make a nice change for you

[10:00:33 PM masonictreasures> hppt://

[10:00:37 PM Renagade> Glad you came Jinx!

[10:00:41 PM SherAhnn>

[10:00:45 PM Ziggy Zool> lol henrietta

[10:00:50 PM] SharsBoutique has left the chat

[10:00:57 PM booksbelow> phaedra don't forget to contact me after show

[10:01:04 PM katbarton> you counted the question marks, that would give me headache

[10:01:07 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[10:01:11 PM Renagade>

[10:01:16 PM TheFuzzyLobster> masonic.. know someone who is looking strictly for Masonic stuff... will send them your way

[10:01:20 PM Henrietta> THANKS to DeDe too for her work making the show available

[10:01:24 PM attheboutique> Title: ep59 - The AuctionWally Show -
Time: 04/14/2009 08:00 PM EDT

[10:01:28 PM Pieper> .

[10:01:32 PM Renagade>

[10:01:36 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles>

[10:01:39 PM Guest 22> B'bye kids. Fun time as always. Watch the changelist for tomorrow, I tried to use the show productively :)

[10:01:46 PM HereUntilSold>

[10:01:51 PM SofysChoice>

[10:01:55 PM] WhitlowUniqueCollectibles has left the chat

[10:02:02 PM katbarton>

[10:02:07 PM bartonpw> .

[10:02:11 PM Guest 21> I will get a booth and promote my ebay items in it, maybe get some of you sellers selling to other sellers to buy some of my ebay items.

[10:02:15 PM jinx_stuff>

[10:02:19 PM masonictreasures>

[10:02:23 PM] Guest 21 has left the chat

[10:02:43 PM Ziggy Zool> night 22

[10:02:50 PM nightgirl2> Guest21 must pay HIGH ebay fees!

[10:02:55 PM katbarton> http:/

[10:02:59 PM SherAhnn>

[10:03:03 PM Pieper> .

[10:03:07 PM mistycreekwest> My brain hurts, but it's a GOOD hurt. Thanks for all the work you put into this show! Lot's of wonderful info here:)

[10:03:12 PM masonictreasures> .

[10:03:16 PM Guest 23>

[10:03:20 PM TheFuzzyLobster> go Phaerda!! bring back lot of good info for us!

[10:03:24 PM] jamie2258 has left the chat

[10:03:32 PM Pieper> I know that feel mistycreekwest...good brain hurt

[10:03:39 PM katbarton>

[10:03:43 PM Pieper> .

[10:03:47 PM masonictreasures> .

[10:03:51 PM attheboutique>

[10:03:55 PM booksbelow>

[10:04:00 PM] Mike Leuszler has left the chat

[10:04:07 PM TheFuzzyLobster> take good notes Phaedra :)

[10:04:11 PM SherAhnn> Still want Mark on Fresh Entrepeneurs

[10:04:15 PM attheboutique> I will, Fuzzy, recording too

[10:04:34 PM] Guest 22 has left the chat

[10:04:44 PM kenoticket>

[10:04:48 PM nightgirl2> makes him crazy

[10:04:52 PM Renagade> Guest 21...I wish I was selling to sellers as much as I sell to Outsiders!:) I would be rocking then!

[10:04:56 PM TheFuzzyLobster> yeah! thank you ! Wish I could go, but not this year ...

[10:05:01 PM Pieper>

[10:05:05 PM] Guest 24 is logged into the chat

[10:05:12 PM Pieper>

[10:05:16 PM katbarton> maybe 21 will join the games

[10:05:21 PM attheboutique>

[10:05:25 PM Renagade> ROFLMAO Good one Kat!

[10:05:33 PM attheboutique> Live auctions first Saturday of every month

[10:05:37 PM TheFuzzyLobster> link to podcast please wally.. for Mike's show

[10:05:41 PM masonictreasures> dont have to many drinks

[10:05:45 PM katbarton> lol

[10:05:50 PM TheFuzzyLobster> link?

[10:05:54 PM booksbelow> Guest 21 is gone

[10:05:58 PM attheboutique> The River The Ranch and The Bay, Kats, Link?

[10:06:03 PM masonictreasures> yea

[10:06:07 PM attheboutique> my fingers hurting over here! lol

[10:06:11 PM TheFuzzyLobster> R. R. and Bay.... good show!

[10:06:19 PM katbarton> great show~

[10:06:23 PM Renagade> Hi Mike!! Great guy!

[10:06:28 PM SherAhnn> Thanks All... got to go now.

[10:06:32 PM attheboutique> I am the Bonanzle Brainstormer on that show also, come see me guys, make me feel better, lol

[10:06:36 PM] Guest 10 has left the chat

[10:06:44 PM nightgirl2> i gotta go, cuz i like to shoot first & ask questions later!

[10:06:49 PM attheboutique> Night SherAnn

[10:06:54 PM katbarton> bye sher

[10:06:58 PM] SherAhnn has left the chat

[10:07:06 PM Pieper> night SherAhnn

[10:07:14 PM katbarton> lol..kelly

[10:07:19 PM TheFuzzyLobster> night

[10:07:23 PM attheboutique>

[10:07:28 PM Ziggy Zool> night sherahnn

[10:07:32 PM nightgirl2> bye

[10:07:36 PM TheFuzzyLobster> thanks for link

[10:07:41 PM katbarton> bye

[10:07:46 PM Renagade> Bye Nightgirl

[10:07:50 PM masonictreasures> bye

[10:07:54 PM Pieper> LOL

[10:08:01 PM Henrietta> Oh goody Wally is polishing his crystal ball

[10:08:05 PM Ziggy Zool> night nightgirl

[10:08:10 PM Henrietta> ROFL

[10:08:14 PM Pieper> how funny

[10:08:19 PM kenoticket> what's the link to wally's column?

[10:08:23 PM Renagade> ROFL

[10:08:27 PM] ibbysjewels has left the chat

[10:08:34 PM Henrietta> link to article wally?

[10:08:39 PM SofysChoice> tomorrow???

[10:08:44 PM auctionwally>

[10:08:50 PM] rkorsberg is logged into the chat

[10:08:58 PM] nightgirl2 has left the chat

[10:09:06 PM oakIslandBoutique> lol

[10:09:11 PM ebay & Beyond> Hey I love your pronostication about DSR's

[10:09:16 PM katbarton> hey Phil...I need to chat with you

[10:09:20 PM Renagade> That WAS good!

[10:09:24 PM Pieper> good job Phaedra...can I have some of your coffee?

[10:09:28 PM auctionwally> lol

[10:09:33 PM TheFuzzyLobster> lol! Wally and Phaerda also Tweet this info out too, so can check on Twitter

[10:09:37 PM Pieper> that's what keeps you going so strong, right?

[10:09:45 PM Henrietta> THAT has to be a first Wally, savor the flavor ain't never gonna happen again

[10:09:49 PM oakIslandBoutique> what's up Kat?

[10:09:54 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[10:09:58 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[10:10:03 PM katbarton> have you confirmed with hotel? I will email you

[10:10:07 PM masonictreasures> lol

[10:10:11 PM TheFuzzyLobster>

[10:10:16 PM attheboutique> lol, I do love my coffee

[10:10:20 PM Renagade> Henrietta! You Bad! LOL

[10:10:24 PM TheFuzzyLobster> for market info also

[10:10:30 PM attheboutique> lol, Pieper

[10:10:35 PM ebay & Beyond> Hey there are grocery stores I won't shop in

[10:10:39 PM] Guest 16 has left the chat

[10:10:46 PM katbarton> my coffeee phaedra?? was it good??

[10:10:50 PM] Guest 25 is logged into the chat

[10:10:57 PM TheFuzzyLobster> yes!! AMEN Wally!!! re: auctioneers here in NE

[10:11:01 PM oakIslandBoutique> okay Kat, email me

[10:11:05 PM katbarton> yep will do

[10:11:09 PM Pieper> .

[10:11:13 PM attheboutique> I no longer sell on ebay, but I keep up with what is going on out there. Get out of the bubble, live learn breathe

[10:11:17 PM] HereUntilSold has left the chat

[10:11:24 PM Ziggy Zool>

[10:11:28 PM masonictreasures> .

[10:11:32 PM] bartonpw has left the chat

[10:11:39 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[10:11:44 PM ebay & Beyond> AMEN

[10:11:47 PM] bartonpw is logged into the chat

[10:11:54 PM Renagade> Watch the competition..... always...

[10:11:59 PM katbarton> viciously!

[10:12:02 PM TheFuzzyLobster> always! you said it guys.

[10:12:07 PM] barrymark has left the chat

[10:12:13 PM Pieper> .

[10:12:18 PM katbarton> lol..

[10:12:22 PM Renagade> What??? That is just dumb...not shopping Bonanzle

[10:12:26 PM attheboutique> lol, I agree Ren

[10:12:30 PM TheFuzzyLobster> adding value to conversation like you guys teach

[10:12:33 PM booksbelow> Guest 21 doesn't shop on Bonanzle, I bet

[10:12:37 PM attheboutique> Viciously support those that bring value to you!

[10:12:41 PM Pieper> There's a Guest 21 in every crowd...

[10:12:45 PM Pieper> :)

[10:12:50 PM katbarton> lol..books...hush now..they just trotted over to get memership...we ned to go welcome them

[10:12:54 PM Renagade> If you can sell on eBay, bonanzle, Etsy anywhere...go for it!

[10:12:57 PM Pieper> how will you know it's them Kat?

[10:13:01 PM Pieper> the sour expression?

[10:13:05 PM Pieper> or the guilty look?

[10:13:09 PM Henrietta> .

[10:13:13 PM Renagade> Pieper!

[10:13:17 PM katbarton> by thier I am pshycic, gypsy

[10:13:21 PM attheboutique> Henrietta, Link please?

[10:13:25 PM Henrietta> KISS KISS

[10:13:29 PM Pieper> oh, yeah, I forgot kat

[10:13:33 PM Renagade> .

[10:13:37 PM attheboutique> I adore this blog goes great with coffee

[10:13:41 PM booksbelow> I list on a lot of other sites, but they are all just book sites, Bonanzle is unique.

[10:13:45 PM katbarton> lol

[10:13:49 PM Pieper> sowwry

[10:13:53 PM ebay & Beyond>

[10:13:57 PM TheFuzzyLobster> great Blog Henrietta!

[10:14:01 PM TheFuzzyLobster>

[10:14:05 PM katbarton> smooches piper

[10:14:09 PM Pieper> hairy smooches to you and your hubby kat

[10:14:13 PM Pieper> he's so cute

[10:14:17 PM Henrietta> link to my blog?

[10:14:21 PM TheFuzzyLobster> st judes auction too

[10:14:25 PM Pieper> goodnight all!

[10:14:29 PM Guest 24> Believe I'm guest 21, and I have done a little shopping on Bonanzle. Maybe I'm not 21...wish I still were, though...LOL

[10:14:33 PM katbarton> lol...he cute in person too..

[10:14:37 PM TheFuzzyLobster> night all!

[10:14:41 PM Renagade>

[10:14:45 PM ebay & Beyond> Great show Wally and Phaedra

[10:14:49 PM Guest 17> goodnight!

[10:14:53 PM oakIslandBoutique> Night Wally!!

[10:14:57 PM katbarton> night guys

[10:15:01 PM Guest 24> Woops, I'm 24. Still a good age. LOL

[10:15:05 PM TheFuzzyLobster> thanks guys!

[10:15:09 PM katbarton> night maryann

[10:15:13 PM] kayceestudios has left the chat

[10:15:20 PM Henrietta> goodnight all

[10:15:25 PM TheFuzzyLobster>

[10:15:29 PM] Henrietta has left the chat

[10:15:37 PM katbarton> night john boy

[10:15:41 PM] Guest 24 has left the chat

[10:15:48 PM] TheFuzzyLobster has left the chat

[10:15:56 PM] Guest 17 has left the chat

[10:16:03 PM Guest 23> Goodnight All

[10:16:08 PM mistycreekwest> night night. thanks again!

[10:16:12 PM booksbelow> goodnight everyone

[10:16:16 PM] Pieper has hung up

[10:16:23 PM attheboutique>

[10:16:28 PM SofysChoice> nite everybody! :)

[10:16:33 PM auctionwally> Wow! Great room tonight guys! I'm so humbled!

[10:16:37 PM] mistycreekwest has left the chat

[10:16:44 PM] Pieper has left the chat

[10:16:52 PM katbarton> wonderful show, need to download

[10:16:57 PM jinx_stuff> Good night all

[10:17:01 PM ebay & Beyond> Nite all sleep tight!

[10:17:05 PM attheboutique> Is Dede here, have not heard from her all night?????

[10:17:09 PM katbarton> nope don't think so...

[10:17:13 PM] jinx_stuff has left the chat

[10:17:20 PM attheboutique> Everyone, thank you soooo much for being here tonight!!!

[10:17:25 PM Renagade> I LOVE The redinkdiary!! Cool reading!

[10:17:29 PM katbarton> you too bedtime now, and mine

[10:17:33 PM attheboutique>

[10:17:38 PM] ktal has hung up

[10:17:45 PM katbarton> I will email you in morning Phil

[10:17:49 PM kenoticket>

[10:17:53 PM auctionwally> Get your links in the chatoroom guys!

[10:17:57 PM attheboutique> had to go to my google reader to get it :)

[10:18:01 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[10:18:05 PM] kenoticket has left the chat

[10:18:14 PM] ebay & Beyond has left the chat

[10:18:21 PM Ziggy Zool> she's signed in Phae but I havent heard her either

[10:18:26 PM Renagade> here??? Got coffee???

[10:18:30 PM] booksbelow has left the chat

[10:18:37 PM attheboutique> Show notes, past epidsodes,

[10:18:41 PM SofysChoice> http:www/

[10:18:45 PM Ziggy Zool> Great show wally and phaedra

[10:18:49 PM katbarton> yeah she is signed in...hmmm

[10:18:53 PM auctionwally> TY

[10:18:57 PM Ziggy Zool>

[10:19:02 PM] Minister Kenneth Jenkins is logged into the chat

[10:19:09 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[10:19:13 PM SofysChoice>

[10:19:17 PM Renagade> Thank YOU Walt!

[10:19:21 PM attheboutique> Mondays, 1 PM EST Dave White, Basics to Business You will find me there ever

[10:19:25 PM attheboutique> every Monday

[10:19:29 PM Ziggy Zool>

[10:19:33 PM motorheadbooks>

[10:19:37 PM attheboutique> Dede, were you able to get chat???

[10:19:41 PM Minister Kenneth Jenkins> good everyone

[10:19:47 PM Renagade> Phaedra...Thanks...for EVERTHING!!! ;)

[10:19:50 PM motorheadbooks> thanks, great show!

[10:19:54 PM attheboutique> Always welcome, Ren!!! You guys make this possible every Monday night!

[10:19:58 PM katbarton> Thank you Wally and Phaedra, night guys!Will catch ya tomorrow

[10:20:02 PM Renagade> Night Padre Jenkins!

[10:20:06 PM masonictreasures> masonictreasures

[10:20:10 PM auctionwally> Man, that was one BIG chatroom!

[10:20:14 PM Minister Kenneth Jenkins> night

[10:20:18 PM katbarton> no kidding

[10:20:22 PM attheboutique> all things Auction Wally :)

[10:20:28 PM katbarton> night Ken

[10:20:31 PM Renagade> DJ/Karoke website

[10:20:35 PM SofysChoice> what is he calling Pieper's first name??

[10:20:39 PM attheboutique> wow, was it ever! all the pushing and shoving, I could not stay in!

[10:20:44 PM masonictreasures>

[10:20:48 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[10:20:52 PM attheboutique> Huge chat room, so much participation!!

[10:20:56 PM] The recording has ended.

[10:21:00 PM Renagade> Unreal the crowd tonight!

[10:21:05 PM] auctionwally has hung up

[10:21:12 PM katbarton> I am off guys, night, catch up with you tomorrow...

[10:21:16 PM] SofysChoice has left the chat

[10:21:23 PM] masonictreasures has left the chat

[10:21:30 PM] attheboutique has hung up

[10:21:37 PM] The Call has ended.

[10:21:41 PM attheboutique> Tomorrow night Auction Wally Show!

[10:21:45 PM] katbarton has left the chat

[10:21:52 PM Renagade> Night "Snowflake"

[10:21:56 PM] Guest 23 has left the chat

[10:22:05 PM] motorheadbooks has left the chat

[10:22:11 PM stubsinc> Good Night everyone, great show!!!

[10:22:16 PM Renagade> Night Fuzzball!

[10:22:20 PM attheboutique> Thank you stubs!! Have an excellent night :)

[10:22:24 PM bartonpw> oh.....night

[10:22:28 PM] oakIslandBoutique has left the chat

[10:22:35 PM attheboutique> night Paul!

[10:22:39 PM bartonpw> night phae

[10:22:43 PM attheboutique> okay, has JohnBoy left the building yet? lol

[10:22:47 PM stubsinc> You too.

[10:22:53 PM] bartonpw has left the chat

[10:23:00 PM] Minister Kenneth Jenkins has left the chat

[10:23:07 PM Renagade> Night Johnboy!

[10:23:11 PM attheboutique> Dede are you here, my friend?

[10:23:15 PM Renagade> Later .........

[10:23:21 PM] Renagade has left the chat

[10:23:27 PM] stubsinc has left the chat

[10:23:34 PM attheboutique> all I can say is wow :)

[10:23:41 PM attheboutique> adrenaline let down just got me, lol, so busy in room tonight!

[10:23:44 PM attheboutique> .

[10:23:50 PM attheboutique> Sun , am off to answer your email now :)

[10:23:55 PM attheboutique> Night all, I am off, I don't get potty breaks during show, lol, have to keep up

[10:23:59 PM] Guest 25 has left the chat

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