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Monday, April 27, 2009

ep 23 Brainstroming Bonanzle - The Savvy Seller

Monday, April 27, 2009

Marlene Gavens is an eBay Certified Business Consultant and Internet Marketing Strategist. As an eBay Certified Business Consultant she teaches individuals and small businesses how to use eBay. As an Internet Marketing Strategist, she consults with offline, brick & mortar businesses showing them how to utilize the internet to acquire and retain customers. Marlene has been an active member of the eBay community since 2004. In 2005 she met the requirements to become an ‘Education Specialist Trained by eBay’ giving her the ability to share her passion with others by teaching the official eBay University curriculum. In June 2007 she was invited to speak at the Education Specialist workshop at eBay LIVE in Boston, MA. In the fall of 2007 Marlene became an ‘eBay Certified Business Consultant’ – one of only 30 people in the world to achieve this distinction! She is currently a mentor in the Education Specialist program. Marlene teaches eBay classes for a variety of organizations in CT, MA & VT and was recently featured in an article on the Norwich (CT) Bulletin website. In addition, Marlene is a blogger and a podcaster. Her blog – Online Auction Education – has been nominated for ‘Best Podcast Blog 2009’* and her podcast series, ‘Tips From the Top’ was recently named as one of the Top 100 Small Business Podcasts 2009. *If anyone finds the blog helpful, they are more than welcome to vote for it - the widget with the link to vote is on the blog (right hand column under the TalkShoe widget). Just thought I’d mention it but it’s not necessary to include. Links – Website – Podcast – Blog - Twitter = LinkedIN = Facebook =

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[7:49:59 PM] katbarton is logged into the chat

[7:50:10 PM vinewood> hi all

[7:50:16 PM katbarton> hey everyone!

[7:50:57 PM Annapplebonanza> Oh, that's not good, where is the flood warning?

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[7:51:44 PM vinewood> coffee for all

[7:51:45 PM Motorheadbooks> SW lower Michigan

[7:51:49 PM] attheboutique is logged into the chat

[7:51:55 PM] Pieper is logged into the chat

[7:51:59 PM vinewood> more coffee

[7:52:01 PM SimplyDishing> hi everyone

[7:52:06 PM vinewood>

[7:52:10 PM Pieper> Good evening everyone!

[7:52:36 PM Annapplebonanza> Hi everyone.

[7:52:38 PM katbarton> hey pieper

[7:52:46 PM] Ziggy Zool is logged into the chat

[7:52:54 PM attheboutique> Good evening everyone, have coffee and am ready!

[7:52:57 PM vinewood> hi kat , pieper

[7:53:06 PM Pieper> hi kat and vine

[7:53:06 PM vinewood> hi PH

[7:53:08 PM PickerBrad> Howdey everyone

[7:53:09 PM katbarton> Hey Wes! how are you?

[7:53:16 PM katbarton> hi Brad

[7:53:22 PM attheboutique> Heya Brad :)

[7:53:23 PM] bvaughnfamily is logged into the chat

[7:53:25 PM vinewood> GREAT ,

[7:53:33 PM katbarton> Hi Tonia!

[7:53:33 PM Ziggy Zool> Howdy

[7:53:37 PM] ibbysjewels is logged into the chat

[7:53:43 PM bvaughnfamily> :)

[7:53:49 PM ibbysjewels> .

[7:53:50 PM attheboutique> Going to be great show, a busy busy one, lots of good info coming our way!

[7:53:55 PM vinewood> HI zz

[7:54:01 PM katbarton> cool!

[7:54:13 PM Pieper> .

[7:54:14 PM bvaughnfamily> i won't be able to listen for very long tonight... but i'll enjoy the little bit that i can :)

[7:54:15 PM vinewood> great PH

[7:54:33 PM Pieper> And how are YOU tonight Ms. Phaedra? Notepad ready?

[7:54:37 PM attheboutique> sounds good to me, bvaughn! some is better than none!

[7:54:49 PM bvaughnfamily> :)

[7:54:54 PM attheboutique> Hey Ms. Pieper, I am wonderful! and Yes, ma'am ready to go!

[7:55:04 PM] The Savvy Seller is logged into the chat

[7:55:07 PM attheboutique> crossing my fingers Fedex does not play football with a certain box :)

[7:55:08 PM PickerBrad> These shows are so much fun I look forward to them

[7:55:19 PM SimplyDishing> hi Marlene

[7:55:35 PM attheboutique> Okay, five minutes, tweet it up, facebook it, bump the thread etc.... :)

[7:55:41 PM] The Savvy Seller is on the call

[7:55:46 PM attheboutique> Terrific, Brad!

[7:55:48 PM The Savvy Seller> hi there! :-)

[7:55:57 PM attheboutique> Hey Marlene! We are sooo excited!

[7:55:57 PM Pieper> .

[7:56:01 PM PickerBrad> I had FedEx make a big mistake... they made good though and fixed it free all sides happy..

[7:56:09 PM Pieper> Fedex wouldn't dare...they have to deal with the cat if they do!

[7:56:12 PM Pieper> Hi Marlene

[7:56:15 PM PickerBrad> LOL

[7:56:25 PM attheboutique> lol, get em limehead kitty!

[7:56:25 PM] Ziggy Zool has left the chat

[7:56:28 PM] Ziggy Zool is logged into the chat

[7:56:31 PM The Savvy Seller> Hi Phaedra and everyone! Happy to be here -

[7:56:35 PM Pieper> Brad, we think the truck ran over one of my packages...but second arrived fine

[7:56:42 PM katbarton> Hey Marlene!

[7:56:45 PM Pieper> hoping for the best this time around

[7:56:51 PM PickerBrad> Wow

[7:56:52 PM] SunflowerBoutique is logged into the chat

[7:57:14 PM attheboutique> crushing that defenseless yet gorgeous oil warmer should be a crime! lol

[7:57:23 PM] kenoticket is logged into the chat

[7:57:24 PM] Renagade is logged into the chat

[7:57:34 PM Pieper> I'm looking for someone who uses broken pottery and I'll donate it to them

[7:57:39 PM Pieper> it's so pretty

[7:57:41 PM PickerBrad> LOL I had AirBorne ( are they still around?) use a PITCH FORK on my packages back a few years

[7:57:51 PM katbarton> Renagade! See tole ya I was here! where you been??

[7:57:54 PM PickerBrad> Needless to say they Stopped that Practice

[7:58:03 PM vinewood> hi ren

[7:58:03 PM attheboutique> I had Airborne back in the day too, lol

[7:58:05 PM The Savvy Seller> I had a friend who used to use broken pottery for mosaic work she did!

[7:58:17 PM Renagade> Trying to get in!! Takes a while on this dial up! LOL

[7:58:21 PM katbarton> thats a big trend Marlene

[7:58:22 PM PickerBrad> AirBorne was THE Worst by a long shot

[7:58:28 PM Pieper> Dell used to use DHL and now they use FedEx cause the other is out of business

[7:58:29 PM attheboutique> That is an awesome idea, Pieper, Kudos

[7:58:33 PM katbarton> ya on Myspace...

[7:58:35 PM Pieper> Ren made!

[7:58:41 PM attheboutique> I was shipping frozen rats at the time, Brad so was not a problem for me too much, lol

[7:58:52 PM Renagade> Got ya back!!

[7:58:53 PM katbarton> ewwww Phaedra?

[7:58:58 PM The Savvy Seller> frozen rats? am I in the right place? LOL

[7:59:10 PM PickerBrad> LOL I was Shipping Printing Press Film.. they didn't like holes in it lol

[7:59:23 PM PickerBrad> Anything, Anywhere at Any price

[7:59:25 PM ibbysjewels> sounds like snake food

[7:59:25 PM katbarton> lol...marlene, no kidding...this is Phaedra, hmm..maybe should check my lotion

[7:59:31 PM attheboutique> lmbo, yep, long story, KatsKloset said you have to get it out of me Marlene since you are so good at that, lol

[7:59:31 PM PickerBrad> Yeah your in the right place LOL

[7:59:34 PM Pieper> I'll bet they didn't

[7:59:35 PM] oakIslandBoutique is logged into the chat

[7:59:38 PM] Guest 6 is logged into the chat

[7:59:45 PM attheboutique> This is not my first ever business, lol

[7:59:57 PM Woadieland> Howdy all!

[8:00:01 PM vinewood> i guess not

[8:00:01 PM katbarton> ewwww....we gonna talk to

[8:00:03 PM] Guest 7 is logged into the chat

[8:00:05 PM attheboutique> from rat lady to spa lady, does not sound good does it? lol

[8:00:06 PM oakIslandBoutique> evening!

[8:00:12 PM The Savvy Seller> LOL - flashback to my days as a therapist - that's the only reason I can get so much info out of people!

[8:00:16 PM Pieper> See, I knew there was something to that lab coat thing, Phae

[8:00:19 PM] auctionwally is logged into the chat

[8:00:20 PM attheboutique> Heya OakIsland!!

[8:00:27 PM katbarton> Hi Phil!

[8:00:31 PM Guest 7> Hello all! NightowlGardener here.

[8:00:31 PM katbarton> Hey Walt

[8:00:31 PM attheboutique> lol, yep Marlene you are the one to do it!

[8:00:36 PM SimplyDishing> hi Oak

[8:00:37 PM] auctionwally is on the call

[8:00:42 PM] The recording has started.

[8:00:48 PM oakIslandBoutique> Hi Phaedra

[8:00:51 PM Pieper> Hi wally

[8:00:51 PM attheboutique> and the man of the hour has arried!!

[8:00:51 PM PickerBrad> Welcome guest 4,5,6,7

[8:00:52 PM] barrymark is logged into the chat

[8:00:54 PM oakIslandBoutique> Hiya Kat

[8:00:57 PM] attheboutique is on the call

[8:01:07 PM attheboutique> Heya Nightgardner

[8:01:14 PM oakIslandBoutique> Hey Walt!

[8:01:15 PM vinewood> 1min

[8:01:17 PM] Guest 8 is logged into the chat

[8:01:20 PM Ziggy Zool> phae do you have a forum to bump

[8:01:24 PM bvaughnfamily> .

[8:01:34 PM attheboutique>

[8:01:54 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[8:01:54 PM Ziggy Zool> ty

[8:01:57 PM vinewood> hi marlene

[8:01:58 PM attheboutique> welcome :)

[8:01:59 PM] ebay & Beyond is logged into the chat

[8:02:01 PM] Guest 8 has left the chat

[8:02:04 PM attheboutique> Heya Dave!

[8:02:08 PM katbarton> Hey Dave

[8:02:10 PM Renagade> Hey Pieper!

[8:02:11 PM] Pieper has left the chat

[8:02:11 PM] Pieper is logged into the chat

[8:02:22 PM] booksbelow is logged into the chat

[8:02:22 PM ebay & Beyond> Hello EVERYONE!

[8:02:26 PM oakIslandBoutique> Hi Dave!

[8:02:29 PM Pieper> grrrr.talkshoe...Wally comes in...I got out. Boooooo!!!!

[8:02:42 PM Guest 7> Thanks boutique! Nightgardener

[8:02:44 PM katbarton> lol..piper...try IE

[8:02:52 PM booksbelow> hi everybody

[8:02:53 PM The Savvy Seller> the pressure in on

[8:02:53 PM Pieper> I AM on IE

[8:03:16 PM PickerBrad> See the new Look and Please Join up if you haven't yet. :)

[8:03:16 PM Pieper> ziggy, vaughn and Sunflower - hiya

[8:03:31 PM Ziggy Zool> hello Pie how u

[8:03:40 PM Annapplebonanza> Amen!

[8:03:47 PM Woadieland> And now it's SUMMER!!!

[8:03:50 PM SunflowerBoutique> I have a cat laying on my chest...hard to type

[8:03:52 PM PickerBrad> LOL

[8:03:59 PM PickerBrad> 51 here

[8:04:02 PM ebay & Beyond> Won't hear that from me Walt

[8:04:05 PM PickerBrad> :(

[8:04:06 PM] masonictreasures is logged into the chat

[8:04:09 PM vinewood> summer not here

[8:04:16 PM Pieper> It is snowing/raining today...not hot at all

[8:04:20 PM Woadieland> sunflower - mine won't come near either one of us. They are laying on the leather recliner in direct line of the fan

[8:04:26 PM PickerBrad> temp same as my age :(

[8:04:36 PM] bvaughnfamily has left the chat

[8:04:59 PM Pieper> .

[8:05:16 PM] Motorheadbooks has left the chat

[8:05:16 PM] Motorheadbooks is logged into the chat

[8:05:17 PM Pieper> Great Ziggy...kissed some bark today was soggy

[8:05:18 PM] Guest 9 is logged into the chat

[8:05:21 PM Pieper> LOL

[8:05:24 PM] SimplyDishing has left the chat

[8:05:24 PM] SimplyDishing is logged into the chat

[8:05:25 PM Pieper> May 15?

[8:05:31 PM Pieper> oh yes!

[8:05:34 PM] mistycreekwest is logged into the chat

[8:05:34 PM oakIslandBoutique> WooHoo Seattle!!

[8:05:35 PM The Savvy Seller> .

[8:05:37 PM Ziggy Zool> Ha Ha

[8:05:38 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[8:05:46 PM Pieper> And next weekend is our Saturday auction, right?

[8:05:56 PM vinewood> seattle here we come

[8:05:58 PM] oldsaltsailor is logged into the chat

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[8:06:14 PM] Renagade is logged into the chat

[8:06:21 PM auctionwally> .

[8:06:24 PM SunflowerBoutique> may have to boat in Wichita to get around

[8:06:28 PM] Guest 5 has left the chat

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[8:06:32 PM] Guest 10 is logged into the chat

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[8:06:35 PM Guest 9> grr.. it's Edi... it does not like me username. had to joing as guest again..

[8:06:43 PM Pieper> Ren are you okay?

[8:06:46 PM Pieper> Oh, Hi Edi

[8:06:46 PM Renagade> OK...hello everyone AGAIN!! Had to reboot!

[8:06:53 PM Annapplebonanza> Hi Edi, guest 9

[8:06:59 PM Pieper> Hi Anna

[8:06:59 PM Guest 9> hello.. took me a while to get in..

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[8:07:06 PM] attheboutique is logged into the chat

[8:07:09 PM] Katskloset is logged into the chat

[8:07:13 PM Renagade> .

[8:07:14 PM SunflowerBoutique> Wichita had 10" rain last night

[8:07:21 PM] zanb3 is logged into the chat

[8:07:23 PM Renagade> Wow!

[8:07:31 PM Pieper> LOL

[8:07:35 PM vinewood> that a boat of rain

[8:07:49 PM Annapplebonanza> Bonanzle UP Boston would be great in the fall.

[8:07:51 PM Pieper> Ten inches...if it had rained instead of snowed, we would have had a lot too

[8:07:54 PM] attheboutique has left the chat

[8:07:54 PM] attheboutique is logged into the chat

[8:07:58 PM The Savvy Seller> yeah new england! :-)

[8:08:04 PM SimplyDishing> now I would go to that

[8:08:05 PM attheboutique> sorry lost chat but am back!

[8:08:05 PM SunflowerBoutique> I know Wichita, the streets flood badly

[8:08:09 PM Renagade> that would be good! Could see my Dad AND go to that too!

[8:08:10 PM auctionwally>

[8:08:15 PM Ziggy Zool>

[8:08:17 PM Pieper> ???????????????Saturday, April 3??????????????? Bonanzle Auction Saturday???????????????????

[8:08:23 PM Pieper> YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

[8:08:25 PM Annapplebonanza> Ren, that would be great.

[8:08:38 PM] Cent. Indiana is on the call

[8:08:39 PM attheboutique> May 30 St. Judes' Charity auciton

[8:08:44 PM Pieper> DUH....YEAH, MAY 3

[8:08:49 PM] Guest 11 is logged into the chat

[8:08:52 PM attheboutique>

[8:08:52 PM Pieper> Sorry

[8:08:52 PM Renagade> May 2...

[8:08:56 PM attheboutique> no worries

[8:08:59 PM Guest 9> hello Ziggy..

[8:09:02 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[8:09:07 PM Pieper> SATURDAY, MAY 2...thanks Ren...

[8:09:15 PM Renagade> LOL

[8:09:16 PM Pieper> I'm an idjet today

[8:09:19 PM oakIslandBoutique> We knew that Walt..

[8:09:33 PM PickerBrad>

[8:09:36 PM] WhitlowUniqueCollectibles is logged into the chat

[8:09:44 PM Guest 9>

[8:09:52 PM attheboutique> Wally's auction, Saturday May 2

[8:09:53 PM kenoticket> .

[8:09:54 PM katbarton> Yes! Cannot wait!

[8:09:54 PM katbarton> Have more signed up to!

[8:09:54 PM katbarton> .

[8:09:54 PM katbarton> .

[8:09:54 PM katbarton> chat stuck...grrr...

[8:09:54 PM kenoticket> .

[8:09:56 PM] sistahqueen is logged into the chat

[8:10:01 PM Pieper> .

[8:10:04 PM auctionwally>

[8:10:05 PM Renagade> Calm down Pieper ... its has to be the excitment of Savvy being here!

[8:10:12 PM] Cent. Indiana has hung up

[8:10:15 PM Pieper> I talk so much I don't know HOW my chat could stick

[8:10:23 PM Renagade> .

[8:10:25 PM Pieper> I know Ren...taking meds now...LOL

[8:10:27 PM attheboutique> lol,. Pieper

[8:10:33 PM katbarton> lol piper

[8:10:34 PM PickerBrad>

[8:10:41 PM attheboutique> Cool, bid on Wally's live Orange Mass auctions, online

[8:10:47 PM The Savvy Seller> better life through chemistry - what we used say about taking meds

[8:10:48 PM Renagade> Share Pieper...Share!

[8:10:53 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[8:10:53 PM] Guest 10 has left the chat

[8:11:05 PM Renagade> .

[8:11:07 PM Pieper> It is better Marlene - and think of the space that is saved in hospitals

[8:11:09 PM Guest 9> wow..nice list..

[8:11:10 PM katbarton> ,

[8:11:21 PM Renagade> /

[8:11:22 PM The Savvy Seller> pieper - you are tooooo funny!

[8:11:25 PM] barrymark has left the chat

[8:11:34 PM Pieper> Used correctly, they are a big help

[8:11:34 PM Motorheadbooks>

[8:11:37 PM Ziggy Zool>

[8:11:38 PM vinewood>

[8:11:38 PM mistycreekwest>

[8:11:43 PM sistahqueen> ....

[8:11:52 PM Pieper>

[8:11:52 PM zanb3> Hello all!

[8:11:55 PM Ziggy Zool>

[8:11:56 PM Motorheadbooks>

[8:12:05 PM Renagade> Yes they are... too many peeps think they are not needed

[8:12:07 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[8:12:10 PM] Cent. Indiana is on the call

[8:12:13 PM Ziggy Zool> (((ZAN))))

[8:12:13 PM ibbysjewels> http:/

[8:12:16 PM Motorheadbooks>

[8:12:16 PM auctionwally>

[8:12:22 PM Pieper> I couldn't make it without mine- much happier person

[8:12:28 PM Renagade> THE sexy Billboard!

[8:12:33 PM Ziggy Zool> wally central IN is Scott

[8:12:36 PM PickerBrad>

[8:12:37 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[8:12:38 PM Pieper> LOL ren

[8:12:39 PM Motorheadbooks>

[8:12:42 PM Pieper> yes, he is

[8:12:44 PM Renagade> Been there.. Pieper...

[8:12:45 PM zanb3> ((((Zig)))) Great to see you!!

[8:12:48 PM katbarton>

[8:12:50 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[8:12:54 PM ebay & Beyond> June 3-4

[8:13:01 PM Motorheadbooks>

[8:13:11 PM masonictreasures> wally i am online as cent ind.

[8:13:15 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[8:13:17 PM katbarton>

[8:13:23 PM PickerBrad>

[8:13:31 PM Pieper> Ren, I have another article to send you about vinyls

[8:13:32 PM ibbysjewels>

[8:13:38 PM sistahqueen>

[8:13:43 PM Renagade> Hi Dave... Sorry I missed the show... had some things HAD to do!

[8:13:47 PM katbarton>

[8:13:51 PM Guest 9>

[8:13:55 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles>

[8:13:57 PM kenoticket>

[8:13:59 PM] Steve1957 has left the chat

[8:14:00 PM] Steve1957 is logged into the chat

[8:14:03 PM Renagade> Cool The last one is Awesome!

[8:14:15 PM Pieper> I'll mail it tomorrow

[8:14:17 PM attheboutique>

[8:14:26 PM Renagade> going to be starting a blog for music... will help

[8:14:31 PM booksbelow>

[8:14:34 PM Pieper> Steve ... did you hurt yourself getting in?

[8:14:38 PM sistahqueen>

[8:14:52 PM Renagade> He fall down! LOL

[8:14:53 PM] Ziggy Zool has left the chat

[8:14:59 PM katbarton> lol...Ren

[8:15:01 PM] Ziggy Zool is logged into the chat

[8:15:02 PM Pieper> That sounds interesting Ren...I'll keep my eyes open for more articles since they seem to have one every other week or so

[8:15:08 PM Woadieland> Even ebay gives back - some of the fees..."Get a pro-rated fee credit when your item sells ".

[8:15:11 PM attheboutique> John will be doing a live video in a Bonanzle t-shirt too!! It is on it's way to him now!

[8:15:20 PM sistahqueen>

[8:15:21 PM PickerBrad> LOL ROFL

[8:15:21 PM Ziggy Zool>

[8:15:23 PM PickerBrad> oops

[8:15:39 PM Renagade> Cool Phaedra...

[8:15:40 PM masonictreasures> zigg has helped me out.. iam useing her earbug!!!

[8:15:50 PM Pieper> Oops about what can LOL ROFL real loud in this room...LOL

[8:16:06 PM PickerBrad> lost everythong

[8:16:07 PM ebay & Beyond> You had better bid high Walt!

[8:16:18 PM Renagade> everythong???

[8:16:20 PM Pieper> oh, so terribly shy...poor baby

[8:16:24 PM katbarton> wall flower...Ha!

[8:16:31 PM PickerBrad> No Sound no Chat

[8:16:34 PM sistahqueen>

[8:16:37 PM Pieper> Yeah, Brad, those thongs are easy to lose...

[8:16:44 PM masonictreasures> yea it's starts tonight!!!

[8:16:49 PM Renagade> ROFL

[8:17:06 PM Renagade> .

[8:17:09 PM auctionwally> .

[8:17:12 PM attheboutique> The power of the people!!!!!

[8:17:13 PM Pieper> .

[8:17:14 PM attheboutique> .

[8:17:16 PM SunflowerBoutique> I only won one item at the last live auction I went to, I bid on all sorts of items, sometimes the bidders just won't stop, you have to!!!

[8:17:24 PM masonictreasures> masonictreasures is cent. indiana

[8:17:25 PM] SimplyDishing has left the chat

[8:17:27 PM Renagade> you got that right!!

[8:17:31 PM sistahqueen> ....

[8:17:35 PM attheboutique> You all helped this to be fixed!!! and to be made right!!

[8:17:43 PM katbarton> ahhh haaa! we did it! so cool!

[8:17:56 PM masonictreasures> got the vidieo on u tube on his siter!!

[8:18:20 PM Pieper> Excellent6

[8:18:22 PM Renagade> .

[8:18:28 PM masonictreasures> '.

[8:18:32 PM katbarton> .

[8:18:39 PM Guest 9> too, cool

[8:18:50 PM Guest 7> WTG everyone! Nightowlgardener

[8:18:59 PM] PickerBrad has left the chat

[8:19:03 PM] PickerBrad is logged into the chat

[8:19:04 PM masonictreasures> yes had to be a mistake!!

[8:19:07 PM Renagade> everyone banding together...can achive anything!

[8:19:10 PM The Savvy Seller> .

[8:19:13 PM Pieper> .

[8:19:14 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[8:19:20 PM Renagade> .

[8:19:24 PM sistahqueen> right Ren

[8:19:38 PM] WhitlowUniqueCollectibles has left the chat

[8:19:42 PM Renagade> Hey Savvy!

[8:19:46 PM] WhitlowUniqueCollectibles is logged into the chat

[8:19:50 PM Pieper> Welcome Marlene!

[8:19:56 PM ebay & Beyond> woot woot Yeah Marlene!!!!!!

[8:20:02 PM Renagade> 15 tips from the top!

[8:20:12 PM sistahqueen> yeah!!! savvy!

[8:20:13 PM The Savvy Seller> blushing here...

[8:20:15 PM Annapplebonanza> Hello and welcome Marlene:-)

[8:20:35 PM Guest 9> welcome Marlene!

[8:20:36 PM vinewood> we all need tips

[8:20:40 PM The Savvy Seller> I love you guys - you're so supportive!

[8:20:42 PM Renagade> WOW Dave! dont think I have ever seen you this excited!

[8:20:52 PM] Guest 11 has left the chat

[8:20:55 PM Renagade> LOL

[8:20:59 PM Pieper> .

[8:21:04 PM auctionwally> .

[8:21:27 PM Renagade> /

[8:21:28 PM sistahqueen> got my pen and paper ready

[8:21:32 PM Ziggy Zool>

[8:21:34 PM oakIslandBoutique> Evening Marlene!

[8:21:34 PM PickerBrad> HELLO

[8:21:38 PM Renagade> me too!

[8:21:39 PM zanb3> clap clap clap!!!

[8:21:39 PM masonictreasures> tou how!!

[8:21:46 PM attheboutique> .

[8:21:49 PM ibbysjewels> Hello

[8:21:52 PM sistahqueen> applause!!!

[8:21:54 PM katbarton> yep me to! Clappping clapping! Yeah Marlene!

[8:21:55 PM Ziggy Zool> clear as a bell

[8:21:56 PM auctionwally> .

[8:21:58 PM Ziggy Zool> clap clap

[8:21:59 PM Renagade> clap clap

[8:22:02 PM Guest 7> Hello Marlene! Welcome! Nightowlgardener

[8:22:03 PM oakIslandBoutique> woohoo!!

[8:22:04 PM attheboutique>
Facebook =

[8:22:05 PM Pieper> .

[8:22:08 PM katbarton> whistle! whoo hooo

[8:22:22 PM Renagade> woot woot

[8:22:34 PM auctionwally>

[8:22:41 PM] mommyto3 is logged into the chat

[8:22:44 PM sistahqueen> ....

[8:22:49 PM vinewood> ready set go

[8:22:55 PM Renagade> her tips can be applied to any business

[8:22:56 PM Guest 7> I can use all the help I can get, even basics. Nightowlgardener

[8:23:13 PM Renagade> Me too Nightowl

[8:23:20 PM Pieper> .

[8:23:21 PM vinewood> me 3

[8:23:31 PM Renagade> .

[8:23:49 PM katbarton> yes interested in all of it...maybe later?? Wally?

[8:23:59 PM katbarton> on links?

[8:24:01 PM] Steve1957 has left the chat

[8:24:02 PM mommyto3> Hi everyone

[8:24:08 PM auctionwally>

[8:24:15 PM] Cent. Indiana has hung up

[8:24:28 PM Renagade> .

[8:24:33 PM attheboutique> .

[8:24:36 PM sistahqueen> ....

[8:24:41 PM attheboutique> Have a plan for your business Tip 1

[8:24:52 PM auctionwally>

[8:24:53 PM PickerBrad> Root Beer Float

[8:24:58 PM] Guest 12 is logged into the chat

[8:25:03 PM Annapplebonanza> Hot Fudge Sundae

[8:25:09 PM Renagade> Hot fudge sundae

[8:25:14 PM Renagade> LOL

[8:25:22 PM sistahqueen> Pralines and Cream

[8:25:28 PM Renagade> Friendly's!

[8:25:37 PM attheboutique> Have a road map, start at point A but know where the next point B is

[8:25:40 PM] booksbelow has left the chat

[8:25:40 PM] booksbelow is logged into the chat

[8:25:45 PM Annapplebonanza> Make sure the store is open.

[8:25:48 PM Guest 7> Nightowlgardener>Chocolate mint for me!

[8:25:50 PM] Cent. Indiana is on the call

[8:25:52 PM sistahqueen> Baskin Robbins

[8:26:01 PM Pieper> .

[8:26:05 PM attheboutique> hmmm, streamlining

[8:26:10 PM mommyto3> well darn now I want a friendly sundae

[8:26:15 PM Pieper> rocky road ice cream...instead of rocky road business plan

[8:26:27 PM attheboutique> good analogy Pieper

[8:26:28 PM katbarton> yeah pieper!

[8:26:31 PM Annapplebonanza> That's cute Pieper

[8:26:32 PM Renagade> me too and we dont have Friendlys here!

[8:26:46 PM attheboutique> Questions, type ????then question

[8:26:49 PM Pieper> no Friendly's here either

[8:26:51 PM Renagade> Pieper on a roll!

[8:26:51 PM mommyto3> That's what i hated when we lived in fl. no Friendlies.

[8:27:01 PM sistahqueen> no Friendly's here....poo

[8:27:14 PM mommyto3> I would ship you some but it will melt by the time it gets there. LOL

[8:27:23 PM ibbysjewels> pie wound tight

[8:27:32 PM Pieper> Yeah, ren, a lobster roll (I wish)!

[8:27:33 PM Annapplebonanza> I have dry ice.

[8:27:40 PM Pieper> Pie feeling good!

[8:27:46 PM Renagade> yum!!!

[8:27:50 PM Ziggy Zool>

[8:28:01 PM mommyto3> don't think it would last from MA to AL even with dry ice LOL

[8:28:02 PM attheboutique> .

[8:28:18 PM Renagade> .

[8:28:18 PM booksbelow> ????What's a good source for help with business plans

[8:28:19 PM attheboutique> Marlene's podcast

[8:28:49 PM masonictreasures> that is were zig and are at...

[8:29:13 PM attheboutique> the small business bureau

[8:29:22 PM Renagade> SBA

[8:29:23 PM attheboutique>

[8:29:27 PM attheboutique> SBA

[8:29:33 PM katbarton> small business association also

[8:29:44 PM katbarton>

[8:29:46 PM attheboutique>

[8:29:52 PM attheboutique> type as she speaks

[8:29:55 PM masonictreasures> not alway good to do that...

[8:30:01 PM Pieper> .

[8:30:14 PM attheboutique> .

[8:30:25 PM masonictreasures> taxes come with the llc!!

[8:30:26 PM kenoticket> .

[8:30:28 PM Renagade> why you say that Masonic??

[8:30:31 PM attheboutique>

[8:30:43 PM attheboutique> sample business plans

[8:30:54 PM Renagade> oh ..LLC ..true

[8:31:12 PM masonictreasures> been there done that!!

[8:31:19 PM SunflowerBoutique> I used to live in Palo Alto

[8:31:20 PM sistahqueen>

[8:31:38 PM] Guest 13 is logged into the chat

[8:31:56 PM Pieper> .

[8:31:57 PM booksbelow> thanks, lots of info

[8:32:01 PM Renagade> .

[8:32:06 PM auctionwally> .

[8:32:19 PM Ziggy Zool>

[8:32:23 PM attheboutique> going into business backwards

[8:32:29 PM sistahqueen>

[8:32:38 PM Renagade> .

[8:32:40 PM attheboutique> look at where you are right now, and where do you want to be? Have a goal

[8:33:04 PM katbarton> ??????Want to know if have been in business, and switched to e-commerce, goal is same, how we incoperate those same plans?????

[8:33:09 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[8:33:31 PM Renagade> .

[8:33:38 PM SunflowerBoutique> boy, I had to back peddle big time here recently

[8:34:03 PM attheboutique> I just spent time streamlining, making those decisions can be hard

[8:34:07 PM Annapplebonanza> Make milestones, maybe quarterly?

[8:34:07 PM Pieper> .

[8:34:11 PM Renagade> As to what Sunny?

[8:34:14 PM auctionwally> .

[8:34:34 PM sistahqueen>

[8:35:02 PM Renagade> .

[8:35:05 PM SunflowerBoutique> I shut down Amazon for now, that is a huge part of our monthly income

[8:35:13 PM] EmpressofBiz is logged into the chat

[8:35:14 PM masonictreasures> what are your strategy plan for the seller???

[8:35:15 PM attheboutique> Figure out your market, and how do you expand it

[8:35:17 PM sistahqueen> .......

[8:35:36 PM katbarton> have everything open to yes

[8:35:43 PM masonictreasures> that's on ebay???

[8:36:02 PM attheboutique> smaller goals, larger goals

[8:36:12 PM Renagade> Hmmm I was thinking of starting on Amazon...

[8:36:13 PM masonictreasures> bonanzle is more open!!

[8:36:18 PM Pieper> .

[8:36:19 PM attheboutique> where do you want to be 5 years from now, three years, one year 6 months

[8:36:21 PM katbarton> 6 month, 1 year, 3 year, and 5 year are typical for a bank..treat the same

[8:36:32 PM Ziggy Zool>

[8:36:42 PM attheboutique> Realistic Goals!!! Highly important

[8:36:55 PM Renagade>

[8:37:18 PM Pieper> lol wally

[8:37:19 PM masonictreasures> yea thats true!!!

[8:37:21 PM Pieper> hilarious

[8:37:31 PM Renagade> NEVER heard Wally so quiet!

[8:37:38 PM attheboutique> Tip 2 Your target market is not everyone, who is your market, who are you selling to?

[8:37:39 PM masonictreasures> what about google?

[8:37:41 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[8:37:49 PM attheboutique> Wally is outnumbered, two Ladies, lol

[8:37:56 PM PickerBrad> lol

[8:38:02 PM auctionwally> lol

[8:38:15 PM SunflowerBoutique> gotta be organized enough to be able to find a book that has sold in minutes, not days, our sku system got out of whack so we are re-sku'ing

[8:38:18 PM sistahqueen>

[8:38:18 PM attheboutique> Who are they? Know all you can about them, where they hang out how to meet their specific needs

[8:38:21 PM masonictreasures> uea that good but what about?....

[8:38:24 PM attheboutique> base it on their needs, not yours

[8:38:36 PM] Guest 14 is logged into the chat

[8:38:36 PM] EmpressofBiz has left the chat

[8:38:41 PM Renagade> ????is niche selling better than a little of everything???

[8:38:47 PM attheboutique> Age, gender, income level, hobbies, likes, recreational time

[8:38:48 PM Ziggy Zool> lol wally's chillin he gets a mini vacation while they talk lol

[8:39:02 PM masonictreasures> yea but when they cut out the search????

[8:39:11 PM Renagade> Oh yeah Sunflower... you have a lot of SKUs to do!

[8:39:18 PM sistahqueen> you beat me to the question,renagade

[8:39:38 PM Renagade> yes

[8:39:46 PM] Guest 14 has left the chat

[8:39:47 PM masonictreasures> no product line....

[8:39:51 PM Guest 12> yes

[8:39:53 PM kenoticket> no

[8:40:15 PM SunflowerBoutique> have about 10,000+ to re-sku, but a lot of books are being culled out to recycling

[8:40:19 PM Pieper> .

[8:40:31 PM sistahqueen> ....

[8:40:37 PM attheboutique> Why do people buy? To fulfill a need

[8:40:45 PM] stubsinc is logged into the chat

[8:40:48 PM] cheesehead is logged into the chat

[8:40:49 PM Renagade> Ahhh... cool

[8:40:54 PM attheboutique> How to define a target market?? Your thoughts?

[8:41:05 PM Pieper> .

[8:41:11 PM attheboutique> Answers???

[8:41:19 PM Renagade> women

[8:41:21 PM Ziggy Zool> people that use perms

[8:41:37 PM katbarton> affordable, quality, age...

[8:41:38 PM booksbelow> target book buyers who looking for rare or unusual

[8:41:54 PM sistahqueen> people who think their hair is a problem

[8:41:59 PM SunflowerBoutique> I use shotgun target marketing

[8:42:04 PM Pieper> .

[8:42:04 PM katbarton> everyone sistah! lol

[8:42:08 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> teen market

[8:42:10 PM masonictreasures> first off you need to know the hair and what is being used for!!!

[8:42:11 PM attheboutique> Sometimes their is one to target that will use the product, another that controls the dollars

[8:42:19 PM Renagade> you have some great rare books Booksbelow...Cool!

[8:42:21 PM sistahqueen> lol@kat

[8:42:28 PM katbarton> :)

[8:42:36 PM SunflowerBoutique> spread enough out there you will make sales

[8:42:48 PM Renagade> Sunflower... ??? Shotgun???

[8:42:49 PM sistahqueen> lol

[8:42:50 PM Pieper> .

[8:42:55 PM PickerBrad> the Wife is the money spender

[8:42:57 PM masonictreasures> yes he does!!!

[8:42:57 PM cheesehead> cant hear it tonight

[8:42:59 PM attheboutique> people with hair

[8:42:59 PM Renagade> ahhh!

[8:43:02 PM oakIslandBoutique> Wally's out.. lol

[8:43:03 PM attheboutique> people with curly hair

[8:43:12 PM attheboutique> people that struggle with their curly hari

[8:43:18 PM Renagade> in to hear..

[8:43:20 PM attheboutique> and have money, and a history of spending it on their hari

[8:43:22 PM auctionwally> .

[8:43:28 PM masonictreasures> ahts that got to do with the topic??????

[8:43:31 PM attheboutique> wow, what a drill down

[8:43:34 PM PickerBrad> ShotGun = Broad Range wide Marketing

[8:43:46 PM sistahqueen> me! me! all about the hair

[8:43:49 PM SunflowerBoutique> what hair? my hair is curly when I have

[8:43:57 PM Renagade> spending out now...

[8:43:59 PM katbarton> lol..sistah

[8:44:05 PM katbarton> me too...sigh

[8:44:06 PM sistahqueen> I need to check out that site

[8:44:25 PM Renagade> spredding out ,,, expanding platforms

[8:44:26 PM masonictreasures> i just wish i had hair.

[8:44:28 PM cheesehead> cant do that phone is low on minutes

[8:44:28 PM Pieper> .

[8:44:41 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[8:44:43 PM Renagade> .

[8:44:45 PM SunflowerBoutique> curly hair on a guy = ball caps

[8:44:58 PM masonictreasures> how can you do that ... thatsw a market!!

[8:45:09 PM Renagade> no... Sunny show it off!

[8:45:17 PM Pieper> .

[8:45:25 PM Renagade> .

[8:45:29 PM cheesehead> i have nat. curly, never had a perm

[8:45:34 PM Ziggy Zool> '

[8:45:49 PM Guest 12> perm every 2 months

[8:45:59 PM] Lattegirltoo is logged into the chat

[8:46:01 PM attheboutique> there you go client #!

[8:46:02 PM sistahqueen> ...

[8:46:03 PM Pieper> .

[8:46:05 PM cheesehead> where is the streaaming audio

[8:46:06 PM attheboutique> lol

[8:46:10 PM mommyto3> my daughter has really curly hair and won't let me do anything with it, likes it in her eyes

[8:46:14 PM Lattegirltoo> evening ya'll

[8:46:18 PM Renagade> mine wont hold a perm...

[8:46:20 PM SunflowerBoutique> my hair when I was younger would almost afro on me

[8:46:22 PM masonictreasures> so REALLY what are we talking about???

[8:46:23 PM attheboutique> Hey there, Latte!!

[8:46:24 PM Annapplebonanza> Hi lattegirl

[8:46:45 PM Renagade> .

[8:46:46 PM katbarton> marketing masonic

[8:46:52 PM masonictreasures> the best!!

[8:47:01 PM attheboutique> defining your target market, masonic

[8:47:06 PM katbarton> yes wally

[8:47:15 PM Pieper> .

[8:47:36 PM Renagade> /

[8:47:38 PM sistahqueen> hair still will Afro on me.....

[8:47:39 PM masonictreasures> thanks pat and phedra

[8:48:00 PM masonictreasures> thats right wally!!

[8:48:11 PM Pieper> .

[8:48:13 PM] mistycreekwest has left the chat

[8:48:14 PM] mistycreekwest is logged into the chat

[8:48:14 PM cheesehead> ? I read in the Sunday paper that people are searching on google these days for the words cheap, low priced, etc. when they search

[8:48:15 PM SunflowerBoutique> to up your twitter follower count try this out

[8:48:16 PM attheboutique> welcome, masonic

[8:48:29 PM katbarton> really cheese? hmmm

[8:48:35 PM masonictreasures> increased my sales this week~~

[8:48:37 PM attheboutique> use the keyword tool, find out if they really are

[8:49:19 PM Pieper> 30 seconds is why the hair IS flat...LOL

[8:49:22 PM cheesehead> I changed my items in my booth so many have the word cheap or low priced.

[8:49:25 PM Renagade> Keeping listings simple direct complete

[8:49:26 PM ibbysjewels> saw that search for "cheap" on my google analytics

[8:49:29 PM sistahqueen> .....

[8:49:32 PM masonictreasures> iam the barber!!!

[8:49:39 PM katbarton> shave! lol...wally

[8:49:46 PM SunflowerBoutique> I am my own barber also

[8:49:48 PM Pieper> it is so true true

[8:49:49 PM Ziggy Zool> the grass is always greener on the other side

[8:49:56 PM stubsinc> :)

[8:49:57 PM Renagade> yes...thats true Wally!

[8:50:01 PM masonictreasures> that true i want to be like u wally!!

[8:50:02 PM Guest 12> true

[8:50:04 PM Pieper> in my case ziggy, that could not be truer

[8:50:05 PM katbarton> yep wally..that is true...blond wants dark...dark wants blond

[8:50:05 PM Annapplebonanza> No, I like my curly hair:-)

[8:50:05 PM Pieper> LOL

[8:50:11 PM Lattegirltoo> That's why you are bold, 4 females in teh house, you pulled it all out wally

[8:50:18 PM PickerBrad> women have told me they's kill for my hair

[8:50:20 PM cheesehead> It is because of the bargain shoppers of course, have to look for deals..

[8:50:25 PM mistycreekwest> That is the truth - I spend alot of money on perms and a good friends spends hers on getting her beautiful natural curly hair straight :)

[8:50:25 PM Ziggy Zool> Gotcha lime head LOL

[8:50:27 PM Renagade> My DH wants RED!

[8:50:39 PM] Guest 13 has left the chat

[8:50:42 PM Renagade> I am a Brunette!

[8:50:45 PM Pieper> .

[8:50:49 PM Ziggy Zool> redhead

[8:50:59 PM Renagade> .

[8:50:59 PM attheboutique> .

[8:51:01 PM Ziggy Zool> .

[8:51:04 PM masonictreasures> drop shippers don.t work fadera is right

[8:51:22 PM mommyto3> they watch too much late night tv with make millions online

[8:51:26 PM attheboutique> Tip 3 You have to work for it, there is not rich quick formulas

[8:51:34 PM] Guest 15 is logged into the chat

[8:51:36 PM PickerBrad> over saturated dropshipping

[8:51:37 PM masonictreasures> ok phe sorry!!

[8:51:40 PM Pieper> yeah, for the guys that sell them

[8:51:43 PM cheesehead> tomorrow I will look in google search and see if my items come up quickly

[8:51:49 PM katbarton> I won UK lotto today! really rich now

[8:52:01 PM mommyto3> like SMC build a website and sit while the money comes into your mailbox

[8:52:04 PM Ziggy Zool> lucky kat lol

[8:52:05 PM Renagade> People do NOT realize how much work IS involved!

[8:52:14 PM attheboutique> Tip 4 Don't put all your commerce eggs in one basket

[8:52:16 PM katbarton> lol...wanna split Zig?

[8:52:18 PM cheesehead> uk lotto? I thought I won that!!

[8:52:23 PM katbarton> checks in mail

[8:52:27 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> How many people can sale the same key chain? Right

[8:52:29 PM masonictreasures> like info mercials...

[8:52:31 PM Renagade> MINE MINE!!!

[8:52:36 PM katbarton> lol

[8:52:41 PM Ziggy Zool> remember all your friends when it arrives ok

[8:52:43 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[8:52:48 PM attheboutique> tip 5 branding, who are you? Being Consistent, promoting it

[8:52:50 PM masonictreasures> like ebay????

[8:52:58 PM Pieper> .

[8:53:01 PM sistahqueen> ....

[8:53:02 PM Renagade> I will... wanna be my friend???

[8:53:05 PM cheesehead> right now people are trying to sell land real cheap all over

[8:53:09 PM masonictreasures> move on????

[8:53:38 PM mommyto3> multi platform selling seems to be the best idea now

[8:53:43 PM cheesehead> not just swampland either

[8:53:54 PM katbarton> I know every 15 million of my friends

[8:53:56 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> Its a lot of Work !

[8:54:01 PM attheboutique> evaluate, and decide which tool bag works for you! Every venue has a different one

[8:54:06 PM Renagade> being on platforms is OK... you do NOT have to have a stand alone site

[8:54:18 PM] Woadieland has left the chat

[8:54:19 PM masonictreasures> bonanzle is great they have google for free!!

[8:54:28 PM Pieper> I have tried that it wasn't for me

[8:54:31 PM cheesehead> multi platform meaning more than 1 or 2 sites at once I assume?

[8:54:44 PM sistahqueen> lol@kat....

[8:54:46 PM Renagade> YES Masonic... the biggest plus

[8:54:47 PM masonictreasures> not charging you like auctivea..

[8:54:50 PM Guest 12> who charges for google????

[8:54:57 PM katbarton> own the name, but not useing..for my website...need a platform right now...only way to go

[8:55:01 PM cheesehead> I have trouble keeping track of 1...LOL

[8:55:07 PM ibbysjewels> what happened to the sound?

[8:55:17 PM katbarton> lol..sistah

[8:55:22 PM Pieper> sometimes there's just a lag ibbys

[8:55:26 PM Pieper> it will catch up with you

[8:55:32 PM zanb3> Phaedra, you were really soft there.

[8:55:32 PM masonictreasures> no body but ebay NEW COMING UP wally is right!!

[8:55:32 PM Renagade> yes cheesehead... some use Bonanzle and others like eBay etc

[8:55:39 PM zanb3> I mean, your volume.

[8:55:40 PM attheboutique> to have your own presence, you have can have a blog, etc.

[8:55:42 PM ibbysjewels> no, just went real low

[8:55:42 PM cheesehead> my lag never came on yet.....

[8:55:43 PM attheboutique> Thanks zanb

[8:55:48 PM attheboutique> will fix :)

[8:56:02 PM katbarton> need to update my blog....more info..

[8:56:18 PM masonictreasures> the best out there

[8:56:21 PM cheesehead> but if there are many sites like Bonz with no listing fee it is much better on the wallet

[8:56:25 PM Pieper> .

[8:56:41 PM Renagade> Blogs are good.. squidoo lens...myspace...facebook..

[8:56:50 PM] Guest 6 has left the chat

[8:56:53 PM attheboutique> google yourself, set up a google alert for yourself

[8:56:58 PM Annapplebonanza> I like the hub idea.

[8:56:58 PM mommyto3> that makes 2 of us but finding the time to update the blog is tough

[8:56:59 PM Pieper> I'm scared of Facebook Ren...

[8:57:09 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[8:57:12 PM cheesehead> I did the ebay thing for 10 years and this Bonz place is much better on the wallet

[8:57:20 PM Renagade> I dont like it myself... but many use it

[8:57:32 PM] Woadieland is logged into the chat

[8:57:37 PM masonictreasures> bonz it the best that wirks for me but

[8:57:42 PM Pieper> I know they do, but....

[8:57:42 PM cheesehead> how do you set up google alert, you mean for mail?

[8:57:47 PM Ziggy Zool> I agree Cheesehead

[8:57:59 PM Guest 9> I sold more on Bonanzle then I ever did on ebay...

[8:58:02 PM Ziggy Zool> no when you do a search

[8:58:03 PM attheboutique> Tip 12 Buyers buy confidence, build trust

[8:58:09 PM Renagade> VERY inportant... I AM the Renagade everywhere!

[8:58:10 PM Ziggy Zool> same here guest

[8:58:17 PM PickerBrad> so TIME is a important component

[8:58:19 PM attheboutique> google alerts deliverr results to your inbox on any keyword you choose

[8:58:23 PM katbarton> I am gypsy everywhere

[8:58:24 PM kenoticket> what is google alert

[8:58:28 PM sistahqueen> ....

[8:58:32 PM Annapplebonanza> Google alerts are great

[8:58:38 PM SunflowerBoutique> Bonanzle is my only oddball

[8:58:42 PM attheboutique> google alerts are coming up, Marlene will cover them soon

[8:58:48 PM cheesehead> do i just use my google account and find that ?

[8:59:02 PM Ziggy Zool> yes cheese

[8:59:02 PM Guest 12> yes

[8:59:04 PM katbarton> yes chees...really easy ton set up

[8:59:05 PM Pieper> I couldn't get Pieper on one place...I probably signed up there a gadzillion years ago and they say it's taken...but try to keep the name in there

[8:59:05 PM attheboutique> lol, I got ahead of us, here

[8:59:06 PM attheboutique> lol

[8:59:13 PM cheesehead> ok i will look since i cant listen it seems

[8:59:24 PM SunflowerBoutique> everywhere else it is Solomon Valley Books

[8:59:27 PM masonictreasures> thats right wally

[8:59:27 PM Guest 12> just check it on the bttom

[8:59:28 PM Renagade> CALL IN TO LISTEN

[8:59:35 PM attheboutique>

[8:59:40 PM mommyto3> that's where i am stuck now I have 2 different names one I use on social sites and one on ecommerce sites

[8:59:43 PM Pieper> Or try logging in again Linda

[8:59:50 PM cheesehead> thanks boutique. got it

[8:59:52 PM Annapplebonanza> I got messed up with transitioning from ebay to bonanzle. Twitter account name is the old ebay name.

[8:59:55 PM attheboutique> :)

[9:00:04 PM katbarton> I use the same on Social to Mommy...same pics.

[9:00:17 PM cheesehead> my minutes are low on the phone. oh well.

[9:00:17 PM attheboutique> I am the same everywhere

[9:00:18 PM Annapplebonanza> It's confusing.

[9:00:22 PM katbarton> My real name is there..but my brands are there also

[9:00:39 PM] zanb3 has left the chat

[9:00:52 PM cheesehead> ok pieper i will try that

[9:00:58 PM attheboutique> A brand is somethign that helps differentiate you from the competition, your reputation and what people think of when they see it

[9:01:01 PM stubsinc> .

[9:01:04 PM mommyto3> I use the same pic everywhere but my user names are just a little different, I have discovered that people are connecting the 2

[9:01:05 PM Renagade> .

[9:01:07 PM] cheesehead has left the chat

[9:01:11 PM] zanb3 is logged into the chat

[9:01:12 PM attheboutique> .

[9:01:18 PM auctionwally> .

[9:01:21 PM SunflowerBoutique> I use sunflowerboutiq twitter to drive traffic to all my different venues

[9:01:25 PM attheboutique> consistency builds brand, consistency and trust

[9:01:32 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[9:01:37 PM Woadieland> Trademark, Marlene?

[9:01:39 PM Ziggy Zool> easier to recognize too

[9:01:40 PM Pieper> I'm very visual, so the same avatar or flavor of avatar helps me more than names

[9:01:42 PM sistahqueen>

[9:01:49 PM masonictreasures> thats all you finding e bay these days and you have to pay for it !!!

[9:01:57 PM Pieper>

[9:01:57 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> The name does not always go with the other things you are selling so they tell you to go with a name that shows what you sale ?

[9:02:06 PM attheboutique> Identify company's value, mission, unique selling proposition

[9:02:08 PM mommyto3> That's why I try to use the same avatar no matter the user name

[9:02:21 PM Renagade> true Pieper.. dont like it when peeps change them all the time

[9:02:22 PM attheboutique> Have a consistent message

[9:02:35 PM Pieper> Cheyenne2u had three different avatars, but they all tied together, so I alwasy knew it was her

[9:02:43 PM masonictreasures> is it the secrh engine??

[9:02:53 PM SunflowerBoutique> I had to change names to sell something besides books

[9:03:06 PM Woadieland> Annaapplebonanza - you can have more than one twitter account - lots of "online celebrities" do

[9:03:26 PM attheboutique> so you can think of those as two different entities, Sun, two separate businesses almost

[9:03:36 PM Annapplebonanza> Woadie- gosh, great to know. I"m going to have to start again! Thanks.

[9:03:45 PM Pieper> .

[9:03:52 PM PickerBrad> Anything, Anywhere, At Any Price

[9:03:53 PM auctionwally> Like Brightest Blessings

[9:04:02 PM Renagade> like I have Renagade's and the 2wolves Sunny

[9:04:03 PM SunflowerBoutique> thats what I do, but I still promote one from the other when possible

[9:04:05 PM attheboutique> Spa Quality, Not Spa Price

[9:04:17 PM] cheesehead is logged into the chat

[9:04:25 PM attheboutique> Tag Line

[9:04:26 PM Renagade> always cross promote is good!

[9:04:42 PM masonictreasures> your logo is not allowed by ebay!!

[9:04:43 PM zanb3> ..

[9:04:48 PM Pieper> A Tail of Two Kitties

[9:04:49 PM Renagade> "With Renagade's Sound is #1

[9:04:58 PM Ziggy Zool>

[9:04:59 PM Pieper> Oh, I like that Ren

[9:05:05 PM attheboutique> Colors create a mood and generate an emotional response

[9:05:06 PM Renagade> Come Howl With The Wolves

[9:05:06 PM masonictreasures> wiped out my sales!!

[9:05:18 PM attheboutique> red is for stop or passion

[9:05:20 PM cheesehead> no no sound i will just read

[9:05:23 PM attheboutique> yellow caution or cowardness

[9:05:27 PM attheboutique> green go safety

[9:05:29 PM attheboutique> white purity

[9:05:32 PM PickerBrad> Anything, Anywhere, At Any Price

[9:05:34 PM attheboutique> black luxury presitge

[9:05:40 PM attheboutique> brown is warmth and comfort

[9:05:41 PM auctionwally> I'm red white and black

[9:05:44 PM attheboutique> I know I missed some, lol

[9:05:51 PM mommyto3> I'm red white and blue

[9:05:54 PM cheesehead>

[9:05:58 PM attheboutique> I am brown

[9:06:02 PM Annapplebonanza> Interesting about the colors.

[9:06:06 PM attheboutique> earth tones, cream and brown

[9:06:07 PM Pieper> blue is calm

[9:06:09 PM katbarton> ?????color for quality????

[9:06:10 PM Annapplebonanza> I'm red, orange, white.

[9:06:10 PM Guest 12> orange

[9:06:15 PM masonictreasures> well you can get that any where but what about purple!!

[9:06:17 PM mistycreekwest> Sound Wally

[9:06:20 PM cheesehead> can we ask anything tonight?

[9:06:21 PM stubsinc> I'm red, white, and blue

[9:06:24 PM SunflowerBoutique> so I need to get rid of that dang

[9:06:25 PM katbarton> me to

[9:06:28 PM Pieper> I am lime green

[9:06:34 PM Renagade> I am more Red White And Blue with Renagade and Black and greys with 2wolves

[9:06:36 PM mistycreekwest> much better sound!

[9:06:41 PM BrightestBlessings> Spa Quality, Not Spa Price

[9:06:42 PM zanb3> perfect volume now

[9:06:42 PM Annapplebonanza> I need a paint job.

[9:06:52 PM attheboutique> People are loyal to a brand, not marketing

[9:06:53 PM Renagade> LOL

[9:06:53 PM katbarton>

[9:06:57 PM BrightestBlessings>

[9:06:58 PM Pieper> No, I LIKE that sunflower...

[9:07:05 PM attheboutique> I need more cool colors, greens

[9:07:06 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[9:07:10 PM PickerBrad> Apple Mac

[9:07:15 PM] cheesehead has left the chat

[9:07:16 PM masonictreasures> i'd rather be bonanzle than ebay!!

[9:07:16 PM sistahqueen> ........

[9:07:25 PM SunflowerBoutique> I would never get rid of my sunflower

[9:07:26 PM katbarton> I need prestige and cal, quality colors...

[9:07:29 PM] Katskloset has left the chat

[9:07:34 PM Renagade> Pepsi Max! Woot!

[9:07:35 PM] booksbelow has left the chat

[9:07:36 PM attheboutique> It is not about what I like so much, but is about the reaction it illicit from the viewer

[9:07:37 PM katbarton> calm...

[9:07:54 PM attheboutique> black is luxury and prestige

[9:08:03 PM mommyto3> me it's diet pepsi

[9:08:03 PM Pieper> I find yours very soothing and calming Phaedra

[9:08:08 PM attheboutique> blue is cool and calm, green is safety and go

[9:08:10 PM katbarton> Ohh...kk, have

[9:08:13 PM attheboutique> thanks Pieper

[9:08:21 PM katbarton> whats quality color?

[9:08:26 PM attheboutique> That is why I chose the earth tones

[9:08:34 PM attheboutique> don't know Kat, google it? lol

[9:08:39 PM katbarton> lol

[9:08:39 PM Pieper> so where would you add green?

[9:08:48 PM kenoticket> what's multi color? like a rainbow over and over

[9:08:51 PM katbarton> purple, fushia?

[9:08:54 PM sistahqueen> m color is purple

[9:08:57 PM attheboutique> I am not sure, have been considering an over haul for a while

[9:08:58 PM katbarton> google it?

[9:09:02 PM Renagade> Kat... black with golds and rusts and reds... would suit your brand

[9:09:02 PM attheboutique> purple - royalty

[9:09:16 PM katbarton> ahh...see royal gypsie

[9:09:20 PM katbarton> lol

[9:09:21 PM PickerBrad> well GEE WIZ where do you think I got my Nickname? AW? May be?

[9:09:23 PM Pieper> YOu could have a green vase with a single rose or something

[9:09:37 PM Pieper> or some green herbs growing on the table

[9:09:45 PM attheboutique> we worked weeks on my avatar and banner

[9:09:50 PM Ziggy Zool> have to disagree about color yellow - I see Yellow and think cheerful and sunny or happy

[9:10:02 PM Pieper> I like yellow too...very cheerful for me

[9:10:12 PM Ziggy Zool> I think your's is perfect for what you sell Phae

[9:10:16 PM sistahqueen> i lost my sound

[9:10:19 PM katbarton> yeah me to Zig..but they do studys on this stuff

[9:10:19 PM Renagade> I am looking for something alittle more "Renagade"

[9:10:26 PM attheboutique> Thanks, Ziggy :)

[9:10:32 PM masonictreasures> what about you d that and still gett he shaft?

[9:10:32 PM katbarton> your good renagade...

[9:10:33 PM Guest 12> me too awhile ag

[9:10:37 PM Guest 12> ago

[9:10:44 PM] cheesehead is logged into the chat

[9:10:46 PM mommyto3> I love my store name but hate my user names, but am not creative enough to come up with a new one

[9:10:48 PM attheboutique> .

[9:10:56 PM] mistycreekwest has left the chat

[9:10:57 PM] mistycreekwest is logged into the chat

[9:10:59 PM katbarton> ,

[9:11:02 PM auctionwally> .

[9:11:06 PM sistahqueen> ....

[9:11:09 PM Renagade> .

[9:11:14 PM attheboutique> brainstorm with friends mommyto3, ask what they think of when they think of what you sell

[9:11:23 PM Pieper> mommy - you could always pose that to the forums for suggestions

[9:11:35 PM ibbysjewels> .

[9:11:51 PM katbarton> .

[9:12:16 PM Pieper> I see Ren with a low-slung hot motorcycle, a black leather jacket and a big USA eagle on the flowing in the air...

[9:12:20 PM Renagade> BUT she cannot Change the user name...only the Booth name

[9:12:32 PM katbarton> piper...ROFLMBO

[9:12:35 PM Pieper> Oh, that's right Ren..forgot about that

[9:12:36 PM sistahqueen>

[9:12:40 PM katbarton> and big gun!

[9:12:45 PM Renagade> HEY!!!

[9:12:50 PM Pieper> wouldn't she look cute Kat?

[9:12:51 PM katbarton> lol

[9:12:53 PM Renagade> Cool!

[9:12:55 PM katbarton> yep

[9:12:57 PM Pieper> I mean that as a complete compliement Ren...

[9:13:05 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles>

[9:13:06 PM katbarton> sexy mama

[9:13:12 PM Pieper> yeah, like that

[9:13:15 PM attheboutique> Tip 6 choosing a product: do you go with what you know or what buyers are buying?

[9:13:16 PM mommyto3> I am not over at Bonanzle at the moment, I just listen here to learn from Wally, Phaedra and everyone

[9:13:23 PM sistahqueen>

[9:13:29 PM zanb3> ..

[9:13:33 PM attheboutique> You are more than welcome here, mommyto3

[9:13:36 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[9:13:37 PM attheboutique> :)

[9:13:40 PM masonictreasures> well i make my own

[9:13:41 PM Pieper> Well, then you could chose a different nameif you sign up at Bonanzle

[9:13:41 PM Renagade> we are going to be maybe merging the Renagade Eagle and the Howling wolf of two wolves

[9:13:53 PM stubsinc> .

[9:13:54 PM stubsinc> .

[9:13:57 PM attheboutique> Awesome to sell a product you can get excited about, but it must be something that people are buying

[9:14:02 PM mommyto3> and I appreciate that, I have always felt welcome whether I use the site or not

[9:14:03 PM attheboutique> I think that is an awesome, ren

[9:14:04 PM Pieper> I really like the wolf idea, Ren

[9:14:13 PM masonictreasures> special market i have been donin good

[9:14:14 PM mistycreekwest>

[9:14:17 PM Renagade> Love wolves

[9:14:21 PM attheboutique> Who is Cent. Indiana?

[9:14:32 PM katbarton> ?

[9:14:32 PM BrightestBlessings> Scott

[9:14:36 PM stubsinc>

[9:14:37 PM Pieper> So does a new tat with one on it

[9:14:37 PM masonictreasures> masonictreasures

[9:14:49 PM Ziggy Zool> thanks dede

[9:14:50 PM Renagade> cool!

[9:14:55 PM PickerBrad> On Ebay it's all iPods and JUNK

[9:14:58 PM BrightestBlessings> :)

[9:15:07 PM katbarton> yes

[9:15:09 PM Renagade> .

[9:15:10 PM Pieper> and they merged the howling wolf with the face of the moon

[9:15:13 PM PickerBrad> I LOVE My iPod but come on

[9:15:13 PM Pieper> it's really nice

[9:15:22 PM masonictreasures> that is where i am at!!

[9:15:32 PM attheboutique> Where is catalyst being held? I forgot

[9:15:33 PM Renagade> .

[9:15:36 PM masonictreasures> got to agree!

[9:15:40 PM mommyto3> Raleigh NC

[9:15:45 PM katbarton> Florida Phae?

[9:15:46 PM Annapplebonanza> Opportunity costs are neglected sometimes.

[9:15:48 PM sistahqueen>

[9:15:51 PM katbarton> oh..

[9:15:53 PM attheboutique> okay, thanks mommyto3

[9:16:07 PM SunflowerBoutique> You have received an order from! Title: Star Wars Saga Postage Stamps (Souvenir Sheet)

[9:16:09 PM Guest 12> can someone tell me colderice's chest auction @ebay?

[9:16:12 PM Renagade> .

[9:16:25 PM Pieper> .

[9:16:25 PM Ziggy Zool> ???how do you know what's a hit????

[9:16:39 PM Renagade> .

[9:16:40 PM katbarton> bottom dollar Zig

[9:16:43 PM SunflowerBoutique> yes I sell postage stamps

[9:16:47 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[9:16:52 PM katbarton> lol

[9:16:58 PM Renagade> /

[9:17:04 PM Ziggy Zool>

[9:17:06 PM sistahqueen> ....

[9:17:07 PM auctionwally> Guest 12 it's not up yet. I'm going to announce it when the auction is launched.

[9:17:15 PM] zanb3 has left the chat

[9:17:24 PM Renagade> /

[9:17:27 PM Pieper> Pieper can't understand why this computer is talking to her (everything is about her, you know)...LOL

[9:17:32 PM Guest 12> k sitting here in silence

[9:17:34 PM masonictreasures> bottom dollar is where i'am at no area... free shipping

[9:17:40 PM Ziggy Zool> teee heee

[9:17:45 PM Renagade> ROFLMAO

[9:17:49 PM sistahqueen> ...

[9:17:51 PM attheboutique> if it sits taking up room, it is costing $

[9:17:53 PM Ziggy Zool> so are our pups.. they keep barking

[9:18:02 PM mommyto3> that's what messed me up once on eBay, oversized package with large shipping cost, buyer complained

[9:18:03 PM attheboutique> more to it than just, "I like this and want to sell it"

[9:18:14 PM masonictreasures> that said it all if they are doing it out of there house???"

[9:18:18 PM Pieper> Isn't that silly,'s TV and radio all the time...and music from the puter, too...

[9:18:27 PM Pieper> but these voices have her worried...

[9:18:28 PM SunflowerBoutique> talk about

[9:18:32 PM Ziggy Zool> yep lol

[9:18:34 PM Renagade> .

[9:18:35 PM mommyto3> I have a house full of stuff I have collected that I need to list

[9:18:44 PM masonictreasures> got them here piper!!

[9:18:47 PM Pieper> She probably thinks they are in her head..and she's worried ... LOL

[9:18:57 PM ibbysjewels> house and barn

[9:19:02 PM Ziggy Zool> they bark at the tv to though especially when's dinner time and they know i'll get my fanny up to look

[9:19:02 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[9:19:03 PM SunflowerBoutique> I hate drop shipping, Dottie loves it

[9:19:03 PM Renagade> ROFL

[9:19:12 PM Annapplebonanza> mommy- I had that with a balloon rate on USPS, not fun.

[9:19:39 PM masonictreasures> drop ship is coll but not to make moeney!!

[9:19:40 PM Pieper> .

[9:19:46 PM PickerBrad> Missed orders

[9:19:51 PM mommyto3> they hit me with my first neutral complaining and i even told them the weight of the item in the lsiting

[9:19:52 PM Annapplebonanza> I would be fearful to trust a drop shipper.

[9:19:54 PM sistahqueen> ...

[9:19:58 PM masonictreasures> wally is right

[9:20:14 PM Annapplebonanza> Lesson learned mommyto3:-)

[9:20:18 PM masonictreasures> cost ui more!!

[9:20:25 PM Pieper> When PIeper starts barking at the TV, I'm really gonna worry about her! :)

[9:20:33 PM PickerBrad> crappy products annyway

[9:20:35 PM SunflowerBoutique> find a good supplier...most are crap

[9:20:37 PM mommyto3> I have about 500 books I just picked up from a 96yr old women need to figure out what to price them at

[9:20:42 PM] cheesehead has left the chat

[9:20:47 PM PickerBrad> knock offs

[9:20:56 PM Annapplebonanza> that's so cool about the books.

[9:20:57 PM Pieper> 96 year old women must be hard to sell, mommy :)

[9:21:00 PM] Guest 16 is logged into the chat

[9:21:03 PM Ziggy Zool>

[9:21:09 PM Renagade> You need to know they will ship!

[9:21:13 PM attheboutique> You are what makes your business unique, you bring to it what no one else can - YOU

[9:21:16 PM masonictreasures> no ur right ,,, how about delivery!!!

[9:21:17 PM SunflowerBoutique> for book pricing use or

[9:21:17 PM katbarton> lol..piper..

[9:21:18 PM Pieper> oh, books FROM a 96-year old...LOL

[9:21:48 PM mommyto3> I think she would have been offended if I tried to sell her. LOL

[9:21:50 PM masonictreasures> never thought about in the cost..

[9:22:04 PM Renagade> Cool Sunny... I can use them sites!

[9:22:07 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[9:22:13 PM katbarton> I think the person going in to dropshiping know about those risks as they go in...that is thier choice, and they need to promote, and market right,

[9:22:15 PM masonictreasures> yea bbq

[9:22:16 PM auctionwally> .

[9:22:23 PM SunflowerBoutique> I use them daily

[9:22:25 PM katbarton> can be a good thing if you do it right

[9:22:35 PM sistahqueen> ...

[9:22:52 PM Ziggy Zool> unfortunately kat they don't usally think of the pitfalls

[9:23:07 PM mommyto3> I just need to sit down and make a list of what I have then check out the prices time consuming

[9:23:08 PM] phoenix2000 is logged into the chat

[9:23:11 PM] phoenix2000 has left the chat

[9:23:14 PM Renagade> I have some items.. state right in listing..they come direct from supplier

[9:23:16 PM] phoenix2000 is logged into the chat

[9:23:41 PM Ziggy Zool> that makes it very difficult

[9:23:42 PM SunflowerBoutique> on a good day I can list 200-300 books

[9:23:44 PM Annapplebonanza> I wouldn't get excited about car parts either.

[9:23:45 PM PickerBrad> may be Katb but every site from Bonz to Ebay all have tons of them already

[9:24:04 PM attheboutique> I am so lucky, I adore what I do

[9:24:06 PM attheboutique> .

[9:24:08 PM PickerBrad> anything you can think of they have

[9:24:12 PM attheboutique> and very passionate about it

[9:24:16 PM] ibbysjewels has left the chat

[9:24:23 PM mommyto3> and it shows Phaedra, you can tell you love it

[9:24:33 PM attheboutique> thanks, mommyto3 :)

[9:24:37 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[9:24:40 PM BrightestBlessings> Saturday May 2,LIVE auction:

[9:24:45 PM Woadieland> I could get really excited about anything I don't have to pack. LOL

[9:24:46 PM Renagade> I love my music... thats why I seel them!

[9:24:55 PM PickerBrad> 10k Gold Tennis Bracelets I LOVE EM!!!!!!!

[9:25:24 PM Renagade> Nothing beats vinyl!

[9:25:27 PM attheboutique>

[9:25:33 PM Pieper> .

[9:25:39 PM BrightestBlessings> Show notes:

[9:25:57 PM Pieper> Worldwide Brands was not good to me...paid for membership, then they changed mid-stream and didn't honor my membership

[9:26:03 PM Pieper> but that was years ago

[9:26:05 PM Renagade> .

[9:26:06 PM SunflowerBoutique> I make a lot of money off of books

[9:26:15 PM attheboutique> lots to think about

[9:26:16 PM sistahqueen> ...

[9:26:23 PM attheboutique> .

[9:26:33 PM Renagade> I like doing books too..

[9:26:52 PM Guest 9> I love making my jewelry

[9:26:53 PM attheboutique> Decisions only you can make, for your business

[9:26:58 PM PickerBrad>

[9:27:02 PM SunflowerBoutique> and pamphlets and plates and paper ephemera

[9:27:08 PM Pieper> .

[9:27:17 PM Annapplebonanza> At work, we drop ship to some clients that are distributors in other countries, but it is just a unique thing, not core business.

[9:27:22 PM Renagade> new post "Fear Not The Spider"

[9:27:28 PM Ziggy Zool> same here we both agree phaedra

[9:27:36 PM Pieper> I agree too Phaedra

[9:27:40 PM Pieper> I would be worried sick

[9:27:42 PM Renagade> I agree Pheadra

[9:27:46 PM Ziggy Zool> make sure your customers are getting what they are expecting

[9:28:02 PM Ziggy Zool> how can you do that if you don't touch it

[9:28:04 PM SunflowerBoutique> you will probably go under if you try to do nothing but drop ship

[9:28:13 PM Renagade> You do a good job too Edi

[9:28:18 PM sistahqueen> ....

[9:28:23 PM attheboutique> exactly! It would drive me nuts, lol

[9:28:28 PM Annapplebonanza> If you use a drop shipper, enter into a client agreement, so you know where you stand.

[9:28:32 PM SunflowerBoutique> consignments are a big no no

[9:28:35 PM Pieper>

[9:28:37 PM masonictreasures> that is how i got away from that may 111 5

[9:28:38 PM Ziggy Zool> I'm with you girlfriend

[9:28:46 PM Ziggy Zool> couldn't handle it

[9:28:47 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[9:28:59 PM PickerBrad> I agree with WhitlowUniqueCollect... I need more Key chains,...

[9:29:06 PM Motorheadbooks>

[9:29:07 PM attheboutique> but when it is my product, I know where it came from, I know what it does. Much better

[9:29:08 PM masonictreasures> .5.oo upt o 2 lbs

[9:29:17 PM Renagade> the ONLY consignments I have done.. I have had product HERE in my home

[9:29:21 PM attheboutique> Complimentary items

[9:29:26 PM Ziggy Zool> yes

[9:29:29 PM Annapplebonanza> I like control:-)

[9:29:52 PM masonictreasures> the price goes up the 11th

[9:30:02 PM Pieper> I have done a few consignment items, but I have them in my possession, so I know exactly what I'm listing and that the price I'm asking is fair

[9:30:26 PM oakIslandBoutique> point of sale items

[9:30:34 PM Renagade> I have item..I list...I ship...

[9:30:35 PM attheboutique> Upselling!! if you are not doing it, figure out how you can do it!

[9:30:43 PM attheboutique> That first page of your booth is a good example

[9:30:56 PM] Guest 12 has left the chat

[9:30:57 PM Annapplebonanza> I sell perishables, just sold some Fenway Franks.

[9:30:58 PM Ziggy Zool> same here Pie when we did it on eBay the customer had to relinquish the item to my control until the listing ended.

[9:30:58 PM] katbarton has left the chat

[9:30:59 PM masonictreasures> cool look for the increase.

[9:31:05 PM SunflowerBoutique> with books I do not do consignments anymore, never will again

[9:31:08 PM PickerBrad> That's comming in Web 3.0

[9:31:18 PM Ziggy Zool> so many wanted me to list and keep it with them just said No sorry

[9:31:21 PM PickerBrad> Scratch and Sniff Sites

[9:31:27 PM Pieper> .

[9:31:36 PM masonictreasures> a;; around the board!!

[9:31:43 PM Renagade> .

[9:31:52 PM PickerBrad> XXX industry is working on it now

[9:31:53 PM] mistycreekwest has left the chat

[9:31:54 PM] mistycreekwest is logged into the chat

[9:31:58 PM attheboutique> .

[9:31:59 PM Ziggy Zool>

[9:32:02 PM Pieper> .

[9:32:03 PM Renagade> /

[9:32:07 PM sistahqueen> ...

[9:32:22 PM SunflowerBoutique> what is 1 + 1 ???

[9:32:32 PM Renagade> 11??

[9:32:33 PM PickerBrad> 2

[9:32:33 PM Ziggy Zool> 2

[9:32:39 PM SunflowerBoutique> lol

[9:32:42 PM PickerBrad> we are all so funny

[9:32:46 PM attheboutique> Tip 7 the importance of numbers, - numbers to know if you are actually make a profit and be aware of as far

[9:32:46 PM stubsinc> .

[9:32:50 PM masonictreasures> how u do it????

[9:32:54 PM Pieper> Well, Ziggy, it's a lot of time and effort to photograph and was just not worth it to me

[9:32:56 PM attheboutique> as traffic/bounce rates, etc. to your sites

[9:33:02 PM attheboutique> ie google analytics

[9:33:13 PM PickerBrad> It's a website SunFlower

[9:33:26 PM PickerBrad> I think

[9:33:32 PM Pieper> .

[9:33:40 PM Renagade> ???? how can you place code in Blogger?? Anyone??

[9:33:43 PM masonictreasures> well how do u do it???

[9:33:49 PM kenoticket> .

[9:33:59 PM Ziggy Zool> true Pie

[9:34:00 PM SunflowerBoutique> I am still trying to figure out analytics

[9:34:01 PM attheboutique> google analytics on Bonanzle Premier membership gets you analytics

[9:34:04 PM masonictreasures> dose

[9:34:09 PM Pieper> No, idea Ren, but I don't think it's hard

[9:34:15 PM attheboutique> Yes, Ren you can!

[9:34:17 PM Annapplebonanza> Can you download the Google Analytics?

[9:34:20 PM PickerBrad> Love Google Analytic

[9:34:27 PM Pieper> Analytics is baffling to me...but I'm trying

[9:34:32 PM sistahqueen> ....

[9:34:33 PM Renagade> how??

[9:34:33 PM attheboutique> I think you can download or export reports, annapple

[9:34:37 PM] joestreasures is logged into the chat

[9:34:40 PM PickerBrad> Blogger Is Google

[9:34:49 PM masonictreasures> t bonanz;e do that? so ebay that good???

[9:34:52 PM Guest 16> Brad, that is an info site. You don't sell bracelets?

[9:35:07 PM PickerBrad> No I don't

[9:35:12 PM PickerBrad> was a joke

[9:35:13 PM Ziggy Zool>

[9:35:14 PM Renagade> OW!

[9:35:21 PM Guest 16> duh fell for it

[9:35:27 PM PickerBrad> Sorry

[9:35:30 PM sistahqueen> ...

[9:35:32 PM PickerBrad> :)

[9:35:33 PM] joestreasures has left the chat

[9:35:35 PM Pieper> .

[9:35:44 PM stubsinc> Are there any tutorials on word press blogs?

[9:35:45 PM attheboutique> Katbarton says night everyone!!!!

[9:35:53 PM Pieper> goodnight kat

[9:35:56 PM PickerBrad> NITE

[9:35:59 PM Ziggy Zool> night kat

[9:36:02 PM Renagade> LOL Night Kat!

[9:36:04 PM mommyto3> night kat

[9:36:06 PM] joestreasures is logged into the chat

[9:36:10 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> kk kat

[9:36:11 PM attheboutique> John Lawson has one on his site, and do a search on YouTube and you will find videos on it

[9:36:23 PM PickerBrad> I just build stuff now to link other sites

[9:36:24 PM] Woadieland has left the chat

[9:36:28 PM Guest 7> Nightowlgardener>Nite kat!

[9:36:35 PM Pieper> .

[9:36:41 PM Guest 16> I see

[9:36:42 PM attheboutique> Tip 8 know when to delegate

[9:36:43 PM stubsinc> Thank you.

[9:36:47 PM attheboutique> Hard one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[9:36:50 PM PickerBrad> add a little content and the links

[9:37:14 PM Guest 16> thought I was ging to buy some gold, lol

[9:37:16 PM Pieper> Me? A control freak? Oh, puleesseee...say it ain't so...LOL :)

[9:37:21 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> most peopel do not deligate due to cost

[9:37:23 PM Guest 16> going

[9:37:24 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[9:37:24 PM attheboutique> I will delegate the jobs I despise, like cutting labels, lol

[9:37:29 PM PickerBrad> Sorry guest

[9:37:39 PM] DRTKATE is logged into the chat

[9:37:41 PM PickerBrad> If I did sell em you would buy?

[9:37:44 PM Renagade> .

[9:37:44 PM Pieper> say that again please

[9:37:50 PM Annapplebonanza> And if you do delegate, train the person thoroughly, very important.

[9:37:55 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> The ones of you who have teenage kids have it made for help

[9:38:00 PM attheboutique> Have it ready to delegate too,

[9:38:06 PM PickerBrad> Cause I know 100 Dropships who sell em

[9:38:07 PM masonictreasures> yes plesase do

[9:38:08 PM Pieper> ???????????????MARLENE, CAN YOU SAY THAT AGAIN??????????????????

[9:38:14 PM sistahqueen> ....

[9:38:15 PM attheboutique> set the job up to be efficient and easily done

[9:38:25 PM Renagade> DH cleans and we play grade together..I list and ship

[9:38:27 PM] DRTKATE has left the chat

[9:38:34 PM attheboutique> I have a 17 year old daughter, cuts labels for cash

[9:38:35 PM SunflowerBoutique> been there done that

[9:38:44 PM] rkorsberg is logged into the chat

[9:38:49 PM] oldsaltsailor has left the chat

[9:38:52 PM attheboutique> What exactly, Pieper?

[9:38:57 PM stubsinc> .

[9:39:06 PM PickerBrad> if you bought Chains whole sale and took delivery then it would work

[9:39:21 PM PickerBrad> but might take you a year to sell em all

[9:39:24 PM Guest 16> of course I would

[9:39:24 PM Pieper> ?????????????????????Creating a business, but instead creating a job????????????????//

[9:39:37 PM PickerBrad> but at $5 to $6 a chain

[9:39:39 PM attheboutique> Creating a job for yourself, not creating a business that works for you

[9:39:53 PM masonictreasures> if feebay don

[9:40:02 PM masonictreasures> t mess11

[9:40:18 PM Renagade> decide what you do BEST...and your weaker points ..Delegate

[9:40:23 PM attheboutique> Steps to delegate, go through and decide which tasks can be passed to someone, things that don't agree with you, and could make your life and business

[9:40:26 PM attheboutique> better if delegated

[9:40:27 PM Pieper> thanks Phae

[9:40:29 PM] joestreasures has left the chat

[9:40:30 PM] joestreasures is logged into the chat

[9:40:32 PM attheboutique> :)

[9:40:52 PM masonictreasures> WELL I CAN TELL YA

[9:41:15 PM Renagade> .

[9:41:16 PM mommyto3> sometimes it is hard to delegate when you are a control freak, you delegate but don't let go of the control

[9:41:18 PM sistahqueen> I'll have to catch all this in replay...goota go...Thank you Savvy and everybody...g'nite

[9:41:23 PM] sistahqueen has left the chat

[9:41:27 PM Pieper> goodnight sista

[9:41:30 PM Renagade> night sista!

[9:41:33 PM attheboutique> Night sistah, thanks for tuning in tonight!!!

[9:41:34 PM joestreasures>

[9:41:39 PM Pieper> I really don't have anyone to delegate too...

[9:41:42 PM PickerBrad> all by myself....don't wanna be...ALL BY My Self..any More :)

[9:41:48 PM Pieper> I just have to lay off myself and quit expecting so much

[9:41:56 PM vinewood> niight all dinner time

[9:41:57 PM Annapplebonanza> That's where training comes in, so you can trust their work.

[9:41:59 PM PickerBrad> anyone remember that song?

[9:41:59 PM masonictreasures> YEA THAT IS RIGHT!!

[9:42:00 PM Pieper> in the time I have

[9:42:03 PM Renagade> sing it Brad!

[9:42:08 PM PickerBrad> LOL

[9:42:14 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> bye sista

[9:42:19 PM mommyto3> I think that is where I am at the moment, still stuck on information overload and trying to decide what to do next

[9:42:30 PM attheboutique> 25% time spent studying, 25% observing how others use the material, 50% of your time taking action and applying it to your business

[9:42:32 PM Annapplebonanza> 25% like tonight, learning.

[9:42:38 PM attheboutique> avoid information overload

[9:42:41 PM Pieper> Information overload can happen all through the process, Mommy

[9:42:51 PM attheboutique> Lavender helps :)

[9:42:55 PM attheboutique> lol

[9:43:02 PM Renagade> Snot it!

[9:43:03 PM Pieper> Yes, we hope so Phae

[9:43:06 PM Pieper> LOL

[9:43:07 PM masonictreasures> Thw later is the righr1

[9:43:14 PM Annapplebonanza> :-) a stress reliever, is that what lavender is?

[9:43:24 PM attheboutique> lol, there is a surprise in that box, Pieper

[9:43:27 PM] joestreasures has left the chat

[9:43:32 PM Renagade> yes.. and it does work!

[9:43:40 PM attheboutique> Lavender helps relieve stress, eases tension, and will help sleep

[9:43:42 PM Pieper> Oh, boy! Catnip?

[9:43:50 PM Ziggy Zool> lol Pie

[9:43:52 PM Pieper> :)

[9:43:54 PM Renagade> ROFL

[9:43:59 PM Ziggy Zool> is that for you?

[9:44:02 PM masonictreasures> that is easier said than done@@@

[9:44:04 PM attheboutique> You have to take care of you in order to have anything to give to yoru business or others

[9:44:05 PM Annapplebonanza> My question last week, time management. I practiced this week, seemed to categorize my life a bit.

[9:44:09 PM mommyto3> my life is in 5 min increments with a 2yr old at home, have to keep stopping to check on her

[9:44:11 PM Renagade> catnip for peeps!

[9:44:17 PM Pieper> Yes, and the lavender is for Pieper...she gets so tired running this business

[9:44:24 PM Ziggy Zool> I agree much easier said than done

[9:44:37 PM masonictreasures> oppps that late

[9:44:38 PM Pieper> She thinks 22 hours of sleep a day isn't enough

[9:44:38 PM Guest 16> Brad what is your twitter name?

[9:44:49 PM attheboutique> Taking care of you is NOT selfish, always remember that, if you are refreshed you have more to give all around!

[9:45:03 PM attheboutique> Tip 9 the significance of emotional support from your family / significant other

[9:45:17 PM Pieper> I have been struggling with this overload for awhile now...and what Phaedra just said is exactly what I'm having to do...TAKE A BREAK!

[9:45:28 PM Renagade> If your mind is NOT on your business ...take a break!

[9:45:34 PM attheboutique> Demand Me time, it is perfectly okay

[9:45:36 PM Ziggy Zool> I get well since you're not really DOING anything would you do ???

[9:45:46 PM Ziggy Zool> Makes me Mad as a wet hen

[9:45:51 PM masonictreasures> while that dont she is next to me!!!

[9:46:07 PM Renagade> I get that some here too

[9:46:12 PM attheboutique> you are in business, the family is in business, communicate you need support

[9:46:39 PM Guest 16> mine tell me I'm crazy for doing it

[9:46:40 PM Ziggy Zool> but it's NOT a "Real" job

[9:46:42 PM Pieper> Hear you Ziggy...

[9:46:43 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[9:46:45 PM mommyto3> i am looking forward to next month my daughter starts preschool 2 days a week, so I will have 4 hrs a week free

[9:46:46 PM masonictreasures> yea we do it togeather and we are onlinr ...

[9:47:09 PM Pieper> That will help Mommy - you will have some time to yourself then

[9:47:32 PM attheboutique> I consistently remind friends and family during day (school hours) I am working, talk later

[9:47:33 PM masonictreasures> we got that and it is XXXX

[9:47:33 PM attheboutique> eventually it stuck, lol

[9:47:35 PM Ziggy Zool> he's right we do do it together but our "girls" don't get it.

[9:47:36 PM PickerBrad> Give us a visit and join if wish.. love new members :) Leave a Question or two :)

[9:47:46 PM Pieper> .

[9:48:02 PM Renagade> We work alot together... but He fails sometime to realize the networking is important part

[9:48:03 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[9:48:04 PM attheboutique> Involve them, discuss what you are doing, what is going on, share the positives, support them in what they are doing too

[9:48:04 PM mommyto3> I might actually have time to focus a little better

[9:48:22 PM Pieper> And have some time to yourself, too...

[9:48:34 PM masonictreasures> no !!

[9:48:43 PM attheboutique> .

[9:49:02 PM Guest 16> how Pieper. 2 horses, 8 dogs, 1 cat, 3 birds

[9:49:03 PM Ziggy Zool> Thank you Wally!

[9:49:19 PM Renagade> ROFL... if I say Bonanzle in this house one more time!!

[9:49:40 PM PickerBrad> Yeap

[9:49:41 PM Pieper> Guest 16 - you have your hands full! And you can't send them to preschool!

[9:49:51 PM Ziggy Zool> even 75 and 82 year old Kids have trouble with that concept

[9:49:54 PM Annapplebonanza> I have support from the family part, so that's good.

[9:49:56 PM Guest 16> lol nope

[9:49:58 PM attheboutique> Gentle reminders of what the business brings, the positive results, helps to build results

[9:50:06 PM Ziggy Zool> but you're just playing on the computer aren't you

[9:50:18 PM Pieper> When their parents don't see you leave the house everyday, like their friends' parents do, they don't recognize it as the same thing...

[9:50:22 PM attheboutique> My 10 year old loves to package incense

[9:50:28 PM attheboutique> Tip 10 the importance of keywords

[9:50:32 PM Pieper> One of Wally's daughter helped on last month's auction

[9:50:43 PM] The Savvy Seller has left the chat

[9:50:45 PM Ziggy Zool> that's great

[9:50:48 PM auctionwally> Yeah Pieper, she's a ham!

[9:50:49 PM attheboutique> Then you change that vision for them :)

[9:50:52 PM Ziggy Zool>

[9:50:56 PM Pieper> cute too

[9:51:02 PM auctionwally> TY

[9:51:03 PM Annapplebonanza> Phaedra said about the take time for yourself, it is difficult to do for some women, like women who do too much. But, so important.

[9:51:09 PM Renagade> Cool! she must take after Daddy!

[9:51:17 PM auctionwally> LOl TY

[9:51:25 PM Ziggy Zool> ANNA you are so correct

[9:51:41 PM mommyto3> I still feel guilty when I take time for myself, thinking of all the other things I should be doing

[9:51:49 PM attheboutique> It is important Annapple, to remember it is not selfish, it actually better to do so, as you then have so much more to give everyone

[9:51:50 PM attheboutique> .

[9:51:52 PM PickerBrad> LOL

[9:51:54 PM ebay & Beyond> Plenty of time

[9:52:02 PM PickerBrad> we Stay as long as it takes :)

[9:52:04 PM stubsinc> Go for it

[9:52:05 PM Guest 7> Nightowlgardener>I'll stay! YEAH!

[9:52:16 PM Pieper> Yes, Anna, I always did too much - super mom, super wife, super employee...I still tend to overdo...being a control freak and all...LOL

[9:52:17 PM mommyto3> Dave arent you on the road to Raleigh

[9:52:23 PM Guest 16> what are we going for? no sound

[9:52:25 PM attheboutique>

[9:52:33 PM Annapplebonanza> I know, I always thought it was selfish, until I learned to take care of me first, just as an Emergency Responder would do!

[9:52:50 PM Pieper> stay on line until Marlene has covered everything even if it goes after 10

[9:53:00 PM attheboutique>

[9:53:02 PM Annapplebonanza> K

[9:53:06 PM Guest 16> thank you Pieper

[9:53:09 PM attheboutique>

[9:53:14 PM attheboutique> see google up above

[9:53:17 PM attheboutique> lol

[9:53:35 PM attheboutique>

[9:53:48 PM attheboutique> And remember keyword trends change over time

[9:53:53 PM masonictreasures> no she is great.. old stuff that lisree best listen,,,

[9:54:09 PM masonictreasures> not on feebay!!

[9:54:19 PM Pieper> .

[9:54:24 PM Pieper> yw

[9:54:28 PM attheboutique> .

[9:54:46 PM PickerBrad> is helpful... look at how Antiques and Collectibles is down over the last 5 years :(

[9:54:47 PM Annapplebonanza> Action Healthy helped me make a blog if you are shy, she will help.

[9:54:53 PM masonictreasures> they do charge rfor that but she is great and right

[9:54:54 PM attheboutique> Ask your friends, show them your items, have them tell you what they call that item

[9:54:56 PM attheboutique> You may be surprised

[9:55:04 PM Ziggy Zool> That's a great tip Marlene!

[9:55:13 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[9:55:20 PM Pieper> .

[9:55:21 PM masonictreasures> great q....

[9:55:21 PM Annapplebonanza> :-)

[9:55:32 PM attheboutique> my blog, features vs benefits

[9:55:48 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> 985 Walt

[9:55:50 PM Renagade> ???? dont you Use only Keywords that are Relevant

[9:55:50 PM kenoticket> .

[9:55:51 PM BrightestBlessings> LOL

[9:56:05 PM auctionwally> LOL

[9:56:08 PM attheboutique> Yes, but so many people use different terms for same item, as the example she just gave

[9:56:12 PM oakIslandBoutique> athletic shoe

[9:56:19 PM attheboutique> Tip 11 Think like a buyer

[9:56:25 PM masonictreasures> well is it talk shoe?

[9:56:32 PM Renagade> Sneaker


[9:56:45 PM Annapplebonanza> I'm still stuck on keyword stuff, at work I ran across

[9:56:47 PM Renagade> talk shoe! ;)

[9:56:58 PM Pieper> LOL

[9:57:02 PM Annapplebonanza> Ooops, keyword spy

[9:57:04 PM masonictreasures> how about the buyer that ebay blocks???

[9:57:12 PM SunflowerBoutique> exactly

[9:57:24 PM] stubsinc has left the chat

[9:57:26 PM Pieper> That's what I thought...

[9:57:38 PM mommyto3> when I type about the podcasts I always start typing talk shoe instead of talk show

[9:57:53 PM SunflowerBoutique> like books, don't use book publisher terminology...don't help sales

[9:57:59 PM masonictreasures> thats ur s

[9:58:06 PM Annapplebonanza> It does, but that is the owner's issue. I hate that practice as well as whiting out the text.

[9:58:09 PM Pieper> okay...

[9:58:15 PM Pieper> that makes sense

[9:58:17 PM attheboutique> How about, in the sentence after the word use (sometimes spelled ,,,,)

[9:58:20 PM masonictreasures> no mispelling with ebay

[9:58:27 PM mistycreekwest> Wedgewood or Wedgwood?

[9:58:32 PM Guest 9> I have the same problem with chainmail and chainmaille

[9:58:40 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> like coke cola vs coca cola

[9:58:41 PM auctionwally> Exactly Misty!

[9:58:42 PM Pieper> like in your blog

[9:58:42 PM attheboutique> You can type in your description on B in white font, then it does not show

[9:58:45 PM Annapplebonanza> A nice way to do this is to say, otherwise known as .......

[9:58:47 PM masonictreasures> isntied that blue??

[9:59:02 PM PickerBrad> I use Google as a Spell Check

[9:59:11 PM Pieper> Oh, Phaedra! The whole description or just the misspelled word in white?

[9:59:16 PM PickerBrad> Did you Mean? LOL

[9:59:23 PM Annapplebonanza> Whiting out is not good.

[9:59:24 PM attheboutique> the misspelled word so no one sees it, lol

[9:59:39 PM Pieper> Oh, that makes sense...thanks

[9:59:40 PM Ziggy Zool> hey I wonder if on Bonanazle we could use the misspelling as an attribute

[9:59:48 PM Renagade> I hate seeing "Coke,Coca cola,coka cola Glass" for titles

[10:00:03 PM Ziggy Zool> Great Wally

[10:00:05 PM Annapplebonanza> that's a good way to put it Wally.

[10:00:23 PM mistycreekwest> :)

[10:00:38 PM Ziggy Zool> ah cool tip phae

[10:00:39 PM Pieper> That's a good Ziggy - ?????CAN WE USE MISSPELLINGS AS AN ATTRIBUTE ON B? PHAEDRA???????????

[10:00:39 PM Ziggy Zool> thanks

[10:00:45 PM attheboutique> Make sure you are using vocabulary that your buyer is aware of

[10:01:06 PM] NW Illinois is on the call

[10:01:12 PM masonictreasures> that is every day on ebay!!

[10:01:13 PM Renagade> .

[10:01:14 PM attheboutique> If it fits the attribute, and does not kick out the same attribute used twice, I don't see why not

[10:01:23 PM Ziggy Zool> I bet it would work Pie

[10:01:37 PM Pieper> Worth a try, thanks!

[10:01:38 PM masonictreasures> ebay wanted me to wipe that out11

[10:01:43 PM Ziggy Zool> well if it's misspelled I would think it would be a separate one

[10:01:59 PM Annapplebonanza> I'm not good with the misspelling keyword spam, sorry:-)

[10:02:10 PM attheboutique> Tip 12 buyers buy confidence and security they need to feel they can trust you

[10:02:11 PM masonictreasures> WHAT ABOUT FREE SHIPPING?

[10:02:26 PM masonictreasures> ON EBAY???

[10:02:39 PM Ziggy Zool> Hey I just had the thought Pie. we learned that about the misspelling thing in accordance with buying google ad words in a seminar Pie

[10:02:43 PM attheboutique> Tip 13 Google alerts for reputation management and to check on competition

[10:02:59 PM] ebay & Beyond has left the chat

[10:03:16 PM auctionwally> I LOVE Google Alerts!

[10:03:30 PM attheboutique> so do I!!

[10:03:32 PM Renagade> My problem Renagade comes up with weird things in Google Alerts

[10:03:47 PM Annapplebonanza> Google Alerts are great, use them at work and for Bonanzle.

[10:03:48 PM auctionwally> It's one of the most used tools for me.

[10:03:50 PM] stubsinc is logged into the chat

[10:03:59 PM attheboutique> I have Bonanzle, attheboutique, Learn to sell on Bonanzle

[10:04:11 PM Pieper> I had one set for handmade home items and guess what I got? Martha Stewart...LOL:)

[10:04:18 PM] NW Illinois has hung up

[10:04:20 PM Ziggy Zool> LOL

[10:04:23 PM masonictreasures> THAT WOULD BE GREAT IF THEY LISTEN!!

[10:04:23 PM attheboutique> lol, need to drill it down more, Pieper

[10:04:32 PM Ziggy Zool> that's helpful isn't it PIe

[10:04:33 PM stubsinc> .

[10:04:36 PM Ziggy Zool> lol

[10:04:37 PM mistycreekwest> How many alerts do you get for "bonanzle" (about?)

[10:04:40 PM Renagade> I got Bonanzle.... Auctionwally

[10:04:41 PM Pieper> Yeah, I was impressed

[10:04:42 PM Pieper> not

[10:04:47 PM Pieper> :)

[10:04:48 PM attheboutique> 4 or 5 in one email

[10:05:02 PM masonictreasures> YOU ARE GREAT REALLY GET OUT THERE !!

[10:05:03 PM attheboutique> I have a once daily set up, all in one email

[10:05:04 PM Ziggy Zool> that's a good idea too wally

[10:05:09 PM mistycreekwest> Thanks, that's not bad, I was afraid it could be 100s

[10:05:09 PM Pieper> Yes, I understand the drill down NOW Phae...

[10:05:10 PM attheboutique> .

[10:05:16 PM auctionwally> .

[10:05:19 PM attheboutique> lol, Pieper

[10:05:23 PM Renagade> .

[10:05:33 PM kenoticket> ???? is there a cost for google alerts

[10:05:37 PM attheboutique> no it is free

[10:05:39 PM Ziggy Zool> no

[10:05:42 PM Guest 16> no

[10:05:43 PM Pieper> Butwhen I started...well,somedays are still like day one for me!

[10:05:44 PM auctionwally> Nope it's free

[10:05:46 PM masonictreasures> THATS RIGHT WALLY DON'T KNOW THAT I DO THAT!!

[10:05:47 PM Renagade> no ..its a free service

[10:05:48 PM auctionwally> It's easy to use too.

[10:05:58 PM Pieper> No cost for Google Alerts - very managable

[10:06:02 PM attheboutique>

[10:06:03 PM masonictreasures> FOR HIM >>>

[10:06:14 PM Pieper> .,

[10:06:16 PM attheboutique> Tip 14 Social Networking for your business Keep your logo/brand the same on each site

[10:06:40 PM attheboutique> REally important, keep it consistent

[10:06:46 PM] Cent. Indiana has hung up

[10:06:56 PM Annapplebonanza> Google Alert also you can set up for up to the minute as it happens or daily, weekly, etc., there are options.

[10:06:57 PM Renagade> VERY important!

[10:07:10 PM attheboutique> Tip 15 Features vs. Benefits, features ie size, color etc. Benefits - drive the buy

[10:07:18 PM attheboutique> How does that product

[10:07:19 PM] Guest 15 has left the chat

[10:07:35 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .

[10:07:38 PM attheboutique> any questions?? qucik!!!

[10:07:44 PM] masonictreasures has left the chat

[10:07:48 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> Thank You Marlene

[10:07:55 PM] The Savvy Seller is logged into the chat

[10:07:58 PM Pieper> Oh,thank you so much Marlene...learned a lot!

[10:08:02 PM mistycreekwest> Thank you Marlene! This was great information

[10:08:03 PM Pieper> Refreshed some things too!

[10:08:07 PM Motorheadbooks>

[10:08:09 PM BrightestBlessings> Excellent show!

[10:08:11 PM kenoticket> Thanks Marlene. Very helpful info!

[10:08:14 PM Renagade> Lot of good tips.. ???THE MOST important one???

[10:08:14 PM stubsinc> Thank You Marlene!!!

[10:08:21 PM PickerBrad>

[10:08:22 PM Pieper> And thanks Brightest for your work on the show too

[10:08:23 PM Motorheadbooks>

[10:08:32 PM BrightestBlessings>

[10:08:33 PM PickerBrad> Great info

[10:08:34 PM attheboutique> .

[10:08:36 PM Annapplebonanza> Thank you Marlene, Phaedra and Wally. My grandmother's last name was Gibbons.

[10:08:42 PM Motorheadbooks>

[10:08:50 PM BrightestBlessings>

[10:08:54 PM WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> http://www.bonanzle.comCollectibleKitchen

[10:08:56 PM Pieper>

[10:08:58 PM Motorheadbooks>

[10:09:04 PM PickerBrad> For a Noob like me it was fantastic info

[10:09:06 PM attheboutique> Marlene's website

[10:09:07 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[10:09:07 PM BrightestBlessings>

[10:09:13 PM Renagade> YES very very informative!

[10:09:21 PM attheboutique> podcast -

[10:09:21 PM stubsinc>

[10:09:29 PM BrightestBlessings>

[10:09:32 PM Renagade>

[10:09:33 PM oakIslandBoutique>

[10:09:36 PM Guest 7> Nightowlgardener>Thank you for such a GREAT show!

[10:09:37 PM Motorheadbooks> Great show. Thank you!

[10:09:40 PM attheboutique> Blog http://thesavvyseller-onlineauctioneducation.blogspot.,com

[10:09:44 PM Renagade>

[10:09:56 PM attheboutique> twitter

[10:09:57 PM stubsinc>

[10:10:02 PM SunflowerBoutique> great show, a lot to absorb in a couple hours, maybe re-do in smaller blocks???

[10:10:03 PM Renagade>

[10:10:18 PM attheboutique> Linked in http://www.linkedin.comin/thesavvysellermarlenegavens

[10:10:29 PM] Motorheadbooks has left the chat

[10:10:30 PM attheboutique>

[10:10:32 PM BrightestBlessings> Saturday,May 2 LIVE auction:

[10:10:35 PM Renagade> Yea..Savvy...just a TAD on google

[10:10:36 PM Pieper>

[10:10:46 PM mommyto3> I need to listen to that one, I can't figure that one out to save my soul

[10:10:47 PM stubsinc> What is linkedin?

[10:10:52 PM] ebay & Beyond is logged into the chat

[10:11:03 PM Annapplebonanza>

[10:11:08 PM BrightestBlessings> Spa Quality,Not Spa Price:

[10:11:12 PM Guest 16> where's ColderIce?

[10:11:24 PM Pieper> Congratulations on Examiner!

[10:11:26 PM attheboutique> driving to catalyst, guest 16

[10:11:33 PM attheboutique> Congrats, Marlene

[10:11:35 PM Renagade> More of a Pro Myspace Stubsinc ...

[10:11:40 PM auctionwally>

[10:11:41 PM attheboutique> We will all need to re lsiten to this one

[10:11:42 PM Guest 16> ok auction??

[10:11:42 PM attheboutique> lol

[10:11:43 PM oakIslandBoutique> on the road to NC

[10:11:56 PM] mistycreekwest has left the chat

[10:11:57 PM] mistycreekwest is logged into the chat

[10:12:04 PM Pieper> three to four articles a WEEK?????????????????????

[10:12:09 PM Renagade> Yes! I saw that!! Congrats!

[10:12:14 PM Pieper> or a month?????

[10:12:18 PM] Ziggy Zool has left the chat

[10:12:22 PM Renagade> 4 articles a week

[10:12:23 PM stubsinc> Thanks Renagade

[10:12:34 PM Pieper> omigosh...I could never keep that up

[10:12:42 PM Pieper> at least right now

[10:12:43 PM stubsinc> Can hardly hear Wally!!!

[10:12:53 PM Pieper> Oh, I thought you mean twilight - as in middle aged or older people

[10:13:02 PM Pieper> SPEAK UP WALLY

[10:13:09 PM SunflowerBoutique> they need someone for books?

[10:13:10 PM] Guest 16 has left the chat

[10:13:15 PM Renagade> me niether ... but I MIGHT be able to .... hmmm

[10:13:41 PM Renagade> Yes Sunny ..they have a spot for ya

[10:13:46 PM Pieper> I don't think I'm nichy enough at this point, Ren

[10:13:51 PM Pieper> But you certainly are...

[10:14:09 PM attheboutique> There is a link on his blog too,

[10:14:13 PM] Guest 4 has left the chat

[10:14:18 PM BrightestBlessings> I just check and it's not on yet.

[10:14:23 PM] WhitlowUniqueCollectibles has left the chat

[10:14:26 PM BrightestBlessings>

[10:14:27 PM Renagade> I know... maybe since I want to blog on music... Hmmmm

[10:14:33 PM mistycreekwest> Sound is really low?

[10:14:41 PM Annapplebonanza> Voice is getting sketchy.

[10:14:55 PM Renagade> Walt..speak up!

[10:15:02 PM mommyto3> this is both the 25.00 and 50.00

[10:15:03 PM auctionwally>

[10:15:05 PM Pieper> Ren, I think it would be perfect...and you could talk about some of the trends and stuff like the articles I send you...

[10:15:09 PM SunflowerBoutique> tap your mic wally

[10:15:30 PM Pieper> you're better now

[10:15:32 PM stubsinc> Is ColderIce back on Utube?

[10:15:34 PM mistycreekwest> ok here now

[10:15:35 PM Renagade> Phew.. maybe...

[10:15:37 PM attheboutique> Yes, he is stubs

[10:15:46 PM Renagade> Ahh THERES walt!

[10:15:58 PM Pieper> he's mumbling in his beer again....I mean beard...:)

[10:15:59 PM stubsinc> Thank You Phaedra

[10:16:02 PM Pieper> May 2

[10:16:14 PM attheboutique> Live auction, Saturday may 2nd,

[10:16:18 PM attheboutique> welcome stubs

[10:16:24 PM Renagade> ROFLMAO.. love that one Pieper!

[10:16:34 PM attheboutique> You do not want to miss this event!!! Hear Wally call the bids live!

[10:16:35 PM stubsinc> :)

[10:16:50 PM Renagade> Yes May 2

[10:16:52 PM attheboutique> Load up your links :)

[10:16:53 PM Pieper> YEAH, DEDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[10:16:58 PM Renagade> This coming Sat!

[10:17:15 PM PickerBrad> Great show thanks

[10:17:17 PM Renagade>

[10:17:32 PM PickerBrad> Thats for Me Wally

[10:17:37 PM attheboutique> Tomorrow night, Auction Wally show Christopher Kent, Nationally known,

[10:17:39 PM PickerBrad> Woot Woot

[10:17:41 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[10:17:44 PM Renagade>

[10:17:49 PM Pieper> .

[10:17:50 PM stubsinc>

[10:18:02 PM Pieper> Imagine that...a talkshoe glitch

[10:18:03 PM stubsinc>

[10:18:04 PM Renagade>

[10:18:04 PM] Guest 17 is logged into the chat

[10:18:06 PM Pieper> :)

[10:18:17 PM Annapplebonanza> thanks all- great program, have to go.

[10:18:20 PM SunflowerBoutique> Ren I see you found me on Flickr?

[10:18:21 PM Pieper> WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

[10:18:24 PM BrightestBlessings> Harry Rinker of
Harry is a well known collectibles expert and Worthologist at

[10:18:32 PM Renagade>

[10:18:36 PM Pieper> LOL Phaedra

[10:18:39 PM Lattegirltoo>

[10:18:40 PM Guest 9> Woot,woot!!!

[10:18:42 PM ebay & Beyond> I remember 3400

[10:19:00 PM Lattegirltoo>

[10:19:02 PM BrightestBlessings> And is #3 on PSU Board!

[10:19:09 PM SunflowerBoutique> I forgot I even have a Flickr

[10:19:14 PM Pieper> Take Talkshoe down with that many!

[10:19:22 PM ebay & Beyond> Marlene is AWESOME!

[10:19:28 PM The Savvy Seller> Thanks everyone for listening .... :-) you're all the BEST!!

[10:19:29 PM Lattegirltoo>

[10:19:32 PM PickerBrad> Thanks SavySeller

[10:19:36 PM Pieper> Thanks Marlene

[10:19:42 PM SunflowerBoutique> thank you Marlene

[10:19:43 PM Lattegirltoo>

[10:19:47 PM attheboutique> Thank You Marlene!!!!

[10:20:02 PM mistycreekwest> Thanks Wally and Phaedra and Marlene; great show. Good night!

[10:20:11 PM attheboutique> Marlene Gavens, of

[10:20:20 PM ebay & Beyond> Bye everyone!

[10:20:21 PM Pieper> Goodnight all!

[10:20:25 PM Guest 7> Nightowlgardener>Goodnight all!

[10:20:26 PM attheboutique> Thank you everyone!!! For tuning in to ngiht!!

[10:20:29 PM] Pieper has left the chat

[10:20:32 PM ebay & Beyond>

[10:20:34 PM oakIslandBoutique> night everyone!

[10:20:35 PM PickerBrad> I'll be here tomrrow fur sure

[10:20:39 PM] attheboutique has hung up

[10:20:41 PM] The Savvy Seller has hung up

[10:20:42 PM Lattegirltoo>

[10:20:43 PM] mistycreekwest has left the chat

[10:20:44 PM mommyto3> night all

[10:20:46 PM attheboutique> Great show everyone!!

[10:20:48 PM attheboutique> thank you so much

[10:20:50 PM] Guest 7 has left the chat

[10:20:52 PM] stubsinc has left the chat

[10:20:53 PM PickerBrad> Nite everyonee

[10:20:54 PM] Renagade has left the chat

[10:20:55 PM] ebay & Beyond has left the chat

[10:20:56 PM SunflowerBoutique>

[10:20:59 PM] kenoticket has left the chat

[10:21:08 PM] Lattegirltoo has left the chat

[10:21:11 PM] kenoticket is logged into the chat

[10:21:16 PM] kenoticket has left the chat

[10:21:17 PM] The Savvy Seller has left the chat

[10:21:18 PM] rkorsberg has left the chat

[10:21:20 PM] Renagade is logged into the chat

[10:21:24 PM] SunflowerBoutique has left the chat

[10:21:45 PM] mommyto3 has left the chat

[10:21:46 PM Renagade> I got stuck!!

[10:22:03 PM Guest 9> me too...

[10:22:04 PM] Renagade has left the chat

[10:22:07 PM attheboutique> I am out, Have a wonderful evening everyone!!! So much info, my head is spinning!

[10:22:14 PM] Guest 9 has left the chat

[10:22:21 PM] phoenix2000 has left the chat

[10:22:22 PM PickerBrad> Nite Nite

[10:22:32 PM auctionwally> Thanks so much!

[10:22:39 PM attheboutique> Nite, Brad, great to have you here!!!

[10:22:45 PM PickerBrad> :)

[10:22:53 PM PickerBrad> the song lol

[10:22:55 PM attheboutique> Thanks for having me, Wally :)

[10:23:02 PM attheboutique> night everyone!!

[10:23:03 PM] attheboutique has left the chat

[10:23:14 PM] PickerBrad has left the chat

[10:23:45 PM] The recording has ended.

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