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Monday, May 25, 2009

ep27 Brainstorming Bonanzle - prepping the St. Jude Charity Auction

This ep featured details on preparation for the St. Jude Charity Auction taking place next Monday night, right here at 8PM EDT. I'll call the bids on TalkShoe and take the bids in the chatroom at

[7:59:13 PM]
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[7:59:20 PM] <katbarton> sorry Phaedra.. ok
[7:59:22 PM] <Renagade> Oh no...I am sorry to here that
[7:59:24 PM] <attheboutique> And Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss Wally!!
[7:59:27 PM] <auctionwally> Hello!
[7:59:37 PM] <Renagade> hey walt!
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[7:59:38 PM] <katbarton> hey Wally
[7:59:39 PM] <vinewood> hugs PH
[7:59:44 PM] <auctionwally> Wow, light crowd, was it something I did?
[7:59:46 PM] <auctionwally> lol
[7:59:50 PM] attheboutique is on the call
[7:59:52 PM] <attheboutique> Holiday
[7:59:52 PM] <Katskloset> oh, Phaedra, so sorry. Hope your mom is doing okay for now till you get there
[7:59:53 PM] masonictreasures is logged into the chat
[7:59:54 PM] <katbarton> lol.. nope
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[8:00:00 PM] <Woadieland> Masonic - little bit of sugar? OR hold your breatha nd count to ten
[8:00:01 PM] <attheboutique> Thank you everyone, will be okay
[8:00:13 PM] <Woadieland> Phaedra - my sympathy to your mom.
[8:00:15 PM] <Katskloset> DRINK water Upside down
[8:00:17 PM] auctionwally is on the call
[8:00:19 PM] <attheboutique> She doesn't want me there till tomorrow
[8:00:22 PM] The recording has started.
[8:00:26 PM] <attheboutique> we Perkins women are like that :)
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[8:00:37 PM] <attheboutique> Thanks everyone
[8:00:38 PM] Ziggy Zool is logged into the chat
[8:00:47 PM] <katbarton> Hmm...My dad like that Phaedra...last min..ok, you come
[8:00:53 PM] <masonictreasures> tried all !!
[8:01:00 PM] <Ziggy Zool> Hey all
[8:01:06 PM] <katbarton> hey Ziggy
[8:01:07 PM] <attheboutique> we like to "collect" ourselves first
[8:01:09 PM] <Renagade> LOL ...still ...If you need me Phaedra...
[8:01:10 PM] <Katskloset> bend over and drink UPSIDE down from the other side of cup of water
[8:01:15 PM] <attheboutique> Thanks, Ren
[8:01:21 PM] <attheboutique> You are the best :)
[8:01:27 PM] <katbarton> same here Phaedra..
[8:01:29 PM] <parts4sales> .
[8:01:32 PM] <Renagade> Masinic...swallow air
[8:01:40 PM] <masonictreasures> i'll fall over!
[8:01:47 PM] <katbarton> No wally, I was there last
[8:01:54 PM] <attheboutique> so, if ya'll need me tomorrrow, dm on twitter or email
[8:01:57 PM] <stubsinc> I am so sorry to hear about your aunt, Phaedra.
[8:02:03 PM] <katbarton> kk, Phaedra
[8:02:30 PM] <Katskloset> oh Phaedra, we love you so
[8:02:34 PM] <Katskloset> hang in there sweetie
[8:02:48 PM] <katbarton> sigh...should let her go..she should be with jeremy
[8:03:54 PM] <Ziggy Zool> Hugs Phaedra thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
[8:03:55 PM] <attheboutique> I will be fine, all these great people here, best place to be!
[8:04:31 PM] <Katskloset> nope - it's weird but it works - you focus so much on getting the water swallowed and not dumping it- they go away
[8:04:35 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> Ok back, sorry to hear about that Phaedra... my thoughts are with you!
[8:04:43 PM] <attheboutique> Thanks, Fuzzy
[8:05:01 PM] <masonictreasures> better now ..
[8:05:02 PM] <attheboutique> Thank you to all the Bonanzle sellers that donated to the charity auction!!!!
[8:05:28 PM] <Katskloset> And the Bonanzle community was so generous ya'll had to cut off donations, right?
[8:05:29 PM] <masonictreasures> you go d.d.
[8:05:29 PM] <Renagade> Pheadra is like me ...fine through a crisis...we melt down later
[8:05:35 PM] <Katskloset> that says a LOT about the community here
[8:05:45 PM] <katbarton> yeah too...
[8:05:47 PM] Woadieland has left the chat
[8:05:47 PM] Woadieland is logged into the chat
[8:05:49 PM] <Katskloset> ditto - I'm fine but after - leave me be
[8:05:52 PM] <attheboutique> sure did, Kats! too much to do in one auction, have to combine some things for time
[8:06:03 PM] <Katskloset> Peter Piper Picked a Peck . . . LOL
[8:06:10 PM] <Katskloset> Pheadra, awesome title!
[8:06:12 PM] <katbarton> lol...kat
[8:06:20 PM] <masonictreasures> got to bid on them
[8:06:44 PM] <attheboutique> I am eyeing a few things here, so look out, no friends at an auction!! lol
[8:06:59 PM] <masonictreasures> got that!!
[8:07:04 PM] <Renagade> Got a new blog post on it
[8:07:05 PM] <katbarton> lol..Phaedra, I have been hanging there since last night..
[8:07:20 PM] <katbarton> NOT BIDDING,
[8:07:36 PM] <attheboutique> Thank you Ren, and Kats for the blogs!!!
[8:07:38 PM] <auctionwally> .
[8:07:41 PM] <masonictreasures> .
[8:07:48 PM] <attheboutique> Must get the word out, get people in here for this great cause!!!!
[8:07:54 PM] <parts4sales> .
[8:08:12 PM] <katbarton> Doing my blog in morning Phaedra... we'llstumble that too
[8:08:29 PM] <attheboutique> Sellers donated items and cost of shipping. 100% of all dollars go to St Jude Chidlren's Hospital
[8:08:35 PM] <masonictreasures> loved the auction...
[8:08:36 PM] <attheboutique> Kats, your link to blog?
[8:08:42 PM] <katbarton> Mine??
[8:08:43 PM] <attheboutique> Stumble and Digg these blogs!!
[8:08:49 PM] <attheboutique> KatsKloset
[8:08:50 PM] <Katskloset> oops
[8:08:54 PM] <attheboutique> tweet them too!!
[8:08:58 PM] <Katskloset>
[8:09:09 PM] <attheboutique> There we go!!
[8:09:15 PM] <masonictreasures>
[8:09:15 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> brb... trees... water... again
[8:09:16 PM] <stubsinc> .
[8:09:29 PM] <attheboutique> Go take a peek!! Great stuff!
[8:09:29 PM] <auctionwally> .
[8:09:37 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:09:53 PM] <SharsBoutique> I have not been able to attend one of Wally's auctions. Do we get on Talkshoe and bid on Bonanzle?
[8:10:06 PM] <Renagade> yes shars
[8:10:11 PM] <SharsBoutique> Thanks Red
[8:10:12 PM] <attheboutique> This ad was won at Auction Wally's live auction every Saturday 1pm EST
[8:10:13 PM] <SharsBoutique> Ren!
[8:11:57 PM] <masonictreasures> custom designed graphics 4 anything @
[8:11:58 PM] <attheboutique>
[8:11:58 PM] <Katskloset> OOOHHH Wally, you are So good :) I love it!!!
[8:11:58 PM] <attheboutique> and on talkshoe, right here
[8:11:59 PM] <Katskloset> you did great :)
[8:11:59 PM] katbarton has left the chat
[8:11:59 PM] katbarton is logged into the chat
[8:11:59 PM] <Katskloset> oh, no
[8:12:00 PM] <Renagade> Hi!! Did you have fun this weekend Shars?
[8:12:00 PM] <katbarton> Darnit
[8:12:00 PM] <stubsinc> Wow
[8:12:00 PM] <Katskloset> No worries
[8:12:01 PM] <Katskloset> I'ts my first!
[8:12:01 PM] <Woadieland> Thats our Kat - killing Komputers....with Kindness
[8:12:01 PM] TxSTar is logged into the chat
[8:12:01 PM] <katbarton> Were you asking for my link Phaedra? I will do blog for auction in morning, then send it
[8:12:01 PM] <Woadieland> KIK
[8:12:02 PM] <Renagade> Kat fell down again!
[8:12:02 PM] <Katskloset> you will LOVE it, Shar's - it's more fun
[8:12:02 PM] <attheboutique> was asking for Kats
[8:12:03 PM] <Woadieland> lol
[8:12:03 PM] <Renagade> no..KATS blog link
[8:12:03 PM] <katbarton> lol..hush now..already hurt on my left hp..
[8:12:04 PM] <masonictreasures> meow...
[8:12:04 PM] <katbarton> Ahh...kk
[8:12:04 PM] <TxSTar> Good evening all :)
[8:12:04 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[8:12:04 PM] <Katskloset> I like Dave's name 'The Mouth in the Mountains' LOL
[8:12:04 PM] <Ziggy Zool> hi star
[8:12:05 PM] <attheboutique>
[8:12:08 PM] <stubsinc> lost sound
[8:12:16 PM] <auctionwally> .
[8:12:20 PM] <masonictreasures> .
[8:12:24 PM] NW Illinois is on the call
[8:12:30 PM] <katbarton> .
[8:12:32 PM] Guest 16 is logged into the chat
[8:12:34 PM] <Renagade> I dont know how Bobbi does all she does!
[8:12:45 PM] NW Illinois has hung up
[8:12:56 PM] <katbarton> you or Phaedra too Ren, sheesh, you guys always busy..
[8:13:05 PM] <katbarton> do soo much!
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[8:13:42 PM] <Renagade> shoot! I have a stack of records trying to research and get listed!
[8:13:55 PM] <Ziggy Zool> ((vinewood)) did you bring my spamookies
[8:14:02 PM] <katbarton> Still working on the one I told you about Ren..
[8:14:16 PM] <Renagade> And have to write 4 articles before Atlanta!
[8:14:34 PM] <katbarton> See? lol..thats a lot. :)
[8:15:08 PM] <Renagade> Clean house...pack...get the wine(VERY important!)
[8:15:14 PM] <parts4sales> .
[8:15:18 PM] <katbarton> lol...Ren
[8:15:25 PM] <attheboutique> yes, GET THE WINE, don't worry bout clothes, packing pfft, get wine!
[8:15:25 PM] <attheboutique> lol
[8:15:31 PM] <katbarton> what ya gotta clean house for, your leaving
[8:15:37 PM] <Renagade> ROFL
[8:15:45 PM] <attheboutique> exactly, leave that for hubby and children
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[8:15:46 PM] SharsBoutique is logged into the chat
[8:16:02 PM] <Renagade> HATE coming home to a dirty house!
[8:16:05 PM] <Ziggy Zool> oops that was supposed to be on the thread I was bumping duh
[8:16:11 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> got bumped... or dogs tried to get online while I was in the yard
[8:16:18 PM] <SharsBoutique> My chat froze.
[8:16:19 PM] <katbarton> lol..Zig
[8:16:20 PM] <attheboutique> the driving force behind this charity auction for St. Jude's. She has done a ton of work!
[8:16:22 PM] <Renagade> Dont make me laugh Phea
[8:16:55 PM] <masonictreasures> our dogs are wanting there time online!!
[8:17:11 PM] <attheboutique> Supports Brainstorming Bonanzle, so support her!!
[8:17:21 PM] <masonictreasures> paceing the floor...
[8:17:26 PM] <katbarton> Cool Kat, you got an add!
[8:17:40 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> they'll be on Foster's Online ordering chewies in no time if I don't watch 'em like a hawk!
[8:17:42 PM] cleosgreatdeals is logged into the chat
[8:17:47 PM] <Katskloset> Isn't it awesome
[8:17:53 PM] <Katskloset> I was SO excited the day I won this
[8:17:53 PM] <katbarton> LOve it!
[8:17:58 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> Nice add Kat!
[8:17:59 PM] <attheboutique> You can get an ad on BB show too. An ad that never disappears, at Wally's live auctions every Saturday!
[8:18:02 PM] <katbarton> very well done
[8:18:03 PM] <Katskloset>  A professional ad - my very first :)
[8:18:04 PM] <Renagade> Cool Kats!
[8:18:07 PM] <attheboutique>
[8:18:10 PM] Guest 18 is logged into the chat
[8:18:17 PM] <attheboutique> Link to RRB on talkshoe, Kats?
[8:18:20 PM] <Katskloset> thanks - it's all wally!
[8:18:24 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> ohhhh DOUBLE add!
[8:18:25 PM] <Katskloset> oops
[8:18:28 PM] <masonictreasures> had that happen before!!
[8:18:44 PM] <stubsinc> .
[8:18:58 PM] <Katskloset>
[8:18:59 PM] <Renagade> I love this one!! Love the music!
[8:19:00 PM] oakIslandBoutique is logged into the chat
[8:19:08 PM] <Katskloset> Kat - our ads together - The Kats/kat Klub, LOL
[8:19:09 PM] <Ziggy Zool> very cool
[8:19:11 PM] <attheboutique> supports brainstorming bonanzle, so support her!!
[8:19:13 PM] <Katskloset> me too
[8:19:21 PM] <katbarton>
[8:19:28 PM] <katbarton> lol..ty Phaedra
[8:19:34 PM] <katbarton> Yeah Kat!
[8:19:49 PM] <Katskloset> eventualy, the Kats wil rule the world, LOL
[8:20:00 PM] <Katskloset> Ghosts in the computer
[8:20:00 PM] <attheboutique> The River, The Ranch, and The Bay Every Wednesday Night at 8:08 PM EST
[8:20:02 PM] <Katskloset> happens here too
[8:20:08 PM] <auctionwally> .
[8:20:11 PM] <Renagade> And the way Walt gushes at the!
[8:20:16 PM] <katbarton> oh happens
[8:20:17 PM] <Ziggy Zool> .
[8:20:20 PM] <katbarton> ,
[8:20:21 PM] <masonictreasures> .
[8:20:26 PM] <oakIslandBoutique> ..
[8:20:54 PM] <parts4sales> .
[8:21:01 PM] <Katskloset> WALLY
[8:21:01 PM] <attheboutique> Go Wally!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[8:21:03 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> congrats Wally!!!!!!!! That's so cool!!!
[8:21:05 PM] <Katskloset> that is FANTASTIC!
[8:21:06 PM] <Ziggy Zool> woah
[8:21:07 PM] <masonictreasures> wow
[8:21:08 PM] <katbarton> WOW, way cool!
[8:21:13 PM] <Renagade> OOOOMMMMGGGG
[8:21:14 PM] <Katskloset> Remember us, we knew you when!
[8:21:17 PM] <oakIslandBoutique> great Wally!
[8:21:21 PM] <katbarton> That is AWESOME!
[8:21:23 PM] <attheboutique> Don't forget us little people
[8:21:24 PM] <attheboutique> lol
[8:21:25 PM] <katbarton> link???
[8:21:31 PM] <katbarton> lol..Phaedra
[8:21:35 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> LOL Kat!!
[8:21:48 PM] <Renagade> Congrats Wally!!
[8:21:52 PM] <SharsBoutique> Cool
[8:22:17 PM] <Katskloset> oooh, Wally!
[8:22:22 PM] <Katskloset> Tough Negotiator!
[8:22:23 PM] <masonictreasures> thats right wally!!
[8:22:25 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> Good for you Wally for sticking to your guns!! :)
[8:22:30 PM] <katbarton> Right on! Yeah!
[8:22:37 PM] <Ziggy Zool> Woot Hoot Wally
[8:22:53 PM] <Ziggy Zool> lol
[8:22:55 PM] <Katskloset> Hey, we are the White Trash in our neighborhood!
[8:23:00 PM] Guest 19 is logged into the chat
[8:23:02 PM] <Renagade> LOL
[8:23:03 PM] <masonictreasures> too expensive...
[8:23:04 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> LOL... too expensive... :)
[8:23:08 PM] <attheboutique> I don't have one either, lol
[8:23:14 PM] <Katskloset> who wants one
[8:23:15 PM] <katbarton> How cool!
[8:23:16 PM] <Ziggy Zool> well me neither
[8:23:19 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> yes it is!!
[8:23:21 PM] <masonictreasures> i ll have to get one..
[8:23:28 PM] <Renagade> Nope! maybe John...or Dave..
[8:23:40 PM] <Katskloset> LOL
[8:23:41 PM] Guest 20 is logged into the chat
[8:23:42 PM] <masonictreasures> great for stocks..
[8:23:43 PM] <attheboutique> Will buy the paper
[8:23:51 PM] <attheboutique> That is truly awesome Wally!!!!
[8:23:56 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> and bank and housing data
[8:23:57 PM] <Katskloset> this needs to go in your BIO - GREAT way
[8:24:00 PM] <katbarton> yes Phaedra, buy it, then auction it! lol...get one for me too
[8:24:03 PM] <Ziggy Zool> you'd think they give YOU free access
[8:24:06 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> so true Kat
[8:24:06 PM] <Katskloset> me too
[8:24:11 PM] <Katskloset> is it today's or tomorrow's
[8:24:12 PM] <Renagade> Somebody better find one and scan the article!
[8:24:21 PM] <katbarton> Yeah, when it is coming out
[8:24:23 PM] <stubsinc> :)
[8:24:25 PM] <masonictreasures> who bey???
[8:24:29 PM] <katbarton> in the PAPEr
[8:24:30 PM] <attheboutique> lol
[8:24:33 PM] <katbarton> lol..scott
[8:24:49 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> Yep.. professionalism wins out Wally :) Good for you!!
[8:25:07 PM] <masonictreasures> thats more than the paper..
[8:25:13 PM] <Katskloset> you should be excited Wally - it's amazing
[8:25:14 PM] Pieper is logged into the chat
[8:25:15 PM] <attheboutique> * MAY 26, 2009
is the date on Article
[8:25:24 PM] <Katskloset> k
[8:25:28 PM] <masonictreasures> coll will get it .
[8:25:29 PM] <Katskloset> will look for that issue
[8:25:31 PM] <katbarton> k, cool...
[8:25:32 PM] mommyto3 is logged into the chat
[8:25:32 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> and you have other news Wally... Tweeted today about being a consultant to Deal It Live... *********
[8:25:38 PM] <Renagade> Can't say how happy I am for you Wally!
[8:25:48 PM] <katbarton> wonderful wally
[8:25:53 PM] <attheboutique> Very exciting stuff going on for Wally!!! Congrats!!!!
[8:26:00 PM] <attheboutique> and we can say We know him!! Name drop!!
[8:26:01 PM] <attheboutique> lol
[8:26:02 PM] <Katskloset> WOW
[8:26:05 PM] <Katskloset> I missed that one!
[8:26:06 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> At first thought you were referring to that!!
[8:26:17 PM] <masonictreasures> WELL if the shoe fits...
[8:26:20 PM] <Pieper> Hi all
[8:26:24 PM] <Renagade> Sounds like you slammed them in that article
[8:26:29 PM] <Ziggy Zool> Hi Pie
[8:26:35 PM] <attheboutique> Heya Pieper
[8:26:42 PM] <Renagade> Hey Pieper!
[8:26:45 PM] <katbarton> lol..Phaedra, he put pants on same way...
[8:26:47 PM] <Pieper> sorry I'm late...
[8:26:51 PM] <masonictreasures> no wally is a equal person
[8:26:53 PM] <katbarton> hi pieper
[8:26:57 PM] <attheboutique> no worries, Pieper, better late than never
[8:26:58 PM] Guest 19 has left the chat
[8:27:04 PM] <masonictreasures> hey pipe..
[8:27:22 PM] <masonictreasures> good idea..
[8:27:25 PM] <Renagade>  Heck...been name dropping auctionwally already! NOW...WOW!
[8:27:28 PM] <Pieper> Hi kat, Ren & Phaedra...ziggy...masonic...fruzzy...LOL
[8:27:34 PM] <Pieper> oh, and Wally...
[8:27:38 PM] <attheboutique> Next Monday Night right here, Charity Auction for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and items are here
[8:27:43 PM] Guest 21 is logged into the chat
[8:28:25 PM] <attheboutique> Tell your friends, tell your enemies, get them in here bidding for charity!!! lol
[8:28:34 PM] <katbarton> lol..
[8:28:39 PM] <masonictreasures> bonanzle is where it is at!!
[8:28:42 PM] <Pieper> the bidding will be here in this booth?
[8:28:51 PM] <attheboutique> In the booth listed above, Pieper
[8:28:55 PM] <katbarton> the mobileupbooth Piper
[8:29:04 PM] <Pieper> Well, duh, I see that...LOL
[8:29:04 PM] <attheboutique>
[8:29:07 PM] Guest 18 has left the chat
[8:29:12 PM] <katbarton> lol..yeah that one..
[8:29:25 PM] <attheboutique> Are you using Google Checkout???
[8:29:27 PM] <mommyto3> sorry I missed the first half, trying to get my kids to bed
[8:29:29 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> brb... watering....
[8:29:31 PM] <masonictreasures> try all the time
[8:29:33 PM] <Ziggy Zool> me always if it's offered
[8:29:37 PM] <katbarton> cool..good!
[8:29:37 PM] <attheboutique> no worries, Karen, great to have you here!!!!!!!
[8:29:38 PM] <Katskloset> the only reason I use PP is cause I have inventory money kept there
[8:29:49 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> never had a buyer use it yet, but I do offer G checkout
[8:29:55 PM] <katbarton> my google was broke saturday though wally, had to use the pp..
[8:30:02 PM] <mommyto3> I still find people tending to use PP
[8:30:04 PM] <attheboutique> I get quite a few GC transactions also
[8:30:04 PM] <masonictreasures> lol google check out...
[8:30:07 PM] <oakIslandBoutique> not many using Google here
[8:30:08 PM] <katbarton> it has money
[8:30:09 PM] <SharsBoutique> My last 15 sales were paid through Google Checkout!
[8:30:17 PM] <attheboutique> that is awesome!
[8:30:18 PM] NW Illinois is on the call
[8:30:29 PM] Woadieland has left the chat
[8:30:30 PM] Woadieland is logged into the chat
[8:30:35 PM] <katbarton> combination on mine
[8:30:37 PM] Motorheadbooks is logged into the chat
[8:31:01 PM] <masonictreasures> paypal has brainwashed people.
[8:31:01 PM] <stubsinc> No
[8:31:08 PM] <katbarton> yes, I would prefer google
[8:31:13 PM] <stubsinc> That is me I am just listening
[8:31:16 PM] <attheboutique> NW Illinois, would you like to be unmuted????
[8:31:19 PM] <Renagade> Wally ...Hubby says good job on standing up to the WSJ
[8:31:21 PM] <attheboutique> Okay, thanks!!
[8:31:53 PM] <Pieper> What I saw of that was totally AWESOME!
[8:31:55 PM] Motorheadbooks has left the chat
[8:31:56 PM] Motorheadbooks is logged into the chat
[8:32:04 PM] <katbarton> yes..we did not get to go..wanna
[8:32:05 PM] <Renagade> Call Shars...give us the goods!
[8:32:17 PM] <masonictreasures> here here
[8:32:41 PM] <katbarton> was way cool, and they had computers, that was neat
[8:32:49 PM] <Pieper> I couldn't believe they had their own computers there!
[8:32:50 PM] SherAhnn is logged into the chat
[8:33:02 PM] <attheboutique> Shars, think you could call in???
[8:33:03 PM] <masonictreasures> OH YEA!!!
[8:33:08 PM] <katbarton> That was awesome, Shars did great job setting that up
[8:33:36 PM] <Renagade> ANYONE that went!! Call in!
[8:34:06 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:34:07 PM] <masonictreasures>
[8:34:13 PM] <attheboutique> Call in number 1 724 444 7444 enter call id 31369# and pin is your phone number
[8:34:28 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[8:34:49 PM] <attheboutique> if you have a blackberry, use the voice recorder on it
[8:34:51 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[8:34:52 PM] <attheboutique> I did at Seattle
[8:35:03 PM] <Pieper>
[8:35:06 PM] <katbarton> mine has activated it self at
[8:35:12 PM] <Pieper>
[8:35:13 PM] <Pieper> duh
[8:35:21 PM] <katbarton> it bumps the button in the car..
[8:35:25 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[8:35:26 PM] <Pieper> oh, kat...that could be embarassing!
[8:35:29 PM] <masonictreasures> you go lime head!!
[8:35:30 PM] <attheboutique> You can find a video for just about any how to YouTube
[8:35:34 PM] <Ziggy Zool> lol
[8:35:38 PM] <oakIslandBoutique>
[8:35:49 PM] <katbarton> lol..yes, called my brother, and did not mean to..heard voice talking to me..
[8:35:54 PM] <Pieper> Like the time I videotaped myself in my underwear by accident with my phone...:)
[8:36:03 PM] <katbarton> lol..pieper..
[8:36:06 PM] <Renagade> ROFL
[8:36:06 PM] <auctionwally> :)
[8:36:15 PM] <Ziggy Zool> da da da dat da
[8:36:19 PM] <katbarton> don't wear undies in car, so I was good..ROFL
[8:36:20 PM] <masonictreasures>
[8:36:24 PM] <Ziggy Zool> lol
[8:36:29 PM] <Pieper> LOL kat....lucky for you!
[8:36:30 PM] S Kansas is on the call
[8:36:35 PM] <katbarton> yes...
[8:36:41 PM] SherAhnn has left the chat
[8:36:41 PM] SherAhnn is logged into the chat
[8:36:46 PM] <Renagade> You need to Pheadra!
[8:36:51 PM] <masonictreasures> xxx rated...
[8:36:52 PM] <Ziggy Zool> lol
[8:36:54 PM] <stubsinc> .
[8:36:56 PM] <Renagade> LOL
[8:36:57 PM] <Ziggy Zool> ROFLMBO
[8:36:58 PM] <katbarton> I did not mean that that way! sheesh...,
[8:37:01 PM] <SherAhnn> Dang ! got booted again
[8:37:01 PM] <katbarton> OMG,,,
[8:37:08 PM] <Pieper> LOL...
[8:37:18 PM] <Pieper> too funny...
[8:37:26 PM] <katbarton> LMAO...I was answering piepr
[8:37:29 PM] <masonictreasures> everyone is on twitter is here...
[8:37:33 PM] <Renagade> With YOU Kat...there is not much telling!
[8:37:36 PM] <Katskloset> 'comando style
[8:37:39 PM] <katbarton> ok, stop
[8:37:41 PM] <masonictreasures> in the wind...
[8:37:42 PM] <attheboutique> S Kansas do you wish to be unmuted???????
[8:37:48 PM] <Pieper> I started it - sorry kat...but that was funny
[8:38:07 PM] <masonictreasures> you go limehead...
[8:38:10 PM] <Renagade> Wait till Paul finds out you are giving away secrets!
[8:38:20 PM] SharsBoutique has left the chat
[8:38:21 PM] <Ziggy Zool> that's my limehead always startin sumtin
[8:38:29 PM] <Pieper> winery? How lucky!
[8:38:34 PM] bartonpw is logged into the chat
[8:38:35 PM] <masonictreasures> pheas home...
[8:38:41 PM] <attheboutique> lol, masonic
[8:38:42 PM] <katbarton> sheesh....oh need a case a wine now..
[8:38:44 PM] <Renagade> lol
[8:38:51 PM] <parts4sales> .
[8:38:53 PM] <masonictreasures> lol
[8:38:55 PM] <Pieper> I was...
[8:38:57 PM] <auctionwally> .
[8:39:02 PM] <SherAhnn> must be one of Piper's
[8:39:02 PM] <Pieper> part of it...
[8:39:04 PM] <katbarton> had to explain that whole thing to Paul..lmbo
[8:39:09 PM] <Ziggy Zool> well kat at least it's not video taped
[8:39:09 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:39:09 PM] <Woadieland> So why did you ever hang up on a winery - hope you remember the number. LOL
[8:39:23 PM] <Ziggy Zool> lmbo
[8:39:27 PM] <Pieper> depends on if you are talking about your underwear
[8:39:29 PM] <masonictreasures> yea i need a case...
[8:39:38 PM] <katbarton> hush
[8:39:43 PM] <masonictreasures> WINE...
[8:39:48 PM] <Ziggy Zool> ppppffftt
[8:40:00 PM] <katbarton> pffft...someone pass me a
[8:40:14 PM] <bartonpw> wish you all could fo seen kat's face a min ago
[8:40:16 PM] <Pieper> I think I need a fresh lime...
[8:40:19 PM] <masonictreasures> cant right now
[8:40:20 PM] <auctionwally> .
[8:40:24 PM] <Ziggy Zool> .
[8:40:34 PM] <masonictreasures> can't get my own...
[8:40:35 PM] <katbarton> grr,,,be nice
[8:40:39 PM] <Pieper> I can always find something to "wine" about...
[8:40:47 PM] <Renagade> need to keep a camera handy!
[8:40:55 PM] <Ziggy Zool> just as well I don't have anything to drink right now.. my monitor would be stickeeeee
[8:40:58 PM] <katbarton> don't get him going Ren
[8:40:59 PM] <Ziggy Zool> lol
[8:41:06 PM] <bartonpw> I know, my bad lol
[8:41:07 PM] <Renagade> FUZZY!!!
[8:41:13 PM] <attheboutique> Sounds like they gave up some great info!!
[8:41:40 PM] <SherAhnn> Would sure like a conference in Colorado
[8:42:03 PM] <Renagade> Ghostella
[8:42:05 PM] <Pieper> You mean Mute Mark?
[8:42:14 PM] <Pieper> lol
[8:42:28 PM] <katbarton> too cute
[8:43:08 PM] <parts4sales> .
[8:43:11 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:43:19 PM] <stubsinc> .
[8:43:20 PM] <Ziggy Zool> yeah i read and went and the guess was always there it just wasn't ghosted before.
[8:43:23 PM] <Katskloset> Sher Ahnn - where are you in CO?
[8:43:29 PM] SharsBoutique is logged into the chat
[8:43:30 PM] <masonictreasures> it's bizzy in the background..
[8:43:31 PM] <Ziggy Zool> lol
[8:43:39 PM] <attheboutique> Next year, Bonanzle Up at Wally's House
[8:43:50 PM] <katbarton> YESSSS>... Wally house
[8:43:56 PM] <SherAhnn> I am in mountains in small town - Bailey
[8:44:02 PM] <masonictreasures> bonanzle up at wally's YEA
[8:44:07 PM] <Pieper> pretty town - Bailey
[8:44:13 PM] <Ziggy Zool> I used to think it was press guess was supposed to guess which picture it was that i wanted it to use.
[8:44:16 PM] <oakIslandBoutique> I'm there!!
[8:44:17 PM] <katbarton> ROFLMBO...Ahh haaa
[8:44:19 PM] <masonictreasures> make the date...
[8:44:22 PM] <Renagade> Yes! I can make that one!
[8:44:28 PM] <katbarton> Noo Phaedra, at HIS house!
[8:44:29 PM] <oakIslandBoutique> Cape Cod..
[8:44:37 PM] <Katskloset> Ahhh. I'm in The Springs
[8:44:44 PM] <SherAhnn> WE could have one in Denver or South in Englewood or Littleton.
[8:44:47 PM] <Ziggy Zool> but it never did anything so don't know what it was supposed to do
[8:44:48 PM] <mommyto3> lots of good places out side of boston and even better to fly into Manchester NH
[8:44:50 PM] <Pieper> BOSTON is a nightmare to drive in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[8:44:53 PM] <masonictreasures> lobster season..
[8:44:54 PM] <Renagade> I have conections in Norwood..
[8:44:58 PM] <Katskloset> denver shoudl have many folks
[8:45:02 PM] <mommyto3> I live here and I won't drivein boston
[8:45:05 PM] <katbarton> woburn I have relatives
[8:45:06 PM] <Renagade> Elks club ....
[8:45:09 PM] <Ziggy Zool> lol
[8:45:10 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> NH... :) small. easy to get around... cheaper.. ;)
[8:45:12 PM] <masonictreasures> try indy!!!
[8:45:15 PM] <Pieper> And that's mild, Wally
[8:45:17 PM] <katbarton> LMBO...too funny
[8:45:28 PM] <mommyto3> I take the train when I need to go into the city
[8:45:36 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> horrible, but true... MA drivers are a bit crazed
[8:45:42 PM] <mommyto3> there are no road signs on the smaller roads
[8:45:47 PM] <SherAhnn> A lot of the good convention hotels are in Centenial
[8:45:52 PM] <Pieper> New England drivers in general are nutz
[8:46:01 PM] <Woadieland> No - I've been in Puerto Rico, AndLondon - and Boston drivers are gonna have to work pretty darn hard to be worse than either of them and none of you
[8:46:02 PM] <masonictreasures> if you know where to go..
[8:46:08 PM] <katbarton> lol...My mother would not drive till she came out here
[8:46:09 PM] <Woadieland> can keep up with the French
[8:46:12 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> Yes! you tell 'em Wally... listen to him... cow paths, they are all cow paths
[8:46:14 PM] <SherAhnn> Like Marriot where the Antique Doll show is held
[8:46:23 PM] <Renagade> People up there are crazy...yelling ...flipping each other off..and thats just my family! :)
[8:46:29 PM] <mommyto3> they took out our rotary and put in a screwy square thing with lights it is even worse than a rotary
[8:46:32 PM] <katbarton> lol..Ren
[8:46:33 PM] <masonictreasures> put up a tent wally...
[8:46:44 PM] <Pieper> Oh, that white stuff!
[8:46:50 PM] <Woadieland> sleeping bags on Wally's lawn
[8:46:52 PM] <Ziggy Zool> lol pie
[8:46:53 PM] <katbarton> THats Sturgis!
[8:46:56 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> leaf-peeping season! how about then!
[8:46:57 PM] <stubsinc> :)
[8:46:58 PM] <Pieper> Mass isn't necessarily cooler!
[8:46:59 PM] Guest 21 has left the chat
[8:47:02 PM] <katbarton> Ahhh man
[8:47:11 PM] <SherAhnn> Oh I have to have one in Summer. 6 feet of snow here in winter
[8:47:13 PM] <katbarton> lol...Yes, TENTS on lawn
[8:47:22 PM] <masonictreasures> YOU CAN DO IT!!!
[8:47:35 PM] <mommyto3> they did this one in chelmsford, I still can't figure it out always in the wrong lane
[8:47:45 PM] <attheboutique> Pics from Bonanzle Up Wichita
[8:47:53 PM] <SherAhnn> Bailey Days is June 20..Everyone comes up here to the cool mountains.
[8:48:01 PM] <Katskloset> FLORIDA one?
[8:48:04 PM] <Katskloset> I heard about that one?
[8:48:08 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> Yes.. that was a bit crazy.. I remember that on the way out Wally.. weird roads to Orange
[8:48:10 PM] <masonictreasures> at wally's...
[8:48:11 PM] <Guest 20> So the idea of canceling Mobil too boost numbers in Wichita did not work?
[8:48:11 PM] <Katskloset> but then no details
[8:48:25 PM] <Woadieland> See in Phila - no one pays any attention to either the stop signs or the traffic lights. THOSE are for the other guys
[8:48:30 PM] <masonictreasures> indy would be cool
[8:48:42 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> Denver would be a good Bonanzle place
[8:48:49 PM] <katbarton> nothing confirmed yet, that I have seen
[8:48:51 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:48:54 PM] <mommyto3> leaf peepig season is nice but hotels are more expensive and less rooms available at that time
[8:48:54 PM] <auctionwally> .
[8:48:58 PM] <masonictreasures> 1100 miles away...
[8:49:13 PM] <attheboutique>
[8:49:30 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> true Mommy, ....when would you suggest? Haven't been here long enough to suggest a time really..
[8:49:37 PM] <SherAhnn> Yeh Florida when 6 ft of snow
[8:49:40 PM] <attheboutique> Next Week - Atlanta Bound!!!
[8:49:40 PM] <katbarton> Thats to the men behind the Seattle bonanzle up
[8:49:41 PM] <mommyto3> I noticed in Florida people run the red lights but in Ma we jump the green
[8:49:57 PM] <katbarton> lol..mommy
[8:50:03 PM] <masonictreasures> indy up for bonanzle!!
[8:50:17 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[8:50:30 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> need to get going folks... catch you next week... :) Night all
[8:50:41 PM] <Ziggy Zool> nite fuzzy
[8:50:43 PM] <SherAhnn> hagd Fuzzy
[8:50:43 PM] <Renagade> night!
[8:50:44 PM] Guest 22 is logged into the chat
[8:50:44 PM] <Motorheadbooks>
[8:50:47 PM] <katbarton> by Rose
[8:50:47 PM] <masonictreasures>
[8:50:58 PM] <attheboutique> Night Fuzzy!!!
[8:51:07 PM] <Motorheadbooks>
[8:51:08 PM] <katbarton> Night Fuzzy
[8:51:20 PM] <auctionwally> Mega Memorabilia & Autograph Auction at
[8:51:21 PM] <masonictreasures> nite fuzz
[8:51:21 PM] <Motorheadbooks>
[8:51:27 PM] <katbarton> Yeah that was the way cool part of the whole thing
[8:51:35 PM] <katbarton> lol..
[8:51:37 PM] <TheFuzzyLobster> bye... Night all! Happy Mem. Day!
[8:51:38 PM] <Motorheadbooks>
[8:51:41 PM] TheFuzzyLobster has left the chat
[8:51:45 PM] Guest 20 has left the chat
[8:51:53 PM] <Motorheadbooks>
[8:51:56 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:51:56 PM] <mommyto3> it is tough to say summer is hot and humid, winter is icy and snowy and fall is busy - Sept is not that busy so it might be a good month
[8:52:16 PM] <Motorheadbooks>
[8:52:27 PM] <Renagade> Thanks Shars!!
[8:52:36 PM] <katbarton> TY shars!
[8:52:42 PM] <masonictreasures> .
[8:52:44 PM] <Pieper> all of the presentations were value loaded
[8:52:46 PM] <katbarton> .
[8:53:00 PM] Guest 22 has left the chat
[8:53:01 PM] <attheboutique> Don't forget next Monday!! Charity Auction for St. Jude's and live right here on Talkshoe!!
[8:53:02 PM] <Pieper> Nuggets start in eight minutes - good timing
[8:53:15 PM] S Kansas has hung up
[8:53:30 PM] <masonictreasures>
[8:53:39 PM] <attheboutique> Tell this Lady Thank you!! She worked sooo hard on the booth
[8:53:41 PM] <Renagade>
[8:53:43 PM] <katbarton>
[8:53:47 PM] <oakIslandBoutique>
[8:53:55 PM] <parts4sales>
[8:53:59 PM] <parts4sales>
[8:54:01 PM] <masonictreasures> link last 4ever...
[8:54:04 PM] <Pieper>
[8:54:05 PM] <SherAhnn> oh gosh, I have to get my Nuggets mouse pads up on the site now that they are doing good.
[8:54:08 PM] <Katskloset> done, Wally
[8:54:10 PM] <attheboutique> Stumble the press release, tweet it, DIGG it, blog about the auction, tweet about it, facebook it!!!
[8:54:10 PM] <oakIslandBoutique>
[8:54:18 PM] <Katskloset>
[8:54:19 PM] <Ziggy Zool> http//
[8:54:20 PM] <Renagade>
[8:54:22 PM] <parts4sales>
[8:54:23 PM] <Katskloset>
[8:54:32 PM] <Katskloset>
[8:54:36 PM] <BrightestBlessings> LIVE auction every Saturday:
[8:54:37 PM] <attheboutique> Please stumble, Ren and KatsKlosets blog also, two more great write ups on the charity auction
[8:54:38 PM] <Katskloset>
[8:54:45 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[8:54:46 PM] <katbarton>
[8:54:48 PM] <Ziggy Zool> duh
[8:54:51 PM] <attheboutique>
[8:54:54 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Spa quality,not spa price:
[8:54:58 PM] <auctionwally> Mega Autograph
[8:55:00 PM] <Renagade> My Music articles :
[8:55:07 PM] <SherAhnn> also our Collectables site
[8:55:08 PM] <masonictreasures>
[8:55:10 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[8:55:11 PM] <katbarton> Hey DeDe, missed ya..:)
[8:55:11 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Great vinyl:
[8:55:19 PM] <attheboutique> you can bid from your computer! Mega Autograph
[8:55:28 PM] <Renagade>
[8:55:30 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[8:55:34 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Show Notes:
[8:55:49 PM] <BrightestBlessings> From Decals to Detailing:
[8:55:49 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:55:50 PM] <SherAhnn> ut oh...Lightning and thunder here in High County Colorado
[8:55:52 PM] <masonictreasures> yea great..
[8:55:53 PM] <Renagade>
[8:55:59 PM] <Pieper> raining here too
[8:56:02 PM] <attheboutique> live auction every Saturday Preview at 12 EST Bidding at 1PM
[8:56:03 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[8:56:07 PM] <Pieper> but not as electrical as yesterday
[8:56:08 PM] <auctionwally>
[8:56:14 PM] <BrightestBlessings> LIVE auction every Saturday:
[8:56:22 PM] <SherAhnn> been raining all week up here
[8:56:26 PM] <Ziggy Zool> ty dede ur the best
[8:56:32 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[8:56:45 PM] <Pieper> My cat pin is awesome - got it a few auctions ago
[8:56:52 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[8:56:53 PM] <masonictreasures> need the preveiw
[8:56:53 PM] <SherAhnn> Yikes thunder is loud at 8000 ft altitude
[8:57:03 PM] cleosgreatdeals has left the chat
[8:57:04 PM] <Renagade> Check out Brightestblessings blogs...awesome!
[8:57:09 PM] <BrightestBlessings> http://www.bonanzle/gypsygirl
[8:57:17 PM] <katbarton> Will be thinking of you tomorrow Phaedra~
[8:57:20 PM] <Woadieland>
[8:57:21 PM] <Ziggy Zool> will the show run longer then next monday wally
[8:57:24 PM] <BrightestBlessings> http://www.bonanzle/simplydishing
[8:57:25 PM] <attheboutique> Thank you Kat!
[8:57:32 PM] <attheboutique> yes, next Monday may be longer
[8:57:35 PM] <attheboutique> for the auction
[8:57:43 PM] <Ziggy Zool> cool
[8:57:57 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:58:01 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[8:58:04 PM] <masonictreasures> great to know i won't spend that much sat...
[8:58:12 PM] <oakIslandBoutique> Good show, Wally...
[8:58:16 PM] <SherAhnn> thanks Wally
[8:58:23 PM] <Katskloset> g'night all
[8:58:27 PM] <Katskloset> See you soon!
[8:58:30 PM] <Ziggy Zool> thank you phaedra, wally great show
[8:58:32 PM] <BrightestBlessings> LIVE auction every Saturday:
[8:58:37 PM] <katbarton> YW :)
[8:58:46 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Spa quality,not spa price:
[8:58:47 PM] <mommyto3> talk to you later Kat
[8:58:48 PM] <katbarton> Thanks guys~
[8:58:49 PM] <attheboutique>  Auction Wally show Tuesday's This Tuesday Matt Balm comic books, right here on Talkshoe auctionwally
[8:58:51 PM] <Renagade> Cool!
[8:58:54 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[8:59:01 PM] SharsBoutique has left the chat
[8:59:04 PM] Motorheadbooks has left the chat
[8:59:06 PM] SherAhnn has left the chat
[8:59:10 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[8:59:11 PM] <attheboutique> Thank you everyone for coming tonight!!!!!!!!!!
[8:59:11 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Show Notes:
[8:59:18 PM] <attheboutique> You Rock!!!!
[8:59:26 PM] <masonictreasures> nite all
[8:59:29 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Great vinyl:
[8:59:30 PM] <Pieper> thank you
[8:59:34 PM] Pieper has left the chat
[8:59:37 PM] <stubsinc> Great Show Phaedra and Wally!!!
[8:59:38 PM] <attheboutique> Have an excellent night everyone!
[8:59:44 PM] <attheboutique> Thank you Jan!
[8:59:48 PM] <BrightestBlessings> From Decals to Detailing:
[8:59:54 PM] <katbarton> night everyone~
[9:00:00 PM] katbarton has left the chat
[9:00:02 PM] <Renagade> If you havent stopped into Dede's booth you need to!
[9:00:03 PM] <attheboutique> I will be around a bit tomorrow, if I am needed, email is best :)
[9:00:07 PM] <attheboutique> Night everyone!
[9:00:08 PM] <masonictreasures> prayer and wishes phaedra...
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[9:00:15 PM] <attheboutique> Thank you, masonic
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[9:00:22 PM] <Ziggy Zool> take care Phae... HUGS
[9:00:30 PM] <auctionwally> You can find the show notes at
[9:00:31 PM] <Renagade> need me
[9:00:31 PM] <stubsinc> Take Care Phaedra
[9:00:38 PM] NW Illinois has hung up
[9:00:53 PM] <attheboutique> Thanks Ziggy, you are all the best! Thank you, we are of tough stock down here, lol. We will be okay
[9:01:05 PM] <auctionwally> Phaedra, my best to your family.
[9:01:08 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[9:01:17 PM] <attheboutique> Thank you Wally, I truly appreciate that
[9:01:30 PM] <attheboutique> sorry about beginning of show
[9:01:36 PM] <Ziggy Zool> I'm glad Phaedra but we're here if you need us
[9:01:48 PM] <auctionwally> Oh, please, don't even think about it.
[9:01:51 PM] <Renagade> NO apoligies
[9:01:58 PM] <attheboutique> I have to go, a wonderful evening to all!!! and a very productive tomorrow!!! :)
[9:02:08 PM] <Renagade> Hogs friend!
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[9:02:19 PM] <mommyto3> I just scroll back to the beginning of the chat I am sorry to hear it, my thoughts and prayers go to you and your family
[9:02:21 PM] <Renagade> thats...HUGS! LOL
[9:02:22 PM] <oakIslandBoutique> Night Phaedra..
[9:02:26 PM] <auctionwally> Take care!

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