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Monday, March 23, 2009

ep19 Brainstorming Bonanzle - Where are you getting your stock?

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[7:57:04 PM] <Pieper> productive for me too! Lots of listings ready to go tomorrow
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[7:57:08 PM] <attheboutique> And there's the man of the hour Auction Wally!!!
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[7:57:18 PM] <auctionwally> Hello everyone:)
[7:57:23 PM] <Pieper> hey wally!
[7:57:23 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hey Wally!
[7:57:28 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat
[7:57:31 PM] <auctionwally> Hi Dede
[7:57:35 PM] <auctionwally> Hey Mitzi
[7:57:39 PM] <vintagegoodness> hey hey
[7:57:39 PM] <Steve1957> Dont tell anyone I'm here, I need t hide out for a while lol
[7:57:40 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hey Mitzi!
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[7:57:51 PM] <Steve1957> Hi wally
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[7:57:55 PM] <BrightestBlessings> And you are hiding from who?
[7:57:55 PM] <Pieper> Why Steve? What did you do now?
[7:58:01 PM] <auctionwally> Mitzi are you still working on those books? The price guides?
[7:58:04 PM] WhitlowUniqueCollectibles is logged into the chat
[7:58:15 PM] <vintagegoodness> well i got this latest project finished up
[7:58:20 PM] <vintagegoodness> finally
[7:58:25 PM] <ebay & Beyond> /nick
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[7:58:43 PM] <vintagegoodness> now i have to work on social marketing stuff
[7:58:49 PM] <vintagegoodness> why?
[7:58:50 PM] <auctionwally> Email some info on the terms they have w/ Auctioneers if they are still doing that price guide thing.
[7:58:53 PM] <Steve1957> people on my site that cant get their pics in and want their bannerson the front page and and and and, crazy lol
[7:58:56 PM] <vintagegoodness> ahhh ok
[7:58:57 PM] Ziggy Zool is logged into the chat
[7:59:02 PM] <vintagegoodness> i'll get with ya
[7:59:11 PM] <auctionwally> I have that weekly auction to fill up every weeks
[7:59:29 PM] <vintagegoodness> cool
[7:59:32 PM] vinewood is logged into the chat
[7:59:33 PM] <vintagegoodness> going well so far?
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[7:59:37 PM] attheboutique is on the call
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[7:59:42 PM] <Ziggy Zool> Good evening every one... :D
[7:59:49 PM] <Steve1957> was opened on Thursday, it has 106 members now
[7:59:49 PM] <attheboutique> Heya Ziggy :)
[7:59:50 PM] auctionwally is on the call
[7:59:53 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hey Ziggy!
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[7:59:56 PM] <vinewood> hi all
[8:00:00 PM] <Pieper> ziggy!!!!!!!!!!!!
[8:00:01 PM] The recording has started.
[8:00:04 PM] <Ziggy Zool> thanks for the emergency link Phae
[8:00:05 PM] Guest 10 is logged into the chat
[8:00:12 PM] <attheboutique> Hey Wes
[8:00:13 PM] <attheboutique> You are most welcome!
[8:00:16 PM] WhitlowUniqueCollectibles is logged into the chat
[8:00:16 PM] <Ziggy Zool> (((Pieper)))
[8:00:22 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hey Wes!
[8:00:28 PM] <vinewood> thx P
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[8:00:39 PM] Henrietta is logged into the chat
[8:00:43 PM] <attheboutique> Had to close tweet deck, can always hear it tweeting while I am on phone, lol
[8:00:43 PM] WhitlowUniqueCollectibles is logged into the chat
[8:00:43 PM] <Steve1957> Hi Dave
[8:00:43 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Where's Renagade?
[8:00:46 PM] <vinewood> THX BB
[8:00:48 PM] Annapplebonanza is logged into the chat
[8:00:54 PM] <Ziggy Zool> Hey Brightest.. how are you girl
[8:01:01 PM] <attheboutique> I think she is on her way, Dede
[8:01:02 PM] <Annapplebonanza> Howdy everyone:-)
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[8:01:04 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Hey Steve!
[8:01:10 PM] <attheboutique> Heya Annapplebonanza
[8:01:12 PM] <Henrietta> hi everyone
[8:01:12 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Super and you Ziggy?
[8:01:14 PM] <mommyto3> Renagade was on twitter a few min ago
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[8:01:21 PM] <BumpYourAuctionsHere> Hi everyone!
[8:01:25 PM] <attheboutique> Heya Henrietta
[8:01:26 PM] <vintagegoodness> ok peeps gotta work but I'm listening ;)
[8:01:27 PM] <attheboutique> Heya Bump
[8:01:28 PM] <vinewood> yes she was
[8:01:29 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Well....
[8:01:29 PM] <Ziggy Zool> Better n Better :D
[8:01:34 PM] <Pieper> Wow, that bump out of here hurt!
[8:01:41 PM] <oakIslandBoutique> Evening Wally..
[8:01:42 PM] <mommyto3> Hi Henrietta
[8:01:52 PM] bvaughnfamily is logged into the chat
[8:01:58 PM] MISTERBIGFOOT is logged into the chat
[8:01:58 PM] <Steve1957> Hi Henrietta
[8:02:01 PM] bobbi85710 is logged into the chat
[8:02:05 PM] KINGFAMOUS121 is logged into the chat
[8:02:08 PM] katbarton is logged into the chat
[8:02:10 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hey Bobbi!
[8:02:15 PM] <bobbi85710> Hey BB
[8:02:17 PM] <attheboutique> Spring Fever
[8:02:18 PM] <attheboutique> lol
[8:02:19 PM] <katbarton> sigh..I made it...
[8:02:20 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hey Kat!
[8:02:23 PM] <attheboutique> Heya Kat
[8:02:24 PM] <bobbi85710> Busy night!
[8:02:26 PM] <katbarton> Hi guys!
[8:02:28 PM] <vinewood> hi bobbi
[8:02:29 PM] <mommyto3> what spring it was only 24 here today
[8:02:33 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Busy is good!
[8:02:35 PM] <Pieper> hi Kat
[8:02:36 PM] <Steve1957> Hi Kat
[8:02:41 PM] <Annapplebonanza> Not spring here- yet
[8:02:42 PM] <bobbi85710> Hey what a
[8:02:44 PM] <attheboutique> 80's here
[8:02:45 PM] <katbarton> Hey everyone!
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[8:02:50 PM] <attheboutique> Heya Bobbi
[8:02:53 PM] <oakIslandBoutique> Hi Henrietta..
[8:02:57 PM] diaperchef is logged into the chat
[8:02:58 PM] <katbarton> hush now bring that to Seattle
[8:02:59 PM] booksbelow is logged into the chat
[8:03:01 PM] <bobbi85710> Hey Phae!
[8:03:03 PM] <vinewood> sping here
[8:03:15 PM] <Ziggy Zool> hiya Bobbie
[8:03:19 PM] <bobbi85710> Winging it :)
[8:03:28 PM] <oakIslandBoutique> Hi Kat
[8:03:29 PM] <bobbi85710> Hey ZZ!
[8:03:36 PM] <katbarton> hey Phil!
[8:03:52 PM] Renagade is logged into the chat
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[8:04:01 PM] <bobbi85710> Hey Ren!
[8:04:02 PM] <Steve1957> Hi Susan
[8:04:06 PM] WhitlowUniqueCollectibles is logged into the chat
[8:04:09 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Renagade you are late.
[8:04:09 PM] <vinewood> hi ren
[8:04:15 PM] <Pieper> Hi susan
[8:04:16 PM] Guest 11 is logged into the chat
[8:04:24 PM] <bobbi85710> Hey Steve!
[8:04:30 PM] <Pieper> lol
[8:04:34 PM] <Renagade> Darn...The next time I knock...someone better answer the door!
[8:04:35 PM] <bobbi85710> Shave.........hmmm
[8:04:37 PM] Guest 10 has left the chat
[8:04:39 PM] <Steve1957> hi bobbi.
[8:04:40 PM] <booksbelow> hi everyone
[8:04:42 PM] SimplyDishing has left the chat
[8:04:42 PM] SimplyDishing is logged into the chat
[8:04:44 PM] <Steve1957> lol
[8:04:47 PM] Guest 12 is logged into the chat
[8:04:48 PM] <BrightestBlessings> LOL Renagade
[8:04:52 PM] <Pieper> not since this morning
[8:05:06 PM] <attheboutique>
[8:05:07 PM] <auctionwally> .
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[8:05:21 PM] diaperchef is logged into the chat
[8:05:21 PM] <Renagade> LOL
[8:05:22 PM] <bobbi85710> Yes
[8:05:25 PM] <bobbi85710> Vase
[8:05:25 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[8:05:36 PM] phoenix2000 is logged into the chat
[8:05:39 PM] Guest 13 is logged into the chat
[8:05:43 PM] <bobbi85710> Go Gypsy
[8:05:47 PM] <Renagade> Awesome room here tonite!
[8:05:54 PM] <Guest 11> Hi! Only in as guest, but I'm NightowlGardener.
[8:06:05 PM] <bobbi85710> Hey NightOwlGardener
[8:06:06 PM] Katskloset is logged into the chat
[8:06:08 PM] Pams812 is logged into the chat
[8:06:08 PM] <Pieper>
[8:06:10 PM] <Renagade> Hi Nightowl!
[8:06:10 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hey NightOwl!
[8:06:15 PM] <Pieper> Oh, wondered how we were going to do that!
[8:06:17 PM] <Katskloset> hi all
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[8:06:35 PM] <BrightestBlessings> LOL
[8:06:35 PM] WhitlowUniqueCollectibles is logged into the chat
[8:06:37 PM] <Renagade> LOL
[8:06:40 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[8:06:42 PM] <Pieper> I heard that about you Wally
[8:06:45 PM] mommyto3 has left the chat
[8:06:45 PM] mommyto3 is logged into the chat
[8:06:50 PM] <bobbi85710> Wonderful Charity, Wally will rock-it and rocket the $$$
[8:06:58 PM] <Pams812> Hi Y'all :)
[8:07:05 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Hey Pam!
[8:07:07 PM] <bobbi85710> Hey Pams
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[8:07:10 PM] katbarton is logged into the chat
[8:07:13 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[8:07:14 PM] <mommyto3> stupid FF crashed again, switched back to chrome
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[8:07:16 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat
[8:07:19 PM] <Renagade> Cool!
[8:07:20 PM] WhitlowUniqueCollectibles is logged into the chat
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[8:07:37 PM] <katbarton> Grrr...mine just crashed too....I am going to call in Phaedra, keep me muted
[8:07:48 PM] WhitlowUniqueCollectibles has left the chat
[8:07:49 PM] <Renagade> talk
[8:07:52 PM] <mommyto3> I am so tired of FF crashing
[8:07:55 PM] WhitlowUniqueCollectibles is logged into the chat
[8:08:06 PM] <Henrietta> .
[8:08:07 PM] <Steve1957> bobbie I have linked the charity booth on my site. front page
[8:08:11 PM] <katbarton> Talk about what?
[8:08:15 PM] <vinewood> check here
[8:08:22 PM] <bobbi85710> You rock Steve.............Thanks so much
[8:08:27 PM] <katbarton> We are still working on it
[8:08:37 PM] katbarton is on the call
[8:08:41 PM] <Renagade> Your donation???
[8:08:42 PM] <katbarton> MUTE ME
[8:08:44 PM] <Pams812> I'm on dial-up and only hear about half the audio most of the time
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[8:08:55 PM] KINGFAMOUS121 is logged into the chat
[8:08:57 PM] <oakIslandBoutique> Staying at the Coast hotel as well
[8:09:00 PM] <Renagade> NO!!! No Mute!
[8:09:07 PM] <attheboutique> Kat you are muted
[8:09:09 PM] Non-Member is on the call
[8:09:12 PM] <katbarton> lol..Ren
[8:09:19 PM] <katbarton> TY Phaedra
[8:09:24 PM] <katbarton> Beer and bonfire
[8:09:26 PM] <Steve1957> will be sending pics and description of the items I am donating tomorrow evening
[8:09:28 PM] <Renagade> I have luck on IE and dial up Pam
[8:09:29 PM] <katbarton> snicker
[8:09:32 PM] <Henrietta> that was my question too
[8:09:37 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Bring your corkscrew to Mobile
[8:09:51 PM] <bobbi85710> Go Kat, gooey ducks all around. Miss Seattle.
[8:10:01 PM] <Steve1957> Dave will you be in Mobil?
[8:10:02 PM] <katbarton> lol...bobbi
[8:10:02 PM] <Renagade> Yea..Pheadra dont have a corkscrew!
[8:10:07 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat
[8:10:13 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Hey I sent you one
[8:10:22 PM] <katbarton> I have one here for you....
[8:10:28 PM] <vintagegoodness> ok talkshoe killed my firefox so i opened this in IE bleh
[8:10:29 PM] <Renagade> You DID dave!
[8:10:31 PM] <bobbi85710> Necessity.........corkscrew.
[8:10:31 PM] Mike Leuszler has left the chat
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[8:10:45 PM] <mommyto3> FF is just buggy lately
[8:10:46 PM] <ebay & Beyond> ~l
[8:10:48 PM] <Renagade> ROFL
[8:10:49 PM] <Katskloset> Phaedra
[8:10:51 PM] <Annapplebonanza> The important things for trave:-)
[8:10:52 PM] <attheboutique> httpL//
[8:10:57 PM] <Pams812> IE is usually a pain for me. Once I get my new system up, I think I'll have more luck with everything.
[8:11:00 PM] <attheboutique> exactly, the important stuff
[8:11:01 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[8:11:03 PM] <Katskloset> gypsy trading wanted me to tell you she got kicked off an dcan't get back on
[8:11:07 PM] <oakIslandBoutique> I'm using FF.. No problems here.
[8:11:14 PM] <attheboutique> thanks, Kats
[8:11:21 PM] <Katskloset> welcome
[8:11:25 PM] <Katskloset> twitter to the rescue
[8:11:31 PM] ibbysjewels is logged into the chat
[8:11:36 PM] <attheboutique> love twitter!
[8:11:38 PM] Mike Leuszler is logged into the chat
[8:11:39 PM] <Renagade> gotta love Twitter!
[8:11:41 PM] bvaughnfamily is logged into the chat
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[8:11:48 PM] motorheadbooks is logged into the chat
[8:11:52 PM] <mommyto3> someday I am going to have to venture down to one of your auctions
[8:11:58 PM] <auctionwally> Here is one of things I've been working
[8:12:01 PM] <Annapplebonanza> Been good, no breaks tonight.
[8:12:06 PM] phoenix2000 is logged into the chat
[8:12:11 PM] <Renagade> You need to Moomyto3
[8:12:17 PM] <bobbi85710> Cool, will look in a bit.
[8:12:22 PM] <Renagade> oops! Mommy!
[8:12:30 PM] <mommyto3> I don't think it is all that far from me maybe an hour or so
[8:12:44 PM] GoldenPineapple is logged into the chat
[8:12:47 PM] <Renagade> Lucky dog!
[8:12:48 PM] <Steve1957> .
[8:12:52 PM] SunflowerBoutique is logged into the chat
[8:12:56 PM] <attheboutique> for show notes and archives of show
[8:12:57 PM] <bvaughnfamily> ..
[8:13:05 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Hi MISTERBIGFOOT!
[8:13:05 PM] <attheboutique> Hey bvaughn!!
[8:13:08 PM] <katbarton> I have a 1900 Atwater Ren
[8:13:10 PM] <bvaughnfamily> greetings!
[8:13:17 PM] WhitlowUniqueCollectibles is logged into the chat
[8:13:17 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Hey Kat!
[8:13:18 PM] reejr123 is logged into the chat
[8:13:20 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> hello everyone
[8:13:24 PM] <katbarton> Hi Bvaughn
[8:13:25 PM] KINGFAMOUS121 has left the chat
[8:13:35 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> Yeah ! talk box after 20 times
[8:13:36 PM] <Renagade> Shut UP!! Kat!
[8:13:36 PM] <katbarton> Hi sun!
[8:13:38 PM] <bvaughnfamily> howdy phaedra, kat, everyone :)
[8:13:44 PM] <vinewood> hi sun
[8:13:48 PM] <attheboutique> Live Auction First Saturday of each month,
[8:13:49 PM] <bobbi85710> Hey bvf
[8:13:51 PM] <Pieper> hey hey
[8:13:53 PM] <katbarton> LOL..I do, look at some of my pics, use it in my photos
[8:13:54 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:13:55 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> I can't stay long tonight
[8:14:15 PM] <Renagade> Sunny...Im pouting
[8:14:17 PM] <attheboutique> Heya Sun!!!
[8:14:30 PM] <bobbi85710> Sun, Dottie after
[8:14:32 PM] <GoldenPineapple> WOW! So this is the Bonanzle Community! There's more people here than there were at eBay Live Chicago last year!
[8:14:39 PM] <attheboutique> April 4th live auction, bids called live over the internet
[8:14:42 PM] Guest 14 is logged into the chat
[8:14:43 PM] <bobbi85710>
[8:14:45 PM] <Pams812> Hi Sun
[8:14:45 PM] <Pieper> LOL golden
[8:14:47 PM] <Annapplebonanza> :-) golden pineapple
[8:14:49 PM] <Pieper> glad you made it
[8:14:52 PM] <mommyto3> Renegade I just mapquested it 1hr 15mins away
[8:14:59 PM] <vintagegoodness> ok just lost audio
[8:15:05 PM] <vintagegoodness> i can't win
[8:15:20 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> Its really funky stuff with talk shoe tonight
[8:15:22 PM] <Renagade> Ya'll haveta talk louder! DH is playgrading a LP and I got the head phones up as loud As I can go!!!!
[8:15:23 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> Bobbi, Dottie wants you to email your phone # to her
[8:15:23 PM] <Pieper> can't you read lips Mitzie?
[8:15:31 PM] <vintagegoodness> talkshoe never works for me anymore
[8:15:31 PM] <bobbi85710> Vintage happened to me last week.
[8:15:34 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Hi Bobbi, Pieper, & Annapplebonanza...I'm watching Antiques Roadshow at the same time
[8:15:37 PM] <vintagegoodness> lol i wish i could see lips pieper!
[8:15:38 PM] <Henrietta> all talkshoe which is a pity
[8:15:43 PM] <Renagade> I can Pieper! For real!
[8:15:44 PM] <Katskloset> :)
[8:15:44 PM] <Pieper> LOL :)
[8:15:44 PM] <bobbi85710> Okay Sun will DM thru Twitter in a bit.
[8:15:47 PM] basingater1 has left the chat
[8:15:54 PM] <vintagegoodness> ok logging out and in keep your fingers crossed for me!
[8:15:54 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> ok thanks!
[8:15:55 PM] BumpYourAuctionsHere has left the chat
[8:15:57 PM] vintagegoodness has left the chat
[8:16:02 PM] <bobbi85710> GL Vintage
[8:16:09 PM] <BrightestBlessings> It was an awesome show!
[8:16:13 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat
[8:16:14 PM] <attheboutique> Can probably find a tutorial for anything on YouTube
[8:16:24 PM] <bvaughnfamily> talkshoe kicked me off tonight for the first time for a few minutes... :( but i just jumped back in :)
[8:16:26 PM] Sinfuldreams is logged into the chat
[8:16:52 PM] <Steve1957> hi bvaughnfamily
[8:16:54 PM] <phoenix2000> I got kicked off for the first time too.
[8:16:59 PM] <ebay & Beyond> You will be fine Wally
[8:17:01 PM] <vintagegoodness> i'm back, with audio, hope it lasts!
[8:17:04 PM] <bvaughnfamily> howdy steve, bobbi, EVERYONE :)
[8:17:05 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> Thats going to be really Great Walt
[8:17:11 PM] <Renagade> Those of us on Dial up cant do it!!!!!
[8:17:12 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> Dottie is so excited about going down to Crater of Diamonds this week
[8:17:13 PM] <GoldenPineapple> That's Pierre Omidyar, John Donahoe, and Lorrie Norrington messing with our talkshoe...haters!
[8:17:15 PM] <bvaughnfamily> yippee vintage!
[8:17:15 PM] <Ziggy Zool> do we have a forum thread for this weeks show anyone??
[8:17:16 PM] <Pieper> hi bvaughn
[8:17:23 PM] <Steve1957> <<<<<<,
[8:17:32 PM] <attheboutique> sure do, Pieper started one
[8:17:40 PM] <attheboutique> tweet it too :)
[8:17:49 PM] <Ziggy Zool> having trouble finding it.. grrrr
[8:17:51 PM] <GoldenPineapple>
[8:17:53 PM] TandMCreations is logged into the chat
[8:17:58 PM] <Henrietta> social butterfly John
[8:18:00 PM] <SunflowerBoutique>
[8:18:04 PM] <Ziggy Zool> do you have it darlin
[8:18:11 PM] <bobbi85710> Sun DM on the way.
[8:18:11 PM] <vintagegoodness> grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[8:18:18 PM] <Renagade> That he is Henrietta!
[8:18:18 PM] <vintagegoodness> my audio just dropped again!
[8:18:19 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[8:18:19 PM] <Pieper> Sellers Discussions ziggy Brainstorming Bonanzle
[8:18:22 PM] <TandMCreations>
[8:18:30 PM] ibbysjewels has left the chat
[8:18:35 PM] <Pieper> excellent show
[8:18:36 PM] <Renagade> try IE Mitzi!
[8:18:42 PM] <Ziggy Zool> ok thanks Pie
[8:18:50 PM] <Ziggy Zool> I tweeted again..
[8:18:55 PM] <TandMCreations>
[8:18:57 PM] <GoldenPineapple> you live in Phoenix?
[8:18:58 PM] <Steve1957> It's New, it's crazy, it's fun for all
[8:19:04 PM] <Pieper> yummy
[8:19:06 PM] <vintagegoodness> i am in IE
[8:19:08 PM] <BrightestBlessings> When is soon?
[8:19:08 PM] <vintagegoodness> and its still not workin!
[8:19:08 PM] <vintagegoodness> i guess i'll just have to try to listen to the archive
[8:19:16 PM] <attheboutique> ebooks coming soon!!!
[8:19:20 PM] <phoenix2000> No, New Jersey. I was in Mesa 2 weeks ago.
[8:19:25 PM] <Pieper> oh, vintage...what a bummer
[8:19:28 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Soon is when?
[8:19:29 PM] KINGFAMOUS121 is logged into the chat
[8:19:31 PM] <katbarton> I cannot wait for the ebook
[8:19:33 PM] <Guest 11> WHOOHOO!
[8:19:34 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Joizee???
[8:19:40 PM] <vintagegoodness> i have to get some work done can't fuss with talkshoe all night :(
[8:19:40 PM] <booksbelow> If you click the trouble hearing my media player opened up and is doing the sound no problem
[8:19:46 PM] <Henrietta> Mitzi I couldnt stay on TS in IE have you got FF installed?
[8:19:59 PM] <vintagegoodness> yeah i usually use FF
[8:19:59 PM] <phoenix2000> Garden State Parkway - Exit 165.
[8:20:00 PM] Sinfuldreams has left the chat
[8:20:00 PM] Sinfuldreams is logged into the chat
[8:20:08 PM] KINGFAMOUS121 is on the call
[8:20:15 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:20:15 PM] <TandMCreations> i did fine this morning on ts with ie
[8:20:16 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I have Firefox and no problems...but the speaker needs to get closer to the mic...I bet he's using a bluetooth or headset
[8:20:18 PM] <vintagegoodness> but talkshoe crashes my FF
[8:20:25 PM] Steve1957 has left the chat
[8:20:32 PM] <bobbi85710> Why not?
[8:20:33 PM] diaperchef has left the chat
[8:20:36 PM] <mommyto3> talkshoe has been crashing FF all day
[8:20:39 PM] <bvaughnfamily> we've got FF... working fine :)
[8:20:52 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Vintage...clear your cookies and temporary internet really need more RAm
[8:20:59 PM] <attheboutique> just call in and remain muted, if need be to hear, but let me know you want to remain muted :)
[8:21:04 PM] <Ziggy Zool> okey job done lol
[8:21:07 PM] <vintagegoodness> i dont have trouble with any other site, just talkshoe
[8:21:14 PM] <Pieper> thanks ziggy
[8:21:20 PM] Guest 15 is logged into the chat
[8:21:25 PM] <Guest 11> And it is soooo friendly!
[8:21:26 PM] <Ziggy Zool> on firefox here.. no probs
[8:21:29 PM] <KINGFAMOUS121> i dont want to be mutes
[8:21:30 PM] Steve1957 is logged into the chat
[8:21:36 PM] <vintagegoodness> i'm cursed
[8:21:38 PM] <vintagegoodness> lol
[8:21:42 PM] <attheboutique> You have a question, Kingfamous?
[8:21:46 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> get talkshoe live pro, I have a lot better luck with it not crashing
[8:21:49 PM] <mommyto3> I never had a problem until the latest FF upgrade last week
[8:21:49 PM] Guest 16 is logged into the chat
[8:21:54 PM] <Henrietta> TS is a great concept and awful implementation
[8:21:56 PM] <Steve1957> lol they kicked me off
[8:21:59 PM] <KINGFAMOUS121> yes
[8:22:00 PM] <bobbi85710> Supportive Venue!
[8:22:02 PM] <Renagade> ???? alittle loader...
[8:22:03 PM] Guest 16 has left the chat
[8:22:05 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[8:22:09 PM] <Annapplebonanza> Anyone know-How do I save this transcript for a friend who can't access this site?
[8:22:20 PM] <Henrietta> LOUDER WALLY!
[8:22:23 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Yes Please
[8:22:27 PM] <Henrietta> better
[8:22:27 PM] <attheboutique> the transcript will be on
[8:22:28 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Phoenix...I have a house in Sunnyslope in originally from Brooklyn, NY and now I'm in New Orleans, Louisiana.
[8:22:28 PM] <Ziggy Zool> thats better
[8:22:31 PM] <Guest 11> Yes.
[8:22:34 PM] <Steve1957> I hear you now wally
[8:22:35 PM] <vintagegoodness> i'll try clearing my cache and coming back in
[8:22:35 PM] vintagegoodness has left the chat
[8:22:37 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Now I can hear much better!
[8:22:42 PM] vinewood has left the chat
[8:22:43 PM] vinewood is logged into the chat
[8:22:43 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> sounds like his nose is stopped up do you have a cold
[8:22:46 PM] <attheboutique> I am in Louisiana
[8:22:49 PM] <Renagade> NO///LOUDER!!!
[8:22:51 PM] <Pieper> That was an awesome show Wally
[8:22:57 PM] <Ziggy Zool> LOL rock on Ren
[8:23:01 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[8:23:03 PM] <phoenix2000> Blow your nose, Wally. ;)
[8:23:08 PM] <Renagade> there you go
[8:23:14 PM] vintagegoodness is logged into the chat
[8:23:22 PM] <attheboutique> We are in in the racap right now Kingfamous
[8:23:25 PM] <Renagade> LOL Phoenix!
[8:23:31 PM] <vintagegoodness> ok got audio lets see how long it lasts
[8:23:32 PM] <GoldenPineapple> attheboutique...where in Louisiana?
[8:23:37 PM] <attheboutique> Morgan City
[8:23:44 PM] <Henrietta> .
[8:23:48 PM] <Guest 11> I think Wally is trying not to LOL.
[8:23:48 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:23:51 PM] <bobbi85710> Hang in there Vintage!
[8:23:52 PM] <Annapplebonanza> Thanks brightest.
[8:24:02 PM] KINGFAMOUS121 has left the chat
[8:24:02 PM] KINGFAMOUS121 is logged into the chat
[8:24:10 PM] <katbarton> It is just the bostonian accent Wally
[8:24:12 PM] <Henrietta> adenoids?
[8:24:13 PM] Pams812 has left the chat
[8:24:14 PM] <Steve1957> I think it's talkshoe
[8:24:15 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> I hear you fine
[8:24:17 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Wally it means you sound very nasal! Speakers way up...still nasal
[8:24:26 PM] <TandMCreations> he sounds the same as always
[8:24:34 PM] <katbarton> cool!
[8:24:36 PM] <Annapplebonanza> Sounds fine to me, I'm from Boston.
[8:24:38 PM] Pams812 is logged into the chat
[8:24:41 PM] <bobbi85710> Fun
[8:24:47 PM] ibbysjewels is logged into the chat
[8:24:48 PM] <Renagade> You do sound a little more nasally toite
[8:24:49 PM] <vinewood> i hear zero
[8:24:52 PM] <mommyto3> yep sounds fine to me also
[8:24:55 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Mark who?
[8:24:56 PM] <BrightestBlessings> LOL
[8:24:57 PM] <bobbi85710> Woo Hoo.........
[8:25:01 PM] <katbarton> lol..
[8:25:04 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Ahhhhhhhh...Morgan City...right by the Gulf...I've done some good fishin' down in them there parts!
[8:25:15 PM] <Ziggy Zool> The Cyber Ninja
[8:25:16 PM] <ebay & Beyond> New Bonanzle Employee Tom!
[8:25:28 PM] <katbarton> yes Dave...good one
[8:25:29 PM] Guest 15 has left the chat
[8:25:30 PM] <bobbi85710> Welcome Tom
[8:25:39 PM] <attheboutique> It is on the list!! LOL
[8:25:46 PM] <Renagade> I am from Boston and sounds Different
[8:25:47 PM] <Renagade> WOW!! Great shows!
[8:25:47 PM] <Pieper> Where's Tom?
[8:25:48 PM] <Ziggy Zool> is Tom here?
[8:25:48 PM] <bobbi85710> Is he here tonite?
[8:25:48 PM] <GoldenPineapple> The Savvy Seller...Marlene Gavens? WoW! We're gonna great advice!
[8:25:49 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:25:51 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[8:25:54 PM] KINGFAMOUS121 has hung up
[8:25:54 PM] <Steve1957> now I have sound lol chat is stcking
[8:26:07 PM] <Ziggy Zool> LOL great minds think alike..
[8:26:08 PM] <katbarton> lol.....Steve
[8:26:10 PM] <GoldenPineapple> 3 Jerks and a lady! that's funny!
[8:26:13 PM] <vintagegoodness> there goes the sound
[8:26:13 PM] <ebay & Beyond> I was the Lady!!!!!
[8:26:14 PM] <Pieper> That was a good show too...3 jerks and a lady
[8:26:18 PM] <attheboutique> When Egos Fly: Three Jerks and a Lady
[8:26:21 PM] <vintagegoodness> i got a whole 5 minutes
[8:26:28 PM] <katbarton> Pffftt..Dave,,,too funny
[8:26:28 PM] <GoldenPineapple> were the lady right? I can't imagine you being a Jerk
[8:26:30 PM] <Annapplebonanza> Renegade- sounds like Paul Parent
[8:26:32 PM] <vintagegoodness> i'm outie have a good night everyone
[8:26:37 PM] vintagegoodness has left the chat
[8:26:38 PM] <katbarton> Yep Dave had the baby! good job
[8:26:41 PM] <attheboutique> Night Mitzi
[8:26:42 PM] <bobbi85710> Take care Vintage
[8:26:42 PM] <TandMCreations> niters vintage
[8:26:43 PM] <Renagade> Man!!
[8:26:44 PM] <ebay & Beyond> TY Walt!
[8:26:45 PM] <Pieper> goodnight vintage
[8:26:45 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> bye vintage
[8:26:46 PM] <Ziggy Zool> night vintage
[8:26:47 PM] <Renagade> ROFL!!!
[8:26:48 PM] <bvaughnfamily> goodnight vintage!
[8:26:51 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Ethan Jacob
[8:26:53 PM] <Annapplebonanza> :-)
[8:26:59 PM] <Henrietta> ethan jacob
[8:27:03 PM] <attheboutique> Congratulations Dave!!
[8:27:05 PM] <katbarton> Jacob good boys
[8:27:22 PM] <Renagade> Congrats Grandpa!
[8:27:23 PM] <Steve1957> that was a great show wally
[8:27:25 PM] <Ziggy Zool> Congrats and Welcom Ethan Jacob
[8:27:30 PM] <Renagade> Lovely name!!
[8:27:34 PM] Guest 13 has left the chat
[8:27:38 PM] <Pieper> Nice strong name
[8:27:41 PM] <bobbi85710> Strong Name....
[8:27:42 PM] <katbarton> great name!
[8:27:46 PM] <attheboutique>
[8:27:50 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> whoo hoo !!
[8:27:51 PM] <Renagade> EJ!!!
[8:27:54 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:28:04 PM] <katbarton> hey you made it Whitloe!
[8:28:06 PM] <GoldenPineapple> What's being done press-wise for Bonanzle?
[8:28:15 PM] <bobbi85710> Commercial alert.....
[8:28:15 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Ethans picture!
[8:28:15 PM] <Guest 11> Yes, but the sun was shining!
[8:28:17 PM] <katbarton> Put your link up earlier
[8:28:17 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> 20 times but i made it
[8:28:18 PM] KINGFAMOUS121 has left the chat
[8:28:29 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> thanks kat
[8:28:33 PM] <SunflowerBoutique>
[8:28:34 PM] <katbarton> welcome
[8:28:38 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Listen to what? all i hear is gibberisha nd silence
[8:28:40 PM] <attheboutique> Hot here, in the 80's
[8:28:44 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[8:28:46 PM] <Annapplebonanza> Bostonians? Want a Bonanzle up here?
[8:28:52 PM] peddler is logged into the chat
[8:29:08 PM] <Ziggy Zool> deet da dee
[8:29:11 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> set it up annnaapple
[8:29:15 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[8:29:15 PM] <oakIslandBoutique> ..
[8:29:16 PM] <Pieper>
[8:29:17 PM] <TandMCreations> lol ziggy
[8:29:19 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> great gypsy ad
[8:29:22 PM] <Renagade> Public Press Golden pineapple??? None that I know of...we all promote the site and our booths
[8:29:26 PM] <Pieper>
[8:29:26 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Warm here..upper 60s...very breezy...expecting rain in a couple of days...gotta list more tonight.
[8:29:34 PM] <katbarton> Love the's great!
[8:29:35 PM] <Ziggy Zool> nice Kat
[8:29:38 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[8:29:42 PM] <Pieper> I love that ad too, Kat
[8:29:45 PM] <attheboutique> Nice, Kat!!
[8:29:47 PM] <bobbi85710> Nice ad
[8:29:48 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> hows the temp in the morning Bobbi?
[8:29:48 PM] <TandMCreations> it was great here today except the wind!
[8:29:49 PM] <GoldenPineapple> interesting commercial
[8:29:50 PM] <Renagade>
[8:29:56 PM] <Ziggy Zool> :)
[8:29:57 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[8:29:57 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles>
[8:30:04 PM] <katbarton> it is interesting to..especially with fur balls showing up growling at me...
[8:30:05 PM] <bvaughnfamily> this is getting to be my 2nd favorite audio clip...
[8:30:09 PM] <attheboutique>
[8:30:11 PM] <bvaughnfamily> 1st favorite is the theme song :)
[8:30:15 PM] Guest 14 has left the chat
[8:30:16 PM] <attheboutique> thanks bvaughn :)
[8:30:18 PM] <Pieper> I like that one too Phaedra
[8:30:19 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[8:30:19 PM] SimplyDishing has left the chat
[8:30:22 PM] <bvaughnfamily> :)
[8:30:23 PM] <TandMCreations>
[8:30:28 PM] <bobbi85710> Cool upper 50s, warms to high 70s - 80s
[8:30:37 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> I am looking foward to the sugar shrub video
[8:30:38 PM] <Renagade>
[8:30:44 PM] <Guest 11> Nice Phaedra!
[8:30:46 PM] <attheboutique> Will be taking calls within a few minutes of Wally's return
[8:30:48 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[8:30:52 PM] <attheboutique> Thank you guest 11
[8:30:55 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> we just gonna sleep at the park on camp cots
[8:31:00 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I know that Bonanzle recently celebrated its millionth when are we gonna celebrate our millionth sale? What are we up to now?
[8:31:00 PM] <Steve1957> was mid 80's here high humidity though
[8:31:05 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[8:31:11 PM] <Henrietta> I am going to call but Not to talk
[8:31:18 PM] <attheboutique>
[8:31:25 PM] <attheboutique>
[8:31:27 PM] <attheboutique> New button
[8:31:31 PM] SofysChoice is logged into the chat
[8:31:34 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> I might set up a tent for
[8:31:35 PM] <katbarton> new button?
[8:31:35 PM] <bobbi85710> Great ad Phaedra
[8:31:40 PM] <Steve1957> gypsygirl is going to be my Co-Host
[8:31:42 PM] <attheboutique> Thanks, bobbie
[8:31:44 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[8:31:45 PM] <Ziggy Zool> cool!!!
[8:31:46 PM] <Pieper> what a great idea, Phaedra
[8:31:50 PM] <attheboutique> Thanks all!!
[8:31:51 PM] <katbarton> Ohh,yes..good!
[8:31:54 PM] <bobbi85710> Tent for the shade for sure.
[8:31:58 PM] <Annapplebonanza> K- I'll get started. Had to put the tortelloni on to cook.
[8:32:05 PM] <GoldenPineapple>
[8:32:19 PM] <Pieper> sofy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
[8:32:22 PM] <GoldenPineapple> mmmmmm....Tortellini! Filled?
[8:32:27 PM] <Renagade> Awesome booths!!! BOTH!
[8:32:29 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:32:29 PM] <Annapplebonanza> Yea:-) Tom
[8:32:30 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> I am not much into camping anymore, I am a motel
[8:32:31 PM] <Pieper> Awesome choice!!!!!
[8:32:32 PM] <SofysChoice> I made it!
[8:32:32 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Welcome Tom!
[8:32:33 PM] <bobbi85710> Lots of water, fluids.....
[8:32:36 PM] <Pieper> Where IS he?
[8:32:36 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I just finished a blue crab salad on Romaine
[8:32:41 PM] <Ziggy Zool> Congratulation Tom... Welcome
[8:32:51 PM] <attheboutique>
[8:32:52 PM] <SofysChoice> YEAH TOM!!!!!
[8:32:52 PM] <Renagade> YES! Steve! good choice!
[8:32:53 PM] <TandMCreations> welcome Tom!
[8:32:53 PM] <auctionwally>
[8:32:54 PM] <auctionwally>
[8:32:54 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:32:59 PM] <ebay & Beyond>
[8:33:06 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> Welcome Tom
[8:33:06 PM] <Ziggy Zool> .
[8:33:07 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Oh GoldenPineappe you make me hungry!
[8:33:12 PM] <peddler> Welcome Tom
[8:33:15 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> oh yeah we know about the water for sure
[8:33:21 PM] <Renagade> yep!
[8:33:24 PM] Guest 17 is logged into the chat
[8:33:25 PM] <Steve1957> highlighted Tom on my site today
[8:33:25 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Living in Louisiana makes me hungry!
[8:33:33 PM] <attheboutique> Tom Halfacer, aka tomwayne1, as the newest member of the Bonanzle team.
[8:33:38 PM] Guest 18 is logged into the chat
[8:33:54 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I had a good day today...I sold a pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses for $275! Woohoo!
[8:33:57 PM] <attheboutique> Welcome Tom to the Bonanzle Team!!
[8:33:57 PM] Guest 11 has left the chat
[8:33:59 PM] fromlu2you is logged into the chat
[8:34:05 PM] <katbarton> Tom is great! Always helping
[8:34:12 PM] <booksbelow> Tom doing what he was doing for free but getting paid for it finally!
[8:34:14 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Welcome Tom!
[8:34:19 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Way to go GoldenPineapple! Awesome!
[8:34:24 PM] <TandMCreations> I sold my tupperware set that was taking up space in my store room!
[8:34:24 PM] <Renagade> Cool Golden!
[8:34:24 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:34:25 PM] <attheboutique>
[8:34:31 PM] Guest 20 is logged into the chat
[8:34:34 PM] <Pieper> He would be a great guest
[8:34:35 PM] <bobbi85710> Good idea.
[8:34:40 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Thanks BrightestBlessings!
[8:34:44 PM] <bvaughnfamily> woo hoo golden pineapple - NICE sale!
[8:34:46 PM] Henrietta is on the call
[8:34:51 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Thanks Renegade!
[8:35:07 PM] reejr123 has left the chat
[8:35:08 PM] reejr123 is logged into the chat
[8:35:09 PM] <Ziggy Zool> lol
[8:35:10 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Thanks bvaughnfamily!
[8:35:11 PM] <Steve1957> you ned to get him before me wally I already invited him on my show lol
[8:35:12 PM] <bvaughnfamily> yippee T & M! way to go!
[8:35:16 PM] <Renagade> I have made some good sales this weekend too!
[8:35:16 PM] <Renagade> NOT as good as yours though! :)
[8:35:17 PM] <bvaughnfamily> :)
[8:35:22 PM] <Steve1957> need*
[8:35:25 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> I hope they do something soon about people that post promotions every 15 seconds
[8:35:29 PM] Pams812 has left the chat
[8:35:29 PM] <bobbi85710> Kudos Steve!
[8:35:30 PM] <katbarton> We got him Steve??? Cool..
[8:35:39 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:35:45 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I've got a high end Salvador Dali print that i'm gonna list to night..we'll see what happens.
[8:35:46 PM] <katbarton> Why am I the last to know?? Snicker....
[8:36:08 PM] <Ziggy Zool> don't forget he invented the discombobulator too.. LOL
[8:36:09 PM] <auctionwally> .
[8:36:17 PM] <Steve1957> not yet but we do have someone special on the first show lol
[8:36:18 PM] <Renagade> VERY active!
[8:36:37 PM] <Renagade> Dont know why....Blondie! LOL
[8:36:37 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> I made good sales on my other venues last weekend, nothing on Bonanzle
[8:36:41 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[8:36:42 PM] <GoldenPineapple> many people here used to sell on the other site or still do...and which do you like better.
[8:36:43 PM] <katbarton> LMBO....Fricase
[8:36:46 PM] <Pieper> what is it?
[8:36:54 PM] <bobbi85710> Wally ............ kick up your accent.
[8:36:54 PM] <katbarton> it's good peiper
[8:37:06 PM] <Renagade> LOL
[8:37:10 PM] <Pieper> sounds blackened food too
[8:37:11 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> yummie
[8:37:11 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Fricasse is NOT a Cajun dish!
[8:37:12 PM] <katbarton> LOl..Ren
[8:37:15 PM] <booksbelow>
[8:37:23 PM] <katbarton> rut roh,
[8:37:32 PM] <booksbelow> Wally doesn't have an accent (course I grew up in Mass.)
[8:37:33 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Cajun food is country cooking with a kick
[8:37:36 PM] reejr123 has left the chat
[8:37:36 PM] reejr123 is logged into the chat
[8:37:38 PM] <katbarton> I spelled wrong
[8:37:43 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .
[8:37:45 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> like Dotties home made I can't eat it
[8:37:47 PM] <Renagade> NO..its like Italian down here Walt...Cajun+ Italian
[8:37:48 PM] <GoldenPineapple> or style...
[8:37:50 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:37:56 PM] <katbarton> NoooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[8:38:00 PM] <katbarton> lol
[8:38:04 PM] <bvaughnfamily> i thought cajun cooking was anything with shrimp and lots of spices :)...
[8:38:10 PM] <katbarton> bad
[8:38:11 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Kat said YES
[8:38:18 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Yeah, Fricassee/e is definitely Italian...but not Cajun...hey, i'm down here in Lousiana...I know
[8:38:20 PM] <katbarton> hush now
[8:38:24 PM] <Pieper> I always thought what I cooked at home was blackened...when I found out they served it in restaurants, I went: hmmmmmmm
[8:38:35 PM] <Renagade> KAT...Talky!!
[8:38:36 PM] <katbarton> lol..pieper..
[8:38:37 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:38:38 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:38:45 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> kat says happy birthday Walt
[8:38:45 PM] <Pieper> :)
[8:38:46 PM] <katbarton> Talky bout what?
[8:38:51 PM] <auctionwally> lol
[8:38:54 PM] <katbarton> stop now!
[8:38:58 PM] <katbarton> lol
[8:38:59 PM] <auctionwally> It's not my BD
[8:38:59 PM] <bobbi85710> Kat......... again?
[8:39:02 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Pieper does that mean you want to call in???
[8:39:15 PM] <SofysChoice> blackened=burnt LOL
[8:39:16 PM] <Renagade> You never are a loss for words!!
[8:39:16 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> lol
[8:39:29 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Creole is French cooking mixed with Country cooking...very heavy on cream and spices when it comes to sauces and seasonings.
[8:39:36 PM] <katbarton> when it is brown it is cookin, when its black it;s done
[8:39:38 PM] <Pieper> Sofy's got that right ... LOL :)
[8:39:40 PM] <Katskloset> Thanks for the tip, Phaedra!
[8:39:43 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Lots of bell pepper, garlic, and onions
[8:39:44 PM] <Steve1957> you have to be ther to see who I have
[8:39:45 PM] <Katskloset> Don't forget your lab coat photo
[8:39:46 PM] <ebay & Beyond> You should be Phaedra! LOL
[8:39:49 PM] <Katskloset> 8:08PM EAST
[8:39:50 PM] <Pieper> No Ren, I'm just listening
[8:39:50 PM] <Renagade> Sofy...LOVE Blacken!
[8:39:51 PM] <Mike Leuszler> I did my podcast last night, during my podcast.
[8:39:57 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:39:58 PM] <attheboutique> lol, Kats!
[8:40:05 PM] <katbarton> Yep..Steve has it
[8:40:09 PM] <katbarton> SPIN
[8:40:15 PM] <Renagade> Mike...Podcast link????
[8:40:18 PM] <SofysChoice>
[8:40:32 PM] <Katskloset> Fox wouldn't mind
[8:40:33 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Blackened Redfish over white rice..or how about some Alligator Piquant?
[8:40:34 PM] <Katskloset> coming up with link
[8:40:37 PM] <Renagade> SPIM
[8:40:38 PM] <bobbi85710> Like the two would be
[8:40:40 PM] <Pieper> a BIG media network
[8:40:41 PM] <Steve1957> fox news own No Spin Zone
[8:40:46 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:40:48 PM] <Pieper> LOL Bobbi
[8:40:49 PM] <Katskloset> sure they wouldn't mind, LOL
[8:40:52 PM] <katbarton> blond Ren,,,it is spin
[8:40:53 PM] <Katskloset> call Mr. Rielly
[8:41:08 PM] <katbarton> Ahh,..Steve I see
[8:41:17 PM] <Katskloset> that's why we picked Wednesday - not on Wally's night
[8:41:17 PM] <Renagade> SHUT UP Golden!!! YUM!!!!
[8:41:18 PM] Guest 18 has left the chat
[8:41:20 PM] <Steve1957> Wally visit the site when you have time
[8:41:21 PM] <Katskloset> WEDNESDAY
[8:41:24 PM] <Katskloset> Night 8:08 PM
[8:41:26 PM] <Katskloset> EST
[8:41:34 PM] <bobbi85710> So many shows, so many choices, this is wonderful for opportunities for all.
[8:41:41 PM] <Katskloset> who needs TV?
[8:41:42 PM] <Renagade> SEEE SPIM!!!
[8:41:43 PM] <TandMCreations> that is cuz your shy Phaedra....<wink>
[8:41:44 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Renegade...pop over at my bring the cold brews and i'll cook up the grub!
[8:41:46 PM] <BrightestBlessings> LOL
[8:41:51 PM] <Pieper> it's the caffeine...cut off her caffeine...
[8:41:53 PM] <Katskloset> Walt is feeling generous tonight
[8:41:54 PM] <Katskloset> ahhh
[8:41:56 PM] <katbarton>'s all spin to me
[8:41:59 PM] <attheboutique> lol, TandM
[8:42:00 PM] <BrightestBlessings> LOL what a guy Wally!
[8:42:08 PM] <Renagade> I am on my way!!!
[8:42:31 PM] <katbarton> Garage sale season! Yippie
[8:42:32 PM] Steve1957 is on the call
[8:42:38 PM] <Renagade> No..just BS so far!!
[8:42:40 PM] <katbarton> ohh yes!
[8:42:43 PM] <attheboutique> Yard sales, flea markets, shows, estate sales
[8:42:52 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:42:53 PM] <SofysChoice>
[8:42:54 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I'm waiting....I'm thinking about boiling some crawfish and shrimp this weekend...pinch the tail and suck the heads,,,ooh wee!
[8:42:55 PM] <katbarton> 10.00
[8:42:55 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> auctions here
[8:43:02 PM] <bobbi85710> There are so many yard sales now too.
[8:43:04 PM] <attheboutique> Yeah, he will let my hubby take me out to dinner!!1 Woot!!
[8:43:04 PM] <Katskloset> ewwwww
[8:43:05 PM] <booksbelow> Is this the Bonanzle cooking show?
[8:43:06 PM] <attheboutique> lol
[8:43:08 PM] <Katskloset> my boys love that
[8:43:12 PM] <Katskloset> I try not to watch
[8:43:16 PM] <Katskloset> or listen yuck
[8:43:17 PM] <bobbi85710> Yup
[8:43:24 PM] <Sinfuldreams> Box of Elvis Records for $100
[8:43:25 PM] <attheboutique> Where do you do your Spring Buying???
[8:43:26 PM] <Katskloset> everyone is hungry?
[8:43:27 PM] <Renagade> Having one here next month...a street wide one! ANYONE wanting to set up contact me!
[8:43:31 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> very few estate sales/garage sales here
[8:43:32 PM] <SofysChoice> Where does he find a box full of Roseville? I should wish!
[8:43:51 PM] <TandMCreations> Sun we have a ton here come on down :)
[8:43:52 PM] <katbarton> I can find them out here Sofy
[8:44:11 PM] <SofysChoice> too cold here yet for garage sales
[8:44:12 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:44:14 PM] <Sinfuldreams> 200 Hub Caps Edsel and many many more for $1.00
[8:44:16 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:44:18 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> I know Dottie and I are from Wichita
[8:44:23 PM] <booksbelow> I just can't go early, too soft-hearted, miss all the good deals
[8:44:27 PM] <attheboutique> Isn't a huge outdoor market in Canton Mississippi?
[8:44:29 PM] <GoldenPineapple> there's a HUGE one coming up this weekend...the ALL TOWN ABITA SPRINGS YARD SALE & FLEA MARKET...over 200 sales
[8:44:37 PM] <Steve1957> .
[8:44:38 PM] <TandMCreations> I remembered that was why i told ya to come down
[8:44:41 PM] <SofysChoice> Around here you have to one of the first 5 in the door
[8:44:48 PM] <Sinfuldreams> Barn Full of Chairs $1.00
[8:44:49 PM] <bobbi85710> One time I got a giant box of old Railroad Timetables Keys etc for $ 10 made $ 1000s
[8:44:56 PM] <katbarton> wow Sin
[8:44:59 PM] <Renagade> Awesome!! Golden!
[8:45:01 PM] <Sinfuldreams> Yeap
[8:45:01 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[8:45:04 PM] <bvaughnfamily> that's great bobbi!
[8:45:12 PM] <Katskloset> Bobbi, I'd love to hear that story - want to do an interview?
[8:45:14 PM] <Katskloset> sounds really cool
[8:45:19 PM] <bobbi85710> Sure
[8:45:21 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> it is a 4 1/2 hour drive to Wichita from not a day trip
[8:45:24 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I go every year....and I score BIG!
[8:45:26 PM] <mommyto3> and some say no early birds
[8:45:32 PM] <Katskloset> email me when you can, please
[8:45:34 PM] <attheboutique> Sun, how about Mobile?
[8:45:35 PM] <Katskloset>
[8:45:36 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[8:45:39 PM] <Katskloset> or
[8:45:44 PM] <TandMCreations> oh i thought you were closer than that
[8:45:46 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Go with a $100 and come back with $500 - $750 worth of stuff.
[8:45:55 PM] <bobbi85710> Gotcha
[8:45:57 PM] <Katskloset> exactly Walt and HOW do you pick?
[8:46:01 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> Dottie and I are going to the Wichita Bonanzleup
[8:46:08 PM] Guest 17 has left the chat
[8:46:10 PM] <Sinfuldreams> Saw a Pink 1968 Cadi sell $800
[8:46:21 PM] <Renagade> We have the LONGEST yardsale go by my house in August!
[8:46:22 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:46:25 PM] <TandMCreations> grrrr I may have a wedding to go to that day!
[8:46:26 PM] <GoldenPineapple> make a is king...bring your own bags and packing material...a portable shopping cart is awesome.
[8:46:28 PM] <attheboutique> Okay, Sun
[8:46:45 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:46:46 PM] <booksbelow> Spent years doing garage sales and flea markets, a lot of fun, now I just buy large collections and accumulations of books and paper.
[8:46:48 PM] <SofysChoice> Get up early and stand in line for 2 hours before a sale opens!
[8:46:51 PM] <TandMCreations> sin i woulda bought it
[8:46:52 PM] <attheboutique> Bonanzle Up,
[8:46:52 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:47:00 PM] <Steve1957> .
[8:47:03 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:47:11 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> Wichita is my ole home town
[8:47:12 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .
[8:47:24 PM] <katbarton> .
[8:47:27 PM] <Sinfuldreams> well thats why it sold for $800 no one had any money lol
[8:47:28 PM] <attheboutique> sniff sniff, is okay , really , sniff sniff
[8:47:28 PM] <auctionwally> .
[8:47:31 PM] <TandMCreations> I have to decide which to go to....
[8:47:32 PM] <Renagade> they will say anything to get you in
[8:47:39 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Renegade...where is your house? I've been to that 800 mile long one that stretches from Alabama to Kentucky...awesome!
[8:47:40 PM] <katbarton> lol..Phaedra...
[8:47:55 PM] <Renagade> Alabama Fort Payne!
[8:48:00 PM] <Sinfuldreams> Now days I have Phone Numbers in case of such times
[8:48:01 PM] <Ziggy Zool> went past my brothers house last year in kentucky..
[8:48:04 PM] <katbarton> I have a deal for you phaedra, for your lotions, girlfriend owns a lodge up here
[8:48:06 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> if they start listing items by name and piece they are a dealer
[8:48:09 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> we have the Hwy 36 garage sale here once a year
[8:48:10 PM] <attheboutique> Be careful of the ads, do a bit of research if possible, get there early on Saturday, revisit at end of weekends
[8:48:10 PM] <bobbi85710> Moving Professional estate sales.......yick. Salted sometimes.
[8:48:16 PM] <attheboutique> excellent, Katb
[8:48:28 PM] <Renagade> True Bobbi
[8:48:32 PM] <booksbelow> Always ask if they have anything else to sell in the house, I often get really great books and stuff that way.
[8:48:41 PM] <attheboutique> Excellent tip, books
[8:48:47 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> from Denver to Indianapolis
[8:48:55 PM] <Renagade> Hey Books! Yep done that!
[8:49:06 PM] <Steve1957> I am on the phone now, I lost sound on the site.
[8:49:12 PM] <mommyto3> sometimes they even give the stuff away free at the end
[8:49:18 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:49:19 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I bring a small digital jewelry scale with me because I buy old gold and silver pieces. I buy silk ties and paper ephemera in lots.
[8:49:20 PM] <bobbi85710> Paper products. Stuff removed from old dressers and desks. Don't let them throw it out. Ephemera rocks!
[8:49:26 PM] <katbarton> she called me this morning, I will email you about it...
[8:49:28 PM] <Renagade> True! Mommyto3
[8:49:33 PM] <booksbelow> Once got huge collection of early labor books and letters from many famous early union organizers, seller hadn't thought anyone would be interested
[8:49:36 PM] <attheboutique> Thanks, Katb!!!!!
[8:49:38 PM] <phoenix2000> I like to buy the whole box of books or all the costume jewelry on the cloth. Good deals.
[8:49:45 PM] <katbarton> Welcome
[8:49:45 PM] reejr123 has left the chat
[8:49:54 PM] <Renagade> Awesome find Books!
[8:49:59 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I ususally make a second round at the end of the day to see what I have left and then I make a lowball offer to take everything off their hands.
[8:50:00 PM] oakIslandBoutique has left the chat
[8:50:01 PM] oakIslandBoutique is logged into the chat
[8:50:05 PM] <Sinfuldreams> I've sold Jim Beam bottle to Flea Market Dealers I could not sell any where else made a KILLING
[8:50:08 PM] <bobbi85710> That Rocks Books.
[8:50:13 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:50:22 PM] <Ziggy Zool> .
[8:50:28 PM] <Annapplebonanza> Love paper and browsing through books. Sometimes find some really neat stuff.
[8:50:30 PM] <katbarton> Thats a good way to do it Golden
[8:50:31 PM] <Renagade> I got three boxes of LPs and 45s cheap
[8:50:33 PM] iBusinessLogic is logged into the chat
[8:50:39 PM] <TandMCreations> im not that good at haggling....shoulda paid more attetion to grandma
[8:50:44 PM] <katbarton> .
[8:50:46 PM] <oakIslandBoutique>
[8:50:50 PM] <SofysChoice> .
[8:50:54 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I do a lot of Storage Unit auctions too...
[8:50:55 PM] <bvaughnfamily> do you all have a huge storage building or something to put this stuff in while you're listing / selling?
[8:51:10 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:51:15 PM] <attheboutique> Where do you store these items?
[8:51:19 PM] <Sinfuldreams> it's called a basement
[8:51:25 PM] <Guest 20> Attic.
[8:51:26 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> when we go to auctions I will be high bidder on the first box of books and usually I take all the boxes of books
[8:51:27 PM] <TandMCreations> take the other items and donate them...
[8:51:29 PM] <Annapplebonanza> Sometimes though, I've told the owners there's something they might like and it was their mother's or something.
[8:51:31 PM] <bobbi85710>
[8:51:32 PM] <katbarton> my house
[8:51:33 PM] <ibbysjewels> barn
[8:51:34 PM] <Renagade> not me! a full house though!
[8:51:35 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Never pay full price on anything! that's what biog box retailers are for!
[8:51:37 PM] <bvaughnfamily> ahhh... BIG houses... :)
[8:51:38 PM] <katbarton> yep bobbi
[8:51:39 PM] <attheboutique> basement in South Louisiana = inground pool
[8:51:40 PM] motorheadbooks has left the chat
[8:51:41 PM] <phoenix2000> 2 storage lockers.
[8:51:43 PM] <TandMCreations> my kids moved out i have room
[8:51:46 PM] <iBusinessLogic> No basements on the beach in Florida
[8:51:53 PM] <katbarton> ground pool...
[8:51:57 PM] <bobbi85710> lol Phae
[8:51:58 PM] <SofysChoice> Racks and shelves in 3 bedrooms and basement! Boxes sorted and packed
[8:52:01 PM] <Katskloset> could be a problem, LOL
[8:52:07 PM] <bvaughnfamily> that's funny phaedra!
[8:52:16 PM] <katbarton> Attic
[8:52:18 PM] <attheboutique> Start digging will find water :)
[8:52:19 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:52:30 PM] <katbarton> draught there
[8:52:31 PM] <iBusinessLogic> <---has to rent storage space
[8:52:34 PM] <Renagade> got some good deals on vintage Kitchenware...slicers etc
[8:52:35 PM] <Guest 20> LOL!
[8:52:36 PM] <GoldenPineapple> My attic, my side of the bed...around my living room stacked in boxes. I rarely have merchandise sit around for more than 30 days.
[8:52:36 PM] <Katskloset> uh - huh
[8:52:42 PM] <mommyto3> I still have to learn what to look for
[8:52:43 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Called a Warehouse
[8:52:49 PM] <katbarton> yep
[8:52:54 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> even here in Kansas we have sump pumps to keep our basements dry
[8:52:56 PM] <SofysChoice> and 3 closets w/ shelves built in
[8:53:00 PM] <GoldenPineapple> lol @ atthe boutique...inground swimming pool
[8:53:06 PM] <attheboutique> :)
[8:53:08 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:53:15 PM] <GoldenPineapple> 2 feet down here and you will find water
[8:53:22 PM] <Sinfuldreams> Collage i worked at stored $10,000's of thousands of Antique Cup and Saucers in an Old Indoor Pool in Boxes Stacked one atop the other....
[8:53:23 PM] <Renagade> LOL
[8:53:26 PM] <SofysChoice> .
[8:53:28 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Wow - there is an idea Cliff Start a Twitter group for appraisals
[8:53:36 PM] <iBusinessLogic> #appraisal
[8:53:40 PM] <Renagade> True Golden
[8:53:48 PM] <bobbi85710> Yard Sale limit 5 minutes for me.
[8:53:49 PM] <Sinfuldreams> Storm came along good bye Cups and Saucers
[8:53:52 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .
[8:53:53 PM] <katbarton> Hey Scott..great idea
[8:53:59 PM] <mommyto3> well then now I will need a blackberry or something to access twitter on the road
[8:54:03 PM] Gilvane is logged into the chat
[8:54:07 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Everyone who is following #appriasal has to offer advice to those who ask
[8:54:08 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:54:12 PM] <Renagade> COOL! good for Cliff!
[8:54:23 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Renegade...that yard sale you are referring me at
[8:54:25 PM] <phoenix2000> NJ is most densely populated area of US - lots of rummage sales here.
[8:54:30 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Twitter Group #appraisals
[8:54:36 PM] <Pieper> tag sales
[8:54:37 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Algiers...on the West Bank...yes, tons!
[8:54:38 PM] <Annapplebonanza> Yes, I want to know how to start a Bonanzle Up in Boston.
[8:54:41 PM] <katbarton> lol..too funnny
[8:54:44 PM] <Sinfuldreams> lol
[8:54:50 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Wally...New orleans right here!
[8:54:51 PM] <iBusinessLogic> They call em something else - Tag sales are a Yankee term
[8:55:08 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:55:08 PM] <Renagade> ...
[8:55:09 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:55:10 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Check Craigslist and
[8:55:14 PM] <Pieper> garage sales in colorado - tag sales back east >>> LOL
[8:55:17 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Crawfish Boils
[8:55:29 PM] Gilvane has left the chat
[8:55:30 PM] <katbarton> Lord you bring that Sun up here phaedra...I am sooo cold!
[8:55:34 PM] <GoldenPineapple> CRAWFISH!!!
[8:55:35 PM] <iBusinessLogic> No Flea market in Houma is there?
[8:55:35 PM] <Renagade> ROFL! Scott
[8:55:36 PM] <bobbi85710> lol iBusinessLogic.
[8:55:41 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:55:54 PM] <SofysChoice> garage sales were crappy last year, church rummage and estates are the best around here
[8:55:54 PM] <attheboutique> There are a couple of small ones, Scott
[8:55:58 PM] booksbelow has left the chat
[8:56:00 PM] <GoldenPineapple> There are 6 flea markets in the New Orleans area...
[8:56:01 PM] <Katskloset> I resemble that remark
[8:56:03 PM] <Steve1957> phaedra I'm on the phone when wally is finished can I get on
[8:56:04 PM] <Renagade> We have a GREAT flea market not far from me!
[8:56:08 PM] <Katskloset> my Yankee backside anyway, LOL
[8:56:14 PM] <attheboutique> Will try Steve :)
[8:56:16 PM] <GoldenPineapple> 3 in Jefferson Parish...2 in Harahan and 1 in Kenner
[8:56:22 PM] <mommyto3> where does he look, the newspapers, craiglist or just by signs on the road
[8:56:27 PM] <Sinfuldreams> Or a Dealer GOING OUT OF BUSINESS
[8:56:32 PM] <GoldenPineapple> 2 in Orleans parish...1 in Algiers and 1 in the French Quarter
[8:56:33 PM] <Sinfuldreams> ;)
[8:56:34 PM] cheesehead is logged into the chat
[8:56:42 PM] <bobbi85710> Know your territory.
[8:56:43 PM] <Steve1957> .
[8:56:45 PM] <TandMCreations> church rummage sales are good because they dont emotionally price anything
[8:56:47 PM] <Renagade> LOVE IT!! loving in the boxes etc....
[8:56:49 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:56:55 PM] <cheesehead> hi all i am late
[8:57:05 PM] booksbelow is logged into the chat
[8:57:07 PM] <attheboutique> Heya cheesehead
[8:57:08 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> San Jose Flea Market is GREAT!!!
[8:57:10 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:57:10 PM] <Renagade> ...
[8:57:11 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Yes you are Cheesehead.
[8:57:12 PM] <bobbi85710> Older sections of town where garage sales are best.
[8:57:12 PM] <Ziggy Zool> hey cheese
[8:57:18 PM] <TandMCreations> heya xcheesehead
[8:57:20 PM] <Renagade> /
[8:57:21 PM] <bvaughnfamily> hi cheese! :)
[8:57:21 PM] <phoenix2000> I avoid houses or ads that have "kid stuff". Usually young couples with no real old or collectible stuff.
[8:57:23 PM] booksbelow has left the chat
[8:57:33 PM] <katbarton> Just tell him hush for sec Phaedra,., then put Steve on
[8:57:36 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> see what i say
[8:57:38 PM] <katbarton> :)
[8:57:46 PM] <SofysChoice> hi cheese!
[8:57:46 PM] <SofysChoice> .
[8:57:47 PM] <Pieper> Hi LInda!
[8:57:54 PM] <attheboutique> lol, katb
[8:57:56 PM] <cheesehead> flea market at webster florida. woo hoo. that is the 1 time a year i get to go
[8:57:57 PM] <Steve1957> hi cheese
[8:57:58 PM] <GoldenPineapple> There's a HUGE fleamarket in Fort Lauderdale...indoor/outdoor, open 7 days a week.
[8:58:05 PM] <mommyto3> I usually tend to go to the kids stuff ones but just looking for stuff for my kids
[8:58:09 PM] <katbarton> grin....shh,,,
[8:58:16 PM] <Annapplebonanza> Thanks guys, got to run to the train- catch you next week.
[8:58:21 PM] <Renagade> Collinsville Flea Market!! Got good deals there!
[8:58:21 PM] <Renagade> .
[8:58:22 PM] <Renagade> ...
[8:58:23 PM] Renagade has left the chat
[8:58:24 PM] <bobbi85710> Military Move
[8:58:25 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> everyone in this small town sells on ebay, can't hardly get good deals when you do find a garage sale
[8:58:25 PM] <katbarton> by apple
[8:58:26 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:58:27 PM] <cheesehead> hi steve i bet i have to listen later cause i am late
[8:58:28 PM] <GoldenPineapple> My local pawnshop calls me all the time with stuff to sell
[8:58:33 PM] <Sinfuldreams> Moving Everything Must Go
[8:58:34 PM] <bvaughnfamily> 'night annapple
[8:58:34 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Worlds largest Fleamarket is in Seminole Florida
[8:58:36 PM] Guest 21 is logged into the chat
[8:58:45 PM] <attheboutique> so think about what you are looking for, and scan those adds, look for terminology
[8:58:47 PM] <iBusinessLogic> at least they always said so on the sign
[8:58:51 PM] Renagade is logged into the chat
[8:58:57 PM] <Renagade> Chat got stuck!!!
[8:59:01 PM] <iBusinessLogic> WagonWheel Flea
[8:59:03 PM] <attheboutique> sorry, Ren
[8:59:06 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Good Night Ann!
[8:59:07 PM] <BrightestBlessings> .
[8:59:09 PM] <Pieper> .
[8:59:09 PM] <bobbi85710> Swap Meet in Tucson rocks. Some best finds when I lived there.
[8:59:14 PM] <katbarton> Steve, Ya got to start waving at him in caps...he'll see you then
[8:59:19 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .
[8:59:20 PM] <Sinfuldreams> Wally what about Estate Sales then?
[8:59:21 PM] <cheesehead> local church thrift shop has best prices, all volunteer workers so not much overhead
[8:59:22 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I get stuff after people have been evicted..sad but true!
[8:59:39 PM] <Renagade> Love a good old fashion swap meet!
[8:59:45 PM] <phoenix2000> I eye dumpsters. Got a big box of textbooks from those already.
[8:59:48 PM] <bobbi85710> Golden it happens.
[8:59:49 PM] <Pieper> The local cat house has a wonderful thrift shop
[8:59:50 PM] <Steve1957> lol
[9:00:00 PM] <katbarton> Want me to??
[9:00:01 PM] <Renagade> LOL
[9:00:05 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Goodwill is starting to do auctions now at:
[9:00:08 PM] <cheesehead> i may call some flea markets and see if they want to do the online thing
[9:00:10 PM] <attheboutique> Salvation army stores, thrift stores
[9:00:14 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> best stuff at the flea markets is when people are setting up first thing in the morning
[9:00:21 PM] <cheesehead> cat house, what pieper?
[9:00:30 PM] <katbarton> lol..cheese. I saw that too
[9:00:36 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Dont wait for him to take a breath
[9:00:41 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Just ask
[9:00:44 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Salvation Army here looks more like an antique shop...especially with the prices
[9:00:51 PM] <Sinfuldreams> Ebay's killed thrift stores here
[9:00:55 PM] <Pieper> Local cat house = no kill shelter has a thrift shop...LOL :)
[9:00:58 PM] <Renagade> ROFL...You KNOW him Scott???
[9:00:59 PM] <katbarton> WAVING AT WALLY<>>...HELLO???????
[9:01:02 PM] <cheesehead> how would pieper know about that. hhhmmmmm
[9:01:03 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I put fliers up in my local coffeeshop looking for stuff
[9:01:03 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Never rains in Florida - LOL
[9:01:04 PM] Annapplebonanza has left the chat
[9:01:14 PM] <katbarton> lol..See Steve
[9:01:15 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Always rains in New Orleans!
[9:01:19 PM] <cheesehead> ooohhhhh we wonder when you say cat house
[9:01:36 PM] <SunflowerBoutique> gotta run, have a great evening everyone!
[9:01:38 PM] <Pieper> just catting around Cheese...LOL :)
[9:01:41 PM] <attheboutique> Night Sun!
[9:01:42 PM] <katbarton> by Sun
[9:01:44 PM] <TandMCreations> golden, the salvation army here is high priced as well
[9:01:47 PM] <bobbi85710> Me no.
[9:01:48 PM] SunflowerBoutique has left the chat
[9:01:51 PM] <Pieper> .
[9:01:52 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Yes - you can get on a mailing list for them
[9:01:53 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Don't you HATE when you go to a yard sale and they tell you what an item is worth on GreedBay????
[9:02:08 PM] <katbarton> no kidding Golden
[9:02:09 PM] <bobbi85710> Too much bizarre, non collectible.
[9:02:13 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> yeah that sucks
[9:02:14 PM] <Sinfuldreams> I went to 1 Storeage unit sale and there was NOTHING in 5 Units worth buying
[9:02:19 PM] <katbarton> Value village is doing that now...
[9:02:24 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Say what is it worth on eBay after paying 22% in Fees
[9:02:28 PM] <phoenix2000> I've been to those. Got 140 boxes of books for $40. They are great.
[9:02:32 PM] <katbarton> Hate that cause they are for the elderly'
[9:02:46 PM] <oakIslandBoutique>
[9:02:56 PM] <Ziggy Zool> .
[9:03:00 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles>
[9:03:05 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I also bring a calculator...comes in handy. Bring lots of $1 can get some good deals...hey, need change? Sure, how can I return the favor.
[9:03:10 PM] <TandMCreations> ohhh havent seen value village since i left seattle
[9:03:16 PM] <phoenix2000> Take a flashlight to look in the units.
[9:03:20 PM] <Pieper> .
[9:03:26 PM] <bobbi85710> Salting and Pilfering.
[9:03:36 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:03:48 PM] <Renagade> .
[9:03:52 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[9:03:57 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Bring a pair of linen gloves...NEVER touch vintage silver when you wear rubber gloves!
[9:04:08 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:04:11 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[9:04:24 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Bobbi...what's "salting"?
[9:04:27 PM] <Renagade> Thanks!
[9:04:36 PM] <Katskloset>
[9:04:40 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:04:49 PM] <Ziggy Zool> putting in a couple of little good things so you think theres more
[9:04:50 PM] <bobbi85710> Adding or combining owner items with product.
[9:05:01 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles>
[9:05:03 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:05:19 PM] <SofysChoice>
[9:05:29 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Show notes:
[9:05:33 PM] <Ziggy Zool> around here you have to take the whole unit
[9:05:36 PM] cheesehead has left the chat
[9:05:38 PM] <GoldenPineapple> that's a good thing, right?
[9:05:56 PM] <phoenix2000> There was a guy at an auction who won a car sized locker and it was filled with unloaded phone cards. Weighed tons and he had to have it removed from
[9:05:58 PM] <bobbi85710> Making it look like there's something but damaged, their old surplus that has never sold, stuff like that Ren & then they pull the hot stuff. Volume
[9:06:06 PM] <GoldenPineapple> that a Irish accent or what?
[9:06:10 PM] cheesehead is logged into the chat
[9:06:13 PM] <Sinfuldreams> Dead bodies in Freezer units and stuff
[9:06:16 PM] <Renagade> Scot
[9:06:18 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Dodgey Characters
[9:06:19 PM] <Renagade> .
[9:06:23 PM] <katbarton> Yes Golden, actually a bit of Scots
[9:06:34 PM] <katbarton> ewww,,.sun
[9:06:37 PM] <iBusinessLogic> We dont need no Dodgey Charachters
[9:06:39 PM] <katbarton> Sin,....
[9:06:39 PM] <GoldenPineapple> lol @ Sinful
[9:06:42 PM] <cheesehead> rats got booted off back now.
[9:06:43 PM] <Sinfuldreams> LOL
[9:06:50 PM] <TandMCreations> wr cheese
[9:06:52 PM] <iBusinessLogic> No Stinkin Dodgey Charachters
[9:06:53 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:06:56 PM] <TandMCreations> opps wb
[9:07:07 PM] <GoldenPineapple> My last name is Scottish
[9:07:15 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Scottish in origin...
[9:07:22 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:07:31 PM] <cheesehead> local church thrift store is good, all volunteers so not much overhead to pay for. Prices are great
[9:07:32 PM] <bobbi85710> That rocks Steve.
[9:07:33 PM] <TandMCreations> what is the link Steve
[9:07:33 PM] <katbarton> My stats have gone up Steve
[9:07:34 PM] <Renagade> Irish /Italian here!
[9:07:42 PM] <Pieper> It's a fun fact someone told me today they visited my booth because of your site
[9:07:45 PM] <bvaughnfamily> fire departments around here have good sales too :)
[9:07:45 PM] <auctionwally> Here it is
[9:07:53 PM] <cheesehead>
[9:07:55 PM] <GoldenPineapple> There's also a big one in my n'hood coming up soon called Porch Sale of the Century
[9:08:14 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Scotch/Irish/German/Italian here!
[9:08:15 PM] <Renagade> Awesome site....
[9:08:22 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Http://
[9:08:35 PM] <cheesehead> There is a huge sale in Illinois on a mojor highway for miles. Each summer
[9:08:37 PM] <Katskloset> Mutt here
[9:08:38 PM] <bobbi85710> It's all good, and unique.
[9:08:40 PM] <phoenix2000> Faux News.
[9:08:50 PM] <Pieper>
[9:08:53 PM] <Renagade> You cant figure out to liove or fight HUH? Gilden?
[9:09:08 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I always go out with my bike and cart the night before trash pickup...always find good stuff...frames, furniture, appliances, etc
[9:09:11 PM] SofysChoice has left the chat
[9:09:16 PM] <Ziggy Zool> Wow Steve that's super kind
[9:09:17 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .
[9:09:20 PM] <Pieper> .
[9:09:30 PM] <Renagade> LOL
[9:09:37 PM] <cheesehead> ?Is it easy to get pawn shops to let you put their things on line?
[9:09:38 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Hey, Who mutilated my BonanzleUp graphic?
[9:09:38 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Renegade...yup...we can always eat, drink, and be merry!
[9:09:39 PM] <Ziggy Zool> trust me wally he can hold his own..
[9:09:51 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Why not link to BonanzleUp?
[9:10:06 PM] <Renagade> Salute!
[9:10:07 PM] <attheboutique> where Scott??
[9:10:13 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Yes...very easy with pawnshops...right now they have an abundance of inventory becasue of the freakin' economy
[9:10:14 PM] <iBusinessLogic> And let me fix that graphic
[9:10:15 PM] <cheesehead> Tom you are a welcome addition!
[9:10:19 PM] <Renagade> He did Scott
[9:10:21 PM] <Guest 12> - library sales and others advertise too
[9:10:24 PM] <bobbi85710> It's great. I like the pinwheel logo.
[9:10:38 PM] <iBusinessLogic> The graphic is all stretched out
[9:10:46 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Weird things that have a resale market: golf balls, wooden coat hangers, hubcaps, appliance parts
[9:10:47 PM] <attheboutique> ColderIce set up a wetpaint site for Bonanzlers too
[9:11:06 PM] <Renagade> AAAhhh. I see what you are saying
[9:11:10 PM] <cheesehead> golden, what percent do you charge them to do the work?
[9:11:29 PM] <Pieper> That is very true
[9:11:38 PM] <iBusinessLogic> He linked only to the Mobile booth - which is fine - but there are two other meetups on BonanzleUp
[9:12:00 PM] <iBusinessLogic>
[9:12:01 PM] <GoldenPineapple> 25 - 30%
[9:12:04 PM] <attheboutique> He linked to the booth for the charity auction, I think that is what he did the write up on.
[9:12:05 PM] <Guest 20> I search help a lot for forum.
[9:12:07 PM] <cheesehead> YOu have to put your thread in favorites and remember to delete threads. I forget to do that sometimes
[9:12:16 PM] <katbarton> Mine too...
[9:12:17 PM] <Renagade> I will bring it to his attention with Steve often
[9:12:21 PM] <attheboutique> Talk to Steve or Kat
[9:12:30 PM] <GoldenPineapple> If you do pawnshops draw up a contract
[9:12:33 PM] Guest 22 is logged into the chat
[9:12:38 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Tell him to let me fix that graphic - if anyone knows him
[9:12:41 PM] <cheesehead> ? I think we should have postings in the right place too
[9:12:49 PM] <Pieper> Rocknrandy has done a lot of work, too. He can't be here tonight because of his internet service (or lack of it)
[9:12:52 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Tell me what size he needs
[9:13:02 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I've got an inventory reduction sale coming up from a wireless cellphone place down the road from me.
[9:13:06 PM] <katbarton> Hey Scott...I will chat with Steve, I have a call with him later
[9:13:09 PM] <attheboutique> Okay, Scott, @Kat, can you talk to Steve about it>
[9:13:10 PM] <bvaughnfamily> is the wet paint thing free?
[9:13:13 PM] <attheboutique> nevermind, lol
[9:13:17 PM] <Renagade> NO..its STEVE...Working HARD!
[9:13:19 PM] <attheboutique> yes, bvaughnit is
[9:13:28 PM] <GoldenPineapple> storage racks, cellphone holders, cellphones, light boxes, slat wall, etc
[9:13:32 PM] <phoenix2000> QUESTION FOR STEVE - did he hook up Google Analytics to the page to analyze the traffic?
[9:13:35 PM] <cheesehead> thanks golden. I will check on that
[9:13:42 PM] <bvaughnfamily> wow... my computer froze up...
[9:13:51 PM] <attheboutique> He stated earlier he is tracking stats
[9:13:57 PM] <TandMCreations> just signed up for your site im on Johns as well
[9:13:58 PM] <Pieper> .
[9:14:09 PM] <Pieper> .
[9:14:11 PM] <Renagade> Steve tracks ALL of his sites!
[9:14:14 PM] <attheboutique> You have links for John's TandM
[9:14:15 PM] <katbarton> .
[9:14:16 PM] <Sinfuldreams> I don't undestand all these sites and I get lost in links I don't even understand Twitter very well
[9:14:17 PM] <Renagade> .
[9:14:24 PM] <katbarton> .
[9:14:25 PM] <GoldenPineapple> COMPLETELY FREE??? WOOHOO!!! I LOVE FREE!!!!
[9:14:30 PM] <cheesehead> wet paint is free for me too. usually on my
[9:14:41 PM] <GoldenPineapple> lol @ cheesehead
[9:14:42 PM] <katbarton> lol..
[9:14:43 PM] <Renagade> LOL
[9:14:45 PM] <bobbi85710> My price range..... and styling there too.
[9:15:03 PM] <Pieper> .
[9:15:27 PM] <cheesehead> ? you guys are so creative. Where do you learn so much so fast?
[9:15:31 PM] ibbysjewels has left the chat
[9:15:38 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .
[9:15:42 PM] <GoldenPineapple> How long is this radio show?
[9:15:49 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Always learning...never stop learning
[9:15:55 PM] <BrightestBlessings> 2 hours
[9:16:01 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Damn.....
[9:16:03 PM] <katbarton> A video...really good
[9:16:03 PM] <Sinfuldreams> as long as walt can keep talking
[9:16:04 PM] <BrightestBlessings> 8 to 10
[9:16:08 PM] <Katskloset> or die
[9:16:09 PM] <cheesehead> ok is it or what is the url
[9:16:09 PM] <Sinfuldreams> lol
[9:16:14 PM] <Pieper> 45 minutes more Golden
[9:16:19 PM] <attheboutique> lol, we started at one hour, and it just kept growing
[9:16:24 PM] <Pieper> LOL kat
[9:16:24 PM] <Renagade> I have been following Steve for years.. knows his stuff.
[9:16:34 PM] <GoldenPineapple> like i have something better to
[9:16:39 PM] <attheboutique> lol
[9:16:48 PM] <Renagade> ROFL
[9:17:13 PM] <cheesehead> ? dont you agree that most traffic is from google though?
[9:17:14 PM] <bobbi85710> This links to the Bonanzle wetpaint -
[9:17:19 PM] <Renagade> And ME...and YOU and ALL of us!
[9:17:31 PM] <GoldenPineapple> So wally is a chowderhead, eh? And we have a cheesehead too...what a mix of "characters"
[9:17:32 PM] <katbarton> lol..Ren
[9:17:32 PM] <attheboutique> yes, cheesehead that is welllll established lol
[9:17:34 PM] <Sinfuldreams> thanks bobbi
[9:17:35 PM] <Pieper>
[9:17:37 PM] <cheesehead> thanks for the url kat
[9:17:43 PM] <katbarton> Welcome
[9:17:44 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Someone needs to mention copywrite laws to steve though
[9:17:51 PM] <phoenix2000>
[9:17:56 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:18:01 PM] <Katskloset> no spin zone thing?
[9:18:06 PM] <Pieper> I can't afford to keep Phaedra in coffee :)
[9:18:06 PM] <Renagade> Cool!....
[9:18:07 PM] <katbarton> Checks in the mail Phaedra.... :)
[9:18:13 PM] <cheesehead> coffee? ok, how about a cappicino?
[9:18:15 PM] <attheboutique> lol, I need coffee!!!!
[9:18:19 PM] <attheboutique> Expresso!
[9:18:23 PM] <katbarton> Wally I will get you next week on here..for the button
[9:18:31 PM] <Renagade> Scott...he contacted Fox about it
[9:18:32 PM] <katbarton> money
[9:18:33 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Had coffee...need beer!
[9:18:34 PM] <mommyto3> just diet pepsi for me
[9:18:35 PM] <cheesehead> i think i will send a donation too.
[9:18:54 PM] <Steve1957> mute me
[9:18:57 PM] Steve1957 has hung up
[9:18:58 PM] <ebay & Beyond> I just put a donation button on the ebay & Beyond website
[9:19:04 PM] <Pieper> Are you calling us big mouths, Wally?
[9:19:13 PM] <Renagade> Diet pepsi here!....with bourbon LOL
[9:19:17 PM] <Katskloset> Is that my Dr. Pepper fund?
[9:19:18 PM] <Katskloset> LOL
[9:19:35 PM] <Renagade> OK Dave! Thanks for telling me!
[9:19:54 PM] <GoldenPineapple> another great site is
[9:19:55 PM] <katbarton> Will get there Dave, I am on budget...but promise
[9:19:59 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Renagade, Limne Diet Pepsi with Black Label Tequila! Awesome!
[9:20:00 PM] <cheesehead>
[9:20:10 PM] <katbarton> Yeah..I sent you invite..Hmm..forgiven for Gallon
[9:20:23 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Renegade - I am talking about my original art
[9:20:26 PM] <Renagade> PEEPS! If you go to a site and like it...and they have a donate button...chip in what you can!
[9:20:30 PM] <Pieper> Lime and Tequila...yum!
[9:20:32 PM] <attheboutique> I know Katb, one gallon, but I can't fly with that, lol
[9:20:34 PM] <bobbi85710> I have been lax, so many sites, so little time :) There's an intro build, a main site.
[9:20:41 PM] <katbarton> LMBO...
[9:20:43 PM] <GoldenPineapple>
[9:20:44 PM] <katbarton> :)
[9:20:46 PM] Guest 22 has left the chat
[9:20:53 PM] <Pieper> I like it there
[9:20:56 PM] <Renagade> Dave!...I hate you!! LOL...send me one!
[9:21:00 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Pieper it is awesome!
[9:21:02 PM] <attheboutique> Call in with your tips on buying
[9:21:03 PM] <iBusinessLogic> I would let him use it - If he bothered to ask - and would let me give it to him in a unmangled fashion
[9:21:08 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I'll take a capt Morgan Reserve on the rocks please! :)
[9:21:10 PM] MichellesBarargains is logged into the chat
[9:21:11 PM] <cheesehead> i agree, so many cool sites, no time to do housework. darn..
[9:21:12 PM] <auctionwally> .
[9:21:14 PM] <ebay & Beyond> On it's way my love!
[9:21:17 PM] <oakIslandBoutique>
[9:21:25 PM] <Katskloset> pass another to CO, please
[9:21:28 PM] <Sinfuldreams> On Average How many Hours do you guys use for Updating Websites and Blogs and Links and Web networking? Not Updating Stores?
[9:21:35 PM] <Renagade> OK..Golden I will take one too!
[9:21:45 PM] <Pieper> ebay & beyond - my avatar is a cat in a limehead...LOL...have to drink lots of tequila to keep this cat in limes
[9:21:50 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Yeah...when is GreedBay gonna die so we can have the web all to ourselves?
[9:21:53 PM] <katbarton> Ahh yeah..we all can Wally
[9:21:56 PM] <cheesehead> ? Yes dont you agree google base is the thing to use. I get over 60 percent of the lookers from that.
[9:21:59 PM] <Renagade> Thanks!
[9:22:00 PM] <iBusinessLogic> The artwork belongs to
[9:22:01 PM] <katbarton> lots..yes! We are
[9:22:02 PM] <bobbi85710> Never...Wally
[9:22:09 PM] <oakIslandBoutique> I don't do phones.. LOL
[9:22:13 PM] <katbarton> talky bout wally
[9:22:14 PM] <Pieper> .
[9:22:15 PM] <cheesehead> trash, no storage
[9:22:17 PM] <Renagade> I AM ON DIAL UP! LOL..
[9:22:23 PM] <Renagade> .
[9:22:24 PM] <BrightestBlessings> No we wouldn't do that
[9:22:25 PM] <iBusinessLogic> So, ask Steve to contact us for our banner
[9:22:44 PM] <katbarton> I will talk to Steve Scott
[9:22:46 PM] <auctionwally> OK Scott
[9:22:47 PM] <Renagade> .
[9:22:56 PM] Steve1957 has left the chat
[9:23:02 PM] <bobbi85710> Scott, my fault.
[9:23:03 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Thanks
[9:23:05 PM] <Henrietta> http//
[9:23:29 PM] <Pieper> .
[9:23:32 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Here's your drink Renegade...let me know when you're ready for a refill. We know how to partay down here in Booziana!
[9:23:33 PM] <iBusinessLogic> I dont mind helping - but I dont want my work to look like that
[9:23:35 PM] <Henrietta>
[9:23:45 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Thats all
[9:23:46 PM] <Renagade> YES!
[9:23:53 PM] <cheesehead> I had my tote bags on the first page on google search too. woo hoo
[9:24:03 PM] <bobbi85710> I used the link on the Booth with edits to accent the event & lead back to BonanzleUp.
[9:24:09 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Show Notes:
[9:24:10 PM] <Renagade> LOL
[9:24:15 PM] <Henrietta> http// 5 different shops under one e-roof!
[9:24:20 PM] <bvaughnfamily> some people don't like the sound of their own voice... :)
[9:24:21 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Ok - I am chilled - One more Whisky for me
[9:24:22 PM] <Pieper> I haven't done those yet...I got confused doing a batch edit
[9:24:23 PM] <katbarton> Should be, Might have to have your member ship Phaedra, but not sure
[9:24:34 PM] <bvaughnfamily> 'night all... :)
[9:24:37 PM] <cheesehead> If it is not usable for everyone we will ask Mark to be nice.....
[9:24:39 PM] <Pieper> good night
[9:24:44 PM] <Henrietta> 5 different shops under one e-roof!
[9:24:46 PM] bvaughnfamily has left the chat
[9:24:49 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a drunk. alcoholics go to meetings...:P
[9:24:53 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:24:59 PM] <Pieper> LOL Golden
[9:25:05 PM] <Renagade> Got you a Bourbon Scott....
[9:25:10 PM] <iBusinessLogic>
[9:25:11 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[9:25:12 PM] <bobbi85710> Scott, do you want me to change the Booth and do another layout, then Steve can change his?
[9:25:14 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:25:25 PM] <iBusinessLogic>
[9:25:31 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:25:32 PM] <cheesehead> i have to go get stuff listed and get some shut eye soon. nighty night.
[9:25:33 PM] <GoldenPineapple> It's Knob Creek bourbon...right, renegade?
[9:25:37 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[9:25:38 PM] <GoldenPineapple> G'night Pieper
[9:25:44 PM] <Renagade> I think it is,,,
[9:25:47 PM] <Pieper> goodnight GP
[9:25:48 PM] <katbarton> night pieper
[9:25:48 PM] <Ziggy Zool> bye cheese
[9:25:53 PM] <iBusinessLogic> I want it to be presented in a way that looks correct
[9:25:59 PM] <iBusinessLogic> not stretched
[9:26:00 PM] <Ziggy Zool> night pieper
[9:26:09 PM] <iBusinessLogic> and I want people to ASK me to use my work
[9:26:13 PM] <Pieper> night ziggy and cheese
[9:26:17 PM] <Renagade> No Kentucky Gentleman...Cheaper stuff but good mixer!
[9:26:22 PM] <Katskloset> Dave - you still here?
[9:26:23 PM] <bobbi85710> Nope, slacked Phaedra, I will do it tomorrow.
[9:26:26 PM] <GoldenPineapple> ok...can I use your work?
[9:26:28 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Because I make a living this way
[9:26:29 PM] cheesehead has left the chat
[9:26:40 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Kentucky Gentleman...well how about Ten High?
[9:26:44 PM] <iBusinessLogic> I dont know who you are GoldenPineapple
[9:27:06 PM] <katbarton> Yess...
[9:27:08 PM] <Pieper> He keeps getting booted
[9:27:15 PM] <GoldenPineapple> depends on whacha got Business...
[9:27:17 PM] <oakIslandBoutique>
[9:27:18 PM] <bobbi85710> Scott, I had to stretch for the Booth banner. I will delete and create an all new look like the Avatar. Then Steve can change his.
[9:27:21 PM] <Renagade> Scott does some AWESOME work ...Hope to use him someday soon!!
[9:27:23 PM] <katbarton> I am here! WAVING~ ok Walt, got ya
[9:27:26 PM] <GoldenPineapple> what's your link?
[9:27:30 PM] <iBusinessLogic> And I would like people to attribute my work to me
[9:27:50 PM] <Katskloset> who is getting booted?
[9:27:55 PM] <iBusinessLogic> I dont think That is too much to ask....
[9:27:57 PM] <attheboutique> We can create a new banner, no worries
[9:28:14 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I hired a fellow bonanzler to do my banner and I think it came out great
[9:28:16 PM] <Renagade> You need to Scott...thats important to your business
[9:28:16 PM] <bobbi85710> No it's not, but I will leave now & change the banner. Thanks
[9:28:20 PM] <Pieper> Steve, Kat
[9:28:21 PM] <Pieper> was having trouble staying in here
[9:28:30 PM] <Katskloset> thanks Pieper
[9:28:37 PM] <Pieper> :)
[9:28:41 PM] <Katskloset> I'm trying to get a reply from Dave with no luck
[9:28:42 PM] <katbarton> Ahh..kk, ya
[9:28:43 PM] bobbi85710 has left the chat
[9:28:45 PM] <Katskloset> so thought maybe it was him
[9:28:46 PM] <attheboutique> Who has the best Tip????? Where to get stuff to resale in your Bonanzle booth?
[9:28:50 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I get my stuff from anywhere that's legal
[9:28:50 PM] <iBusinessLogic> You dont have to create a new banner, Just ask me to give you a formated original to fit your space reqirements and let me get credit for the banner
[9:28:52 PM] <Katskloset> DAVE - are you here?
[9:28:56 PM] <GoldenPineapple> and cheap
[9:28:57 PM] <iBusinessLogic> I am willing to help charity
[9:28:58 PM] <katbarton> yard sale
[9:28:59 PM] <Ziggy Zool> .
[9:29:02 PM] <Pieper> .
[9:29:03 PM] <Mike Leuszler> right now I'm selling stuff from my personal comics collection.
[9:29:04 PM] <Katskloset> Love it
[9:29:09 PM] <katbarton> Garage sale
[9:29:10 PM] MichellesBarargains is on the call
[9:29:14 PM] <Katskloset> Consignors
[9:29:16 PM] <katbarton> lol..yes..kis too
[9:29:19 PM] <Pieper> My animal shelter thrift shop
[9:29:27 PM] <GoldenPineapple> free clean out of the neighbors attic, shed, etc for free in exchange for what's in it
[9:29:32 PM] <oakIslandBoutique> wholesaler
[9:29:37 PM] <Mike Leuszler> Loose-ler
[9:29:40 PM] <katbarton> Yard, storage shed, shop
[9:29:41 PM] <Pieper> make a lot of my own things
[9:29:45 PM] <Renagade> link Mike Leuszler
[9:29:47 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Bernie Madoff's estate
[9:29:51 PM] <iBusinessLogic> I mean, there was some time involved there guys...
[9:29:54 PM] <Katskloset> grins
[9:29:56 PM] <Mike Leuszler>
[9:30:01 PM] <Pieper> Ross stores sometimes have great deals
[9:30:10 PM] <TandMCreations> wholesaler, things i make and yard sales
[9:30:11 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Show Notes:
[9:30:12 PM] <attheboutique> Thanks Mike :)
[9:30:13 PM] <Guest 20> Cleaning out the house, making life simpler.... NightowlGardener
[9:30:18 PM] <Renagade> ANYWHERE I can find it
[9:30:22 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Thanks...
[9:30:29 PM] <Renagade> .
[9:30:34 PM] <Pieper> .
[9:30:35 PM] <GoldenPineapple> check out the curbs the night before trash gets picked up
[9:30:36 PM] <Mike Leuszler> I was the one who emailed Wally last night. I did my podcast live during my sale.
[9:30:39 PM] <katbarton> Need to hang up Phaedra..I am still here listening
[9:30:43 PM] <mommyto3> I have an older friend who is downsizing and is giving me a lot of her stuff
[9:30:46 PM] <Guest 21> storage unit auctions
[9:30:47 PM] <attheboutique> Okay, Katb
[9:30:50 PM] <Pieper> Best chat scroll we've had to ate
[9:30:51 PM] katbarton has hung up
[9:30:52 PM] <peddler> Inherited
[9:30:54 PM] <Pieper> date
[9:31:00 PM] <attheboutique> shhh, don't jinx it Pieper
[9:31:02 PM] <Ziggy Zool> lol
[9:31:05 PM] <Pieper> LOL
[9:31:11 PM] <Katskloset> got to go - thanks folks see you tomorrow night
[9:31:14 PM] <Guest 21> storage unit auctions
[9:31:17 PM] <BrightestBlessings> shhh Pieper
[9:31:18 PM] <attheboutique> Thanks, Kats
[9:31:21 PM] <Pieper> nite kats
[9:31:22 PM] Katskloset has left the chat
[9:31:24 PM] <Renagade> Flea Market...own collection...yard sales..thrift stores...
[9:31:28 PM] <katbarton> i am still here
[9:31:38 PM] <vinewood> nite all
[9:31:47 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Good Night Wess
[9:31:48 PM] <mommyto3> night wes
[9:31:50 PM] <Ziggy Zool> nite wes
[9:31:51 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .
[9:31:53 PM] <Pieper> goodnight
[9:32:04 PM] MichellesBarargains has left the chat
[9:32:06 PM] <Renagade> A friend has giving me two boxes of records from Germany WHOOT!
[9:32:07 PM] <attheboutique> @MichellesBargains, did you wish to be unmuted? Have a question or comment?
[9:32:08 PM] <GoldenPineapple> COLLEGE DORMS!!!!!!!
[9:32:15 PM] MichellesBarargains is logged into the chat
[9:32:20 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[9:32:23 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Hi Michelle!
[9:32:35 PM] <attheboutique> @MichellesBargains, did you wish to be unmuted? Have a question or comment?
[9:32:37 PM] <peddler> yrs of collecting and storing stuff
[9:32:38 PM] <GoldenPineapple> WALLY....COLLEGE DORMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[9:32:41 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[9:32:43 PM] MichellesBarargains has hung up
[9:32:45 PM] <oakIslandBoutique>
[9:32:54 PM] <fromlu2you> college dorms, after they move out?
[9:32:57 PM] <attheboutique> lol, nevermind
[9:33:05 PM] <katbarton> Still here Phaedra, hubby called
[9:33:19 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Michelle is one of my buds...met her at eBayLive in chicago last year
[9:33:26 PM] <attheboutique> Cool, Katb
[9:33:27 PM] <Pieper> .
[9:33:28 PM] <Renagade> YES! good finds fromu2you
[9:33:31 PM] phoenix2000 has left the chat
[9:33:32 PM] phoenix2000 is logged into the chat
[9:33:34 PM] <attheboutique> Excellent, Golden
[9:33:45 PM] <fromlu2you> got 2 in college hmmmmm
[9:33:47 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> What do you think about all the people thats telling us , to find something else to sale.Antiques and Vintage is out ?
[9:33:49 PM] <GoldenPineapple> a flier on campus and you will not believe what you can get for free or low price
[9:34:05 PM] MichellesBarargains is on the call
[9:34:24 PM] <fromlu2you> thanks
[9:34:36 PM] <mommyto3> I am still trying to figure out what to focus on I have both kids clothes and collectibles
[9:34:39 PM] <peddler> WhitlowUniqueCollectibles don't you believe it
[9:34:41 PM] <Ziggy Zool> .
[9:34:46 PM] <Sinfuldreams> Good Point Wally
[9:34:50 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Bicycles, furniture, books, household, electronics, Cds, small appliances, microwaves, old computers, dorm fridges
[9:34:56 PM] <fromlu2you> kids clothes sellers contact me
[9:34:58 PM] <katbarton> hey..I won UK lotto again way cool...
[9:35:01 PM] <Renagade> Put them to work fromlu2you
[9:35:10 PM] <attheboutique> lol,Katb
[9:35:15 PM] <katbarton> :)
[9:35:29 PM] <phoenix2000> cookbooks have been selling good for me.
[9:35:31 PM] <katbarton> take a drink wally
[9:35:35 PM] <attheboutique> I bought out a thrift, about 300,000 pieces many with tags still on
[9:35:36 PM] <Renagade> Kat..its mine!!!
[9:35:40 PM] <katbarton> grabe phaedras wone
[9:35:44 PM] <Pieper> Wally, are you okay?
[9:35:45 PM] <katbarton>
[9:35:50 PM] <Pieper> thought you were choking!
[9:35:56 PM] <katbarton> bIG ONE THIS TIME rEN
[9:36:00 PM] MichellesBarargains has hung up
[9:36:04 PM] <phoenix2000> heimleich Wally someone.
[9:36:07 PM] <katbarton> million
[9:36:13 PM] <Pieper> lol phoenix
[9:36:17 PM] <Pieper> not funny
[9:36:20 PM] <Pieper> but funny
[9:36:21 PM] <katbarton> there is enought to go around
[9:36:22 PM] <Pieper> :)
[9:36:23 PM] <GoldenPineapple> he tried to blow his nose and choked on his snot
[9:36:32 PM] <fromlu2you> TMI
[9:36:33 PM] <Guest 20> LOL
[9:36:38 PM] <phoenix2000> He can sell that on eBay.
[9:36:42 PM] <GoldenPineapple> LOL
[9:36:45 PM] <Pieper> I lived in the northeast for a few years...
[9:36:46 PM] <mommyto3> I never even heard it and I grew up in MASS
[9:36:54 PM] <katbarton> he has to sign it
[9:36:58 PM] <TandMCreations> rummage sale
[9:36:59 PM] <mommyto3> around here it is yard and garage sales
[9:37:04 PM] <Renagade> lost you!
[9:37:17 PM] <mommyto3> sometimes church rummage sales
[9:37:22 PM] <peddler> LOL
[9:37:28 PM] <katbarton> I am not lost..Ren I keep telling you that
[9:37:44 PM] <Renagade> Yes rummage sales are good...
[9:37:46 PM] <katbarton> .
[9:37:55 PM] <katbarton> .
[9:37:58 PM] <Pieper> it was tag there and I asked them what language they were speaking
[9:37:59 PM] <mommyto3> I need to hit the church thrift stores
[9:38:00 PM] <Pieper> :)
[9:38:10 PM] GoldenPineapple is on the call
[9:38:16 PM] <katbarton> .
[9:38:30 PM] <katbarton> mine all matches!
[9:38:31 PM] <mommyto3> hey half my computers and my tv's came from freecycle
[9:38:43 PM] <attheboutique> freecycle rocks!!
[9:38:44 PM] <Renagade> Tag sale ...NE Garage sales..NE..yard sales ...SOUTH
[9:39:00 PM] <fromlu2you> we cant sell what we get on freecycle. its a rule.
[9:39:03 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Garage Sales in Florida
[9:39:07 PM] <TandMCreations> mine is stainless and pink in my kitchen
[9:39:10 PM] <Renagade> Another good way to find bargains!
[9:39:11 PM] <mommyto3> both my kids have their own computers thanks to freecycle, keeps them off mine
[9:39:27 PM] <GoldenPineapple> I'm tring to get in now...lemme in
[9:39:28 PM] <Renagade> .
[9:39:31 PM] <Renagade> ..
[9:39:32 PM] <iBusinessLogic> I dont think anyone plays by Freecycles rules
[9:39:39 PM] <attheboutique> There are 4 computers in this house and the kids still want mine
[9:39:42 PM] <mommyto3> If I use it for a year or 2 and my kids out grow it I will resell
[9:39:43 PM] <fromlu2you> maybe not LOL
[9:39:50 PM] <iBusinessLogic> i need my Mac
[9:39:55 PM] <iBusinessLogic> I love my Mac
[9:39:56 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Don't tell the freecyclers...i sure as hell don't
[9:39:59 PM] <Sinfuldreams> love my Mac
[9:40:02 PM] <mommyto3> some freecycle groups around here will boot you if they catch you reselling
[9:40:04 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .
[9:40:05 PM] <attheboutique> Ask questions, use common sense
[9:40:10 PM] <iBusinessLogic> I would stroke my mac - and do every day
[9:40:11 PM] <Renagade> LOL..Moms is always better!
[9:40:15 PM] <fromlu2you> LOL i never thought of it that way
[9:40:23 PM] <Renagade> .
[9:40:25 PM] <Sinfuldreams> <<< kisses his Mac
[9:40:34 PM] <GoldenPineapple> mommy...they can kissa my assa...i'll just create a new id
[9:40:35 PM] <Renagade> I want a MAC!!!
[9:40:44 PM] <fromlu2you> Mac are so cool.
[9:40:45 PM] <Sinfuldreams> LOL
[9:40:46 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Get one
[9:40:50 PM] Guest 20 has left the chat
[9:40:53 PM] <Ziggy Zool> .
[9:40:54 PM] <iBusinessLogic> it is worth every penny
[9:40:57 PM] <Pieper> .
[9:40:59 PM] katbarton has left the chat
[9:41:00 PM] katbarton is logged into the chat
[9:41:10 PM] <mommyto3> The one I know for sure will is Freecycle Groton MA so I don't belong there
[9:41:13 PM] <katbarton> kicked off again
[9:41:37 PM] <Renagade> OK...sure! I am notworking right now Scott... Donations???
[9:41:45 PM] <attheboutique> ohhh, I must make some "got booted cream" lol
[9:41:46 PM] <oakIslandBoutique> ..
[9:41:47 PM] <Renagade> .
[9:41:55 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .
[9:41:56 PM] <katbarton> lol..phae
[9:41:58 PM] <Renagade> LOL
[9:42:00 PM] <Pieper> LOL Phaedra
[9:42:01 PM] Guest 23 is logged into the chat
[9:42:03 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Well Renegade - there are ways to make money on the Internet
[9:42:11 PM] <GoldenPineapple> i have them sign a contract staing that they are the rightful owners and i make a copy of their id...especially when a family member dies
[9:42:13 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Dunno if you have heard
[9:42:14 PM] <mommyto3> you well sell a lot to talkshoe FF users
[9:42:17 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[9:42:41 PM] <Renagade> Really?? I am working on it...truly I am!
[9:42:48 PM] <TandMCreations> there are always scams....people try to get over on people who dont know better
[9:42:50 PM] <Renagade> .
[9:43:06 PM] <Pieper>
[9:43:20 PM] <Pieper>
[9:43:21 PM] <GoldenPineapple> here in louisiana you cannot sell anything until after the family has opened succession
[9:43:23 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Ok step one
[9:43:29 PM] <Pieper> Theft by receiving is what it's called
[9:43:33 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:43:41 PM] <Renagade> Scott...B.M.A. LOL
[9:43:48 PM] <GoldenPineapple> most of my clients are judges, lawyers, cops and doctors
[9:43:59 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Find ways to sell - without spending hours of your day packaging and shipping
[9:44:02 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:44:29 PM] <GoldenPineapple> exactly Wally
[9:44:30 PM] <Pieper> .
[9:44:36 PM] <Renagade> got you... Am looking for it now
[9:44:40 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:44:41 PM] <Renagade> .
[9:44:43 PM] <GoldenPineapple> you can go to jail over that
[9:45:07 PM] <Renagade> thanks friend!
[9:45:15 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:45:22 PM] <BrightestBlessings> No problem
[9:45:34 PM] <GoldenPineapple> yup...everyone should pick up "business law for dummies"
[9:45:41 PM] <attheboutique> Thanks, Dede!!
[9:45:42 PM] <phoenix2000> They'll make fun of you in lock-up when they hear you committed a crime against estate.
[9:46:06 PM] ibbysjewels is logged into the chat
[9:46:12 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Show Notes:
[9:46:13 PM] <GoldenPineapple> in phoenix they'll make you wear pink underwear too!
[9:46:27 PM] <Renagade> True! Phoenix!
[9:46:29 PM] <Pieper> .
[9:46:34 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> I bought some stuff from a pawn shop. and the cops came after it because they had not held it long enought and it was stolen
[9:46:38 PM] <Renagade> .
[9:46:44 PM] <GoldenPineapple> Sheriff Joe Arpaio is no joke!
[9:47:28 PM] <Pieper> .
[9:47:29 PM] <katbarton> need to get kids in bed guys..I am off....
[9:47:30 PM] <Sinfuldreams> buyer beware
[9:47:36 PM] <TandMCreations> bye Kat
[9:47:38 PM] <Pieper> goodnight kat
[9:47:40 PM] <GoldenPineapple> but if you cover your ass you'll be alright...a client of mine is a robbery detective and runs serial numbers for me
[9:47:41 PM] <katbarton> will leave this up for sound
[9:47:42 PM] <Renagade> .
[9:47:44 PM] <attheboutique> Night Kat!
[9:47:45 PM] <katbarton> Bye guys
[9:47:48 PM] <Ziggy Zool> nite kat
[9:47:53 PM] <BrightestBlessings> Good Night Kat
[9:47:59 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:48:03 PM] <Renagade> Night Kat!
[9:48:05 PM] <Renagade> .
[9:48:07 PM] <katbarton> Night Zig..Ren, DeDe, maryann, john boy
[9:48:16 PM] <katbarton> Night Steve
[9:48:20 PM] <peddler> nite kat
[9:48:22 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[9:48:23 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:48:25 PM] <GoldenPineapple> if there's a lien on those goods in those storage bins, you are liable for the lien
[9:48:28 PM] <Renagade> LOL
[9:48:30 PM] <katbarton> oh,.he'
[9:48:31 PM] <Ziggy Zool>
[9:48:42 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:48:57 PM] <GoldenPineapple> i go to the local police auction for bicycles
[9:49:05 PM] <Renagade> Reserch your buys!
[9:49:13 PM] <katbarton> I heard about a good tincture made from kilos phaedra..snicker
[9:49:16 PM] <GoldenPineapple> even dollar stores have discount/clearance racks
[9:49:28 PM] <TandMCreations> they do our police auctions on purple wave online auctions here now
[9:49:31 PM] <mommyto3>
[9:49:38 PM] <Renagade> thats Research
[9:49:40 PM] phoenix2000 has left the chat
[9:49:42 PM] phoenix2000 is logged into the chat
[9:49:46 PM] <attheboutique> lol, Katb!!! We need to hold an intervention
[9:49:48 PM] <Renagade> ROFLMAO KAT!!!
[9:49:52 PM] <Renagade> ,
[9:49:56 PM] <GoldenPineapple> phoenix..r u on wireless?
[9:50:15 PM] <phoenix2000> no DSL, knocked off again,
[9:50:16 PM] <Guest 12> when approaching a pawn shop - what works better - offering to list onlne for them as consignment or offereing to buy up excess stock
[9:50:20 PM] <katbarton> of the local americas most wnated..he making a rub with ganja! I will tell ya about it
[9:50:23 PM] <GoldenPineapple> if you are a convicted better not get caught with those weapons
[9:50:27 PM] <attheboutique> Keep your reciepts!!!
[9:50:42 PM] <phoenix2000> but 5 firfox open w/ 12 tabs total
[9:50:44 PM] <ibbysjewels> probably black talons wally
[9:50:45 PM] <Pieper> .
[9:50:46 PM] <GoldenPineapple> consignment
[9:50:48 PM] <Renagade> I have a gun collectors license
[9:50:56 PM] <Renagade> .
[9:51:07 PM] <Sinfuldreams> Hard to itemize Box Lots though
[9:51:37 PM] <TandMCreations> crap my receipt woulda been buried in my purse and i woulda been so nervous i wouldnt be able to find it
[9:51:52 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Wally - Steve said it earlier - everyone wants everything on the web to be free
[9:51:58 PM] <GoldenPineapple> no gun collectors license down such thing
[9:52:00 PM] <Renagade> True Black Talons
[9:52:06 PM] <Renagade> .
[9:52:11 PM] <Pieper> .
[9:52:12 PM] <iBusinessLogic> And you know what - it costs money to make money
[9:52:18 PM] <oakIslandBoutique>
[9:52:26 PM] <attheboutique> Invest in your business
[9:52:27 PM] <ibbysjewels> held ffl for 20 yrs
[9:52:28 PM] <iBusinessLogic> chasing free programs to make you money is a foolish game
[9:52:36 PM] <Renagade> There is ...its a national thing ( i think)
[9:52:42 PM] <Pieper> Keep your sales under $600 a year and you are good to go (of course, you won't be able to afford to go anywhere, but...):)
[9:52:44 PM] <GoldenPineapple> there's no such thing as truly free
[9:52:51 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:53:10 PM] <BrightestBlessings>
[9:53:26 PM] MichellesBarargains has left the chat
[9:53:28 PM] <ibbysjewels> guns are a pitb now
[9:53:34 PM] MichellesBarargains is logged into the chat
[9:53:46 PM] <GoldenPineapple> ooooh...The Video professor...Bonanzle!!!!!!!!!!!
[9:53:50 PM] <Renagade> True Scott...but I am allowing my sales to float my sales...
[9:54:26 PM] <mommyto3> my hubby is a disabled vet so we don't have any earned income, since I am a SAHM and he gets disability benefits so I would have to sell a whole lot
[9:54:28 PM] <Pieper> .
[9:54:34 PM] <GoldenPineapple>
[9:54:36 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Awww Walt, never!
[9:54:37 PM] <attheboutique> Best free Sales builder? People
[9:54:40 PM] <attheboutique> Build relationships
[9:54:49 PM] <TandMCreations> what?
[9:54:56 PM] <mommyto3> these podcasts and twitter are great for that
[9:54:57 PM] <Pieper> hear ya mommy
[9:55:01 PM] <Renagade> LOVE my guns!!!
[9:55:04 PM] <Ziggy Zool> .
[9:55:08 PM] <Renagade> .
[9:55:14 PM] <WhitlowUniqueCollectibles> .
[9:55:22 PM] <katbarton> I like your guns to Ren, can I borrow one?
[9:55:23 PM] <oakIslandBoutique> lol
[9:55:27 PM] <GoldenPineapple> michelle...i'll be over in our lil' group when this show ends
[9:55:36 PM] <Pieper> I'll stick with Tasers, Ren...:)
[9:55:47 PM] <Sinfuldreams> wow
[9:55:49 PM] <TandMCreations> i like my stun gun
[9:55:56 PM] <Ziggy Zool> .
[9:56:01 PM] <GoldenPineapple> guns, and rifles, and grenades...oh my!
[9:56:08 PM] <ebay & Beyond> Looks like you have Golden Pineapple wanting to talk
[9:56:12 PM] <Guest 23> I like my crossbow....NightowlGardener
[9:56:31 PM] <Renagade> Taters dont go BANG!
[9:56:33 PM] <ibbysjewels> i do too Ren but i don't sell anymore
[9:56:34 PM] <GoldenPineapple> yup....we've got 4 minutes left too
[9:56:39 PM] <iBusinessLogic> Everyone is in Awe of ColderICe and his business at - He got that business with 1 - a great idea and 2 - by hiring ChannellAdvisor
[9:56:46 PM] <GoldenPineapple> lol @ renegade
[9:56:47 PM] <Sinfuldreams> <<< loves his Bazooka
[9:57:17 PM] <Renagade> I dont sell...just colect...
[9:57:21 PM] <Pieper> Tasers don't go bang, but you should see those suckers you hit with it hit the ground...big ole guys, big old boom
[9:57:42 PM] <Renagade> LOL

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